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Chapter 43 < — Damian — > (14)

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Lucia entered the central tower and checked behind her. The Damian who said he would be following shortly was nowhere to be found.

She asked a maid to fetch him and went into the receiving room. She sat down, placed her head on the sofa and closed her eyes. Her head was hurting.

‘I was too complacent. To think it would be a party-break.’

She thought too lightly of the women’s stubborn pride that wouldn’t break even if their neck was snapped. She let her guard down at the fact that the atmosphere here was distinctly different from the one in the capital’s social circles.

She also might have been conceited about the fact that she was a Duchess without even realizing it. Even though she knew that in the high society, one’s reputation and personal connection accumulated over the years was much more important that status, she had foolishly overlooked it.

‘From the first time I saw that woman, I didn’t really like her.’

Lucia was deeply impressed by the character of Countess Corzan, the godmother of the northern high society so she had high expectations before meeting the Countess of Wales, whose influence was much greater. However, her expectations quickly turned into disappointment.

In Lucia’s eyes, the countess of Wales that was invited to her tea party a couple of times was like a snake in human skin.

It was mistake to just smile in the past because she wanted to avoid unnecessary confrontation. Because now, the countess took her to be a joke and led this kind of thing.

‘Although I knew it wouldn’t be easy.’

Which is why she’d asked Kate to definitely bring the Countess of Corzan if possible. She wanted to have a safety shield. There was no way the countess wouldn’t know how to build up a frontal confrontation when faced with a party break. Her mistake of not being careful was painful.

‘Is Countess Wales wrathful because of her extramarital issues?’

It would be too shallow to just see it as a crafty high society greeting. If she particularly wanted to humiliate Lucia using the party-break, she had a lot more to lose than to gain from it.

Even if one’s status was not absolute in the high society, status could never be ignored. Moreover, the Duke of Taran’s absolute influence in the north was not inferior to that of the King’s in the capital.

The Countess of Wales wouldn’t have thought to do such a thing if she hadn’t assumed what was in Lucia’s mind and calculated off of that.

One villain recognizes another. No matter how much Lucia observed the behavior of groups in the high society, she did not have a mind twisted enough to grasp the psychology of the people who were capable of scheming and conspiring.

‘A person’s actions can’t be judged with only rationality.’

It was unprecedented that an illegitimate child entered into the family was selected as a candidate. Lucia began to mull over the problem a bit more seriously.

‘If the northern atmosphere is like this then the capital’s must be formidable as well.’

She wondered if he had any idea on how to resolve this issue. Seeing as he didn’t think bringing Damian to social party was a big deal, he may not have any ideas.

‘Damian taking over the title may the beginning of a different flow in the future. That’s probably why people are resistant.’

She was too hasty. She didn’t want to miss this chance since Damian might soon be going back to the Academy. She introduced Damian at the horse riding field and took it lightly because the garden party could not be Damian’s formal social debut.

She opened her eyes and checked around but Damian was still nowhere to be found.

‘Hasn’t it been a while since I asked the maid to get him?’

The headache was making her irritated. She called for another maid.

“Why is it taking so long to fetch the young lord?”

The maid immediately left in haste then returned after a while.

“Milady, the young master did not answer when asked to come in. The one who receive Milady’s order first is by the young master’s side not knowing what to do.”

“What is Damian doing outside?”

“Nothing…just looking at people.”


What could the child be thinking as he watched those people? She had to ask him when he came in.

Lucia closed her eyes again.


At some point, Kate had entered and was sitting next to Lucia, holding her hand. Lucia opened her eyes and seeing Kate, she gave her a smile.

“Thank you for today, Kate.”

“No, I was of no help at all. Don’t be too upset. By all means, just think of it as a rite of passage.”

Kate was worried that Lucia would be overcome with shame because of her broken pride. However, Lucia did not care about things like an organizer’s pride. Even though it was in her dream, she had worked as a nursing maid for a noblewoman. This type of thing wasn’t enough for her pride to feel humiliated.

“It’s okay. And I’m sorry Kate but do you mind going back for today? I have a lot to think about.”

Kate replied that she understood, spoke a few more words of warmth and comfort then left.

Lucia called Jerome who was continuously lingering around.

“Is he in the office?”

“No. An urgent message arrived and master had to head out. There was no definitive reply as to whether master would return today.”

Lucia felt both slightly sad and relieved at the same time.

“I will inform him of today’s matter so don’t tell him directly.”

“Yes, Milady”

“Also, will you call Anna for me?”

The headache was getting worse so she thought to have some medicine. After Jerome went out, Lucia sent all the maids away.

She looked at Damian who had come in some moments ago and beckoned him over.

“Damian, come here.”

Damian approached and went on his knees before Lucia. Lucia sprang up in surprise.

“I’m sorry. Because of me…” (Damian)

The boy did not care how others looked at him. No matter how intense the unfriendly gazes were, they did not cause any direct harm. However, he didn’t want them to send such gazes to Lucia.

Damian didn’t know the high society very well, neither did he know what a party-break was but he knew the earlier situation had humiliated Lucia.

Anger. He felt anger at his weakness. The situation would have turned out completely different if his father was there.

“No, Damian. Why do you have to apologize?”

Lucia felt tears threaten to break out and reach out to lift Damian, taking him into her embrace. Damian said he didn’t like it from the beginning, she was the one that persuaded him and eventually the result was such.

‘I should have gone about it a different way. It would have been okay to introduce him just about when the party was finishing but I was too greedy.’

“I’m sorry, Damian. I didn’t think of you. I didn’t think that you could be hurt and only thought of myself.”

As he liked the nice fragrance and soft feeling of the embrace, Damian was holding his breath and doing his best to stay still. He thought if he moved even a little bit, Lucia would be surprised and move away.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” (Lucia)

“I…It’s all right.”

Damian was really fine. He had completely forgotten about the meaningless gazes of those women that didn’t know anything the moment Lucia said, ‘my son,’ earlier. The words were still replaying in the boy’s head and touched his heart.

“It’s not your fault, Damian. What people do is not your fault. Adults are not all wise.”

Lucia’s voice grew shaky at the end. At the sound of small sobbing, Damian stiffened.

‘Don’t cry because of me,’ the words in head were stuck in his throat, refusing to come out. Little by little, he carefully inched forward, placing his forehead on Lucia’s shoulders.

It was the first time someone cried for the sake of the boy. His throat felt as though it was hot and constricted, and his eyes felt flushed.

It was just a little. But the boy’s eyes were wet.

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< — Damian — > (14)

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I ended up happening unlike what I was worried about. It was not group epidemic but group food poisoning. Both in this weather, infectious disease or food poisoning, it was not uncommon, but the peacock was not in a direct run.

The village lord who floated the pavil and gave the peacock a giggle had a complaint.

“I like candy”

“Yes. Majesty. This mushroom looks like an edible mushroom, but when you eat it looks like a bellyache, pooing, vomiting and a red spot on the whole body. ”

As soon as the doctor who was brought in was familiar with poisoning and poison ivy, he looked at some patients and asked them what they found, and found mushrooms in the rest of the ingredients. In a short time, the problem was resolved in the moment.

The villagers who had never eaten biscuit before (what?) and when the problem was resolved within two hours of the peacock’s appearance, it was wonderful. It was also full of awe in the eye of our peacock,

“If I’m a mushroom near here, Koreans will not know.”

“Yes. Majesty. This mushroom is not a mushroom that lives in the vicinity. We have to climb to the north with more climate. ”

“What is going on?”

“I don’t know, the chapter seems odd.”

“I wonder why?”

“Must be the aggregators again”

Asked by Hugo, the lord was tied up in a pose, and nibbled on the floor, he fell on his face. He was a shop owner who had run a grocery store in the village and supplied the mushrooms.

“Yes, yes. Uh …I am looking for the actual chapter.”

“Enough. The chapter is . I think the translator got tired of spending hours on a chapter and having it stolen.”

“IKR? How rude. ”

The man who watched the situation when the elderly man was running away with a runny nose, said to the duke.

“I think I’ll have to keep track of these thieves, why so many?”

“I have the same question. You’d think they’d at least credit the translator. “

“How ridonkulous.”

I answered with a voice everywhere.

“Translator-san, are you bored? “

The lord apologized with a dark look.

“No. I am actually quite busy”

The look of the lord who was ready to live anger brightened brightly.

“Why don’t I believe you?.”

“Umm…if you’re still reading, chapter is “

There was nothing to see here anymore. Three hours of horseback riding was a bad habit but much better than a plague.

Hugo and Knights left for Roam, leaving a few people to do the rest. The day was getting darker.

It was not far to Roam. Hugo and other knights gathered in a small fountain to celebrate horses and human necks.

Hugo looked at the time. By the time you enter Roam, it will be quite dark.

It is likely that the dinner time will be adjusted or it will be a little later. Hugo called Dean.

“You know the funny thing is aggregators don’t copy my links.”

It is good to arrive before meals, but if you are a little late, you do not want to have a break in the middle of meals during the meal. Dean, who was named, departed a little earlier and after a while Hugo and the knights started running.

I ran without rest and arrived at Roam, and the horse that had loaded Hugo stopped to go inside. One of the servants who found Hugo coming down from the horse ran in amazement, and Jerome leaped out after a while.

“Anyone still reading up till this point must be bored.”

“Or they just like google translate?.”

Jerome followed immediately behind Hugo to the office. After a while, the three brothers, who dedicated themselves to the work, went into the office with clothes for change. Hugo changed their dusty clothes.

“Could be?”

“Do I put the link up again?”

“Nah, just put it at the end of…what ever this is.”

“It’s a chapter”

Hugo went straight to the desk. When I sat in my chair, I had several documents in front of me that looked best. Marked in red on the corner, it is urgent. There was no time to breathe, he muttered and picked up a document.

[Hugo says, “I love you Lucia.”

Lucia says, “I love you Hugh”]

Translator-san, Get your fantasies off this holy ground.

Because of the party, the atmosphere of tolerance was dark all day today. He reminded me of the man who told me to tell him directly,

“I reeeally hope no one is still reading.”

I answered.

“Call me when you’re ready for dinner.”

He sat down halfway around his desk and began to read the papers. Lucia fell asleep with a headache pill and woke up and continued to hang on the sofa.

Even though I woke up to sleep after taking medicine, my headache rarely sunk. Her head was sick and her mood was bad, so Lucia kept crying while lying on the bedroom sofa.

The evening was over and the headache was gone, and the maid informed us of the return of the peacock.

“What? You came in? ”

Lucia thought he would not come in today. Bring the mirror to the housemaid, and my eyes were swollen. If I knew this, I would have to do my pussy.

“Bring a cold towel.”

Lucia was fired as a temporary measure. But time was not enough. It will be announced soon that dinner is over.

“How are you? Is it snowy? ”

“You have fallen more than ever before. At first glance, I do not know. ”

Only during meal time he does not have to know. After dinner, he will go back into the office.

He gets a little busier when he gets out. It is likely to sink soon if you paddle a little more. I did not want to let him know that I cried for nothing.

I went down to the restaurant and Damien was there first. Hugo came in a little late and was seated.

He lifted a spoon and gazed at her naturally. His hair twisted and his hands stopped.

As soon as he put the spoon on the table to be heard, the atmosphere froze coldly. He got up and approached her, embarrassingly looking at herself.

One hand clutching the table, grabbed her jaw with one hand. Her reddish eyes were clearly in his sight.

His eyes darkened as if his eyes were wide open.

“What is it.”

Lucia was conscious of her surroundings and naturally turned her head and dropped her gaze. I did not know he would respond to this. I thought I might ask you something later if you look at it. I was disappointed that I could not even have a room with Damian as well as my employees.

“First you eat …”

He grabbed her chin firmly and pushed his head back to look more closely. Her clear amber eyes were red. Did you cry? Why?


Jerome the super butler shot out knife sharp answers like so:

“At the garden party, your ladies broke the party.”

“Breaking the party?”

“They danced jumba together.”


“…. Master Damian ..”

I did not need to hear more. He grasped the rough situation.

“What did you do to you?”

There was violence in his soft voice.

“Nothing .. do anything …”

They simply rejected the party with silence and a cool look, and did not do anything directly to Lucia. I did not have an unpleasant mind at all, but it was not enough. I was sorry to Damian, and I thought I was already crying because I was so upset. But from the moment he asked why, he was nose.

It was the same as if there were more tears in the room. When he came back, he tried to explain to him what was happening today. By the way, he touched Lucia ‘s tears.

The hugo look of seeing the tears come to a standstill has set in. Hugo pulled her seat back and hugged her in his arms.

As if she had a child, she supported one arm under her thigh and put one hand in her chest as if she were wrapped around her back.

“Go to the second floor and eat on room.”


Damian looked at him worriedly as he saw Lucy embrace the restaurant. I was worried about Lucia, who did not come out of the bedroom almost all day, and Damian heart was also uncomfortable all day long. I hope I can see my mother who smiles well as usual.

Chapter 44 < — Damian — > (15)

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Hugo carried her in a hug as he entered the bedroom and sat on the couch. Lucia buried her face in his wide chest and burst into tears.

Hugo stroked her head as he rhythmically patted her back. Her sobbing did not stop, rather it grew even louder. The crying was not only because of the garden party. Lucie herself did not even know why she was crying so much.

She was just sad, and in the face of his gentle comfort, her tears refused to stop flowing. She hadn’t been able to cry since she entered the palace at the age of 12 and crying so much now was as though she was washing all that away.

Hugo gently stroked her back without saying a word however he was seething inside. Even though she seemed weak, he knew just how strong of a person she was. What in the world could have happen for her to cry like this?

Those wives that have nothing to do with their time must have lost their minds. To his woman that was too precious to even touch, they dare? He will make them regret it. His deep rage was continuously increasing.

After a long period of time, Lucia leaned forward in his arms and her crying was starting to come to an end. Hugo simply hugged her, not saying any comforting words or telling her not to cry, however, she felt a lot of comfort from his attitude.

Lucia lifted her head, fixing her gaze on him and he looked down, meeting her eyes.

“No more crying?”

Lucia felt more or less embarrassed as she nodded her head. After crying like that with no restraint, she felt somewhat lighthearted.

“I have to…wash up…”

She felt ashamed to show him her face smeared full of tears. He grabbed her as she tried to get up and held out a wet towel. Lucia did not know because she was crying but in the meantime, a maid had come in and tactfully placed it by the side. She took the towel and meticulously wiped her face then she looked down and found the front of his shirt wet from all her crying.

“It’s wet…because of me.”

Lucia hesitated for a moment then she reached out and unfastened a button on his shirt. As she unfastened it one by one, his well-defined chest muscles were gradually revealed and her hands began to tremble more and more. When she got to the middle, her heart was pounding too hard and she took her hand off.

“Bring a change of clothes…”

Hugo grabbed her wrists mid-speech. She looked at him in surprise and found his eyes shining dangerously.

“Finish taking it off.” (Hugo)

She glared at him with trembling eyes then she swallowed hard, and reached out to unfasten the rest of his buttons with shaky hands. When the last button was undone, she subconsciously swept her hands across his naked chest. She was impressed by the firmness of his skin and her heart throbbed at the sight of his refined and beautiful muscles.

Suddenly, shame washed over her and she quickly took her hands off and began to turn around as if to get up but his hands moving to catch hers were much faster. His lips quickly met hers and his tongue swept over her lips then he smacked his lips as though mulling over the taste.


Lucia’s face instantly turned red. There was an obvious spark in his red eyes that were fixed on her. His always passionate and wanting gaze was glued onto her and her body reacted sensitively to this gaze.

It was a cute and innocent reaction to the extent of a loud pounding heart. Her body felt hot, her breathing quickened and the deep part between her legs felt electrified.

As she gazed into his red eyes, she recalled once thinking that the red color was very cold. However, she couldn’t remember when that was. At some point, his gazes on her had become like this all the time.

‘Does he…always look at women he’s in the bedroom with this way?’

She recalled the scene of Sophia Lawrence desperately clinging to him. ‘It’s not like the Duke of Taran is the only man left in the world’, she had mumbled to herself and clicked her tongue. That’s why they say, ‘the world is full of things one doesn’t know and one shouldn’t put their mouth in other people’s businesses’.

She didn’t think a day would come where she could understand Sofia Lawrence’s feelings like this. She wondered if there was any woman who could receive such a gaze and bear it when it suddenly turns cold. As time went on, her love of him gradually grew bigger and bigger.

Her determination to love him and not hope for a requital was strangely shaken the more tenderly he treated her. She was afraid that one day she would become the type of clingy woman that he despised.

‘It’s fine like this.’

For now, she was happy enough. He was a very tender and passionate husband. To ask for more would be greedy. In this way, she comforted herself.

Lucia placed both hands on his shoulders and pushed down, using it to propel her body upwards. As his eyes were fixated on her, his head naturally went up to meet her eyes. The feeling of looking down on him from above gave her a strange and odd sense of superiority.

She pressed down more on his shoulders and lowered her head to kiss him. She gently bit his lower lips like he always did to her and licked his lips with her tongue. Soon enough, the carefully started kisses gradually became provocative. Because he stayed still, she acted more lively in rubbing over his lips.

When their lips separated, the embarrassment from what she just did seemed to flood over her and the heat from her face spread throughout her body.

“You haven’t eaten because of me. You must be hungry…”

Before her sentence could finish, he grabbed her neck and greedily devoured her lips. Her lips were swallowed at once and his tongue dove into her mouth. As his tongue rummaged the inside her mouth without reserve, her hands grabbing onto the collars of his shirt trembled.

The kiss was long enough to leave her breathless. When he moved away, she began to gasp for air.

“You’re talking about food now?”

After stirring me up like this? He growled, feeling the heat in his body rising.

“…I’m hungry too.” (Lucia)

Hugo sighed heavily. Although it didn’t really matter to him if he didn’t eat once or twice…

“…Can’t have you go hungry.” (Hugo)

Hugo carried her like that and went out into the drawing room connected to the bedroom. There were meals for two people already set out on the table. The meal was over shortly.

Lucia, the hungry one, couldn’t eat any more and lay down the fork and around the same time, Hugo also finished his meal.

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< — Damian — > (15)

Lucia called the maid and asked for a change of clothes to be brought for him. For a while, she sat on the sofa, completely absorbed in watching him as he changed out of his shirt. Looking at his revealed upper body, she fell into delusions.

Just like how he caresses and licks all over her body, she wanted to lay him down and taste him. When such a thought arose in her mind, she was startled and jumped in surprise.

‘You really are crazy.’

It was fortunate that no one could look into her head. While she was adjusting her breath to calm her pounding heart down, Hugo came up and sat beside her on the sofa.

“Still not feeling well?”

“No, I’m fine.”

Lucia leaned her head on his shoulder. His arms went across, lightly grabbing her shoulders and wrapping his arms around her.

“Thanks to you, it’s okay now. After crying so much, I feel quite refreshed. Have you ever had such an experience?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never cried before.”

When his brother died, he felt like his heart was being ripped out so he ran away from his horse to be alone and screamed, however no tears fell from his eyes.

Lucia was not surprised to hear that he had never cried. Since it was him, it was quite reasonable.

“Now, tell me. What happened?” (Hugo)

“…Just as you heard earlier. The garden party was a mess due to the party-break. The guests were displeased at my introduction of Damian, but I did not want to concede, so I simply dismissed the party. It’s something that often happens in high society.”

“If it’s a common thing, why did you cry your eyes out?”

“That…wasn’t just because of the party. I was a little upset because I felt that Damian was hurt by my wrong judgement of the situation.”

Does one cry till they’re exhausted because they feel a little upset? Hugo could not understand her psychology behind bursting into tears so even though he wasn’t convinced, he let it pass.

“The boy is not that weak.”

“Yes. He is your son, after all. But he’s still only eight years old. He’s young.”

“Who was the initiator?”

Ferocity lay hidden beneath his soft and calm tone. From deep within his red eyes, brutality overflowed as if he would pounce and rip someone’s throat out in an instant. The normally hidden nature of Hugh was awakened. He felt the desire to find the person who gave her pain and make them taste blood.

The savage beast in his eyes hid itself the moment Lucia lifted her head.

“Don’t do anything.” (Lucia)

“…Don’t do what?”

“High society is a woman’s matter. You shouldn’t interfere.”

If he interfered, it would be utter chaos. The very foundation of the northern high society would be shaken. If such a situation occurred, not only Madam Michelle, even Kate could turn their backs on her.


When he became sullen and did not reply, Lucia appealed to him.

“Please promise me. Promise me that you won’t interfere with this.”

“I’ll take care of it.”

“Hugh! No, don’t do this for me. I won’t blame you nor will fingers be pointed at me.”

“Who dares?”


He couldn’t resist the sight of her quivering eyes as she implored him.


“You promise?”

“I said okay.”

Inwardly, he was grumbling. He didn’t want to idle around and do nothing. She didn’t have the heart to completely step on them till they couldn’t make a sound.

Hugo didn’t know about other things but he was very confident in crushing people under his feet. However, he couldn’t even show that off to her and prove his skill.

“What are you going to do?” (Hugo)

“I’m still thinking. I don’t plan on having a hasty retaliation.” (Lucia)

“You don’t plan on letting it cool down and blow over, right?”

“I’m not a fool to overcome this by remaining silent. I’ll deal with it nicely, don’t worry.”

“What’s so complicated? Bring a few instigated…”

Lucia’s head abruptly shot upright, revealing narrowed eyes and Hugo closed his mouth.

“I’m saying this again, but don’t ever do something like that. This is different from men’s. The world of women is not that simple.”

Whether man or a woman, they both die when they lose their neck so Hugo couldn’t understand why it was so complicated. However, he obediently replied that he understood. It was somehow terrifying to see his docile wife looking so aggressive.

“So you really don’t need my help.” (Hugo)

She looked really energetic. Even if he didn’t want it to the extent of clinging and whimpering about it, he would like it if she complained to him.

“I will tell you if I need it.” (Lucia)

Hugo couldn’t help but wonder if such a day would come. He felt bitter as he’d seemingly once again confirmed that she would be completely fine, living without him.

“Why didn’t you ever ask about Damian before he came?”

Argumentatively, the cause of the garden party situation was Damian. Hugo had known that she thought the child to be cute but it seemed that her feelings towards the child were much deeper than he thought. That’s why it was surprising.

Until recently, he thought she held no interest in Damian because she’d never asked him anything about the child.

“You never mentioned the child to me first so I didn’t think I should talk about the child.” (Lucia)


“The day I went to find you in the Capital, you warned me when I mentioned Damian.”

“…Did I?”

“And I knew that even if I asked out of pure curiosity, it would be hard to see my intentions as pure. It is likely that if I had asked about details on Damian, you would have wondered what my intentions were.”


Hugo was thrown off guard and couldn’t say anything. She was right. If she had shown interest in Damian shortly after they married, he wouldn’t have taken it as a natural interest. Even though her personality wasn’t one to keep everything locked inside, her considerations were deeper that he’d thought.

“I called Damian back because of the status elevation process.”

“That hasn’t been processed yet? Is there perhaps, something else I need to do?”

“There is no such problem but since he’s becoming your legal son, I thought you should at least know the boy’s face. And no matter how long ago I was provided the documents, I won’t process it without talking to you.”

Lucia’s eyes grew round as she stared at him. He looked somewhat disgruntled.

“I know what you’re going to say. You’re going to say you thought I would handle it without asking you, right?”

Lucia gave a slightly bashful smile. Hugo sighed.

“That’s right. I am a rogue. I know you think so.”

Lucia felt somewhat sorry as she looked at his slightly crestfallen appearance.

“…I don’t think of you like that. Really.”

“…Then what do you think of me?”

“You are a very competent lord. Before I came here, I didn’t know the north was such a comfortable and steady place to live in.”

“Is that so.”

He replied dryly. Her praise wasn’t very pleasing. A competent lord? Those words weren’t the ones he wanted to hear from her.