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Chapter 847 That’s enough

Alicia dragged her gaze from his damned so seductive and sexy face to his manhood. And lordy… everything about him was just oozing with sexiness.

A strong urge rose within her as she stared at it. She wanted to trail those thick veins and not with her hands this time but her…

She swallowed. Her cheeks flushed and burned but she determinedly stuck out her tongue and gave an experimental lick at it.

He made a damned sexy sound right after. Such a deep and masculine sound that she found so good in her ears.

She looked up at him, then she licked him once more as their gazes locked. Another grumbling low sound came out. Oh gods… she could not get enough of this! She wanted to hear him make more of those sounds.

The desire to please this man surged like a huge wave within her. He had always been the one giving her pleasure. Now, she wanted to be the one pleasuring him in return. He deserved all of the good things in the world in her opinion.

Reaching out, she cupped his length in awe. It was hot and damned hard.

"Run your… tongue from the base to the tip, Alicia." He instructed in a hoarse voice. The way he sounded was as though he had troubles breathing properly.

She looked up at him saw him breathing hard. The droplets of water from his wet hair were falling in a lulling rhythm. She could tell he already knew that this was her first time doing any of these things before she could even tell him. She was thankful she did not need to voice out her questions before he had already guessed it and offered her the necessary advice. This man was truly too sharp… even in this situation.

She listened to him. Stuck out her tongue again and dragged her tongue exactly the same way as he had instructed her to do.

"Ah f**k," he groaned. "Yes, just like that, Alicia. That's good! Ungh!!"

The sounds he made, every reaction of his body, and his hot and satiny smooth and heavy length in her palms caused something warm to pool and gather in her lower abdomen again. It was amazing that she could even get aroused while she was pleasing him, like she was being licked down there as well.

His pre-cum gleamed at his tip and she was tempted to lick up it too. She had never once thought… that she would want to do something like this. She had always thought that this thing was filthy, but now…

"I don't think your small mouth can handle me, Alicia." He did not sound like he was belittling her. If anything, he actually sounded more concerned than angry.

But she found herself ready to challenge him. The fighter within her seemed to have fired up because of his words.

She went on and licked his manhood again, tasting him, enjoying the feel of him on her tongue. The feeling was truly incredible, and she finally understood why he liked kissing her down there as well. And when he thought that she was not going to do anything else other than that, she suddenly opened her mouth and took him inside her mouth. The warmth and moistness were like a wonderful and comfortable blanket wrapping him securely that he groaned out loudly.

His curse grumbled out of his chest as his body stiffened. She crowed out triumphantly inside her own head. Had she known he would have reacted like this, she would have thought of doing this long ago. During those nights. She could have practiced doing this during those time. Because right now, she no longer knew what else to do after putting it in her mouth.

Lifting her gaze, she waited for his instruction. It did not come. So she just kept her mouth wrapped tightly around the head and some ways down his shaft, humming to herself as she thought on what to do next.

"That's enough, Alicia." He groaned and instead guided her to stand up, pulling himself out of her mouth. However, he definitely did that with much reluctance, not wanting to leave that warm and comfortable place.

He put his thumb inside her mouth, his hard breaths fanning across her face. "I'll teach you about that later." He said and she was then pinned back onto the bed.

Her insides pulsed in anticipation as she looked up at the man who was hovering over her. She noticed that his one demonic eye was almost back to normal by now. But there was something so volatile in his darkening and intoxicated gaze.

A sigh escaped her lips as his hands spread her legs apart. Wider than it had already been spread.

Her blood rushed within her as he lowered to his stomach, his gaze never breaking from hers. And despite the all consuming fire that was burning in his eyes, she could see him observing her again. Waiting for her to probably to show any signs in case she suddenly changed her mind.

She reached out and cupped his handsome face in her palms, smiling at him through all the maddening desires burning them both. "I'm ready, Ezekiel…" she told him firmly and a sound came from his throat. She was not sure if it was a sound of satisfaction though.

"There's no more… going back once I'm in Alicia." He breathed out, panting even harder against her face.

"Yes. I know that." She immediately replied, feeling him already poised and ready against her entrance. "Yes. Take me now, Ezekiel. Please don't hesitate anymore. I want you. Make me yours now –"

Something in his eyes lit up like lightning. Something so primal and so deadly hot. Her fever had escalated to an impossible degree. And he started to push inside her, drilling into her depths.

Both of them made sounds at the same time. Alicia cried while he caught such a sharp breath.

"Damn… you're so…" he could not even finish what he was trying to say. His chest was vibrating from his groans as he stayed very still on top of her.

"And you're… so big, I'm…" she managed to choke out after a moment. There was wetness at the corners of both her eyes as her forehead furrowed a little.
Chapter 848 Soul-shaterring

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Bracing himself on his elbows, he stared deeply into her eyes, his breathing continued to blow hard and hot over her face.

"You okay?" he asked.

She nodded.

"But you're crying."

"I'm not. And I heard it'll feel better soon…" she replied between her uneven breaths. All the while, she gently stroked his arms that she was holding onto, trying to reassure him that she was fine.

He chuckled low then he kissed the tears away from the corners of both her eyes, one after another. "Yes, it will… but… I don't think I know how to be gentle until you're… f*ck –" he broke off. His eyes gleaming with something so intense it might as well rival madness.

"You don't need to force yourself to be gentle. I want this. I told you, I can handle you –"

He thrusted all the way home as he growled out. It was a powerful stroke.

Alicia felt it all the way into her soul. It stung. And burned.

Despite her internal battle with herself on not reacting too much to the possible pain, she could not help the cry that was wrenched out of her mouth at his sudden attack.

He was just so deep and big inside her that she could swear her stomach might…

He seemed to freeze after he bottomed out. Both of them were not moving and just breathing raggedly. She was afraid she would make him stop because of her loud cry. Even if she had to endure pain for the whole process, she would not allow him to stop. No way!

"Alicia…" he uttered her name. The deep voice made her shiver. "I just want you to know that you're the only woman who have ever touched me in almost 700 years. The only one…"

And then, he let loose and f**ked her. His heavy weight against her was unrelenting as he pounded over and over into her.

He moved his hips, entered her over and over, that she could barely find a moment to breath. Oh lord… he was not really going overboard with all his warnings.

He looked like a beast as he took her. And all she could do was dig her nails into his biceps, into his neck and just hang on for dear life as he rode her.

Soon, his hard thrusts began to spark something inside her. It was starting to get better. The pain was slowly fading. But still… it was…

"Alicia…" he uttered her name like he was chanting a prayer as he screwed her to the brim. "You make me… go crazy…"

He was starting to drive her crazy too as every time his pelvis ground against hers, she felt the fire spread uncontrollably. Starting from that sensitive flesh he loved to suck and play with, and going everywhere, spiralling out of control.

And before she knew it, she started moaning throatily, sexily, until she was only capable of saying 'yes' every now and again.

"Look at me…" he growled. "Don't close your eyes, Alicia. Look at me… keep your eyes on me!"

She forced her dazed eyes to open and stared up at him.

"If you close your eyes and look away, I'll spank you." he threatened with a growl.

A pleasurable shiver shook her insides and he groaned aloud.

"F*ck Alicia. You want to be spanked, don't you? But later… after this…"

She was burning up now. The fire was consuming her. A certain extreme wildfire she had never experienced before. She had imagined multiple times how this would feel like. And up till now, this was far better than she had ever envisioned. She had prepared herself for something maybe not that good until she got used to him, but boy… was she wrong. She had only taken a few minutes to adjust to him and his massive girth and now here she was. Burning like never before. She could feel her inner walls fluttering and spasming tightly against his invading rod.

"No, not yet…" he suddenly pulled away until only his tip was left just an inch inside her. "Remember what I said. We need to go together." Alicia froze. Right. Oh lord, the spell! She had forgotten about it already! Thankfully Ezekiel still had his wits about him and reminded her on this.

"It's okay…" he whispered between ragged breaths. "Later… I'll let you orgasm as many times as you want. I'll make love with you and f**k you many times over until you can't handle it and will be begging me to stop… later, Alicia." He was saying those words as if it was not only for her, but for himself too. She knew he was talking himself out of it too.

"Yes… love," she replied obediently.

He froze. His eyes dilated. And then as if the beast was being freed from his shackles, he came at her in an even more intense way. Kissing her mouth so dirtily and so roughly.

Her fingers ran through his scalp and all too soon, he broke their kiss, stared down into her eyes again as he slammed into her harder. The sound of their flesh indecently slapping against each other's sounded so loud and so magnified. Their moans, the wet sounds echoing…

She could not even describe the feeling anymore. Everything was just pleasure now. Fire. And something she knew that might shatter her mind and soul was coming very soon.

They both could feel it.

Then she saw it. The sign. She could see his eyes pulsing red and then grey. She felt like she could almost see his soul in there. Something indescribable was already going on and what was about to come would be even more than that.

It was finally time.

He bent over. Picked her up until she was positioned to be straddling him. His hands powerfully lifted her, then slamming her down on him, impaling her onto him relentlessly. It was time… it was coming…

And when she felt his fangs sinking exquisitely into the base of her throat, she uttered the ancient spell perfectly and exactly as how he had taught her to do, right before they came together in a soul-shattering orgasm.
Chapter 849 Transformation

The first thing that Alicia's vision showed her as the red haze that had clouded her eyes dissipated was Ezekiel. His face. And that handsome face was full of scratches. Some of them were so deep that they were even bleeding.

She could feel his strong arms around her, tight and unyielding, as if he was securely chaining her in his arms. However, instead of feeling suffocated, she felt a sense of security and warmth, as though she was perfectly protected in his embrace.

"You're face…" she said in a hoarse voice. Her heartbeat picked up its pace as her vision became much clearer. In fact, her vision was so crystal clear that she could see every little thing in high definition, as though the scenes were amplified for her through the lens of a magnifying glass. The brutal wounds that criss-crossed all over his face, neck, shoulders and all the way down to his chest, were definitely caused by sharp nails. "Oh lord! Who was it that had done this to you?" she gasped out, angered as she attempted to reach out to touch his face.

But it was then that she realized her hands were held tightly behind her. Locked together by him.

And it hit her. The memories came flashing back. He had turned her into a vampire and she… for an immeasurable amount of time, she could not see anything else but red. She felt her body convulsing, trashing, growling. Then a loud and piercing howl was let loosed from her lips. It sounded alien. Strange, as though it did not belong to her.

His face… she was the one who had done this… She hurt him!!

"I'm fine, Alicia." He loosened his grip on her wrists and released her from his deadly tight grip.

While she was still frozen in shock, he flashed a smile as he reached to cup her face. "I'm fine. Don't worry. These wounds are going to heal very soon. You can see that right?"

Her lips trembled. She could not believe she did this to him. She could not even remember doing this! This was too brutal of her. She noticed many of the wounds were really deep, like cuts that were made using a knife.

"This is normal. It's part of your transformation, Alicia. You were not in control of your body or your mind at all." He kept reassuring her.

"But… I've hurt you so bad." Her fingers trembled slightly as she reached out for his bloody face.

"Shh… you're not going to cry again, Alicia." He placed his thumb over her lips and brushed over them repeatedly, as if to coax them to stop trembling. "Because I'm going to make you cry out for me the entire night." Came his promise to her.

It was then that Alicia remembered all the things that they had just shared. That was right, they had just become one and…

Her eyes slowly turned wide at the realization that he was… that he was… lord… he was still inside of her!

A non-repentant smirk had curved over his face. His eyes even gleamed wickedly. "There was not enough time for me to pull it out." He said in a teasing husky voice. "I had to lock you in place immediately."

Her face burned red, and her lips parted, not knowing what to say. Then his gaze turned serious.

"How is it? How do you feel right now?" he asked, brushing her hair back from her face and tucking it lovingly behind her ears. She noticed how his gaze was gleaming, as though he was marvelling at the sight of her.

She blinked. That was right… she was supposed to be a vampire now.

"It succeeded…?" she looked down fervently at her hands. Except for her nails that seemed to have gotten somewhat longer, sharper and thicker, she could not see any other differences to her physical traits. But she felt different internally though. Like she was in a new body that she was not quite familiar with. It felt… she could not quite explain. All she was certain was that it was a bit strange and that she felt stronger.

However, it was a different kind of strong. It was just hard for her to put it into words, but she felt as though she could now do anything with just her raw strength right now. It was like she did not even need to use any magic that was at her disposal anymore. It was like her body had become invincible, agile, and limitless.

And it was still hard for her to believe that she was truly a vampire now.

"I feel strong and kind of… lighter?" she added after some thought, and he smiled at her again.

"Do you like it?"

She blinked again and looked at him. "It's not bad. It feels strange and amazing at the same time."

"That's good then. Now you can finally keep up with me." There was a naughty undercurrent that she detected within his voice. It was something that she did not fail to notice.

Then she felt him swell inside her, causing her eyes to widen and her mouth to fall open.

"What's that surprise look, hmm? Alicia?" he teased her.

"Your face. Just that your face… the scratches are healing fast but…"

"Alright," he seemed to immediately understand that she was bothered by the blood over his face, he climbed off the bed without breaking off their connection. He had kept her tucked closely against him. And he certainly did not seem to have any plans to put her down or pull away. It was as if being inside of her was as close to heaven as he could get. And so there was no way he would be willing to pull out of her unless it was utterly necessary.

Alicia could not help but blush harder.

He headed to the back door and walked as she clung onto him, feeling mortified and aroused at the same time in this quite uncivilized position. The friction this position created was just so spine tingling that it caused her toes to curl.

"Ezekiel… I think you should at least uhm, pull out while –"

"But you're gripping it hard, Alicia." His teasing voice floated into her ears, cutting her off.

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Chapter 850 Do you like it?

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Once again, Alicia could only fall speechless, unable to retort to his teasing at all. Good lord, this man… Was he hellbent on wanting to fry her brain into crisp?!

She did not even have the luxury to ponder about her body or question about what had happened the entire time she was transforming, much less to mull over the many other questions that she had. Because he just kept throwing her off with those naughty lines. Was he trying to just make her relax and not worry or get anxious about the fact that she was now a vampire? If that was his plan, he was definitely succeeding!

Then he unceremoniously jumped into the water. No more being extra careful. And she loved that part of him because now he no longer had the need to worry about how frail her body was. No longer did he need to keep restraining himself on her account.

"Put me down, Ezekiel. I'll help you wash your face." She requested but he did not respond to her request nor move to let go of her.

Without warning, he slid down along with her. They both were now fully submerged in the water. And it was then that Alicia realised how strong her vision truly was right now. She could plainly see his face even with the dim lighting that surrounded them. So very clearly in the dark and even under water. Wow! This was amazing!

She reached out and touched his face. The blood was washed away with the streaks of water that flowed down the sides of his face. The wounds were completely gone. He was totally healed! She loved the sight of him underwater. He looked like a male siren… so handsome… so ravishing… that she would even gladly and willingly fall under his spell.

Before she knew it, she had bent over and kissed his mouth.

One of the strange feelings she noticed right now was the much stronger desire and lust that was still burning deep and low in her body.

She felt like she was not quite sated from their earlier joining yet. And that was why she could not retort when he said she was gripping him. Because it was a hundred and one percent true. The moment she realized he was still inside her, the fire was quick to be ignited into a blazing inferno within seconds.

They emerged from the water, still kissing hard. She could feel him swelling even more inside her the longer they kissed, and she ground herself against him as she locked her legs around him. Doing that felt so easy. It did not even feel uncomfortable this time.

"I want to f**k you right here, right now, Alicia." He whispered and she did not even hesitate to nod. "Tell me you want it here."

She bit on her lower lip for a moment before answering. "F**k me here, Ezekiel." She said and he smiled.

"Good girl." His voice went even deeper, huskier.

He moved to a shallower area in the water, and he finally put her down.

When he pulled away, Alicia almost protested at the emptiness that replaced that total fullness. "Turn around, Alicia." He commanded her in a deep voice.

She obeyed.

"Hands on the stone."

She obeyed again.

"Good girl… now spread your legs apart." At this point, she could hear Ezekiel breathing so much more heavily. It turned her on even more if that was possible.

She did, biting her lower lip hard at the indescribable feeling that his command was doing to her. She heard him made that satisfied, sexy growl.

"Lift your beautiful ass for me, babe."

She obeyed again, shutting her eyes. His hand that was roving at her backside was just so teasing. His touches so light and fluttery. She wanted it to move on to her aching parts.

"That's my girl." He breathed and she felt his hot breath fan against her sex. She felt like he had just sniffed her. And her body shivered from all that seductiveness.

"F*ck, Alicia. Can you feel my cum dripping and leaving you?"

"Mn…" She could not believe this was arousing her even more. And she wondered how it would feel if… if she tried commanding him to do things for her too. She had tried kissing his sex like he always did to hers and he had loved it. She had loved it too – much more than she had expected. If she tried commanding him next time, would he feel as aroused as her? Could she drive him to the brink of insanity like what he was doing to her right now if she gave her commands out cleverly? She smiled a little wickedly as she thought about it.

A high-pitched sound echoed as his hand landed on her behind. He… he had spanked her and she… oh lord… it sent a jolt of electricity right through her, causing her insides to shudder ever so deliciously. What… what was that? She did not… she had not expected…

He was against her now, bending over. His lips latching on the side of her neck as his hand was around her throat, lifting her head up a little. "You liked that." He said, sounding so goddamned pleased with himself. "You nearly come, just with that, right? Tell me, Alicia." He whispered in her ears as his hot and hard rod teased her down there.

"Yes… I think I like it." she managed to say between her now uneven breaths.

"Still a bit unsure, huh…?" he pulled away. Another spank followed. Again, on her bottom.

Alicia jerked as she made another high-pitched sound. And her body trembled in pleasure and pain.

He bent over again.

"Do you like it, Alicia?" he asked again. She knew he was trying to make sure she truly liked that stuff he was doing. But she really did. This second spank gave her the answer. She truly did like it.

"Yes, Ezekiel. Yes. I like it!" she panted as she admitted to his question, her eyes now seeing stars.