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Chapter 844 Instructing you

Her lips trembled. She had prayed for this, but she had prepared herself for more resistance from Ezekiel. Him, finally giving in to her requests was such an unexpected shock. She thought from all the other times that he had either avoided the topic or denied her, she was about to open her mouth and argue until she lost her breath. Thus, him suddenly accepting so easily like this was like taking the wind from her sails and her mouth hung open in shock for a few moments.

Then, she threw herself into his arms. Hugging him so tightly that she might even meld in and become a part of him. Tears of joy pooled in her eyes.

"I've heard that. You're not going to tell me I heard it wrong…" she said. Then she pulled away and stared into his eyes again. She noticed that darkness in his left eye was slowly fading. The black hue was receding as though being pulled back into the depths of his pupil by an overwhelming gravitational force within it.

"I won't," he assented, and Alicia's heart swelled with so much joy that she felt it was on the brink of bursting.

She was about to hug him again when he pinched her chin in a fond gesture. His eyes gleamed as he looked at her. "As you wish, Alicia." He added, his voice serious. She could not see any hints of hesitation in his eyes, nor any tinge of doubt or self-control in his actions anymore. He really seemed to be all in with his words and actions this time.

He shifted her, then rested his hand on the side of her neck.

"Undress me." He told her in a commanding tone.

Alicia did not waste any more time and quickly reached her hands out. However, her fingers trembled a little because of all the excitement and anticipation that was shooting through her right now.

As her fingers shook, she fumbled with his buttons. With every button being popped open, it revealed his toned and perfect torso. That only heightened the heat that was quickly rising between them.

His intense gaze was boring into hers and she could feel the flames of passion licking sensuously against her skin.

The moment all buttons were freed, he allowed her to ogle him for a moment longer before taking over the reins. He put her hands on his neck then took his own shirt off quickly, as if he did not want to spend too much time on this one thing any longer.

Discarding the shirt on the stone, Zeke jumped back into the water. He did not take her along with him but kept their lands linked together.

She was left sitting on the flat, smooth rock beside the water, while he was half submerged in it. Though their positions would seem to be weird as they were both on different levels, somehow with their natural chemistry between them both, it did not feel that uncomfortable at all.

Facing her, Zeke wedged himself between her legs. Then he snuck his hand under her shirt, holding her gaze as he made those movements.

Once his hands were both around her slender waist, he opened his mouth. "Undress, Alicia."

Alicia held the hem of her shirt tightly and pulled it up over her head – using that single move to rid herself of her shirt. He swept his gaze over her bare skin before his eyes settled on her bra.

She knew he want them off. She also knew they were outside in an open space, but for the life of her, she could not bring herself to feel any fear or hesitation. Why was that so? She thought that it must be because she knew for sure that Ezekiel would not let anyone see her.

Her bra loosened up. Her faced flushed red under the shimmery moonlight as she took her bra off and allowed it to just fall from her fingers onto the top of the rock. Her nipples were already taut the moment the air come in contact with them.

His gaze stared hungrily at it, and she wanted his mouth there. However, what she hoped to happen did not come true. Instead, his fingers trailed upwards in a slow and maddening motion, causing her to sigh out throatily.

The anticipation of what was going to come was so… so intense… and it just kept on escalating every second that passed.

When his seemingly burning fingertips reached her peak, she bit down on her lip.

He paused. "How many times did I tell you not to bite on your own lips, Alicia?" his eyes glowed as his voice lowered even more in pitch.

His thumb was suddenly on her lips, parting it, slipping inside smoothly without any hindrance. "This is one of my most favourite part of you, Alicia. I know this is your body, but I won't allow you to keep abusing it like this. You understand me?"

"I'm not –" she started to protest but got cut off almost immediately.

"Yes, you are. You're biting it too hard. You need to stop doing that." He ordered with a tone of finality, as though it was the end of this discussion.

"But I can't help it…" Alicia murmured.

"I guess I need to help you in instructing you on how to stop doing it. How about that? Hmm… Alicia?"

Their conversation was… all breathless. Such a topic did not even sound scandalous or anything near that but… why was she speaking so breathlessly as if he were uttering something erotic and vulgar into her ears? Was it because of the huskiness in his voice? Oh gods…

"Okay," she replied, finding herself licking his thumb that was still inside her mouth.

His eyes seemed to blaze, and the colour of his irises thickened, like a pool of gleaming liquid lead.

"If you bite on these lips hard again, I will… spank you…" his other hand glided over to her behind, "…here." And he punctuated his sentence with a quick and short strike, which made Alicia jump due to the suddenness of it. "Is that okay with you?"
Chapter 845 It’s time

Alicia had her eyes stretched slightly wide at his actions. But surprisingly, that did not seem to shock her as she thought it would. That strangely did not seem to sound or felt that bad to her. She thought that maybe because it was Ezekiel. Because she knew that he would not do anything that would actually hurt her.

"Okay," she nodded obediently.

And again, his gaze darkened even more. She could see the black in his eyes expanding once again. Her answer had done something to him as she felt something within him blaze. The feeling was so powerful that she could even feel it in their connection. Could it be that… Ezekiel actually liked doing things like this?

His throat worked.

"Listen to me first, Alicia," he pulled his thumb out of her mouth and held her face instead, making her look at him as if he had something serious to say before they continued whatever it was that they were going to do. "I might… do something that will shock you later. I am not going to do any of those things with you. But just in case I… if you don't want it, please don't hesitate to tell me. You understand me, Alicia?"

Alicia searched his gaze. "What exactly are those? Like… spanking my behind?"

His gaze faltered for a moment. "Yes."

Because of his past, Zeke had developed a cold approach towards sex. For many years, he found sex as something disgusting. He had hated it with a passion even. But slowly, he somehow managed to tolerate it and eventually enjoyed the carnal pleasure of it again. Also Alex, who was a womanizer, was a big part of how he ended up having sex again.

But for so many years, he was only able to do it if the girl did not touch him back. She should also never make eye contact with him while they were doing it. So he only ever does it from the back. He also ties the girls up just to avoid being touched by them. He would blindfold them and spank them if they ever tried to break the rules he had set in bed, or grip their hair hard or bite them hard. This was why despite living such a long life, he had only slept with a few women up to date. Also, he would need to find women who were into his kind of thing for him to even consider having sex in the first place.

Those things just became a habit, his thing. And he always thought that it would be like this for the rest of his life. He thought that the day where he would ever have eye contact with a woman while doing the deed would never come. Ever.

Until this woman came. The first time he kissed her, he knew he had been the first and only woman he had to take differently. The first and only woman who had actually touched him. The first and only that he would ever look at.

He did not want to do any of those weird and kinky things to her. At least not right off the bat even if she allows it. He knew it was unrealistic to just break a habit he had been forming for countless of years no matter how he fought against it. And knowing the extent of his desire for her, he could not trust his self-control anymore.

"I understand." She said, giving him an encouraging smile, telling him everything was alright and that she honestly did not have any problem about it. "I'll let you know, I promise."

And she bent and kissed his mouth. It was a passionate, slow and heart-touching kiss that slowly turned into something more savage with each passing moment.

When their lips finally parted, the haze in the air had thickened even more.

His hands moved to her jeans, yanked the button open and pulled her pants off, her panties included. He was rough and quick with her.

After throwing the clothes behind her, Zeke ran his burning gaze all over her. He was holding the heel of one of her feet as he stepped back to take in a full view of the goddess before him. He was sincerely worshipping her under the bright moonlight.

"So damned beautiful…" he breathed. Then he parted her legs again and moved his face closer to her glistening sex.

Alicia nearly bit her lips again, her face and entire body burned as he opened her to his gaze and just stared at her silently. His every inhalation was like a fire that only served to increase her wetness.

He uttered another praise then his mouth was suddenly on her. It did not take long for the hot, slick and tingling sensation to pool inside of her before curling to one spot in her lower abdomen.

Her fingers curled through his hair. And when he pushed his long and elegant finger inside her, she groaned out in pleasure. The sizzling sensation climbing up her spine.

Slowly, his finger worked, in and out, while his mouth played skilfully with that nub of taut little flesh at the juncture of her legs.

He lifted his gaze and their eyes met, and she could not look away, even as he entered another finger inside her. She could only gasp and moan. She wanted to throw her head back but his gaze… she could not break away from those pair of grey magnets.

Then his pace hastened, roughened. He rubbed his fingers back and forth, entered in and out, sucking and licking… over and over the unbearable pleasure brought her to her knees.

The sounds of his fingers f*cking her, her moans, they echoed out scandalously in the open spring. Under the quiet and bright moonlight. Then pleasure suddenly burst forth. She pulsed and clenched around his fingers violently as she cried out his name in a long and loud wail.

She was still coming down from the heavens when she felt them both moving. She knew that he was bringing her back into the cabin… it's time for them to finally do it and for him to turn her.

"The spell…" she whispered breathlessly between the remnants of her orgasms. "Tell me now…"

And he finally said it right before he closed the cabin's door behind him.
Chapter 846 Recorded

Zeke recited the spell out to her slowly and carefully, making sure that she caught every word perfectly. It would not do if they were to carry out the ritual and she ends up getting the spell wrong. He also instructed and reminded her on exactly when she should utter it. They must not miss the exact timing for the incantation, or the spell might fail. But he would never let that happen. This will succeed one-hundred and one percent and she would definitely be turned into a vampire.

"Do you understand all that I have instructed you on, Alicia?" Zeke asked, making sure that she had heard him. He knew she was still high on her orgasm. So despite the maddening desire to finally have her, he forced himself to halt right at the foot of the bed and waited patiently for her to come down from her high.

When she finally looked up at him, she asked him to repeat the chant to her once again. He could only smile at her helplessly as he repeated the spell to her. Ezekiel knew that she was doing this not because she could not remember it. Instead, she was doing this to eliminate any possibility that she might have remembered it wrongly. She fell silent for a long while after he was done reciting it the second time, seemingly committing every syllable to her memory. She seemed bent on wanting to utter it as perfectly as she could when the time comes.

Then she nodded. "I've got it." she said confidently after raising her eyes to his, before sealing his mouth with hers.

Now that she had her strength back, Alicia was being fiercer in her physical interactions with Ezekiel. She felt stronger than ever – since he returned her into her physical form that is. And she was so glad that despite that powerful orgasm, she managed to recover quite fast. It was to her delight that she did not just faint straight off and head into dreamland like the previous time.

Again, she kissed him hard as they stood right there at the foot of the bed. Neither one wanting to make the first move to sit down. Both of them were caught up in the kiss as their hands roamed freely over each other's body, taking full pleasure in the freedom that they were afforded.

Her fingers trailed lazily from his shoulders to his back, then back to the front to his abs and then down to his navel. Oh, the feel of his clenching and powerful muscles…

She slid down her hands until they reached his slim but muscular waist. His jeans had been the one to stop her exploration from going further south. She felt his hands move in haste, going to his waistband.

But Alicia quickly grabbed at his wrists.

They broke their kiss apart and Ezekiel looked down at her as he breathed heavily. His eyes were heavy lidded, seemingly intoxicated.

Holding his stare, Alicia spoke softly. "I'll do it."

He immediately relented and her heartbeat fluttered when she accidentally brushed against his erection.

But any hesitation was thrown away like a ragdoll in the next second. She fumbled a little with the button and managed to pop it open after some struggling. Her haste and desperation to take off anything that was covering him was on clear display.

She knew he was watching every move she made like a hawk watching its prey. And that was why she was not holding back anymore. She knew that if there was a single hesitation in her actions, his observant eyes might spot it and would most probably change his mind. Again. And there was no way she could let that happen today. Not today, not right now. Mortification and lady-like manners be damned this instance.

Tonight, she would go wild and think of nothing else but him alone.

When her fingers slipped under his waistband, she lifted her sultry gaze at him.

She did not bother to speak but she held his gaze as she slowly slid down to her knees. She saw his eyes stretched a little wider and his jaws clenched as he caught his breath.

His fingers that were placed on her face to keep their skin contact faltered a little. She chuckled internally. It was nice to see the ever calm and collected Ezekiel losing his cool over such little actions of hers. And it made her pride as a woman soar to know that she was the one who could evoke such reactions in him.

Then she pulled both his jeans and briefs down together. He did not expect her to make that move and widened his eyes a little comically as he stared at her, his mouth a little agape.

However, that did not stop his bodily reactions to respond in the correct way. With her movements, his aroused length sprung free and bounced a little as it touched her face, causing her to still and slowly drag her eyes from his gaze to the hot thing that had just stroked her.

His thick, big, and heavy member welcomed her. It was standing tall and proud right in her very face, and she bit down hard her lips to stop herself from gulping down audibly. Because… well, though she had seen it many times before this time, but the size somehow still surprised her because it looked so much bigger than it previously was. She quickly reasoned out that it might be because it was right at her face level that was why there was this effect.

Suddenly, his grip on her chin tightened and he tilted her head, making her look up at him.

"That's one spank being recorded, Alicia." He said with those gleaming, wicked eyes, and she found her mouth opening as she blinked confusedly for a couple of times. Only after that did she remember about their agreement on her not being allowed to bite on her own lips hard anymore and the punishment would be Ezekiel spanking her.

"Okay…" she agreed a little reluctantly, and this time it was him who half bite his lip. A rumbling sound escaped his chest as he breathed out.