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Chapter 434 The Twin’s Power (1)

I was in haste knowing that my children are in danger. I can see the glow of the blazing fite in the distance.

"We are close Alicia." Snow said, trying to at least give me some comfort.

But rather than relieved that we are getting near where my children were, my heart was racing so hard that I was afraid it will run out of my chest.


My anxiousness was at its maximum. I was not sure what will we witness when we get there.

'Please be safe.' I prayed so hard inside my head.

When we were so close, those monster like creatures were one by one coming out of no where. They tried to stop our advancement at any means they can.

The creatures jumped at us bearing their claws and teeth. They were trying to hinder our way.

"Get out of my way!" I screamed with anger. I can feel my body getting hot. I am not sure if it was because of the anger I was feeling boiling inside.

I channeled my anger and released it to the creatures attacking us. To my surprise, rather than my ice powers that was my element it was fire that came out.

The fire that I was able to conjure was blazing in fury that the creatures that were attacking was caught off guard and was burned in an instant. The others behind those that were burned started to cower in fear.

"I never thought you have high aptitude with the fire element." Snow applauded. "Have you been practicing?"

".... no." I relief with a confused tone.

I have used fire magic before but it was not as good as my husband who has high aptitude. I was only able to light a candle or a fore place with the fire I was able to conjure.

"I think it is because of the anger boiling inside that my fire magic became that strong." I said.

"Well then let it boil even more." Snow replied. "Looks like these monsters are afraid of fire. They are steering clear away from it."

I nodded kn agreement. On ournway here, I was able to at least deduce their fesr of fire.

"There... I can see it." Snow called to my attention.

I was now able to see the cabin where my children were staying. The cabin was encircled with a wall of fire. The guards that were assigned to my children were fighting the creatures outside the fire.

"It looks like that wall of fire are preventing those creature from getting close to the cabin." Snow said. "Looks like the little prince is already displaying his great magic skills."

"You mean thst fire wall was made by my son?" I was surprised.

I knew that my son was the reincarnation of the Almighty One and he was prophesied to do great deeds. But he is still a one year old child. To do this kind of magic in this caliber was still surprising for a very young age.

Next to my shock was relief. I was relieved to know that those creatures were not able to go near my children.

"Let us clean this place up Snow." I said to her.

"My pleasure." Snow grined, her sharp white teeth were beaming.

The creatures were swarming around the cabin. They were great in number and the guards that were just a handful were trying so hard to hold their ground.

Snow and I arrived and I jumped into action in an instant. I can feel the hot tingling aty palms and the tip of my fingers. I immediately released my magic and the blazing fire came out with ferocity.

The creatures were caught off guard. Some were burned in an instant while others were able to get out with burns on their body.

"Whoa, be careful with that. You can burn someone by my mistake." Snow said warning me.

"Sorry about that." I apologized. "I am not yet used to using fire magic."

The fire that I conjure was far from what my husband can do. Because I am still a newbie, the fire I conjure was just a big mass that has no shape and can hurt even my allies.

"Your majesty, do not worry about us." A guard said.

"We will do our best to get out of your way." Another one said.

I looked around and saw that the terrain was not good for me to use unpracticed magic. I have no choice but to use the magic I was more used to.

I use ky ice magic to the best of my abilities. Snow and I were able to take down many of the creatures but they still kept swarming.

"Where does this creatures come from?" I said while fighting to the best of my abilities.

"We kill many of them but they more and more come." Snow said.

"They have been trying to get in the fire wall since earlier, your majesty." One guard said.

"But I thought they are afraid of fire?" I asked confused.

"It looks like those creature that are here are in a frenzy state." Snow said. "They are not thinking of anything but to get over that fire wall and get what they are after."

My thoughts then thought of my children.

"Over my dead body!" I screamed with furry. "You wil never get my children, you hear me!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

My scream might have caught the attention of the creatures that they all turned my way. They stopped their advances towards the cabin and their focus are on me right now.

"Well that caught their attention." Snow said.

"That is better." I said having adrenalin pump inside my body.

Seeing the swarm of these creatures stalking us would make anyone cower in fear. I myself can feel the chill over my shoulder but I would rather be in danger rather than my children.

"Alicia!" I heard Tempest from the sky. His massive wings are creating a vortex of winds. "Get down!"

Tempest's wings flapped hard and fire started raining from the sky. The swarm of the creatues started to break away but they did not run away but started to fight back.

We who were stading in defense were waiting for their advancement when I heard a whisper being blown in the air.

*Kill her... kill that woman* the voice carried in the air said.

The creatures were doing as the voice have said as if they were being hypnotized. The swarm of creatures were now all heading my way in a frenzy with their claws and teeth.

"Alicia!" I then heard the voice that I know all too well. At a distance I can see Regaleon coming with the lycans.

Chapter 435 The Twin’s Power (2)

I can see Regaleon running towards me with a mix of shocked and worried expression. Who would not be, seeing that a swarm of these creatures are all running in one direction and that direction is towards me.

It was as if the voice that is carried in the air hypnotizing these creatures. They are dead set on me and they are not even giving kind to Tempest and Snow attacking them.

Tempest and Snow are doing their best to lessen the numbers of these creatures, but as if unfazed with the fall of their brethren they are still charging my way.

"What the hell is up with these guys!" Snow said. I can feel the irritation in her voice. "We attack and kill them, but more are keeping on coming."

"Just focus on keeping her majesty safe." Tempest said while raining fire from the sky.

"I am doing my best here." Snow shouted.

"Reinforcements are coming!" I shouted.

Not long, Regaleon and the ones with him were fighting their way towards us. These creatures are encircling the position from where I am standing.

'Better me than my children.' Is what I thought. But my own predicament was not something to be happy about.

These creatures with their menacing appearance are all here to get me. I would be lying if I say that I am not afraid, but to keepy children safe I would be willing to be the bait anytime.

"Alicia!" Regaleon's voice is getting near, but I cannot see the exact location because of the swarm of creatures that we are defending from. "We are coming!"

"Regaleon!" I shouted so that he would know my exact location.


I can hear loud roaring than before. I can see these creatures being thrown to the air as if they were rocks being parted.

"GET OUR OF THE WAY YOU WARGS!" Belgor's voice roared out loudly that it shakened the core of these creatures.

A path was cleared from the swarm of these creatures with Belgor leading the way. I can see Regaleon's blazing fire in their wake.

Not long, Regaleon and Belgor's warriors got to where we are.

"My love..." Regaleon ran to my side in a heart beat. "Are you alright?" He asked with concern.

"Yes, my love." I replied, feeling relief now that he was beside me. "I am fine. The children, they are inside."

Regaleon saw the fire wall that was guarding the place where the twins were. A small smile crept on his face.

"It looks like our children are growing up faster than I expected." Regaleon said.

"We need to go to them Leon." I said with urgency.

"Yes, and we will do just that." Regaleon replied. "Belgor, can you handle the situation here? I will make another fire wall behind us to secure our children. I will leave Snow and Tempest here to aid you."

"Sure thing Regaleon." Belgor said with confidence. "Leave these wargs to us. We will wipe them all out!"

"Thank you." Regaleon replied. "Come Lili. Let us go to our children."

"Hmm..." I nodded in agreement.

As Regaleon had said, he made another fire wall just behind us to defend us from attacks from behind. He made the fire wall encircle the fire wall that was defending the cottage where the twins are.

Regaleon held my hand and we ran towards the direction where our twins were. When we are getting near, the fire wall defending the cottage was getting smaller and smaller until it was extinguished entirely.

"They know we are coming." Regaleon had his smile from ear to ear. I can see how proud he is as a father seeing such talent from our little ones this early.

"I wonder where they got that taleny from." I cannot help but feel what Regaleon was feeling. I can feel the joy of being the parents of our talented little ones.

"They are our children, so they got it from the both of us." Regaleon replied with a sweet smile.

"Your majesties!" I heard Tricia's voice coming from the cottage. Not long I saw her carrying Alphonse in her arms while another maid was carrying Aerith.

"Stay there Tricia!" Regaleon shouted. "We will come to you. It is still not safe."

Tricia stopped in her tracks and nodded. I can see streaks of tears coming down from Tricia's eyes. Poor Tricia, she must have been very terrified with the attacks just a while ago.

Regaleon and I were running towards them and saw Alphonse and Aerith were calm. When the two of them saw me and Regaleon coming, they beamed with delight and started to wiggle and come to us.

"My babies..." I cannot wait to put hug them in my arms.

But when we were nearing, a flash of light suddenly passed my vision. It came at a lightning speed and I was caught by surprise.

When I looked down my chest, I can see my dress started to have a stain of blood. I cannot believe my eyes that I stopped suddenly stopped my tracks and touched the fabric that was stained. Blood smeared the palm of my hands.

"B-Blood..." I was quited shocked that I cannot feel my feet under me.

My body collapsed in an instant and I can see Regaleon was in shock as well.

"Alicia! Alicia!" Regaleon shouted. "Stay with me. Stay with me!"

I can hear his voice but it felt that it was distant. I can feel something warm on my chest in an instsnt. It was calming and numbing the pain I was feeling just a while ago.

I looked at the direction of my children and saw them crying and wailing. They were trying to get free from the ones who are holding them. This was the first time I saw them cry in agony.

'Do not cry my little ones.' I want to tell them but my voice is not coming out.

The cries of my children are fading in the distance. The noise of the battle around me is fading as well and darkness had taken over me.


(Regaleon's POV)

"Stay with me Lili!" I was using my white magic to heal the wound that was in Alicia's chest. "Don't you dare leave us!" I said with conviction.

My white magic is closing the wound nicely. Fortunately I was quick to heal Alicia's wounds. If I was even a second to late, I csnnot imagine what might have happened.

"Do not worry my love, I will not let you die." I said.

I can hear my children crying behind me. In their year of existence, this was the first time I heard them wail like that. I am sure they can feel what had happened to their mother was bad.

While I was healing Alicia, I can feel a killing intent directef my way. Maybe it was the same person that did this to my wife.

"Sh*t!" I cursed out loud knowing that I am currently vulnerable while healing Alicia.

I can then see a flash of light headed directly towards me. At first I was caught by surprise when it hit Alicia, but now I can see that it was an arrow made by magic.

I was contemplating on standing my ground and try to dodge the arrow or at least hit my less vulnerable spot or carry Alicia and run for it. Seeing thay Alicia's wound has not yet been fully closed, I chose the former and stood my ground waiting for the right moment to dodge.

"Your majesty!" I heard William's voice at the opportune moment.

William deflected the arrow conjured by magic with his sword.

"Your majesty, are you all right?" William asked when he got near.

"Can you defend me from the attacker while I heal Alicia?" I asked.

"Of course, your majesty." William replied in a heart beat. "It is my duty to protect you with my life."

William took a defensive stance right in front of us where the arrow had come from. I then got back to focusing on healing my wife when I felt a surge of magic power behind me. When took a glance behind, I saw my twins were holding each other's hands. I can feel their magic surging higher and higher until a white light bursted out from them. This light traveled around the vicinity like a huge wave.

I felt a calming effect when the white light went through me. After that I realized the noise from the battle just stopped. The fire wall I conjured was extinguished and I saw the lycans were standing in confusion. On the ground were piles of ashes as if something was burned to a crisp.

"What just happened?" I asked.

"It looks like the battle is over." William replief with the same confused expression I had. "I believe the little ones were the ones that did it."

I looked around and saw my twins trying to get free from the arms that were holding them.

"Let them come here." I ordered.

Tricia and the maid carried the twins and safely put them beside me.

"Mama..." The twins looked quite concerned about their mother.

"Do not worry, I will not let any harm come to your mother." I told them.

I continued to pour white magic towards Alicia's wound. The twins saw what I was doing and held my hands that were healing their mother. I can feel my white magic quickly amplify in strength. Then and there I knew that the twins do not only amplify each other's magic powers but also others as well with both their touch. In no time, Alicia's wound was healed.