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Chapter 854 One thing

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"You're beautiful, Alicia." He pulled her attention to him. She stared at him through the mirror. She still did not know what to say.

He smiled. "This was your original appearance when I first saw you. Dark haired, hazel eyes…"

Somehow, his words made her heart warm up and a smile graced her lips. Right. He had actually seen her before she became queen. When he had gone to the cliff side where his mother had asked him to search for.

"Right… I just changed my hair and eye colour." She said and she looked at herself again.

Somehow. What she just mentioned somehow seemed not quite right. Something else did change. She seemed to look a little more mature now that she was a vampire. If her previous appearance looked like a delicate, pristine and innocent fairy-like female, her vampire form seemed to be her bolder, regal and more exquisite version of herself.

She could not stop staring at herself in the mirror. But her thirst came roaring to the forefront of her attention and made her move and turned back to look at him.

Again, he seemed to understand her needs just by her actions.

He then led her to the bed. He sat and made her straddle him.

"It's time for you to bite me, Alicia." He said in what sounded like a loving tone. His fingers were stroking her hair.

"But I'm… I'm still worried."

"For me again."

She nodded. It was not something that she would hide from him.

"I just drunk from you a while ago, Alicia." He reminded her.

"Not just that. What if… what if I get addicted to your blood too? What if I don't… I can't stop myself?" she said with genuine worry.

He blinked. A long silence reigned between them before a chuckle echoed inside the cabin. Hearing his chuckle was just… Alicia could only watch him in a daze. If she could have one more wish to be granted once this bliss was over, she would want to hear his chuckles, watch his happy face before she finally disappears when her time is over.

"Did you know what you just said?" he asked her once his chuckles died down. She knew what he was talking about.

"I don't have any plan to hide it. The moment you touched me, I felt immediately addicted to your touch. When you kissed me, I got addicted to your lips and when you…" she trailed off, knowing he understood her drift.

He was grinning. His eyes gleaming. Oh dear… he looked so happy right now.

"Go on, Alicia. Continue. I want to hear it." he breathed, staring at her with a lazy smile. Though he knew what she would say, he still wanted to hear it. Hearing her express herself for him gave him sheer and absolute joy.

God. She wanted this man to keep being this happy. Forever. She wished that she could make him happy like this and remain happy with him forever and ever. But she knew better than to hope for the impossible.

"When you touched me with your fingers, I got addicted to it too… and now I think I'm addicted to having sex with you too. I heard vampires usually have the highest sex drives among all the other races but… but I didn't think it was to this extent." Her cheeks tinged a little pink after that comment.

His lazy smile widened. "No, Alicia. It's true, but you're right on one point. It's not to this extent. Most vampires are similar to humans and witches. Vampire males just last much longer and vampire female have a higher tolerance to hardcore sex."

Alicia blinked. The words 'hardcore sex' repeated like a gong being sounded in her mind and she blushed hotter.

"So what's happening between us really isn't the norm. This is just… different." His expression turned a bit serious. "The truth is… this is my first time feeling this way. I have an inkling that it must be because of my demonic side and that you're affected by it too. Or maybe… it's simply because we…"

He paused. Their eyes met for what seemed to be a long time.

Then he swallowed silently and kissed her. She saw that as his way to distract her from pondering more about the rest of what he was about to say but stopped halfway. But she did not relent this time.

"Because we… love each other?" she uttered against his lips once he pulled away to breathe.

Ezekiel froze for a moment. She could not see his expression, but she had felt him tensed up as he made a rumbling sound and then came close to kiss her again, burying the sound in her mouth.

"If you can't make yourself bite me right now, there is another way for you to do it before you even realize it." he said when their lips parted. She could tell that he was trying his best to change the topic once again.

He was leaning his forehead against hers and she knew that he was doing that to hide his expression from her.

But Alicia used both her hands and held onto his face and made him look directly at her. She stared into his eyes before saying very seriously and sincerely, "I love you".

She watched as his pupils dilate and he stopped breathing for a couple seconds. He then shut his eyes for a moment and then released a deep breath before he devoured her mouth again in an indescribable kiss. Their meeting of the lips this time was not just any kiss. She felt like he was making the biggest decision in his entire existence as he kissed her.

When he released her. They were both breathless.

Ezekiel had decided to do this one thing he had never done before since the day he was betrayed by his own father, seven hundred years ago.

"Listen Alicia. I have… something to tell you. I am going to reveal all of my plans to you. All my plans… until the end."
Chapter 855 Other way

Alicia felt her heartbeat thudding harder in her chest after she heard what he said.

She just fell silent, staring at him with so many different emotions flickering in her eyes. This should make her react positively. In fact, this should be enough to make her heart jump in joy or melt into a complete puddle because… because Ezekiel has never revealed his plans to anyone. Never! Not even once nor to his closest partners. He had always had the policy of only revealing everything once he had reached his goal. The fact that he was even willing to tell her about his plan spoke a whole lot. He was opening up and trusting her completely now.

And yet, a part of her felt some kind of fear instead. Fear that she would not like hearing whatever this plan of his was. No. 'Like' was an understatement. She felt as though she would not be able to accept it.

But she quickly talked herself out of her fear, reminding herself to calm down as Ezekiel was a master planner who always had the best plans laid out. Telling herself that this must be about him, leaving. She should not be feeling scared of that right? Because she already knew that will come. She had already told him that she did not want him to sacrifice anything up for her. So she had already accepted that he would still be leaving after all these, and that was why she had asked him to let her love him even for two days.

Right, there was supposed to be nothing that could scare her anymore…

"Alicia... I'm… I'm going to…" he trailed off when he saw her shaking her head.

"Shh… Ezekiel." Her forefinger pressed lightly on his lips. Then she kissed him softly before hugging him tight as she whispered in his ears. "Don't say it. You don't need to. I will always trust you, Ezekiel. And whatever your plan is… I will not go against it. I will support you a hundred percent regardless. I promise. So please believe me when I say you don't need to tell me anything about it."

There were still seven days left for them. And that was still quite some time for everyone to make a move.

Apart from her own feelings about this, Alicia thought that it was a bad idea for him to tell her everything. She was afraid that if he exposed all of his plans to her, one way or another, someone might find out about it. That was much scarier to her.

If something happens and his plans get ruined, she would not be able to forgive herself for being the cause of it failing. Ezekiel had… he had already waited and planned for seven hundred years for this. And she refused to risk anything.

"And you never know if someone is actually listening. Or if someone catches us again and they have a witch with them that could either pull out memories or read my mind. I am a vampire now, remember? And not to mention that there is also the vampire prophetess. So don't do it, Ezekiel. Please…?" She continued shaking her head slowly as she cupped his face and smiled at him. "Don't say it. Don't worry, whatever you do, I will always understand where you are coming from. You know that right?"

He slowly shut his eyes, revelling in the comfort that her palms gave him. The slightly cool and smooth skin rubbed gently over his cheeks as she caressed him, giving him that much needed reassurance that he did not know he wanted… no, needed from her.

"Also…" she continued, staring at him with glitters in her hazel eyes. It was a sight that Ezekiel could not get enough of, looking at her staring back at him. "I am saying out how I felt for you not because I am trying to gauge for a verbal response from you. I just… I just wanted to say it out aloud for once at least. I just want to let you hear it with your own ears. I wanted you to know for sure that I love you. So… I hope that it is okay with you if I say that again for many times more from here on out, as long as we still are together." Alicia told him all these sweetly.

He ended up pulling her into a tight embrace after listening to her speak. She could hear his heartbeat beating ever so loud as her ears rested on his firm chest. Lying there in his arms that were surrounding her, she could feel his intense emotions as they rise and dip, as he made a rumbling sound all the while uttering nothing else but her name like a prayer.

"Is that a yes? Can I assume it is since there was no denial??" she said after a while. "Are you allowing me to express my love for you whenever I want, hmm, Ezekiel?"

"Yes. Tell those words to me however and whenever you want to, Alicia." Ezekiel verbally gave his assent with and an indulgent smile lingering on his lips.

She smiled and tightened her embrace around him. "Thank you." And she kissed his throat as she said that. However, that move was perhaps a bad idea at that time.

Because his delicious scent suddenly assaulted her nose. Now she could not help but inhale his wondrous scent, causing her mouth to water in anticipation.

She licked his throat as a wild hunger for his blood took over her. "What was that other way you were telling me about again?" she asked remembering what he had said a while ago.

"Through more sex." He answered her seriously. "I'll just need to make you to use more of that excess energy that is in your reserves and that will cause your thirst to escalate to the point that you can't take it anymore and would just bite me while we're in the middle of doing it. You won't even realize you have done it until you begin to feel sated." Came Ezekiel's calm and rational sounding explanation.