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Chapter 866 A man

Iryz's voice was stern, severe even as she laid out her conditions to him. She was letting him see that she was not playing around. He needed to know straight up that her conditions were never a joke or something that should be taken lightly.

She was not going to dig her own grave by allowing him to stay now, and then have him just up and leave one day as and when he feels like it. She refused to be the one who was always getting left behind anymore. If he could not commit to staying forever, then it was better for him to just leave now. It would save the both of them on the heartaches in future.

"Okay…" he said, "I'm accepting your condition, Iryz." He replied.

Her jaws fell. She could not help it. Her eyes searched through his and saw nothing but seriousness in them. She could not even see any hesitation at all! And she was… she was even thinking that he would need to take some time to think about it first or perhaps even give some other excuse. Yet he had answered her almost immediately. This guy… did he even understand her conditions? Even she knew her condition was pretty ridiculous and over the top! Yet he had immediately said okay, just like that? What the hell? Did he actually damaged his head when she kicked him a while ago?

"I can even prepare us an official agreement if you think it is necessary. Or I can do the witch's oath instead, since that's an irrevocable –" Zeres offered quickly as he saw that Iryz was not answering to him agreeing to her conditions even after a few seconds.

"You… Wait a freaking moment!!!" she finally burst out. Her eyes were so wide in both shock and disbelief. She of course knew about that witch's oath thing. And it was a hell of a serious thing! Her grandmother had told her about this when she was younger, that when a witch makes an oath to a certain person, he or she would be bound to that person for life. It was something like human wedding vows – only that there was no divorce in this case. It is permanent! It would take a huge and severe sacrifice instead if the witch dared to sever his own oath. So why in the world was this man talking about making a witch's oath so easily like that?!

Iryz pressed her fingers to her temples and drew in a deep breath.

"Look here, Zeres. You do know the severe consequence of that… of that oath, right?" Iryz just had to double check with him on this. As a powerful witch, there was no way that he did not know this. So she did not understand why was he being this way. Could it be that there was something else that he wanted in exchange? Because to her, Zeres agreeing to this so easily was just too random.

"Of course. I am an ancient witch and I only forget faces of people in the past. Everything else is still clear to me."

"Then why the hell are you taking it so lightly like this?! Ugh! You're driving me crazy!" she shouted at him and reached out to grab hold of his head. "Where did you hit your head when I kicked you? That was a really loud thud a while ago. Did you fall head first? Was it your head that got damaged?" Iryz turned his head this way and that, looking all over to casually check if there were any bumps on his head, just in case.

Zeres too, just stayed still and allowed Iryz to manipulate his head whatever way she wanted, not stopping her nor kicking up a fuss. He just looked extremely puzzled. He was even blinking innocently and looked like he was wondering if he had messed up something again. Why did Iryz seem upset at what he had just said?

"Answer me, Zeres. Where did you hit your head? Huh??" she was genuinely concerned. His words were just… just too hard for her to believe that she could not help but really think that he was not in his right mind right now. And this did not seem to be the grumpy and bad tempered Zeres that she had gotten to know all this while!

"I didn't hit my head. Also… I think… you should stop doing that and get off me now." He said that quietly.

Iryz froze. She had momentarily forgotten that she was still straddling him. Then she eventually pulled away so very slowly to look at his face. To her surprise, his colour had changed. What the hell was this? Was he… was he blushing? No way, right?!

Despite the realization of their questionable position right now and despite the mad embarrassment that had also flooded her entire being, she did not rush to get off him.

She would have jumped off him like something hot had scalded her if it was any other time, but… but the look on his face right now had her maintain her position and remain unmoving. And then an unexpected evil side of her peeked its head out inside her mind. Or was it her hopeless romantic storyteller mind that had taken over? Whatever it is… it had been awakened.

"What if… I don't want to get off you? What would you do, hmm…?" she asked. Her insides were already screaming by now, but her outward expression somehow managed to remain serious, save for her now seemingly over-heated face.

He blinked, twice, thrice before he eventually opened his mouth with so much hesitation. "I might… end up kissing you or… touching you... I'm still a man, Iryz. "

While she turned almost completely catatonic, Zerez moved with so much ease and stood, carrying her along with him.

Then he bent and sat her down at the edge of the bed, squatting before her. He stared up into her eyes before dropping his gaze to her fingers that were clutching tightly on his sleeves.
Chapter 867 One last time

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"I know that you think I'm weird right now. I don't know how to explain it to you to make myself believable enough. But I just… I just don't want to go anywhere else anymore. I'm… I'm tired… I just want to stay here… to lie down or sit here on your floor… drink your coffee… eat your cookies… I just want to be able to breathe… and sleep…" he dropped his head into her lap and his shoulders sagged as though the weight of the world was placed on his shoulders. "Last night… was the first time I've ever slept that long and peacefully since I woke up from that long slumber. I am not deciding on this out of a whim, if you were wondering. I've never been this sure before of what I want or where I want to be …"

"And the thing you surely want is to stay here?" Iryz asked him.

"Yes." Came his soft but determined reply.

"And you're going to go as far as making an oath, not just any oath but a witch's oath, just for me to let you stay?" Iryz questioned again.

"Yes. If that is what it would take to make you feel at ease, I'll do it."

"Zeres…" she called his name and when he looked up and met her gaze, Iryz breathed out softly. "Do you know that… Eris had always been… in love with you?" she had not planned to let this secret out. She was actually thinking of bringing this fact to the grave with her, never to see the light of day. Who knew that now, she actually had just blurted this secret out to the very person that was involved?

A deafening silence spread across the room. Zeres took a long time to respond. He did not speak. He just shook his head quietly as he dropped his head down. He was honestly clueless. He had no idea of this matter at all.

"She's been in love with you for so long. I believe… ever since the day you had saved her. That was why she had disguised herself as a boy just so she could stay beside you. Be with you… even if it only was as a friend." Iryz paused for a moment. "I can't imagine… no, I don't even want to imagine how she had felt when you never returned after that time. She might never have even found out that you… you died from that war. I felt like she had waited for you faithfully and patiently until her very last breath. I'm not saying this to make you feel guilty… but I just… I know you've probably realized already that I am most likely Eris' reincarnation. We both look exactly the same and… the moment I saw you that day you came here… I've felt something that I couldn't quite explain. It's as though that I've loved you even before I had met you. And when I was shown Eris' memories, I immediately understood why I couldn't fight back my feelings for you at all. Even during those times when you do not even spare me a glance or say my name…"

"I'm so… sorry…" he choked out, totally at a loss on how to respond to her. "I was –"

"No. I'm not asking for an apology, Zeres. I know I can't blame you. There is truly nothing to blame. It's not your fault that you don't feel the same way for me. I know no one can force a heart to love someone. And that is why… that is why I'm being straightforward with you right now. Because I don't think I will be able to handle another lifetime of being left behind by you again no matter what the reason is. If you can't be mine… if you can't love me…" she flashed him a sad smile, "then I'm sorry, but I can't let you stay. Because I know I will only fall even deeper in love with you every passing day. So, forgive me for being selfish and wanting to spare myself from even more heartache…" she looked at him and smiled a little bitterly at her own helplessness.

When he could not formulate any response, Iryz continued. "That condition was… I know, that's really over the top. And I wouldn't want to bind you to me that way at all. So please forget that I even said it." she stood, taking a deep breath once again before she forced out a smile. "I'll go make you a coffee. I think the both of us need a little bit of time to think clearly."

She walked off and had just grabbed onto the door's handle when Zeres suddenly caught her wrist, stopping her from leaving.

"I am…" he started as if struggling to find the right words to say, "I think I can be yours, Iryz. I am willing to give myself to you." he finally said it.

She twirled around and stared at him. Shocked again. He looked dead serious that it was so unbelievable.

Trying her best to gather her scattered wits. She faced him straight on and looked intently into his eyes. "What about your heart, Zeres? Would it also be mine?" she asked in a small voice, frightened to hear his answer but at the same time, dying to know it as well.

He looked helpless as he flashed a small smile at her and placed her palm over his heart. "I don't know if this heart of mine still has any worth… or if it's even still functioning well at all. But if you want it, you can have it too, Iryz." He stepped closer and bent over to rest his forehead on her shoulder. "To be honest, I am just so messed up that I don't even know what to do with myself anymore. All I know is that… I don't want to leave you… this place… and your side. I don't want to go anywhere else anymore. I want to belong here..."

And that was all it took for her defences to crumble. She heard him speak from the bottom of his heart and before she knew it, she reached out and hugged him. Dear gods… she really was hopeless against this beautiful broken creature. Also, she had been itching and dying to hold him in her arms.

"Fine. I'll take it all, Zeres. And just to warn you one last time, I will never return anything back." Her eyes looked into his for a few seconds, giving him the last chance to back out in case he regretted it.

His hold on her tightened instead. "Fine by me, Iryz."

Chapter 868 With him

After a long while of just sitting there and watching Zeres enjoying his coffee and cookies, Iryz finally broke the silence. Even though she had enjoyed the wonderful scenery of a beautiful man snacking in her home, it was time to get down to business.

"May I ask you something?" Iryz said hesitantly. She had not wanted to ask about this matter initially – at least not this soon – but she was really curious about what had happened to the spell that they had been busting their asses, day and night, looking for. What happened to Alicia? She just could not stop thinking about her no matter how many times she had stopped herself from asking Zeres about her. Because well…

"Of course. What is it?" he lifted his gaze at her, chewing on a chocolate chip cookie very slowly, as though savouring every single bite of it.

"About the spell…" she trailed off, trying to gauge his expression first before continuing on the topic. When she did not seem to see any negative signs that might be pointing to her about to ruin the atmosphere with her question, she gathered her courage and continued. "What happened to it? Did you give it to someone to use it?"

It was so hard to make herself ask directly about Alicia, maybe because she was still afraid that his blissful expression right now might darken again or even become sullen at the mention of her name. Even after the things they had talked about a while ago, and even though he had said Alicia would never be his lover, still, Iryz knew and understood what Alicia meant to him. She had seen his desperation to save her the entire time he was in her book shop rummaging through the books, looking for that elusive spell. She had seen how he had run off just at the thought that Alicia might be in some kind of trouble.

If only she could ignore this but… after thinking hard while she had been making cookies, she realized that she badly needed to talk to Zeres about Alicia after all. They could not be sweeping it under the carpet just because they both did not want to deal with it. Because if not, this will only be that storm cloud hanging over her head that would keep bothering her.

"I have it securely with me." he answered honestly. "I haven't used it yet."

Iryz creased her brows. "You have not used it yet? Why? Weren't you in so much of a hurry to find it?"

"There are… some changes. So I still need to wait for six more days to use it."

"Why… do you need to wait for six more days? I thought it was urgent and that you're running out of time." She suddenly did not understand what was happening. Both of them, specially him, worked day and night to find it. He never even rested.

He slowly placed the coffee onto the table and caressed the mouth of the cup with his thumb. "Alicia didn't want it. The spell, I mean." He uttered, shocking Iryz. She had not expected that the reason was actually due to Alicia. Though she did not expect him to spill that out. "She didn't want to turn into a human once she is brought back to life…" he sighed, staring down at his cup. "I can't blame her. She was the former witch queen and for her to be reduced to an existence like a human without any magic at all –"

"She was a queen?!" Iryz's eyes were wide with surprise. "A witch queen?!"

When Zeres nodded, she could only have her jaws drop. She had not expected that Alicia was the previous witch queen. She must be such an amazing woman! She knew how witch queens were chosen after all!

"Wow, that's… I had not expected that at all! No wonder… no wonder you are..." she could not bring herself to say out the rest of her sentence. Because she suddenly imagined two people, looking like angels in her mind. She knew what a witch queen's appearance looked like and she could not help but think about what an awesome pair they would make. Especially if they were to stand next to each other.

"Alicia sacrificed her life to save me." he said softly, still not looking at her. "I've sworn to save her too. To bring her back. She was running out of time right now. But… but for now, she should be alright while with him."

Another shock. Wait… w-what? With him?! Who is this 'him' that Alicia is with right now??

"With… uhm… who? She's with someone else?" Iryz was so intrigued now. She was even subconsciously clutching onto the table as she waited for him to answer. She could not help but remember Alexander and Abigail in Eris' past. "Don't tell me… Wait… is that someone else her lover?"

Zeres's moving fingers stopped. "I don't know if they're lovers or not right now, but… he's been the man she had adored for a long while since."

The atmosphere went silent. Iryz was speechless. And she honestly did not know what to even say to comfort Zeres. Should she be comforting him right now?? Did he even want it? So was this the same case like what had happened in the past? And... could it be that he was he here with her now because Alicia had not chosen him? Ah… gosh…! Suddenly, she did not feel that great. This was what she got from her damned curiosity!

He sighed and threw his head back and stared at the ceiling. The light but fresh breeze blowing in from the window was tossing his hair about. And the chaos and sharp piercing needles in her chest at that moment suddenly seemed to be soothed somehow. It was because his expression did not actually look like he was hurt at all! That was something which caught her by surprise and confused her all over again.

"I hope you're not thinking that I'm here with you because Alicia rejected me." he shook his head as he said that in a soft voice. "I've known all along that Alicia will never look at me or consider me to be more than just a friend and a comrade."


Chapter 869 Urgent message

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"But… you loved her, didn't you?" Iryz's soft question came.

She swallowed because her voice came out not as neutral as she had wanted it to be. Surely, he had noticed it and that was why he had looked at her with that now concerned expression. She should have held in her emotions a little better.

"I… I think I did but..." He suddenly sounded a little shaken. "She's an important person to me. And I do like her. I care for her. I really thought I loved her. But… thinking back right now, I've… after all of the thinking I did last night as well, I found out that I am not quite sure if that was me truly in love or was I just actually in pain. Maybe I've just been too damaged that I can't even figure myself out anymore. Maybe because I've been in too much pain for far longer than I could remember… more than I could bear and had been so starved for love that I just fall in love with anyone who shows me the least bit of kindness and warmth. I feel like I can't even trust my own heart anymore." He sighed out heavily as he ran his fingers through his hair and looked at her with a smile tinged with bitterness. "I hope that you will still want me even after you see how truly messed up my life is, Iryz. How messed up I am, as a person…" then he lifted his eyes and just stared at her, waiting for the verdict. His gaze was so filled with despair and a sense of lost that Iryz could not endure it.

Iryz walked around the table and stood at his side. He faced her immediately and when their eyes held each other's, Iryz bent over and just hugged him silently, just embracing him in her arms and giving him the comfort that he needed – that they both needed right now. She honestly did not know what to say. But right now, she just wanted to hold him like this. It was enough just to be able to be with him.

She did not know everything that he had went through. But just staring into those pain-filled eyes of his was enough for her to realize that he must have had gone through unimaginable sufferings. Things that would be better off not said and recalled for the peace of both speaker and listener's mind. Thus, she did not probe.

"I don't want to cause you any more trouble, Iryz. And that's why I am being honest with you. If you are troubled that I might leave and go back to Alicia or anyone else… please don't worry about that anymore." he added in a soft but decisive tone after a long while of them just embracing each other. "When I saw her with him last night… I was a little surprised that I wasn't that hurt. Maybe I've become numb. It's… I don't know, but after I saw them together last night, all I thought about after that was go back home and finally take a rest. Then I found myself coming back in your doorstep before I even realized what I had done. I want to believe that that was a sign telling me that I am meant to be here." He explained wholeheartedly.

Iryz' hold on him tightened after listening to him. Her heart was melting like a butter under the hot sun. The corners of her eyes could not help but sting. Her initial impression of him was right… he was a beautiful but broken man.

"That's right. I believe you're meant to be here too, with me, Zeres." She declared, then she pulled away and stared into his eyes. "Don't worry. Soon enough, you will fall in love with me. I will make you fall in love with me and this time I will make sure that you will have no chance to even doubt it." there was a promise in her voice as she said those words with so much confidence. "I believe that the universe must have given me a second chance. So this time, I'm not going to let you slip away like in the past. I will make you fall head over heels in love with me, just you wait." Her eyes sparkled so brilliantly as she stared into his silvery gaze.

He smiled. He was speechless, and to be truthful, even a bit overwhelmed after hearing what she had claimed so assuredly. He was not used to this – him being the one who was chased. Usually, he was the one doing the chasing. But… he could feel his heart being moved. And he did not know how to explain it, but he felt like the world was starting to brighten up. Like the sun was finally shining into that damp, dark and dreary place in his heart after years of gloominess. Finally, spring seemed to be arriving.

He wondered if it was because he had finally let all of his feelings out and talked it all out with someone for the first time. He wondered if it was because he had finally decided to let go of Alicia or because of this girl who always seemed to be so full of life. Or was it because of the way she looked at him. Like he was everything that she had ever asked for. Like he was her whole world.

The way she looked at him had his heart shuddering. He was not used to anyone looking at him like that. No one had ever looked at him like that. Never once in the many long years of him being alive.

"Alright! First things first, Zeres. I think… you deserve a kiss for being so honest with me." she suddenly said, causing Zeres to blink. What…?!

"O-okay," he stammered a little, never seeing that one coming. She said it as though it was her rewarding him. But why did he feel as though it was the other way around?

And then way too soon, she crashed her lips against his.

Her heart was pounding wildly at the touch of their lips. He seemed to stiffen up, but he did not pull away from their kiss.

Iryz continued kissing his lips until his hands moved closer and were about to land on her waist when a series of knocks jolted them both out of their fun activity.

Iryz jumped away from him almost violently and ran towards the door with a face that was flaming red.

Zeres saw that it was one of his men, and he immediately walked over with a slightly darkened face.

"What is it, Mike?" he growled out slightly, and the man immediately rattled off his report.

"Alexander wanted me to deliver you an urgent message. He said, you and…" he looked at Iryz, "you and Miss Iryz are invited to his children's baby shower tomorrow. He insisted that you both must fly over there tonight itself. Also, he said excuses will not be entertained. Okay, I'm leaving -"


"I still need to find one more pair." The man said and immediately left.
Chapter 870 Deal

"Uhm… did I just hear him say my name as well? I am also invited?!" Iryz asked. Her brain was still in a mush after that… after that kiss… oh my gosh! She could not believe she had just kissed him!!! His lips were… oh gosh oh gosh. It was… Though on the outside she was still behaving as normal, inside, she was squealing like a little schoolgirl.

"I don't know what Alexander is planning right now, including you in the invitation but…" he observed her closely. "Are you… okay with that? Do you mind coming along with me?"

"Alex…? Alexander…" she did not even know where to begin. That name… could it be that… her eyes that were full of question looked at Zeres.

"Yes. It's that very same Alexander I've been telling you about in the past." Zeres gave her a lopsided smile as he answered her silent question.

Her lips parted. Wow! She was seriously starting to feel dizzy from all these things that she was learning. It felt like the world she knew was no longer the same world that it was anymore. And it was just so mind blowing. However, she was not complaining! It all seemed more interesting, more magical, more… just more!

"Does Alexander even… even know me?" she had seen only a small portion of Eris' memories, but she did not seem to recall having seen any conversations between Eris and Alexander. She did not even know what this famed Alexander looked like.

"He does. I had told him about you before this, when we snuck into the Black Forest to get something in there."

"Wait a moment. But that was Eris, right? And isn't Eris supposed to never have showed her face to anyone? How come Alexander managed to connect me with her?" Iryz was confused with how things were rushing along so quickly. She felt as though her mind was constantly in a buzz with so many new things that she needed to process all at once.

Zeres stilled. Looking like curiosity had just hit him as well. He had not thought of that at all. Not until Iryz mentioned it.

He looked out the door, his brows creasing at the already missing messenger who had left immediately after delivering the message. "That guy…" he breathed. Did he know something about this all along? But that does not seem to be possible. After a few moments of silence, he spoke up. "Never mind, I'll ask him about this when we meet up."

"Okay." Iryz could not help but feel curious about this person and his lover as well. She wanted to go and see Alexander for herself and maybe hear what he would say. The urge to know more about Zeres' acquaintances were getting stronger each moment. And her curiosity in learning more of these seemingly immortal creatures was also getting stronger. "But is it really okay for me to be there?" She could already imagine what kinds of people would be there and she could not help but already feel both intimidated and thrilled at the same time.

"He invited you, Iryz. Remember? Your name was mentioned along with mine." Zeres reminded Iryz.

"You are definitely going, right?" Iryz asked.

He nodded. "I haven't seen the babies yet. Nor have I seen Abigail. It has been for months now. So I guess it is about time I go over for a visit." Zeres shrugged as he explained to Iryz.

"Alexander and Abigail…??" Iryz tilted her head to one side as she wondered on their relationship.

"They're married now and just had twins." Zeres said simply.

"W-wow!!" Iryz looked really speechless as she stared at him wide eyed. She wondered how Zeres was taking this as he used to have feelings for Abigail.

"I'm good, Iryz." He smiled as he answered her unspoken question again, knowing that she wanted to know, all the while leaning against the door frame. "I've long accepted that those two were meant to be together. They're like… a family now. Alexander said I'm an uncle now. It felt really strange when he told me that. I never disliked it. But… I've avoided them though. I ran away from them all. I don't want to keep running away and continue isolating myself anymore. I want to see all of them. Especially the babies." There was a gentle small smile as he mentioned the twins.

Iryz smiled as well. She could see nothing but acceptance and genuine gladness in his eyes. And that was enough for her.

"Let's go together, Iryz. I really want to go with you." he offered her his hand. Iryz stared at his large palm, and she placed her hand there as she grinned at him. In his eyes, there were only excitement and anticipation. She did not see any sadness or disappointment in them. And she decided that she would go along with him and nodded her acceptance.

"Alright, I'll escort you there. In exchange, you'll take me out for a date after we are back. How about that?" she negotiated, raising a brow at him. "Do we have a deal?"

Zeres's gaze fell onto their entwined hands. He truly wanted her to come with him. He did not know why, but he had a feeling that it would be better if she came along with him. Right now, he was a little overwhelmed with everything that was going on. Especially with matters between the two of them.

She was still such a shocking thing for him. The appearance of someone like her in his life… was still a bit too good to be true for him. He had long gotten used to the thinking that he would never find someone special just for himself – one that would love him alone.

Every time he catches her staring at him with those twinkling, lively eyes, he wondered if he was deserving of someone like her, of her love.

"Deal!" He agreed. And when she beamed at him, he just could not take his eyes off her face. She had a thousand-watt smile that could melt an icy heart.

"Alright!" she said in high spirits. "I'll go cook for lunch for us, then we'll get ready for the travel tonight." She let go of his hand rushed back into the kitchen.

Zeres stared down at his now empty hand for a long while before he moved and followed her into the kitchen.