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Chapter 856 Watch me

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"Oh…" Was all Alicia could respond to Ezekiel's explanations. Then she suddenly pushed him to lie back on the bed.

There was a mischievous smile that was dancing on her face as she stared down at him. Raking him with her hungry eyes, she allowed her smile to turn seductive and enchant him. Dear oh dear… she had never pegged herself as one of those naughty kinds of women. But she did not dislike that she had somehow ended up being like this. Because with how she was right now, she felt more compatible with him. And she was beyond happy about that. If she was still stuck with her previous personality, she might not be able to keep up with Ezekiel as much as she could right now!

And now, the thought that she could please him this much had her adrenaline kicking into high gear. She did not want them to talk anymore about those serious and heavy matters anymore. Not tonight. She just wanted to make love with him, please him, hold him, love him, and feel him inside of her.

"I want to be on the top… this time." She told him in a hoarse voice, hovering over him, as she panted.

She did not know that her pair of beautiful scarlet red eyes were gleaming so seductively that Zeke had to hold himself back in order to not just grab her and impale her roughly onto his already hard rod.

He was distracted a moment ago. When she told him those words, he felt his entire being shook. He was still not used hearing that word. Yet hearing it coming from Alicia's mouth was…

It was all beyond words to explain. He felt like those words could make his heart stop and kill him right there and then. And yet… he still wanted to hear it from her mouth again. Over and over.

She was right. His decision a while ago was a bad move. Telling her everything would have put all his best laid plans and even the both of them, especially her into much risk. And yet he had decided to do it. As if he had gone completely mad.

He had decided to tell her of his plans because he wanted to show her how much she meant to him now. He wanted her to know that he trusted her fully and without doubts. He was determined to do all that despite his mind telling him that it was stupid.

So when she had stopped him, he had felt so relieved and yet at the same time, he found himself not being that surprised at all with the outcome. It was as if he had known this woman would not allow him to make that one bad decision.

And that was just simply beyond anything else to him.

This woman… just looking at her right now… he felt like he was staring at his very own salvation and damnation.

She was his redeemer and scourge all bound up in one beautiful package.

"Are you sure, babe?" he asked in hoarse voice, holding her gaze. "Are you sure you can handle being on top already?"

She tipped her chin, challenging him wordlessly.

"Watch me, love. Watch me blow your brains out." She replied confidently and then lifted herself with her knees.

He thought about offering her some help, but he remembered that no one had even done this to him before. Never. He had never allowed anyone to be on top of him, much less even straddle him like what she just did a while ago, in his entire life.

So this was… damned new to him. And because of that, he actually did not have any good nor useful advice for her.

His heartbeat began to pick up its pace. He knew this was because of the thrill of doing something totally new. And of course, because it was Alicia who was going to do it. F**k. He could not believe how extreme the feeling of her being on top will evoke from him.

When she reached out to take his rock hard member in her small hand, his jaws clenched in anticipation and also gratification at how even her touch was enough to evoke such pleasurable chills to run through his whole body.

He propped himself up with his elbows when she moved her other hand to his chest and pushed him back down onto the bed.

"Stay still, Ezekiel. I'll do this on my own this time." She told him, causing him to swallow. "You just need to lie back and enjoy the ride… literally." She ended chuckling at her own play on words.

"You sure you don't need some help? Any help?"

"Don't worry. I've accidentally seen someone doing this before."

He raised a brow at her confession.

"Only for a few moments, though. But I got the gist of it with just that few moments…" She blushed a little and cleared her throat right after she said those words as she just realized what she was saying. But she did not look that much ashamed of what she said. She was getting bolder and bolder by the minute, and he was loving it immensely.

When she lowered herself on him and their sexes kissed, she met his gaze. The fire in their eyes burned hotter, wilder, and then she slowly slid herself down, impaling herself on his iron-hard length.

"Need… help?" he managed to ask again, groaning out in the process. Her incredibly slow pace and seemingly endless slide down was driving him almost crazy.

She only shook her head wordlessly, but he saw the hesitation in that one movement. So he reached out and placed his hands on her hips, caressing her in a soothing circles. He wanted her to relax because he could feel that she was unsure of things as though hesitant if she was doing it right or not.

"Alicia," he whispered her name tenderly, and when she returned her gaze to him, he added, "this is my first time doing it in this position too. No one has ever ridden on top of me but you. So don't hesitate and worry whether you are doing it right or not. Just go ahead and - "

His breath caught as he was suddenly swallowed to the brim in one wicked slide.
Chapter 857 Ever

Zeke could not believe he had nearly came undone with just that one move from Alicia. Hell! She literally took his breath away in one move! This delicious woman of his was just… f**k! She was just beyond anything he had ever known. Ever tasted. Ever… everything. She seemed to be bringing a lot of 'firsts' in their time together.

He cursed under his breath, fisting his hands in the bedsheets hard. It was taking him all of his willpower not to just grab at her, pin her on the bed and slam deep inside her over and over until she was screaming out his name to the heavens.

"Ugh! Can you not… make it go any bigger than… you already are?" she said between her heavy pants. She was shaking a little as she rested her hands on his hard abdomen, supporting herself from flopping over on him.

He smirked. A million stars seemed to be twinkling and shining intensely in his eyes that were now both seem to be fully back to that colour of molten grey iron. "There's no one else to blame but yourself, Alicia. You are just too delicious that my cock can't help reacting in this way."

She blushed at his dirty talk, and he just revelled from the pleasure of it. It was simply inexplicable how every little reaction from her seemed enough to rock his world. He had wondered previously if he was one of those guys who would not be that much affected even in the face of his special one. With how he was behaving around Alicia now, he guessed he had his answer now. And that just caused him to chuckle to himself.

Right now… he felt like he had never been more alive. Her appearance in his life made him feel like he had never truly lived for those past hundreds of years. He had tried to deny that thought at first but now even the antagonistic part of his mind had surrendered in trying to reason with him about it.

She had conquered him fully and irrevocably. And it was not just his heart alone, but his mind and his body as well… Hell, his entire being was being claimed and owned by this amazing woman called Alicia.

"I didn't… I never would have thought you talk really… dirty in bed, Ezekiel." She breathed out as she just stayed there, as if taking her time to get herself more accustomed to his size first. He truly was so thick that she felt him stretching her to almost more than she could bear. However, it was a delightful mix of slight pain and pleasure that had her craving for more.

"I was never a gentleman in bed, babe. I never use flowery and poetic words in bed or outside the bed even back in those conservative eras." He replied. "Do you prefer poetic words instead?"

She shook her head almost frantically, causing him to smile with satisfaction.

"No. I don't need things like poems or anything like that… I just need you to be you. And I think… I like this not so gentleman dirty talker Ezekiel better compared to the prim and proper, ever so silent and stoic Ezekiel." She could not help but take a jab at him while laughing lightly at the slightly affronted look that crossed his face.

A low rumble escaped from his throat before he too laughed at her teasing. Then he reached out and caressed her face. "I never smiled or laughed in bed too… in fact, I never thought it was even possible for me to laugh and smile genuinely while doing the deed. Now look at what you did to me, Alicia." He was still smiling as he said that last line.

He felt her inner muscles tightening around his length and his jaws clenched at the exquisite sensations that action evoked deep within him. "F**k. Stop tightening like that, babe. You have not even start moving yet. You're gonna kill me!"

"There's no one else to blame but yourself, Ezekiel." She copied his exact words and threw it back to him with much relish, laughing animatedly after saying that. "You are just too… too good and too much that my pu…" she broke off before biting down on her lower lip subconsciously. Her face reddened so hard. "… can't help it." she finished in a soft voice.

The sound of his palm slapping her ass echoed along with her sharp yelp. She shivered hard and her insides clenched him even harder that they just groaned out for a few moments. Both were caught up in the pleasurable shivers that were running through them that they were out of it for some time.

"What… what did you just say, Alicia?" Ezekiel asked after he had calmed down somewhat as his palm caressed the part he had just spanked. "Tell me again, babe… and don't swallow the word." He reached out and parted her lips with his thumb. "I want to hear the word loud and clear, Alicia."

She licked his thumb. "What would be my… reward if… if I say it? I should be getting a reward, shouldn't I? Since I'll be following your requests obediently." Alicia fished for more.

"What kind of reward does my naughty woman want, hmm?"

"I want to… do bad things to you too… later… when my thirst is quenched."

His eyes slightly widened. Then a glimmer of an intense thrill flashed across them.

"Bad things…? You mind telling me what those bad things are that you're talking about?" it was Ezekiel's turn to be fishing this time.

"Like… me… ordering you to do things for me? I don't know yet… but… I'll figure it out later. How about that?" she wanted to agree on their deal first.

"Hmm… that's a tricky request, Alicia." He flashed her a devilish smirk. "How about I answer this once you tell me what exactly those bad things are that you want to inflict onto me?" Ezekiel was not going to make a losing deal.

"You sly devil, you." She pouted and he just chuckled again, when she suddenly moved her hips. She grinded it hard against him that his chuckle quickly turned into a deep groan at her teasing.
Chapter 858 Nicely

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"Ah, f**k. This impossibly tight pussy of yours…!!" Zeke uttered between his laboured breathing. And again, it did not escape his notice on how she had immediately reacted to the dirty words that he had used. It seemed as though that she liked it. She was aroused by it. And that, he could tell from her physical responses where her inner walls clenched down so hard on him.

It was true that he never used flowery words, but she did not know that he was using those dirty words in a completely different way before. Before her, he had always said those words without much feeling… he would not even notice if it made any difference if he said it. They were just… meaningless terms to him.

But with her, everything that used to be mundane and plain before, had now all become something extremely special and meaningful… f**k!

He groaned once again, shutting his eyes for a second, when she finally started pushing herself up from his shaft. He fixed his burning gaze on her. Watching like a hawk as her sex released him inch by inch. He could clearly see every single bit of the trail that her wetness left all around him and hell! He ached damned hard for more of it that his grip on the sheets tightened so much till it might actually be ripped to shreds in his hands soon. She was truly driving him to the brink of insanity! But never had he felt better than he did now in his entire long life!

When his tip almost slipped out of her heat, she stilled her movements and then meet his gaze for a split second before sliding back down his shaft in slow motion. This little goddess… this temptress! This must be her style of revenge, was it not? She must be deliberately doing it on purpose. Damn it! Whatever it was she was doing or planning, it was working! Ezekiel was literally hanging on and holding back by the skin on his teeth.

Once she slammed herself down and pushed him in so deep into her that she was completely grinding against his navel, he hissed once again. It was not even a minute yet and the mix of pleasure and torture were already becoming too much for him to bear. He was so not used to this. He had never experienced anything like this. Not even close.

"Alicia…" he groaned out her name, his voice begging slightly. His body was now dripping with sweat.

Alicia responded with another slow slide up and then an even slower motion, as she moved her hips to glide herself down again. This pattern continued a couple more times as Ezekiel groaned and moaned with her movements. It seemed that it was all that he could do at the moment.

A louder and more guttural moan left his mouth.

She could even see him gritting his teeth. He looked like he was tied up on a torture rack. A godly, ravishing creature trapped on a torture rack, that is.

Alicia could not take her eyes off his mesmerising form that kept undulating in response to her own movements. The image of Ezekiel looking so horny and helpless as he was under her mercy… oh dear, oh goddamned dear… she wanted to burn this picture into her mind permanently and keep it as a precious remembrance forever. She would never forget this.

And her devilish side wondered how long will he last in this state? Now she understood why he seemed to love it and enjoy it immensely when he was the one doing this to her. She wanted to… watch him come… like this… or him… to beg her to go faster…

But goodness… she was so crazy aroused that her insides and her entire body was screaming at her to go on and eat him whole. And before long, she too, could not seem to last any longer. The torture was getting to her as well. It was just impossible to resist him even if she wanted to. The more she tortured and egged him on, the harder he became, and he also seemed to swell a little more, causing her to be tortured in return. And oh, what sweet torture it was having him spreading her wider and that delicious friction that was building between them!

Oh dear, oh dear! She needed to last a little bit more and prolong this torture just a while longer. He had not even reached to the point of begging her yet. Though his eyes were screaming it, no actual words came out from his mouth yet, aside from her name alone. Could she even last a little longer until he at least says the word 'please'?

She held on for dear life. She did not want to lose to him on this.

She was visibly shaking as she pushed herself up on her knees again, fighting that flame in her belly that could detonate the fireworks at any moment now. Goodness… Ezekiel… just say it…! She begged him silently.

"What… do you… want… me to do?" she panted out in a broken sentence, finally asking, knowing that she could not last much longer.

"Move those hips faster already, Alicia!" he hissed, his own control almost breaking.

"Ask me nicely, babe." She copied the endearment he had been using on her. She had liked it when he called her that and now that she used it herself, it sounded even better rolling off her tongue than she had thought.

To her delight, that seemed to have done something to him because she felt him twitching inside her. Though the movement was slight, but with how big he had gotten and how stuffed she was, even a small movement could clearly be felt.

But just when she thought that he was finally going to give in and say 'please', he growled low and reached out for her hips.

A gasp escaped her lips as he dragged her down and impaled her onto him, his hips arching up as he met hers midway.

She cried out loud and long at that one savage thrust. "W-wait… god… E… zekiel…"


Chapter 859 Yes

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"Sorry, babe…" he panted as he moved his hands, cupping the cheeks of her butt and lifting her up as though she weighed nothing. "Sorry, Alicia but I'm at my limit…no… way past my limit. I lost…" he looked at her with surrender flashing in his eyes. "You got me, babe. I… I lost."

And he then arched his hips up again in one hard thrust, reaching inside her so deeply over and over again she could not even say a single coherent word anymore. "F**k Alicia! I'm afraid… you had just created one hell of a monster in bed!"

Alicia did her best to not to shut her eyes. She kept her gaze firmly fixed on him as she gasped and moaned and scratched on his abs with his every delicious and maddening savage thrust into her core. Oh goodness, he was right! Right now, he was being really such a beast in bed. He was growling, his eyes gleaming red, so feral, so like an animal in heat.

If she had not been turned into a vampire right already, she was certain she would most probably have been begging him to slow down or even stop by now. This intensity was not something her former weakened body could keep up with. No… she was quite sure she would have passed out immediately before even getting close to this intensity that they were going at.

But she was a vampire now and she felt like her body was created to handle such explosive and harsh pleasure, such savagery even in lovemaking. Every time the head of his sex kissed her deepest part, stars burst in her eyes.

"Tell me, Alicia. Tell me that this is not too much for you right now." he asked, his sentence broken due to all the heavy panting.

That was when Alicia started to respond with her body. She began to rock herself actively against him, keeping up with his intense pounding. Until he was moaning out a sexy "Oh yes, that's it, babe. Ride me hard. Just like that, Alicia!"

She bounced and jumped on him. Her breasts erotically moving up and down to the movements of her rocking. Until she bent and pressed her chest as hard as she could against his, running her mouth now towards his delicious neck.

Her hips did not stop moving at all. She greedily took him in, and he ardently gave himself up to her.

Then he gripped her so tightly against him. He moved his hips up and picked up his pace. And in no time at all, the room was filled with a scandalous wet slapping sound and Alicia held onto him like she was hanging on for dear life. Too much… she could not take it any longer…

And she bit down on him. Hard. Sinking her now elongated fangs into the flesh of his neck as she violently trembled on top of him. No. Not just her. He was shaking too. The both of them. Perhaps, even the bed trembled along with their shakings.

The heavenly feeling took over them far longer than the last time, it was just too insane.

Then she started to realize the divine taste that was flooding into her mouth and down her throat. The liquid she was gulping eagerly slid down her throat smoothly and it tasted simply indescribable. She did not know how to even describe it. She was at a loss for words. The only thing she knew was that she just could not get enough of it. This was ambrosia!

"That's enough, babe. I don't mind you sucking me dry down there but I can't let you suck my blood dry too." He whispered playfully in her ears and somehow, that gentle and humorous reminder was enough to stop her.

She pulled away and looked down at him.

Both their eyes were still dazed from their recent coupling.

"You taste… so… so good…" she said, licking the corner of her lips, cleaning up the redness that was left over from her feeding earlier.

"Not as good as you do, Alicia." he retorted lazily, brushing her stray hair and tucking them behind her ears.

"No. I'm serious. I can't even…" she could not finish her sentence before Ezekiel rolled over, bringing her along with him and changing their positions. Now she was being pressed into the bed.

"Are you sated now?" he asked as he hovered over her. A mischievous smile flashed across his face.

"I think… not yet." Alicia grinned back as she stuck her tongue out slightly.

"Good." He smiled, before suddenly pulling her legs up from her ankles and placing them on his shoulders. "Because the night is still long."

"H-huh? Wa- wait –"

He was then suddenly inside her, big and hard and filling her up once again. Oh, my goodness!

"I am not… I was not talking about sex, you little… you devil! I was referring to your blood!" Alicia shouted out a little.

Her words made him halt midway in his downward thrust. But then a damn wicked smile flashed in his eyes.

"So… you're saying you want my blood more than my cum now?" he asked, causing her to swallow hard at those words.

She wanted both. It was impossible to choose between the two, right?

"Yes." She answered, wanting to test how he would react to her answer.

He ran his lip over his teeth then half-bite down on his lower lip. That moment, Alicia felt a chill run down her spine. Oh my. Perhaps she should not have said that?

"I will punish you for that, Alicia." He said, smiling at her oh-so-wickedly. "I'll make you regret your choice and make you eat your words..." though he was smiling, Alicia could clearly hear the thrilling threat in that voice.

Then he pulled out from her in one sudden move and left the bed. Leaving her wondering and looking at him with wide eyes full of anticipation and question as well.

He knelt on the floor and pulled something from inside of it. A box. He took something from it.

Alicia watched, her heartbeat beating fast. She could see that whatever it was, it was brand new as it was still sealed. He ripped the plastic apart with his teeth and what came out was a… oh my… it was a shackle… or was that a… handcuff?!

Chapter 860 Good girl

Alicia watched him holding two things in his hands. A handcuff and a sleeping eye mask.

The smile on his face was gone now and what replaced it was an authoritative, domineering look that somehow surprisingly made him exude another kind of savagely dangerous sexiness as he stood there completely naked and heavily aroused as he watched her like she was a delicacy he was about to feast on for the rest of the night.

The light from the single candle that was glowing softly only heightened the sensuality in the small cabin. And yes… Ezekiel in candlelight looked like the god of darkness and she, the pagan sacrifice that was offered up for him.

When he moved, the sound of the handcuff's metal chains clanged together as it echoed while he moved.

Her gaze was fixed on the cuffs.

"Are you scared?" he asked her quietly.

"No." she was quick to shake her head and deny it. "I was just curious to know if those handcuffs could even restrain a vampire."

His expression changed in an instant and he smiled. "No babe. This isn't a normal handcuff that you usually see. This is custom made for vampires after all."

"Oh…" was all Alicia could say.

"Any more questions?"

"I'm surprised that you have these things with you even in a remote cabin of yours in the middle of nowhere." Alicia asked a little suspiciously.

He dropped his gaze to her breasts and replied. "The vampire who was in charge of all my homes already knew about my preference since he'd been dealing with most of these matters for about three hundred years now. So he simply prepared all of these things without needing me to inform him of anything." He ended his explanation with a shrug.

"Did he… always replaces them with new ones after you…" Alicia trailed off as she bit down on her lower lip as her habit.

"I've been here a few times before since I sometimes just wanted to be alone. This is a place I somehow choose to go to just to spend the night for no reason at all. I have never brought anyone here with me before. You're the first one."

She bit on her lower lip again and he knew she did that to hide her smile.

"More questions to come?" he asked again but this time he had skimmed the cold chains connecting the handcuffs over her stomach, teasing her. The sensation of the cold metal aroused gooseflesh to cover her skin. She forgot whatever it was that she had wanted to question him and just watched him as the cold metal touched the tips of her breast.

Her heartbeat started to race uncontrollably that it sounded so loud in her ears. And the way she stared at the chain made the corner of his lips lift subtly. "I'll take your silence a 'no more' then." He uttered, fully expecting that she would react this way when he used the handcuff chain to tease her.

Then his tone changed, and order came out from his lips. "Shut your eyes, Alicia. And no peeking."

Alicia was forced to tear her eyes from the chains and lifted it to meet his gaze. She just stared at him for a while but eventually she obeyed without words.

It always made his heart smile in delight at her overt obedience to whatever commands or requests he made of her. In bed, that is. Alicia love to banter and retort to his words ever since the day they first talked to each other. She had not given him instant obedience during those times.

So it never ceased to amaze him that she was actually this obedient in bed. He loved the huge contrast of her personality when she was in a battlefield and in bed.

"Good girl." He uttered breathlessly.

Alicia let out a soft sigh. Her body somehow relaxing even as she waited impatiently for what he was about to do. The thrill of it all was really making her feel so giddy and excited. She was excited to know what kind of pleasure this man would be introducing to her this time.

When she felt him move, her heartbeat pick up the pace again.

"Don't do anything unless I say so, okay, Alicia?" his sensual and husky voice echoed. "Just hold back and keep still."


"Good girl. That's the only rule I will give to you for now. If you break it…" he trailed off for a few seconds before he continued with a serious promise in his voice. "… I will make you regret it. Understood Alicia?"

Oh dear… she could not help but swallow. He sounded so serious. And she knew that he was. From the tone of his voice, he was not joking.

"Understood, Ezekiel." Alicia nodded cooperatively.

"That's my woman." He sounded so pleased as he praised her, his hand coming up to stroke her head a few times fondly.

Then suddenly, she felt him move. Her brows knotted and she squeezed her eyes shut to ensure that she did not accidentally open her eyes and see what he was doing.

She felt like he was kneeling over her. Like she was trapped between his legs now because she felt the bed dipping down on both sides and his… she felt what seemed to be his balls brushing against her abdomen. She could feel her cheeks flush a little hotly at the realisation.

When she felt his forefinger on her chin, she parted her lips, wanting him to put a finger in her mouth like he always like to do.

"Lift your hands, Alicia." He ordered.

Her desire to make this whole process proceed on as fast as it could so she can finally experience the main course made her only obey him immediately.

"Above your head, babe. Yes. That is a good girl." Came Ezekiel's praise.

She heard the sounds of the chains clanging so loud in her ears and then within just a few moments, she felt the handcuff being clapped on both her wrists.