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Chapter 47 < — Truth & False — > (2)

Hugo’s lips turned crooked watching this scene but after a moment, he chuckled.

‘I’ll let it slide.’

If someone else had done that, he would’ve broken all their limbs. Damian climbed onto the carriage and it began to set off and Lucia stood watching until the figure of the carriage could no longer be seen. Hugo came up to her and patted her shoulder.

“What are you doing?”

“...he called me ‘mother’.”

“If he doesn’t call you mother, what would he call you?”

“B-But, that’s the first time he’s ever called me that...”

‘This child honestly, till he leaves, he only calls me once.’

When he called her mother, her sad feelings over him departing and her touched feelings over being called mother were in conflict.

Lucia abruptly turned her head to face Hugo, revealing reddened eyes that were as if she would start crying at any moment.

“Did you see that?”


“He’s your son indeed. Already being a ladies’ man.”


Lucia looked regretfully in the direction the carriage disappeared, mumbling about how her son must not grow up into a bad man that made women cry and how she wouldn’t raise her son like that.

Hugo stealthily moved away from her and quickly headed to his office.


‘Damian is gone.’

When Lucia thought about it, it made her depressed.


The memory of him calling her that floated to the forefront of her mind and she held her reddening face.

‘But I can’t hear it anymore now.’

With this thought, she became depressed again. After sending Damian off, Lucia spent all day in her thoughts, going back and forth between to opposite extremes of emotions.

“Milady, the bath water is ready.”

The maid was already repeating it for the third time. For some time now, Lucia had changed into her night chemise to bathe and was sitting on the bed.


Lucia gave a reply but her head hung low as she continued to be absorbed in her thoughts. The maid was cautious to not keep urging her madam so she kept standing there, unable to do anything.

Suddenly, a strong force caught Lucia’s chin and lifted it up, causing her head to lift. As some point, Hugo had entered and was lifting up her chin to look at her.

His slightly chilled red eyes swept over her face. As soon as Hugo walked into the bedroom and saw her on the bed with her head lowered, he was shocked. The thought that perhaps she was leaning over to cry made him uncomfortable so immediately lifted her head to check.

When he saw that her expression was good, the rock on his chest was lifted.

‘Why’s he here already?’

Lucia glanced around looking for the maid but the maid had already made herself scarce the moment Hugo entered. She then remembered the maid’s urging while she was absentminded.

‘I haven’t washed up yet.’

Lucia freed her chin from his grasp to vocalize this to him but before she could speak, he drew closer and blocked her lips. He moved to swallow her lips and grabbed her shoulders. In that motion, he knocked her down onto the bed. She tried to push away from his chest in surprise but her strength wasn’t enough.

He pounced on her at once. His hand lifted her chemise up to her thighs and he placed his knees between her legs, separating them. He did not let go of her lips, following with a deep kiss. His tongue occupied her mouth, moving skillfully and stimulating the insides of her mouth.

As she was drawn into the kiss, the strength in her hand grabbing onto his shoulders gradually weakened. But when his hand began to take off her underwear, Lucia came to her senses.


When she began to rebel fiercely, clasping her legs over her excited lower body, his movements stopped. He detangled himself from her chewy tongue, licked her lips lightly and moved a bit away. His gaze swept over her red face and misty eyes and his eyes quivered with desperate desire.

“What is it?” (Hugo)

“I haven’t bathed yet...”

“I don’t care.”

“I care.”

“So. In this state, you’re saying you want to take a bath?”


Her expression was filled with will showing that by all means, she must have a bath, right now. Hugo sighed.

“Are you doing this on purpose?”



Really driving someone crazy in all sorts of ways. He lifted his body up from the bed and at the same time, picked her up and lifted her onto his shoulders as though carrying luggage.

“Kyaa! Hugh?!”

He wrapped one arm around her wriggling on his chest while his other hand was placed on her back, holding her onto his shoulders as he went forward with big strides.

No matter how much she struggled, his footsteps did not waver.

“Stay still. You said you wanted to bathe.” (Hugo)

Just like that, he went straight to the bathroom. The bathroom was foggy due to the steam coming off the bathtub filled with boiling water. When he opened the door to the bathroom, the maid inside was surprised but he didn’t pay it any attention.

Seeing the back of the maid, Lucia mumbled, ‘I don’t know’ and covered her face with both hands.

Hugo let her down onto the bathroom floor. She fixed him a heavy glare with a red face while he stripped off her chemise with an indifferent expression.


In the blink of an eye she was left with only underwear and quickly covered her chest with her arms. He took one step back and folded him arms, slowly looking her up and down.

Seeing her in full view standing up instead of on the bed was a magnificent view in its own way. Receiving his satisfied and appreciating gaze, she blushed all the way to her neck and took a step back.

He raised a brow and came closer so that they weren’t too far apart. Then she moved backwards again. After repeatedly taking steps backwards, her back reached the wall. He stood in front of her, obstructing her so she wouldn’t escape anymore. He pressed his arms against her sides so she couldn’t escape sideways.

Lucia felt like her heart was going to burst. It wasn’t like it was her first time in his arms but the situation and her appearance were so embarrassing and she couldn’t look him straight in the eye.

The edges of his lips curled upwards as he watched her looking down, not knowing what to do. She really made him go crazy. He slowly lowered his head, tilting it slightly to the side and kissing her lips lightly. Then again, he brought his lips to hers, giving her another light kiss. Then, he kissed her a little longer. Then, he sucked her lower lips and swept his tongue over her lips.

Her lips separated slightly, hoping for a deeper touch and he gladly responded to her invitation, weaving his tongue into her mouth.


Her hands that were covering her breasts had at some point moved to lean against his shoulders. The sound of their tongue’s entwining and their saliva mixing sounded through the bathroom and gradually grew louder.

Hugo took off the bathrobe he was wearing and threw it onto the floor. His hand slid down her abdomen, lightly pressing down on it as his hand went into her underwear. When his firm fingers pressed inside, the shoulders of Lucia who was absorbed in the kiss shook.

His fingers gently rubbed her wet center and his finger went into her tender entrance. Her arms, wrapped around his neck, tightened in response. In the meantime, he persistently coveted her lips. He lightly nibbled on her small lips then sucked strongly. In a hurry that wasn’t a hurry, he meticulously licked over her teeth with his tongue.

At the same time, his fingers went in and out of her moist entrance. He felt the sensation of slippery fluid covering his fingers and he gradually felt himself reaching the limit of his endurance. From his fingers, he could feel her hot and narrow insides.

He pulled down her underwear and grabbed her thigh, lifting it up a little. As her leg was suddenly in the air, she clung to his neck tighter and her leg swayed. He hugged a little bit upwards and took off the underwear completely. He placed her down against the wall, pressing his body tightly to hers. His lips fell to her ears and his breathing echoed beside her, causing a shiver to run through her skin.

“Hugh...haven’t yet...”

“Prepared bath water is right in front of you. Wash and do or do and wash.”

“How is that the same-”

“Just this once. Your husband is about to wither and die here.” (1)

At his exaggeration of pain, a giggle escaped from her and she stopped pushing him aside and leaned onto his shoulders as though giving permission.

‘Nothing like a good scare.’

He mumbled while sighing then lifted one of her legs with his hand.

Translator’s Corner:

1) This could be translated as ‘your husband is really thirsty’. Just means he wants it baaaaaaaaaaaaad.

*Underwear was originally panties but I felt like the word panties kills the mood.

< — Truth & False — > (2)

Hugo mumbled while sighing and lifted up one of her legs with his hand. For a while now, his center had already grown extremely stiff. He lifted up her lower body and plunged inside her with one heavy thrust. Lucia let out a scream at the sudden force coming from below.


He clenched his teeth and shuddered at the pleasure filling him as he entered her. Her insides always felt like a new experience. He could endure it a little when he’d already moved his waist a few times, but whenever he entered her for the first time, he always had to restrain his desire to rampage inside her.

He moved his waist back and thrust inside her again. His movements were impatient. Every time, he thrust into her vagina, it was intense and her entire body shook.

“Ah! Hk!”

She hung her arms around his neck, clinging to him. She was barely holding herself on the floor with one leg, and every time he pushed, her feet barely touched the floor. The little anxiety when she couldn’t touch the floor contributed to her pleasure. His huge member repeatedly and incessantly plunged deep inside her.

Her ravaged inner flesh felt feverish and every time he touched a sensitive part, she felt like she heard something snap in her head. His desperate movements told her that he eagerly wanted her. In this moment, he want her and she also wanted him.

She put more strength into her hands clinging to his neck and lifted her body up. Her hands fumbled upwards from his neck and grabbed onto his hair. She put her lips on his ear and nibbled on his earlobe.

‘I want to taste him.’

She stuck out her tongue and licked the rim of his ear, trailing down to his neck.


His body flinched and he called her name reprovingly. But she did not respond and licked his neck with more effort. Her lips found where his muscles moved on his neck and she bit it.

“...You started it.”

After saying this, he grabbed her thigh, brought his waist closer and gripped her buttocks. She let out a short scream due to the sudden grasp and held him tighter. He lifted his head and began to thrust in and out, quickly and intensely.

“Hk! Ang! Aah!”

Lucia let out a coquettish cry and her body shook intensely, her eyes unable to focus. Her buttocks were squeezed tightly enough to be distorted and ached and his rough caresses as he kissed and bit her shoulder were scorching. At the same time her head was filled with pleasure and her tears began to fall.

The sound of moaning, screaming and heavy breathing blended together, echoing throughout the bathroom. The nakedness of both man and woman were entwined, moving together in a rhythm. The bathroom was full of steam and heat and their bodies were soaked with sweat.

Hugo set her up against the wall, and tirelessly opened her up. He wildly tore through her vaginal walls as his desire rampaged inside of her without mercy.

“Ah! Hugh!”

Lucia clung onto him with flushed eyes, nuzzling against his shoulder. She wanted to hold him firmly but the sticky sweat on their skin hindered her. She hung onto him with both arms so as not to slip and her body spasmed with pleasure every time he thrust into her.


Her head tilted backwards as she reached an intense orgasm. Her consciousness momentarily disappeared, plunging her into darkness as she was consumed by the peak of pleasure. Fervent vigor coursed through her whole body, instantly filling her with searing heat. It felt like the insides of her body had been set on fire.

Her inner walls began to spasm like crazy. His body grew rigid and he let out a suppressed groan. His manhood reached its limit and released semen deep into her womb. Her vaginal walls squeezed and clenched violently, accepting the scorching fluid.

His legs seemed to shake so he leaned a little further on the wall for support. The pleasure filling his head was so intense he closed his eyes and breathed roughly. Her body quivered a little and she panted in his arms.

“Haa...Haa.” (Lucia)

“Huu...damn. I’ll really die like this. You really...” (Hugo)

If they don’t do it, he’ll die, if they do it, he’ll die. (1)

He’d tired out the fragile body of the woman in his bosom. He propped her up as she seemed to have lost all her energy. Hugo hugged her to his chest and the sound of each other’s heart pounding reverberated through their chests.

The sounds of their beating hearts blended together and he couldn’t distinguish between his heartbeat or hers and his emotions were heightened. He hugged her till the heat in their bodies cooled down a little then he stood up with her in his arms and entered into the bathtub.

The boiling water in the bathtub had cooled down to moderately warm during the time they were busy. Lucia sat in the water that was filled to the brim and leaned back on his chest before brush her skin lightly with water.

Apart from the sound of the moving water, the bathroom was quiet and Lucia deeply enjoyed the peacefulness and the feeling of being alone with him, as if they were alone in the world.

“Why did you do that earlier? You looked like you were angry as you checked my face.” (Lucia)

“I thought you were crying because the boy left.” (Hugo)

“What crying. He’s going back because he needs to study.”

When Hugo was able to get rid of the baby fox as a free addition with Damian, he had initially felt completely refreshed but later when he thought about it, she had suddenly lost Damian and the baby fox so she would probably feel dejected. He wondered if he would have to acquire a new cub for her to be affectionate with. He didn’t want to though, so he was worried for a while.

Finally he concluded that if she asked, he would comply but he definitely wouldn’t ask her first.

“I will send him letters and gifts. Even if he cannot hear me directly, I would like for him to hear a mother voice from the letters.” (Lucia)

‘Don’t pay him so much attention.’ Hugo grumbled inwardly and reached out to squeeze her breasts with his hands. Her body shrunk a little he began to trail light kisses from her neck to her shoulders.

His hands fumbled around her chest and he repeatedly knead her breasts. She let out a small sigh and leaned her head on his shoulders. He lowered his head and softly kissed her lips.

He licked her lips with the tip of his tongue and gave her several short kisses. His fingers kneading her breasts moved to her nipples, twisting it with light force and she let out a small moan.

As she sank into his moderately soft and stimulating caresses, she felt the presence of something poking at her butt and her face flushed red. She stealthily moved her butt forward but he clung to her, drawing closer.

Since she kept inching forward little by little to avoid it but he kept inching forward too, she put her hands behind her and grabbed the annoying thing poking at her behind.

Instantly, his body stiffened and she realized what she had done so her body stiffened too. She couldn’t pull the thing caught in her hands nor could she abruptly let it go. She wished he would show some kind of reaction but he stopped and wasn’t saying anything so she was very embarrassed and so flustered that she couldn’t figure out what to do.

She turned to him slightly and found his red eyes fixed on her.

“Y..You kept moving so...”

It would be better if he laughed mischievously. In his eyes, she could see a huge wave of fierce passion coursing through it. Vividly feeling his manhood in her hand grow bigger, she mumbled, ‘Oh no’ and made a long face. She couldn’t bear the feeling of it stirring in her hand as though coming to life so she let go.

The moment she did, he grabbed her arms, turning her to face him and captured her lips. Without any time to breath, he poured kisses and his large hand caressed her whole body. He pressed her shoulders and lifted her waist, placing her on him.

The water made a loud noise as it lurched in response to the movement. Facing her, he grabbed her thighs to lift it up but his hand slipped because of the water’s buoyancy. He wrapped his arm around her waist and lifted her body then he turned her around and place her hands on the bathtub’s handle.

He nibbled on her ear and whispered to her in a subdued tone.

“Hold tight.”

Lucia pushed against the handle with shaky hands. She was swept up in his frantic pace and felt out of breath. From behind her, he grabbed her waist firmly. She bit her lips, readying herself for the incoming shock and feeling the heat coming from behind her, her breath caught in her throat and a shudder ran through her skin.


He penetrated her in one stroke from behind and her body shook greatly. Her hands that were supporting her felt like they would break so she put more strength into them. He pulled out and he heavily thrust inside again and her eyes grew misty.


His firm desire continuously plunged deep inside of her. It filled up her insides completely and her inner flesh wrapped around him tightly. The tip of his penis intensely scraped against her sensitive part. Goosebumps rose on her skin and a refreshing tingling sensation coursed through her body. The pain and pleasure tormented her at the same time.

“A-! Ung! Hugh! Ah!”

Her legs and arms trembled unable to keep up with his unceasing movements. He reached out and placed his hand over hers, weaving them together while his other hand supported her waist.

If it weren’t for his support, she would have lost strength in her arms and their position would’ve collapsed and her body continued to trembled immensely from his repeated waist movements, back and forth.


Lying down on Hugo’s upper chest, Lucia placed her fingers on his chest wanting to trace a circle but hesitant. She had something she definitely wanted to ask him but she kept flipping back and forth between ‘should I? or ‘should I not’.

She was curious as to whether Damian had met his biological mother since he came to Duke and if he hadn’t, then whether it was because his biological mother did not want to see Damian or because Hugo didn’t want him to see his birth mother. No matter how hard she tried, she wouldn’t be able to overcome a child’s yearning for his birth mother who carried and bore him. ­

Unless they rejected each other, it would be good for the child if he could meet his birth mother from time to time.

“Hugh, umm...”

Lucia paused, hesitant to continue and Hugo spoke with his eyes closed.

“What is it?”


He furrowed his brows slightly.

“Don’t talk about another man.”

“Another man? You said this last time too. He’s your son.”

“But he’s not a daughter.”

“...But still, we can’t just not talk about Damian at all.”

“Don’t do it in bed.”

‘Then when?’ Lucia thought to herself, pouting her lips.

The time she could talk with him was limited so if it wasn’t at night then when could they talk? He said he didn’t hate Damian but she didn’t know why he didn’t show the loving affection of a father. There was an extent when it wasn’t simply inexpression of affection, his was closer to indifference.

The more she thought about it, the more she found Damian commendable. The child grew up so sweet and honest.

“Then, just one thing. There’s something I’m curious about.” (Lucia)


“Damian’s birth mother...has she never asked to see Damian?”


Was that a question I shouldn’t have asked? Lucia was a bit nervous.

“She’s dead.”


Lucia was a little shocked.

“So you brought back Damian?”

“Something like that.”

“Must have been a beautiful person. Damian’s mother, I mean.”

“Don’t know. Never seen her.”


Lucia lifted her head to look at him. At that moment, a troubled expression flashed across his face.

Translator Corner:

1) He’s referring to sex and just exaggerating. For those who couldn’t tell.

2) Question: Shall I rename this arc to Truths & Lies? Now that we’re getting into it, this seems to be more fitting? Lies and False are same words in Korean.
Chapter 48 < — Truth & Falsehood — > (3)

TN: Ended up settling for falsehood because it makes you think ‘lie’ than simple ‘false’ and also cuz I realized the title is in singular form so truths & lies wouldn’t work.

If Hugo said he didn’t remember, Lucia would have simply accepted it. But saying that he had never seen the woman was strange. A chilling sensation ran up her spine.

How does one make a child with a woman one has never seen?

As her silence grew longer, he grew anxious. His slip of the tongue could not be reversed. He’d already shown her a troubled expression and the pause was too long to fix it. If he were to make up an excuse now, she would pretend to believe but remain suspicious.


After calling her name, he didn’t say anything for a long while. He didn’t know how to start the discussion and couldn’t get a sense for how much he could tell her and how much she would be able to accept. The thoughts in his head were getting jumbled up.

“Is it difficult to explain?” (Lucia)


“...Let’s go to sleep.”

In Lucia’s mind, no matter what relationship he had with Damian’s birth mother, she had no right to interfere. She knew he had a son before she married him and also knew that his relationship with Damian’s birth mother was an past thing before their marriage, also Damian’s birth mother was already dead so there was no need for her to question the subject any closer.

Hugo felt like a dreary wind swept over his chest and gazed vacantly into the dark. His heart ached at her clear attitude of drawing a line. When he realized his slip of tongue, he knew should explain something to her but in that moment, his feeling of bewilderment was rather huge.

‘Act like you didn’t hear anything’ Lucia made her mind up like that and tried to fall asleep but she just couldn’t. No matter how hard she thought about his words, she couldn’t guess anything. There was no way that Damian who looked so much like him could not be his son.

Was it his way of saying that he didn’t remember anything because it was just one night of passion? After all, it wasn’t like a child could only be born from an intimate relationship so it was possible. But still, it was the woman that gave birth to his child so not even knowing her face was too much.

Her thoughts simmering deep inside her mind spilled out.

“I guess...you’ll forget my face later too.”

She projected herself onto Damian’s biological mother. His words seemed to say that even if the woman in his past gave birth to his child, she wasn’t worth remembering. If so, the worth of Lucia who couldn’t bear a child would be worse.

Hugo who had been unable to gather his senses because his mind was unsettled felt his heart jump out of his chest at this sudden bombshell. He had to think it over several times to understand what she was talking about.

“...How did you come to that conclusion?” (Hugo)

“You can’t even remember the woman that gave birth to your child.”

“It’s not like that.”

Lucia always told herself over and over, ‘You must not be impatient’. The road to loving him would be very long and sometimes, difficult. If she didn’t want to tire out, she had to look ahead and take one step at a time.

Any else was fine but when she chanced upon his heartless and cold side, the thought that his heart was still freezing cold would come to mind and her strong will would falter little by little. It was also like this when he behaved indifferently to Damian.

She knew now that he simply didn’t express his feelings but before she knew this, she had thought maybe he didn’t know about feelings of affection for someone.

And so she felt confusion at his attitude towards her. She knew he didn’t hate her. Perhaps he might even like her quite a bit. But he behaved excessively affectionate and gentle, like a man that had completely fallen in love. From time to time, Lucia would suspect if he was testing her.

“Then, what do you mean by you’ve never seen her? Can a woman you’ve never seen give birth to your child?” (Lucia)

She felt her indignation rise as she spoke and sat up. Hugo then sat up too.

“Vivian, I think you’re a little heated...”

“I’m sorry. I dare to get heated up when it’s not my place.”

Hugo felt his head ache. He had seen her like this before, not too long ago. She was usually mild and gentle but once she became upset, her words became sarcastic and prickly. It was like taking someone off guard and suddenly biting their hand. The surprise was bigger than the agony so rather than feeling upset, he felt absurd.


For the time being, he held her shoulders to calm her down. She spun, shaking of his hands off and turning her back to him. The moment she turned her back to him, sparks flew in his eyes. Lucia suddenly felt a strong grip on her shoulder and scowled at the pressure. The strong force pulled her back and in one swift motion pressed her down on the bed. It happened so quickly and when she came to her senses, he was above her and holding her down.

She flinched at the sight of him looking at her with a piercing gaze.

“Don’t...turn around that way.”


“Don’t turn your back to me.”

His voice was level and he spoke in a rather low tone but Lucia could somehow grasp his emotional state.

‘He...he’s angry.’

When she thought about it, she had never seen him get angry. When he got angry, he seemed to become calm and get rather chilly. Why did he get angry?

‘Because I shook him off and turned away? Could he have been betrayed by someone in the past?’

“I won’t do it again.”

Lucia replied calmly so as not to stimulate his anger even more.

“Let me go. You surprised me.” (Lucia)


His rising anger was quickly subsided in a moment. The strength in his arms grabbing her shoulders also lessened and as he withdrew, Lucia sat up slowly. The atmosphere had suddenly come to a lull. In this odd atmosphere, the two of them sat facing each other, not saying anything.

Lucia composed her mind and thought about herself acting up on him out of nowhere.

‘I should apologize for being impolite...and go to sleep already. I don’t need to put him on edge with pointless psychological warfare.’

“The boy...he’s not my biological son.”


Hearing his colossal and blunt words, Lucia suddenly felt dizzy.

“Do you mean...Damian? That child...is not your son?”

She couldn’t help but try to confirm if the words she heard were correct. Hugo let out a deep sigh and ran a hand through his hair. He didn’t her feelings to be hurt over this issue. He didn’t want her to greatly misunderstand him over Damian’s issue and picture him even worse in her head.

“I heard you asked Jerome about the west tower incident. Did you hear that I had a brother?”


“Damian is my brother’s son. In more accurate terms, he’s my nephew.”

In front of the tremendous truth, Lucia’s heart was pounding loudly and her mouth went dry. Suddenly, dozens of questions came to her mind but she couldn’t organize any to formulate a question.

“This fact...Damian...”

“He doesn’t know. Me. And now you too. Other than that, nobody else knows.”

To be more accurate, one more person, Philip, knew but Hugo had no intention of mentioning him.

< — Truth & Falsehood — > (3)

TN: As a chapter with such a pivotal plot point, it’s only right that copy-cats get a fake chapter, yes?

Lucia was surprised. The end. It was not group epidemic but group food poisoning. Both in this weather, infectious disease or food poisoning, it was not uncommon, but the peacock was not in a direct run. Go to rubymaybe translations for the real deal.

The village lord who floated the pavil and gave the peacock a giggle had a complaint.

“Hmm, something feels familiar”

“Hello, Good sir. This mushroom looks like an edible mushroom, but when you eat it looks like a bellyache, pooing, vomiting and a red spot on the whole body. ”

As soon as the doctor who was brought in was familiar with poisoning and poison ivy, he looked at some patients and asked them what they found, and found mushrooms in the rest of the ingredients. In a short time, the problem was resolved in the moment.

The villagers who had never eaten chicken before (what?) and when the problem was resolved within two hours of the peacock’s appearance, it was wonderful. It was also full of awe in the eye of our peacock,

“If I’m a mushroom near here, Americans will not know.”

“Yes. Good sir. This mushroom is not a mushroom that lives in the vicinity. We have to climb to the north with more climate. ”

“What is going on?”

“Translator at it again”

“Oh duh.”

“The copies strike again”

Asked by Hugo, the lord was tied up in a pose, and nibbled on the floor, he fell on his face. He was a shop owner who had run a grocery store in the village and supplied the mushrooms.

“Yes, yes. Uh ...I am looking for my daily snack.”

“Enough. Your SNACK is in the link at the end of this post.I’m actually quite farmished not gonna lie.(I kid, it’s in the comments)”

“Saaaaaame ”

The man who watched the situation when the elderly man was running away with a runny nose, said to the duke.


“Oh yesss. Some mac and cheese would be heaven right now. “


I answered with a voice everywhere.

“Translator-san, are you bored? “

The lord apologized with a dark look.

“You asked this last time too. No.”

The look of the lord who was ready to live anger brightened brightly.

“You’re talking with yourself dear, you okay?”

“No. What of you?”

There was nothing to see here anymore. Three hours of horseback riding was a bad habit but much better than a plague.

Hugo and Knights left for Roam, leaving a few people to do the rest. The day was getting darker.

“You know the funny thing is aggregators still don’t copy my links.”

It is good to arrive before meals, but if you are a little late, you do not want to have a break in the middle of meals during the meal. Dean, who was named, departed a little earlier and after a while Hugo and the knights started running.

I ran without rest and arrived at Roam, and the horse that had loaded Hugo stopped to go inside. One of the servants who found Hugo coming down from the horse ran in amazement, and Jerome leaped out after a while.

“Hello everyone”

“If you’re one of those people commenting on an aggregator site“

Jerome followed immediately behind Hugo to the office. After a while, the three brothers, who dedicated themselves to the work, went into the office with clothes for change. Hugo changed their dusty clothes.


“It makes me want to translate less“


Hugo went straight to the desk. When I sat in my chair, I had several documents in front of me that looked best. Marked in red on the corner, it is urgent. There was no time to breathe, he muttered and picked up a document.

[Anita comes and steals Hugo,

Lucia is left crying alone]

“I’m just kidding guys, don’t kill me.”

Because of the party, the atmosphere of tolerance was dark all day today. He reminded me of the man who told me to tell him directly,


I answered.

“Call me when you’re ready for dinner.”

He sat down halfway around his desk and began to read the papers. Lucia fell asleep with a headache pill and woke up and continued to hang on the sofa.

Even though I woke up to sleep after taking medicine, my headache rarely sunk. Her head was sick and her mood was bad, so Lucia kept crying while lying on the bedroom sofa.

The evening was over and the headache was gone, and the maid informed us of the return of the peacock.

“You know someone actually recommended for me to put the link to the real chapter in the comments.”

Lucia thought he would not come in today. Bring the mirror to the housemaid, and my eyes were swollen. If I knew this, I would have to do my pussy.

“Why didn’t you?”

Lucia was fired as a temporary measure. But time was not enough. It will be announced soon that dinner is over.

“I did”

“Plot twist.”

“I’m completely joking if you couldn’t tell. I’m sorry, hope no feelings are hurt but stealing sites plus commentors on those stealing sites are starting to get to me.”

“Oh dear.”

“Wish they weren’t but they are.”

Only during meal time he does not have to know. After dinner, he will go back into the office.

He gets a little busier when he gets out. It is likely to sink soon if you paddle a little more. I did not want to let him know that I cried for nothing.

I went down to the restaurant and Damien was there first. Hugo came in a little late and was seated.

He lifted a spoon and gazed at her naturally. His hair twisted and his hands stopped.

As soon as he put the spoon on the table to be heard, the atmosphere froze coldly. He got up and approached her, embarrassingly looking at herself.

One hand clutching the table, grabbed her jaw with one hand. Her reddish eyes were clearly in his sight.

His eyes darkened as if his eyes were wide open.

“What is it.”

Lucia was conscious of her surroundings and naturally turned her head and dropped her gaze. I did not know he would respond to this. I thought I might ask you something later if you look at it. I was disappointed that I could not even have a room with Damian as well as my employees.

“First you eat ...”

He grabbed her chin firmly and pushed his head back to look more closely. Her clear amber eyes were red. Did you cry? Why?


Jerome the super sexy butler shot out knife sharp answers like so:

“At the garden party, your ladies broke the party.”

“Breaking the party?”

“They danced hula together.”


“.... Master Damian ..”

I did not need to hear more. He grasped the rough situation.

“What did you do to you?”

There was violence in his soft voice.

“Nothing .. do anything ...”

They simply rejected the party with silence and a cool look, and did not do anything directly to Lucia. I did not have an unpleasant mind at all, but it was not enough. I was sorry to Damian, and I thought I was already crying because I was so upset. But from the moment he asked why, he was nose.

It was the same as if there were more tears in the room. When he came back, he tried to explain to him what was happening today. By the way, he touched Lucia ‘s tears.

The hugo look of seeing the tears come to a standstill has set in. Hugo pulled her seat back and hugged her in his arms.

As if she had a child, she supported one arm under her thigh and put one hand in her chest as if she were wrapped around her back.

“Go to the second floor and eat on room.”


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Damian looked at him worriedly as he saw Lucy embrace the restaurant. I was worried about Lucia, who did not come out of the bedroom almost all day, and Damian heart was also uncomfortable all day long. I hope I can see my mother who smiles well as usual.