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Lucia Chapter 35< — Damian — > (6)

The time struck midnight. Unlike how he was usually, the Duke reeked with the strong smell of blood.

Due to the murderous atmosphere surrounding his master and the smell of blood, Jerome was frightened for a moment then he masked his expression.

“Milady is asleep and the young master had arrived. There’s nothing else of particular importance that needs to be reported.”

Jerome gave a brief report of what his master mostly wanted to know. Hugo simply nodded at him, turned around and walked away. As Jerome watched the further moving back of his master, he once again ordered a maid to prepare a bath for his master.

After which he turned around quietly and quickly chased after the group of Knights that were leaving the castle.

“Sir Heba!”

One of the Knights stopped walking and waited until Jerome had reached him.

“What’s wrong?” (Sir Heba)

Dean wondered quizzically as he looked at Jerome who seemed somewhat serious.

“Did something happen? The Lord doesn’t usually return covered in blood…”

“Ah, we met a group of thieves on our way back.”

“Thieves in the vicinity? I don’t think the security here is that lousy…”

“Tell me about it, I don’t know where they came from but they were robbing nearby peddlers and the Lord discovered it.”

“…I see. Did his Grace personally punish them? It seems they weren’t usual robbers.”

Instead of replying, Dean gave a wry smile. They weren’t professional robbers. It was unfortunate for those roaming beggars that were trying to steal and were caught.

Punishment? The Lord didn’t ask of their crimes. He just blew their throats off on the spot. Thanks to that, the peddlers that were able to escape from their robbers were much more afraid than they were grateful.

Through they were robbers, among them were young men that had not yet reached maturity but the Duke didn’t tolerate such charity. Rather than call it a punishment, it was more of a slaughter.

Dean would think that he’d gotten used to it but every time he witnessed the cruelty of the Duke, he would recoil. Just like today.

“So, you’re saying nothing else happened?”

“Yes. Pretty much.”

Dean shrugged. Apart from the death of a few thieves, there wasn’t much else that needed to be mentioned.

“When he was subduing barbarians, did his mood seem foul or…?”

When they were subduing barbarians, the manner in which the Lord killed them off was extremely cruel. It was on an entirely different level from the way he killed enemies in the past war.

Only the seasoned knights that accompanied him to subdue barbarians were able to see this side of him. It was not a situation that could easily be described with ‘he was in a bad mood’ or what not.

Dean was unable to put it in words so he just shook his head.

“I understand. It must have been a tiring journey. Please rest.” (Jerome)

“I will. Farewell”


Hugo spent a lot of time soaking in the bathtub as though to wash off the pungent smell of blood. However, the sickening bloody smell under his nose still didn’t disappear.

Before, such things had never bothered him but when he saw Jerome’s hesitant-to-draw-closer face, the face of his wife came to mind.

When he imagined her seeing him and stepping back in fear, his heart sank.

‘I don’t want to show this to her.’

The moment he reached that conclusion, the feeling of blood that he’d never felt anything wrong with before suddenly felt disgusting.

‘An Honorable Noble? A Mighty Knight? What rubbish.’

When he stripped off his shell, he was no more than a hunter. A slaughterer that hunted humans.

Hugo knew of the madness that flowed within his blood. It was tenacious as it urged him into that madness, for it wished to see rivers of blood.

If it weren’t for the past war, he would have probably become a notorious murderer. The dull feeling of a person’s neck flying off filled him with thrill, the smell of blood gave him a sense of liberation.

Even when he could see the desperation in the eyes of the people as they faced death, he didn’t feel any sort of guilt. He’d never had any nightmares either.

For generations, the Master of Taran was a mighty knight and a brilliant Lord. The Taran lineage had a special blood that passed down superior physical abilities and intellect to their descendants hence why the Taran family was obsessed with preserving the purity of their bloodline.

According to the words of Philip, Hugo was a successful product. However, he’d never felt proud of that fact.

[This cursed blood. I will gladly end it here.]

Although he performing solemnly at his conferment ceremony, inwardly, Hugo was grinding his teeth.
He wanted to trample the cursed Taran bloodline and not leave any traces. He wanted to revel in delight as those dead ancestors of his ran amok in hell with anger.

‘If only that old geezer didn’t come with Damian.’

When Philip appeared with Damian, Hugo’s resolve to end his own lineage became all for naught.


After Hugo was done with his bath, he walked to his bedroom then stood holding the door knob. After worrying for a while, he turned around and walked to his wife’s bedroom. After entering, it didn’t take long for his eyes to adjust to the darkness in her bedroom.

He walked to the bed and for a while, he stood, watching her sleeping figure on the bed. Although he was just looking at her, his heart felt somewhat strange.

It was as though his heart was sick for it because somehow, he found it difficult to just keep watching her.

He lifted up the blanket and slid in beside her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her soft body into his arms.

He then buried his nose in her neck, breathing in her fruit-like fragrance. He closed his eyes and after a while, he could feel his sharpened nerves calm down.

Within Hugo, there were two sides that existed. The reason he could return to being the Taran Duke as though nothing happened after he’d hunted and soaked himself with the blood of humans was because he’d separated himself into two.

Perhaps a normal person would have gone insane but Hugo’s spirit was abnormally strong and tenacious.

However, it took more time in order for him to fully return to being Duke Hugo after becoming Hunter Hugo than when it was the opposite way around. He needed more time to calm down the madness in his blood as it got excited by slaughter.

Surprisingly, this time, perhaps because of the warmth in his arms, he was calming down much faster than usual.

Now that the excitement from slaughter had subsided, the heat in his lower abdomen began to spread throughout his body. At first, he’d just wanted to embrace her and fall asleep however after feeling her warm temperature, her soft skin and breathing her in, he couldn’t stand it anymore.

‘I’ll feel just a little bit…’

He slipped his hands inside her nightwear as he kissed her neck then he carefully squeezed her breast, watching for her reaction.

‘Will she wake up?’

Betraying his expectations, she was still fast asleep.

‘Why is she such a heavy sleeper?’

He grumbled. Her husband had been away for a long time and just returned, kissing and touching her yet she stayed asleep. He was dissatisfied. He refused to hold back anymore.

He sat up on the bed and kicked the blanket covering her to the ground. He lowered himself to her legs, lifted up her slender ankle and kissed the tip of her foot.

He put her small foot into his mouth, licking it with his tongue then sucked and rolled his tongue around it like candy.

He kissed and licked her ankle then moved his lips to her calf, sucking on it before giving it a light bite and kissing it.

He didn’t know if she was going to wake up even with all these caresses. He usually had a lot of work so he would retire late to the bedroom and sometimes he would wake her up after she slept off first.

She usually would have woken up at this point but today, it seemed like she was in a remarkably deep sleep.

However, seeing her like this only triggered his obstinacy. He lifted his hands to her waist and stripped off her petite lace panties.

He then grabbed her thighs and spread them apart causing the mouth of her bashfully concealed petal to open slightly. His lower abdomen began to throb at this sight causing him to frown.

He had to suppress his throbbing member that was begging to enter.

He lowered his lips to the pale, tender flesh of her thighs, suckling till he made a mark. As he looked at the red hickey, he gave a smile of satisfaction.

Because it wasn’t in an easily discoverable location, she wouldn’t be able say anything.

‘When would she find this mark?’

He really wanted to see her expression the moment she did. She would probably panic. Her face would go red and she wouldn’t know what to do.

He looked up again only to find her still fast asleep.

“Sleeping so well you wouldn’t even know when you’re carried away.”

‘Let’s see how far you can endure.’

He lowered his head again, kissing her hot spring that was hidden within her forest. He licked, suckled, swallowed and repeatedly swirled his tongue around it then slipped the tip of his tongue into her slightly open entrance.

As he licked her tender flesh and continuously ravaged her insides with his tongue, her dry spring began to flow.

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< — Damian — > (6)

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Lucia awakened to the feeling of strange heat spreading through her lower regions. In her half-asleep, half-awake state, she felt an external stimulus exciting the sensitive junction between her thighs.

Before she could grasp the situation, she felt an intense stimulation travel through her as something plunge inside of her.


Both of her legs were held firmly apart and her most delicate part between her legs was being sucked up. She managed to lift her head and look down only to find his head buried between her legs.

Lucia forced her still asleep brain to function.

‘Is he back? Since when?’

However, she wasn’t able to contemplate for long. His pointy tongue touched her petite vaginal entrance and pierced into her. A tingling sensation travelled up her spine.

Lucia shuddered as though stuck by lightning and couldn’t help but utter a cry.


His tongue wasn’t as hard as his fingers but it was a lot more accurate. Lucia felt intense excitement from the unseen stimulation. She grabbed the sheets tightly and her head trembled as she moaned.

Her waist swayed and she tried to close her thighs but he held her legs firmly apart so it didn’t turn out as she wished. He spread her legs strongly and violated her insides with his tongue.

He sucked intensely on her drooling entrance like it was an oasis discovered in a desert. He tasted her soft and moist inner flesh then explored deeper with his tongue, exciting her and enjoying her reactions.

As fluids gushed from her oasis, a thick smell spread out and he could see that she was fully awake. He fondled the small protrusion on her center with his tip of his tongue then poked and prodded before finally lightly biting down on it.

“Hk! Ah! Ang!”

Her small moans transformed into passionate cries. Until those cries turned to sobs, he did not take his lips off her vagina. He kissed, licked, suckled and swallowed.

He couldn’t stop himself savoring from the odd flavor and aroma of her body fluids. He sucked as though to swallow her aroused fleshy mound and in response, her waist shook excitedly in the air then flopped down.

Hugo licked from her lower abdomen and traveled all the way to her breasts. Her eyes were unfocused as they blankly stared at him.

It was a pity. If only the surroundings were a bit brighter then he would have been able to see her flushed appearance.

He wove his hands into her negligee and squeezed her chest. He grabbed her soft and tender breasts with his palms that were coarse from wielding the sword.

Her skin felt as smooth as the finest silk and every time he touched her he felt good. Whether it was her face that was without the slightest blemish or her milky teeth that had no defects.

The fact that only him, her husband would be able to feel and see such a sight satisfied his possessiveness.

He lowered his head and took a mouthful of the appetizing fruit in front of him. Stimulated by his caresses, her nipple stood firmly as it was fondled and swallowed by the anxious tongue.

She gave off a delicious fragrance. It was such a captivating smell that if he could, he’d swallow it all.

As he listened to her gasping and moaning sounds, he couldn’t help but admired how he was able to hold back and endure all this while.

From the first day of the hunt, he suffered from an overpowering sense of hunger (desire) and thirst. No matter how much he hunted barbarians, he was not satisfied.

[Whatever, I don’t give a damn.]

He tried to break off the string that had tied up his heart. Wavering? So what if I waver?

He alone was intoxicated with her and didn’t know what to do and she’d never tried to make him waver.

He reached out with one hand and spread her closed thighs apart. His member had hardened to the extent that it ached and was begging to be released.

He took a place between her legs and quickly lifted her weight. In a single thrust, he penetrated into her without any hindrances, hitting deep into her womb.

Her body flinched slightly as it accepted the intruder.



His hand supported her body while his other hand on the bed squeezed the sheets of the bed tightly. A grunting moan flowed out of his mouth.


He teasingly chewed on it before sucking with great force. He loosely rolled his tongue around it, lightly bit it then repeatedly suckled strongly.

Her body shuddered in excitement as she released a small moan and her inner walls clamped down on him tightly. Although it was good to taste her soft breasts, he couldn’t stay still anymore.

“Lift your waist.”

Only the end of his sentence flowed into her ears. Lucia who’d been moaning due to his persistent caresses felt thrill at the vague sound of his deep voice.

Vividly remembering his movements when he’d thrust deeply into her, her insides throbbed and squeezed at him.

Lucia watched as a suppressed groan left his mouth and her mouth felt dry. Her heart grew desperate and she reached out, grabbing his hand that was next to her while placing her other hand under the pillow then she wrapped both of her legs around his waist.

Hugo grabbed her buttocks, moved closer on his knees and lifted her waist into the air. He pulled out from her anxiously soaked inner walls and heavily drove his searing hot member deep into her.


Maybe because it had been a while, she felt that his thing was much bigger. It completely filled up her body as it entered and she felt like she couldn’t breathe.

She put more force into her hands, clenching tightly on his hands and when he saw the slight grimace on her face, he spoke.


Lucia pursed her lips and nodded her head. He slipped out then slowly moved his waist as he re-entered. The feeling of his desire hitting her deepest spot was numbing and she let out a moan-like sigh.


His firm member repeatedly penetrated her, heating up her insides. Deeply and at times, shallowly. As his movement to control the intensity continued, her tender, relaxed insides tightened and swallowed him.


He muttered with a murky subdued voice.

“Your insides are practically devouring me.”

As she drew closer to her climax, her tight squeeze on him began to lessen. He couldn’t hold back his impulse to rampage deeper inside of her. He felt good when he put it inside of her but when he began to move, the feeling was amazing.

The movement of his waist quickly increased in speed, plunging deeper without reserve.

“A-! Aah!”

Her body shook in accordance with his movements, swaying rhythmically with each thrust. Her body twisted and twitched as she mewled in pleasure.

When he slowly pulled outwards, it felt like her insides were pulling away with him and when he thrust hard, the heavy force caused her body to tingle.

He lowered his head to kiss her wet eyelashes then he moved to her earlobes, licking and biting then he whispered.

“Do you know your expression right now…is a little crazy?”

He held her waist firmly so she wouldn’t move up to the head of the bed and thrust powerfully. Every time he rammed into her, her eyes glistened and flickered and his rough breathing echoed in her ears.

“You look like you’re about to cry but…your insides won’t let me go…ha…hng…this…do you like it? Does it feel good?”

“Ah! Ang!”

“Tell me, do you want me to go deeper? Does you like when I put it this way?”

He didn’t feel embarrassed by his teasing words. Just like he’d said, her insides were actively sucking and wrapping around him. Her sensitive inner walls moved with him as though attached to his penis and the movement excited her immensely.

“A-! Hugh! Too-! Hng!”

The stimulation was too intense. She felt short of air as though she was falling from an incredible height. His hard penis ravaged her vigorously and when he moved outwards, she felt like she was losing her mind.

As though to split her into two, his heated shaft repeatedly thrust in and out of her. And every time her deep inner flesh was prodded and rubbed, she screamed at the pleasure that filled her brain.

Her body twitched and gasped at his seemingly never-ending thrusts.

“Haa-! Aak!”

Reaching her climax, Lucia lowered her head and screamed seductively. As her inner walls viciously clamped down on him, a wild roar burst forth from within him. She spasmed in pleasure and he continued to burrow into her.

“Hng…ng…Hugh…just..a sec…a moment…”

Lucia teared up from the intense stimulation. She wanted him to pause for a moment but it seemed as though her pleas had excited him as his movements grew fiercer.

His hip muscles contracted and relaxed as he frantically thrust into her. Her legs that were wrapped around his waist seemingly lost power as they slipped off his waist.

He grabbed both of her legs and drew her closer to him then he lifted her buttocks and plunged even deeper inside her. After several attempts, he held her ankles side-by-side in one hand then his stiff enthusiasm entered her narrow entrance, repeatedly advancing and retreating.

“Uue-! Hk!”

It was exhausting. But it felt good. His powerful force as he penetrated her, his passionate movements as though he wanted to eat her up, his muscular movements that she could make out through her blurry eyes, his low moans that slipped out intermittently too, she liked them all and they excited her.

Her body had learnt the joy of a union with a man. Her buds blossomed, her petals grew and as time flew by, she was in full bloom. Her ecstatic body was open to the one she loved.

As the wall that she’d built against him disappeared completely, her body reacted more actively to his coupling. Her body sensed his body and instinctively reacted to him and this change was driving him crazy.

He let her legs fall to one side and grabbing her behind, he penetrated her slowly. As he was enraptured by the churning of her tender insides, she closed her eyes and gasped for breath.

Whenever his moving penis hit and stimulated a sensitive spot, her forehead would wrinkle slightly.

He once again grabbed her ankles and positioned them upwards then began to burrow deeply into her vagina. Again, her body trembled greatly and she uttered a cry of pleasure.

Her lingering hand on his shoulders felt as though it would slip so she clasped down firmly with her fingers. The painful sensation of her fingernails digging into his shoulders as she held on with all her might infused more heat into his underbelly.



His body stiffened momentarily as he released deep inside her womb. Lucia felt a hot fluid spreading and filling up her insides and she shut her eyes. Her vaginal walls clenched and squeezed him tightly.

His arms shook and a growl escaped his throat while her body twitched and spasmed with pleasure.


His weight came down on her as he stopped to catch his breath. He wasn’t completely leaning on her as he held some of his weight with his elbow but his body moderately pressing down on her gave her a pleasant feeling of comfort.

Lucia placed her shivering hand on his head and the sensation of running her hand through his slightly wet hair felt good.

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Chapter 36 < — Damian — > (7)

In the quiet bedroom, only the sound of two people breathing could be heard. Lucia’s breathing was calming down to an even pace and Hugo lowered his head, turned her body sideways then wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her into his arms.

He simply embraced her for a while then he began to cover her lips, eyes and forehead with kisses.

“Ha-ha, that’s ticklish.” [Lucia]

“Shall I make it not ticklish?”

Hugo whispered softly then bit her neck. His hand stealthily slipped from her back to her waist but Lucia twisted her body and naturally pushed his hand away.

When the smooth sensation of her skin disappeared from his palm, he reached out stubbornly and grabbed her buttocks. This time, Lucia pushed away from his chest.

“We can’t. I have a lot to do so I have to get up early tomorrow morning.”

“What do you have to do?”

“I’m planning to have a garden party in three days and since it’s a situation where I show my garden to people, I want to increase the scale a bit. So, from tomorrow, I have to organize the garden, prepare it and of course, there are a lot of other things I have to take care of.”

‘She was completely fine even though I wasn’t around.’

He grumbled inwardly.

“A garden party? The days are starting to get colder, are there still flowers?”

“There are autumn flowers. Although they aren’t as bright as spring’s or summer’s, I wanted to have a garden party before the year is over.”

“So, your party is more important than your husband that just came back. Which one is your priority?”

Again, his hands stealthily slid to her waist and his lips glued themselves to her neck. Lucia smacked his shoulders.

“Don’t be unreasonable. Do you know how childish you sound?”

“Oh-ho. Now you’re beating your husband?”

Lucia teasingly booed as his attempt to act tough. Hugo’s eyes strangely lit up then with huge motions, he pounced at her but Lucia’s small body quickly rolled away and avoided him.

There were bursts of laughter blended with small screams and the bed quickly became a mess with the two of them tossing and turning all over.

Soon enough, Lucia grew breathless and began to pant then was firmly caught by him. That she was able to avoid him even once on the narrow bed meant he was going easy on her or it would have been impossible.

He hugged her from behind, slid his legs between hers, then placed one hand on her chest as he kissed her back. Lucia tried to move but found she was held firmly in place so she gave up. Although his hands kept fondling her breasts, she left him alone.

“Did your assignment with your vassals go well?”

“Mhm. What of you? What have you been doing?”

“Nothing mu…ah, no, they is something. Damian came back.”

Just for an instant, his body stiffened. As Lucia was wrapped in his embrace, she could feel it.

“…I know.” (Hugo)

What did Damian mean to him? Lucia had a lot of things that she wanted to ask but she decided to take it slow and wait for when they could sit down and have a long conversation.

Since even Jerome was treasuring his words, she didn’t want to approach it prematurely. All this while, she’d been interacting with Damian and could tell that the boy did not resent his father.

It wouldn’t have been strange if the boy’s sense of shame over his situation and illegitimacy twisted his emotions but Damian turned out to be an honest and innocent child.

If she had a son like Damian, even if he wasn’t a child she gave birth to, she would put all her effort into raising him.

Now, she wanted to know how he thought of Damian. If they didn’t have any animosity towards each other, it was be a pity for them to keep having such a frigid relationship.

Was the relationship between them only the fact that they shared the same blood?

Lucia believed that even though it wasn’t as intense as the love between a man and a woman, the love between blood ties was bound with a string that was not easily broken.

“What do you think? Lunch? If possible, let’s have a meal together.”

Although Lucia spoke like it wasn’t a big deal, inwardly she worried about what to do if he rejected. If he didn’t even want to eat with the boy, then it was the worst possible situation.

“Let’s do dinner, I have a meeting in the morning.”

Fortunately, his answer was positive. Lucia gave a little sigh of relief.

“Was there any rudeness?” (Hugo)

Lucia thought about it briefly then realized the subject of his words was Damian but she couldn’t help but think, ‘ah, he doesn’t really know his son.’ If he knew Damian, even a little bit, he wouldn’t ask that question.

“Not at all. He was very polite and mature and his attitude and manners were not out of place. I’ll co-exist fine with Damian, you don’t have to worry about tha-”

“I’m not worried about that. Just tell me if he’s ever impolite to you.”

Behind his back, Lucia’s eyes narrowed as she listened  to his tone that sounded like an officer talking about a recruit.

“What would you do?”

“Advise him.”

However, Hugo’s type was advice was never one from the mouth.

“That won’t happen. While you weren’t here, we’ve gotten along very well…”

Her voice was getting increasingly drowsy.

“…We?” (Hugo)

The lingering question was not heard by Lucia’s ear that had fallen asleep.

“Ah…my greetings…are late…Welcome back…” (Lucia)

He kissed her lips close to the end of her mumblings. Not long after, Lucia fell asleep, her breathing calm and even.

“I’m back.”

Once again, he lightly kissed her lips, then closed his eyes to sleep.


When Lucia woke up in the morning, she was alone. His waking hours were quite early so she’d grown accustomed to waking up alone.

The lingering sensation in her body told her that last night was not a dream. It had been a long time since they’d united so she had no strength in her body. She had to use her arms to support her body upright.


After she stood up, his viscous body fluids flowed out from between her thighs. No matter how many time she’d experienced this, Lucia covered her face out of embarrassment.

When she calmed down, she called the maid and ordered for a bath to be prepared. The maids waited on Lucia as she entered the bath full of warm water.

Her dazzling skin that was enhanced by the bright morning sun was littered with red marks. The maids kept glancing at those red traces and their faces grew flushed.

Their master returned late last night and no one could catch a glimpse of him but now they knew he went to their Mistress’ room. It was almost certain that after the bath, this rumor would spread among the maids.

“Is he in the office?” (Lucia)

“His Grace is in a meeting.”


“His Grace suddenly issued a summon before sunrise.”

He was a really energetic man. The ones that works below him could only suffer. To him, as soon as he’d returned to the castle, having a meeting was only a natural procedure. Even though he did the most work, he was the most energetic.

Lucia’s face reddened as the events from the previous night floated to the top of her mind. She was happy to see him again and glad that he still wanted her as passionately. Her mood became as light as the petals floating on the water.

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< — Damian — > (7)

It was the first dinner together for the three people that had become family. Damian was the first to arrive at the dining room and sat waiting. When Lucia arrived, he got up and helped her into her seat as usual.

“Damian, have you seen your father?”

“I have not yet sent my greetings. His Grace was continuously occupied.”

“You’re right. He seems very busy today.”

Lucia pouted slightly as she replied.

‘No matter how busy he is, calling the boy in for a short greeting wouldn’t be too hard. Now look, this meal ends up being the first time they meet.’

Really, he was so inconsiderate. It was really admirable that Damian managed to grow so big without having a twisted mind.

Lucia had also been busy today and the fact that she was unable to have lunch with Damian as usual was constantly on her mind.

“What did you do for lunch? You didn’t skip it, did you? I had a lot of work today and couldn’t pay attention.”

“I ate and I know that you’re busy preparing for your party.”

After a while, Hugo arrived. His gaze fell on Damian, pausing on the boy for a little while then he sat down.

Without a simple word of greeting, the first family meal began. In the suffocatingly quiet dining room, Lucia proceeded to alternate glances between father and son.

‘Both of them are quite extreme.’

She didn’t expect an amicable, friendly relationship and Lucia didn’t know that ever since Damian went to boarding school, they hadn’t seen each other but even so it was obvious that this identical pair of father and son had not seen each other in a long time yet their eyes didn’t even meet.

‘Damian said he admires his father and…he wouldn’t have made Damian his successor if he hated him…’

The dreary atmosphere between the two was as cold as the weather but Lucia had no idea what to do so she decided to not worry about it.

The atmosphere between them wasn’t murderous or threatening and Lucia didn’t have any problems with either of them so the thought that it was serious didn’t occur to her.

‘It will probably be better if I am in the middle.’

Lucia didn’t think that a relationship like this could be changed overnight. If one tries to forcefully improve a relationship, the side effects could be huge.

When Damian returns to boarding school, the memory of his time here would remain a good one and if Hugo became more conscious of his son than before, that would be good too. For now, she would consider that as the first step.

‘Although…it’s really nice to see them side by side.’

It felt as though there was a big Hugo and a small Hugo together. Just looking at the two of them made her feel content. Meanwhile, the employees felt the the Lady of the House was incredible to eat calmly in such a suffocating atmosphere.

“Is the preparation for the garden party going well?”

Hugo asked a few moments after they had finished dining.

“Yes, it’s going smoothly. And about that, I have something to tell you. I was thinking about having Damian attend, what do you think?”

Damian who was drinking water made a small choking sound. Hugo glanced sideways at Damian then moved his gaze to Lucia.

“Isn’t it a party for women?”

“But Damian isn’t a man, he’s just 8 years old.”

For a moment, there was silence then Hugo let out a small laugh while Damian’s ears flushed red.

“As you say, Damian is not a man. Do as you please.”

“Damian, what do you think?”


Damian suddenly opened his mouth but when Hugo’s calm gaze moved to him, he shut his mouth and lowered his head.

“…Yes. I will do so.”

‘Wow.’ (Lucia)

Lucia could feel the absolute power difference between father and son. Sometimes, Damian was so mature it was hard to believe he was just eight years old.

With his huge, sturdy build, his stiff but polite manner of speaking and his vocabulary that was on the level of an adult, one could barely see the signs that he was a child.

Lucia tried to remember her childhood as an eight year old but found she could barely even remember. Perhaps she had spent her time playing with the other children in the neighborhood.

But beside Hugo, Damian became a cub lion. In comparison, Hugo was the lion king, seated on the highest throne and looking down below. It seemed as though even if Hugo’s giant paw pressed down on him, Damian wouldn’t even make a sound.

‘It’s a good thing for a son to admire their father but they could also have difficulties to some extent.’

Lucia’s mood improved when she began to think that there was some possibility for improvement in their relationship.

‘The great lion king and his cub lion…now that I think about it, the banner for the Taran family is a black lion. How fitting.’

“Did you have something planned after the meal?” (Hugo)

“Nothing special, I wanted to go to the study and read a book.” (Lucia)

“Is it a book you have to read today?”

“Not really. Are we having guests?”

“At this time? There’s no need to attend to such rude guests.”


“Take a light stroll to digest your meal and take a bath.”


“I’m saying if you want to wake up early tomorrow, you have to retire to bed early.”

As Lucia looked her Hugo, her face gradually became red.

‘So someone’s face can get this red.’

Damian thought with an expressionless face.

“… what the hell are you saying in front of the child?”

Lucia’s face was crimson and she spoke in hushed tones. Seeing Lucia this way, Hugo couldn’t help but chuckle.

“What did I say?” (Hugo)


Lucia glared at him then stood up. Hugo called after her as she walked away.

“Where are you going?”

“Going for a walk!”

Her footsteps thudded as she rushed out of the hall with huge strides.

Damian stared blankly at her departing back. The boy could not understand the situation itself.

What part of that conversation caused Lucia to have such an excessive reaction? The smart boy couldn’t figure it out at all.

As the boy was mulling over it in his head, he heard the sound of a small laugh and turned his head in that direction, only to see the Duke laughing quite pleasantly.

The boy had seen the Duke’s cold smile or his ridiculing smile but it was his first time seeing the Duke laughing like this.

It was fascinating to see and at the same time, shocking. His father that was as fierce as a sword suddenly seemed human.

After a while, Lucia came back into the dining room.

“Damian, let’s go together.”

Damian glanced sideways at the Duke then stood up and followed after Lucia. The suddenly alone Hugo’s expression didn’t look so good.

The word she’d said the previous night.


He began to worry over that word. He recalled her appearance as she called for Damian without any inhibitions or hesitation and it seemed like the two of them had grown pretty friendly while he was gone.

It wasn’t as though he wanted them to have a terrible relationship but for some reason, he didn’t quite like it.

Translator’s Corner:

*I didn’t realize how much I wanted to see Damian and Hugo interact till this chapter (cries).