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Chapter 841 That place

Back in the cabin.

Alicia was still making that sniffling sound when she woke up. "Did I just… dozed off?" she uttered incredulously as she pulled away from Zeke's arms, looking up at him with her brows knotted together.

She noticed that their positions had not changed at all from before she fell unconscious. It was as if he had not even made a single movement. Their clothes were still heavy and saturated with water, but his body was so hot that she could not even feel any coldness. In fact, it was as though she had been just soaking in a pool of warm water.

"You put me to sleep, didn't you?" she asked again, eyes narrowing and tone suspicious when Zeke suddenly kissed her mouth for three seconds. The man must be trying to throw me off the topic. She knew how he worked now.

He pulled away and buried his face into her shoulder again. "I didn't know how to stop you from crying." The explanation came out soft and a little muffled from his mouth being pressed so closely to her shoulders.

Alicia's jaw dropped. "What?! You put me to sleep because of that?" Seriously?!

Zeke just looked away as he spoke. "You're such a crybaby." He murmured in a teasing manner. Alicia sputtered at the accusation, not wanting to acknowledge it but knowing it was somewhat true as she was crying quite a lot earlier and lately.

"I… I'm not usually like this. I only found out recently that I can actually cry so easily and have a hard time stopping the tears. And I honestly think that this is all your fault, Ezekiel. You must have somehow done something and turned me into a crybaby." She said that last line a little playfully.

He returned his gaze to her, tilting his head. Those dark and fathomless eyes of his roved over her face as he observed her quietly for some minutes. Alicia was content to stay still and allow him to look as much as he wanted. So she might as well just enjoy the time with him.

"I don't think so. The first time I saw you, you were crying too. So I already had that preconceived notion that you already cry very easily even before you met me officially."

Alicia stilled. Her gaze was now searching his so intensely. She remembered clearly the day that they first met. And she was sure as hell that she had not been crying back then!

"What are you… talking about? Don't tell me… you've already met me before we've even met up that day in the Black Forest?" Alicia was looking at him in disbelief now. How many more secrets was this man keeping from her?!

It was true that that meeting was not the first time she had seen Ezekiel. She had actually been spying on him way before then, when she was out for training. Could it be that he too, had already seen her during one of those times?

Her eyes narrowed as she noticed that Ezekiel tensed up a little. Did he just have a slip of the mouth?

She cupped his face and pinched his cheek, but gently this time and without the punishing force she had done previously. "Answer me, Ezekiel. No more hiding things from each other, please. Don't make me cry again." then she pouted and turned her watery puppy eyes on him full force.

His brow raised. "Are you using your crying to threaten me?"

"Do you like seeing me cry?" she shot another question back at him instead of answering.

"No." his response was instant and serious.

"Well, that's a weak threat because you'd just put me to sleep –" Alicia muttered as she mused on it while she nibbled on her lower lips.

"No. It's actually a strong threat." He cut her off, surprising her with his words. "Because even when you're sleeping, you still make those sounds that I cannot stand." His serious tone coupled with the furrowing of his brow and his face set in that confused manner, all just seemed too adorable to Alicia. She never would have thought to be able to see the almighty Ezekiel in a stump over matters such as her crying or making sounds while she sleeps.

Alicia struggled to keep herself from grinning. She bit her lower lip and feigned not being touched and melted into puddle. This man was being so damned… adorable right now. Despite his one eye which was still black as the abyss of hell, he still could exude that somehow cute aura. Well, this might never appear cute to others but...

"Then answer me, Ezekiel, or else…" she lifted her chin, challenging him, letting him know that she was more than serious. There were still a lot of reasons for her to cry. The fact that he had yet to accept her offer and that latest issue were still causing a heavy weight to reside in her chest.

"Remember the place my mother said I'll go but I never actually managed to?" he asked Alicia in a low voice.

That one question made Alicia instantly turned silent and still in his arms.

She only gave a tiny nod of her head. That was when Ezekiel was escaping, and he was planning to go to that place his mother had asked him to go to. But he never reached it because his demonic powers had been awakened and he had immediately returned to rescue his siblings post haste.

"For hundreds of years," Ezekiel continued, "I had never bothered to look for that place. I don't know why, but… I just never thought about it again. I don't know what had exactly prompted me to remember it a few years ago, but I finally went to search for the place. It took me a long while before I finally found it. And…" his gaze on her seemed to intensify. "It was there that I first saw you, Alicia. You were in that exact place, crying."

Chapter 842 That day

"Where?" Alicia took a long while to respond. She had tried to remember when it was that she had cried and recalled the places where she was when it happened. However, nothing specific popped up in her mind as she skimmed through her memories. "Where exactly was that place?"

Her gaze searched his intently. She could not help but hold her breath as she waited for his answer.

"It's at the Grand Cliff." He answered and Alicia blinked. In the south-eastern part of Viscarria*, there lies a great cliff overlooking the ocean. There, you can find black, spiky rocks at the top of the cliff that the native people called 'Dragon rocks' because of it looks as though dragon's spikes had been planted into the ground.

It was not a famous place though because it was not a good place to spend even a little time at. The winds there were so strong and fast due to the increasing height of the cliffs. Also, there was really nothing else to see there but the spiky black rocks and strong winds.

But for some reason, since Alicia was young, she had always run off to this place when she was troubled, sad or just needed time to sort things out in her mind. She escaped from Dark Forest and then somehow ended up in that place. She just sat on the ground, leaned back against those black rocks as the speedy strong winds from the ocean below blew up the cliff face and come at her.

Anyone who would see her sitting right there might think she was waiting on something or someone when she actually was not. When she just turned eighteen, the young witches' competition that was held in the Dark Forest happened. It was a competition to determine the possible candidates who were to be the future queen of the witches.

Alicia had prepared for that competition like everyone else. But a day before the competition, her peers had cooked something up and sabotaged her weapon. Not only that, but they had also even sneakily poisoned her. She ended up fighting them all on her own and they all came at her together.

She of course lost against them because the poison had already weakened her after some time into their fight with each other. Thankfully, she was knowledgeable enough and she knew of the exact cure for the poison those girls used on her. But the damage had been done. Those girls had already beaten her up.

So bruised and bloodied, she escaped from the Dark Forest and ended up at that cliff again. For the first time in so many years that she last remembered, she cried her heart out while she was there, shouting into the wind, kicking the rocks and pulling at whatever grass that were sprouting there.

"When I get there, I couldn't find anything special nor suspicious. There was nothing there but strong winds and rocks. I tried to linger for a while despite feeling certain that there was nothing unusual in the place. I tried to wonder why my mother wanted me to go there. I also wondered what was it that she wanted me to see or find in that place. But time passed and there was nothing there but you. At first, I saw you just sitting there as if you were waiting for someone. I was shocked at first as I thought you, a witch, might be the one that my mother wanted me to see or something. I thought I was going to find out a secret from you or something like that. But just as I was about to approach you, you lifted your face and I saw you in tears and seemed beaten up. Then you wailed loudly and stood. You began to shout and curse… kicking the rocks and cursing them all to hell too." A smile curved on his face as a small chuckle erupted from his chest. "I heard you angrily swore to beat them all into a pulp the next day."

Alicia flushed. Just imagining how she had acted that time had her already swallowing in embarrassment. Damn, so the presence she had felt at that time was Ezekiel?!

"I knew you had felt my presence then, which I found impressive."

"But you didn't approach me. Your presence immediately disappeared that I really thought I imagined it. Did you just leave right after that?" she asked him, curious to know more.

"I just hid my presence from you and stayed there until you left."

Alicia blinked, craning her slightly to the side. "Why didn't you… approach me? Should you not be curious since your mother asked you to find that place?"

"Because I've kind of had a feeling that you're someone I needed to avoid." His direct and honest remark was shocking, and Alicia's eyes widened.

She winced. "I can't believe you had already started to avoid me the moment you saw me." She then pouted and grumbled good naturedly.

"Following my guts turned out to be the real deal." He sounded like he was in disbelief and Alicia could not really blame him.

"I wonder what might have happened if you approached me that day." She wondered out loud.

Zeke could not answer that question. He honestly did not know the answer even if he did try to think about it now.

"What could be the reason that your mom kept asking you to go there?" she asked again, breaking the short silence that had reigned between them.

Another question Zeke could not quite figure out.

Since that day, he had been bothered by this question as well. There was no way his mother had just wanted him to go there without any reason. She was pretty desperate when she kept reminding him about it. Like she wanted him to go there at all costs. He knew his mother. She would not tell him something for no reason. More so when she was so insistent and adamant about it.

[Foot Note: I decided to use the name Viscarria instead of Country V. Pronounced as Vai-kah-ria]


Chapter 843 No ‘ifs’

So he returned to that place again months later. Surprisingly, what he found there was still similar as what he saw previously, Alicia. She was not crying that next time he saw her there. But she had looked so alone.

And again, he did not approach her as well this time. He left immediately the moment he felt a strange urge rising within him – to take action or to do something to comfort her.

The third time, he told himself that if she was there again, he would think it was no longer a coincidence. She was there. Not crying, not lonely. She was confident and smirking as she fought the air with her two blades. Apparently, she was practicing all by herself and not looking as though she was needing any help whatsoever.

That was the last time he had went looking at that place. He had fought himself hard not to go back to that place. Maybe because he knew that he might see her there again. Which was not a good idea. She somehow had something about her that drew him in. The funny thing was he still did not even know who she was other than that she was a witch.

He had already developed such an intense interest and curiosity about her even while not knowing who she was and where she came from. And that was a miracle in itself as he had never felt a fraction of the same interest in any other woman he had come across in the past. And to him, that was a bad sign. Therefore, all the more he had restrained that desire to go back to that cliff side, cutting off the possibility of him running into that witch girl again.

Then years passed and she surprisingly appeared in his kingdom. She was wandering in the midst of the vampires and had been spying on him. From the look on her face, she had been very confident that no one could detect her from her hiding place. What a silly girl. A small curve still hooked the corners of his lips every time he remembers how she had looked hidden in her dark corner, face all proud and confident she was unnoticed by him.

Then he had done something he knew was so unlike him. He had actually ordered his elite men who could see through her disguise to not touch her and just let her roam around. Reasoning to himself that she was not doing any harm. It only seemed as though she was just curious and wanted to have a look around the vampire kingdom. And also, seemingly to gather some information on him.

He could not help but wonder if Alicia had a connection to what his mother had been talking about. He had always wondered about that for a long time since before and even up till now. But it seemed that there were no answers to be given to him because Alicia obviously did not know any hidden secrets about that place either.

"I don't know honestly. And I could not find an answer even until now. I did wonder though… about why you were always there whenever I visited that place. Why do I always find you in that place of all places? That is one thing that had been niggling at the back of my mind until now. Could it be coincidence? But it all feel too perfectly into place to be called a coincidence."

She tried to think, but as expected she shook her head. "I don't really remember anything unusual. I just somehow found that place one day and I was just kind of drawn to it. I could not really even explain why. I don't think I have any connection to what your mother had been talking about."

"I see…" he uttered. He had told himself that too. So many times before this as well. But… even now, something in him could not seem to quite believe it or accept it. "I guess, there was really no other way to find the answer anymore. I didn't reach that place and my mother is already long gone from this world." Perhaps, he could still find something out if he meets her in there. If she was even there in the first place. He just thought that she was because she was a half-demon like him.

Alicia rested her head on his chest and relaxed in his embrace, not knowing what to say.

They were quiet for a long while, just listening to each other's breathing. Just listening to each other's heart beating gave them both a sense of calm and they could even feel each other's warmth.

It was a blissful moment and she wished for it to never end. Although, deep down, she could not help but wonder if what could have happened if he had approached her that very moment he first saw her at the cliffs. But he was right. There was no use wondering about it anymore. There were no 'ifs' in this world. There were no wishing you can repeat some things in the past.

Right now, her time was running out and she no longer wanted to waste it wondering about the past and what would have been if they had done this or that.

"Ezekiel…" she called out, pulling away from him and looking at his face. Her eyes burned. "Turn me… please. Make me a vampire."

His facial muscles worked. Her heartbeat trashed within her. She prayed that he would stop rejecting her already. She prayed that he would allow her to decide for herself, for her own body. On what she truly wanted.

"Turn me to a vampire, Ezekiel…" she repeated, trying to her best to convey to him that her decision was now irrevocable. She would not regret.

"Alright…" he finally breathed out and Alicia felt her heart suddenly stopped beating. "Your wish is my command, Alicia."