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Chapter 874 Strongest

Scandalous sounds of an intense love making echoed loudly from the cabin as the moon light shone down brightly from the dark night sky.

Until the sudden sound of chains clanging that did not belong broke apart and disrupted the pure pleasure in the air. An immediate and utter silence followed that disturbance before Ezekiel's voice echoed out.

"F**k, Alicia." His breathing was ragged as he fisted a hand in her hair and pulled her head back, causing her back to be pressed against his chest. Both of them were in a kneeling position, facing the headboard where Alicia's arms had been cuffed to. "Look at what you did. I should've known that such a flimsy chain can no longer hold you anymore. Well… at least the you now that have turned into a vampire." And he clicked his tongue at her before shaking his head a little.

"I'm sorry." She smiled but not sounding the least bit sorry at all. She then licking her lower lip as she arched herself against him provocatively, lifting her now freed hand to grab a fistful of his thick hair. "But that's not my fault, I think?" and she breathed out an airy and sexy laugh.

He let out a playful scoff before arching his brow. "And who are you going to blame this time, hmm…?"

"You, of course!!" she exclaimed as though it was obvious that he was the one that all the blame should fall on. "Who was it that made me this strong, hmm, Ezekiel?" She giggled and stuck out her tongue cheekily at him. Seeing her unrepentant behaviour, he growled lowly against the back of her neck.

"Now I can no longer do the things I am planning to do to you tonight. The things that I have prepared initially are now useless against you." he sounded a little disappointed. Alicia turned back to have a look at his expression. But it only lasted for a moment. The disappointment in his voice was quickly replaced with something wicked and naughty again. "Well, I guess…" he pulled his length that was still inside of her and climbed off the bed with her still in his hold.

He then sat at the edge of the bed, spreading his legs a little wider as he pulled her closer to his body.

"You mentioned earlier that you wanted to pleasure me, right? Alicia?" he asked, his eyes gleaming as he massaged her breasts so slowly, causing her breath to be hitched and delayed her response to him.

"Yes." She whispered out with a hiss.

"Alright then..." He breathed, cupping her jaw and pulling her head down for a dirty kiss.

When their lips parted. He inserted his thumb inside her mouth and murmured darkly, "Get on your knees, babe. It's time for me to train this pretty mouth of yours." And his dark eyes suddenly flashed with an exited light.

Alicia felt her heartbeat racing in anticipation. And without breaking their intense eye-contact, she slowly dropped on her knees right between his legs, her hands demurely kept on her lap. She did not know how provocative and enticing her current posture was to Ezekiel.

It was past midnight when the couple finally left the cabin to freshen themselves from all their sweat inducing sessions.

Ezekiel was helping Alicia wash her hair in the water while she just laid there lazily, relaxing in his arms, loving the way he touched her hair with such care and gentleness. She realized now that he seemed to like her hair so very much with how frequent he was touching it.

"Is it just me or you like touching my hair a lot?" she muttered, and his fingers halted for a moment before continuing. "I remembered you touched my hair too that time when you saved me in the Ziggurat. I was confused then why you did that."

"I didn't realize it until now that you have mentioned it. But yes, I like touching your hair. It seems to be able to calm me down a lot. Or should I say… touching your hair feels really… calming."

She smiled at his statement when she saw a deer approached the spring. The deer seemed to be staring so intently at them that Alicia felt a bit uncomfortable. Why was this deer behaving so weirdly? Should it not run away from them?

Subconsciously, Alicia uttered a spell to scare the animal away.

A wisp of silvery light appeared from her fingertip and travelled towards the deer. The deer scrambled away the next second and she smiled.

But too soon, her smile faded at the realization of what she had just done. W-wait… did she… did she just used a magic spell? And it actually worked?!

Wide-eyed, Alicia spun around and looked at Ezekiel. "Did you see that?! I… I just used a spell and it worked!" she exclaimed, completely shocked to her bones. She thought that she could no longer cast any spells because… well, because she was a vampire now! Did it not work that way? Or was she an exception?

It was another shocking surprise because Ezekiel just tilted his head a little. "Of course, you still can. Your body had turned into a vampire but the core part of you is still very much a witch, Alicia." He chuckled at how excited she was being right now.

Her jaw dropped open dramatically.

"W-what? R-really?" she replied, still unable to believe it.

He smiled, pinching her chin fondly.

"You heard what I have said before, didn't you? About the combination of the powers of a blue-blooded vampire and silver-haired witch." He reminded her lightly.

"Yes, but…" she remembered him saying it. But she did not think that it was so heaven defying!

"You're the most powerful female vampire now, Alicia. And also, the most powerful female witch." He told her with a devilish smile on his face. As Alicia looked closely at his handsome face that was becoming dearer to her, she could also detect a slight trace of pride that filled his eyes as he looked at her.
Chapter 875 Gifts

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In the past, Zeke had a hell of a hard time trying to kill his father's mistress. That witch queen who was turned into a vampire had ended up incredibly strong. Not just because she had ended up rivalling the strength and abilities of a blue-blooded vampire, but also because she could still use all of her abilities as a witch queen.

A blue-blooded vampire who can wield magic was nothing but bad news to them. Back then he just could not defeat her even by using his full abilities as the vampires' crown prince. He ended up having to utilize his demonic powers and even went full on demon in order to defeat her.

"You mean… I can still use all my powers as a witch? Every single one of them – even those when I was the witch queen?" Alicia was having a hard time believing it. She might as well be given a cheat sheet!

"Yes, Alicia. Why don't you test it out and see for yourself if that is true?" Ezekiel prompted her.

Alicia swallowed excitedly before hesitantly moving away from his embrace. It was just so good to be held by him that she was already getting so used to it and was loath to leave it.

Zeke held onto her naked waist as Alicia faced away from him. She lifted her hands and uttered some familiar and complex chants – wanting to test out the more powerful spells right off the bat. Her eyes flew wide open at the powerful magic that surged out from her. She was so shocked as the amount of power she could usually call forth when she was still a queen seemed to have doubled in strength!

Holy cow! What in blue blazes was this?

Her silvery twin blades appeared in her hands, the silvery magic causing some waves in the water and making the leaves dance without any wind.

"I can't… I just can't believe this…" she uttered in disbelief. But an extremely wide grin was helplessly spreading across her face.

His response was to plant a relaxed kiss on her cheek. She could feel him smiling. "Believe it, Alicia. This is how powerful you are now. No vampire can ever bring you down with the way you are currently. Of course, you know that is excluding Alex." Ezekiel added in that last bit somewhat perfunctorily.

"You… you knew all along that I would turn this powerful?" she asked. Somehow, this gave her a little feeling of unease.

She made the weapons disappear again and her magic slowly died down before she turned to face him again.

"Yes." He answered honestly. "I knew you would be strong. Very strong, in fact." An elegant shoulder shrugged rather nonchalantly.

Her unease seemed to escalate at that reply. And she found herself not knowing if this was something she should be happy about. Or should she start worrying?

"Ezekiel… why do I have the feeling that you had turned me into a vampire not only so we can finally be together, but also to make me this powerful? Is there a reason behind me needing to be this strong?" she did not try to hide her true thoughts from him.

He stared at her with those observant grey eyes.

"I knew you'd realize this sooner rather than later." He caressed her cheek with his thumb. "Yes, I know this would happen. And I had honestly wanted this to happen too. For you to be invincible. This was an inevitable result of our union that I had also considered. But the main reason why I turned you is still because of my unstoppable desire to have your body, soul and heart for myself. You gaining those incredible powers are a side benefit which was a bonus."

Alicia did not know what to say to his admission. What he said about his unstoppable desire for her made her heart swell so much that she momentarily forgot all about the unease.

She wanted to ask him more. She wanted to know more. She could see that there are still a lot of things that he was not telling her. His eyes were letting her know of that fact. He was not trying to hide it.

And now she was honestly tempted to just ask him to spill everything. To come clean at one go. But remembering that moment when she had stopped him from revealing all his plans to her and all the complications involved held her back.

Instead, she took a deep breath and leaned her head against his chest. She forced herself not to think too much about this matter. There was no use. She would not ask him anything. She had decided to put her trust in him no matter what. She had promised him within herself when she begged him to take her, to turn her into a vampire.

"What time is the baby shower tomorrow? I have yet to prepare my gifts for the twins." Alicia decided that it was time for a change of topic.

"Is that… needed?" Ezekiel looked at her as though he genuinely thought that gifts were not needed.

Alicia pinched his cheek. "Of course, you almighty vampire prince! You need to prepare your gifts too. We can't just go there empty handed!"

"I never do gifts… So I don't have any idea on what to prepare." He said softly.

Speechless, Alicia pinched him harder as she grinned. "Well, you need to start gifting now, my love. Besides, I'm certain you'd already done this before but just did not call it 'gifts' even when they basically were." She commented shrewdly.

"No, I never." He denied her claims.

"Really? You never gave anything special you possess to anyone?"

"I give things to my men. But I don't think I have a possession I can call special enough… so no. Well, except for that dagger I gave you months ago. Now that I think about it, where did you put that dagger?"

Alicia blinked. "That dagger is special to you?"

"My mother gave it to me." He told her simply.

"R-really?" she could not help but stammer at the knowledge. She never had expected that. He had given her that dagger so casually that time.

"Yes, Alicia. So where is it? Don't tell me you have misplaced or lost it." he did not look upset at her even when asking that, just mildly curious.

"I think Lilith had put it next to my dead body when I died. We should go retrieve it since I can hold it now, don't you think? I will help you think about your gift for the twins too, while we're at it. Right, I think we should actually get to it right now."