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Chapter 871 Plain bad news

This chapter is dedicated to @Edi-o!

Back at the cabin.

It was already three in the afternoon, but Alicia and Zeke have yet to step out of the little cabin.

They had only slept a little. Most of their precious time together were spent on having more sex, cuddling, and talking. It was the best times that they had experienced in their entire lives.

"Let's go out, Ezekiel." Alicia finally said, propping her head up from her comfortable resting spot over his chest. She wanted them to maybe go out and do something else outside or they will have sex again. She wanted something different for today. It was truly such a massive surprise on how they both just could not – would not – stop, even after they had gone on for so many rounds already. A vampire's stamina is not to be looked down upon, Alicia silently thought to herself.

It just felt like they could not get enough of each other, of the sex itself as well. They always felt sated upon reaching their high, but after a break and he makes a move again, the fire just immediately ignites, and they end up burning for each other all over again.

"Where?" Zeke asked languidly, gently stroking the soft skin of her beautifully curved back.

"In the woods? Maybe?" Alicia elegantly shrugged a slender shoulder. She did not care where, as long as they went out somewhere.

"What do you want to do out there?" Zeke was curious and wanted to know. He was perfectly content and happy just spending whatever time they had frolicking in the cabin, while exploring each other's bodies over and over again.

"Hmm… maybe go for a run?" Alicia tilted her head sideways and pursed her lips in thought.

"No chance for that, Alicia." He smirked as he teased, staring at her. His eyes still gleaming, so alive, like he was staring at his newfound life. "You can never run away from me."

She pinched his cheek after rolling her eyes. "With you, I mean."

"I'd rather make love with you again, than –"

"No." she pinched him harder playfully. "I want us to go outside and do something else. How about you teach me how to fight as a vampire? Tomorrow, things might turn bad again, right?" there was a slight tenseness in her voice as she asked.

"Hmm… you don't really need any teaching, Alicia. You're already a warrior. You've got top notch fighting skills already. And we can't spar with you because of our… I think we could but..."

"Let's spar then!" Alicia's eyes twinkled and before Zeke could say a word back, she grabbed his hand and excitedly pulled him up. "I can't wait to test out how strong my vampire body is right now!"

Ezekiel could not help but bite on his lower lips. Somehow, the way her eyes gleamed as she said 'let's spar' reminded him of Alex when that guy was suddenly popping out of nowhere and disturbing him just because he wanted someone to spar with.

He could only sigh because he did not even have the heart to say no and disappoint this woman of his.

Soon, the two of them were finally dressed up when Ezekiel went to grab a handcuff from that black box under his bed.

Once they stepped out of the cabin hand in hand and with bare feet, Alicia curiously let her bare arm get hit directly by the sunlight. "Oh… so the sunlight does not really hurt that bad, huh." She muttered, "but it does seem a little bit uncomfortable."

"The sun could still be fatal. Back then, putting a vampire under the sun, naked for a long time was considered a form of torture." He pulled her under a large tree where the both of them were sufficiently shaded.

He bent down and clamped the cuff around her ankles as he spoke. "Remember that we're only going to spar with our hands, Alicia. No using of our feet because we still need our physical contact."

"Understood." She replied obediently like a girl scout and nodded her head quickly. She sounded so excited and could barely wait for it.

"Step on my feet." he said and Alicia immediately did as he had said. He could practically feel her excitement vibrating through her body.

He could not blame her though. She had been a spirit for quite a long while. He could imagine how much she must be itching to train or fight all those times being in that incorporeal body.

"Keep your feet on mine at all times or we will stop." He had to up his warning. She was too excited that he was a bit worried. She might end up enjoying their spar too much that she would forget everything else.

"Yes, yes. Let's start now, Ezekiel, please." Her eyes sparkled vivaciously as she bounced on the balls of her feet.

"Alright. Easy. Go ahead and attack me first –"

Zeke had barely finished speaking when his eyes stretched wide as her fist suddenly whooshed barely a millimeter away from the tip of his ear. He had barely dodged that one fatal attack! Could she just reel it in a little?

"Whoah! Amazing! This is amazing, Ezekiel!!!" she exclaimed then she attacked again, this time Zeke could only make himself alert. Her speed and strength were... she was just plain bad news!

Her blows did not stop coming. And the faster Ezekiel defended, her speed seemed to skyrocket as well. The movements of their hands were too fast for the human eye to follow.

A hit on Ezekiel's jaw halted the impossible action. "Opps…" Alicia looked like she could not believe she had managed to land a blow on the almighty Ezekiel Reign. "You should stop going easy on me, my love." She smirked and teased as she reached out to lick the little trail of blood that dripped from the corner of his lips.

"Go easy?" he caught her chin and pinched it a little roughly. "No one's going easy on you, babe. You're just that strong and fast that I'd probably get beaten into pulp if I'm not careful. Though I don't really mind a good beating from you as long as you compensate me for my troubles in bed later."
Chapter 872 Bed-related

The duo had a nice run together in the forest and once they returned to the clearing beside the cabin, they engaged in another session of long and intense sparring.

Alicia appeared to be at an obvious advantage over Ezekiel the entire time. And soon, she landed another blow on Ezekiel's face, splitting his lips by accident.

She immediately halted her attacks, looking a bit shocked and worried that she had drawn blood. Their intention was only to spar, not to hurt each other.

Reaching out worriedly and a little guiltily, she held Ezekiel's face gently. "Oh no… that was one hard hit. Are you okay? Why didn't you dodge that? You should have been able to avoid that punch." she said, a little distraught as she stared at his now bleeding lips. Though it was not bleeding profusely, just the fact that there was blood being spilt was bad enough for her.

He smirked, cupping her chin a little harder and pulled on it to make her look at him. "It's not like I didn't try avoiding, you brute queen. I just couldn't." he admitted honestly.

Her eyes stretched a little wide in disbelief. "R-really? But… does this mean that I'm… I'm faster than you? But that's just impossible!" Alicia tried guessing but immediately denied her own supposition.

"No… it's not impossible, Alicia. I know you could feel it."

Alicia blinked. It was just so unbelievable because… well, because this was Ezekiel Reign! The powerful and ever impressive crown prince of the vampires.

"Wait… it's because I had fed on your blood, right? And also… because you were the one who had turned me."

"Yes. Those are a couple of the reasons." Ezekiel nodded. "Another reason is because you are a silver-haired witch – turned vampire. Just imagine the combined power of a blue-blooded vampire and a silver-haired witch." His spirited voice brought all sorts of wondrous imaginings surging into her mind.

Imagining it had made Alicia's lips parting in anticipation. She had not thought of that, but now that Ezekiel had mentioned it, she could not help but feel dumbfounded. She could feel it in her bones. The strong power she had was something she would have never even imagined before. It was stronger than anything she had ever known! She honestly felt like she could do anything, everything... with this powers that she had now.

"Now it's time for you to do something for these poor lips of mine, Alicia." He pulled her back to reality and the moment her eyes landed on his bloodied lips, she subconsciously darted her tongue out and licked her own lips. She had been trying to ignore the delicious scent that his blood was emitting so close to her, but it seemed that she could not ignore it any longer than a couple of minutes.

And it had been pretty distracting the whole time, so it was better for her to deal with this first before she asks him about more question on this matter about her powers as a silver-haired witch turned into a vampire.

Wasting no time at all, Alicia poked her pink little tongue out and licked up the blood that was leaking from the side of his mouth. She could not help but close her eyes at the taste of him. He truly was such an irresistible man. Everything about him was just amazing and something she could not get enough of.

"Stop focusing on my damned blood and kiss me, Alicia." He demanded. That domineering tone he threw around had her smirking.

"Don't refer to your blood that way, my love. You know I can't resist its scent." she whispered as she moved her fingers through his scalp. "Don't tell me you're jealous of your own blood, hmm? That would be hilarious…" and she trailed off at the darkening gaze that became even more intense on her person.

"You're getting naughtier and cheekier by the minute Alicia."

"And you're loving it. Right? I know I'm right."

"I admit I do. Because it's encouraging me to do dirtier things to you in bed." He whispered.

Alicia felt her insides shuddered at those words and with that look in his eyes. Why did he look as though he still had so many things bed-related he had not shown her? Somehow, she could not help but wonder about the dirtier things he was talking about.

"Stop looking at me like that or I might even consider f**cking you right here, right now."

Her face flared. And then she pinched his cheeks as hard as she could. "You… won't dare."

"Oh, don't underestimate the things I wanted to do with you, Alicia. No one's around in this area other than the wild animals and us, of course. So, there is no reason to hold back –"

"Enough with your flirting, Ezekiel. We came out here to spar and test my strength." She feigned strictness. She really could not take how dirty minded this man was. And she was a little afraid because every dirty thing he uttered seemed to excite her even more.

"Who was it that started looking at me with that seductive gaze again? You looked like you wanted my cock inside you again, Alicia."

Oh dear, goodness me! This man!

"I said stop…" she trailed off because he started laughing at her reddened face. His pleasant laughter echoed through the quiet forest. The sound of his laughter and the singing birds from afar… oh, how she wished this moment to last a little bit longer.

"I love your blushing face, Alicia." He whispered as his laughter died down.

His fingers were now playing with some strands of her hair. "Still not satisfied with the sparring? The sun is already going down. I think it's time for us to head back to bed." Though Ezekiel's tone sounded neutral and casual, Alicia knew better than to trust his surface actions. Quickly glancing over at him, she saw how a naughty smile was slowly curving across his lips. And she knew that he was looking forward to their next entanglement in the sheets. What a great seducer!
Chapter 873 Last night

This chapter is dedicated to @Edenn! Thank you so much for the supergift!

The temptation was so strong that when he pulled her against his body, she suddenly felt like she had gone all boneless and weak again. She was just feeling damned strong and invincible not just a moment ago, feeling as though she could stand her own against the world. But just the next second, she now felt like her knees could not even hold up her own weight and just wanted to tumble onto the bed with him and forget about the world already. All she wanted now was to be frisky and have some fun time with this delicious man!

Only this man could do this to her. And she did not know how to even resist him because her body was obviously helpless under his spell. She just melts like butter in a hot pan whenever he was there seducing her with his deep, grey eyes, or his wonderfully mellow voice or his perfectly chiselled body.

But just as she was about to go on tippy toes and kiss that sinfully inviting mouth of his, then wrap her legs around his waist so he could bring her inside the cabin again, he lifted his head and looked to his side.

That sharp and alert reaction… Alicia already knew that someone might be coming – or they might even be nearby already – because his aura, his expression… everything about the carefree Ezekiel had suddenly and sadly seemed to have disappeared in the blink of an eye. It was like the stoic Ezekiel had taken over the reins again.

"Someone's coming." He whispered lowly into her ears.

"An enemy?" Alicia already had herself prepared.


"Oh…" Alicia scolded herself for actually feeling a bit disappointed. It seemed as though she was itching to fight whoever it was that would dare come over and tried to separate them again. She was itching to beat them up hard and mercilessly if they dared to come at them again. But if it was not enemy, was it okay for her to be seen like this now?

He guided her behind him. His broad back shielding her from the view of whoever it was that was approaching fast towards their cabin. And this one gesture was enough for her to understand that Ezekiel did not seem on planning to show her newest 'upgrade' to whoever this visitor was.

"What is it?" his usual, unfeeling tone echoed out once the visitors arrived. She could tell that there were two people that had arrived. One was a vampire, and the other was a male witch. She could tell just by listening to their heartbeats.

"Your Highness… uhm…" that voice belonged to no one else but Lucas! Alicia would be able to recognise his voice even if she did not see him! "Alexander wanted me to send you a message."

"Get on to it, Lucas."

"Alexander said that you and Alicia must arrive at his home for the twins' baby shower tomorrow. He said excuses will not be accepted."

Ezekiel was silent for a short while. "Is that all you have to report?"

"He also said that you have nothing to worry about. That he could assure your safety while you and Alicia are in his home. Also, he said he was going to handle everything else with his wife tonight."

A somehow awkward silence reigned until Lucas' voice echoed out again. "That's all, boss. We're… going then."

"Lucas." Ezekiel spoke. A voice that was not hard nor loud, but it held such a chilling weight.

"Yes, Your Highness." Lucas was at attention, waiting for his Lord's commands.

"The next person that comes over near to this place might never return alive." The statement was delivered lightly but with a lethal promise of sure death!

Another short silence passed before Lucas could respond. "Understood, Your Highness. I will definitely warn anyone who dares to disobey. But before we go, may we know your response? I'm afraid you can't reject Alexander's invitation, unless you want him coming here himself."

"Tell him we'll be there." Ezekiel replied, knowing that if he did not give a favourable answer, Alex would not mind running over here to get his answer. No matter if he ended up disturbing both Ezekiel and Alicia's personal time.

"Understood, boss. Well then…" Lucas and the male witch with him finally left the clearing.

Alicia remained quiet and unmoving behind him until she heard him drew in a deep breath and turned around to face her.

"It seems like we don't have a choice but to accept the invitation for that baby shower. Is that alright with you?" he asked her. His expression and tone were back to the dirty-talker Ezekiel. She was amazed at how he seemingly switches so effortlessly between one persona and the other. But her heart could not help but just melt at the realization that Ezekiel was only showing that side of him to her alone. Her heart warmed at the knowledge that this dirty talker was only hers and hers alone.

"Well, I don't really want Alexander coming here. I bet you don't want that as well and that's why you agreed… and…" a gentle smile curved over her lips as she continued emotionally. "I really wanted to see Abi and her children too. Though I wonder if it's okay for me to be there? Is it okay for everyone to see that I'm… I'm a vampire now? Also, Abi must have thought that I'm long dead."

He fiddled with her hair again. "It's fine. I have a plan about that. And don't worry about Abigail. I'm certain Alex had already spilled some of the beans to his wife long ago. It's impossible for that guy to keep a secret from her. Now, it's time for you to forget about everything else but me." Then he lifted her in one swift movement and Alicia enthusiastically wrapped her slender but strong legs around his waist. "This is our last night here. So... prepare yourself, Alicia." Came his warning. His voice was dark, low and full of promise on a long and passionate session ahead.