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Chapter 863 Good morning

In Little Flower bookstore.

Iryz had just experienced the most shocking morning in her whole life. And that was because she had just woken up to find herself sleeping with a man in her bed. And to think that the man in question was… Zeres! Oh goodness gracious! Was this a wonderful dream that the gods had granted to her to compensate for all her sufferings so far?! Or what plot twist was this?! Or was this just a mean prank? As she blinked her eyes a few times, things still seemed to be the same and nothing had changed. She was still seeing Zeres in her bed.

It did not seem to be her imagination from the looks of it. She had been mulling there in his embrace, stiff like a log for a while now. She also noticed the colour of the sun peeking through the windows and realized that it was still quite early in the morning. The light still had the soft quality that only could be seen during dawn – that tinge of purplish and pink mixed in with the light yellow of the sun's rays.

But what she was concerned about was that she could not remember how they had ended up in this sticky situation. All she remembered was her friend sending her back home, drunk. Oh, damn! She did not do anything bad to this angel last night, right? She could not have seduced him, right? As she was worrying about it, her small white pearly teeth clamped down on her lips.

Her overthinking mind started to envision a thousand and one possible scenarios that could have unfolded in her head. And she could only scream agitatedly at herself.

Thank the gods though, because she realized that both of them were still clothed, and every single article of clothing was properly donned on. She would not be able to take it if she found out that she had actually seduced this man to her bed or something similar while she was rip roaring drunk!

After probably a long thirty minutes of mulling over and mentally bashing herself for her current predicament and trying her best not to dare enjoy the feeling of his long and muscular arms embracing her smaller body, Iryz finally decided to maybe escape from his grasp before he wakes up.

She sternly reminded herself of all the pain that she had felt yesterday before he had left. Why did he even come back to look for her? Here? He had the book in his hands already… So, was this him being guilty or something? Or could it be that he still needed something more from her?

A weary sigh escaped her lips. This man had literally and completely changed her little plain and mundane world ever since he had appeared that one fated day. And it had all happened so quickly.

Now that she thought more about it, she realized that it was only such a short time, and yet so many things had happened between them. So many emotions were involved. So many…

Shutting her eyes tightly, Iryz finally but reluctantly moved her hand that was draped over his lean, powerful waist. She did not dare move to look at his sleeping face, knowing how dangerous that move was for her. His face alone was like a hypnotic and appealing painting. So it was definitely a bad idea peeking up because his body that was just inches away from her was already enough to send all of her senses into a massive chaos.

Slowly, her hand lifted. Her heartbeat thudded loudly in her own ears as she carefully pulled away her hand, praying that he would not wake up and catch her in a funny position trying to escape like a thief.

He did not make any movements. Thank god!

But the moment she was about to turn to her back on him, she was suddenly yanked back into his solid body. She gasped at the sudden action, and she gasped again as she realized that her face was now buried in his broad and manly chest. Oh my gosh!

"Don't… leave…" a hoarse, deep and sleepy voice rumbled in her ears as she felt his arms tightening around her, holding her as though he never wanted to let go of her.

Her heart skipped a beat as goosebumps prickled over her skin.

"Please… just a few… more… moments…" His soft voice coming from above her head pleaded her.

And then the next thing she heard were shallow and steady breaths. His hold around her suddenly fell limp as if he was asleep again. But they remained securely wrapped around her that if she had made a single move, he would definitely wake up again.

Iryz took another long while to steady her breath. She needed to have her mind working properly again. What the hell! Why was he doing this to her? He was giving her hope again and her stupid heart was… rejoicing like an idiot! Just like that time back then. She was such an idiot!

She felt like crying. Because she was still mad and hurt because of him and yet, just with one request from him – one that she did not even know if it was just him sleep talking or in a daze– and she could not bring herself to say no.

That voice. He sounded kind of pleading. And now, his low and gentle breathing sounded so peaceful in her ears. She could not help but remember all of the times she had found him always sleeping on the floor with a pile of books beside him.

This was literally the first time she had seen him sleep in a bed and that was enough to melt her. Damn her soft spot towards this man!

She stayed still. Letting him sleep in peace. And the longer she listened to his breathing… the longer she inhaled his scent… and she slowly found herself feeling more relaxed.

Until she found herself putting her arm back around his waist again and she closed her eyes and revelled in his embrace.

The next time she opened her eyes, the sun was already high in the sky. It must probably be about ten in the morning already.

She moaned and then froze once again at the realization that dawned on her. She was still hugging him, facing him.

Lifting her head, her heartbeat raced, afraid that he was already awake.

He was!!!

"Good morning," he greeted her in soft voice, a small smile gracing his face.

And after a few catatonic moments, Iryz suddenly kicked him off her bed. This caused him to roll over and fall from her single bed with that one swift movement.
Chapter 864 Nowhere

The loud thud on the floor had Iryz gasping out in shock. Her hands flew to cover her mouth for a moment before she frantically scrambled on both hands and knees towards the edge of the bed. She had not expected her own response to come so quickly like a reflex action.

She looked down at Zeres who was sprawled on the floor beside her bed, guilty and worried. "Are… are you…" her voice trailed off at the sight of him, lying unmoving on the floor. His expression was… he looked genuinely shocked. It was as though he was still wondering what had just happened in his life.

Iryz could not help the laugh that was bubbling and about to burst out of her lips. He did not even move a single inch as he continued to lie there on his back, staring up at her bedroom ceiling.

"You okay?" she asked again, struggling and finally managing to swallow her laugh.

He looked at her but still did not bother moving. He still looked as though he was processing the whys and how had he ended up on the floor.

"Uhm… yes… I'm fine." he finally replied, blinking at her.

Iryz pressed her lips tightly together. It seemed as though this man had never been kicked off from the bed before, that this one – his first – experience seemed to have thrown his entire system into such a lag so badly that he had troubles responding as usual.

"I'm sorry about that… I was just too flustered to find you…" she cleared her throat and changed the topic immediately, going with the assumption that he understood where that sentence was headed towards. "Well anyway, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to kick you that hard." She apologised somewhat sheepishly.

He just stared at her for a long while before slowly, his expression changed into something… sad, despite the small smile that seemingly curved on his lips. "No… that kick… I fully deserved it."

While Iryz had fallen speechless at his self-recrimination, he let out a deep breath and covered his eyes with the back of his hand. He did not seem to have any plans on getting up from the floor anymore. This man… why must he be acting like this? How could she even have the heart to just kick him out of her house when he was behaving all mopey and morose like this?

"I'm so so sorry, Iryz." He muttered out an apology without looking at her. "It was presumptuous of me to… hold onto you like that and sleep in your bed when you're drunk." His voice was filled with nothing but regret and guilt.

It took her a moment before she could finally open her mouth to respond. But before she could form any word, he beat her to it and spoke first.

"Iryz…" he called out her name in a soft voice.

"W-what?" she could not help but get flustered there. It was so rare for him to call her name. And the way his voice sounded when calling out 'Iryz' just sent a jolt of electricity zinging through her. Why did she feel as though he was calling her name so much more frequent lately? She furrowed her brows. Was it just her being overly sensitive again?

He took his hand off his face and turned to look at her from his lying down position on the floor. For some reason… there seemed to be something that had changed in the way he looked at her. Somehow, his gaze seemed to be heavier, to be full of meaning – as though he was telling her something using only his eyes. And her heart… her stupid, stupid heart was working itself up into a frenzy, all on its own.

"I want to… live here. In your house." He finally said and it was Iryz's turn to just sit there, unmoving, unsure if she had heard him correctly the first time. It was like her system had malfunctioned big time and failed her right at the most critical moment.

"H-huh?" she responded lamely.

"I will pay rent…" he added quickly, in case she wanted to reject him. His face was so damned serious as he bargained. "If it's okay with you, I can pay maybe ten thousand dollars per month? Or even more if you think that is not enough. I don't really mind the amount. I also don't mind continuing being your model for your sketches. I don't have anything else to do now anyway –" Zeres rambled on. Iryz was so shocked as she had never heard Zeres spoke so many words at one go to her before that she could not respond for a couple of seconds.

"Wait…! Wait a minute, you little screwball. What the hell are you saying?!" she could not take it anymore. She had not seen this coming. Not at all! What the hell was going on?! Did she accidentally step into an alternate universe by chance perhaps??!! Why was Zeres behaving so… un-Zeres like?!

He just looked at her. His expression remained serious. "I want to live here. In your house." He repeated it slowly, in a straightforward manner and without any hints of joking. That just caused Iryz' lips to part.

Then she forced out an awkward laugh. It would be more awkward if she had just kept quiet and stared at him as though he was crazy. Which she did think he might be at the moment. Did he knock his head somewhere before coming to see her?

"You're kidding me." Iryz voiced it as a statement.

"No. I'm not, Iryz. I am as dead serious as I will ever be."

"Oh gosh, but why?!" her eyes were wide as saucers as she questioned him. "Why would you come here and pay rent to live in a run-down library?"

He put his arm back over his eyes again and answered in a small voice. "I have… nowhere else to go…"

Iryz felt like she was about to explode and before she knew it, she climbed off the bed and squatted next to him. She grabbed his hand off his eyes and made him look directly at her.

Once he did, she bombarded him with words. "Look here, Zeres. You have a massive luxurious apartment in one of the tallest buildings in the city and you are telling me you have nowhere else to go? Don't tell me that the place isn't yours because I won't believe it. Not one second! And surely, someone like you would definitely have many other places you could go to. So tell me the real reason why or I will kick you out of my house right now!" she threatened.

"Because… because this place feels like… home. And you're here."
Chapter 865 One condition

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Unable to take it anymore, Iryz jsuddenly climbed on top of him, straddling him right over his firm abs as she pressed both her palms down on either side of his face.

Confusion, shock, and so many other emotions exploded within her at what he had just said.

"What… did you say?" she asked, holding his gaze so intently as she hovered over him, pinning him down with her body and her eyes. Though she was only a slip of a girl, Zeres just laid there and allowed her to continue being in the dominant position, looking up quietly at her.

Her heart was trashing wildly in her chest. But her mind was filled with a multitude of doubts, even telling herself that she must have misheard him. There was no way he would have said that, right? He could not have indirectly called her his 'home'. Right…?!

He stared back at her. Their gazes held each other's and before they knew it, the air between them seemed to have thicken and become quite intense. Iryz even imagined that she could hear the crackle in the air between them – that was how charged the situation between them was right now.

"I want to stay here, Iryz. This time, I promise to stay… and I won't leave again." Though his voice was still soft and low, there was a steely quality that she detected underlying his tone. As though he was making a vow as he said those words.

She felt like her entire being was shutting down. Apparently, all those words from Zeres were just too stimulating. They were just too much for her to take in. So much, that she was having a hard time believing it.

So the very next thing she did was to press both her palms to both sides of his cheeks and then brought her one hand over his forehead as if to check if he was perhaps having a fever. "You… you… are you drunk or high on something? Did someone put you under some weird spell?"

He calmly caught her wrists, pulling her hand away from his forehead as he lightly shook his head. His beautiful eyes were intense as he moved her hands back down to cup his cheeks. "I'm not drunk. Nor am I under anyone's spell, Iryz."

"Then what… what happened? Did something happen to you, that you're suddenly saying –"

"You don't remember anything from last night?" Zeres interrupted her and asked.

His question had her blinking. Right. Last night?? She could not remember. She could not even remember how they had ended up snuggling up together in her single bed all night!

"Shall I… remind you –" he helpfully offered.

But she pressed her palms over his mouth. Her face was burning red. She did not want to remember. Gosh… she already knew it must be something totally embarrassing. She must have been the one who had pulled him onto the bed, clung to him shamelessly or probably something even worse. She just wished that she had not dared to kiss him in her drunkenness!

"No need. No way. You're not going to remind me about whatever embarrassing thing I did last night. If you do, I'll kick you out of my house, I swear. Why don't you just tell me what exactly happened to you when you left yesterday? Did something bad happen?" she continued on blabbering. Partly it was embarrassment. But partly also due to her not wanting to hear something from his mouth that might hurt her already hurting heart. Actually, she did not know what was going on with herself as well at this moment.

She was being overwhelmed. And she actually did not know what to do. What to feel. How to react. She did not know whether to rejoice or to cry. To believe or to doubt. Maybe she was just too afraid. Scared that this was not real or that she was mistaken once she allows herself to take his words seriously.

When he just stared at her, Iryz continued. "Tell me… it succeeded right? I mean the spell. You managed to… help your…" she swallowed, "your lover, right?"

"Alicia is not my lover. She never was and never will be my lover." He told her and the world seemed to screech to a halt when she heard those words. Then the memories came crashing back into her like a tsunami, causing her to just sit there on top of him, frozen and unable to move.

He finally moved, propping himself up with his elbows. And he did not seem to mind that much that she was sitting on his stomach at all. His movement in raising his upper body to look at her, had her sliding lower down his body as he now had himself in a sitting position.

"I really… like it here." he started, staring into her forest green eyes. "Since I… since I had woken up from the thousands of years of slumber, I had always felt as though I do not belong in this world anymore. I had lived in many different places the past years but… I have never found a place as peaceful as here – right in your house. So… would you allow me to live here, Iryz? I can sleep downstairs in the library. I don't really need a bed. I never sleep in beds anyway."


"I mean… it's hard for me to actually fall asleep in bed. Maybe because of my childhood. My mother whom I can no longer remember had never allowed me to sleep in a bed or any proper bedding, in fact. I have already forgotten the reason why… but as far as I can remember, I had always slept in a sitting position. So even if I have a luxurious bed, I will still end up preferring sitting on the floor or anywhere else. So I don't really need any bed or mattress." He had said that like it was so trivial, as though something just worth mentioning as a passing.

"Idiot…" she muttered weakly, biting on her lower lips as it started to tremble a little.

"I know…" he admitted, smiling wryly. "I really hope you will not kick this idiot out." He joked about himself.

"Fine. I will let you stay… but only with one condition. If you want to live here, you're no longer allowed to move out. Meaning, you will be bound to stay here forever. If you don't think you could keep that condition, you better run away now."