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Chapter 37 < — Damian — > (8)

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As they walked through the garden, Damian continuously stole glances at Lucia.

“Is there something you want to say?”

“It’s kind of…amazing. You aren’t afraid of his Grace…”

“Is there any wife that’s afraid of her husband? Damian, when you grow up and get married, would you like for your wife to be afraid of you?”

Damian shook his head. However, the young Damian was yet to fully grasp her meaning.

It was a huge shock to Damian that Lucia could treat the Duke whom he saw as someone on the peak of a distant mountain, very comfortably.

In Damian’s eyes, Lucia was a small, gentle herbivore. On the other hand, the Duke was a large, ferocious carnivore.

The boy was confused at the fact that the two beings, who in normal circumstances could not match each other, were seemingly a perfect fit.

“And here. Repeat after me. Father.” (Lucia)


“Good job.”

Lucia subconsciously reached out to stroke the boy’s head. Damian was surprised and reflexively moved away and Lucia was also surprised and withdrew her hand.

They stopped walking and awkwardness filled the air.

“…Sorry, my body moved on its own…did I upset you?”

“Ah…no. I was just a little surprised.”

Damian had never had such close contact with anyone else before.

“I’m not upset or anything…” (Damian)

“When a child does something praiseworthy, one can compliment and also pet them. I won’t do it if you don’t like it.”

Damian hesitated a bit then spoke in a tiny voice.

“I don’t…hate it.”

“Really? Then, is it okay if I pet you right now?”

Damian nodded. Lucia slowly stretched her hand towards the boy as though saying, ‘I’m not your enemy’ and stroked the top of his black hair. Maybe because he was very young, his hair was much softer than she’d imagined.

She stroked his head a few times before withdrawing her hand. She felt excitement as though she was given a present because she had finally accomplished what she’d been wanting to do ever since she laid eyes on the boy.

‘When will I get to pinch his cheeks?’

Lucia began to walk with a joyful heart and Damian quickly followed, walking beside her.



“Earlier, in the dining, why did you get angry?”

“Huh? That…I wasn’t angry…that was…umm that is to say…”

Lucia didn’t want to explain it nor did she know how to explain it so she began to rack her brain on how to naturally shift the topic. Just at the moment, she finally recalled something she’d been forgetting.

“Ah! Damian, you don’t have a tail-coat to wear to the party. I didn’t think of that. Do you by any chance have anything?”

“I do not.”

“Right. There’s no way you would, you were at school all the time.”

“Lucia, I don’t have to attend…”

Damian wanted to use this chance to one way or the other, remove himself from this occasion. He’d already had his fill of the women’s gazes in the horse-riding field.

He didn’t care how they saw him but he was unhappy when Lucia became the target of those strange gazes. He didn’t want Lucia to receive those gazes because of himself.

“No, you have to attend. Mmm…who can I ask about this?”

Lucia did not want to go against Damian’s intentions as much as possible but this time, she wanted to make sure Damian attended the garden party. She’d taken him to the horse-riding field and had them greet him but that was not an official occasion.

The garden party would be a formal social gathering. The scale of the party this time was big and all the renowned noble women in the northern social circle were invited.

If she were to formally introduce Damian in that gathering, Damian’s position would change.

Of course, Damian was still young and as it was a women-only garden party, it could not be his official social debut.

However, oftentimes children would appear in social circles in advance as it would be helpful to them later if they were put in people’s memories beforehand.

There was a reason noble ladies threw parties even though it was a hassle and cost a lot.

“You can purchase ready-made tail-coats for children.”
Lucia and Damian stopped walking at the sound of this voice and looked backwards. It seemed like at some time, Hugo had begun walking behind them. Seeing them stop, Hugo closed the distance between them.

For the first time since he came to Roam, Damian stood beside his father so he was stunned and stared at his strong father. He couldn’t remember how long it was since he’d seen his father so close.

“Since it’s a garden party, there’s not need to think of it so complicatedly.” (Hugo)

“What a relief, thanks for letting me know. If it’s ready-made garments then… for Damian, we have to get garments for children around twelve years old.”

“He’s eight.”

“Damian is much bigger than usual eight year olds. Compared to his peers, he’s a giant.”

Hugo’s gaze moved and fell on Damian. ‘This little guy?’ was what his gaze was saying.

“You never know, someday he could be bigger that you.”


His tone of his mumble was somewhat odd however, Lucia didn’t catch it, rather it was Damian that noticed it.

‘There’s no way I’m growing bigger than father.’

While thinking this, Damian began to worry whether Lucia might have annoyed his father.

“I think you were much bigger that he is when you were his age, right?”

“…I don’t know.”

Hugo wasn’t fated with a good life where he compared heights with his peers. When he was around Damian’s age, most of the slave children around him did not know his age and for him, he also didn’t know his exact age until he was kidnapped and brought to Roam by the now dead Duke.

“Didn’t you have a lot of work? I thought you would return to the office right away.” (Lucia)

“Am I interrupting?”

Hugo replied sullenly.

“Usually when you leave for a while and return, you get busier. Actually, you came at the right time. I don’t think Damian has greeted you officially. Damian, go ahead.”

Damian hesitantly looked at Lucia then bowed his head.

“I’d like to extend my greetings, it’s been a long time, have you been well?”

He lifted his lowered head and stealthily glanced at Lucia only to see her mouthing the words, ‘father’.

Damian squeezed out his courage.


Hugo’s eyebrows jumped. The title didn’t exactly make him uncomfortable or displeased but he wasn’t used to it.

Perhaps because of Hugo’s hatred and disgust towards the existence of a father, it was a word that had never come out of his mouth.

Even when he lived under the previous Duke, he had never officially called the man father.

As his silence grew longer, Lucia secretly pulled his sleeve. He met her eyes and she was smiling so excessively that it gave some kind of unspoken pressure.

Although he was indifferent, he wasn’t dense. He opened his mouth and gave a soft reply.


The boy’s neck flushed red and seeing that, Lucia felt pleased.

‘I wish he learns of Damian’s cuteness quickly.’

But for today, it was fine. There was still a lot more time so she would take it slowly.

“So you’re taking a walk? Aren’t you busy?”

“I’m out for a walk.”

Hugo replied sourly, feeling as though she was trying to get rid of him again. On the other hand, Lucia was thinking that maybe he was tired since he was having meetings all day long so she gave in and put it off her mind.

“Then the three of us can walk together. This would be the first time for the three of us.”


Hugo glanced down at Damian. When his father’s eyes landed on him, the boy flinched. Damian didn’t know why but he felt as though it wouldn’t be good to keep staying there.

The rare species of herbivore, Lucia didn’t sense anything wrong however, the carnivore cub, Damian was able to sense the subtle snarl of the great lion.

“I’ll be going back inside. There’s a book I have to read so…” (Damian)

“Damian, if you go to your desk right after eating, it’s not good for you. Your food needs to digest.” (Lucia)

“I’m done digesting. I must read this book today.”

Damian bowed his head then quickly disappeared like he was running away. Lucia wistfully watched Damian’s departing back meanwhile Hugo had an expression full of satisfaction.

‘This boy, he’s not useless at all.’

The recognition the boy wanted to receive from his father was very easily obtained.

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< — Damian — > (8)

Hugo opened his mouth after Damian left.

“Your relationship with the boy is pretty good.”

“I thought you wanted me to get along with Damian.”

Hugo had figured they should at least know each other’s faces so he’d called Damian back but he didn’t have any intention in particular regarding their relationship.

His wife was still young and he’d considered that it would be a bit difficult for her to tolerate an eight year old child, also, since Damian was a stiff child, if the both of them weren’t put together on purpose, they wouldn’t ever get involved with each other.

“Why are you taking him to the garden party?” (Hugo)

“Because they aren’t many chances to introduce him to other people. He’s your son and now, he’s my son too so it’s troublesome if people don’t even know his face.”



“It’s very easy for you to call him your son.”

Lucia did not know the exact intention behind his words so she stopped walking and looked at him. When she stopped walking, Hugo also paused his footsteps.

“Do you dislike my interest in Damian? Do you perhaps think I have some other intention behind this-”

“No, Vivian. It’s not like that.”

He sighed softly.

“Honestly, I didn’t think both of you would get along so well.”

Hugo recalled the scene from earlier where she’d stroked Damian’s head. The appearance of Damian as he offered his head like an innocent puppy was an unfamiliar yet familiar scene causing Hugo stop and look at it.

Without warning, a piece of memory from his past surfaced in his mind.

[Hey! I said don’t touch my head!]

Hugh screamed frantically at Hugo that had carelessly touched his head.

The head was the most important weakness of human beings. The moment it was exposed to the enemy, it was a direct gateway to death.

Mercenaries never touched each other’s heads unless they wanted their wrists to fly off.

[It’s a sign that we’re friendly.]

Even though Hugh screamed frantically, Hugo laughed and replied in his usual manner.

[Inconsiderate jerk. What’s so funny you’re snickering everyday?]

[Smile. If you smile, you’ll get good fortune, Hugh.]


Hugo suddenly pushed his head in front of Hugh.

[You can touch mine too.]

[Move that thing away.]

[Just try it. I heard this is what parents usually do for their children but since we don’t have anyone, we have to do it for each other.]

[I’m fine without that crap.]

[But I want someone to do it for me. Come on.]

Hugh stretched out his hands, his expression telling how much of a nuisance it was and stroked Hugo’s head.

Watching Hugo laughing in delight, Hugh couldn’t help but think it felt nice as he stroked Hugo’s head.

“I mean…what I’m trying to say is, just tell me if he’s ever rude to you.” (Hugo)

“That won’t happen!” (Lucia)

Hugo fiercely pulled her arms, drawing her into his embrace. He hugged her small figure tightly in his arms.

Although she was a bit taken aback, she returned the hug, placing her hands on his back. Feeling her small hands holding onto his back, Hugo couldn’t help but smile.

From time to time, when memories of his brother surfaced, he felt both sweet happiness and heart-aching torture.

The pain of it was the same as usual but when he felt her body temperature, the heart-wrenching pain in his heart was relieved to some extent.

[There’s a woman I want to marry. I’ll introduce her to you one day.]

One day, his brother had told him so as he laughed happily.

If his brother was still alive, then he would have told him this.

[I have someone like that too. We’re already married though.]


That evening, Hugo sorted out data from the meeting he’d been having all day then he looked at the report from Fabian.

Fabian’s reports was usually about the capital. They contained information about movements of major powers, the arrival of foreign key figures, who they came in contact with and so on and so forth. At times, the visible status of the trading giants were also included.

Although Fabian knew his master wasn’t very interested in this kind of thing, he still looked into rumors floating around social circles and included it since it was still sort of a formal report.

When it came to his work, Fabian was really thorough. Even when gathering information of rumors, there were no gaps and even if it was a rumor that would displease the Duke, he did not exclude it.

If Fabian was overflowing with work concerning the duke and repeatedly worked overnight, he would gather rumors even more diligently for the Duke. That kind of work was more like stress reliever to him.

And so, Hugo was mostly up-to-date on the rumors concerning him.

Hugo casually flipped through the contents of the rumors as usual then suddenly, he knit his brows. The contents of the document read that rumors concerning his dowry had spread throughout the capital.


Hugo unhappily clicked his tongue. The King’s lips were too light.

‘If that old man acts in a dignified manner and something will definitely go wrong.’

Kwiz had once given such a review to the King. Then said,

‘I mean, it would be nice if it wasn’t just going wrong but he breaks his ankle in the process.’

After saying so, Kwiz had proceeded to laugh like a devilish underground boss.

Hugo’s expression as he read the following rumors became increasingly strange. The contents read that duchess was such a celestial beauty that the Duke had dragged her off to his manor before anyone else could see her.


Although Hugo felt a slight sense of discomfort with the rumor that portrayed her as a colossal beauty…

‘Well, they’re not entirely baseless…’

Was what he was thinking. According to the rumors, they married in secret so that no one else would see her.

‘It doesn’t exactly match the facts but they’re pretty close.’

His actions, such a building a horse-riding field or restricting boating so that no other man would see her was an ongoing process.

The part of the rumor that said he dragged the Duchess to his manor was also not completely wrong either because right after they got married, she came to his estate.

‘It’s not a rumor that matters.’

He judged and closed the document.

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*Just in case anyone is still confused, I’ll explain it again: Hugo is a twin and was formerly known as Hugh. His twin is dead and was formerly known as Hugo. Essentially, they’ve “switched” places and to the world, the dead brother is Hugh, the one alive is Hugo. I hope that clears it up.
Chapter 38 < — Damian — > (9)

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Lucia walked into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around her damp hair. When Hugo was gone, the maids would wait on her till she was dressed but as soon as he returned, they only followed her to the bedroom door before taking to their heels.

She sat on her dressing table, pressing the soft towel around her hair in an attempt to dry it.

She’d left drying her hair in someone else’s hand for over a month so she was a bit slow doing it herself. Still, she couldn’t compare to the meticulous drying of several maids attending to her hair.

She acknowledge Hugo as he walked into the room then returned her gaze back to the dressing table. He headed straight towards her and embraced her from behind. Surprised, Lucia let go of the towel causing it to fall to the ground.

“Hugh! I have to dry my hair more.”

If I sleep like this, my hair will be a lion’s mane tomorrow!

“Do it later.”

“It’s not something I can do later!”

No matter what she said, he lifted her up, moved straight to the bed, placed her down on it then kissed her still complaining lips.

Like biting into a fruit, he softly bit her lower lips and swiftly inserted his tongue into her mouth. He held her flouncing wrists down on the bed and pushed his tongue deeper into her mouth.

She still didn’t know that her rebellious reactions tended to incited him more. He licked her soft lips with his tongue, enjoying the enticing taste.

He re-inserted his tongue into her mouth and the feeling of her soft and tender tongue surprised him, causing him to flinch. Perhaps because she had just taken a bath, the insides of her mouth were feverish.

When he thought of her inner thighs being as hot as this, his lower abdomen began to throb. He gently pressed his excited lower regions onto the section between her thighs.

He sloppily removed the bathrobe wrapped around her lower body, the mere thought of her tight entrance making blood rush to his lower regions. Perhaps she felt his excitement as her fidgeting began to settle down.

He let go of her wrists he’d been holding onto and she wrapped her arms around his neck, clinging to him. His tongue rummaged throughout her mouth, sometimes strongly, sometimes softly. Her fleeing tongue was easily overwhelmed by him.

As he teased the insides of her mouth and kissed her deeply, Lucia couldn’t focus and fell into a trance. His hot member pressing on her delicate part as though they would instantly unite made her feel somewhat anxious and excited her more.

The moment he entangled her hot tongue and sucked on it strongly, Lucia felt her insides throb and unconsciously lifted her waist.

Her movements rubbed against his penis that was pressed against her inner thighs. He released her lips and a low moan escaped from his mouth.

With the long swooning kiss over, Lucia stared at him trying to catch her breath.

“So I’ve thought about it.”

His voice was seemingly calming down and his eyes lit up as he saw her red lips, swollen from their kiss.

“And I think the reason you tire out so fast is because I do it all at once so let’s change that. We’ll do it once, rest a little, do it again, rest, then do it again, just like that. What do you think?”

Red-faced, Lucia gathered her breath before giving him a frown.

“Please don’t think about things like that.”

“Things like that? This is important.”

He kissed her swollen lips lightly.

“Okay then, we’re trying a new way today.”

As his gaze was like that of a predator before it leaps on its prey, Lucia swallowed nervously.

“I haven’t agreed to this…”

“Umm…then today is the trial version.”

“How is that different!”

He acted like he didn’t hear her and grabbed the front of her robe, spreading it apart. He enjoyed her body with his eyes for a moment then grabbed her bountiful breast with both hands.

He grabbed it a bit strongly causing her to flinch. He lowered his head and began licking from her navel, making his way down her body.

It was the beginning of a long and intensive night.

Her legs hung on his shoulders and her butt was raised as he penetrated deep inside of her, stimulating her. She held onto his arms to support her body and every time his penis entered her, she shut her eyes tightly and bit her lips.

Every once in a while as he thrust into her, a strong tingling feeling assaulted her from the insides and her body shivered with hypnotic pleasure.

He noticed a frown on her face and clenched his teeth. Her tight inner walls swallowed him up completely and spasmed, exciting him and he barely managed suppress his desire to ravage her insides.

“Is it difficult?”

Lucia nodded her head. It was a position that was difficult to maintain for a long time. His deep penetrations that reached deep enough to hit her womb was too stimulating for her however for him, he was in a good position.

The feeling of her vagina tightening all the way inside gave him a sense of ecstasy. He grabbed her ankle and lowered it to the side then in that position slide inside of her thighs, plunging into her vagina.

He moved his waist in a controlled rhythm, at time swiftly and at times slowly.


Her body lay slightly to the side as she moaned in pleasure. The rims of her eyes grew red as he excited her with the right amount of stimulation.

She responded weakly to weak stimulations and strongly to strong stimulations. She liked gentle sex with moderate stimulation while he liked wild sex with intense stimulation. He also liked to somewhat torment her in bed till she cried.

Inwardly, she grumbled that he liked to torment her and was too much but she didn’t know. She didn’t know how much he considered her and controlled his desire and greed for her as much as he could.

If he were to ravage her as he pleased, she wouldn’t be able to get up for a days and her body would suffer. In an effort to embrace her every day, he was carefully tempering himself.

It was also one of his endeavors towards keeping the doctor’s ‘once-every-five-days’ advice.


Her body trembled intensely and her insides clenched. With the continuous stimulation, her pleasures peaked and she reached a pleasant orgasm.

He stayed still, keeping his hot member buried inside her contracting vaginal walls till they relaxed.

After a while, he rolled her body, turning her to lie on her belly. As she leaned downwards, he placed some of his weight on her body then swiftly and intensely plunged into her.


As though following a tempo, he continuously thrust in heavily and pulled out slowly. She let out a brief scream and each time he thrust into her, she gripped the bedsheets tightly.


The feeling of his weight pressing down on her also gave her pleasure. She could vividly feel his movements with her butt as he thrust into her vagina.

It didn’t hurt but she couldn’t stop herself from screaming. Sometimes, she felt as though his tenderness was rather rough. It made her feel like a helpless wild animal shaking its neck but at the same time, the feeling of his intense and eager desire for her was electrifying.

Lucia placed her hand on his head, her fingers grabbing his hair. She felt his slightly damp hair brushing against her fingers and enjoyed the pleasure it gave. (1)

He kissed her neck, slowly making his way upwards then he pulled her arms causing her to lean on him then lightly kissed her eyes and lips several times.

“…about Damian.”

Hugo grabbed her thighs and drew her closer to his waist. Once he pulled out, her insides were like inertia, her vaginal walls narrowed and returned back to how it was at the beginning.

He had to constantly make new paths in her tightly packed vagina. Her dense and throbbing inner walls never ceased to excite him.

“When I saw him…I was…so surprised. He looks…so much like you…Uk…”

He pushed his waist forward, slamming into her with one big thrust and in response, Lucia shut her eyes. Within seconds, he began to move, slowly increasing the intensity of his thrusts.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and her body swayed in accordance with his movements.


Lucia paused to gather her breath before continuing.

“I was…a little excite-hk.”

Hugo fiercely thrust in and out of her and she clung to him, her nails digging into her shoulders.

He took her lips into his mouth then pushed his tongue into her mouth, rummaging inside and exciting her. He ended the kiss shortly and covered her neckline with kisses, trailing down to her shoulders.

“…you saw the boy and felt excited? …why?”

“It…felt like I was seeing you.”

“The kid will look like me for quite some time.”

“Quite some time? I think he’ll still resemble you in 10 years…Ah!”

The conversation could no longer continue. His movements intensified and Lucia could do nothing but scream coquettishly.

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< — Damian — > (9)

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Hugo placed the pillow behind him to support his back and leaned halfway on the pillow. Lucia sat on his thighs, her upper body sprawled across his abdomen and chest.

Her head leaned on his chest, her arms and legs hung apart and to the side while his hand slowly moved up and down her back as though comforting her.

The fervent passion had dissipated to some extent but the lingering passion was just as before. Above all, his erect member was still fully buried inside her body.

His huge rod stirred a bit inside of her, as though reminding her of its presence. Lucia felt slightly nervous as she didn’t know when he would resume moving inside her.

She didn’t find the new way he tried particularly likeable. Although she could rest, she couldn’t sleep and they’d vigorously gone at it all night.

“Why did you send Damian to boarding school?”

Young noble children were usually taught by a private tutor. These days, it was trendy to send children to an academy but that was usually to gain experience when they were around 15 years old and for about three to four years.

Rather than for studying, the purpose was for noble children to build a network while interacting with several other noble children. There wasn’t a case where one with a status such as successor to a duke completed a boarding school course.

They were usually not allowed as courses were taken by second sons who weren’t successors and wished to select a course purely for studying purpose.

“Because I couldn’t take care of him.”

When Philip brought Damian, Hugo was focused on the war which was at its peak. At most, he could only stop by Roam a few times a year.

He had been slightly fascinated at how fast the boy grew every time he saw him but to him, the boy was like a pet.

To the Hugo who had no intention of becoming a father, the child that had appeared all of sudden held no special meaning for him however, he had instinctively known that the child needed a safe home.

It was very possible that if there was no Damian, Hugo would have abandoned the Taran family or trampled it to pieces.

It was only after quite some time had passed that it occurred to Hugo that perhaps Philip had brought Damian to him because he’d realized his thoughts towards the Taran family.

It was also around this time that the war was beginning to slow down, Damian had turned five years old and Hugo had more room and time for his thoughts.

With time to think, he considered the situation on the warfront and concluded that the war didn’t seem to be expanding any further. He was a perfect match for war and the thought of going back to the north and dealing with boring paperwork was loathsome.

Why do I have to? He’d questioned himself.

It wasn’t any of his concern what happened to the likes of the Taran family but he liked the northern land. He didn’t want to leave the wild and coarse land and it was general knowledge that the Taran family had to be doing well for the north to be prosperous.

He ended up reaching the conclusion that all he had to do was find a useful person to hand over the family to and so he appointed Damian as his successor. He didn’t intend to have another child and figured that if he took Damian, who was already known as his son, as his successor then there wouldn’t be much backlash.

Later, he realized he’d thought too simple of it. The northern nobles and of course, his vassals, did not like it.

They questioned why the boy was recognized as successor and said that there was no precedent but in response Hugo laughed scornfully at them.

No precedent? Then he would do it and become the precedent. Hugo didn’t care what the nobles were grumbling about but he kept thinking of the darkness he’d seen in the boy’s eyes when they’d met after a long while.

Placing the boy under the public eye seemed to be harming his mind so Hugo figured that since he couldn’t embrace the boy properly and raise him then it would be better for the boy to be educated in a place with no prejudice.

And so, Hugo sent the boy to boarding school where no one’s eyes or hands could reach him.

‘You don’t hate the child, do you?’ (Lucia)

Lucia held back what she wanted to ask. It would be too much to question to that extent. She still didn’t know exactly how he felt towards Damian and making a judgement in advance was more likely to make his feelings towards the child worsen.

“Then…since I can take care of him now, can’t he keep staying in Roam?”

He reached out and grabbed her butt firmly with both hand causing Lucia to reflexively lift her head.

“I promised the boy.”

Hugo lowered his head, placing his teeth on her neck and biting down causing her slender body to flinch. He licked her neck, his tongue sweeping over the light bite mark on her neck.

“I told him, when he graduates in the future, I will hand over my position. If I tell him not to go to boarding school anymore, he would think I am pushing him out of the seat for succession.”

He lifted his head, meeting her gaze.

“Do you think his staying here would benefit him?”

“…No, I didn’t think it through.”

A crescent line formed across his lips. He thrust his head forwards, placing his face very close to hers.

“Although it’s nice and cute.” (Hugo)

His lips touched hers briefly and he moved away.

“Don’t go too far.”

Lucia interpreted his words as telling her to not get in involved in his child’s affairs. Hugo’s meaning in asking her to get along with the child but limiting her some was that he did not want the child to come between their relationship.

Unfortunately, the misunderstanding that had risen through their conversation could not be solved now.

He captured her lips in his mouth then held her butt and thighs firmly with both of his hands and repeatedly lifted her up and down. Her smooth waist curved and her head fell backwards.

Her hand moved backwards, grabbing onto his legs for support and her body shook with his intense movements.

“Ung…ah! Hugh!”

He grabbed her shoulders, pulling her forward as he hurriedly pounded into her several times, the motion bringing his lips to hover around her ears and his rough whisper floated into her ears.


The way he said her name sent tingles up her spine. She didn’t know since when but when he called her Vivian it no longer felt awkward. Rather whenever he called her…


She felt like she’d discovered a new side to herself. As her insides throbbed and squeezed, he suppressed a moan and quickly flipped her to lie down horizontally on the bed.

He immediately re-capturing her lips and at the same time, repeatedly plunged in and out of her deep fleshy insides. While holding onto his arms, Lucia’s body trembled with the tingles of pleasure.

She could vividly feel his full length inside her body and instinctively widened her legs and lifted her butt to accept him deeper.

Hugo ended the breathless kiss, lifted his head and began to concentrate more on the movement of his waist.

He moved slowly at first then abruptly increased his speed, heavily thrusting in and out continuously.

A coquettish cry escaped from her mouth in response to the vigorous movements in her lower body and she watched his solid chest move as he devoured her.

His ripped muscles and tiny nipples moved as he thrust into her, enticing her to touching them. When his movements slowed down a little, she stroked his chest with her hand, feeling the movement of his muscles.

She lifted her head, lightly licking his chest and his body instantly jerked in response. She once again stuck her tongue out, this time licking around his nipple for a while.

Hugo swallowed back his curses and fiercely re-captured her lips. As he wildly drove his member into her, her body shook back and forth and her screams were blocked by his lips covering hers.

Her sight repeatedly brightened and blurred and she felt like a firework had exploded in front of her. She wasn’t even sure herself whether she was closing or opening her eyes.

Tears flowed down from her eyes and Hugo lowered his head to lick them up. The scalding heat that filled up her head and the passion that felt like it would burn her to ashes was exhausting but it also felt good and Lucia clung to him.

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