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Chapter 881 Entrance

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Alex raised a brow at Zeres' sudden interruption. "Back when the two of us and Abi were still together. I've seen Eris following you around for a couple of times and then one night I accidentally bumped into her. It was then that I saw her face. I've long forgotten about it. But when I saw Iryz the other day, I then remembered that I've seen her before and guessed that her case must be like Abi –"

"Why didn't you tell me?! Why did you not say anything?" Zeres's tone held a tinge of accusation as he looked even more dumbfounded.

"What? I've told you and you said Eris was your comrade."

"No, no! I mean about the fact that you saw her face!" Zeres pinched the skin between his brows.

Alex lifted both his brows now, looking a bit lost. "And why in the world I should have informed you that I saw her face?"

"Because I never saw her face at all… the entire time, I only saw the mask that she wore…" Zeres mumbled out, feeling that it was so unfair that Alex got to see Eris' face even when he did not.

It was as if the god of silence passed by for a moment until Alex spoke again in disbelief. "Don't tell me you didn't even know that she was a girl? The entire time?"

When Zeres just pressed his lips tightly together, not saying anything, Alex covered his mouth with his hand while his other hand rested on his hip. It was obvious that he was holding back and trying so very hard not to laugh out loud. This Zeres…!! He was just so hilarious!!

Alex had to clear his throat a couple of times before he turned his gaze towards Iryz. He bent a little bit closer to her and said in a stage whisper. "This guy… do you want me to slap him up the head for being so stupid?"

Iryz could not help but smile amusedly as she watched Alexander pressed his temple like a problematic old man.

"You were pretty stupid too, back then, Alexander." Zeres retorted when Abi's voice echoed out suddenly.

"Zeres!" came the call from a bright and cheerful voice.

Abi was beaming so brightly as she approached them, her hands already opened wide, asking for a hug.

"Abigail," Zeres's eyes softened at the sight of Abi, stepping forward to embrace her gently. Abigail wrapped her arms around Zeres' middle and gave a gentle squeeze as she welcomed him wordlessly for a moment. Only a gentle smile lingered on her lips.

"It's been a while. How have you been?" Abi was a bit emotional and took a few seconds before she could speak. As she pulled away and looked at Zeres from head to toe, she started questioning about how he was doing. She was so heartbroken for him the last time when she had seen him during Alicia's funeral. He was behaving as though he was dead himself, as though he was no different from Alicia who had truly died.

"I'm doing great, Abi." Zeres said, quite honest with his statement, feeling a little guilty because of all the times he had downright ignored Alex's request to come over for even a quick visit. He had known that Alex's invites were actually Abi wanting to see him, but he could not bring himself to come visit yet at that point in time.

"I'm so glad you are able to come. Hello, there!" Abi then moved her attention towards Iryz.

Zeres held Iryz's hand again and pulled her a bit closer to him. "Abigail, this is Iryz. Iryz, this is Abigail."

Iryz could not explain but she instantly felt so welcome and warm towards Abi. She was such a beautiful woman. Unlike Alexander, she did not engender any sort of nervous feeling at all, even though she could see that this woman also possessed an unspeakable aura as well. And in fact, her aura did not pale the least when compared to her husband's, Alex's either.

"Alright. Come on over you two." Abi then excitedly held both of their hands and led them to where the twins were.

Iryz felt Zeres' hand tightened a little as they approached the babies.

"Zeres." The young lady sitting there, cradling one of the babies beamed at Zeres while Iryz stared at her in awe. This must be the witch queen Zeres had mentioned about and she was so young and so ethereal looking. Just like Zeres! Iryz could not stop staring at her.

"Do you want to hold one of them?" Abi asked but Zeres just shook his head.

"L-later, Abigail." He said as he squatted down before Kyle and lifted his hand to gently touch the baby's hand. His fingers shook a little.

"This is Alexis." Kyle said then looked over to Lilith's lap. "And this is Alice."

Emotion flooded Zeres' eyes as he looked at the two peaceful angels who were still sleeping on contentedly despite all the chattering from the adults around them. It was amazing what such little babes could do to someone's emotions and heart. He could not even imagine what Alexander must have felt when the twins were born, if even he could feel like this right now.

"Are you sure you don't want to hold him?" Kyle asked Zeres.

"No. Not now." Zeres still declined as he shook his head. "I'm afraid I can't hold them the right way, right now."

"It's fine." Abi said, giggling. "Alex was shaking too when he first held them in his arms."

Alex cleared his throat.

"That wasn't a nervous shake. They were shaking due to happiness." Alex coughed as he gave his excuse. Everyone else just laughed out or snickered at his obvious lie. But no one called him out.

Time passed and Kelly finally started the event.

The twins were finally awake, so Abi and Alex held them as Kelly started the event's first agenda on the itinerary.

And then just as they were about to start with the first game that Kelly prepared, something dark started swirling just next to the stage,  causing everyone, except Alex, to look at the spot with a start.

Instincts had everyone about to move to protect the twins, but then they only saw Alexander grinning. He was too relaxed for it to be something dangerous. Then some of them realized and recognised the familiar power, and that caused them to relax and sit back on their chairs again.

"There he is." Alex tsked playfully. "Being so dramatic as usual, huh. You would think that today's gathering and party was to recognise him as the main event with the way he is sooo unfashionably late and that overboard entrance." Alex complained rather loudly and rolled his eyes before standing up to welcome the latest newcomers.
Chapter 882 Precious friend

Everyone relaxed and leaned back into their seats again when they heard Alexander's rather pissed off yet playful comment. Kai even chuckled a little.

And when they saw Zeke appearing from that dark rippling mass of smoke, they were all about to continue on with what they were initially doing when they suddenly realised that the man was not alone. He had brought a companion along. Zeke?! With a companion?!! That in itself was a total aberration in his usual conduct. Therefore, everyone abandoned their initial thoughts and trained their eyes to see more of the drama unfolding.

The moment his companion stepped out from behind him and stood by his side, time seemed to suddenly halt and come to a standstill. A woman…?! Zeke brought a lady friend with him?!! And their hands were… even entwined together? What in the blue blazes?!!

It was Zeres who got to his feet first, breaking the standstill almost noisily. His eyes were wide with shock as he looked intently at the woman. Apart from Alex, Zeres was the only one in the group that knew Alicia had been with Zeke all these while and that the two could not separate physically.

But he could not say a word. He just stood there, seemingly paralyzed at the sight of the woman that was obviously Alicia. But she…!! Why had she now turned into a... into a… vampire?!

Alex strode over to the newcomers, almost as if he wanted to quickly beat Zeres from being the one on making the first move.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk… That's one dramatic entrance, Zeke." Alex's brows lifted as he poked fun at the man.

Both of them were dressed up properly for the occasion but Zeke's hair was not as perfect as it usually was. And that was saying a lot if it was Ezekiel. The man was never anything less than perfect. Thus, having a slightly messed up hairdo was quite a big deal and Alex looked meaningfully at Zeke.

"We ran into a little bit of trouble on our way here." Zeke responded casually, his way of explaining the matter.

"Really? Whoever that troublemaker was, they must have been one hell of a brazen creature." Alex simply commented, not even bothering to ask about the trouble Zeke was talking about. He knew that it was a dead end for the fools who had thought it wise to look for trouble with this death god. What he was interested in was this death god's companion and he turned his attention towards her instead. "Hello there, Alicia."

When Alicia responded with a small smile and a respectful nod, Alex moved a bit closer to her and bent over to whisper. "I have told Abi about you already. But she still thinks that you're still in spirit form and cannot be touched."

Before Alicia could react to what he had said, Alex had already pulled away and turned back towards his other guests. "Now come on, you two. I guess you both should be punished for being late for one of this century's greatest and most important event." He muttered, of course, knowing that most of the people in attendance here could hear him loud and clear.

It was then that Abi came over to greet them.

"Zeke." She was all smiles as she stood gracefully before the man.

Though she had only recently given birth to twins, her figure had returned to its previous slender and elegant form. In fact, due to her breastfeeding the twins, her bosom was fuller, and the effect only made her look more enchanting. "I'm so glad you could make it." Her tone was warm, welcoming and sincere.

"You know it'd be a very bad idea if I were to decline your husband's invitation." Zeke replied. His tone and facial expression did not show much emotion as always, but Abi stilled laughed. She knew how Zeke was. She could hear him practically rolling his eyes from that dry tone he used.

"I hope he didn't threaten you." Abi laughed but she turned and looked at her husband as a small curl decorated one corner of her lips.

"I know you know he did." Zeke replied flatly.

She only grinned at him unrepentantly, then her attention moved over to the elegant lady who was standing silently next to him. She had noticed their entwined hands and Abi immediately thought of one thing. 'How rare!'

Never once had she seen Zeke voluntarily and willingly holding hands with anyone. Never. Oh my… oh my… has Zeke finally found his destined one? There were times when she and Alex talked late into the night, and Alex had told her about his concerns about this friend of his – Zeke. Alex had wanted Zeke to finally find the one that could make his stone cold heart beat once again. She knew how Alex had really wanted that to happen, and she too had hoped for this miracle to happen from the bottom of her heart. Because no matter how stone faced and stone hearted Zeke might seem to appear, he had been such a dear family and precious friend to the both of them that they only wished him to have the best. And no matter how cruel his methods had been at times when dealing with things, this man had no doubt helped them more times than they could count.

"Hello, I…" Abi's smiled slowly faded. Her eyes suddenly stretching into wide circles as she stared closely and a little rudely at the woman's face. She somehow felt an extremely familiar feeling welling up from deep within, not noticing that her husband who was beside her, grinning in anticipation. She stared until a small gasp escaped her lips and her hands flew to her mouth in disbelief.

Then her eyes suddenly welled up as though she could not help herself.

"A-Alicia?!!" she stammered out. Emotions started to flood her.

"Abi…" Alicia responded slowly, smiling emotionally as her own eyes teared up as well before the two friends crashed together in a tight hug.
Chapter 883 Log

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"Oh, Alicia…!" Abi cried, hugging her friend tight, as though she did not want to let her go.

When Abi heard that Alicia was still with them, she was so overcome with emotion and utter gladness. Alex had told her that Alicia might come for the party, and she was really looking forward to it. But she had never thought that she could actually touch her like this. And not only that, Alicia had also somehow turned into a vampire! She did not know what had happened, but all Abi could care about for the moment was the fact that she was seeing and holding her friend again. And that was all that mattered to her now.

As Abi and Alicia stayed there, being emotional, the rest were still trying to process what they had just seen and heard.

When Alex called the woman 'Alicia', Lilith also stood up while Lucas and Kyle's jaws dropped. Wait… was it the same Alicia? The previous witch queen who was supposed to be dead?!

This shock was just too much for them to process in one go even as they focused their attention on the woman's face and realized that the face indeed belonged to Alicia – albeit it was a little different in some ways. But it did not detract from the general features of how Alicia looked when they had seen her when she was still alive. What in the world had happened? How did Alicia turn into a… into a vampire?!

Lilith glanced over at Zeres. She was suddenly worried for him. He was the one who was most affected by her death back then. And looking at him, she noticed that the man was still unmoving as he kept staring in Alicia's direction. And she could not quite tell what was running through his mind.

After a while, Abi and Alex finally led the couple to their respective table.

But when they reached where everyone was seated, they both halted before them. Alicia's eyes immediately meet Zeres' gaze. She had been worried about Zeres' reaction the most. And she understood because she was a witch. A former queen. And now she had turned into a vampire.

Unbeknownst to Alicia, Zeke's gaze was also focused on no one else but Zeres.

"Zeres…" Alicia spoke first then her gaze fell to Lilith, who like Abi, was now trying to hold back her tears. "Lilith…"

"Alicia," Zeres called her attention back to him. His voice low. He looked like he had a million questions in his eyes but did not know how to voice them out.

But Alicia could tell that he was battling with himself whether he should ask them or not. He was obviously trying his best to consider the event they were there for tonight. They were not the main event.

Alicia smiled reassuringly at them. "You guys can ask me your questions later, okay? For now, we need to focus on this important event." Alicia said calmly. She hoped that everyone would be able to focus on the baby shower, most especially Zeres.

Lilith nodded, taking a deep breath and then flashing her a welcoming smile.

Zeres' facial muscles clenched and unclenched but when he heard a baby's cry, his attention flew towards Abi and Alex approaching them with the twins in their arms.

Abi and Alex unceremoniously stepped in between.

Alex faced Zeres while Abi faced Alicia.

"Zeke already held Alexis when he came to visit us at the hospital preciously. So you're now the only one who have yet to hold my son, Zeres. Now you sit there like a good boy and hold your nephew." Alex demanded, not allowing Zeres to refuse it.

Zeres immediately looked a flustered as he looked at Alex, then at Alexis and back at the baby's father.

"Wait Alex, I don't know how to –" Zeres' slightly panicky tone caused Alex to smirk.

"I said, just sit there." Alex insisted and Alexis' cry seemed to made Zeres even more nervous.

"I think he doesn't want to be held by me. Look… he's crying." Zeres sounded even more panicky as he lowered himself slowly and reluctantly to the chair.

"Kai. Come over and help me out with this guy's stiff arms." Alex sought for help and the two males started hovering over the still flustered Zeres.

Somehow, this had turned the atmosphere back to being cheery and blissful again. The sight of Zeres looking really troubled had everyone laughing and cheering up for him.

"I said relax, didn't you hear me?! Seriously, Alexis might end up thinking that a log is holding him!" Alex's voice was loud as he playfully insulted Zeres and the person who was insulted could not help but retort back.

"Stop being so loud, Alexander! What can I do if holding a baby makes me this nervous?!" Zeres complained.

Lucas laughed out loud, causing everyone to look over at him. The men were all serious except for Lucas, while the ladies were silently giggling at this chaotic scene before them.

"I can't believe you are worse than Zeke."

"I don't think I am. If I am a log, then I am pretty sure Kiel would be steel then!" Zeres retorted again.

"Abigail," Zeke's voice echoed out in a challenging tone. "Give Alice to me."

Zeres and everyone else looked over to Ezekiel.

"Sure." Abi said when Alex suddenly butted in.

"Wait a moment! You go and sit first! I don't trust you holding my princess while standing, Zeke." Alex ran over like a nervous mother hen.

Zeke tsked. "Stop being so dramatic, Alex." he said but he was already sitting on the chair right beside Zeres. Of course, taking Alicia with him.

When Abi placed Alice in his arms, Zeres turned over his shoulder and the sight of Zeke being calm had him taking a deep breath.

Once his heartbeat somehow settled, Alexis miraculously stopped crying.

"Oh… he stopped crying!" he said, his voice sounded excited and even proud of himself that everyone could not help but chuckle. "This means he likes me, right?" there was bright flash in his eyes that had everyone smiling again

"Of course, he will like you. You're his uncle after all." Alex lifted a brow, grinning. Happy that for the moment, Zeres did not seem to care about anything else but the bundle of joy in his arms.

Meanwhile, while  Zeres was busy with Alexis, all eyes were glancing at the couple at the back.

"You want to hold her…??" Zeke asked quietly and Alicia who was obviously dying to hold the baby nodded her head like a rattle. "Alright. But first, we need to do something to free both your hands."

"Oh, right. How are we going to do that?"

Without using his hands, Zeke removed his shoes then asked Alicia to pull the sock of his feet.

Once Alicia was finished, he spoke again. "Now put your feet over mine. Don't ever forget to keep contact and pull away, okay?" He warned and Alicia simply nodded as she immediately did what he told her. Her attention was fully focused on the baby that she seemed to not mind doing anything and everything just so she could hold Alice in her arms.

Zeke then let go of her hand and stood, before slowly placing the baby in Alicia's arms as their bare feet connected.

At that point, everyone who was standing there looking on were acting like they have been struck by lightning. What did they just see??!!
Chapter 884 Game

The party finally resumed after so many hiccups and interruptions.

Butler Charles and a female maid took over the stage, so Kelly and Abi can be with their husbands. Also, that way, they would be able to join in the games that were prepared for the guests.

The first game finally started with the giving of instructions from Butler Charles.

The maids distributed a sheet of paper and pen to all the ladies. The rule was that the ladies needed to write the things that their partner will whisper to them. Of course, they had put on headphones – with music playing and a special magic cast to counter the vampire's superb hearing abilities of course – on the male's ears to avoid overhearing what the others are saying.

"Cheating on the part of the ladies will result in an instant loss, okay, ladies? You should only write what your partner will say. Each couple will have a maid right behind you guys to be on the watch. Like we announced a while ago, the winner will have a prize and loser pair will be punished. The details on the punishments will be revealed later." Charles announced with much fanfare. "Alright… at the count of three, the males will need to tell their partners as many things they know of what a baby need. Three, two, one… and start!"

Lucas and Lilith's bodyguard named Mia were one of the most relaxed ones because well, surprisingly, the ginger-head was not even having hard time at all. In fact, he was even grinning as he spouted all those things with such ease, that Mia wondered to herself if the vampire was actually a father himself!

Kelly and Kai on the other hand, were having a bit of a hard time as Kai was struggling to find the right words or the name of those baby things. Kelly's eyes were large as she tried her best to encourage her husband to say more. She was smiling in disbelief as she did not know that this man of hers would actually end up having a hard time with this topic. "Come on, baby, you can do it. This number of things are still too little. Think of more." She pointed to her list on the paper and kept on encouraging him.

The next pair, Kyle and Lilith however, looked like they were in a massive pinch. Lilith knew a lot about this topic, while Kyle was completely clueless. One hundred percent blank. He did not even seem to know that little sucker like thing you put into the baby's mouth to calm them down was called a pacifier. "Is this… really all that you know, Kyle? I mean… come on! You should at least know more than five items that are related to baby needs right??" Lilith exclaimed rather exasperatedly as he watched her lips, lipreading what she was trying to tell him.

"Haah!! This is pretty easy!" Alex on the other hand, was all smug and showing off as he looked down at the long list of materials Abi had listed. "It's already set on who's the winner here. Now I can't wait to see who's going to be punished. I'm guessing it should be Zeke." He announced loudly and chuckled. Abi could only discreetly pinch her cheeky husband in his side, wordlessly telling him to shut it.

The next pair, Iryz and Zeres were pretty much an exact copy of Lilith and Kyle. Only that Iryz was not as frustrated as Lilith was, since she too, struggled to think of all the things that were related to babies and their needs. She was pressing her lips together tightly though, trying hard not to giggle out loud as she watched Zeres looking like he was in a horrible dilemma and his face twisted in some kind of unknown agony.

Last but not the least pair, Alicia and Zeke were actually completely relaxed. So contrary to what Alex was expecting and imagining, Zeke almost looked like some king who was just spouting out mundane names without a hint of struggle at all while it was Alicia, who was struggling a little as she was trying to keep up with writing down all the listed words, nonstop.

"Aaaand… time's up!" Charles said as he pressed on the air horn, signalling the end of this first challenge and the maid collected the papers and brought it to the stage.

The men removed their headphones. Each one had a different expression decorating their faces. From neutral looking to unbothered to expecting loss to a smug look.

"Our winner is… Ezekiel-Alicia pair. Let's give them an applause!!" Charles announced after the tally was done.

Alex started and shot his gaze over to Zeke. "What?!!!" he literally roared.

Zeke did nothing but shrug and lifted a brow at him.

"Oh, damn it! I forgot that smart ass guy used to work in the hospital!" Alex ran his hands through his hair as everyone clapped and cheered.

A maid approached Alicia and Zeke's table and put a box before them as their reward.

"And the loser is…"

Zeres, Kai and Kyle's faces were pinched and looked as though they were waiting to hear the announcement for their life sentence.

"Kyle-Lilith pair, and Zeres-Iryz pair." Charles announced with a wide grin this time.

Kai immediately looked at Kelly with a shocked face before jumping up and cheering in relief, causing his wife to laugh at his childish actions, while Kyle and Zeres face palmed and groaned out loud.

"Kyle and Zeres are tied." Charles announced. "Please come over to the stage, Kyle and Zeres." Butler Charles had the two stood facing each other.

"Your punishment is… to pick a card. However, the two of you need to pick the same card." Charles stated the rules.

Zeres and Kyle looked up at each other before looking down at the box that held the cards. Then they put their hands simultaneously inside the box. In one try, they both held the same card and gave it to Charles.

Charles opened the card and read the words inside it aloud. "You are going to have to dance with your partner the whole time until the next game is over. P.S. the pair are not allowed to choose the song that they will dance to."

Chapter 885 Punishment

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Zeres and Iryz were brought to a gazebo not too far from the stage. It was surrounded with flowers and… candles. Its four pillars were also decorated with fresh and fragrant flowers and lit up with tiny fairy lights. The whole set up was perfect – as romantic as a pair or lovers would like.

Lilith and Kyle on the other hand, choose the circle that was just next to the gazebo. It was obviously prepared as a back-up just in case there would be two couples who needed to dance there. The circle was also surrounded with beautiful flowers that reacted to the moonlight that was shining down softly. It was also as romantic as the gazebo, if not more. It gave off a wilder feel compared to the gazebo, a feel that was similar to one that was earthy and somehow woodland-ish.

Everyone else were looking at the two pairs as they prepared for a slow, romantic dance.

"How come that is considered as a punishment?" Alex was the first to complain, of course. "Tsk. I should've purposely lost too. Then we could skip this next game and gone off for a romantic dance, just the two of us." He added enviously, holding Abi's hand and kissing her knuckles lovingly.

As Charles started the second game for the remaining couples, a soft music finally started echoing in the gazebo.

A slow song echoed out and since the two witches were asked to use magic to control the noise from the stage, there were no more background noise.

Suddenly, they felt like they were in their own world.

"I never danced before." Zeres said, a bit stiff. "Do you know how to dance?"

"I do. I've practiced before, for our play back at school. Don't worry, it's a slow song so it's not really that hard at all. I'll show you how, alright?" Iryz beamed at him. She was relaxed now. Somehow, being alone with him felt much better for her because the presence of the others in their group really was a bit too overwhelming for her. After all, this was her first time meeting such mighty and immortal creatures. Zeres' presence with her alone was just something she had already gotten used to, and she finally felt her stiff muscles relaxing now that they were some distance away from those powerful people. Not that Zeres was not one of them though. But still… He was somehow different.

"Put your hand here. No, don't grip so hard, just relax… our feet should move like this… oops… ouch!"

"I'm so sorry…" Zeres quickly apologised as a faint dusting of red coloured his high cheekbones.

"No, it's fine." Iryz could not help but chuckle as she continued instructing him, ignoring his blush and pretending as though she had not seen it. Until Zeres began laughing at himself too – at how clumsy his feet were.

"Damn. I didn't know I am so bad at this. I hope those guys aren't laughing at me by now." Zeres muttered lowly, but Iryz heard it anyway and she laughed softly.

"They're busy with the current game. So you don't have to worry." Iryz told him as she winked.

"That's good then. Tell me if I'm doing it right this time, Iryz."

"Much better. Now let's move in sync with the music. Yeah, just like that… Just take it easy and sway to the beat." Iryz was patient and her instructions were neither rushed nor too slow.

Iryz took the lead and soon the two of them finally found the right rhythm. They also stopped laughing softly at their own expense and were now staring into each other's eyes as they danced and swayed to the beautiful music.

"I hope… you're enjoying yourself here, Iryz." Zeres said in a soft voice.

"I am. Well… I had to admit that I was nervous as hell earlier, but your friends seemed to be really such amazing people. Seeing you holding a baby also made this totally worth it! I've never seen you so flustered and happy like that." Iryz replied with a chuckle as she remembered the picture of Zeres so awkward in holding a baby. Though she really felt out of place for some time there, she had already prepared herself for that possibility. It was just natural to be feeling that way when meeting with a group of strangers for the first time.

His ears seemed to redden. "I… I didn't expect it. I didn't know that holding a baby could give one such a warm and fuzzy feeling inside."

Iryz smiled, her green eyes gleaming against the lights that were around them that Zeres suddenly could not bear to look away from them.

Outside the gazebo. The other couple in comparison, did not have any problems at all with their dancing skills as they were both quite experienced in this matter, most especially Kyle as he is the youngest prince of the vampire kingdom. It was a given that he would be trained from young to know how to hold his own in a dance.

Unlike Zeres and Iryz, the two immediately started dancing the instant the music started.

Neither of them spoke. They just danced. Stared at each other in the eyes, felt the texture of each other's palm on palm, listened to each other's breathing and heartbeats.

Unlike the blissful and warm atmosphere between Zeres and Iryz, there was heaviness, pent up emotions, and questions hanging between these two. And yet, they both remained silent for a long time until Kyle finally could no longer hold it in and broke the silence abruptly.

"I want to speak with you once the party's over, Lilith." He whispered to her ear. "Just the two of us. Please."

It took Lilith a while to respond.

"Okay." She said and their slow dance continued.

On the stage.

The second game was finally done. The winner this time was Lucas and Mia. And the loser was, unexpectedly, Zeke and Alicia.

Alex had his brows raised. Even Kai and Lucas looked like they were in complete disbelief that Zeke had actually lost. The perfectionist had lost?! Was the world ending?? There was only one thing in their minds. Zeke must have had lost on purpose. This guy! Can he not be that obvious?! Oh damn, who the hell is this guy? Could it be a changeling?! Is this really Zeke, thought Kai and Lucas.

Alex tsked playfully as he muttered. "Darn, and I tried so hard to lose so we could get a romantic punishment too."

But the moment he heard what Charles said, not only Alex seemed to be struck by lightning, Zeke too, had gone completely catatonic as he stood there on the stage.

"The male partner must sing a song for his female partner." Charles announced.