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Chapter 901 The woman

After Ezekiel's announcement, everything seemed to have been surrounded with a buzz of static before a complete hush fell over the place for the next few moments. It was like the god of silence had passed by and stole away every sound and movement for a few moments.

Of course, Alex was the first one to break the silence.

"Ah, and there he goes… dropping the bombshell. What perfect timing, though." He said, chuckling soundlessly as he gave his head a small shake. He looked genuinely happy at the announcement though.

The others then finally began to move. Their eyes still wide and mouth opening and closing like a fish that was stranded on land, not knowing how to even react. They could not even say 'What the hell?!' or 'Are you serious?!' because they knew Zeke was not one who do pranks!

Lucas even tripped without any reason and stumbled back and landed on his behind as though someone had just pushed him back while Kyle and Kai just stood there, blinking their eyes in a daze. They were really wondering if they were awake or dreaming. Though they knew their brother is not one who would joke around on important things like these, it was still a huge shock to them hearing him mention that he was getting married. Married!!

Zeres on the other hand wore a neutral expression. His eyes stretched a little wide when he heard Zeke's words but that was it. Whatever emotion he felt, he did not show it on his face.

"M-marry? Y-you?!" the prophetess finally spoke, stammering pretty bad. Nobody knows how many times she had been persuading Ezekiel to get married and sire an heir in the last six freaking hundred years but her! She had been repeating it to him and spoken of it at such length so much so that she thought she would have dried up her saliva reserves. But now that he was suddenly announcing his marriage just like this, it took her by surprise.

Many years ago, the prophetess even wondered if the prince actually bent towards the other side because of his blatant disinterest in marriage. She had even brought him the most beautiful woman she had scouted but to no avail. He had never once shown any interest in females – nor males for that matter – that she even thought that perhaps he was asexual.

Of course, she later found out that Ezekiel was straight but that did not help at all to convince him to get married and build a family of his own. And thus, after so many years, she had already given up, certain that she would never live to see him get married and settle down. She actually thought she would die first before she would see that day come. No, even if she died, she thought that the day would never come.

Yet here he was, suddenly declaring rather casually that he was going to get married?! This man whom everyone thought will forever be the ultimate bachelor and remain unmarried, was finally going to marry his bride in two days?!!!

The prophetess gave her head a shake. It was just so unbelievable to her that she could not help but be suspicious. Could it be that this was Ezekiel's way to distract them from the real issue? No, the big question was that, was this even true? Or was this just a part of his plan? Could it be that Ezekiel was doing this just to calm them down and then divert their attention from the real issue? Could it be that he was merely doing this to make them feel the reassurance they needed?

Knowing Ezekiel and how meticulously dangerous his mind was, Priestess Vittoria could no longer make herself believe that his intention was pure. Because well, this was just unthinkable! This man was not going to get married out of nowhere like this! He was not like Alexander! There must be a hidden reason why he was bringing this up all of a sudden and she could not think of any other more plausible reason aside from the fact that he was trying to make them think that he was no longer planning to leave anymore!

"That's right, priestess." Ezekiel replied, meeting the priestess gaze. "I will be sending Lucas after you once we're done discussing the details about this."

"Wait a moment, Your Highness." The priestess took a deep breath to regain her composure. And then her gaze became serious and doubtful. "I am truly… hoping that I am wrong about this. But this is not just you trying to manipulate us by using this news about your wedding to pacify us, are you?"

Everyone fell silent. A breeze quietly passed over them as the moonlight peeked out from behind the clouds again. The dark and solemn atmosphere once again brightened up with the silvery shimmer of the moon.

"Forgive me if I am wrong but I can't help to think that this must be just another part of your plan." The priestess said bravely. "I've been watching over you for too long, My Prince. And I know that you will never do anything without any good reason."

Everyone was utterly silenced as their heads swung from the priestess to Zeke, obviously waiting for the man's response. Some of them were even unconsciously holding their breaths.

Zeke did not show any changes in his expression, but he opened his mouth and spoke as calmly as usual. "You are wrong this time, priestess." Was all he said.

"Then please tell us why you're suddenly getting married. You don't even have a lover –" Priestess Vittoria clamored.

"Wrong again." he cut her off and it was then that he pulled Alicia from her hiding place behind him. "This woman is my lover." He added. He did not raise his voice, but everyone felt like he was making a serious declaration. It was like he was officially declaring Alicia as his lover, his partner, his other half before his people.

The priestess' eyes stretched impossibly wide. Her expression did not scream surprise, but an utter shock, as if something completely different had rocked her entire being the moment she saw the woman Ezekiel had pulled out from behind him.

Chapter 902 Three words

Several minutes before…

Silence had reigned inside the twin's bedroom. The atmosphere remained warm and gentle, yet there was a heavy tension brimming in Alicia and Zeke's eyes as they gazed at each other without speaking.

Alicia's heart continued pounding hard and was unable to calm down. She could feel that he was going to say something that will definitely shock her entire being. She could not tell though, if it was to be either good news or bad.

"I think… I'll tuck Alice back into bed first. I don't want her waking up suddenly now that she is asleep." Alicia said in a low voice, tearing her gaze from Zeke and looking down at the little bundle of joy that was still sleeping peacefully in her arms.

Zeke nodded wordlessly and they both stood. He was careful and quiet as he assisted Alicia in tucking the baby back into her cot.

After that, they both just stood there, hands holding onto each other's as they watched Alice suck her thumb to pacify herself while sleeping.

They just looked so cuddly and warm, all tucked into their individual cots, each covered with a baby flannel blanket. Alexis was covered with a pewter grey one while Alice was covered with a pistachio green one. Both babies must have clearly enjoyed its soft, cozy feel, since it was doing a good job keeping them perfectly warm and comfortable as they dozed on in dreamland.

"Goodnight, you two." She whispered to both the twins, giving them a soft gentle smile before lifting her gaze back to Zeke.

He seemed to be out of it again for a moment as he stared down at the babies.

Alicia squeezed on his hand to get his attention. She liked watching him being seemingly out of touch with reality while looking at the babies or at her. Simply because it was just so rare for this man to have such a look in his eyes. Too bad she had to interrupt this wonderful moment and prompt him to say whatever it was that he wanted to say.

She was dying to know what it was. And she could not wait any longer because she feared that they might get interrupted again. Somehow, this seemed to be the trend of things whenever they were about to speak on important matters.

Zeke faced her. His gaze was locked straight onto hers.

Then there it was, the rare vulnerability that he had only ever show when it was just between the two of them. He looked at her like his heart was now fully opened, his soul completely bared to her. He had nothing to hide and no secrets to keep from her.

"Alicia…" her name rolled from his lips in a low but clear voice.

She made a small sound, letting him know that she had heard him, as she tilted her head a little as she waited. Trying her best to stay composed.

Zeke dropped his gaze and stared down at their connected hands for a long time. He fiddled with her fingers while keeping his eyes downcast.

When more than several seconds had passed and he still had yet to continue speaking, Alicia blinked at him, unsure if she should interrupt his silent contemplation. He was still looking at her fingers, still fiddling with them gently. She could not help but press her lips together to stop the grin from threatening to burst. He just looks too cute with the way he was behaving now.

His face looked extremely serious. The lines between his brows might even be deeper than the Mariana Trench right now.

Actually, this should not make her want to grin like the Cheshire cat. But… this was Ezekiel that she was looking at. It was just that… this man never acted like this whenever he has something to say! He was always decisive and straight to the point, never one to drag things on nor put off the inevitable. So seeing him behaving this way was really a rare occasion, even rarer than seeing the corpse flower bloom.

"Ezekiel?" she called out softly to catch his attention, raising her brow at him. "You're not waiting for someone to interrupt us again, are you?" she could not help but tease him.

He caught his lips between his perfect white teeth and released them so sexily slow.

"Right." he nodded as if encouraging himself. "I need to tell you now before someone else comes and interrupt us again."

He rubbed the back of his neck as though he was struggling to say what he wanted to speak of and then placed his loosely clenched palm near his mouth. After clearing his throat, Zeke dropped his hand and shoved it into his pocket. His deep grey eyes lifted and locked onto hers as he took in a couple of breaths as though to calm himself.

His hand that was holding hers lifted and he brought her hand to his lips. A soft kiss landed on the back of her knuckles as he stared at her through his thick dark lashes.

Once he slowly lowered her hand, he said…

"Marry me, Alicia." His voice was low as it vibrated with profound emotions.

Time stood still. Alicia's lips parted as her body just went completely catatonic. She was shaken at those three words that had been suddenly thrown at her.

"F*ck…" he suddenly cursed under his breath, as if he realized that he had just made an irreversible mistake, causing Alicia to immediately snap out of the massive shock that was still rocking her system.

"H-huh?" was all she could respond with, considering that her mind was still spinning at what he had just said. The fact that she could already respond and was not frozen solid was already a good thing.

"I'm sorry." He pinched the area between his brows as he squeezed his eyes tightly together before tilting up his head and looked at Alicia somewhat guiltily. "That… that might have sounded like a command…"

Alicia could only blink again while he composed himself.

This time, his gaze on her became more focused, more intense and more open to her at the same time.

"Alicia… will you marry me?"

Chapter 903 Permanent

This chapter is dedicated to @Lola.

Alicia's breath got caught somewhere between her throat and her lungs.

She could not react. She tried… but she just could not. All she could do was to only stare back at him.

A proposal from Ezekiel was the last thing she had ever expect. He had already decided to leave this world, and she fully understood that there was no other way out for him, for them. So why… what was the meaning of this? Was there even any reason why he wanted to continue with this?

Her heartbeat drummed within her chest and sent the blood whooshing so hard in her ears. Despite the questions that had popped in her mind, her heart was swelling with so much joy that it was now literally threatening to burst out of her chest.

The world suddenly felt like a dream as she looked up into his face, waiting silently for her answer. She could see the sparks and emotions as they flicker in his once cold and emotionless eyes. Somehow, she could tell that he seemed to be praying that she would say 'yes'.

And something incredibly warm blossomed in her heart. Looking at his eagerness that he was trying to mask, Alicia felt as though her heart was a balloon that someone was inflating so much that it could no longer be held within her chest cavity. If only he knew he did not even need to ask. Even if he did not rephrase the way he had said it by changing the words from the first time, 'marry me, Alicia' to 'will you marry me?" Alicia could not have been bothered that the words had come out more like a command the first time nor when he had changed it to more of a request the second time. All that mattered to her was the intention in those words! He had popped the question!!

She did not care if it was rational or not, but if he wanted to marry her, she would definitely say 'yes'. That was the only answer to that question from him anyway. Always. Without hesitation.

"Yes," her soulful answer echoed out softly in the room and then, it was Zeke's turn to freeze.

Alicia reached out and cupped his face and tiptoed. "Yes, I will marry you, Ezekiel." She whispered and sealed the deal with a searing kiss.

He grabbed her and pulled her even tighter against himself and kissed her back. Deeply and passionately, with all that he had. Alicia barely managed to pull away before they crossed a dangerous line again. They absolutely could not do that. Not here when they were still in the twin's bedroom!!!

When their lips parted, though rather unwillingly, Alicia was smiling. Her smile as radiant as the noonday sun. But she was shaking her head.

"You got me again. I never thought you would ever propose. You don't seem to be the kind to propose a marriage, you know?" She teased with a lopsided grin, and he just pulled on her again and buried her into his arms. It was as though he wanted to meld her into himself and never wanted them to be separated ever again. His breathing was hard as he rested his face on her head.

"Sorry that this came out of nowhere." He sounded genuinely apologetic, clearly feeling bad about it.

Alicia shook her head. "Nope… Now that I think about it, this is just so Ezekiel." she chuckled soundlessly.

He pulled away and clasped one of her hands in both of his.

Their gazes held, as if a secret conversation were happening between them.

"I'm going to give you a permanent ring, Alicia." He then broke the silence. "You can never take it off again. So, if…" he uncharacteristically broke off, not completing his sentence. But Alicia immediately responded.

"I want it!" she told him with a smile, eyes gleaming as she lifted her left hand towards him. "I want this permanent ring, Ezekiel." Her head nodded at him, letting him know that she was sure about this and that she truly wanted this gift that he was giving her.

He held her gaze. "You are free to ask me… questions first. I know you have…"

Alicia shook her head. Her smile not fading in the least. "I do have questions, of course. But all that can wait until later. Let's settle the important matters first. I want the ring. And don't worry, nothing will ever change my mind. Please know that. Nothing, Ezekiel."

Silence reigned between them for a moment as Zeke took time to savor how Alicia was so ardent right now, and Alicia took the time to appreciate how Zeke's gaze warmed up even more with the emotions that were filling his heart and spilled over into his eyes. Zeke reached out and caressed her cheek gently with his thumb without breaking their intense eye-contact.

Then he bent down and kissed her.

Alicia shut her eyes, welcoming his kiss like the dry earth welcomes the rain. She could feel his demonic power swirling like soft breeze around them. Something warm was moving like a small fire snake around her ring finger.

The sensation was getting stronger and stronger that even Zeke's passionate kiss was not enough to distract her. It was scorching hot now.

She broke away from the kiss and looked at him, eyes wide.

"Painful?" he asked her softly, his eyes gleaming as his voice carried traces of pity for the pain that he needed to inflict on her for this gift.

"A… a little…" she frowned a little and her eyes snapped towards their linked hands. The pain intensified. She felt like her ring finger was now on fire.

Something black could be seen wrapping around her ring finger. Like a small snake that had coiled around into the shape of a ring. No… it was not a snake… it was an ink black fire.

He lifted her hand and brought it to his lips. And once he kissed it, the burning sensation disappeared. The pain was gone. The demonic magic was gone as well.

What was left was a tattoo on her ring finger. It was the thin black fire akin to the black fire tattoo that crept all over Zeke's body.

Alicia's lips parted as she looked at it. This was her ring. Her permanent ring.


Chapter 904 Extravagant or not...

It was already noon when everyone, except Kai and Kelly, arrived in Viscarria.

Alex had made an announcement last night that all of them will accompany Zeke and Alicia back to Reigns' castle. And all of them, except for Lilith and her witch sidekick will be staying in the castle until the big day arrives.

Lilith had separated from them while they were on their way over to the Reigns castle, but she had earlier on promised and swore to Alicia that she would attend the wedding no matter what. This was an event that she would not miss for her life.

Iryz on the other hand, had helplessly tagged along. She had tried her very best to decline the invitation this morning after being brought up to date on what had happened while she was sleeping the night before. But Abigail and Alexander, as well as Alicia herself, had coaxed and urged for her to come along with them too.

Iryz had always wanted to visit Viscarria, and this invitation was now her chance to make her wish come true. Of course, she had asked Zeres about it and if he were averse to her attending as his plus one. Thankfully, the man did not seem to mind her tagging along at all.

Once they had reached the castle, the atmosphere that enveloped the whole place was the complete opposite of what the company had been expecting. Everyone was busy running about. No, busy was an understatement. Everyone was actually scrambling around as though they had lost their heads! There were just a whole lot of people buzzing about in small groups, literally running with various things in their hands as they rushed to get things organized and prepped for the wedding that was to be held soon. Some were arranging tables, others were putting up beautifully designed place cards that would determine the seating for the many guests that would be attending, while another group were dragging yards of cloths and other little trinkets to be put up as décor and accessories. There were also a large group that were obviously in charge of cleaning up and polishing every surface of the place until it shined. Others were bringing in truckloads of all kinds of flowers to be added on to the décor as well as to naturally perfume up the castle. All in all, just looking at the preparations for such a grand but extremely rushed wedding was just dizzying to the group of people who had just arrived.

Even Zeke was rendered speechless as he and the rest looked on in a daze at the massive courtyard now being systematically and professionally turned into a venue that is fit for a luxurious wedding.

Alicia could only stand there, blinking her eyes owlishly. What on earth had happened? She was not expecting this. At all! She had actually thought that they would need to only need to get through with some formalities with only the Reigns family first and foremost. Thus, she had not been expecting to see such a grand wedding being planned out at all!

She thought that it would be a simple and private one that will only be attended by their closest family, friends and loved ones. Last night, she and Ezekiel had already discussed about this, and they had both expressed that they wanted it to be simple and exclusive.

Slowly, Alicia turned to look at Ezekiel. But before Ezekiel could say a word, Alexander's voice echoed out.

"Ha! It seems that everyone is excited to finally wed their beloved prince Ezekiel off after hundreds of years of waiting! Look at how eager they are! But it is pretty understandable, if you ask me." Alexander exclaimed like he was enjoying himself. Of course, it was obvious that he was just happy to tease Ezekiel, knowing that the man was not a fan of extravagant events, and also because Ezekiel had already told everyone last night that it would only be a simple occasion.

"Seems to me like the whole country is going to celebrate your wedding, Your Highness." Lucas commented, looking pretty amused as well. They all knew Zeke was all about privacy. Hell, privacy was his middle name!

But Zeke was quiet and had not made any comments about the matter up till now. He had instead prompted Alex to go and settle his family before calling on the servants to lead Zeres and Iryz to their respective rooms to stay in for the next few days.

While Alicia and Zeke were headed to the throne room where everyone was waiting for them, Zeke asked Alicia. "Is this okay for you?"

"An extravagant wedding?" Alicia halted, facing him. Many thoughts swirled around in her mind as she kept silent for a few seconds to think.

He nodded.

"How about you?" she then opted to question him instead of answering.

Zeke stared into her eyes. "If it's okay with you, it's all good for me. But if not, I can have everyone get rid of all those decorations and everything immediately."

Alicia looked outside the massive windows overlooking the courtyard. The preparations were already half done. No, more than half done, in fact! The vampires really work fast!

"I think I don't mind. It'd be a waste to have all those beautiful decorations going to waste." She replied. Though they had both deciding and agreeing on a simple wedding, Alicia felt like Zeke was not all that against this either as she had thought. Honestly, right now, she unexpectedly found herself to be okay with it as well.

She had been a little bothered about how the vampires will welcome her now that everyone had found out that she was Ezekiel's lover. But this was truly unexpected. And she could not help but feel the warmth and relief spread within her. She was glad that there seemed to be no more trouble they needed to solve first before the marriage happened.

"If there will no consequence, I'm cool with it." Alicia added, flashing him a soft smile.

Zeke nodded in agreement too as he lifted his hand and brushed a stray lock of hair that had curled over her cheek. "There will be no consequence, don't worry. We're just going to get married. Extravagant or not… it doesn't make any difference to me." He said before squeezing her hand reassuringly as he led her into the room where the King and everyone else were waiting.


Chapter 905 Bride-to-be

The throne room was quiet. All eyes swung over and were fully trained on no one else but Alicia the moment they entered through the doors. But the atmosphere was not heavy.

Alicia had already sensed this since the moment they had arrived at the castle and most especially as they passed through the corridors. The vampires had just dropped their gazes and gave respective bows the moment they saw them. At first, Alicia thought that their reactions were only because of seeing their prince, Ezekiel after a long time. But right now, she felt like that it was not the case anymore. Everyone seemed to be giving her the same respect they were giving to Ezekiel!

It was just so unnerving and unexpected. She had in fact, readied herself to be the target of countless stares that were full of hatred and resentment. So for her to be receiving such looks that were full of respect and adoration as though they were looking at their own prince, was truly shocking to her.

And now, not only the common vampires acted that way but also everyone else who was in attendance in the throne hall, the entire Reign family and even the highest officials. Alicia felt like they were looking up to her. As if she was not just a woman their prince was going to marry.

She could not help but remember the prophetess' reaction last night as well when she had laid eyes on her. Alicia had felt that there was something off with the way the priestess had looked at her. As though there were something else that only she did not know about. Think as she might, she could not figure what it was though. And she did not mention anything about it either. But now, she was genuinely curious as to why she was getting this unexpected treatment.

She also wondered if this was because that they did not know she was a former witch and a witch queen at that. But still…

"Meet my bride-to-be, Alicia." Ezekiel's voice echoed out authoritatively and everyone naturally came forward to greet her. All of them were beyond respectful and even looked kind of amazed, as though they were looking at and being in the presence of someone great.

Somehow, as time passed by, Alicia felt that she was being treated like this not only because she was going to be Ezekiel's wife but there was a deeper and more important reasoning to it all. However, what on earth could the reason be? She still could not figure it out.

The talks that went on were formal and quick. The officials mainly congratulated them. The king and queen and the princesses expressed their greetings and blessings to the couple.

After that, Ezekiel had gone on to mention about the wedding. As planned, the both of them agreed with the already existing arrangement for the grand wedding and were fine with it being so fancy.

Later, the queen had asked Zeke to bring Alicia to the room where her wedding dress was waiting for her. They had to make sure she at least tries it out once to see if it was a perfect fit for her.

On their way there, Alicia finally asked. "Ezekiel… I hope that I am not the only one who is feeling that everyone is treating me like…" her eyebrows furrowed for a moment before releasing it, "…like I'm someone equal to you in terms of position or something, right?"

He regarded her with a slack expression.

"I was wondering about how long will you be able to keep your curiosity at bay, Alicia." he murmured. He did not smile but his eyes were dancing as they looked at her. He knew her well. He had expected that she would be almost ready to burst with the way she was curious about so many things and just had unending questions that she could throw at him all day.

Alicia playfully narrowed her eyes at him. "If I were you, I would start explaining now or else…" she mock threatened him.

"Or else?" he leaned in closer to her. His tone low and serious, but somehow it still managed to come across as suggestive to her. A wave of goosebumps prickled over her skin as she let his voice wash over her. But her eyes twinkled mischievously before the ends of her lips curled up.

"Or else…" Alicia tipped her chin up and reached out for Zeke's necktie. She fixed it with a gentle and calm manner like any good wife would. The vampires who were around, secretly peeked at them, wondering what it was that the couple were doing.

Alicia gently pulled on his necktie and then whispered. "… no kisses for you tonight, my prince."

He then caught his lower lip between his teeth as her warm breath brushed across his earlobes. Alicia then gave him a challenging smirk.

"Any type of kisses," she added, and Ezekiel nodded amusingly, looking like he was pretty impressed at the way Alicia was blackmailing him and the way she looked completely confident that her blackmail would one hundred percent work.

Releasing his lips slowly, Ezekiel glanced around them. The vampires and even humans who were secretly eavesdropping and peeking at the couple immediately turned away and pretending to be busy with whatever that they were doing.

Ezekiel leaned forward and pressed his lips against her earlobe. "That's cruel of you, Alicia. You know I can no longer last a few hours without eating at your mouth." He teased lazily, a smile curling over those thin and sexy lips.

Alicia choked before falling into a coughing fit, all the while looking around. Her face was now bright red with embarrassment while Zeke nonchalantly straightened his back. His expression was now back to the completely neutral one.

"Come on. I'll explain in the fitting room." He casually added as he started walking again with that usually straight face of his.