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Chapter 876 Coincidence

In the Black Forest.

The duo finally arrived in front the crystal cave.

Alicia subconsciously tightened her hands around Ezekiel's hand when she was reminded about that day. Her very own funeral.

She now wondered what Ezekiel had felt at that time when he had come for her burial. She remembered that moment when she had turned into a spirit. Ezekiel had locked eyes with her that very moment, and it had given her such a shock. Because at that time, it was only Lilith who was supposed to be able to see her, and even then, only in her spirit form – all transparent and ethereal, as though she could disappear at any moment.

But this man… he already could actually see her ever since that very moment she had turned into a spirit.

She had seen him looking as composed and calm as usual and seemingly unaffected by everything that was going on around him when he had attended her funeral. That was why when they had locked eyes, Alicia back then, had told herself that it might have just been a coincidence where they were looking the same way and so happened that their eyes 'met' each other's. At that time, she had not believed that he could actually see her.

"I've watched you drop that white rose with your usual unfathomable expression on your face." Alicia recalled with a small curl on one corner of her lips. "You knew all along that I was still around at that time and not gone for good! That was why you had remained unaffected as you had.. It was not because you were heartless and that you don't care that I died as others might have thought." Alicia now stated the truth that had happened that day, on her burial.

"Yes. And I know you did doubt me a little because I accidentally made eye contact with you." Ezekiel made mention of the incident that was still lingering on her mind, and she lifted her eyes to his in surprise, not expecting to say anything about it.

She could not help but shake her head. He was right. She had doubted him at that instant, and instead, she chose to believe that it was nothing but just plain and pure coincidence.

Alicia hesitantly stepped close to the secret entrance.

After chanting the spell, the door swung opened without making any noise. The two of them then entered into the crystal cave.

Her physical body that she had left behind was still there, wrapped in a thick layer of crystal. She still looked as though she was just sleeping within the confines of a massive jewel. There were no indications that she was actually dead.

Somehow, it felt strange looking at her own body encased in the crystal. She was right here now, in the flesh, as a vampire, of course. And yet, she could clearly see that her body was still inside the crystal coffin. Untouched and still very much the same from the last time she had seen it.

Before her mind started to wander and think about her body again, Alicia forced her attention away from her dead body to the thing that they were actually here for. Ezekiel's dagger that he had gifted to her.

She wanted to have it back with her. At least, she wanted it to be with her until her time is up and she disappears. By that time, she would have given it back to Ezekiel. So there was no harm done. The dagger would eventually return to its original owner.

There was a sharp stinging in her heart at the thought of that upcoming event. She had been forcing herself to stop thinking about it for so many times up until now. And again, the though had crept up, suddenly and stealthily into her mind, taking her unawares.

She tried her best to regain her composure, effectively stopping herself from thinking about all those unnecessary things. There really was no use thinking about them. She knew that. There was not a single thing that could be done even if she worried and pondered over it. Thus, she might as well spend her time wisely and not waste it thinking on pointless matters.

Shaking herself out of that pensive mood, Alicia focussed back to the task at hand. As her eyes travelled, it landed on the top of the crystal. There, lay her amulet and the dagger.

For some reason, these two items that were placed together suddenly gave Alicia a strange feeling just by looking at them. She did not notice it at all before this, but… both the amulet and the dagger actually had the same obsidian gem inlaid, which had something purplish tinting the centre of that back gem.

Anyone else who would have looked would have definitely thought that the dagger and the amulet belonged together. It was as though they were created or owned by the one and very same person.

That was something which was impossible because that amulet had been with Alicia as far as she remembered. She could not even remember if it was given to her or who was it that gave it. She already had it probably ever since she was a baby.

Slowly, Alicia looked up to fix her eyes on Ezekiel. He was also staring straight into those pair of mesmerising orbs, and she knew that he had already noticed the same thing she had observed.

"This amulet is yours…?" he asked. Intrigue coloured his tone.

When she nodded, Ezekiel's brow twitched a little. "Since when…?" he asked again.

"I think I already had it with me since I was a baby. But I am not sure know who gave it to me, though. It could be my mother…? I'm not too sure. And I don't know why I had never asked my father about it when he was still alive." Alicia explained. "These two… there is no way this is a coincidence, right?"

Ezekiel reached out and picked up the amulet. He held onto the lace string that was tied to it, not touching the obsidian gem. He lifted it and allowed it to dangle across his face as he observed the amulet.

His grey eyes stared at the dark purple shadow that was in its centre. "I believe this is the same stone engraved and inlaid in my dagger." He said, certain about his observations.

Alicia picked the dagger up. The round gem engraved and set in the hilt of it was indeed exactly the same.
Chapter 877 Charm

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"What could be the connection between these two?" Alicia asked softly. She had not been expecting for them to welcome another intriguing matter at this point.

"I'm not certain." He answered, still staring intently at the amulet. "But I realised that I haven't seen this on you before, Alicia. Why is that so?" Ezekiel looked up at Alicia at this point.

"It's because I stopped putting it on and hid it instead. It was stolen from me once by my peers, way back even before I had been selected as the queen. I had to fight them to get it back. And it was a very intense fight, might I add. Because… well, maybe because I have had this with me for so long that I came to really treasure it. It's just very important to me."

Ezekiel was silent for a moment.

"Have you ever noticed if there was something different or maybe special about this amulet? Especially when you were still wearing it?" he asked.

Alicia shook her head after scrunching her brows and thinking silently for a couple of minutes. She had wondered about that so many times before, but she had long come to accept that the amulet she owned had no magical abilities whatsoever. She had always thought of it as nothing more than a precious keepsake.

"How about your dagger? You had given that to me like you were just giving away some of your extra weapon."

"I never noticed or felt anything special as well. But no, you're wrong about that. I did hesitate for longer than was necessary before handing the dagger over to you. Though it has no exceptional abilities, that dagger had been handy and saved me from trouble quite often back when I still thought I was nothing but a pure-blooded vampire. When I was young, I believe I had once thought it possessed some good luck charm."

"And that was why you've given it to me before I left that day? You thought that it would… could keep me safe…" Alicia could not help the smile that was tugging at her lips.

"It's a proven good luck charm." Was all he replied, causing Alicia's smile to widen. But she forced herself to return to their dilemma. About the possible connection between these two items. After going through so much in life, they knew better than to brush it off as pure coincidence.

"Do you have any theories on how these two might be connected?"

Ezekiel stared at her. But just as he was about to open his mouth and answer, they both snapped their heads towards the entrance.

"The witches had noticed that someone is inside." Alicia said calmly. She knew that they definitely would notice if she and Ezekiel lingered and that was why she had planned that they had to immediately leave after taking the dagger to avoid alerting the witches.

Lilith was not in the Black Forest and so was Zeres. Thus, the witches would definitely think that someone powerful had intruded into their sacred place.

"Let's leave for now, Ezekiel." She hurried him and as soon as she clung onto Ezekiel's arm, the two of them disappeared like smoke, not a single trace of either of them left. When the witches arrived, they would not be able to even find any traces of the slight wisp of smoke that was created when Alicia and Ezekiel disappeared.

The third time they materialized, Alicia was shocked to realized that they were back in the Reigns castle. Somehow, she could not help but fall speechless. She had never thought that he would bring her to this very same castle when all the vampires were probably preparing to hunt them down again very soon.

"Why are we here?" she hissed at him as he led her to what looked like a secret door inside his massive room.

"To get some gifts." He casually replied before grinning mischievously.

Before she could say anything, her jaw dropped at the sight that welcomed her behind the secret door. It was a room full of… well, weapons. From ancient weapons to the most modern guns that had been developed today.

"Wait a moment Ezekiel, you're not going to gift the twins with weapons, are you?" Alicia exclaimed in a whisper, almost falling over at the thought of him giving guns to the babies.

"The twins need to learn how to protect themselves as soon as possible, Alicia." He explained seriously as he looked through a row of daggers, ranging from tiny to large ones as long as her forearm.

His expression was serious as he started his explanations. Well, he had a point, but still… oh well, Abi and Alexander's children would not be normal human children anyway. And she was quite certain that Abi would hide Ezekiel's gifts until they grow up and are able to use them well.

"This would be a good pair to the amulets you're gifting them with." Ezekiel said with satisfaction as he picked two identical daggers with golden hilts. It would really look like a pair to the protection amulet she had prepared for the twins.

"You're right," Alicia beamed. "Now all we need to do now is to go and buy a couple of boxes and wrappers. After that we'll go and get changed and we're set to go."

"Sounds like a plan," Ezekiel agreed and the two of them disappeared into smoke again.

In Alex's mansion.

The baby shower was already about to end. None of Alex's VIP guests had arrived yet, because the baby shower was actually divided into two sessions. The first one – that was about to end – was for Abi's family and friends. Meaning, it was a normal party, exclusive for humans only.

The party was fun and lively. It was like any other baby shower, full of laughter, and full of a variety of people. Young, old, children, teenagers – all running around in high spirits, laughing and having fun. No one would ever doubt that this was actually a party for the children of an immortal couple.

Once the party was over, everyone went home with wide smiles on their faces. They obviously had enjoyed their time at the mansion.

And then night came. It was now time for the baby shower, part two to begin!
Chapter 878 Nervous

The moon was out, and the stars were twinkling merrily in the dark night sky. It was as if the entire universe was at peace and having a truce with everyone.

The party was no longer held at the ballroom anymore. This time, the event had been moved and was going to be held right out there in the back yard. The very same spot where Abi and Alex had been wedded. This party was not only for their baby shower, but also as an acknowledgement of their advancement into the next phase of their lives together as husband and wife.

There were only a few tables that were arranged around the stage, indicating that this party was strictly exclusive and only reserved for a few selected and very important individuals. Obviously, just those who belong to Abigail's and Alexander's inner circle of friends.

Kai and Kelly were the very first to arrive at the venue. The couple immediately rushed over to the cribs that were placed to one side of the stage and they each held one baby in their arms as they merrily chatted on with Abi and Alex while waiting for the others to arrive. The twins were docile and contentedly slept on as Kai and Kelly carried them, perfectly happy and willing to be pampered by others, other than their own parents.

"I've seen your magazine interview," Alex commented casually, smiling smugly at Kai as the duo sat like old men at the table that was reserved for Kai and Kelly while Abi and Kelly were busy preparing something on the stage. "You looked and sounded extremely mature in there –"

"Don't even begin to try teasing me about that, Alex. It won't work." Kai shot back, returning Alex's smug smile back at him. "So? How's the life of a father of two?"

"Terrific!" Alex did not even hesitate for a moment before answering, causing Kai to raise a brow.

"Oh well, it's only been several days. I heard that it's relatively easy at the beginning since newborns are generally very docile and they sleep a lot." Kai commented knowledgably before he returned his gaze to little Alexis who was still peacefully sleeping in his arms.

Alex was about to respond when he sensed two other people approaching. Quickly looking towards the direction of the presences, he saw that it was Kyle and Lucas.

The young man stopped in his tracks as soon as he saw Kai sitting there with Alex.

Kai, his brother, was still very much the same. The man did not even look much different from when he saw him last. Kai was still a vampire then, and now, save for his skin tone that now looked a little bit more tanned, there was nothing else that seemed to have changed with his brother – at least on the surface. In fact, he actually looked much more matured with his new skin tone.

But still, Kyle felt a lingering stinging feel in his chest at the thought that Kai would eventually grow old and die in the course of time.

"Hey, little bro!" Kai was smiling wide and nodded at Kyle as he stood in a very careful manner, in order to not wake the baby boy in his arms. He even controlled his tone of voice as he called Kyle over to join them, knowing that their vampire hearing would be able to pick up whatever that he said. "Come on over and don't act like strangers. Don't just stand there, you two."

The duo then approached slowly.

Kyle's gaze naturally moved to look at the baby boy that was cradled in Kai's arms, then to the other baby that had been taken from Kelly and was now sleeping in Alex's arms. This was the first time he was looking at the twins personally.

"This is… Alice?" Kyle asked, his expression turned really soft as he looked at cute bundle of joy in his brother's arm.

"No. This is Alexis." Kai corrected. "The father is being super stingy and overprotective over the princess that he was reluctant to entrust her to any men. Not even us, as her uncles." Kai teased.

"Look here. You are not used at handling babies, Kai. I can't possibly let any novice men hold my princess to avoid any accidents." Alex spouted his excuse righteously, causing Kai to roll his eyes.

"And yet you let anyone hold Alexis?"

"Well, he's my tough boy. He can handle it, no problem." Said Alex proudly.

The men could only look at Alex, speechless at his nonsensical boasting. "I think you really need to keep in mind that Alexis is as fragile as Alice right now, Alex. Also, it's not good to be so biased." Kai scolded Alex like he had turned into an old man.

"Who said I am being biased?"

"You obviously are, man."

"No. No. There is no biasness going on here. I am sure Alexis will not mind me being more protective of his little sister. Mark my words Kai, when Alexis grows up, he would tell me to dote on his sister instead. Just you wait." Alex grinned as he announced it as though it was a fact that was already set in stone.

"Fine, fine." Kai could only surrender. And the men laughed.

"Can I hold him?" Kyle asked, looking at the adorable Alexis. His grey eyes that seemed to have lost their innocent spark since Kai saw him, somehow started twinkling again, now that he was looking at the babies.

"Of course. You take a seat first." Kai said and Kyle obediently sat down, almost stiffly as both Alex and Kai instructed and taught him what to do with his arms, and how to position them in order to hold the baby safely and comfortably.

Lucas who was watching these three royalties talk and get excited over babies, could not help but quickly fish his phone out from his pocket and took a few pictures of the three.

"Yes. Yes, just like that. Now relax your shoulders and elbows. Don't be so stiff. The baby can feel it if you're nervous." Kai and Alex keep talking, their advice overlapping over one another, causing Kyle to feel a little overwhelmed.

"I don't know why, but I'm a little nervous." Kyle said as Kai finally took his hands off the baby in Kyle's arm when he decided that Alexis would be safe enough in Kyle's hold.

"Don't be. There is nothing to be nervous about." Kai smiled encouragingly.

"He's… so small." Kyle whispered as he wondered at the miracle of a baby.

Kai smiled as he remained squatting on the ground. "You were this small too, back then. I've seen you when you were still a newborn. I didn't have the chance to hold you like this, though." Kai reminisced and just as Kyle looked at him to respond, another duo arrived.
Chapter 879 Mother hens

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Just after Lucas sent out the photos of the three men fawning over Little Alexis like anxious mother hens to Ezekiel, the approaching female duo pulled at his attention.

It was the young and newest witch queen, Lilith, and her female bodyguard. Seeing her arrive, Lucas wondered how Kyle, who was still focussed on the baby, would react to her presence.

Lucas' first reaction was to quickly glance over at the young prince next to him and as expected, a split second later, Kyle seemed to have gotten struck by lightning for a moment at the sight of the silver-haired witch approaching them. 'Good lord Alexander…' Lucas muttered within himself. Could Alexander not have known about the matters between these two? Impossible that he did not know. So why had he invited them at the same time? Did he just want to see a show happen?

Lucas did not expect the witch queen to be here at all. Was Alexander trying to play matchmaker or something? He was quite certain that Alexander already knew what was up between Kyle and Lilith. And most importantly, he also knew that Ezekiel obviously did not want these two to end up together, as it was forbidden!

Abigail had approached Lilith as soon as she saw her.

She had met Lilith way before she became the witch queen. Alicia had introduced the girl to her back then and she also had met her during Alicia's funeral.

Abi knew that Lilith was like a little sister to Alicia, so she had her invited to come for the party as well. She had told this of course to Alex first and her husband had said there was no problem at all in inviting the witch queen over. Of course, he had not explained the matter between the youngsters to his wife.

"I'm so glad that you managed to come and join us, Lilith!" Abi said as she held Lilith's hands in hers.

Lilith beamed at Abi. "There is no way I can reject your invitation. I am crazy excited to see the twins too." She said and Abi hugged her.

Then she led the two ladies towards the twins.

Lilith halted for a moment as she met Kyle's intense gaze that were like searchlights on her face.

She subconsciously held her breath as she flashed him a small and neutral smile. It did not help at all that she had seen him at school just the other day.

He smiled back faintly, and she noticed a tinge of intense emotions flashing across his eyes until he seemed to force himself to look away and return his gaze back to the baby that he was holding in his arms.

Looking him holding a babe there… it was a sight that she had never expected to see. He looked a little bit stiff, but the view was so wholesome that it made her heart swell with an inexplicable emotion. The picture he made with the baby was so bittersweet that it almost brought tears to her eyes. She only held her tears back by sheer willpower and pretended to only be interested in the baby and not in the young and handsome man who was holding the babe.

"Do you want to hold Alice?" Abi pulled her attention back to the present and she immediately smiled, nodding enthusiastically.

"Of course! That's why I am here, aren't I?" She said and laughed out brightly, truly meaning what she said.

"Come, sit here." Kai gestured to her before grabbing a chair for her. Lilith paused for a moment as she looked at the man who had some resemblance to Kyle.

"I'm Kai. We haven't met before, but I heard you're a good friend of my brother." Kai said as he offered her his hand, waiting to shake it.

Lilith took his hand and gave him a firm handshake. "A pleasure to meet you, Kai. I'm Lilith."

"A pleasure to meet you, too, young lady." He gestured her to sit right next to Kyle before Abi placed Alicia in her arms. Once again, Alex and Kai acted like mother hens in instructing Lilith how to hold Alice properly. And seeing them act that way caused Lilith to end up chuckling because well, she already knew how to hold a baby. She had experience in babysitting when she was younger. However, she did not say anything and just listened good naturedly at the two grown men jabbering away, continuing to give her instructions.

"Don't mind them, especially my husband. He's just a bit too anxious." Abi whispered to her, and Lilith just grinned back, letting Abi know she completely understood and did not have any issues with it. "Alright, Kelly and I are still in the midst of preparing something. So I need to get back there." Abi winked at her and then she left everyone and returned to the stage again where Kelly was waiting.

"Hi there, Alice…" Lilith whispered fondly to her as she let the sleeping baby curl her small fingers around her forefinger. She was truly happy to see them in person. And she could not help but remember Alicia as she looked at this baby girl. Not only because Alice was named after Alicia but also because she knew that Alicia had been dreaming to see these little ones one day. She still remembered the look in Alicia's face as she watched over the babies through the crystal ball.

"You seem… pretty familiar in holding a baby." Kyle's voice echoed from her side, and she felt her heartbeat skipped a couple of beats.

She managed a smile as she turned to face him.

"I had once helped a mother babysit her baby before…" She momentarily forgot what else she wanted to say as their gaze held each other's.

"How have you been?" he cleared his throat before asking. His grey eyes seemed to be speaking thousands of unsaid words and feelings and emotions that it was hard for her to even look away. Her eyes seemed to be glued to him.

"I'm good. How about you?" she replied simply.

He dropped his eyes to her lips before quickly turning away. "Good." Was all he managed to say. It was really such a good thing that Alexis was in his arms right now, because he might have already grabbed Lilith by now and ran off with her somewhere to question her, to remind her about everything he had told her that time when he had bid her goodbye. That if he ever met her again… that if their path ever crossed again, he would definitely…

"Oh… they're finally here." Alex's booming voice dragged everyone's attention towards another pair that had arrived.
Chapter 880 Uncle

A while ago…

Iryz's heartbeat was racing fast and pounding loudly in her ears as Zeres led her into a huge and tastefully decorated mansion.

She was nervous. No, she was more than nervous. Because goodness gracious! She was about to meet with immortals and vampires and even the witch queen as Zeres had told her!

She could not help but wonder if this was truly okay. For a human like her to even be there. Would her presence only sully the whole atmosphere that were only attended by these superior beings? She was suddenly feeling a little inferior and she could not help it.

"You okay?" Zeres paused and looked at her. He had felt the sudden change in her a few seconds ago. Her small hands were twisting together in nervousness and her whole posture felt stiff. As he turned to look at Iryz, the man looked breathtaking in his dark blue suit. He really looked like a prince that had literally walked out of a modern fairy tale.

"Uh… yes. Don't worry about me." She did her best to respond enthusiastically even as her heartbeat had yet to stop galloping like horses gone wild in a stampede.

"Don't be nervous. They are… really a nice and good bunch of people, Iryz." He comforted her, offering her his hand. "I'm sure you will like them."

"R-really?" she drew in a shaky deep breath when he gave her a reassuring smile.

"Mmhmm… so just relax." He squeezed her small hand in his larger one and gave a gentle tug to get her moving. Then they started walking again.

To her relief, she was effectively distracted by the beauty of the mansion. The antiques that were tastefully placed at specific spots had her eyes twinkling as she always was a lover of antiques and ancient things. She could happily wander around and get lost in this place and yet, would not have a word of complaint about it.

Her eyes sparkled and roamed the place as they walked further in until she had not realized she was no longer tense and nervous.

Soon, they arrived at a double door that she just knew would lead them to a courtyard or a spacious backyard.

A beautifully lit up pathway welcomed them. Flowers were planted on either sides of the aisle that led them to a certain tree in the middle of the yard. Under the tree there were arranged a few tables with chairs and a small stage.

She immediately realized that it was really a very small party reserved only for the couple's inner circle of close friends. And her nervousness kicked into high gear again as she saw the people who were already gathered there.

"Relax. They're not going to bite." Zeres joked in an attempt to make her smile.

"I know." Iryz responded, laughing nervously. It seemed that nothing could take away her nervousness. But the good thing was that she did not plan to run away and leave. She would just grit her teeth and endure – as long as Zeres was right there beside her. Also, she would not miss this chance of being introduced to immortals, vampires and the witch queen herself!

Everyone, except of course for Alex, stilled and became silent for a few moments as they watched the approaching duo.

They had been expecting Zeres to arrive. But they had not expected him to be with such a young and beautiful lady who appeared to be… human?! Now that was one big surprise for all of them.

Lucas, Kyle and Lilith especially, had a hard time believing their eyes as their gazes were literally zoomed in to focus on their entwined hands. Zeres was clasping her hand almost protectively, as if he did not want her to get lost in the crowd. The trio had the exact same thoughts in their heads. 'Who exactly is that girl? Does this mean… Zeres is now over Alicia?'

Deep within them, the trio genuinely hoped so. They had seen how miserable and desperate Zeres was since Alicia started to weaken and lose her powers. And when Alicia died, he had changed so much, so drastically that they could not help but worry about him endlessly. But Zeres would not allow them to bother about him too much as that was his style – a loner.

Now here he was, looking somehow better than the last time they had seen him. Much better, in fact. And it was such a big relief to them. Zeres was a close and beloved friend, and they did not want to see him suffering and hurting so much.

"Yo, Zeres!" Alex exclaimed as he approached the duo, grinning at Zeres before enveloping him in a bear hug and patting his back with hard thumps. "You're finally acting like the uncle that you are supposed to be!" He added cheekily, roaring out in laughter.

And Zeres was about to speak when Alex quickly shifted his attention to Iryz who was standing silently beside him.

"Hi there, Eris." He smiled at her almost in a way of a brother smiling at his little sister.

The duo had their eyes widen comically at the name that Alex used to call Iryz. Iryz started and looked at Zeres in slight panic.

"Alexander…" Zeres looked speechless.

"Oh… I should be calling you Iryz right?" Alex grinned unrepentantly and he was about to turn to lead her towards the others when Iryz suddenly spoke.

"Uhm… you… you know Eris?" she asked bravely even as she could not help but stammer through her question. Even though this man did not look nor feel like a bad guy, she could feel an abnormal and massive aura that she knew she had never felt before towards even the most powerful human.

"Yes. I've meet her before in the forest long time ago and I accidentally saw your face –" Alex started to explain but got cut off.

"Wait… wait a moment!! When did you see her face?" Zeres butted in forcefully.