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Chapter 911 Perhaps

On the terrace, Zeres, Iryz and Lilith were quietly watching the rest dancing with small smiles on their lips when Kyle appeared from behind. He greeted Zeres and Iryz first before turning to face Lilith.

Kyle offered Lilith his hand. For a few moments, Lilith could just stare at the prince's outstretched hand. But eventually, she let out a silent sigh and accepted it. It could be said that Kyle literally beamed when Lilith's hand landed in his before he straightened his posture before leading her out to the dance floor.

"May I have this dance?" Iryz similarly offered her hand to Zeres, imitating how Kyle had done for Lilith. This caused Zeres to blink and stare mutely at her for a moment before placing his wine glass down on the small round table that were beside them. Then turning to look at Iryz, he flashed her a gentle smile before replying.

"Of course," he said as his hand clasped hers. However, Zeres took the initiative this time and led Iryz to the dance floor. Iryz's eyebrows arched up in pleasant surprise as she willingly allowed herself to be gently tugged towards where the other dancers were already swaying their bodies to the music.

The music continued playing as the couples enjoyed the dance. Well, except for a pair who looked like they were having an intense conversation through their eyes. The Lilith and Kyle pair were the only ones who did not seem to be enjoying the moment as they danced. The happy smile that was on Kyle's lips had faded and he was now looking extremely solemn as he swayed with Lilith in his arms. There was something intense going on between them instead.

"Do you remember what I told you when we said goodbye?" Kyle asked.

Lilith paused for a moment, ruining their rhythm for a few seconds. Thankfully, Kyle was a great dance partner and he easily got them both back into rhythm again.

"I said the next time I see you, I will never let you go again." Kyle continued when Lilith did not seem to respond. "I want to let you know that from here on… I will stop at nothing to make you mine. I'll make you mine Lilith, even if it kills me." He vowed in a low and firm voice. She saw that his eyes flashed with determination and knew that he meant every single word that he said.

Her breath hitched at his words and at the intensity that shone in his beautiful clear eyes. But Lilith fought to maintain her composure, knowing that vampires were all looking at her as she danced with their youngest prince. This was the first time she had appeared here outwardly without any disguise on. The vampires were still avoiding her and Zeres like they were the plague, but they were not that hostile to them anymore, despite them flaunting their very obviously silver hair in the midst of the vampires.

Now that she was dancing with a vampire prince, she noticed that many vampires looking surprised and full of wonder as they looked at one of their princes. That was not an issue for Lilith though. She loved him but… she knew that the two of them were still a forbidden pair. She had not asked Alicia about how her condition came about yet, but Lilith could already deduce that Alicia turned into a vampire because of Ezekiel. She was not certain as the couple never talked about it openly, but Lilith's guts told her that the price Alicia that had to pay to be with Ezekiel was her identity as a witch.

If she needed to give up herself as a witch queen to be with him… she would rather choose her duty, no matter how it would hurt her and him. And there was one more thing that she was certain about, and that was she did not want to become a vampire. She is a witch queen, and she was willing to give up everything to do her duty.

"Kyle…" Lilith whispered, secretly casting a sound barrier spell around them so no vampires could eavesdrop into their conversation. "I am… I am the queen of the witches. I have a duty to fulfil."

"I know… Lilith…" Kyle answered flatly.

"Alicia and Prince Ezekiel are together now. But… Alicia had to become a vampire, right?" Lilith shook her head. "I am a witch and I'd like to die a witch." She looked down and swallowed the lump in her throat. "I don't want to become a vampire, Kyle." She uttered in an almost inaudible voice. "So, I… I'd like to tell you to… to give up on me. I have thought long and hard about this for many nights and most especially last night. And this… this is my final decision, Kyle."

She gave him a soft smile. Her eyes started to gleam with unshed tears. "I am going to dedicate myself to my duty as the queen of witches. That will be the sole purpose of my life from now on. I hope you will understand and come to accept my decision."

They stopped dancing and just stood there, not caring about the other dancers swaying around them. Lilith felt as though her heart was breaking as she looked at the hurt blotting out the light in his eyes. But this must happen. She knew and accepted that not all love will have their happy ever after. She will always love this boy. She felt like she would never love anyone again and that was maybe why it hurt like hell to give up on him.

But she had to make her choice. And this was her decision.

They were still young. Kyle was still very young for a vampire. He might not understand her decision now but one day she was certain that he would. And maybe, by then he might be glad that he gave her up. The thought had her feeling a sharp pang tugging at her chest, but she bravely swallowed the pain. She had already thought of all these for the past few nights but in the end, her decision always ended with this – giving up on Kyle.

"I'm sorry, Kyle…" she uttered, trying to swallow her tears before they fall from her eyes. "I wish… I wish from the deepest parts of my heart that you will one day find someone who can give up everything to be with you. Someone who will love you and choose you over everything else. Thank you for the love you showed me. For everything. I will cherish all of our memories together for as long as I live Kyle…" She then gave him the gentlest smile she could muster as the music came to an end.

Lilith was not going to expect anything. But if they were truly meant to be, maybe one day, in the far future, the world might give them a chance to be together again where none of them had to sacrifice anything just to be with the other. One day. Perhaps…


Chapter 912 Wedding night (Part I)

It was already way past midnight when the party finally ended. The reception was extremely enjoyable especially with all the antics that Alex and the others had prepared. That night, everyone had enjoyed and indulged to their hearts' content, with the exception of maybe a few individuals who were secretly nursing their own heartaches yet acting like they were completely alright on the surface.

Alicia and Zeke were walking slowly, hand in hand, along a long corridor. Neither of them talked, but their faces screamed of nothing but pure satisfaction and happiness. They both had reveled in and savored every single moment of their wedding party up till now. The dances and games were all so entertaining, especially with all the guests who were very sporting and more than willing to humor them and played along. Due to that, the laughter had been cheerful, loud and infectious that even Zeke who was always portraying a poker face had a small and amused smile throughout the rest of the night. It was a special occasion after all as it was his wedding.

Feeling Zeke squeezing her hand lightly, Alicia looked up at him with a small smile as her eyes twinkled with all the emotions that was contained in her heart right at the moment. He was already looking down at her. His eyes were also filled with emotions, completely showing his vulnerable self to her once again. She was still astounded at the knowledge that this powerful and peerless man was willing to open up to her and show his most vulnerable state to her and her alone. It was more amazing to know that she was the only one he had made this exception for in the entire hundreds of years that he was alive. That thought only caused her heart to flutter even more uncontrollably in her chest.

In one swoop, he bridal-carried Alicia and then jumped out a window along the corridor. He quickly brought her to the topmost part of the castle, found a comfortable spot and sat there, with her cradled lovingly in his arms. As usual, he always made sure that she was snugly wrapped in his embrace, and that the least amount of wind would be able to hit her directly.

Alicia did not say anything and just leaned her head contentedly on his shoulder as they both stared down at the lovely and silent night view of the city far below. Everything just seemed so perfect at the moment. Being held in his strong and reliable arms, Alicia could not ask for anything more. She was contented with her lot in life right now.

For a long while they just stayed like that until Zeke's silken voice broke the silence. "No words can describe how I am feeling right now, Alicia, my love. Marrying you is definitely the best decision I've ever made in my long life." Alicia could not see his face as she was facing forwards. But from the slight tremble in his voice told Alicia how affected he was by this.

She then looked up at him, eyes gentle and full of love as her lips tugged into the sweetest smile Zeke had ever seen. Lifting her hand, Alicia caressed his face tenderly then kissed his mouth softly. "I love you…" was all she could say. "I love you, Ezekiel. My husband… my heart."

He pressed his lips together as if to stop certain words from spilling forth unwittingly, while his grey eyes gleamed like an ancient diamond. Alicia had seen this look on his face many times before, every time she told him, 'I love you'. He had never said those words out loud to her. Alicia had always felt as though something was always stopping him from saying those three words back. She had wondered what the reason was, but always ended up never saying anything about it. It was alright even if he could not say it out loud because it was obvious enough that she could see it every time she looked into his eyes and feel the love in every single thing that he did for her. And she believed that he would say those words to her eventually.

"I love you," she whispered again and then she deepened their kiss.

At the beginning, it started off slow and gentle and was filled with nothing but satisfaction type of kiss, until Ezekiel's hand started to travel and touch her intimate places.

When they pulled away, savage hunger was reflected in his intense grey eyes.

She felt his rock-hard length under her like a hot branding iron and she intentionally squirmed around, knowing what it would do to his already fraying self-control. She looked at him with the same lust he was looking at her. "Should we stay here a little longer? Husband mine?"

His voice was a half groan, looking at her like he could no longer wait to devour her there and then. "My cock is already throbbing with anticipation for our wedding night to start." He pinched her chin and licked the seams of her lips, whispering to her hotly. "I can't wait to make love to and fuck my beloved wife's brains out."

"Then take me and bring me to your room now, Ezekiel." Alicia's self-control was almost non-existent as she heard him talk dirty. She had never had much of a resistance to him once they confirmed their relationship, much less now when they were officially and legally husband and wife.

He stood immediately. "I need to know one thing first, Alicia. How do you want our first round as husband and wife to go?" he asked, "Sweet? Tame? Wild –"

"Do whatever you want, love. I don't want you to hold back at all, my husband." Her entire frame was shivering in anticipation of the things to come as his velvety dark voice seemed to flow over her oversensitive nerves.

The grey fire in his eyes blazed to an inferno and then they disappeared from the castle top.

The moment they materialized inside his bedroom – their bedroom, Ezekiel had already started ripping his clothes off his body.

"I want to rip your dress apart but… it's just looks so beautiful on you, babe. I want to fuck you in your beautiful wedding dress, my wife." He whispered in a ragged voice.

Chapter 913 Wedding night (Part II)

She found it hard to swallow for a moment. Those words that just fell from his lips were incredibly arousing that she actually salivated! Realizing that she did that, an embarrassed flush spread from her face down to her breasts. Yet, she was also highly aroused at the same time.

"Yes. Please…" She breathed, already feeling the intense and familiar pulsation between her legs. He had not even touch her yet and here she was already feeling like it had been forever since he was inside her last. Even though they had actually made love just last night!

He bent her over the couch by the large window as if he could no longer waste even another millisecond of taking the effort to walk them both to that massive bed which was just literally only a few steps away from the expensive antique couch.

"You might want to put a sound shield around our room, Alicia." He advised and Alicia did not think twice before casting an extra strong spell for sound shield. She could tell that this night would be a long one and she could not promise herself to be able to keep her voice down, nor would she have the presence of mind to recast the spell if their joining as husband and wife might release some power that affect the normal sound shield – thus, the extra strong spell.

As she was casting the spell around their room, Zeke was busy working on her dress. By the time Alicia was done, her dress had already been gathered around her waist, her lower parts from her waist down were now completely displayed to him as he had already ripped her poor panties to shreds. Lifting a brow at Zeke, she saw the remains of her panties on the floor, Zeke only flashed her a sexy grin.

"I'll get you new ones later. Now… spread your legs for me, Mrs. Reign." His authoritative voice had her insides squirming with lust as she felt herself flooding as never before. She did not expect him to use her newest title in this situation. He truly was getting her all riled up!

Obediently following his orders, Alicia placed her hands on the armrest and spread her legs, feeling his intense stare at her pulsing wetness. Hearing his sharp intake of breath had her arching her back to give him the full view of her most private place.

"That's my wife…" he uttered in a hoarse voice. He was already kneeling on the floor, his face right at her lower lips, sniffling her unique womanly scent.

"Which do you want to go first? Hmm? My wife? My –"

"Your tongue." She cut him off, knowing what choices he was going to offer her. Most of her wanted him to just give her her favorite, but… she wanted to savor the moment and take it as slow and drag it out as long as she could endure. She did not want this moment to be rushed through. It was precious.

He chuckled quietly against her. And then he proceeded to eat her there, causing her to bite down hard on her lips and squeeze her eyes closed.

His tongue slid inside her with skillful enthusiasm as he played with her taut bud. Oh heavens… she just could not get enough of the way how he hungrily devours her there. It seemed to only get better every time he does it.

"AH!" an erotic yelp escaped her mouth when he pinched her bud sharply. She nearly came if not for him suddenly stopping his actions. He was doing it again. The sweet torture that was promising her an unspeakable firework of orgasm.

"Don't stop." She pleaded him, even if she knew the torture that would be coming later on. It was torture if he gave it to her, it was also torture if he did not. Either way, she was damned. Might as well get pleasure out of it.

He slapped her ass, the sharp sound reverberated inside the room along with her pleasure filled yelp. "You said I'll get to do what I want, Alicia. Have you already forgotten?" His voice soft but shooting straight into her core.

"Sorry…" was all she could say. He inserted two fingers inside her and thrusted them in and out, slowly at first, then faster, before going as fast as hell before suddenly stopping just as she was about to come.

"You're not allowed to come yet, my dearest wife. Wait for your husband to come together. Or else, I'll punish you later." He teased her.

"But… I might not be able to –" Alicia protested, not able to help herself from feeling agitated that her pleasure was suddenly cut off.

"Yes, you can, Alicia. You know you can." He was bent over her back now, his mouth latched onto her neck as his hand gently wrapped around the front of her neck. "Say yes, wife." And he squeezed her ass to prompt her reply.

"Yes, my husband." She gasped sharply before finally answering and Zeke rewarded her by slamming suddenly into her, causing her to squeal hard from his sudden invasion. He had impaled her so hard and so deep, her breast jerked, and the sturdy couch made a scraping sound as it was pushed forward from the force exerted.

Another brutal thrust came again, and she screamed and arched her back sinuously at the killing pleasure. She had tried her best to hold back her sounds, but he had hit a spot that had suddenly sent her to the peak of heaven.

She trembled violently, her thigh muscles quivering from the effort of holding herself up and not collapsing into the couch. Her insides gripped his thick hardness, as though not wanting to let him go, causing him to groan from that exquisite grasp she had on him.

"What a bad girl…" he growled, spanking her ass again then gripping her neck and pulling her up, flush against his chest. "You are dying to be punished, aren't you? You're dying to be chained and cuffed again, aren't you? Huh, wife? It seems as though you are wanting me to restrain you forcefully and take you roughly without you being able to resist my attacks…" He continued whispering all these into her ears as her inner muscles continued to ripple around his thick and hot length – that seemed to be growing harder within her.


Chapter 914 Wedding night (Part III)

"Yes… ah…!!'" she could not even respond with any words other than 'yes' at the moment. Her orgasm was still owning her. But she did not need to give any another answers. He was right, she wanted him to cuff and chain her as well tonight. And then she would do the same to him later.

"Fuck, you've become even hotter now that you're my wife, Alicia. Prepare yourself… because this husband of yours will not let you get any rest at all tonight." His pants got hotter and more irregular as his movements got more intense.

And he picked up his punishing rhythm before the remaining little tremors could even stop. Alicia's moans, gasps and yelps never stop coming out of her mouth as Zeke thrusted ferociously into her, over and over without stopping until she was already pressed into the couch with her feet lifted off the floor.

He moaned out her name in a guttural sound and then with one last powerful and fierce thrust, they both came undone, together. Tear streaked down Alicia's face uncontrollably, looking as though she was not even aware of it. Her mouth slackened as the waves of orgasm crashing over her seemed to endlessly shake her entire world.

"Fuck! Alicia…" she heard his rumbling voice as she felt his body pressing heavily against her back, trembling as well in the aftermath of his own orgasm.

"You said I've become hotter now that I'm your wife…" Alicia broke the silence as she was cradled in Ezekiel's arms again, as he was now sitting on the couch that had somehow miraculously withstood the intensity of their lovemaking session a while ago.

"Hmm. It's true…" he smiled lazily, like a cat that had gotten to the cream, his eyes still gleaming with satisfaction from their earlier high.

"You've become even more vicious now that you're my husband." She pretended to complain as she pursed her lips and huffed a little.

He smiled devilishly. "Vicious in bed. Can't be helped, babe. My wife's a ravishing beauty that just keep turning me into a ravenous beast that just wants to mindlessly fuck her brains out." He replied with a casual shrug of his shoulder. "Now let me help you take off your wedding dress while I'm still in control of myself, before this beast shreds it apart to pieces and beyond salvation."

Alicia could only wrinkle her nose at him as she shook her head and allowed him to help her undress.

Once the wedding dress was discarded safely to the side, he then proceeded to admire her nakedness that was presented to him before letting his eyes travel upwards until they met hers. He licked his lips in anticipation and said in an almost purr, "Now… it's time for the second round, Mrs. Reign."

He lunged at her and then they were moved to the bed.

"What are you going to do this time, Mr. Reign?" Alicia asked coyly as the corners of her lips curled up slightly.

"Guess." His eyes gleamed with an inner fire as he looked deep into hers.

Alicia looked around. "I'm guessing you don't have your chains and cuffs here with you…" she trailed off when he smiled at her wickedly. "You… actually have them here?!" She choked a little when she realized that her husband had already everything prepared. This man!!

He pinched her chin. "Did you forget what kind of man your husband is, Alicia? I've gotten them all prepared… even before the wedding had started."

"It's already past noon," Alicia panted with a slight complaint in her tone as she glanced at the small but bright ray of light shining through the thick and dark curtains that covered their room window. She was on top of Ezekiel, her hands supported on his heaving chest as she continued riding him. They were still at it.

Zeke had her hand cuffed to the headboard above him. His face had long been glistening with sweat from their rigorous activities. He was now looking like some kind of god under the mercy of his goddess.

He flashed a devilish smile at her. "Tired already, my wife? Just say so… I'll take over."

Alicia bent and kissed his ear, poking the tip of her tongue inside his ear. That made him growl low and dangerously.

Then she lifted herself up slowly until his tip was barely inside her. His eyes narrowed as he watched their sexes, waiting for her to impale herself onto him again. But she did not move, and he groaned. "Who's tired, hmm? I think it's you who's finally getting tired, dear husband mine."

"Bad, bad girl…" he muttered, smiling, before he suddenly flexed his hips powerfully upwards and slammed his hardened length into her, earning himself a loud gasp and groan from his unsuspecting wife.

When night came again, cuffs and chains and many other things were scattered over the floor. The newlyweds were just cuddling in each other's arms now. Alicia was lying her head on Zeke's chest, contentedly listening to the steady and strong heartbeats of her husband.

Both of them were still fully awake despite their intensive sex marathon. Zeke was staring at the ceiling as he gently stroked Alicia's hair, while Alicia was staring at the curtains, just reveling in the warmth emitted by her husband's body.

Their love making and fucking sessions were as usual, just incredible. In fact, it has somehow gotten better after their wedding. Alicia could not even help but just smile and blush thinking about it. It was dirty, savage and depraved. But she loved every single second and every bit of it. Craved it, in fact. Anything that Ezekiel did to her was just pure addiction. She would have thought that she was in grave trouble, but her husband felt the same addiction towards her. He too, could not help but want her, crave her, and obsess over her. And she could not ask for anything more.

There was only one thing that she was wishing for at this moment. And that was, for the upcoming day to be heavily skewed in their favor.

Tomorrow was the day. The D-day that they had been preparing for.

Chapter 915 Tonight

The next morning. After washing up and making sure they were presentable, Alicia and Zeke headed to the dungeons where Sebastian was being imprisoned.

As they approached the thick and protected bars, Alicia felt Ezekiel's hand tightened around hers a little. The boy beyond the bars did not come at them like how he did the first time that Alicia was here.

He was just there, silently kneeling on the ground, his hands chained to thick restraints that were reinforced with demonic magic to keep him there. The sight of him was breaking her heart. It was just unimaginable how this boy had been just locked up here like this for so long. It was not just years… but hundreds of years, in fact! Alicia could feel hot tears pricking the back of her eyes as she stood there with Zeke, not moving nor speaking.

Looking over at Zeke, Alicia silently squeezed his hand in encouragement. She knew that it must be agonizing for Zeke to watch his own brother being treated like this for almost seven hundred years. She could not even imagine the torture and suffering for both Ezekiel and Sebastian during these long years.

"Seb," Ezekiel called out to his brother softly and the boy beyond the cage opened his eyes. His animalistic grey eyes stared at them through his dark, damp and messy hair.

Even after almost seven hundred years, Sebastian did not seem to age. Ezekiel said that Sebastian's appearance never changed since that fateful day, and that time seemed to have stopped for him since the day he drew that demonic power into his body. And that was why, until now, Sebastian still looked like an eighteen-year-old boy.

"Tonight… I will finally free you." Zeke added. "Forgive me for taking so long, Seb." He gripped the thick bar and still tried his best to stay as composed as he always was on the outside. But Alicia knew, she could feel, that Zeke was in turmoil on the inside, every time he looks at Sebastian.

The boy did not speak nor responded to Zeke. He kept his seemingly deadly gaze trained on Zeke for a long while before shifting his gaze to Alicia.

"Who?" he finally spoke. His voice was creaky and rusty as he had not had any reason to speak for long periods of time. Though only one word, but it was clear he was asking who Alicia was as his gaze was directed at her when asking that question.

Ezekiel held Alicia's shoulder and pulled her closer to him. It was as if Zeke was trying to show Sebastian that Alicia was someone very important to him. "Meet my wife, Seb."

Sebastian simply stared at Alicia, unblinking in its intensity. His dark aura and the madness that swirled within his eyes seemed to calm a little. A touch of sanity seemed to have returned to them.

"Her. Name?" he asked and again, Zeke's grip on Alicia tightened. She could feel his intense hesitation to utter and reveal her name to Sebastian. The last time they were here, Ezekiel had mentioned a different name and until now, she still did not know the reason why. All Zeke had told her that time was her name rings a bell to Sebastian.

A sudden growling sound rumbled from behind the bars and Sebastian started to tug violently at his chains. The tame boy from just a while ago was now looking and behaving like a beast again. Nothing was recognizable in his eyes but pure animalistic madness and an extreme bloodlust. He pulled and tugged forcefully, trying to break free from his chains until blood began to drip from the torn skin at his wrists, ankles and neck.

Watching him and being so helpless to help in anyway was just… heartbreaking.

Alicia looked at Ezekiel with teary eyes and saw him quietly watching his brother trashing at the chains that held him captive. How many times had he watched his brother like this? How much had his heart bled and ached as he stood just outside, not being able to do anything for his own sibling? Alicia shuddered in agony for her husband as she thought of it.

By the time they left the dungeon, Sebastian was still wreaking havoc inside his cell. Even when Zeke used his demonic magic to put him to sleep or to restrain him, nothing seemed to work. So, he instead focused on the powerful shield holding the bars from being damaged and tried to strengthen them even more.

"He's getting worse the closer we get to that moment." Zeke said to everyone, his voice grave and low. Alex and the rest were already with them as they all had felt the commotion going on from underneath the ground. They knew that it must have come from the dungeon. "I'm guessing that he's going to get worse as the minutes pass by."

"And you're going to become even weaker?" Alexander asked the question that was on everyone's mind but did not dare ask. His gaze was scrutinizing and piercing as he looked directly at Ezekiel, not avoiding the man's own sharp gaze.

Silence reigned at Alex's words while Alicia just clenched tighter onto Zeke's hand a little. She had been feeling it lately. What Alex had mentioned. The closer they got to the D-day, Ezekiel seemed to be getting weaker and weaker. Today in particular, was the worst. It had declined to the point that Alicia had felt a slight fear clutching at her heart when she woke up this morning and noticed it. Of course, the reason she could sense it so clearly was due to the special connection that was between them.

But now, after Zeke had just used more of his demonic power in strengthening Sebastian's cage earlier on, he had weakened even more, that even Alexander was able to notice it. And that was a worrying fact.

"Yes." Zeke replied without the slightest change in his tone. "This is necessary for the ritual tonight."

"I see…" Alexander nodded but it did not escape Alicia's notice how his brows creased a little. It was not normal for Alexander to look so doubtful when it comes to Ezekiel's words. It was because of this, that made Alicia feel a little tremor shaking her already unsteady heart.