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Chapter 45 < — Damian — > (16)

“The family registering process isn’t that complicated so it should be done within a day or two.”

“I see…”

Lucia’s heart fluttered. Damian was really becoming her son. Now that Damian was on the register, he was family now. It wasn’t an adoption but an entry as a biological child so their relationship couldn’t be dissolved.

Even if she divorced her husband, her son in the family register was forever her son. She couldn’t claim custody rights over Damian as she had already handed over those right but whether or not she had those rights would not affect their mother-son relationship.

“He’s my son…”

“That is correct. He’s you son so you can do as you like. Can bully him if you want.”

“…Hah? You are such a bad father.”

Lucia’s eyes widened and she criticized him.


“Are you trying to persuade me to be the evil stepmother now?”

Her word choice made him laugh.

“Do you have the ability to be hard on him?” (Hugo)

“What do you mean?”

“I mean it’ll be the boy causing you distress instead.”

“Damian will not cause me distress. You still don’t know Damian, he’s such a nice child.”

Hugo chuckled lightly. Even if the boy looked meek and docile, he was of Taran blood. His brother seemed like the kindest person one could ever meet but had enough malice to murder his biological father.

“Plus he’s your son.”

Lucia thought she had mumbled that to herself but when he fixed an odd gaze on her, she realized she had spoken out loud.

“…to whom do you have faith in?” (Hugo)

“…Damian…who is very much…like you.” (Lucia)

He moved closer placing his head close to Lucia’s face. Then he spoke in a subdued tone as though making a threat.

“If he is like me then you should be more careful. Haven’t you heard the rumors about me?”

“…rumors that you drink blood?”


Lucia was flustered. She didn’t mean to say that but the words suddenly escaped from her mouth.

“Ah, erm… I mean…the rumors of you…”

“Say that I drink blood?”

Hugo studied her face as she nodded her head then he turned towards her, took her into his arms and buried his head in her shoulder. Then he began to laugh.

Thanks to Fabian’s constant reports, Hugo knew all sorts of rumors concerning himself but as for someone telling him directly that he drinks blood? She was the first.

“I know it’s just a rumor.”

Lucia’s face was burning with shame and she gave an excuse.

“It’s not completely a lie. When at war, sometimes one has no choice but to take it in.”

“Ah…I see…”

“Were you curious about that?”

“No…maybe a little…but that was a long time ago. I definitely don’t think about that now.”

He just kept on laughing. Lucia was glad he wasn’t offended but she didn’t think her words were that funny. She just couldn’t understand his laughing code.

“What of other rumors?”

“…I don’t know.”

“You are really such a daring woman. What were you thinking asking a blood-drinking monster to marry you?”

Listening to his teasing, Lucia blushed in silence. Since she was the one that misspoke, she couldn’t say anything.

“Is it really okay if I meddle with things concerning Damian?”

“Do as you like.”

“You told me not to last time.”

“When did I?”

“You said, ‘Although it’s nice and cute, don’t go over the line’.”

“Like I said, when did I?”

Lucia blinked, studying his expression which had ‘what in the world are you talking about?’ written all over it. His expression was telling her that he really had never said that before.

Lucia carefully scoured her memory. When she thought about it, he really did not use the expression ‘go over the line’. But he did say something like that.

She’d had a hunch about something and had been wanting to ask and she finally realized that instead of guessing his thoughts or words, it would be much better to just ask him outright.

“By any chance…do you hate Damian?” (Lucia)

“I do not.”

Lucia gathered her courage and asked this question very carefully and in return he answered very readily.

“Then…why did you send Damian to boarding school?”

“I already told you. I couldn’t take care of him so I sent him there.”

“But still, there hasn’t been a precedence of one being sent to boarding school. Moreover, one that is a duke’s heir.”

“I don’t care what others do.”

“…What you mean is that you determined that to be the best course of action to take.”

Hugo nodded.

Lucia felt as though something had been lifted off her chest. Like she’d been wandering in the dark and her fingers finally grasped onto something.

‘I think…I know about him a little bit more now.’

When one thought about it, when Lucia asked, he did not delve into a generous explanation but most of his answers were concise.

“Why did you send Damian to boarding school and not contact him once?”

“A report on what the boy does arrives on my desk every week so I know he’s doing fine.”

It was fascinating. His incomprehensible actions all had a reason behind them and when she asked, he told her everything.

Lucia’s mind was racing. To what extent would he keep answering? Would it be okay to ask a little more difficult questions?


He lowered his head, biting her neck and she let out a little scream in response.

“Can you stop talking about another man?”

“…What? He’s your son, an eight year old child. He’s not a man!”

“So ruthless. Do you know how much those words have crushed the boy’s pride?”

“…Goodness me. I was too rash.”

Even though Damian was a child, he was a boy. If she were to change positions with the young boy and put herself in his shoes and someone were to tell her, ‘since you’re young, you are definitely not a lady’, her feelings would be hurt.

It was unintentional but she couldn’t help but wonder how much she must’ve hurt Damian’s feelings.

‘Truly this child. He could speak his mind and tell me he didn’t like it.’

When she thought about it, Damian wasn’t the type of child speak up on something like that. Then, could it be that he told Hugo? When did their relationship become so close?

“Did Damian say so?”


“How do you know then?”

“If I were in his position, that’s how I’d be.”

Lucia narrowed her eyes at him. But he wasn’t wrong. Since he’s a man, he would understand the male mind better. Lucia began to wonder if she’d made any other mistake with Damian. In the meantime, Hugo’s hand kept wandering around.

His sneaky hands fumbled across her waist, while his lips trailed persistent but light kisses from her ear to her neck.

“You should get back to work.”

At the same time, her words came out spoiling his exploration and his expression crumpled intensely.

“You went out due to an urgent matter, didn’t you? And after you return from outings, you get busier.”


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1) For those curious, Chapter 38.2 was where they had this discussion.

< — Damian — > (16)

Hugo’s expression was full of obvious complaints but Lucia simply took his hands off her waist and stood up. She knew what he wanted but she was exhausted all day due to a number of reasons and had no confidence in handling him right now.


“My head feels a little heavy so I want to take a walk.”

Hugo tries a few more times but was turned down so he eventually headed to his office with unwilling steps. He hadn’t found work enjoyable before but today, he really did not want to work.

He didn’t comfort her in hopes of being rewarded but still it wasn’t right to repay one for one’s services in this way. He continued grumbling till he reached his office.


Later that night, Lucia said to the man who came into her bedroom after she finished bathing.

“Go to your bedroom and sleep.”

“Today again? Why!” (Hugo)

Lucia stared at her complaining husband.

“I have no energy so I won’t be able to handle you today. Hence, I don’t think it’ll be quite enjoyable.”

I have no energy. It won’t be enjoyable. Two times, she mercilessly and consecutively struck him down.

“…Alright. Fine. Today again, I’ll sleep next to you, won’t do anything.”

He muttered gloomily. Those damned noblewives. They definitely won’t be getting off easy. He ground his teeth in anger.


“I kept my promise yesterday, didn’t I?.”

All the more reason not to believe. Her gaze was telling him that she didn’t believe him at all. Hugo abruptly took her into his arms and fell onto the bed with her in tow.


He hugged her tighter the more she flounced around.

“I’m sleeping like this. Enough, stay still. You’ll get me excited if you keep moving.” (Hugo)

“Where are you touching!” (Lucia)

After tossing around for a while with no result, Lucia finally went silent. She couldn’t even fidget because he was hugging her very tightly from the back. His hands gallantly slid into her nightwear and squeezed her breasts. Even if she asked him to remove his hand, he would act like he didn’t hear anything so she just gave up.


It was especially nice to hear him calling her name right next to her ear. Lucia’s lips curled slightly.




Again, he said,


And this time, Lucia said,


And turned to look at him, her gaze asking why he was doing that.

“When I first called you by that name, you felt awkward, right?”

“Mm…Yes. I did.”

“When I call you now, you’re unaffected.”

“Well, yes, I’ve been hearing it for a while so I’ve gotten used to it.”

Now, Lucia did not hate the name ‘Vivian’ as before. The name of the Duke of Taran’s wife was Vivian, not Lucia. She had found new happiness in her life as Vivian. The life of Vivian that was full of pain ended within her dream.

When he called her ‘Vivian’, it made her feel like she was his one and only ‘Vivian’ and her heart would throb. He was the only one that could call her Vivian. Whether that was now or in the future.

“…Is that so?” (Hugo)

Why didn’t you tell me your childhood name? Hugo wanted to ask. However, he was afraid to hear the answer to that question. If she said something like ‘I didn’t want to.’ Or ‘Don’t call me by that name.’ his heart would sink.

‘You don’t hate me, do you?’

‘Or it is that we’re married so you simply tolerate being with me in bed?’

‘Is there absolutely no leeway in your decision to never love me?’

All the things he wanted to ask suddenly rose up in his throat, hovering at the tip of his tongue. It was a very strange and unfamiliar experience of holding back the words he wanted to say in his heart. He was afraid to hear the answers that could come out from her mouth.

[I will never fall in love with you]

He felt like if he heard those words one more time, he would lose his mind. He dreaded the thought of not knowing what he would do to her if he lost his mind. If he were to hurt her in any way then he would really go crazy.


He held her even tighter and buried his nose in her back. He loved her scent that always intoxicated him and drew himself closer to her skin.


It was strange. Even though he was holding her, it felt like he had lost her forever. His chest was overwhelmed with pain causing him to knit his brows. It was as if something unknown had dug into his heart and trampled on it.

Had he ever felt this sick before? He couldn’t remember. When he was young and dragged away as a mercenary slave, there were many times he had come close to death but rather than feeling sick, he had felt relief at being alive.

He held onto her as she fell asleep, breathing peacefully but he was unable to fall asleep for a long time.


The next day, Hugo gathered his vassals and informed them that Damian was now formally entered as his legal son.

“I have already announced that Damian will be my successor. Even if all of you show that you don’t accept my decision, it would be better to throw that attitude away since you won’t be changing my decision anyways.”

It was the first time for the Duke to officially mention the young Lord ever since he announced that he would make Damian his successor, so his vassals looked very tense.

“The formally registered Young Lord is now my legal son. If you have a complaint, come and find me. I’m always ready to talk.”

The word ‘talking’ from the Duke’s mouth was more frightening than being threatened to be killed. Hugo threw a document in front of his vassals.

Lucia had repeatedly asked him to not interfere but he didn’t want to just sit back and watch so he order Jerome to bring him a list of the garden party attendees.

Jerome had brought up the madam with a very awkward expression but once Hugo clicked his tongue, Jerome promptly brought the list. Hugo had only picked out the names of people among his vassals.

“It will be beneficial to those whose names are on this list to put more effort into supervising their household.”

From Hugo’s standpoint, this much couldn’t even count as light reprimanding. He felt satisfied with himself for fairly complying with his wife’s request to not interfere.

When the Duke left the scene, the ghastly pale vassals ran towards the list. To the vassals, ‘Anyone whose name is on this list can think of themselves as dead’ was what they heard.

They would definitely go home and interrogate their wives to get to the bottom of this. Through word of mouth, it would soon spread among the nobles that the noble wives who attended the garden party at the time were taught a severe lesson by their husbands.

It was only a matter of time before rumors spread that if one touches the Duchess, the fire-breathing dragon behind her, the Taran Duke would come forward.


A week had passed since the garden party and Roam was calm as usual. Lucia did not go out riding and was in the castle all week but this wasn’t the first time she had stayed in the castle for a long time.

From the day after the garden party, Lucia acted as though nothing had happened and soon enough, the people around her forgot about the incident.

Damian sat reading a book in his room then turned his head to the feeling of something on his feet. Damian smiled as he watched Asha who had probably bumped into his leg as she was playing with her tail. These days, the baby fox was fastidiously following Damian around and was with him almost all day.

As the week passed, Damian thought about a lot of things. Rather than hurting him, the incident at the garden party had shocked the boy.

He had never felt so weak before. In that moment, his first thought was, ‘If only my father was here.’ In conclusion, compared to his father, his existence was comparable to dust.

Of all times, on that day, his father had gone out. Damian did not know yet that even if the Duke was in Roam at that time, it would have been hard for him to interfere in a women-only social event. However the boy realized that the absence of his father could occur at any time, and it would be up to him to protect his mother.

Damian knew very well that he was young. In the Academy, Damian was the youngest of his peers. Everywhere he looked, it was filled with people older than him.

No matter the will of the boy, nothing could be done about the flow of time but it was possible to increase his strength by having the will to do so.

Using the reason that Damian was young and his identity was unclear, there were many petty-minded and insignificant people who treated him as a joke and tried to provoke him. Such sloppy and foolish people were not even worth his time so Damian ignored them but ignoring made them fussier.

It was Damian’s outstanding performance that made them not want to mess with him anyhow.

Ability is power.

This was the most useful realization Damian had come to at the Academy. Damian took Asha in his arms and stood up. He handed the fox over to a servant and asked for the fox to be taken back to its house then asked for Jerome to be told that he wanted to meet his father.
Chapter 46 < — Truth & False — > (1)


“You may enter, young master.”

Jerome led Damian till they reached the front of the office. Damian took a deep breath in front of the large door then pushed the heavy door aside and walked in. Before leaving for boarding school, he’d only been inside this room once.

The Duke had called the boy to tell him he was going to boarding school.

[I have done my part and declared you as my successor. The rest is up to you. Graduate. Then this place is yours]

From that day on, it became Damian’s life goal to inherit the title of the Duke, someday. He’d never thought of the reason or what he would do after he became the Duke. The goal was just the boy’s meaning for existence. It was his worth for living.

Now, Damian had found a true goal. Becoming the Duke was simply a means towards that goal.


He wanted to have power. Only with power could one protect whom they want to protect. Just as his father was able to protect his mother because he had the power, Damian wanted to have it too.

Damian admired his father. His father was a great knight and the strongest man in the world. However, he had no confidence of becoming like his father so he had to find a possible way for himself to become stronger. The greatest power the boy could obtain from his efforts alone were the abilities/knowledge he could gain at the academy.

The air inside the office was a little breezy. The unique shallow fragrance of wood drifted off the furniture and documents were piled up on the spacious desk positioned diagonally to the entrance. In the quiet office, only the intermittent sound of pages being turned could be heard.

Damian walked quietly and stopped a few steps away from the desk. Hugo lifted his head and saw Damian then lowered his head back to his document.

“Is this going to take a while?” (Hugo)

“No. I came to tell you I will be returning back to the academy.”

“I believe it will be difficult to keep up with this semester’s courses at this point.”

“Yes. But if I return now, I will be able to listen to the session for the semester break. I can replace the semester I missed with this session.”

“You can graduate even if you don’t complete one semester.”

“I want to have the best grades.”

“I told you, you only need to graduate.”

“I just want to do that.”


“I want to gain power by increasing my knowledge.”

Hugo lifted his head.

Damian was a little nervous receiving his father’s gaze. Hugo carefully studied Damian. The boy stood upright and his gaze was lowered to the floor but there was no sign of intimidation.

It was much better than his vassals that turn timid once he laid eyes on them. Hugo recalled the first day he saw Damian. The eyes of the child Philip brought were clear and pure. That was why he couldn’t help but believe Philip’s words saying that he was his brother’s son.

A child of the Taran blood would not have such eyes unless it was his brother’s child.

“Power, huh.”

Hugo chuckled and turned his gaze back to the document. He signed it with a pen and moved it to the side.

“Scholars do not rule the world. How do you know that the knowledge you’ll learn and nurture from the Academy will become your strength?”

Damian was taken aback by the unexpected problem presented to him.

“If you graduate, regardless of your grades, this place is yours. If it is as the Duke of Taran then that should be significant power.”

Whether the boy kept his grades and graduated or earned the best grades and graduated, the position of the Duke was the boy’s. Hence, no matter how much effort was put into it, the result was still the same.

Damian wanted to gain new strength, not one given to him by his father but one he gained with his own hands. As for the greatest strength that student Damian could gain from the academy with his efforts alone? There was only one thing that came to mind.

There was an organization called ‘Conference’ consisting only of students in ‘Ixium’, the academy which Damian attended. In Ixium, the power of Conference was remarkable. The Chairman of ‘Conference’ was called ‘Sitha’. Damian was still quite young so he’d had no direct encounter with them and members of Conference were mostly senior students.

Every once in a while as he walked the school grounds, he got to witness students watching the road for these ‘conference’ members as though they were kings. Even when he saw that, at the time Damian did not have much interest.

Because then, the boy’s goal was simply just to graduate. However now, he was interested.

“I will become ‘Sitha’.”

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< — Truth & False — > (1)

TN: I honestly don’t know what to translate this(시타) as: Shita? Chita? Cyta? Sitha? Ugh! I can’t tell, we’ll stick with Sitha. It’s a title for sure but…

Hugo looked up to face Damian, an intrigued look in his eye.

“‘Sitha’ is the Academy’s…” (Damian)

“I know what it is.” (Hugo)

Hugo never attended the Academy but he held interest in it. It wasn’t just because he sent Damian there but because of its inclination. It wasn’t just the nobles of Xenon, nobles of other nations were increasingly sending their children to Ixium. Because of personal connections.

In about ten years, the completion of a course in Ixium would become an indispensable process for nobles. As a place where people lived it was somewhat similar to others. The Academy had its own powers and rankings. Even so, in a restricted environment like the Academy, one might wonder what the big deal is with a time-constrained power but in fact, the more enclosed an environment is, the more absolute the power.

As far as Hugo was concerned, it was better than being the king of an insignificant minor nation. The power of the Academy’s Sitha was greatly strengthened by the war and as time passed, it became even stronger. By the time Damian graduates, it would become a force that could not be ignored.

The experience and status from becoming the Academy’s Sitha would be able to overthrow the limitations of his birth status as an illegitimate child. The child may not have thought of such a distant future but Hugo was very intrigued by the conclusion the boy had reached.

When Hugo received reports on Damian’s life on the Academy, it detailed that the boy was studying very hard but apart from that, he showed no interest in anything else. So why did he suddenly want power? How much could he accomplish? Hugo wanted to see.

“It’s not a position one can get by just studying.”

“I understand.”

“Keep this in mind. Inadequate power is worse than non-existing power. If one wants to be the best, one has be high enough that others wouldn’t even dare to look.”


“Did you know of your mother entering you into the register?”

“Yes. Mo…ther told me.”

“Go tell her you’ll be returning to the Academy”


“Anything else is fine with me but don’t go killing people at the Academy. That one’s a little troublesome to sort out. If you do end up doing so, contact me first before informing the Academy.”

His father was a scary person indeed. Damian once again realized this fact.


Damian bowed his head and left the office. A while after the boy left, Hugo chuckled lightly and muttered to himself.

“Your son is a dozen times smart than you.”

Whenever he recalled his brother, he always felt pain but strangely this time, he only felt good inside.


It was afternoon tea time when Damian went to find Lucia. Lucia was on the way downstairs to have her tea when she encountered Damian. She greeted him with a smile and walked with him to the receiving room.

The two of them sat in the receiving room, drinking the tea that Jerome had skillfully prepared.

“Do you need me for something? What’s the matter?” (Lucia)

Around this time, Damian was usually studying in his room.

“I have something to tell you. I’ll be going back to the Academy.”

Lucia’s hand lifting the teacup to her lips froze and she didn’t say anything for a moment then she lowered the cup back to the table.

“Could it be you still have the garden party on your mind?”

“No, I have to go back now to keep up with my course.”

It wasn’t strange for children at Damian’s age to throw a tantrum that they didn’t want to go to school. Lucia felt somewhat sorry for the overly mature Damian. Her initial thought that it was cute had changed. After conversing with the child numerous times, she’d come to realize that the child’s thinking ability was like that of an adult’s. Damian was a genius.

Because his intellect was extremely high, the usual babyish childhood did not suit him. Lucia knew a child similar to Damian in her dream. It was Bruno, the third son of the husband in her dream, Count Matin. A tutor who had taught Bruno for only a short while called him a genius.

‘At that time, he was only one year older than Damian.’

Lucia met Bruno for the first time when he was 12 years old. Bruno did not resemble the Count Matin whether it was in intellect or appearance, making one doubt if he was really Count Matin’s son. His rebelliousness against his father was also quite huge so he caused both little and big troubles. One of these troubles was chasing out his tutors with clever and mischievous plans.

In the end, Count Matin drove Bruno out to study as a scholar. The Bruno who was cynical and rebellious in everything was very precocious. So Lucia knew a grown up genius child was like. Apart from the name of ‘genius’, Bruno and Damian were completely different. Damian was a much more, cute, loveable and kind child.

“Right. I should be glad you’re going back to study. When are you going to leave?”

“Preparations will be done quickly so I will be setting out tomorrow morning.”

“Tomorrow morning? So soon?”

Lucia did not expect to be suddenly separated from Damian. To her, Damian was her son and friend. Just like Damian was comforted by Lucia, Lucia was also comforted by him. Because of the appearance of the boy that looked just like Hugo, she was able to endure her longing and as her affections for the child grew, she realized her love for Hugo grew even more.


Will you be back next year? Lucia was about to ask that and stopped herself. Next year, the King would die and they would have to go to the capital. After which they would have to call Damian to the capital but if Damian wasn’t even accepted in the North which was the Taran Duke’s fief, one could not say how much he would be accepted in the capital.

Until Damian got older and could debut in the social circles, it would be better for him to stay in boarding school, that way he wasn’t under the gazes of people like now.

‘Maybe things will change as time passes.’

She didn’t think that Hugo appointed Damian to be his successor without putting any thought into it. He must have some thoughts of his own.

“Since you are setting out tomorrow, is there a lot to prepare?” (Lucia)

“I just have to pack my books.”

“Then, do you want to talk a bit more? Tell me about your life at the Academy.”


Over the course of the afternoon, the mother-and-son pair stayed in the receiving room and talked about several things.

The next day, people were gathered around a carriage that looked set up for an early morning departure. A coachman sat ready to depart on the journey, a servant stood waiting and all the employees were out to send off their young master. Even Hugo was outside too.

After hearing the boy was leaving, Hugo sent his well wishes but Lucia nagged him saying ‘what kind of send-off is that’ and dragged him outside. In front of the open door to the horse carriage, Damian and Lucia stood face to face to say their goodbyes.

“Take good care of your health. And study hard.” (Lucia)

“I will.”

“Take your meals regularly. Don’t get hurt. Ah…I’ve already mentioned health…”

It was quite the sight to see Lucia looking for the words to keep going. Damian’s heart grew warm and a smile naturally formed on his lips.


A servant came up to them with a basket. Lucia received the basket and held it out to Damian. Asha was in the half-open basket. When its eyes met the boy’s, its ears perked up and it moved.

“It seems Asha already thinks of you as its master. You should take him.”

“You are raising him for the fox hunt, aren’t you?”

“It’s fine. I can just watch the hunt.”

“But…at the academy, pets are…”

“Don’t worry about that. Your father took care of it.”

Right? As though asking, Lucia turned her head to look at Hugo standing a few steps away and Hugo nodded his head. For Hugo, it was simply killing two birds with one stone. There was no better way to take care of the baby beast.

Changing something like the school’s regulation of no pets allowed was nothing much to Hugo. It was not widely known but he had contributed a considerable amount of money to Ixium when he placed Damian in the school and so he was entered onto the executive board.

And because Hugo had bought out many of the board members who could make decisions beforehand, he was able to change the school regulations as much as he liked. People may think of the Taran Duke as a power-seeking knight but in actuality, he was a pretty thorough person.

“I hope Asha will become a friend close to your heart in your life at the academy.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

A servant received the basket and placed into the carriage.

“I’ll be leaving now.”

“Ah…Right. You have to go. Damian, can I hug you as my last farewell?”


Lucia reached out and embraced Damian. Damian’s hands floated in the air for a bit then he relaxed and placed his hand on her back.

Damian was a tactful child so he knew quite well that the Ducal couple’s relationship was good. He had already thrown out his previous idea that the Duke only married out of necessity. He also knew that a child would be born someday from a good couple relationship.

If a child was born from the ducal couple’s relationship, Damian’s position would become like that of a sandcastle. A legally registered illegitimate child. There was no way Damian could stand up to a child truly born from the legal wife. But it didn’t matter. The position as the Duke, no matter what, was good.

If his younger brother was born and wanted to take his place, he would gladly give it to him. All Damian wanted to do was to protect. He wanted to protect the caring warmth that surrounded Roam and he would try his hardest to gain the power to protect his mother’s laughter. The two of them separated after the hug.


Lucia’s eyes widened to circles and she looked at Damian, stunned. The boy suddenly took a huge stride forward and Lucia was slightly startled. Damian grabbed Lucia’s hand, leaned down and politely kissed the back of her hand.

“I don’t know when I’ll see you again so please remain with peace and comfort.”

Damian smiled as he looked at the frozen Lucia who was unable to give a reply. It was the first time she had ever seen a mischievous smile on the boy’s face.