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Chapter 894 Bleed for me

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Meanwhile, back at the bathroom…

The atmosphere in there was the complete opposite of the blissfulness and laughter that was going on in the backyard. If it was sunshine and blue skies outside, there was rain and gloom inside that bathroom.

Zeke bent over and laid his head into the crook of Alicia's neck. His arms braced against the expensive tiles, trapping Alicia between them. His body was so incredibly stiff, and his veins were clearly visible as they had popped out from his skin.

He had yet to say a word after Alicia's outburst. He just stood there, head bent and keeping quiet. It seemed that for the moment, he had gone back to his solemn and silent persona from before.

The silence was torturous for Alicia. The feel of his body was so tense, the sounds of his shallow breathing and his unnaturally fast heartbeat… Alicia could already feel the agony that was seeping into her bones.

And she could only silently tear up again as she gently lifted her arms and hugged his head that was bent over, weaving her fingers gently through his dark hair knowing full well what her confession had done to him. How it would have affected him.

She was the one who told him that she would not force him to choose her. She had told him she had never wanted him to betray his brother. That no matter what happens, Ezekiel would not be like his father. That he would never sacrifice anyone in the name of love. And yet she…

"I'm sorry…" she choked out. "I'm so very sorry…"

But her teary apologies only made him stiffen up even more. She could feel his already tense muscles tightening up, clenching and unclenching – as though he was trying to get himself to relax.

"Stop… don't apologize anymore." he finally spoke. His voice tight. "You have nothing to be sorry about, Alicia."

"I am making it harder for you now, Ezekiel. Even though I… I promised not to." She felt so helpless that she was not only not helping him, but she was even dragging him down.

"Alicia… I…"

"No," she shook her head almost frantically as she cupped his face and lifted it to make him look at her. "I know I had said all those things. But I would never wish for you to choose between me and Sebastian, okay? I would never… it's just that I… is there really no other way? Please tell me if there's another way, Ezekiel." Her voice came out begging. Her fingers trembling slightly on his cheeks.

"Or perhaps… that thing you've told me before." She continued. "When you said you'd kidnap me and bring me to hell. How about that, hmm? I will follow you. I'm willing to. Anywhere… no matter where it is, I swear that to you. Just… just don't… just don't leave me alone."

This time, it was Ezekiel who suddenly kissed her savagely. All the blazing emotions, the pain and all the effort from the long-time suppression, seemed to have ignited and burned up into hellfire.

And as he kissed her, his demonic powers just escaped and swirled around him, enveloping them both. Until the power quickly escalated.

Alicia felt it in an instant. The suffocating darkness. The burning hotness of his skin. And the danger in it.

"Eze… kiel…" she moaned against his mouth before she pulled away. And there it was again, his one eye had turned fully black once more.

He was shaking his head when their eyes met. "No, I can't… I can't do that, Alicia. I would never." He seemed to be saying those words to himself with so much conviction. As though he needed to convince himself.

A loud knock against the door echoed through the bathroom.

The two of them look towards the door with a start.

"I'm coming in." It was Alexander! Why was he here?

Before the two of them could even react, the door was forced opened and the man entered casually, as though it was a common and everyday thing for him to enter a locked bathroom. Thankfully, he was alone.

His gaze fell directly to Ezekiel.

"Zeke." He called his name as he approached. "My children's party is not over yet." His voice was soft as he placed a hand on Zeke's shoulder.

That caused Ezekiel to go as still as a statue and he stared at Alicia again before he took multiple deep breaths.

She knew he was trying very hard to calm himself down. To suppress the darkness once again. Alicia had finally noticed that the entire bathroom had gone so dark, enveloped with smoke-like shadows that had originated from him.

She had not noticed it at all before this, because her vision of him was still so clear. If she was a witch then, she would definitely been unable to see anything with the amount of darkness he was leaking out.

His shaky breathing wafted against her face as he pressed his forehead against hers. She could see that he was still trying his hardest to pull his powers back.

Lifting her hands again, Alicia cupped his face and caressed his cheeks as gently as she could until he closed his eyes and placed his palms over her hands on his face.

After what seemed like a long time, the lighting in the bathroom started to brighten up again.

When they were no more traces of Zeke's demonic powers anymore, Alexander retracted his hand and sighed.

Still, he did not leave yet and just leaned against the wall next to them. Until Zeke finally opened his eyes. His other eye was still black, but he was good now. Everything was under control for now.

"I'm… I'm sorry." Zeke said apologetically glancing at Alex. Knowing that his powers had just went out of control and it most definitely had reached all the way to the backyard for Alex to immediately rush over.

Alex waved his hand. "No worries. Well then, I'll go back first. But you two must follow suit as soon as Alicia's ready. Okay?"

When Zeke nodded, Alex quietly left after closing the bathroom door behind him.

Slowly, Ezekiel returned his gaze to Alicia. He wiped the remnants of the tears over her face with his thumb.

He looked like he had a lot to say, but he chose not to open his mouth. At least not right now. Alicia understood why. Because if he opens his mouth again, she would either cry again or they might not be able to come out any time soon. Either option was not right. Because they were here to celebrate Little Alexis and Alice.

"I just keep making you cry…" he whispered in a pained voice. Kissing the tears away.

Alicia smiled at him. "I think I'm doing the same…" she grabbed his hand and kissed the tips of his fingers. They had been bleeding earlier but they were healing now. She suspected he had subconsciously dug them into the tiles a while ago. "I just keep making you bleed for me."

He shook his head, but Alicia gave him a quick peck on the lips and said, "I love you," before jumping down and moving towards the sink with him in tow.

"We need to get back now." Alicia reminded him as she grabbed Zeke's hand and placed them on her bare shoulder before bending over to wash her face. She wanted to get rid of that dried and crusty feeling due to her tears drying on her cheeks.

"Thank goodness vampires don't get puffy eyes." She chuckled shortly before turning to Ezekiel and combed her fingers though his hair and fixed his collar and necktie.

"Let's go?" she then asked a while later and Zeke only nodded silently, entwining his hand with hers as they walked hand in hand back to their friends.

Chapter 895 Weight of the world

By the time Alicia and Zeke walked back and rejoined the party, Zeke immediately realized how worried everyone else were about them even as they smiled at them both. However, they were tactful enough not to come out and directly ask them what the matter was or if they were alright.

It was obvious that everyone had felt the ominous power that he had unintentionally just let out a while ago. He really felt bad for that. Today was supposed to be the happy day for everyone.

Just as Zeke was opening his mouth and about to apologize to everyone for being a wet blanket and ruining the mood of this lively and important event, Alex went onto the stage and spoke to Charles. His face was already promising all kinds of trouble.

"I think that Zeke's punishment a while ago was not quite done yet, right, Charles?" he asked, causing everyone to shift their attention to the master of event.

"Ah, yes." Charles quickly gave Alex a series of nods. "Prince Ezekiel and Alicia, please make your way up to the stage. Your punishment had not been completed yet actually. That first song was just a warm-up. This time, we need the both of you to sing and… you both are going to sing nursery rhymes. Again, this too, will be recorded for our precious twins to watch when they're old enough."

Alicia and Zeke blinked at each other as the audience clapped thunderously for them amidst some whistles and catcalls.

"Uhm… what nursery rhymes do you know?" Alicia asked, her smile crooked.

"ABCD?" Zeke replied seriously and Alicia nearly choked on her own saliva, not expecting Zeke to joke around at this time. It should not be funny but just because it was Ezekiel saying it, she just could not help but laugh. And it seemed that she was not the only one who had found it funny because the rest of the audience, especially the males, reacted the same way as her. The red-haired bodyguard even started coughing hard after choking on his wine.

"Alright, ABCD… is a good choice." Charles said, maintaining a perfectly neutral smiling face and then Alex prepared the video, still grinning widely.

"Now, you two can start. Make sure to sing the letters clearly, Zeke." Alex playfully taunted Zeke and once the duo started singing the ABCD song, they just felt glad again because somehow, the atmosphere that they had unknowingly ruined, had at least returned to how it was when they left – light, cheerful and pleasant.

After a couple more games that were hosted by Charles, they finally started opening the gifts as the last event of the night. Thankfully, the night ended on an enjoyable note for everyone present.

Then everyone had gone ahead and danced with their partners. Except for Zeres and Iryz, as Zeres was forced to take Iryz away from the party a long while ago due to the strong effects of the vampire wine she had accidentally drunk.

By the time Zeres came out of the guest room where he had put Iryz to rest for a while, the party was already officially over.

He ran his fingers through his ruffled hair and took a few deep breaths.

Once he had calmed down, he peered inside the room again and looked at the sleeping form of Iryz. He was forced to put her to sleep because that was the best way that he knew for the moment to deal with the situation at hand.

Sighing again after seeing that she was still very deeply asleep and was nowhere near waking up, Zeres silently shut the door closed behind him and finally left.

Everyone, except for Abigail, Kelly and the two bodyguards, had already left the courtyard and were already gathered in the living room.

Zeres could tell that the talk Alex had told them about at the party had already started. So he approached them and silently settled on an empty chair, not bothering to speak for now.

The atmosphere was a little tensed as he looked around.

"Please tell us brother, that's not going to happen, right? I mean… you have Alicia now, don't you? You now have a solid reason to stay." Kyle still sounded like he was in total disbelief. His face was severe as he looked at his brother.

"Kyle is right, Zeke. Knowing you, you absolutely can find another way to settle this, right?" Kai seconded his younger brother's stand as well. "You always do. You always somehow manage to find a way out for everything and everyone ever since as long as I can remember. Surely, you can find a way out for this matter too. We… Alex and everyone else here can help with whatever plans that you have to solve this. It is about time you stop taking on the weight of the world by yourself and let everyone else help you out, don't you think so?"

Zeke stared into Kai's eyes but still did not say a word to respond to his heartfelt suggestion, so Kai continued on talking, hoping to convince his brother to see from the perspective of others. "We know you were never the type to talk and explain in length about your future plans. We also are aware that you like to solve things in your own time and according to your own methods. But everyone here are more than willing to do anything to help you out. You know that, right? So just go ahead and –" Kai's passionate speech was interrupted by Zeke.

"Do you really think that I will not come for anyone's help when I know that they could do something to help out with this matter?" Zeke finally spoke. "If I know that any of you can help, did you really think something like a matter of my pride is going to stop me from coming to you?"

Zeke's questions had silenced everyone. His voice and expression remained calm and neutral but what he said came as some kind of a blow to them.


Chapter 896 Million dollar question

Alex shut his eyes as he took in a deep breath. He had already figured that out. Zeke was a master of manipulating things. He always managed to find a solution to any problem no matter how impossible it may seem at first. But now, this time, it was a bit hard to believe but Zeke had really been cornered in regard to this matter. He had already tried to figure out every way out possible but still could not find one – even up till now. Knowing him, Alex knew that he must have already thought of a thousand possible scenarios and different conceivable combinations in his head by now. And yet...

"So… you're saying that… none of us here can do anything to help you stay… Is that it?" Alex said with a rather severe tone.

Zeke did not respond to Alex's question, but his hand had visibly clenched on Alicia's. Everyone saw that, even though it was such a small movement on Zeke's part – because they know him well – that every single and tiniest movement would mean something. Then he relaxed and leaned his head back on the head of the sofa, slowly allowing his eyes to close.

Everyone did not know what to feel seeing Zeke behaving like this. He had always been the one who was uptight. He used to never show any hints of weaknesses, much less allow such display of tiredness to be seen by so many others around him. Though his facial expressions did not change much, the way he sat right now looked like a man who was done carrying the world on his shoulders. They could somehow feel that he was weary – not externally but on the inside.

And no one could say a thing as none of them really knew what to say anymore.

The heavy and gloomy silence continued until Zeke himself broke it. "I was the one who was responsible in putting Sebastian in a cage for almost seven hundred years." he started. His voice sounded calm and there was no indication of whatever he was feeling being revealed in his tone. "Not only that. Sebastian was the main reason why I was able to live like a normal vampire royal up until now. Back then, when I had awakened my demonic powers and went on a rampage, I had already reached to such a dangerous level of power. Apparently, when a demon reaches a certain peak of power, the gates to hell open up and whether one likes it or not, this demon was going to be withdrawn out of this world and be sent to where he truly belongs. That was what should have happened to me back then, but…"

A long pause followed. Deep lines appeared between his brows, and everyone could tell that this topic was a hard one for Zeke to broach. It could be said to be a total taboo for him as none of them had heard of this before. He had never talked about Sebastian to any of them, perhaps with the exception of Alex. The matter of Sebastian had always been a taboo ever since as long as Kai could remember it.

"Sebastian had stepped in to stop that reality from coming true for me. He took on almost all of the excessive demonic powers that I had at that time. The gates of hell closed when he did that… after drawing away most of my demonic powers, Sebastian had gone feral. The demonic powers that are now stored within him did not make him powerful. But it did something else to him… it granted him nothing but madness. I tried to take it back to free him from the torment, but all my attempts were futile. I had tried every possible method available for the last almost seven hundred years. But… apparently, there is no other way. The only way for me to free him… is for me to leave this realm once the gates of hell open up again."

As he uttered that last line, his grip on Alicia's hand tightened again. Alicia's expression did not change despite the punishing grip he had on her hand. She felt that the little pain she was experiencing was nothing compared to the pain of torment Zeke must have been enduring for these seven hundred or so years.

Everyone's expression had gone quite severe, most especially Zeke's brothers. Kyle specifically, as he was the youngest, had never heard of this matter before today. Though he had heard mentions and whispers of this Sebastian – the other brother – that he had never seen, however no one had been willing to volunteer any more information on it. Even when he had tried to dig for more details on his own, he had only met with multiple dead ends. Thus, he had put it aside and ignored it as he thought it might not have been an important matter as it had been somewhat overlooked for such a long time already. He did not expect that the matter would have such a critical impact on whether his brother Ezekiel would stay or leave this world.

Now all of them knew why Zeke was so hellbent on wanting to free Sebastian, even if it meant that he had to be the one to leave everything and everyone behind. They had thought he simply wanted to leave. They did not know that he really did not have a choice left to him at all.

"And the gate of hell is going to open exactly four days from now…" Alex informed them. And again, Zeke did not respond. And the rest who heard it were either more taken aback at the suddenness of this event happening so quickly or just too dazed to be able to even respond.

"What about Alicia?" Alex added quietly. This question finally stirred some reactions and caused everyone to lift their faces again. Their eyes simultaneously looked over at Alicia first, who had been quiet all this time during the conversation. They ended up just lowering their eyes and stared at their entwined hands.

Zeke on the other hand, visibly stilled at the million-dollar question.

"You're not going to leave her behind after you turned her to a vampire, are you, Zeke?"


Chapter 897 Risks

Silence reigned unbroken in the room. No one was willing to make a noise to distract Zeke from this loaded question.

Everyone waited with bated breaths for Zeke's answer. There was still this massive question hanging in the air on how in the world did Alicia turn into a vampire. But at this moment, that was the least of their concerns. And they could just simply deduce that Zeke had found a way to save Alicia and somehow bring her back to life by turning her. Such a thing was not even that impossible anymore since Zeke was the person involved in it.

But Alex's question had everyone really wondering what Zeke would now do with matters concerning Alicia. It just did not seem right for him to just turn her into a vampire and then leave her behind while he leaves for good, right? That just seemed so irresponsible and not something that Zeke would do.

Before Zeke could even open his mouth to answer or even make any reaction, his attention flew towards the door. Alex immediately followed suit and his face darkened in the next second.

Zeke rose from his seat, pulling Alicia along with him.

Everyone also instantly became alert. There must be something wrong if both Zeke and Alex reacted with such large moves on their part.

"Do not leave." Alex's voice echoed as he glanced back at Zeke over his shoulder. "You both just stay here in my house. We'll deal with them. In fact, I think you guys should go find my wife and help her to babysit my children for now." he winked at Zeke before gesturing for them to go on and look for Abigail.

"He's right. And I don't want us to leave just yet." Alicia said in a low voice when Zeke looked down at her, asking her with unspoken words if she was alright with the suggestion.

"You heard her, Zeke. Now go on, you two. Shoo." Alex urged as he gestured with his hands and waved them to move further into the house. Alicia only nodded and made the first move and walked towards the grand stairs with Zeke in tow.

Everyone stepped out of the mansion once Alicia and Zeke made their way further into the house. And soon, the vampire priestess and the royal elite guards appeared at Alex's front yard.

"Well, well, well…" Alex had his hands leisurely shoved inside his pants pockets as he strolled towards the priestess, a laidback smile gracing his lips.

"With due respect to you and your children's important event, we only came here after the party is over, Alexander." The woman explained rather respectfully, hoping that he would forgive their intrusion on this rather important occasion. She knew that this man was not an individual that one could simply offend as one wished. "So, we really hoping that you are not going to stop us from carrying out our mission. You know that this matter is crucial to us vampires. There is no way that we can give up our crown prince, His Highness, Prince Ezekiel. I'm certain you know the risks that are involved too, Alexander. Without Prince Ezekiel, it would not only spark the beginning of a new era, but it might even hail the hastening of the end of an old one – one that would lead to our race's complete annihilation. And you know this is a risk that cannot… must not be taken lightly." The woman's words were passionate as she seemed to be pleading with Alexander, from her explanations, silently asking for his acceptance and consent on their actions of coming to take their prince away by force.

"I don't really get this…" Lilith's bodyguard muttered to herself, perhaps due to the volume of alcohol she had already consumed, she had conveniently forgotten that the vampires could hear her every words ever so clearly. "… why do these vampires seemed to be so scared? Aren't they like… literally the strongest race on Earth? Why is she talking about the vampire's annihilation? The vampires are all fine and dandy, aren't they?"

"You shut your mouth, witch! You don't know what you're spouting." the priestess shot Mia a glare as she hissed at her. "You shouldn't be that relaxed, actually. Because if the vampires get screwed over, you and your sisterhood of witches will eventually fall too." Then she sneered disdainfully at Mia, who was now sporting an even more confused look on her face.

"Uhm… I'm not sure if I'm understanding this… But do the vampires have a new enemy that you people are so scared about?" the intoxicated Mia was stared at by everyone after throwing out her question.

"I believe the vampire priestess is worried about the humans, Mia." Lilith told Mia, causing the witch's mouth to hang open. Mia then tilted her head sideways and scratched her head, as she scrunched her brows even more.

"Err… what?! Are you serious? You guys are worried about those powerless humans –"

"I said you shut up you, ignorant witch! Did you forget that humans are still the supreme race in this world? It's true that they don't have our supernatural abilities, but they can overwhelm us just with their sheer manpower alone! Just according to numbers, they already overwhelmingly outnumber us! If they ever find out about us, they will definitely start to hunt us down until not even a single one of us is left. Never underestimate what the humans can do… especially now in this modern era, witch." The priestess explained with much agitation and then she returned her attention back to Alex, the main person she was seeking consent from. "Prince Ezekiel had been the main reason why the vampires… all of us, managed to remain hidden in plain sight within this world, all these years. I couldn't even imagine how things would have fared for us in this age if we had gone on without him. We might probably just be legendary and powerful creatures, being hunted like prey, to extinction by now. We definitely would not be able to live in peace if it were not for His Highness. Sure, we have you immortals with us, but if a war broke out, you immortals could only save yourselves. The rest of us would eventually die. I know you have changed now Alexander, but I'm certain you understand why I don't believe that even your immense powers are sufficient to keep the peace."
Chapter 898 Lucky

"We need a leader is able and willing to keep everyone in check and also could keep the peace between us and the humans forever… and I know that even you acknowledge that no one else can perform such a job, better than Prince Ezekiel himself. Am I right?"

What the priestess had said was completely true. Everyone knew that Ezekiel had been the one who had been keeping everyone and everything in check and balancing both sides fairly, just to keep this peace. It was truly a hard-earned peace, and no one was willing for this peace to be lost just like that. He had always been working, in the shadows, always planning many steps ahead and always clearing up every mess the rogues were causing. Even Alexander's and the witches' mess like the fight with Dinah and the rampage of Zeres not too long ago.

Ezekiel had dealt with all those messes perfectly and wonderfully. And especially with the aftermaths, so flawlessly that it was why until now, the world still had no idea that they, the vampires, witches and also the immortals actually exist peacefully in their very midst.

Alex and Kai knew that Zeke had also been actively connected with the many powerful human organizations all around the world. He had shrewdly planted moles here and there, everywhere. Every single one of them trustworthy and powerful enough in their own rights, and all loyal to a fault.

Now that they thought about this, they finally realized how big Zeke's role was all this time. He was just… irreplaceable. What were they to do without him?!

And the prophetess was right. Alexander could never replace Zeke. It was true that Alexander was powerful, but Alex had said it himself before that he was not fit to be a king in this current modern world. Kai remembered that Alex had said too, that no one was best fit to rule over the vampires in this era except for Zeke alone.

Alex had also told him back then that if he was going to rule, war and force would be inevitable – something that had no place in this current world anymore. Because he was not like Zeke who could manipulate anything and anyone without using any force or violence. Unlike Zeke, he was not the ultimate strategist and puppet master.

"Well, you are absolutely right about that, priestess. I agree one hundred percent on that." Alex shrugged. "I've already made that very clear to everyone hundreds of years ago when you guys offered me the throne again. And my thoughts haven't changed since then. And I am still aware that this world truly needs a ruler like Zeke. I also know that war is the last thing anyone would ever want. Such a thing would only lead to nothing but bloodshed and destruction. However… aren't you guys being too dependent on Zeke? I fully get that so much just hangs on his shoulders. But isn't it way too selfish of you people to tie Zeke to the throne like this? Don't he get a say in it at all? He has already sacrificed so much for so many years for you. Is that still not enough?"

The priestess looked shaken at Alex's words. "We are not trying to tie him down or anything of the sort, Alexander. This is just… this is just Prince Zeke's fate. He is meant to rule over us. He is meant to be with us. And that is why we're not going to just stand aside and watch him get taken away. We will stop that from happening, even if it is the last thing we do!"

Alex flashed a small and bemused smile. "Like I said, I understand everyone's point about this. But again, I really advice everyone to stop trying to force him into anything he doesn't want to do. Do you know why, Priestess? Because Zeke could change too. Everyone is basically forcing him to stay and rule when he wants… no, needs to leave. If you succeed in sabotaging his plan and make him stay against his will, do you really think Zeke will be happy? What if after that, he decides not to care about this world or the peace anymore? My point is… even Zeke needs a break. He's been acting the hero who was hiding in the shadows… being feared and hated by many, for almost seven hundred years. And I know you know he'd been preparing for this fated day, long before this day. Do you really think any of you can stop him at this point?"

The priestess could not speak for a while. "So you just want us to give up on him, Alexander? You want us to just watch and brace ourselves for what's going to happen next once he's gone?"

"I want you people to just trust in him, damn it!" Alex suddenly blurted out, looking pretty annoyed now. Or perhaps he was running out of patience explaining. "You've been with Zeke for such a long time already, priestess. You should've already understood Zeke's actions even for a bit. That guy must've already calculated what will happen next and had already made some kind of preparation. He's leaving to free Sebastian from that eternal torture, to finally let him live a normal life. Do you think he would do all of that and free Sebastian just to have him come to live in a world of chaos?"

This time, the priestess could no longer refute what Alex had said. But not only him, even Kai and the others were hit by Alexander's unexpected sermon.

"You know I am a father now. And that's the only reason why I am being so incredibly civilized and talking like a proper human being right now." Alex continued, looking proud at himself that he did not just fly off the handle and annihilated everyone for actually daring to come into his house to cause trouble. "You're a lucky one, priestess… because I am a fan of peace now. However, if you still do not understand my words and insist on separating Zeke and Alicia, I guess I won't have a choice but to kick your assess all the way back to Viscarria right here and right now."
Chapter 899 Ridiculous

In the twin's room.

The room was bathed in a warm and yellow lighting that came from the metal chandelier in a moon and star shape. Not only was it calming and soothing, but the design was also cute yet modern.

There was also the single table lamp on the shelved drawer between the twin's cots that was turned on as well. The moment one walked into the room, they would immediately see the twin's cots that were backed against the wall, with a tall white five-shelved drawer in between the cots. The cots and drawers were made of top-grade sandalwood and painted in a beautiful ivory white. The floors were made with African Blackwood and polished to a beautiful sheen. The whole rectangular area under the cots and drawers were covered with a beige-ivory woolen rug, while a thick handmade shag faux gray sheepskin rug covered the other areas of the nursery. The large bay windows that allowed the sunlight to stream into the room during the day were now covered with the heavyweight and thick tie-up curtains that had been let down.

Beside the bay windows, there were a pair of plush reclining glider chairs and their respective footstools – one was steel gray, and the other was an anchor gray – that were perfect for nursing or putting the babies to sleep. On the opposite side, there was also a comfortable heather gray velvet fabric L-shaped sofa.

Although the whole setup of the nursery was modern yet cute and cozy, the room that was complete with timber carved beams and pillars on all four corners, as well as artistically carved aluminum panel window designs, the nursery still managed to emanate the elegance of antique design in every corner.

Zeke and Alicia were now sitting across each other, their bare feet touching each other's.

Alexis was already fast asleep and was now tucked in his cot, but Alice was still awake. She was crying a little while ago but after Abi breastfed her, she had now calmed down.

Now the baby was in Alicia's arms. Her adorable and greyish big eyes had been staring at Alicia for a long while until she finally closed her eyes and fell asleep, happy and contented that she was being cradled in warm arms after having a belly full of warm milk.

Smiling down at the little baby, Alicia stopped humming after seeing Alice finally breathing deeply. She lifted her eyes and looked at the man across her. She had been feeling his gaze on her the whole time. Obviously, he was watching her.

He was resting his head on his knuckles while sitting in a relaxed manner. His grey eyes fixed on her, however, when Alicia smiled at him, he did not smile back.

Raising a brow, Alicia was about to speak when she noticed that he seemed to be in a daze. He was staring at her, but she could tell that his mind must be really occupied.

She kept her mouth closed, not wanting to disturb him. She thought that it had been a while since he had given himself time to just sit down and think. She also thought that right now, he must be thinking of something really important. Most probably of matters related to the both of them.

The silence continued for another stretch of time. When Alicia shifted on her chair, he blinked and then moved.

"Need help? Should you put her back in her crib now?" he said.

Alicia and smiled and shook her head. She did not want to put Alice down yet. She wanted to hold her a little while longer. She was thinking of how the feel of a warm baby and comforting smell of milk emanating from her small body was just so soothing in a way that was so different from Zeke's warm and comforting hugs.

"I want to lean against you." she whispered, wanting him to be close to her.

Without any hesitation, Zeke stood. Careful not to sever their physical contact.

He sat down on the furry gray carpet on the floor and then leaned his back against the sofa.

After spreading his folded legs apart, he gestured for her to sit between his legs. "Here. Or would you rather sit on my lap?"

She blinked. She was tempted to nod, but with Alice in her arms she thought that it was better if she just sat between his legs. She could also lean against him more comfortably.

"I'd love to… but not now." Alicia grinned as she moved carefully and lowered herself in front of Zeke.

Once she was settled, Zeke gathered her long hair to her side and guided her to lean against his chest.

Alicia relaxed against him and let out a long sigh.

"Alice is so cute, isn't she?" Alicia uttered softly, reveling in the warm presence of the man behind her and sweet little bundle of joy in her arms. The feeling was just… indescribable.

"She is… Abigail named her after you, by the way." Zeke informed her.

"Yeah… I didn't expect it. This girl is going to grow up beautiful and strong." Alicia whispered, as though afraid that if she talked any louder, Alice would wake up.

"Definitely." Zeke leaned his chin on Alicia's shoulder. Lifting her one arm, Alicia run her fingers through his hair.

They were silent and stayed in that position for a long while until Zeke broke the silence. "Alicia…"


"I have something to tell you."


"This might… sound… ridiculous… so…"

Alicia giggled, turning halfway back to look at him.

"Sorry. I still couldn't get used to hearing that the great Ezekiel having a hard time with words." She could not resist teasing him.

"Well… even I couldn't get used to the me right now."

She planted a soft kiss on his cheek. "So? What is this ridiculous thing you're going to tell me?"

"Well… it's not ridiculous, actually. It just might sound like one."

"So, you're saying that this might sound ridiculous to others but not to you?"

"That's right."


Another stretch of silence reigned for a long while that Alicia couldn't help but raise a brow at him.

"Hey… you're not going to wait until someone interrupt us again, are you?"

He chuckled quietly this time.

Then their eyes met. And Alicia didn't know why but her heartbeat started to thud harder and faster.


Chapter 900 In two days

Back in the front yard.

The conversation had yet to end. Despite the wariness and fear that were more than evident in the priestess' and her men's eyes, they still had yet to leave. It was obvious that they were now fearful of Alexander after his serious warnings, but it seemed that they were hellbent not to return to Viscarria empty handed.

It seemed as though they would rather try their luck here and die in Alexander's hands than return just like that. The priestess' devotion to her goal was truly unmatched that even death did not seem to be even enough to scare her. Well, every vampire knew that the vampire priestesses were always like this. And this priestess Vittoria was one of the most devoted ones that Alex had seen in his long life.

"Then I demand that the prince to reassure us that your words about him is true, Alexander." The priestess made her request in a more careful yet not too servile tone. Even though her words were obviously a demand, there was no way in hell she could speak with the great Alexander in any way other than a polite and respectful tone. Nevertheless, she still held her breath after making her request known. Knowing how Alexander's temper was, as well as the details to his past transgression, the priestess knew that he could just suddenly up and decide to attack them right now just for still being here and daring to stand up against him. "I demand for him to appear before us and tell us about his detailed plans and reassure us. We need at least that little bit of reassurance that he truly has a plan in going ahead with all this." she continued bravely, even though after seeing how Alexander's expression turned a little more unfriendly.

Clouds suddenly started to roll in and block off the bright silvery moonlight and made the entire atmosphere outside become a little ominous.

"You know how Zeke does not like revealing his plans to anyone. In fact, you… more than others should know how much he hates it, right?" Alex was still surprisingly calm.

The men behind him, especially Kai, were actually already preparing to calm him down. But they were more shocked at the nonchalance in Alex's tone and stance. It seemed as though that the man really was in a good mood tonight, which was rare considering that a bunch of uninvited people somewhat crashed his party.

"I know a way to make him talk." The priestess replied, looking absolutely confident that she could really make Zeke tell them the plans that he could not even breathe out to any of his inner circle of friends. "Just have him come out. Please." She added that last bit, hoping to make herself sound less demanding and more appealing.

Alex rubbed his jaw slowly as he regarded the priestess with slightly narrowed eyes, looking for all the world that he was seriously considering doing what she said. "Oh really? You really know of something that would be able to make him speak? I have a guess on that… Hmm…. you don't plan on blackmailing him with matters of Sebastian, are you?" after saying that, Alex's lips curled up in a sneer.

The guess Alex had mentioned seemed to hit right on the jackpot as the priestess's silence had indicated her shock and she no longer talked back anymore but just stood her ground.

The vampires behind Alex had their eyes stretched wide in shock. They had already learned just how important Sebastian was to Zeke. And here she was, their very own vampire priestess, who actually dared to use her knowledge of him to blackmail and make Zeke talk? They had not known that their priestess was such a suicidal type until now. They had only known her as the official of the highest ranking, only next to the king. That meant that she was at least the equivalent of a pope in the human government. The vampires respected her because she was a very important person to them. Apart from her visions, she was also the oldest vampire alive, well, with the exception of Alexander, that is.

Alex let out an amused chuckle. "You're really bold, priestess. I have to give that to you. But… oh well, if I remember correctly, you've always been bold. But this time… you might have pushed that boldness a little too far."

"We don't really have much of a choice, Alexander. And I don't mind being destroyed by you or him for this matter. I am willing to give up my insignificant life… if it were to be for the sake of my race. This is my job after all." The prophetess stated and then her expression became sullen. "Also… I would like to know how he would address one of the biggest problems that would happen once the rest of the vampires find out that he is gone. I've received an intel that some clans have already started to plan out their movements the moment they had confirmed that the prince will truly leave." And her brows furrowed. For the vampire prophetess to frown, that was truly a feat of something great.

"And what are those clans planning to do, if I may ask?" Alex prodded.

She sighed deeply after hearing Alex's question. "They are planning to regain their original vampiric strength again."

The prophetess' words had everyone go silent because they knew exactly what would happen if the vampires decided to do that. Just like back in the old times, before the modern law of vampires that Ezekiel had formed, there would be murders of humans. The vampires wanted to have the freedom to drink directly from the source – from humans again and consume fresh blood for their original strength to come back. And once they all start doing that again, the peaceful world as they knew it for now, would start to crumble and the relationship between humans and vampires would crumble into ashes.

"Your fear will not happen priestess." A deep voice echoed from behind that had everyone turning towards the double doors of Alex's mansion.

Ezekiel stepped out with Alicia in tow and hidden behind him. "Go back to the castle, Priestess. Then have everyone know that I'm going to get married in two days."