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Chapter 886 Memorabilia

Alex's shoulders were trembling mightily, trying his utmost best to hold in his laughter that was really almost about to explode out of him. He had not been expecting that at all! And looking at Zeke's reaction right now, he just could not help himself but laugh at Zeke's expense. He had the opportunity to hear Zeke play some instruments before. The damn guy was actually a genius with instrument as well. But he had never heard Zeke sang in their many long years of knowing each other. Never. Ever.

And that was why he just could not wait for this next show to begin. Oh, what an exciting night! He was almost rubbing his two hands together like a perverted old man, chuckling out in glee in anticipation of Zeke's singing.

Leaning over to Abi, Alex's whispered. "Where is our phone, darling?" he asked, eyes twinkling mischievously as an extremely wide grin was plastered across his face.

One glance at her husband and Abi already knew what this man was planning to do. It was literally written all over his face. But she only chuckled at him and answered, "It's in my bag." She said and Alex immediately called for one of the maids and told her to bring Abi's bag over to him.

Meanwhile, on the stage, Zeke was still standing there, unmoving as he stared down rather aggrievedly at the card that Charles had handed over to him. Alicia had pressed her lips hard together as she looked on at how Zeke was behaving and trying her best to stifle the laugh that was bubbling up her throat.

She could tell that the punishment had shocked the hell out of him. Though his expression remained somewhat blank, that stillness said it all. He might as well be voicing out his utmost disapproval to the world. And despite the fact that she knew he was probably suffering a mental breakdown secretly right this very moment, Alicia was just too excited with this punishment. It was truly unexpected, and she was dying to hear what Zeke's singing voice sounded like. This guy was just so good and too perfect in everything that he did that it seemed as though that there is nothing that he did not know. But what about singing…? This is a really exciting moment for her.

Brimming with excitement, Alicia squeezed Zeke's hand as she smiled happily at the butler. Her eyes were almost screaming out the words 'I just can't wait for it to start!'.

"Alright, before we give Prince Ezekiel a moment or two to prepare, let's call back the two couples having their romantic dance over there, to come over for the remaining part of their punishment." Butler Charles announced into the microphone.

The couples who were now wrapped in an invisible pinkish air all over as the last sweet song ended had their bubbles popped rather rudely at Butler Charles' announcement. Their heads snapped to look back towards the stage, while their eyes all had the same question reflected in them. 'What? It's not over yet?! What remaining part of the punishment are you talking about?!'

Zeres, Kyle, Lilith and Iryz could only sigh in their hearts and moved back towards to stage obediently. The romantic mood that was cultivated from the dance was almost all but dispelled at the announcement.

They arrived and stood below the stage, waiting for the following instructions from Butler Charles. "There's still more? But in the card, it only said dancing." Kyle voiced a mild complain, curious at how the hosts were going to twist this to their advantage.

"Well, my prince. That slow dance was actually a warm-up for you all and this now, is the real punishment that we are getting to. Don't worry, it's still a dance." The butler replied with a conspiring wink, causing both the couples to look at him in speechlessness.

"Oh, just to inform you, this segment of the punishment would be recorded for our precious twins to watch it once they're a little bit older. That is so they have a memorabilia to know that their full month celebration had been celebrated by so many who loves them!"

What?!! The four of them had shocked expressions, most especially for Zeres and Kyle.

"Okay, get ready. Everyone, let watch their punishment." The butler announced with a flourish and the moment the music started, the four on the stage all stood there, paralyzed as they listened to what seemed to be the chicken dance song.

Laughter erupted from the audience.

"W-wait a moment… we don't know this dance at all." Kyle protested.

"You can dance according to the tune however you like it, my prince. Just as long as you all imitate how a chicken would dance. Also, please be serious because the music will only stop if all of you will take it seriously."

"Oh, goodness…"

"Umm… I actually know this dance." Iryz stepped forward a little shyly. "It's like this."

Iryz began to show them the steps to the dance and the other three had their jaws dropping to the floor.

"It's pretty easy… right?" Iryz encouraged them though she herself was blushing hard. But when she looked up and saw three pairs of incredulous looking faces staring back at her, she could only laugh sheepishly and scratch at her nose.

Lilith was the one who took a deep breath before looking over at Zeres and Kyle before seriously saying, "Let's be serious with it and just do it the way Iryz had shown us. Or else this won't end anytime soon." Though after saying that, she sighed heavily and still looked a little lost.

"You all can follow my lead... if you don't mind." Iryz offered after a short while of teaching them the moves.

Seeing that they were all about ready, Charles restarted the music and the four started dancing. For the first step when everyone was to use their hands to imitate the opening and closing of a chicken beak four times was not too bad. The second part, they were supposed to flap their elbows four times as well, as though they were chicken wings – this part, the girls were fine with it. But Kyle was a little shy so while he flapped his 'wings', his face was burning red. But Zeres just could not get the coordination of that movement, causing massive laughter from the rest because when his elbows flapped out, his fists somehow flapped in, and vice versa, causing more raucous laughter to burst out. By the time they got to the last step where they were supposed to clap their hands four times, Zeres was just so out of it that he could not even coordinate himself to clap.

The audience were laughing frantically, holding their stomachs in pain and some were even wiping off tears, as they watched the four of them dancing awkwardly as their faces were red in embarrassment, most especially for Zeres and Kyle who looked like they wanted nothing but to run and bolt the second they were able to. Both were wondering what on earth had they just gotten themselves into. They did not sign up for this! Damn it!

"Haha. Who thought of this?" Alex was laughing hard, holding his stomach and almost doubled over.

"Butler Charles." Abi whispered. "He'd asked me first if Zeke would be coming. And when I said yes, he gave us this idea."

Alex glanced at his old butler and gave him a big good-job, thumbs-up sign. It seemed that Charles immediately realized it was now possible to trick Zeke. "So, he came up with all that romantic dance punishment just to lure Zeke into losing? Haha. What a sly old man. I love it!!"

Chapter 887 Interlude

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Finally, Butler Charles deemed it sufficient after the four had gone through the chicken dance for three rounds. Then he called for the music to be stopped to the utmost relief of Zeres and Kyle. Though the girls were embarrassed as well, but they did not take it too much too heart.

Once the two pairs returned to their seats with burning faces, Zeres and Kyle immediately asked for water. It was as though they had just come back from a strange and embarrassing battle.

They somehow found themselves laughing at themselves midway as they danced, but now that the fun was over, the embarrassment from the knowledge that they had actually danced like that did not cease to make their faces blaze as hot as when they were on stage, if not hotter.

Kyle had never imagined himself having to dance to such a song like that. If that could even be called a dance! Oh, goodness… he was afraid that this had just become a historic moment in his life. The good thing was that Lilith had danced along with him too!

"I didn't know you could dance so amazingly like that." Alex was grinning like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland as he draped his arm around Zeres, teasing him mercilessly.

"Shut up, Alexander." Zeres rubbed his face in embarrassment as he rolled his shoulders, trying to dislodge an annoyingly large bug called Alexander.

"I'm expecting you to teach your nephew and niece that dance in the near future, okay?" Alex whispered before he walked over to his wife, leaving Zeres sitting there open-mouthed in disbelief at first but his expression eventually changed and he laughed quietly at himself, shaking his head wryly.

He faced Iryz and leaned a bit closer to her to whisper. "Did you hear that? I might hire you to be the twin's dance teacher one of these days." No way was he going to endure this embarrassment all on his own. As people always say, misery loves company, right? Then he grinned naughtily at Iryz.

Iryz just laughed at his comment. She did not think it was such a bad thing to do that dance again. After all, it was quite fun in her opinion.

"Alright. Now let's move on to the next event." Butler Charles announced.

Two chairs were now facing each other on the stage.

Zeke led Alicia there and had her sit down first before he sat on his own.

There was nothing but seriousness on Zeke's face. But that was what made the scene even more funny, in Alex's opinion of course, as he was the one enjoying his friend's discomfort and embarrassment.

"I wonder what he'll be singing." Abi whispered to Alex. She too could not help but be curious and interested in knowing how this crown prince of the vampires would sound like singing.

"I don't know but…" Alex lowered his voice even more. "Zeke can't sing." Before coughing out a couple of times, in an attempt to mask his laugh.

Abi looked surprised as she widened her eyes at her husband. "Really? Are you sure?"

"I am sure. I have never heard him sing before. Because he just don't sing." Alex looked pretty certain, so Abi could not help but feel surprised. She had already expected that as always, Zeke would also sing perfectly – as how he does everything perfectly. That guy was just too perfect in everything that he does that it was more unbelievable for them if there was something he could not actually do.

"I think… he might be hiding his talent from you? It's hard to believe that Zeke does not have a talent in singing too." Abi said somewhat skeptically as she pursed her lips while looking at her husband's over-confident look.

Alex smirked at his wife. "Why don't we make a bet, my wife? If you lose…" he whispered something naughty that caused Abi to blush and give him a smack on his shoulder.

"And if you lose?" she retorted, and Alex whispered what must be another naughty thing into her ears as it had Abi looking fired up.

Soon, a maid brought a guitar over and handed it to Zeke.

By then, Zeke and Alicia's feet were now connected. Alex had actually already explained that there was a reason why the two cannot break skin contact a while ago. He did not give any details as to why though, but the others were discreet enough to know not to probe too much into it.

Zeke holding a guitar was… a never been seen before scene. Even Kai, Lucas and Kyle were amazed looking at him with a guitar in his hands.

Alicia could never have even imagined it in her wildest dreams. That this man could actually play a guitar! Was there anything that he did not know how to do?!

He tested the strings, adjusting them. He was quiet and so serious. He did not say a single word since he had read that card. Alicia could not help but wonder if this was Ezekiel being nervous. But then, his heartbeat was as steady and as calm as always! So she could not quite place his current mood and what it meant.

It was really hard for her to read him if they were among other people. It seemed as though the only time where she could easily read him was when they were together, alone.

Finally, he seemed satisfied with his fine tuning now as he finally lifted his gaze and meet Alicia's eyes.

Suddenly, Alicia felt her heart skipped a beat and she did not know why.

A slow, plucking sound started echoing as he kept his gaze on hers. Never once looking down at the strings of the guitar.

The atmosphere seemed to suddenly shift. And slowly, everyone else seemed to disappear. It was as if it were only the two of them that was left in the world.

The plucking sounds of the guitar echoed beautifully in the air. He had not even started singing yet, but the interlude was already so good. The soft music was romantic and peaceful and sweet… the kind of music only makes one feel a deep nostalgia.

The audience even could not help but fall utterly silent as they listened to his playing. There seemed to be something in the way Zeke played that enraptured everyone who listened. The sound was just so heartfelt, so unlike his not so expressive expressions.

Alicia felt like Zeke had been skipping the first verses and turned them into plucking instead.

He continued with the beautiful plucking that no one could actually complain, even they knew he should be singing. Alex thought that he would make a complain once the song was over and perhaps make Zeke repeat his singing the song from start to finish.

But just as when everyone thought Zeke did not have any plans on singing the lyrics out loud, a deep, cello-like voice came out.

"I don't know when it began but i think i'd  loved you then

Before i even realize and understand

I tried my best to stay away

Strengthen my walls around me

But you set everything on fire

Put life in my eyes

And now i don't want to go

No, i dont want to go"

Chapter 888 Unmistakable

The atmosphere had a sudden and complete 360 degrees turn upon hearing Zeke's voice sounding from the speakers.

From all the laughing the chicken dance had caused to a heartwarmingly melancholic and romantic mood, it was really an unexpected occurrence. No, they could not quite explain it, but there was something completely different in this moment. Something that had made them want to smile and cry all at the same time.

Somehow, they just could tell that this was not all because of Zeke's no-so-surprisingly great voice that had caused goosebumps all over their arms.

"Geez… I can't believe this…" Alex was smiling wryly in disbelief as he leaned against Abi and gently pressed her head against his shoulder. "That guy just stole your confession idea. You want me to scold him later?" he whispered before planting a kiss on Abi's hair and she chuckled at that.

Abi looked up and when their eyes met, Abi realized Alex remembered it too. That time when she confessed to him. And it made her feel even more emotional as she thought of how far they had come since then. And now, here they were, even able to celebrate their twin's arrival with their closest friends.

"That idea isn't mine to begin with, Alex. I bet countless people have confessed their feelings to their significant other through songs since the beginning of time." she pinched him playfully.

"Well…" Alex kissed Abi's head again. "I guess Zeke really has such an amazing taste regarding this matter at least. He's doing such a great job… that little bastard." Alex could not quite help but complain about him. But it was done good-naturedly and with a smile.

"He is… I honestly am so happy for him… for them." Abi smiled, returning her gaze towards the couple. One glance and she already knew – even before Zeke had yet to sing single verse. "I'm so glad your wish is finally happening, Alex."

Alex laughed silently. "It happened so much earlier than I've ever thought it would, though. Ah… the things love can do..." he remarked with a face as though he was an old and extremely experienced wise man.

Abi giggled quietly as well.

Her gaze then turned to and focused on Alicia and her heart swelled. She had never seen either of them looking like that before – so happy, satisfied and so very much in love with the other. Never. So silently, Abi prayed that they both will overcome every challenges that comes their way and be together forever, just like her and Alex. They truly deserve to have their very own happily ever after as well.

On the other table, Lilith and Kyle had their full attention locked onto the couple on the stage. They looked pretty calm on the outside but under the table, Lilith was clenching her fists in her skirt while Kyle had his one fist balled into a tight grip. However, it was not because of anger, nor frustration. They just did not even actually realize they were doing it.

Kyle's eyes were fixed onto Zeke. He had never… ever seen his older brother do anything so human like this. Never imagined or dreamt about it. He had never seen him look at anyone like that as well. Zeke's eyes were never that bright and alive before.

The same thought was in Kai and Lucas' mind at the moment too. Was this still the same Ezekiel that they had known all this time?

Kai who was gripping Kelly's hand, was rubbing his thumb in circular motions over her palm while he had his gaze glued onto Zeke as well. This was a shock of lifetime for him. And apparently not just him, but he was pretty sure the same was the case for everyone else who had known Zeke for so long.

It was not that they did not believe in love. But they just thought that Zeke was someone even love could not conquer. And yet here he was, serenading a woman in front of everyone like this. Only a blind person would think that this was nothing but a simple song dedication. No, even a blind person could tell if they heard his song, the unmistakable traces of emotion lacing his voice.

It was that hard to believe that none of them could even find a word to say. Right now, they were witnessing a Zeke that they had never ever seen before.

In Iryz and Zeres' table, the atmosphere was as silent as the others. Iryz slowly looked over at Zeres, wanting to see how he was taking it. She knew now that the lady on the stage was Alicia. The woman whom she had thought was Zeres' lover. The one he had been desperately trying to save.

Watching the romantic and heartfelt show on the stage, Iryz could already tell what was going on between those two. Alicia was definitely in love with that man.

Despite all the things Zeres had confessed to her, she was curious to see Zeres' reaction to this. But at that moment, he was not showing any emotions that were strong enough for anyone to read what he was feeling at the moment. She wondered what was it that was running through his mind right now.

To her surprise, he noticed her gaze and turned to face her. Their eyes met and Iryz flushed at being caught red-handed in spying on him. It seemed that she had stared too much!

She forced a quick and sheepish smile before turning her attention back to the stage when he suddenly stretched his hand over to her. She noticed that he had offered her his open palms.

Blinking a couple of times, Iryz slowly put her hand onto his.

Curious what he was going to do, she looked up at him again and saw that his attention was back to the stage. However, he… his hand closed warmly around hers before he suddenly started pressing and rubbing on certain spots on her hand. He was massaging her hand with his fingers!


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Chapter 889 Centuries-old ice berg

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On the stage, Alicia could see nothing but him. She could hear nothing but his voice singing those beautiful words and his guitar's melodious plucking sounds.

The world had faded away and ceased to exist as she watched him sing to her. Listening to that voice that was now touching her very soul, reaching the deepest chambers of her heart, sparing nothing, she was effortlessly intoxicated by this spell that was his song.

She had never expected this. She knew she would have loved his voice even if he ended up being bad at it. But this man just had to open his lips and with that, he had her completely and helplessly floored. And the bad thing is, that was just his voice!

The moment she heard the lyrics of his song, her entire being was then utterly enthralled by him. Her heart was beating like crazy and felt like it was about to beat its way out of control and out of her chest cavity as he continued his singing, his magnetic grey eyes still holding her gaze steadily.

"I don't know what to do

I'm just so in love with you"

And it could not help but burst. Those lines just made her heart burst into an outbreak of flames. Flames that were consuming her heart and mind only for him and him alone.

His grey eyes that were staring into hers were vulnerable, clear, raw…

He was opening up his very person to her without reservation. Almost as if he was begging her to see right through his very soul. For her to truly understand him through and through, and still accept him for who he is and love him no matter what. He literally bared his soul to her.

Tears had already pooled in her eyes, and she did not even realize it as her vampire vision stayed clear despite the tears.

"I want to love you for eternity"

He dropped his gaze and looked at his fingers that were dancing on the guitar's strings. Beads of sweat were now covering his forehead. His raven black hair hanging over his forehead in an attractive mess.

Then he lifted his eyes and met hers again. Seeing the quiet tears streaming down her cheeks. And realizing that she did not know she was even crying. Crying for him. Crying because of him.

"Here I am, singing this song for you in front of everyone"

A flash of a smile tugged at his lips as he sang that line. But that smile was fleeting because all too soon, deep lines appeared between his brows when he sang these last lines.

"I don't want to go

No, I don't want to go"

And when the outro ended, a deafening silence followed.

The audience were silent. Alicia was immobile, just staring at him, not quite recognizing that the song had ended.

No one broke the silence for a long while until Zeke moved the guitar, leaned it on the guitar stand and reached out for her. He lifted his hand and wiped away her tears that were still tracking down her cheeks gently with his thumb and said, "Now I understand why I don't like singing at all. Turns out that my voice makes people cry." He said jokingly, humor clearly evident in his voice.

Suddenly, Alicia threw herself into his arms. She then hugged him tightly, burying her face into his sturdy chest as she silently cried and gripped him even harder. She had obviously and totally forgotten that they were not alone and that they were still on the stage, having this lovely display right in front of their closest friends.

Zeke on the other hand was surprised for a moment. And the moment he put his hand around her and started rubbing her back in soothing circles, the sound of clapping hands slowly echoed one after another.

Zeke stilled his movements. Lifting his gaze, he saw everyone now standing, giving him a standing ovation.

"Phewitt!!!" Alex whistled and Lucas followed suit.

Now the silence was completely replaced with the loud clapping of the onlookers and happy celebratory noises. Zeke swept his gaze across everyone's faces. They were grinning from ear to ear. Eyes were bright and even twinkling. Alex had the widest smile, genuinely happy and proud, but at the same time seemingly promising some mischief later on.

Kai and Lucas looked so happy and relieved. Kyle looked… like he was still in disbelief but genuinely happy as well for his brother's new love. And Zeres. He wore a small smile, and there was acceptance and approval brimming in his eyes.

'I am taking back my words, Kiel. You were not iron-hearted all along.' he whispered very softly to Zeke in his mind and as if Zeke had heard that faint voice, he replied with a 'No, you weren't wrong. You were very right in fact, Zeres. I was iron-hearted.'

Then of course, Alex had to butt in. 'Because even iron gets melted with the correct temperature and right amount of fire, right?' A smirk could be heard from his voice. 'Now tell me Zeke, I'm interested to know. How does it feel, for a centuries-old iceberg like yourself, to be melted down and burned? Must really feel like heaven, am I right?' then he guffawed out loudly, pleased with his 'observation'.

Zeke ignored Alex and returned his attention back to Alicia because he felt her stiffening when Charles got back onto the stage again and spoke. She must have realized that they were still in public and was starting to get uncomfortable and embarrassed with her earlier reactions.

"You feeling okay?" Zeke whispered into her ears, only allowing her to hear him. "Do you need me to take you to the bathroom for a moment?"

"Y-yes, please." She immediately replied nodding her head but never moving to lift her now red as a ripe tomato face. However, Zeke could see the tips of her ears that were burning red and the heat that was emanating from her face that was plastered onto his chest still. He only chuckled at her within his own mind, but nothing showed outwardly.

"Alicia needs a moment to herself. We'll be back in a bit." Zeke informed Charles and then the duo disappeared into a wisp of smoke.

Chapter 890 Later

Everyone took their seats after watching Zeke and Alicia disappear in a puff of smoke from the stage. Not a single person there could be found not smiling. It was a heartwarming scene that they knew they were privileged to have a glimpse into, and everyone was happy for the both of them.

Butler Charles had called for the maids to bring in the food for the guests to feast on for the night. As the maids were doing their jobs, the men meanwhile, had gathered around one table while the ladies naturally crowded around the twins.

The men were laughing and were in good spirits as they talked about Zeke. Though it was generally Alex and Kai who did most of the talking.

"Honestly, I had not seen that one coming. At all!" Kai was shaking his head as he placed his wine glass on the table.

"I can assure you, everyone did not. Well, except for me, of course." Alex said cheekily and proudly before raising his own wine glass in a toast.

"Yeah, yeah…" the men could only smirk as well. Not even trying to fight Alex's cheekiness anymore. No one can outdo him when it comes to being shameless. In fact, he might be the one who invented the term shameless.

"Are we going to make him talk later, Alex?" Kai asked, his face now somewhat serious. "I believe everyone wants to know what happened or what had gone on. I've heard the news about the issue between him and the vampires. Or was it just me who is in the dark and not know anything?"

"You're not the only one, brother." Kyle finally spoke, his tone wry as he too, admitted that he was in the dark about things that are going on. "I knew nothing at all. I don't even know how or when had he gotten together with Alicia."

The group of men went silent as they looked at the youngest in their circle.

"Well, you were at a human school, Your Highness." Lucas patted the prince's back, trying to comfort him.

Kyle let out a deep sigh. "That song he just sung… I don't know about anyone else, but those lyrics weren't just some simple lyrics, were they? If my gut feeling is right, what did he mean by those words in that last line? That he didn't want to go? Was brother planning on going somewhere?" Kyle could no longer hold back and asked the question that was bothering him the most.

Another silence hung over them. No one spoke, so Kai lifted his gaze towards Alex. He wanted Alex to at least say something for Kyle's sake. Alex definitely knows what was going on.

Kyle was young and Kai thought that at his age, there was a big chance that he might fight back and try to be rebellious. And this issue would only trigger it.

"Yes, he's planning to." Alex finally spoke. He had of course understood Kai's worries. This was not the time for Kyle to turn rebellious. Though he could still go through that stage of his life sooner or later, Alex would prefer if the trigger was not Zeke. Or at least not now.

Because he could already imagine what a pain in the ass Kyle might be if that happens. This boy had been the most well behaved and kindest prince among all of the Reigns princes. Alex could definitely attest to that. Kyle was just pure at heart to begin with, but that was also the biggest reason why he could be a major trouble once he started to become a problem himself. He had known how dangerous kind people actually were if they ended up being pushed past their limit.

"He's planning to leave Alicia?" Kyle asked again, eyes wide. He could not believe his brother would do such a thing.

"Not just Alicia. All of us." Alex corrected in a somber tone, causing the young man to go still in utter shock.

The seriousness in Alexander's gaze as he said those words had him unable to react for some time. Kyle had thought that song was for Alicia alone. That he might go somewhere and leave Alicia after… after she had turned into a vampire like that. It angered him because he could feel that his brother was finally in love. He finally found the love that had seemed to elude him for such a long time. Alicia was now an important part of him. He did not know what had happened. Or how and why did Alicia managed to turn into a vampire. But he knew that no one else could make such an impossible thing to happen, other than Zeke.

He believed that Zeke was the one who turned her. And now he was singing such a song like he was planning to just up and leave her? It made him want to run over and confront Zeke so bad. He wanted his brother to tell him that those words were just an out of place lyric in the song.

But now that he was hearing all this from Alexander's mouth. That he was really planning to leave – and not just Alicia but all of them?!

"And once he leaves, he can never come back." Alex added softly but everyone heard it loud and clear. The atmosphere suddenly turned completely heavy. Mainly it was caused by Kai and Kyle's auras that had been suddenly unleashed.

"W-what do you mean? Where in the world is he going that he can never come back?" Kyle could not help but stammer. Now there was a really bad feeling that was building in his heart.

He could not help but think about all the preparations Zeke had made him go through lately. He had felt the unusual urgency in his moves. Like he was preparing him for something big. The thought that all those things that he had done was because he was going to leave for good, had his entire being freezing.

"He's part demon, Kyle. You already know that, right?" Alex replied, knowing that that line was enough for Kyle to figure out. "But don't worry… because I think there is still time. Later, I'll make sure that he does not leave after the party so we can talk to him about this matter."