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Chapter 916 A little scared

That afternoon, Alex and the others had worked on to clear the castle. Because tonight, no one will be present within the vicinity of the Blackshire Hill, where the Reigns Castle stood. Not even the most trusted servants or the royal guards or even any other members of the royal family themselves. The only ones who are allowed to be present in the castle tonight were Zeke, Alicia, Zeres, Alex, Lilith, the prophetess, Abigail, Kyle, Kai and Lucas.

Alicia and Zeke were currently in Abi and Alex's chambers, watching over the twins while everyone else were outside, busy preparing everything as Zeke had instructed them earlier. Zeres and Lilith were also busy with the ritual preparations for Alicia.

So right now, the couple was alone together again. Each of them was holding a little bundle of joy in their arms.

"He doesn't seem to want to go to sleep," Zeke commented, looking down expressionlessly at Alexis in his arms. The baby's large pair of bright grey eyes were gazing up at Zeke.

Alicia smiled. Alice, being the good little princess she was, was already fast asleep in her arms.

"Why don't you sing him a lullaby then?" Alicia suggested to her husband in a soft voice. Her eyes gleamed in excitement at the thought that she might get to hear him sing again.

Seeing Alicia's highly expectant expression, Zeke glanced down at Alexis before asking. "What song do you want me to sing?"

"Hmm… I think that song 'Somewhere over the rainbow' is perfect for a lullaby." Alicia grinned, wanting to hear such a sweet tone being sang by her husband's cello-like voice. Though she did not know how it would be, one thing she knew was Zeke always does things perfectly and wonderfully. Thus, she was anticipating it very much and was almost giddy with excitement. The only reason she was not showing it outwardly was due to not wanting to accidentally awaken little Alice who was sleeping so soundly.

After holding Alicia's gaze for a while, Zeke cleared his throat and then shifted a little in his seat.

The next moment, his voice echoed inside the room. Such sweet song being sung with his deep and rich voice just sounded shockingly different from the last time she heard him sing. It had caused goosebumps to prickle all over her arm and yet it felt so soothing... touching and just so good.

The entire time, Alicia never took her eyes off him. She relaxed at the sound of his voice. To her, his voice was like magic. It seeped through her very soul and made everything just feel so magical. She would never get tired of hearing that voice of his. Never.

As he sang the last line, Alexis had finally closed his eyes and willingly drifted off to sleep.

Once the couple tucked the twins into their respective cots, they both let out a long but gentle sigh. Who knew putting babies to bed for their nap time was such an enjoyable and satisfying thing? After just standing there and watching them peacefully sleep for a few seconds longer, Zeke pulled on Alicia's wrist and led her to the couch, sitting her down on his lap as he wrapped his arms around her.

"I want to hear you sing one more song, Ezekiel." She requested of him in a slightly coaxing manner as she relaxed her entire frame in his arms. There was no where else that felt safer than within the embrace of her husband's arms.

"Sure. Do you have any specific song that you want to listen to?"

She shook her head, smiling at him. "I'm fine with any song… as long as it's you who is singing it."

He shifted and turned her around to face him. Then he made her lean on his shoulder before he started singing a song titled 'I want to spend my lifetime loving you'.

At the end of the song, her heart felt like it was about to burst from all the emotions that had surged from within her while his deep soothing voice sang her those beautiful lyrics.

"Such a beautiful song…" she uttered wiping the lone tear that had just fell from the corner of her eyes before she looked at him. "I'm not sure if I have a good voice but I'll practice and sing and dedicate that song to you too, one day."

Ezekiel flashed her a heart-stopping smile. To him, even if she were to sing off tune, if it was all for him, he would willingly and wholeheartedly listen to it.

"I'll definitely look forward to hear you sing for me, my wife." He said before he lowered his head and press down a passionate and deep kiss on her lips. He did not let her go for a long time. And when he did, her lips were all red and swollen – a sure sign that she had been well kissed.

Soon, all the preparations had already been set according to plan. Zeke had also already finished speaking to Zeres about the timing and other important matters. All that was left was for them to wait for the clock to hit midnight.

Blackshire Hill was already a place where not many are allowed free access into. Coupled with the fact that there were no longer any other people around other than those few who were left, it only made the night to be ever so quiet and still. Since Abi and the twins had also left the castle not too long ago, the number of people in the castle had lessened even more.

It continued being that way until there was just an hour left to midnight. It was getting harder and harder for Alicia to stay calm and just sit there quietly. She could not help it. No matter how she told herself to stay positive, that everything will be alright, and to just trust in Zeke and his plans, she just felt that her blood and heart and everything within her started rushing like it was in a race. She was… nervous and obviously a little scared. And it was getting worse as the minutes passed.
Chapter 917 Midnight

"I'm asking you again… one last time, Zeke. Are you really sure there is nothing that we should be doing?" Alexander who also looked slightly restless, jumped out of his seat and asked. Of course, if Alexander was the one acting like that, how much worse would the other Reigns and even Lucas look right now? Every single one of them looked doubtful and worried ever since Ezekiel told them to just sit and not do anything. At all.

"Yes, Alex." Ezekiel replied immediately and without hesitation. He even sounded so sure about it. "Remember. No matter what happens, do not do anything." Again he reminded them, and this time with a heavier and solemn tone.

"Even if things end up going wrong? You're telling us to just sit back and watch and still not do anything to help nor intervene?!!" Alex questioned and was so disturbed that his tone came out almost on the verge of being slightly aggressive. And that was quite rare for Alex since it was Zeke that he was speaking to.

Zeke's gaze just held Alex's eyes silently for some time. The others were also holding their breaths along with them as they looked on at the duo.

"Yes." Zeke finally replied, causing Alex to visibly deflate and then shake his head in disbelief. "Even if things do end up going wrong, none of you must make any move to help me either." Zeke reiterated. The fact that he did, just told the rest of them how much he needed them to follow this instruction. He was not a person who would repeat himself for no reason.

Running his fingers through his hair, Alex sighed. "Look. You know that it would be hard, right? Zeke… Not just me, but your brothers here too, would definitely help you –"

"Alex…" Zeke's gentle yet sharp tone cut Alex off. Their gazes held for a few moments again before Zeke continued. "I'm counting on you to stop them, Alex…" his voice lowered and for the first time, he unmasked his face and showed everyone an emotion swirling powerfully within his eyes. His gaze looking at Alex with the word 'please' clearly shining forth from them.

Alex had never ever seen that expression on Zeke's face for nearly seven hundred years, that he had been rendered completely speechless.

Shutting his eyes closed, Alex took another long breath that clearly showed his feelings. Exasperation. "Fine, I'll do it. But at least let everyone know why no one can intervene."

Zeke nodded after a while at Alex before turning to look at everyone. "It's dangerous. And more importantly, nothing that any of you do can actually help me out. Never go near the circle except for Alicia. Anyone who get past the circle will be sucked into the gates of hell and would have no chance of ever returning. So don't even dare think about it. Also, any interference from outside will only cause me more trouble rather than help. I only need you all to just watch and make sure no one else would come and interfere. Just… listen to all that I have instructed you and trust me…" His voice was firm and calm. It broke no discussions nor objections from anyone.

Everyone winced and looked like they wanted to object. But after listening to his explanation, they could do nothing but only nod and obey him.

Nodding at them with gratitude filling his eyes, Zeke turned back to face Alicia.

"Alicia…" her called out her name softly, gripping her hand and resting his forehead against hers. "It's okay, don't worry," he whispered. "You have to trust me."

Alicia looked up at him. "I'm… I am allowed to do something to… to help you, right? Just in case something goes wrong. Hmm…? Ezekiel?" she asked a little anxiously, cupping his hand and bringing it to rest on her chest. Her expression was begging. Begging and hoping that Ezekiel will tell her that she was the exception. That at least she could help.

But he shook his head slowly at her. She could feel her heart sink like an anchor into the ocean.

He caressed her face gently and whispered. "I'm sorry Alicia, but you can't help as well –"

"But why?!! I think I am powerful enough to help now, aren't I?" she was getting agitated, thinking that all her newfound powers were useless if she could not even help her most important person in his time of need.

He bent and planted a kiss on her forehead to soothe and calm her down. And thankfully, it worked. It always worked. "Yes, you are strong. No doubt about that. But your magic and power cannot help with this, Alicia. The only magic that is needed for this ritual are demonic powers. And among of all of us here, I am the only one who qualifies." He cupped her face and rested his forehead against hers again. "Don't be scared, Alicia. I will do everything in my power to make everything turn out alright, I promise. Trust me, okay?"

Alicia could do nothing but nod sadly before kissing him.

And the moment their lips parted the time had finally come.

Zeke pulled Alicia into his embrace, and he then turned to face everyone. He looked at each one of them in the eyes. His eyes settled for a long while on each of them, Kai, Lucas, and Kyle. When the three bnodded at him, Zeke gave them a nod back before turning to Alex. Their eyes held much longer than everyone else, a serious conversation going on secretly between the two of them.

Then Zeke and Alicia disappeared first.

Zeres and Lilith had helped everyone to teleport as well and once they materialized inside the dungeon, they saw Alicia and Zeke already standing in the middle of an intricate circle that was drawn on the dungeon floor. The agonizing roars and trashing sounds of Sebastian pulling on his restraints behind bars were like thunders being emitted from underground.

At Zeke's nod, Zeres then moved and stood at another circle drawn just a few steps away from Alicia and Zeke.

And then midnight struck.