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Chapter 851 Corrupt her

His hot palms caressed the skin where he had spanked, soothing the burn and then planted an erotic kiss on the area. It was as though he was branding her as his with an invisible mark from his kiss.

And Alicia could not help but melt all over once again. His roughness was heavenly, and his sweetness was just pure bliss. And may the lord bless her heart, but she just loved both sides of it.

When he rubbed the head of his length against her sopping entrance, the bliss was quick to be replaced by the sharp zing of thrill and anticipation. It was so hot against her wetness and the contrast was just so stark that she felt as though the heat continued to burn hotter within her veins.

She heard him made that sexy hum again and she could feel his gaze boring at the place where their sexes were joined. She could not wait for him to fill her up again, to push himself inside her again. Just look at her, she was already dying for him to just ram it in and fill up her insides now.

But what she was waiting for did not come as expected. Instead, he kept circling his tip against her entrance, driving her insane with need. And she could no longer stop herself from looking over her shoulder to… oh lord, beg him.

"Ezekiel…" her voice was pleading.

"Hm? Babe?" He tore his gaze off their sexes and meet her gaze with some difficulty. Whatever he saw reflected in her hazy eyes made him flash a wicked and satisfied smile back at her. Then he nodded a little as though agreeing to something that he was thinking to himself in his mind.

She then bit down on her lip as her face burned. And he slapped her sex with his rod quickly, a couple of times. That had her eyes circling wide as the action sent shivers all the way down to her toes.

"Bite that lip harder and you know what will happen," he said. His grey eyes so damn… it was darker than ever, maybe because of his dilated pupils. But it still looked to be gleaming so brightly in the dim light. It was simply breathtaking… devouring, even. Lord, this Ezekiel before her right now was…

She could not help but swallow hard. Because she was now noticing something so different about him right now. She could no longer spot any tense and restrained muscles or even actions. His aura had also changed ever so drastically. He looked… so free… just free and utterly relaxed.

So… this must be how Ezekiel looks like when he sets himself off from his self-made shackles. And oh dear, she so loved looking at him like this.

"F**k me." she uttered before she knew she had already said that, as she looked at him with so much desire, love and admiration. Her heart was over the moon. The thought that she was the only woman or probably the only person in existence right now who had ever seen this man like this for hundreds of years just made her feel such an indescribable feeling.

He smiled, pleased at her being vocal of her wants, despite her face burning red. She noticed he had started smiling quite often too.

"F**k you with what Alicia?" he asked, teasing her again. "My tongue, fingers or… my cock?"

She almost bit on her lip again. "The last one." She muttered.

He tilted his head slightly to the side then nudged against her. Alicia thought that he would finally slide his length inside her, but he did not. Oh Lord, help her! She was already gritting her teeth with the agitation of having her insides feeling like a void that was hungering for something to fill her. Something large, hot and long.

Reaching out, he gathered her hair in his hand and gripped it not in a painful way as he bent over next to her head. "The words 'the last one' isn't in any of the choices I supplied you with, babe." He whispered. The rumbles of his sexy voice caused pleasurable gooseflesh to dance over her skin.

And she suddenly found herself breathing hard. She thought about a defiant and naughty move to challenge him with, but… it seemed as though her body was more desperate for him in this moment that her mouth voluntarily opened and said "your… cock, Ezekiel."

He took her by surprise and slid inside her as far as he could go.

His eyes squeezed closed for a couple of seconds as he felt her inner walls grip him so damned hard. A growling sound escaped his lips as he cursed. He could not help it. He wanted to slam hard into her right off the bat but… he also wanted to enjoy this for a while longer. He just loved teasing her. He loved seeing her blush as if all the blood had rushed to the surface of her skin. He loved hearing her say those dirty words… he wanted to corrupt her, this goddess of his. But freaking hell… it was so damned hard! He was not sure if he would expire first before getting to do all that he wanted with and to Alicia.

She just felt too goddamned good that she could actually make him come within seconds if he lost his focus even for a while. This woman and her… f**king heavenly…

He stared at their sexes as he slowly pulled out all the way to the tip as he savoured the most erotic view he had ever seen in his life. Then he slowly pushed back into her again, fighting back the urge to go all out. Not yet. Not just yet. He needed to be patient.

But his one and only goddess moved her ass and pressed herself into him, swallowing him in one fast glide that he nearly went off.

He groaned hard and the sound of his palm against her fine ass echoed along with her lovely little shriek. And freaking hell, it seemed as if he had just done a bad move because she suddenly clamped down so violently hard around him. Oh f**k Alicia!
Chapter 852 Too much

This chapter is dedicated to @chinawa!

It took everything within him to not just finish inside her right there and then.

He wound his one hand around her throat and guided her head to lie back against his chest. And his hand that was gripping her hair tightened a little, as he held on to her tighter.

"F**k Alicia. You almost made me… who taught you to wiggle your pretty ass that way, you naughty girl?" he growled out in a hoarse rumbling deep voice against her ear.

She was panting from the orgasm that had just swept over her. And then she actually smiled as she responded and stared at him with her dazed eyes. "It's because you're just so slow, my prince."

He licked his lips in a slow motion. A wicked smile curved on his handsome face.

"Is this you asking me for some punishment, hmmm? Alicia?" his voice became so deep it felt like he was talking to her from deepest part of him. It might as well be the voice of the devil. And yet… she shivered not in fear but in pleasure of what that voice seemed to be promising her.

She reached out and ran her fingers through his hair, as though considering whether or not to receive this punishment from him.

"Maybe…?" she was not sure. But she knew she felt how her body had reacted. And she did not really care. She was just so happy that no matter how many she came now did not seem to be a big deal with this amazing vampire body that she had right now. She could not even help but wonder if this desire she was feeling will ever be sated.

"Fine, I guess I'll just have to find it out for myself, don't I?" He released her and the moment her hands were braced on the stones again, he slammed home. Deep and hard, causing her to gasp and shriek so hard with the sudden impalement of his hard rod.

He drilled into her relentlessly, watching her beautiful bottom jiggle with his every hard thrust. He tightened his grip on her hair as he slammed into her again and again, all the while growling against her nape.

Until she was only able to scream out 'yes' and his name and 'oh lord' so many times over.

And when she was about to reach that wonderful peak again, he intentionally slowed down. The intensity softened in a way that was so maddening to Alicia after all that heavenly roughness he had dished out on her.

His hands were now on her waist, locking her against him, not allowing her to escape from his grasp. She knew he was doing that so she could not do what she had done to him earlier. Lord, this devil is so cruel.

"How is it, Alicia? Do you like it?" he asked. He was not even moving his hips anymore as he bent over and questioned her.

"I don't like this…" she murmured out, breathless and frustrated as hell. Right now she wished that she could punch him right in the stomach.

He moved again, so excruciatingly slow. "You don't?"

"I don't want to take it slow, Ezekiel." She felt like crying in frustration. She was so close! So close to another soul-shattering orgasm that was not like the first one earlier that she got from moving herself against him. Yet he denied it from her. Did he not know how awful this felt?

"You, cruel devil!" she shot him a glare and he chuckled. Then he turned her head back to him and kissed her mouth. "This must be done, babe. Because you were naughty. I'm punishing you, remember? And it seems you are loving it." he chuckled, a little evilly.

"Hell, no! I don't like it! Don't you go putting words in my mouth!!"

The more she got frustrated, the more he seemed to be amused. And she wanted to… wait for your turn Ezekiel. Oh, just you wait… she promised in her heart before narrowing her eyes at him.

He kissed her mouth again and this time it was a sweet one. As if he was soothing her again, as if he was saying sorry and melting away all of her frustrations. This… all these were just maddening.

When their lips parted, Alicia spoke against his lips. "Please… spank me instead."

His eyes darkened. His throat worked.

"Sure, babe. As you wish." His voice darkened too, and it had her heart thudding hard. "Now count."


"Count Alicia." Ezekiel growled and looked at her meaningfully. She saw his raised palm and understood him tacitly.


One hard spank came down, that had her body tingling hard.

"Continue." He ordered.


Another spank resounded.


He was f**king her at the same time he spanked her!

"Continue!" he sounded like he was gritting his teeth as he said that. They both knew they were too close to that massive firework. They did not even care now about how loud they were anymore. That moment, they were the only ones in the entire world.

"'T-two… ack!"

Alicia could not even finish her counting down to 'one' and Zeke had already slapped her ass as he slammed himself into the hilt. The both of them exploded to such an earth-shattering release that it seemed to shatter all the stars in the galaxy. Oh lord… they both could not quite believe it. This pleasure they were drowning in… it was just beyond words for them to describe.

It was almost way too good to be true that a part of them both suddenly felt a little scared. Because this pleasure… this happiness… seemed to be just too much, too good to be true, that it was almost a little scary.

They took such a long while for the two to recover from their high. It was as though they were sent to highest of the heavens, that dropping back down to earth took a crazy long time.

Alicia was now cradled in Ezekiel's arms as he sat on top of a flat stone.

His hands were gently caressing her reddened bottom that was now slowly and quickly returning to its normal paleness due to the quick healing properties of her vampire body.


"Hm?" he pulled away and looked into her eyes.

"I'm… thirsty." she replied as her gaze naturally drifted to his throat.
Chapter 853 Original

Alicia swallowed on her saliva. Her mouth watered just by staring at Ezekiel's throat as an indescribable feeling burst out from within her. Then his scent wafted over and hit her.

She had always been drawn by his masculine and unique scent. She had always loved it. But now, that same scent seemed to have increased in its headiness and now seemingly had an underlying narcotic fragrance that was strong enough to make her feel high by just inhaling it. This was bad… she could feel her whole mouth salivating involuntarily the more she inhaled that addictive aroma.

He slanted his head back and slightly to the side. That one gesture was enough to tell her he was offering himself – his blood. He wanted her to bite him and to feed from him.

And that bewildered her a little. Right. She was already a vampire now. She needed to drink blood to satiate this thirst that was so severe. She thought that it would not be hard to do that. But… biting and drinking Ezekiel's blood was…

Her heartbeat hastened at the thought.

She did not have any idea, but Ezekiel could see her irises turning red. And he could not keep his gaze off hers. He could not count how many times he had imagined Alicia turning into a vampire.

Now that she had truly become one, it seems that his imagination did not do her justice at all. More than he had ever imagined, she had turned into a goddamned alluring siren. The goddess of light had now transformed into a ravishing goddess of the dark. If he were asked to choose, he would not be able to. That was because he loved both versions of her. He knew that her interior did not change at all. She was still the same Alicia. So nothing actually changed but he could not deny that he preferred her like this right now. Because she did not look so damned pure and breakable for his darkened soul to touch.

"Have a taste of me, Alicia." He said in a playful and teasing tone, trying to get her to relax before she could have her first go at drinking blood. He knew she was a bit tensed up right now. Knowing her, she might try to hold her thirst back because she was worried for him again. What a silly girl…

However, he could not deny that he was enjoying all of these immensely. Everything they both did to each other was such a thrill and a bliss at the same time. He loved watching her every expression, her every reaction. Everything she did or say… hell, he just wanted to savour them all. Every nuance of the changes that occurred to her was precious to him. Every single one of them.

Shaking her head, Alicia pressed her palms over his chest. Pushing him away gently. "Don't you have uhm… a bottle of blood that I can drink from in the cabin? You know… like how you do it usually?"

He shook his head.

"How about we go out and hunt instead?" she suggested hopefully.

He brushed the hair off her face as his lips curled up on one side.

"Are you telling me that you prefer to bite on a deer's neck rather than mine?" he lifted his brow as he questioned her, and she coughed.

Somehow, just imagining it made her realize that she might not be able to do that.

"Here's a delicious and sexy neck right here for you, Alicia. No one has ever bitten into it yet…" he suddenly trailed off and Alicia knew why. She had heard about it from Abi before.

"Lies. I heard that Alexander had bitten you before." Alicia scoffed as she called him out on his lie.

It was his turn to clear his throat after his face darkened a little. "That was an unfortunate accident. Honest! And I didn't offer my neck to that little… Anyway, you will be the very first person that I am offering it to. Also, you will be the first woman who will ever taste my blood." He explained.

Her heart warmed as she saw how he was taking the trouble to explain. This was Ezekiel. He never explains anything. But he had made her an exception. And that knowledge made her swallowed her saliva again. Her eyes bore at the pulsing vein in his throat.

"I'm a bit scared." She said, breathless, tearing her eyes off his throat before looking into his eyes helplessly.

"Why? This badass woman of mine is scared to take a bite?" he teased, trying to encourage and bump her confidence in doing so.

She blushed hard at those words.

"Go on Alicia. Don't be afraid." He distracted her immediately, grabbing her hand and running her fingers up and down his throat. "Right here. Just sink your fangs here."

"Fangs…" she echoed. She lifted her hand to her lips in curiosity and wonder, parting to touch to see if her fangs had actually grown in.

When she touched it, her eyes circled wide. Though she knew that her fangs would have come with the whole package as a vampire, she still was shocked when she touched it.

Zeke understood her desire to look at herself. So he moved and with her securely tucked in his arms, they returned to the cabin.

There was a rectangular mirror standing by the wall that was covered with a long coat.

He put her down before it. Both of them were still naked. But neither of them was bothered about their state of undress anymore. Alicia's attention was focused solely on her own face. Her appearance had changed. Her eye colour too. It was back to its original colour. Before she was crowned to be the witch queen. Her eyes were no longer silvery but now a pure and clear hazel. Her hair also seemed to have gone back to its usual dark shade as well.

Somehow, it was a bit strange to see her appearance back to how it originally was. It was nostalgic but a bit… she took a deep breath and internally shook her head. Her time as the queen of witches had long been over. That appearance was the borrowed one and this was her original one.