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Chapter 861 At long last

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Now securely bound and blindfolded on the bed, Alicia felt as though everything seemed to be heightened. Her sense of hearing and touch seemed to be extremely sensitive.

The feel of his fingers that had just trailed lightly over her throat, then her collarbones as he passed through the valley of her breast in a feathery and slow motion suddenly felt so… so extremely ticklish that it was almost unbearable. He was just touching her skin in a teasing way and yet… and yet it was already making her feel as though she was so aroused. Oh dear… was this the effect of the restraints and the fact that she could not see anything but could just feel and hear?

Before long, she found herself already begging for release.

"Ezekiel… enough teasing… touch me more please…" Alicia pleaded. But it was as though she was talking to the wall.

He did not respond to her pleas. He continued touching her so lazily, everywhere but purposely avoided her aching places. It was as if he was planning to do just that until morning. Oh, this cruel devil! Was he trying to kill her from not being able to come?!

"Ezekiel. Please…" she began to subconsciously tug on her restraints, wanting to reach out to him and hold him or push him down on the bed again to take him herself.

But lord! The handcuffs were not letting her. They were not giving despite the pressure that she was putting on it. Oh dear… did she just dug her own grave by allowing him to bind her? Remembering the torture she felt outside when he had taken her in the spring made her feel like she had made a bad decision. But… but then… she also felt something like a dark pleasure blooming within her as she held onto the chains that was binding her to the bed, realizing that she was literally in his mercy right now.

"So impatient." He breathed. And after a few more times of her begging, he finally levelled up his game and used his mouth on her this time. He began to lick her, as his hot tongue trailed pathways of fire all over her skin, starting from her nape going downwards, kissing everywhere but her breast, her mouth and her sex.

He did that for such a long time that she felt so dazed from the unfulfilled tension. Until he finally had literally kissed her everywhere, even her toes except… except those three places that were now screaming for attention.

"Oh lord… please… Ezekiel… I can't take it anymore. Please… here… please…" she was shamelessly lifting her hips towards him now, begging him to pay attention to her now starving and weeping sex. She knew she was so very wet now. If he had not had her bound up, she would have touched herself a long time ago!

"F**k, babe. You look so hot doing that." There was a pleasurable chuckle in his tone, and she was supposed to be as mortified as hell with that! However, she was just so desperate for release that she could not be bothered about that anymore.

"Then please stop torturing me already, Ezekiel! Please, love…" she even used that endearment again, knowing that he would blow up and lose control whenever she does that. And true enough, she felt him stiffen and her heart danced a triumphant jiggle.

But instead of finally giving in to her demands and paying attention to her throbbing and hungry sex, he bent over and kissed her mouth instead.

He stabbed his tongue into her mouth and kissed her hungrily yet still not as beastly as the other kisses they had shared previously. Not enough! He was not yet losing control like the way he did before!

When their lips parted, he used his tongue to mark a trail downwards and finally, he paid attention to her aching breasts that were so heavy and full. He still did that in a slow motion. Still so unlike the unrestrained Ezekiel she had sex with earlier. This was just so different. He felt like he was in full control of his desires, and it was driving her insane.

"Oh lord, help me…" she cried out helplessly when he pinched her nipples and twisted it slightly. The mix of pleasure and pain sent her spiralling into another fit of shivers as the words in her mind blurred again.

She gasped out loudly at his actions. The combined pain and pleasure of that had her writhing feebly on the bed as she cried out his name, begging him to stop the endless torture and grant her the sweet relief she was thirsting for.

"That's right. Cry out for me… not for the lord, Alicia." He said and she had the urge to defy him just to have him do something bad again. But… another part of her did not want to. It was as though she knew that if she dared to defy him, he would only prolong her torture even more! She could not forget the tone in his voice when he had warned her, saying that he would make her regret it if…

She bit on her lower lips to hold back her voice from coming out. But she could not take any more of this unbearable torture!

"Good girl…" he praised her again as if he knew full well on the internal battles that she was trying so hard to fight. Then as if to reward her patience, he feasted on her breast harder. He suckled and bit on them slightly between his teeth. Yet, it still was not enough for Alicia. He knew when to stop just so he could stall her from reaching that height she was aiming for.

Oh my freaking lord… how long has it been? She felt like it has already been an eternity!

"Ezekiel… I don't think I can take this anymore…" she cried and begged. Her mind was so muddled that she just straight up begged him to stop his torture, not using any savvy words to banter with him. "How long are you going to torture me? I don't like this…" two tear tracks down her cheeks.

He kissed her lips gently. It was not the kiss she wanted at this moment though. "I know, babe… but I promise you, you'll thank me later Alicia…"

"I'm –" she was about to protest but he was suddenly between her legs, spreading her thighs wide open, and finally bending over to kiss her folds.

And soon, she had forgotten about everything else as she whimpered and moan and moved her hips against his wonderfully wicked mouth. The monstrous need that was killing her now felt like something she needed to conquer immediately at that moment, or else she would really die.

But as she shamelessly and violently moved her hips to rub herself against his mouth, he stopped her with his immense strength. His hands locked around her thighs and pinned them down to keep her still. She cried out for real this time.

"No!!!" Alicia wailed heartbrokenly.

"Tell me, Alicia…" he asked. "Which do you want more? My blood or… my cock?"

"…!!!" This evil man! He was getting back at her for her earlier comment!!

Oh dear lord almighty… it is that damned question! That must be the very reason why she had ended up being punished like this! Because she dared to lie to test and see his reaction! It was due to that that she was now here like this, a whimpering and begging hot mess, but still, one who was dying for him to fill her up. She was just that desperate for him!

He really did a great job of making her regret her choice! Oh damn her feeble self-restraint to hell… she would rather be spanked so many times over than being chained and pinned down in place and under his complete mercy for what seemed like years!

"So… What do you want right now, Alicia? Hmm…?? My blood or my cum?" He repeated that loaded question to her, smirking evilly.

"Your… your cum. I want you cum more, Ezekiel…" she finally answered, giving into his unspoken demands. She knew what he wanted to hear. And to be honest, it was also her truthful answer in fact. He had driven her to the point where anything he asked, anything he want, she would give him, she would tell him… everything. Barring nothing!

And he flicked that hard peak of her sex, causing her breath to snag sharply. Oh lordy!

"Really?" He asked again as he repeated his earlier action. Alicia squirmed impatiently as the pleasure that was already bordering on pain – due to her being teased for so long – was causing chaos in her nerve endings.

"Yes! Yes! Please give it to me now!" she begged pitifully, the sounds of the chains clashing against the metal headboard echoing along with her laboured pants and whimpers and cries.

"Where, babe? Where do you want it?" Ezekiel still was not letting her off easily. He wanted to squeeze every ounce of her response dry.

"Inside…" Alicia muttered a little incoherently. She truly was not able to think straight anymore. She was just answering by instinct.

"Inside where? Inside your pussy?" Ezekiel prompted her, talking dirty to her, knowing that she would be even more aroused at it.

"Yes. Yes! Please." Alicia almost screamed out her answer. There was a satisfied and evil grin that flashed across Ezekiel's face. But it came and went away so quickly.

"Say it, Alicia. I want you to say it. Spell it out clearly that there will be no way that I can misunderstand it." He was already pressing the bulbous head of his sex into her throbbing and drenched entrance now, while still pressing down firmly on her hips, never allowing her to move it even for a fraction of an inch.

"Yes, yes! Inside… inside my… pussy, Ezekiel." Alicia was almost delirious that she had thrown away all her inhibition and uttered the word 'pussy' without even blushing. Ezekiel's eyes shone with satisfaction as he saw how she was totally under his mercy and was trying to arch her hips into his with abandon. A smile curled at one corner of his lips, and he nodded lightly, happy that she was where he wanted her to be.

And at long last he finally took her.

Chapter 862 All mine

This chapter is dedicated to @edi_o! Thank you so much for the supergift!

Reaching out, Ezekiel yanked her sleeping eye mask and threw it away. And the moment she opened her eyes and meet his burning gaze, the monster in him was also let loose. It was as if the key for his self-control to be set on fire was her eyes holding onto his.

He grabbed her ankles, rested them over both sides of his shoulders and bent over her, almost folding her in half. Then he bounced himself on top of her, slamming so damned deep inside of her, invading her depths like a depraved beast. Alicia could do nothing else but cry and scream her lungs out at the pure wicked pleasure he was literally forcing onto her.

Her grasp on the chains was so tight, so goddamned hard that her knuckles had turned so white.

"F**k Alicia!!!" his moans turned guttural, so unlike his normal tone of voice. "Yes, like that! Scream for me… cry for me!" His voice was breaking as he spoke, and she could not even understand him anymore. Her mind had long since been turned to mush by his ferocious pounding. The intense and pleasurable friction between their sexes were just keeping her so much in a daze that she did not even know if she could string a sensible thought together.

Everything was burning, feverish… she felt her blood boiling and rushing through her vessels as he dove down deeper, harder, and pushing her legs down with him that they started to press against her own body. She was almost folded half into a sandwich!

And then she felt him thicken within her again, stretching her even wider as his rhythm escalated, expanding the impossible pleasure that was threatening to swallow her sanity for good.

Even then, he did not relent… he never stopped even as she started to trash beneath him and could no longer form a single coherent word anymore. Not even one syllable of his name. All she could manage were moans and grunts and screams for him.

"Come for me now, Alicia!" he said in feral sounding voice. "Take the cum that you wanted! Now, babe!"

And a raw ear-splitting scream burst out of her mouth. Her insides quaked mightily, pulsed and gripped him so damned hard at that one last powerful thrust he pushed into her that had kissed and broken through the entrance and shot straight into her womb.

"Yeah! Oh, Alicia! Milk me!" he growled as he shook so damned hard on top of her.

Alicia's eyes stretched so wide and the black of her eyes rolled back into her head as the violent tremors and shudders continued. Seemingly unstoppable, incomparable as her orgasm crashed wave after wave into each other, as though it would not end. It was simply beyond anything she had ever known or imagined. Black spots danced over her vision, and she knew that she might even be drooling, and her saliva was perhaps flowing from the corners of her lips. Oh lord… this… this pleasure… she really could not imagine anything that could overtake this.

This orgasm was beyond earth-shattering. Even after a few moments, she was still shaking, her inner muscles pulsing and rippling, still gripping onto him hard like she would never ever let go of his length anymore.

The aftermath of the impossibly powerful orgasm between them could not seem to stop. Though the effects were not as great as when they first crested the wave, they were still shivering from the pleasure of it. That goes to show just how overwhelming their orgasm was.

"My god, Alicia…" came his husky voice after some time. He sounded as though he was laughing with so much pleasure. "I've never… f**k… that was… Oh, gods… I can't… oh f**k, Alicia…" he sounded so lost for words and dumbstruck, like all speech and languages had already failed him. It was like he could not even find the right words for whatever it was that he wanted to express. Something so goddamned unlike the ever so intelligent Ezekiel Reign.

They just stayed there for another stretch of time until Alicia finally came back to earth. Like him, she too was utterly dumbstruck. She did not know. She utterly had no freaking idea that such heights of pleasure could be reached – that it even existed in the first place! She thought that nothing could compare or surpass the pleasure he had already given her. But this… oh my, was she ever so wrong.

He kissed her forehead gently, the smile on his face that was glistening with sweat was filled with nothing but adoration, love, and amazement. "That was simply… indescribable, was it not?" he asked her, his voice soft and mellow, as he licked away her tears and then, even her drool.

"Yes…" her voice croaked out. She then realized it must have from all that screaming she had been doing. All that torture he made her go through was what brought her that indescribable prize. And lord help her, because she would be willing to be tortured again – go through all of that crazy holding back – just to experience that mind-blowing pleasure all over again.

"I told you, you would like it, didn't I? You've milked me real dry, babe. This pussy of yours is really… made for sex, made for me… for no one else but me… right? Alicia?" his tone now suddenly changed from being gentle to having an underlying possessiveness and jealousy.

"Yes… Ezekiel… it's for you alone… I'm made for no one else but you…" she replied in assent and his smile widened. His eyes shone like the brightest ever star that had been birthed in the galaxy at that moment.

"Yes… you are mine. Ever only and all mine, Alicia." And he kissed her lips as if to seal that promise.

"I love you…" she whispered to him tenderly when their lips parted and he swooped down on her and kissed her again. His actions were as though swallowing those precious words and storing them inside him, inside his heart.