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Chapter 906 Wedding dress

"Wow, I can't believe it fits me so perfectly." Alicia commented as she looked at herself dressed in the wedding gown through the mirror.

The gown was a charming long sleeved, high-necked mermaid wedding dress. From the chest all the way down to the train, the dress was made of an ivory-colored satin material that wrapped closely to Alicia's body. Over that material, the material was made of a sheer lace that was embroidered with a mix of Swarovski crystal rhinestones and diamantes. The rhinestones were more concentrated around the bodice section, the upper arms, shoulder and neck areas and trailed down to the lower abdomen and hip areas, up to the thighs. Tulle lace tastefully decorated the rest of the skirt flare and the train. The entire dress gave a perfect fit-and-flare effect that showed off the curvy contours of Alicia's hourglass figure. Not only that, the slim fit of the long sleeves also drew attention to her slender but strong arms and the tight fit of the skirt from her hips down to the thighs which then dramatically flared out from above her knees and all the way to the floor only further emphasized her lean thighs and beautifully curved derriere.

She really had nothing to say about the wedding dress. It was nothing less than perfection to her!

Last night, Ezekiel was on his phone. He did not make a call, but she had seen him texting. She was certain that he must be sending out messages about her body measurements and that was why this wedding dress fits perfectly on her to the tee!

He smiled while his eyes looked glossy as he stared at her through the mirror. "Perfect." Was all he said, as though that one word was enough to sum it all up. That caused Alicia's face to glow brighter than it already was as she leaned her back satisfactorily against him.

After taking the wedding dress off with extreme caution as she did not want to damage anything on it, the duo left and headed to a quiet place. They had ended up in Ezekiel's personal library.

Alicia sat on Zeke's chair while Zeke half sat on the desk. His stance was relaxed, and his usual mask was now off.

"I'm ready. You may now start explaining, sir." Alicia leaned forward, eager and curious to finally hear the explanation she was waiting for.

Zeke held her gaze for a while before it strayed to their entwined hands and finally settled on her ring tattoo.

He was quiet for another stretch of time before his moved towards the dark curtain being blown by a soft breeze. "That woman," he started, and those two words were enough to erase the eagerness that was brimming in Alicia's eyes. She immediately felt that the woman Ezekiel was referring to was no one else other than that cruel witch queen from the past. She never would have thought that he would talk about her. Could it be that…

Alicia decided that she would try to stay calm and just listen to his explanations first. She knew that any matters that were related to this witch queen would be of utmost importance. Thus, she must not jump to any sudden conclusions before having the whole picture!

"My father's mistress had actually grown so strong after she was turned into a vampire," Zeke continued in a calm voice, "It seemed that a silver-haired witch turned vampire would become a whole new powerful creature. She retained all her magic from when she was a witch, and with the additional strength and power of a blue-blooded vampire, she had literally become invincible. And at that time, Alex was at the other side of the world and had absolutely no clue on what was going on here in the kingdom. So, there was just no one strong enough to bring that woman down." Zeke's tone was neutral without any inflection of emotions in it, as though he was just narrating the story of a person that had nothing to do with him whatsoever.

Shock etched in Alicia's eyes. Her lips parted a little as she listened to him disclose this information to her. No one? This meant that even Ezekiel and his heaven defying powers could not defeat her?

"Even with my awakened demonic powers at that time, I couldn't defeat her," he continued as if he had heard her internal question. "So I had no choice but to turn full demon. My desire to defeat her and kill her and take back everything that she had taken away from me had eventually triggered my body to turn full demon. Only then did I managed to bring her down and I… I killed her right before my father's eyes."

Another pause. He tore his gaze from the window and turned them back to look at Alicia's ring again.

"That was how strong that woman had become as a silver-haired witch turned vampire… and now," he lifted his eyes and held her gaze, "so are you, Alicia. You're another invincible being now. Even I would have a hard time defeating you if we were to fight each other at full strength."

Alicia's mouth gaped open, her eyes blinking rapidly.

"W-what? That's… is that the reason why everyone is being respectful of me? Because they know I am strong?" she asked in a disbelieving tone. Was it as simple as that? She did not think that was all.

"That's one of the many reasons why. The vampires' instinct would have alerted them to the feel of someone's strength and power. But the main reason why everyone is treating you like you're some vampire deity is because you are basically one now." Zeke patiently explained it all to her.

When Alicia's brows knotted hard, Zeke reached out and ran a finger over her knotted brows before trailing it down to her jaws.

"You are also someone in a prophecy, Alicia."

Chapter 907 My place

"What?" Alicia's lips parted. Shock and disbelief filling her eyes as she stared at Zeke wordlessly for some time, letting what he had said sink into her mind.

"After I was forced to imprison my own brother in the dungeon, the former prophetess came to me." Zeke started explaining even before Alicia could ask him to. "The prophetess told me there would be a woman who will be stronger than the witch-turned-vampire I just killed. But this woman in the prophecy will not turn out to be an enemy. The prophetess said the prophesied one is the one who will truly unite the vampires and witches as one nation. She said this woman would become the most powerful female vampire. That prophetess also told me that I would be the one who would give that kind of power to that woman…" Zeke trailed off and paused for a few moments as he held her gaze. "She said this woman would be the one who will take my place in this world." His tone was low as he stared meaningfully at her.

Alicia could only stare back at him somewhat blankly. That last line had struck her right in the chest a million times. She could hear her heart shattering within her.

"I had forgotten all about these." Zeke continued. "I was in the dungeon, watching my brother behind the bars when that prophetess told me all these things. I wasn't paying much attention to it at that time. I just didn't care. And that's probably why that conversation never occurred to me until… until that night I decided to make you mine. That night I turned you, that memory came to me for the first time. I immediately realized then that the prophesied one the prophetess was talking about was no other than you, Alicia." He explained as slowly and gently as he could to Alicia, seeing that she was still in shock at all the information. He could understand that it was all too sudden and overwhelming for her to accept everything right off the bat.

Silence followed Ezekiel's explanation. Alicia fought hard to keep her tears from falling. Of all the many things he told her, the one line stayed echoing within her mind was - '… this woman would be the one who will take my place in this world' – shattering her heart into pieces again and again. A pain unlike anything she had ever felt stabbed her, leaving her breathless and not able to respond at all.

"Come here," he uttered softly as he pulled at her hand. When she rose from the chair, Zeke lifted her in his arms. He seated her on the table and kissed her forehead ever so gently, causing Alicia to squeeze her eyes tightly closed. She could tell he had instantly felt her pain no matter how she tried to hide it.

Wrapping her arms around him, Alicia let her tears finally fall quietly as she pulled him against her, hugging him as tight as she could. She wanted to hug him so tight and never let him go. Ever.

He did not stop trying to soothe her with his calming touches and burning kisses.

For an immeasurable amount of time, the two of them just stayed like that. Tangled tightly, just feeling each other's warmth, hearing each's others breath and heartbeats, and feeling each other's pain.

"Does… does everyone know about this as well? Is that why they are treating me like that?" she finally managed to speak and broke the silence. Her voice was hoarse and weak.

Zeke pulled away and looked down at the woman curled up in his arms. A muscle in his jaw ticked at the sight of her wet eyes. He gently reached out and wiped the remnant of tears on her face. "They only know that you're the vampire deity mentioned in the prophecy."

"Vampire… deity?" She gave him an incredulous stare.

"The previous prophetess called you that because you will be the only vampire who is able to wield magic. So she even made that certain prophecy public. And that's why everyone knew that one day, you will appear. For the vampires, you are considered one of the supreme beings, Alicia. So don't be too shocked if they start worshipping you." He could only crack a lopsided smile as her mouth dropped open slightly when he mentioned that.

"Did they know I… used to be a witch?" She asked in a small voice.

"No, they still do not know about this. None of them know you used to be a witch queen just as none of them knows their prince is actually a half-demon. They will also never find out. Vampires are creatures who only believes what they see. Rumors don't mean a thing to them, you know that, right?"

With those reassuring words, they were silent again, just holding each other's gaze.

"Ezekiel…" she called out his name and Zeke responded with a husky 'hmm'.

"Kiss me." came her whisper and without wasting a moment, Zeke captured her mouth. Alicia kissed him back as wildly as she could. She should be happy tonight because she was about to marry this man tomorrow, the man she loves with her whole being. She wanted to forget all the things that he had just revealed to her. That she was destined to replace him. She especially wanted to forget that part, even if was even for a moment.

When their lips parted, they were both breathless. But Alicia's eyes gleamed with unshed tears again.

"Shh… Alicia. Don't cry anymore…" his husky voice cracked a little as he pressed a kiss on her eyes.

"I'm sorry –"

He kissed her mouth again. This time, he did not pull away until she was dazed. But nothing could seem to ease the pain in her chest anymore.

"Listen, Alicia…" he uttered as he pressed his forehead against hers. "I'm not going to marry you just to leave you forever. Trust in me, Alicia…"

Alicia caught her breath at his words, her eyes widening with hope. Even if it was as tiny as a mustard seed, she would hold onto this little bit of hope until the end.

Chapter 908 His bride

It was finally the day of the wedding. Somehow the time just flew by and before Alicia knew it, her big day had arrived!

The Reigns castle had been busy and bustling since 2 am in the morning, but as soon as the sun suffused everything in a golden hue, things eventually settled down.

Since the groom and the bride could not be separated, they were both placed in the same room while getting prepared. The room was silent as Alicia was being prepped by a couple of hair stylists and a make-up artist.

Alicia and Zeke were both sitting on a wide bench. Their hands were intertwined, while their backs were against each other's, each facing the opposite directions.

While the two ladies were busy with Alicia, Zeke was quietly sitting there, staring at the bouquet of flowers on the table, seemingly in deep thoughts. If Alicia was looking at him now, she would see that his eyes had a gentle yet absorbed look that rarely could be seen.

"Yo, Zeke!" a familiar voice rang out when the door abruptly swung open. Alex emerged as Zeke lifted his gaze. There was no surprise in Zeke's face. In fact, he certainly looked like he had been expecting the man. Of course, this person had to come and bug him just before his wedding.

A wide smile was plastered all over Alex's face as he deliberately eyed Zeke suggestively from head to toe. "Looking pretty handsome right there, man." He teased and waggled his eyebrows as he entered, walking casually past Zeke towards Alicia. "Abi sent me to ask if she could come in later." Alex asked Alicia, the teasing tone complete gone when he spoke gently to her.

"Of course! She can come now, and she should bring the twins too if they are not sleeping." Alicia smiled at Alex, and he gave her a thumbs up while grinning.

Returning back to stand in front of Zeke, Alex bent over and whispered, smirking. "Nervous?"

Zeke ignored him. Causing Alex to chuckle. He then clapped his hand on Zeke's shoulder and continued speaking in a know-it-all manner. "Don't worry, Zeke. Being nervous on your wedding day is absolutely normal. I would know. I've gone through it myself. Just relax and take a few deeeeep breaths. Stop acting tough and deadpan, or you will end up fainting. Mark my words, Zeke." Though he seemed to be giving the advice for Zeke's good, the twinkle in his eyes somehow gave the impression that he might not actually mind that much if the groom would end up fainting due to his nervousness in facing his own wedding.

Alicia's shoulders shook a little as she chuckled quietly as she heard Alex's words. She could almost imagine Zeke's face as he listened to Alexander.

"I am right, right? Alicia?" Alex craned his head around Zeke to look at Alicia. But before Alicia could even respond, Alex had already returned his gaze to Zeke and said, "See? Alicia nodded. She absolutely agreed with me."

Zeke sighed, looking as though he just wanted Alex to stop talking. So he used the most surefire way to stop him. "I hear Alice crying."

Alex instantly straightened and cocked his head to the side, and then he was gone just like that. He did not even bother with closing the door, leaving Zeke shaking his head as he smiled faintly at the thought of his chatty long-time friend.

Alicia pinched Zeke's finger a little. "He's going to get back at you for that." She chided him, smiling.

"It's fine. I can handle him," Zeke replied with a scoff, as he lightly squeezed Alicia's hand.

Alicia did not speak anymore as the make-up artist had already signaled to her that she was going to apply the lipstick on for her. She leaned back against Zeke, and he stilled, making sure to serve as the perfect human wall for her.

A few moments later, unfortunately for Zeke, Alex returned. Alice was securely cradled in his arms as he entered the room with more controlled movements. Zeke could tell that his beloved princess was sleeping again since Alex started lowering his voice.

"What did I tell you Zeke? Didn't I tell you relax? Damn man, you're still so stiff!" Alex said, not ceasing in his teasing of Zeke at all.

"Alicia…" Abi who had just entered went straight to Alicia after giving Zeke a smile. She gasped at the sight of Alicia, just stopping herself from jumping on her and enveloping her in a bear hug. "You look so lovely!" Abi gasped and exclaimed in a low voice, as Alexis was cradled in her arms, also fast asleep.

"Thanks, Abi." Alicia mouthed when the artist pulled away and backed off. She eyed Alicia's face and then went back for the finishing touches on the make-up.

Soon, the artists nodded at them with smiles on their faces. A signal that everything was finally done.

The other stylist then stepped forward and placed a hair accessory made of precious stones on the crown of her head to complete the whole look. After checking on everything and making sure that everything was as perfect as could be, they finally stepped back and gave Alicia a respectful bow.

"Thank you for the hard work." Alicia thanked the two artists and they responded with beaming smiles.

"Can I turn around now?" Zeke's voice echoed from behind Alicia.

"Of course, Your Highness. You can now look at her." The ladies said with tittering laughter and Zeke finally turned around to look at his bride.

Zeke stilled and his pupils dilated as he stared unblinkingly at Alicia. She was a vision of magnificence that was before him.

Reaching out, he was about to touch Alicia's jaw, but his hand stopped midway.

"How do I look?" Alicia asked in a low and throaty voice, her eyes so glossy as she looked up at him expectantly.

His hand that was still in midair lowered to his side before he lifted their entwined hands to his lips. He kissed her knuckles without taking his gaze off Alicia even for a moment.
Chapter 909 Down the aisle

"You look perfect as always… my bride." He whispered against her hand, causing Alicia to beam at him, her sparkle almost blinding in effect. It was as though all the stars in the night sky were contained in her eyes right that moment.

Alex was about to speak again when a knock sounded at the door. Everyone turned as a woman walked through the door and reported that the ceremony was about to begin.

"Alright, we'll be going first." Alex said as Abi just gave Alicia a smile filled with emotion. Her eyes were teary and her face constantly beaming from the unspeakable joy that was due to her friend being able to find her true love and is finally going to be married today.

The couple quietly watched as the family of four left the room and of course, Alex had to mouth some teasing words before stepping out. "Don't stumble when go through the procession, Zeke!"

"Alexander really enjoys teasing you." Alicia commented once the door closed behind them.

Zeke's response was only a long-suffering sigh before he faced Alicia and stared at her face. His expression becoming vulnerable again. Silence suddenly reigned between them as Zeke's gaze held hers. She could tell from experience and the way he was holding himself that he was about to say something. So she only smiled at him and waited patiently.

But just as he opened his mouth to speak, a knock sounded on the door again before it swung open. The same woman that came to inform them earlier bowed at them first before speaking.

"It's about time now, Your Highnesses. Please get ready." The woman notified them both and Alicia's heartbeat accelerated.

At the appointed moment, Alicia and Zeke were now standing in front of a massive double door. Behind these doors were their guests and the wedding hall. As Alicia thought of how they would need to walk down the aisle with so many pairs of eyes looking at her, her heart gave a small shiver. But it was as though Zeke could hear her thoughts, his hand squeezed hers that was held in his bigger and warmer one. And with that one move, all her nervousness and jitteriness were swept away as how the breeze would blow the fog away.

Their wedding would be something that no one would have witnessed before as the both of them were going to march down the aisle together.

Aside from the fact that they cannot separate, Alicia did not have a parent or a parent figure to walk her down the aisle. Ever since the former queen that she had always considered as her mother figure already passed on in Dinah's hands. Ezekiel was in the same situation as her.

Last night, Ezekiel had told Alicia the whole story of the Reign's family tree. He had revealed to her that the current King of Viscarria, King Livius, was actually his uncle. He was an illegitimate brother of Ezekiel's father. When Ezekiel killed his father's mistress, he had also imprisoned his father at that time until for hundreds of years after.

Ezekiel had initially planned to imprison his father in the dungeon until his death. He had thought that he must suffer alongside Sebastian, as it was his father's irresponsibility that was responsible for what had happened to his brother. However, one day, after hundreds of years had passed since he had thrown his father into prison, Ezekiel had realized that the Reign family needs more members to keep the royal bloodline of the vampires from dying out. He knew that he and Sebastian not only had their vampire bloodline, but also the cursed demon blood in them. And since Ezekiel loathed his demonic side, he did not wish for the pure vampire royal blood to disappear with his father's death. As much as he was loath to free that sinner that had the title of 'father' from his imprisonment, but for the greater good, he needed to let him out. But there was no way he would allow his father out just like that.

Thus, Ezekiel took away his father's memories. He erased all his memories from the moment he had met that witch queen. Every memory that had any form of relation to the witch queen was combed through by Ezekiel and pulled out to be destroyed beyond restoration. Only after that, his father was allowed to be let out from his imprisonment. Before long, Ezekiel's father got married again. And that was how Kai, and his younger brothers were born. When Ezekiel's father died, Ezekiel had decided to crown his uncle King.

Since then, King Livius had been the ruling king for a long time and became his brothers' father figure. Ezekiel had said he respected King Livius, but he had never seen him as a father figure. He said it must be because of the fact that Ezekiel was older than his uncle. Also, being the person who was responsible for putting his uncle on the throne, how could he regard him as an elder and fatherly figure?

"Nervous?" Zeke's voice pulled Alicia from her thoughts. They could hear the faint strains of melody from their wedding march song already playing, indicating that the procession had already started.

Certain that Ezekiel could hear how loud and fast her heartbeat was at the moment, Alicia could only flash him a knowing smile. She was too moved to say anything else. This moment was one that did not need any words between them.

Zeke squeezed her hand gently and reassuringly. "I'm glad I'm right next to you since the beginning or I wouldn't have seen how you would look right now while waiting for the doors to open." He said, his eyes gleaming as he looked at her.

Alicia let out a deep breath and finally spoke. "I can hear your loud heartbeat too, my husband-to-be." She lifted a perfectly shaped brow at him.

Zeke bit down on his lips as he looked at her. She saw emotions overflowing in his beautiful eyes and she fought the urge to jump on him and kiss him silly as the door finally opened.

Clutching the bouquet tightly in her other hand, Alicia looked up at Zeke one more time and smiled sweetly at him before the two of them finally took their first steps down the aisle.


Chapter 910 Finally

After the wedding ceremony, the guests all adjourned to the beautiful reception area.

Everything was spick and span, gleaming from the polishing, wiping and cleaning that had been done over and over. There was long walkway that was covered with a long and luxurious maroon-red carpet. All the way down the carpet, 2 feet to the right and left of the carpet, were clear acrylic flower stand with mirrored base wedding column – with an arrangement of Lily of the Valleys, peonies, ranunculus, sweet peas of varied colors and gardenias, with beautiful hanging vines of North African ivy – with an equal distance of 5 feet between one column to the next column. The guest tables were all arranged on either side of the carpet with champagne colored satin as tablecloths and a centerpiece made of 6 tall glasses of varying heights with corresponding heights of pillar candles in each of it, with the same North African ivy vines twisted into an elegant and sophisticated wreath around the glasses. And in front of each guest's seat, was a fresh sprig of jasmine next their name place cards to delicately perfume the area. Above it all, large and long sections of champagne colored chiffon were hung as ceiling draping to add to the airiness and romantic ambiance of the ballroom hall. And added with warm white mini fairy string lights being attached to the chiffon ceiling draping, the entire setup of the wedding venue was just indescribable. Its ambient illumination with the twinkle and slow glow setting lent a whimsical air to the entire place.

When the newlyweds arrived at the reception venue, the guests all stood and gave them a thunderous round of applause. The couple stood for a few seconds at the entrance before gliding gracefully over the red carpet.

"Congratulations!" Alex and Abi were the first to approach the newlyweds. But Alex did not have much time to tease and speak to Zeke as more and more people came over to personally greet and offer their blessings to the newly minted couple.

Soon, it was time for the newlyweds to have their first dance as husband and wife. Some guests were gathered on the terrace, looking on, as they sipped on their wines. The dance floor was cleared for the new Mr. and Mrs. Reign to start off the official first dance of the night.

Some of the people lingering about on the terrace were Zeres, Iriz, and Lilith.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr. and Mrs. Reign to the dance floor." The emcee announced and applause echoed after his announcement, followed by soft and lilting romantic music.

The happiness that was bubbling within Alicia since they were pronounced husband and wife almost made her feel delirious as they swayed together as Zeke led her in the dance. She could see and tell that Ezekiel felt the exact same feeling as her just by looking into his dazzling grey eyes. They were both caught by each other's gazes as they danced along to the tempo of the song. Nothing else seemed to exist outside of the touch of one another, the music that seemed to weave its notes around them and the light fragrance of the fresh flowers in the background. Alicia felt as though her feet were stepping on clouds and her footsteps were light as though she were personally wearing the winged sandals of the god Hermes while swaying and spinning wherever Ezekiel led her. His large hands that were holding her hand and her waist felt like searing hot brands where they lay, sending delicious and electrifying shivers from where they were and shooting out to other parts of her body.

The excitement of the wedding ceremony, the procession and now the couple dance all merged and formed one spinning whirlwind of heady emotions which was threatening to spin and throw her out of control. Fortunately, with Ezekiel's captivating grey eyes that were solely focused on her, kept her grounded and steady. She drew in an unsteady deep breath before releasing it slowly, calming her edgy emotions.

"I feel like I am dreaming, Ezekiel. Is this all real…?" Alicia said, unable to stop smiling. She still could not quite believe that they had really pulled this off. "I can't believe that you're now legally binding and officially my husband." Her beautiful eyes were wide and sparkling like the most brilliant of diamonds as her gaze hung onto her husband.

"Were you thinking that our wedding will not happen?" he lifted a brow at Alicia.

"Well, I was confident in what you said. But I did not expect it would be this easy. I never expect it to go this smoothly." She blinked at Ezekiel, looking somewhat a little confused but still deliriously happy at the same time.

She looked so adorable in that state that Zeke could not help but smirk at her. But his eyes remained filled with nothing but adoration and love as his eyes were glued onto at Alicia – now legally his wife! "I will never let anyone ruin this special day." He pulled her flush into his embrace and pressed his forehead against hers as they continued swaying to the music. "You're finally my wife, Alicia." He spoke lowly and Alicia melted in his arms, hearing that hot and sultry voice whispering into her ears.

"I love you, Ezekiel, my husband!" she whispered back as her eyes gazed hotly at him. Zeke lowered his head and gave her a tender kiss filled with nothing but love. They did not even register the applause and excited hoots that broke out amongst the guests when they kissed right in the middle of the ballroom.

They looked so perfect together. Both were so in love with each other that everyone who knew Zeke were still unable to believe their eyes even though they were practically seeing it before them. It was that unbelievable to them!

Soon, with the change of song, the others joined in with the newlyweds on the dance floor. Of course, it was Alex who was the first one to pull Abi out for a dance.