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Chapter 891 For eternity

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A while ago…

The moment the duo materialized inside one of the mansion's many bathrooms, Alicia immediately reached out and grabbed Zeke's collar before pushing him against the door and kissing him in an almost desperate manner.

Zeke stilled for a moment, not expecting for Alicia to suddenly pounce on him and make such bold move when she was still shedding tears just a moment ago.

And to think that she had literally slammed him against the door that hard and with such strength. It seemed as though this woman of his had very quickly forgotten about how strong she had become right now! Most likely, she had long forgotten the fact that she had been turned into a vampire.

When she finally pulled away from that quick but hard kiss, she was already panting hard. The remnants of tears were evident on her pretty face as some were still clinging onto her long lashes.

"Feel better now?" he asked, smiling gently. Now that there were no other audiences around them, his expression had relaxed and was now pretty readable. "I didn't sing that song to make you cry, Alicia." He attempted to press her against him in a comforting hug, but Alicia did not allow him to.

She kept her intense gaze on him instead, pressing her palms over his chest.

He stared back, waiting for her to speak. But seconds ticked by, and no other words came out of her mouth. Her tears just quietly fell again, causing Zeke to frown in concern.

"Alicia…" he uttered her name as he lifted his hand and brushed her cheek gently. He was worried now as he could see a pain so raw that had replaced the happiness in her eyes from earlier. "What's –"

"K-kiss me… more." She choked out, not knowing how to broach the subject. Therefore, she approached it the only way she could think how to for now. "Make my tears stop. Please…" her voice hitched at the end as she pleaded with him.

He listened. There were deep lines between his brows as his head descended and he kissed her passionately.

Zeke did not like how she was crying in this moment. He did not like seeing the pain in her eyes. He would not mind seeing her cry as long as she cries on his shoulders. But this time was different. He hated seeing that raw pain in her eyes because it just made him falter terribly.

When he pulled away and saw that her tears had not stopped, Zeke latched on her mouth again. However, this time it was no longer passionate and coaxing and gentle. It came at her hard, deep, savage, and devouring. This is the type of kiss they both love the most.

Until the bathroom was filled with the sounds of their dirty kisses. Alicia did not even realize that she was already being seated on top of the sink top. Her back was pressed against the mirror behind her. Her fingers clutching his dark hair in huge handfuls and her legs wrapped tightly around him. It was as though she as trying to imitate an octopus that was coiling and tightening its arms around its target.

"F*ck! Alicia…" he groaned as he forced himself to stop the kiss. It was almost impossible for him to pull away from her mouth – as though there was a black hole that was drawing him in powerfully with its gravitational pull. Their eyes met, their breaths panting hard and in sync with each other's. Her tears had finally stopped flowing and her eyes now were brimming with raw desire. Over the past few days that they had spent together, he had come to recognize this look. It was that expression that could drive him mad just by looking. "Any more than this and I'm going to f**k you right here right now, babe." He panted, trying hard to hold back. "Don't start something you can't stop if you don't want that happening."

Alicia finally snapped out of the haze of desire that had enveloped her. She remembered where they were at the moment, and why they were here.

Slowly, she loosened her tight grip on him and combed back his now ruffled hair with her fingers.

"I'm sorry…" she whispered, feeling a little embarrassed at losing her self-control so easily like that. "I was so emotional and…"

Zeke gripped her wrist, his gaze now boring down into hers. "You cried because you're hurt. You cried because you were in pain." He said, his jaws clenching even as he called it as it is. "I didn't… I didn't know that would hurt –"

"No, Ezekiel." She cut him off, shaking her head, not wanting him to blame himself. "You don't know how you made me so very happy. Happiness is even an understatement if it were to describe what I've felt. You don't know what kind of feelings you've made me feel while you were singing." A watery smile appeared on her face.

"Then why did you suddenly look –"

"Because I had realized then that I don't want to let you go!" her voice came out louder than she had intended it to be. "Because I don't want you to disappear when that day comes, so I can hold you and keep you in my arms forever! I told you I will not stop you. I told you I will never let you ruin your plans. I told you I will never let you make any sacrifices. I told you that I will… support your plans. I told you all I want from you is this… for you to give yourself to me for a few more days! But…" she buried her face in her palms as she drew in a few deep breaths. "I don't know what to do now, Ezekiel. I want you so much… I want to love you, stay with you much longer than this… I want you for myself for eternity and it's getting so painful the closer we get to that day…"

Chapter 892 Tutor

Back at the party, everyone was happily feasting on the delicious food that were being served by the maids, all the while enjoying each other's company. Soft music flowed in the background and the low hum of conversations that were going on among the guests and hosts made the entire place seem so warm, cozy and inviting.

The atmosphere became blissful once again. Though Alicia and Zeke had yet to return, everyone did not mind their absence anymore. Well, it was expected that another romantic moment would ensue after all that shocking public display of affection that Zeke had showed.

Moreover, Alicia was also crying when they had left. So they could already deduce that the duo might take quite some time before they would return to join the others for the party.

While the men were enjoying their drinks, Alex started up another topic. This time, he put Zeres at the center of attention. Something that of course, had the silver-haired guy shooting a frustrated glare at Alex.

"Oh, come on Zeres! You should actually start thinking about doing something that you really want to do in your life. And it should be soon, too. Maybe you might want to go study and become a doctor or perhaps even a teacher… or something along those lines. You have all the time in the world right now. But I still think it's better if you find something you really want to do soon." Alex said and Kai and Lucas nodded quickly, agreeing to what Alex had said.

Zeres was dumbstruck at that sudden topic that was brought up. He had not been expecting such a lecture from Alexander. No, it was more like he just was not used to Alex talking about serious matters and behaving really sensibly like how he was at the moment. But then, he remembered that Alexander was already a father now.

"Or are you not interested yet because…" Alex added, leaning his elbow on Zeres' shoulder as he waggled his brow. "Because you are occupied with something else right now? Or should I say someone…?" his voice turned into a whisper.

Ahhh… he spoke too soon. Because there he goes again.

Zeres shrugged Alex's hand off his shoulder, but Alex just casually returned his hand back into position again and continued talking as though he did not feel Zeres not wanting to continue on this topic. "I heard you're living with Iryz for quite a while now, Zeres. And yet you didn't introduce her to us as your girlfriend? What's the deal with that??"

"That's because she's not my girlfriend yet, Alexander." He sternly replied when Alex suddenly flashed that annoying grin.

"Yet." He echoed and Zeres finally realized he indeed had said that. "Aah… I see where this is going." And he chuckled mischievously.

It caused his ears to redden, and he looked away, only to see Iryz laughing as she was talking with Abi.

"I think she's a suitable wife material, right Lucas?" Alex glanced at Lucas and the ginger head immediately nodded before gulping down his wine.

That comment made Zeres cough violently on his drink though. He was unable to believe that Alex was already using the word 'wife'. This guy was just impossible!

"Stop talking nonsense, Alexander. She's still very young –" Zeres chided him sternly.

"How old is she, by the way…?" Alex interrupted him.

"I think nineteen or twenty?"

"And you are telling us that age is 'very young'? Dude!! If you count her age in her past life as Eris… she's no longer young!" Alex exclaimed at Zeres, his face showing a little disbelief that Zeres was still giving excuses.

Zeres went speechless. He could only grab onto his wine and drink it, allowing him to avoid replying.

"But seriously, Zeres. You're going to pursue her, aren't you?" Alex sounded serious again. "You did say 'yet'… but I hope you're not going to drag it on. Or someone else might snatch her up even before you realized it."

Suddenly, Zeres turned to Alex. His brows creased. "S-someone? Who?" his eyes were slight widened as he uttered those two words.

Alex could not help but roll his eyes at this helpless and clueless dimwit.

"Oh, come on Zeres. You can't be that shallow, can you? Just look at her!" Alex pointed over to where Iryz was standing. "You really think such a lady like her doesn't have any admirers… or even suitors?"

Zeres was silenced once again. Now that he was looking at her from afar, just sitting there, smiling and laughing and talking, like she had forgotten all about him…

She really was beautiful and charming. He had noticed this before, but her smile really seems to light up her surrounding and even the people who are looking at her.

"Agreed. I find her really attractive." Lucas' voice echoed from the side and Zeres turned to him with a start.

"What did you just say?"

"I said she's really attractive. If she was a vampire…" Lucas trailed off when he realized that Zeres' gaze on him had started to sharpen dangerously. "Er… I am not planning to hit on her, man. So just relax."

"You can't actually act like that when she's not even your girlfriend though." Kai butted in, wanting to put in his two cents worth. "She's still single. So that means she's not off limits. Anyone can make a move on her if she's okay with it. It's just fair game." He then shrugged after seeing the ugly expression on Zeres' face.

"But we're going to go on date soon. We have already talked about it, and I am already set to date her tomorrow or the next day…" Zeres trailed off at the sight of Alex's widening smile.

He turned away and gulped another mouthful of his wine when Alex leaned closer to him.

"So… tell me. You already have a plan for the date? Or should I say, you already know what to do to make your girl have the best date ever? Hmm, Zeres?" Alex really sounded like a busybody housewife right now.

But Zeres stilled at all the questioning. The truth was, he had absolutely had no ideas just yet. He has never dated anyone before. Women just naturally throw themselves on him for sex. That was all his experience was, with the women in this modern world.

"Worry not, Zeres. This man right here, will tutor you on that matter now." Alex said with a flourish when Zeres suddenly stood up and ran over to the ladies' table.

The men started at his sudden movement and followed him with their gazes only to watch him go ahead and grabbed Iryz's wine glass away from her hand.

'Err… what is the white dragon witch doing?' Lucas thought. Everyone had the same thoughts as Lucas except for Kai, as he had immediately realized what had caused Zeres to frantically run and did that.

"Zeres?" Iryz had her hand suspended in midair as she blinked at Zeres who seemed to have suddenly appeared next to her out of nowhere just to snatch her glass from her hands.

"Sorry," he sighed. "Did you drink from this already?"

Confused, Iryz hesitantly nodded. By that time, the ladies who had gone to put the twins back in their cribs have already returned. They all looked at the duo, wondering what had just happened.


Chapter 893 Adorable

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"How much had you drunk?" Zeres' face was now looking even more severe as he bent closer to her.

"Uhm… I think two glasses?? Uhm… why are you… I'm not that weak in dealing with alcohol, Zeres. I can actually hold my liquor quite well and this is just wine. So it should be fine." Iryz said, frowning a little, eying her glass and obviously wanting it back.

She did not notice how the ladies, especially Kelly had secretly gasped behind her as soon as they realized that Iryz had tried to drink from the other bottles. Abi on the other hand, looked as confused as Iryz because she did not understand why Zeres was reacting this way. It was as if Iryz was just a mere human who could not manage the vampire's wine delicacy. Wait… could it be that… everyone and even Iryz herself thinks that she was just a normal human…?

"Iryz…" Zeres placed the glass on the table but further away from her reach and whispered into her ears. "This wine is made especially for the vampires. Witches can handle it just fine, but not humans. Are you feeling okay?"

Abi was about to say something when Iryz suddenly started to look a little dazed and intoxicated, surprising her once again. The girl was affected by the wine! Did this mean that her suspicion was wrong the whole time, and that this girl was truly just a normal human in this lifetime? But…

"R-really? No wonder it tastes sooo good. I've never tasted such wine before." Iryz chuckled happily and she tried to reach for the glass again when Zeres caught her wrist and stopping her from doing so.

"Damn, why did I forget to tell her anything about the foods being served here?" Zeres groaned. "No. That's enough. I just told you that the wine is specially made for the vampires, didn't I?"

"But it won't kill humans if we drink it, right?" Iryz frowned as she asked, still thinking in her mind of wanting to grab the glass of wine.

"No, it won't but –"

"Then there is nothing to worry about, sir." She cut him off, giggling cutely. "I want more of that wine and nothing can stop me. Not even you!" She then stuck out her tongue at him.

She stood up when Zeres wrapped his arm around her waist to stop her. "I said, no. That thing can't kill you… but it will do something bad to you." He hurriedly told her.

"Something bad? What something bad?" Iryz cocked her head to the side, wondering what was so bad about it. Did they put in some strong drugs? But she immediately pushed that thought away. No way these group of people would touch something illegal like drugs.

Zeres' mouth opened and closed and could not say anything. And the ladies who were watching him from the side could not help but press their lips tightly together to stop themselves from giggling at the poor man. No one tried to help him though. They all kept silent and watched with suppressed smiles at how he was going to resolve this matter.

He had glanced at Abi for help, but Kelly was quick to grab her arm and drag her away from him. Until the others eventually left, leaving Zeres standing there alone with Iryz, speechless. She was still staring at him, waiting for him to answer her.

"You don't even know what this something bad is, do you? You just don't want me to enjoy the wine, right?" Iryz complained and pouted.

"Iryz…" Zeres did not know how to respond to her accusations.

"Let me go. I'll make you as many coffees as you want once we're home. Just one more glass, pleaseeee?" she pleaded, her eyes widening like kitten's, causing Zeres to feel a scratchy and itchy feeling in his heart and his ears turned red and hot.

"Answer is still no, Iryz. Please listen to me –"

"No! I don't want to! You're so mean!" Iryz pouted and blamed him.

"Iryz… this is for your sake -"

"I don't think so, Zeres. You're just being mean to me right now! Let me go and let me have the wine. Since I am already here, so just let me enjoy myself, can't I?"

"Are you really going to choose the wine over me now?" Zeres asked her, a little in disbelief.

She stilled before turning to look at him then her gaze wandered back longingly to the wine.

"Yes. I choose the wine." Iryz told him in a very serious and determined tone.

Zeres: ". . .!!!"

At that point, everyone could no longer hold back and laughed, although it was done in silence. But it could be seen in their shoulders as they started to tremble as they watched Zeres' expression looking as though he just had experienced a severe emotional damage. His HP had taken a huge blow and had gone down into the red.

"He's glancing over at you, Alex." Kai muttered lowly as he giggled.

"Although I do see him as my younger brother right now… but no. No way in hell!" Alex smirked wickedly. "Even if he begs me, I won't be giving him even a little help." Then he snickered softly. But those around him clearly heard it.

"What a cold big brother you are then." Lucas said with humor. He then said a silent prayer for Zeres in his heart. 'Man, I hope you survive this.'

"Nah, 'what a sweet big brother you are' should be the correct words. He really needs to learn how to subdue his drunk girl by himself. Just look at them interacting with each other. Aren't they just adorable?!"

"Tsk, tsk… You just enjoy watching him having a hard time. Well, an adorably cute hard time if that word combo even makes any sense."