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Chapter 39 < — Damian — > (10)

TN: When life gives you lemons…okay, I dunno where I was going with that. I live for fluff ❤

Lucia tussled with him all night and was barely able to sleep at dawn. By the time she woke up, it was already daylight.

She was against his new way. His tenaciousness was inexplicable and she’d already given up on explaining his endurance.

Lucia continuously thought about getting up from bed, but her body did not listen to her. She had such a hard workout for two consecutive days in a month so her body felt languid.

She fell into shallow sleep and upon woke up, she felt a soft touch on her hair and opened her eyes. She didn’t know when he’d come in but he was sitting on the bed, his finger running through her hair.

She was sleepy-eyed and watched him with an empty gaze. Their eyes met and he lowered his head, lightly kissing her lips.

“I was worried since you haven’t gotten up yet. Are you okay?”

The soft touch on her lips told her this was real. Last night, she hated him a little but seeing him now, the hatred vanished into thin air.

“…at least you have a conscience.”

She bluntly blamed him, closed her eyes again and heard him laugh a little.

Hugo’s fingers ran through her hair, sweeping through it like a comb. It felt good and a little ticklish.

‘Isn’t my hair is completely disheveled?’

As the thought came to her mind, her sleepiness deserted her and she raised the blanket over her head.

“What’s wrong?” (Hugo)

“…my head…”

“Does it hurt? The doctor…”

“No, it’s not that.”

She lowered the blanket a little, her eyes peeking at him.

“Yesterday…I didn’t dry my hair properly. It’s probably a mess.”

It was the heart of a woman who wanted to show only a pretty figure in front of the man she loved. He could not understand her words, and tilting his head to the side, ripped the blanket off her. She let out a short scream and he kissed her lightly on her lips.

“What of it? You look pretty.”

Lucia stared at him, her gaze full of intent.




He felt wronged. If she’d said that in the past, he would honestly have nothing to say. But not now.

“Vivian, did I do something wrong?”

“Aren’t you busy?”

“Don’t change the topic. I know your list defines me that way, but why are you saying this now, all of a sudden?”

“What list?”

“I know you have a list of all the things I’ve done wrong in your head.”


Lucia was dumbfounded and burst into laughter.

“There’s a list in my head?” (Lucia)

“Weren’t you steadily adding one at a time?”

Lucia started laughing again. He sourly looked on as she began to laugh. He couldn’t see why she was laughing so much about what he said and couldn’t understand her laughter.

“Then, when did I make this list?” (Lucia)

“Why are you asking me that? You know better than I do.”

Lucia shrugged and once again burst into laughter. The thought that he also wonders what other people are thinking was very amusing and interesting.

‘Things I’ve done wrong.’

Through those words, he admitted to her that he’d done a lot of things wrong. She thought he was someone that was very unlikely to admit it even if he made a mistake.

“There is no such list. I can’t put up with something so complicated.”

“Then what was the word that popped up before?”

Lucia shyly pursed her lips.

“Because you said that all of a sudden.”

“What did I say?”


Lucia felt a bit embarrassed to say it herself and her words weren’t clear. She’d heard herself being called gentle or cute but she didn’t think the word ‘pretty’ matched her appearance.

“Is it wrong to just say what I feel?”

Lucia stared at him blankly. He was flirtatious yes, but he wasn’t the type to whisper sweet nothings into a woman’s ear so his words came off a bit unfriendly.

He was someone who had a lot and as such, was the flirt that women loved to cling to. Lucia reached out and rubbed her head.

As expected, just by touching her hair, she could feel it was untidy. Even without looking at a mirror, it was obvious it was a mess.

“Pretty? This look?”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with it, you look pretty.”

His expression did not change at all. It was as though he was looking at a tree and saying it was a tree. As Lucia kept staring into his eyes doubtfully, his expression grew increasingly awkward.

“Is it that you don’t like that way of expression? Then, your beauty is so bright that it seems blinding…”

“Are you making fun of me?”

Lucia replied sullenly. Hugo sighed and placing one hand on his forehead.

“Tell me what you want me to do.”

“…Pretty? Me?”

“You’re pretty.”

She didn’t know what he was thinking, but she decided not to think more complicatedly about it. It was good even if it was empty words.

She felt pleased, happy, ticklish inside, and when she looked at him, she couldn’t help but chuckle.

His expression became somewhat twisted and he spoke.

“Don’t laugh like that. It makes me want to eat (you).”

Lucia laughed even louder and looking at her, Hugo burst into laughter too. It was hard to pinpoint it but anyhow, it was nice to see her feeling comfortable.

After admitting to herself that she loved him, Lucia’s heart was more at peace and the mood around her grew relaxed.

When Hugo was away from Roam, Lucia was always on his mind. Although they’d reconciled before he left, he’d felt like it was somewhat insufficient and was uncomfortable with it.

It seemed like they weren’t putting out the fire but simply covering it up so they couldn’t see it. He was worried that when he came back to Roam, she would turn away from him as the issue wasn’t fully settled.

Contrary to his worries, she was doing very well. Rather, she became even brighter than before.

The thought that even without him, she would be completely fine, made his heart feel cold.

‘I want her’

He wanted to have all of her body and mind.

But how could he have a woman that had declared that she would never love him. It was the biggest challenge in his life.

He’d never properly fallen in love before. The brother he loved, said he loved him but chose death in the end.

She was going to be his first love. However, it was a tragedy that he’d experienced too much physical love before he knew of emotional love.

At times, love was so simple that an honest word of confession could be the key but he didn’t know that.

“Is it okay for you keep staying here? You aren’t busy?” (Lucia)

Hugo could sense that her voice was much clearer than before.

‘She likes being called pretty.’

Now, he began making a list in his head.

“Busy or not busy, for me, there’s no end to work so I can rest for as long as I don’t do it.”

“So you’re not working?”

“It’s not like that, I mean you don’t have to fret over it. Is it troublesome if I don’t work?”

“…It would be.”


“The husband has to feed his wife. And to do that, you have to make money.”

Hugo couldn’t help but laugh.

< — Damian — > (10)

TN: Hehehe

Lucia lifted her head to look at him at the sound of laughter. At times, he would laugh oddly when she said something and Lucia couldn’t tell what part of it he was laughing at.

“It would be very easy to feed you. Even if I make money, seems like you don’t really use it.”

“I do use it. You know how much money it takes to throw a party?”

“I mean for personal spending.”

“I also use it for personal spending. I bought flowers to decorate the garden…”

“Dresses or jewelry. Things like that.”

“I’ve spent on that. Spent a lot of money to repair a dress but the Taran warehouse is overflowing with jewelry. I wouldn’t be able to wear all of them till I die.”

This was because noble women tended to accumulate lots of precious ornaments. For a family of considerable wealth, there would be precious ornaments passed from generation to generation however, these ornaments would be property of the family.

In the care of a divorce, the precious ornaments obtained by the noble women were completely recognized as their property apart from the alimony.

The conversation somewhat failed to get his point across so Hugo spoke a bit more directly.

“Do you not want to spend my money?”

Lucia thought about the meaning of his words for a moment then laughed.

“It’s not like that. Did you think so?”

Surprisingly, he was quite sensitive. Discovering this unexpected side to him was somehow so cute, Lucia couldn’t stop laughing. To think that the huge man who gives off enormous pressure was cute…perhaps this was a side effect of being with Damian.

Since she’d looked at small Hugo for a long while, looking at big Hugo now, the previous threat level was somehow cut in half. It didn’t occur to her that maybe this was a result of Hugo’s effort.

If Lucia recalled their first encounter at the victory ball, she’d be able to tell just how different he is from back then. Even if out in the world, he was the King of beasts, in front of her, he killed his momentum, becoming more docile.

“Why’re you laughing?” (Hugo)

She couldn’t see the image of the Taran Duke, the black lion of the war that overwhelmed people simply by being there, in the man grumbling in front of her.

And so, the little rabbit, Lucia sat at the feet of the great Lion, laughing and thinking he was cute.

“I was just so surprised. I didn’t expect you to have think like that. Truthfully, I’m not fond of shopping unnecessarily.”

“Hah…right. Our ladyship is used to being thrifty and frugal.”

“It’s a good thing though.”

“Did I say otherwise?”

He’d never heard of a wife being criticized for being frugal. Asking her to use and spend his money somewhat seemed like a joke now.

His wife was fragile, she felt like she’d be crushed if he held her a bit more tightly but she had a rock-solid will, confidence and independence in her thoughts. Even though her appearance was full of contradictions, she didn’t contradict herself.

Hugo needed something to hold onto her. There was already a strong bond of marriage tying them together but it was lacking.

He wanted to find something based on her personal desires so she could never escape from him. It was not money and neither was it power.

As for her social activities, they were limited to the necessary minimum amount that she had to do. There weren’t many people she had frequent exchanges with and she hadn’t built an active rapport with influencers of the northern social circles.

She didn’t show much interest in his work neither did she snoop around in his office.

Money and Power.

‘If one subtracts the two, what else is there for humans to have?’

The people of the bottom class do not have money and power yet they have families and bear children with love.

What do they have?

‘Is it the child?’

At the sudden thought, his frame of mind grew somber. He definitely did not want a child born from his blood to exist. Even if there was no reason, he couldn’t give her a child anyways.

When he thought about it carefully, he found himself doing well. He’d been proven by many woman, and he was confident.

If he could make her toss and turn at night because she was lonely without him then that was truly killing two birds with one stone. It was a little instinctive but in the first place, the more instinctive the desire is, the greedier it is.

The problem was he wasn’t too sure if she liked it too so he decided to garner some confidence.

“Do you like doing it with me?”


“Are you satisfied on the bed?”

Lucia’s face, all the way to her neck, gradually turned red. She stared at his brazen face for a moment then turned around, her back facing him.

“I need to sleep a bit more. You should hurry and get back to work.”

Hugo was considerably shocked by her turning away. Was it terrible to the extent that she didn’t even want to answer?

He hastily pulled at her.

“Vivian, what’s the problem? The length? Number of times? Not enough caressing? Or is it the position…”

Lucia quickly sat up and screamed at him.

“That’s enough so please just stop! How can you? You…you…those words…”

Her face was as red as an apple as she rambled causing him to chuckle. The sight of her embarrassed and shaken up made him want to tease her.

“What’s wrong all of a sudden? I’ve said much more racy stuff than that.”

“Th…That…the situation was different.”

“In the bedroom. On the bed. What’s so different?”

“Even if we’re in the same place, time has passed so the situation is different. Now, it’s morning…”

Lucia jerked as he climbed over her knees and onto the bed. Even though there was no place to escape to, she was thinking of escaping. However he was faster.

His arms intercepted her body on the bed, closing up any gaps for escaping.

“It’s not like we’ve never done it in the morning before.”

“You also overslept then…”

“Your criteria’s pretty unique. It’s okay to do it from night to morning but not in the morning?”

He lowered his head and covered her lips with his own. The kiss which started off gently quickly flared up as their tongues tangled with each other.

His tongue rummaged inside her mouth, caressing her gums, stroking the inside of her palate and rolling her tongue like a ball.

Their lips separate for a moment then were  glued together again.

When his hands flew to her chest, grabbing her breasts and rubbing with his fingers, Lucia suddenly came to her senses.

“Look here, Beast-ssi.” (1) (Lucia)

His red eyes widened in surprise.

“If you go any further than this, you’ll have to explain to the guests tomorrow why they have to leave as soon as they arrive.”

“Ha-ha. You really…”

He burst out laughing and took Lucia into his arms. Lucia felt her body tingle at the sound of his laughter.


Lucia sighed inwardly

‘I’m happy now.’

She was so happy that her heart felt numb and tingling. She felt the edges of her eyes sting and buried her head in his chest.

Translator’s Corner

1) For here but I usually don’t leave Korean terms in my translations but Mr. Beast or Sir. Beast felt so awkward. Think of it like Beast-kun… Well, not exactly but something like that. It’s a honorific.
Chapter 40 < — Damian — > (11)

It was afternoon and Hugo was busy working on documents in his office when the scent of tea drifted into his nose. He knew someone had come in but he was focusing on something else so he didn’t pay much attention.

After a while, he looked up, glancing at the cup of tea that Jerome had placed quietly before leaving then he put his pen down on the table and leaned back in his chair. He picked up the cup of tea and walked into the balcony, deciding to take a short break.

Because of the incoming party, the garden was filled with a lot of people busying around. He looked around the garden, searching for his wife.

He found her soon enough at a corner of the garden but she was not alone. She was with a black-haired child-Damian.

‘They’re really friendly with each other.’

He muttered to himself, frowning slightly. Looking at it objectively, their relationship was one where they could never get too close to each other.

He was a little worried about her taking Damian to the garden party because a considerable amount of people would be suspicious about her intentions.

He considered telling her about his thoughts but shoved that idea away. She would know at least that much, she wasn’t a foolish woman.

Although it was interesting that Damian was getting along with her quite well. He wasn’t a very sociable boy but within a few weeks, he was made into an obedient puppy.

Even his butler Jerome was the same. ‘Milady’, ‘Milady’, was all he could say.

She seemed to have the amazing ability to turn people to her side. Even though many people liking her was definitely much better than their being her enemy, for some reason, he felt displeased inside.

‘What are they doing?’

For a while now, the both of them had been crouched low and their heads were facing each other. He couldn’t see what they were doing and he couldn’t see their faces properly because he was too far away.

‘What the heck are those two doing?’

He grumbled inwardly.

‘Without me.’

The last words were what was truly in his heart but because he was so childish, he couldn’t even bear to say it to himself.


Lucia and Damian were so engrossed in watching the amusing baby fox that they weren’t paying much attention to anything else. The big-eared yellow fox had awkward steps, toddling as it walked.

Whenever it tried to escape from between the two of them, it was gently blocked with one hand. It didn’t take long for it to give up on escaping, sit down and begin chasing its tail.

[He’s a rare mild and gentle guy for a fox. He’ll be easy to tame]

This was the common remark that the experienced breeders, which Kate sent to help, made after looking at the fox.

“Did you decide on a name, Damian?”

“Lucia, is…is it really okay for me to name it?”

“Of course. I’ll be happy if you name it.”

After Lucia asked him to give the fox a name a few days ago, he’d worried about it for a while and rummaged through all sorts of dictionaries while his studying took a back seat.

“Then…Asha.” (Damian)

“Asha? Does it have a meaning?” (Lucia)

“Just like names… I want it to have a strong vitality and last long.” (1)

“Asha. That’s a good name.”

Lucia lifted the fox and held it out to Damian.

“Since you’ve given it a name, hold it. Don’t just look at it.”

“Lucia, I…”

“Hurry up. I’ll drop it.”

As the time it was held up in the air grew longer, the baby fox began to struggle and wriggle around in her hands. Once he heard her say she’d drop it, Damian quickly reached out and carefully took the fox into his arms.

Asha lifted its long snout, looking at the boy for a moment, then it relaxed in his arms. The body temperature and the sound of fast-paced heartbeat of the small animal in his arms shocked Damian. It was a new sensation to him.

His emotions felt complicated and his body trembled. He felt like he hadn’t know what it meant to be alive till this moment.

“I feel…strange.”


“Just…It’s not like I hate it but I feel weird. My chest feels a bit prickly…”

Looking at Damian who didn’t know how much strength to put into his arms as he held the fox, Lucia smiled.

“Damian, that feeling means you think it’s loveable.”


“Yes. It’s the feeling your mother must have felt when she held you after you were born. You feel something is so loveable, your heart hurts.”

Damian stared silently at the fox with for a while, his expression unknown. The fox squirmed in his arms, adjusting itself to a more comfortable position then it placed its chin on the boy’s arms, blinking its eyes.

Damian lifted his head to look at Lucia, smiling brightly. It was the clear smile of a child, no darkness hidden within it.

The first carefree smile of the boy who was always stiff and brusque sent a burst of emotions through Lucia, deeply touching her.

Her gaze met Damian’s and she smiled at him.

A little far away, Hugo’s red eyes gazing at them trembled strongly. Unable to curb his curiosity, he finally left his office.

He walked towards the corner of the garden where they stayed crouched and at some distance, he was able to see why they weren’t paying attention to anything else.

‘What is that?’

The sight of the little beast wriggling around and the two of them concentrating on it like a never-seen-before treasure in the world came into view.

As he drew a little closer, he was able to hear their conversation.

‘Giving a beast a name? a useless act.’

The white horse he’d ridden for so many years still had no name.


He furrowed his brow.

When he heard the name the evening when they were taking a walk, he’d thought he heard wrong but he was still somewhat sensitive to the name and this time, he definitely heard it and clearly too.

Why would Damian call her by that name?

It wasn’t Duchess, it wasn’t Mother and it wasn’t even her name. He stopped walking, standing still to think about it but couldn’t reach a conclusion so he resumed his journey.

However in a couple of steps, his footsteps paused again.

Looking at the boy’s smile that was as bright as sunshine, his heart clenched, filling his chest with biting pain.


He sighed mournfully.

‘It’s you.’

He smiled powerlessly. The child’s smile was very similar to the one his brother had given him on the day they’d met.

He just hadn’t realized it but it seemed the brother that he’d been missing had always been by his side.

Translator’s Corner

1) Very loose translation here. This was the only way for it to make sense in English.

*There’s so much cuteness and fluff that I’m getting worried.

*Also, is Hugo developing eavesdropping tendencies? hur hur.

< — Damian — > (11)

TN: Throughout this chapter’s flashback, the author barely refers to ‘Hugo’ as Hugo during the conversation. Author mostly just says ‘he’. I’m gonna leave it that way and I don’t think it’s confusing but tell me if it is.

Hugo’s memory returned to the first day he met Damian, the scene vividly drawn out before him.

One day, Philip brought in an awkward young child that was yet to walk smoothly. Even without being explained, the child’s black hair and red eyes were traits unique to the Taran bloodline.

He left the child in Jerome’s hands and when he was left alone with Philip, he question fiercely.

“What is that?”

“He is young master Hugo’s son.” (Philip)

At first, he was at loss for words then he became enraged. A male child? Without a relative, a boy of Taran blood could never be born.

“Don’t be stupid. That dead old geezer must’ve planted a seed somewhere, who are you trying to fool?”

“Haven’t you ever heard of young master Hugo having a lover?” (Philip)

He cursed furiously before retorting.

“What? The old fool’s tricks?”

He was so angry that he felt like he was going crazy.

“No, it is not . Young master Hugo and the miss fell in love without knowing each other’s identity and young master Damian is the result of their love.” (Philip)

“Love?!! Bullshit!”

In that moment, he hurled curses at his dead brother.

‘Fucking idiot. After acting like you know it all, you’ve finally done it.’

“Why didn’t he know his child was born?” (Hugo)

If his brother knew he had a child, he never would have chosen to kill himself.

“Young master Hugo passed away without knowing young master Damian was conceived.” (TN: He didn’t know the chick was pregnant)

“Did the old geezer also not know?”


‘Hah. Serves him right, the old fool needs some retribution in hell.’

He(Hugo) muttered to himself, chuckling insidiously.

“What of the child’s name? Did you give it to him, old man?”

“I wouldn’t dare. Young master Damian’s mother gave him his name.”


He(Hugo) remarked mockingly.

“She must be my half-sister. Here I thought they were all dead but there’s a half-sister. How many children did that old fool make?”

“Just as you know it, however from childhood, the miss had a weak body and was frequently ill. The deceased Duke determined that she would be unable to have a healthy child and decided to dispose of her. Hence, the deceased Duke believed the young miss to be dead.”

“Disposal. Ha! That’s exactly the type of thing that crazy old fool would do.”

He ridiculed icily.

“So? This half-sister of mine that’s supposed to be dead, how did she meet him, do this love play and give birth to a child?”

“I can only say that destiny is indeed something that cannot be predicted. I can also assure you that there was no ulterior motives or interference in their relationship.”

“Destiny? What crap. Where’s the child’s mother?”

“She passed away after giving birth. If you want a more detailed explanation…”


As to whether or not they really knew each other’s identities, or whether or not there was outside interference in their relationship, there was no way for him to know.

No matter how long Philip rambled on, he couldn’t guarantee that it was the truth. Rather than listening to the old man’s bullshit, he switched his focus to the problem at hand.

“So? what? Why did you bring him to me?” (Hugo)

No matter whether it was his brother’s child, he was not his dead brother.

His brother was born the son of the loathsome former Duke and had a completely different personality like the different entity that he was.

Moreover, his brother wasn’t informed that the child was born so bringing the child now made him suspicious.

“He’s young master Hugo’s flesh and blood. It is only right to hand him over.”

“Don’t blabber that rubbish in front of me, take him and leave. I don’t know when I’ll want to kill it if it stays around me.”

However, Philip left Damian and secretly disappeared. He hid himself so well, not a trace of him could be found.

‘Then I’ll make sure the bastard doesn’t see a hair on the child’s head till the day he dies.’

Hugo gnashed his teeth in rage and invoked a ban against Philip approaching Damian.

Time went by and sometime later Philip secretly returned and tried to meet Damian but after seeing the guards placed around Damian, a report came back that Philip had once again disappeared.

Although it (the ban) was something done in a fit of anger at the time, when he thought about it, he realized it was a good thing.

Because of the war, Hugo was swamped and extremely busy so he got someone to mostly look after the child. There was almost no difference from neglecting the child.

When he returned to Roam several months later, they were all accepting Damian as his son. He’d never personally said that Damian was his son but no one thought was an issue.

This was because of how much they resembled each other. Both of them looked so much alike, leaving no room for doubts.

However, Damian’s appearance caused Hugo’s intention of ending the Taran family line to amount to nothing.

Hugo’s feeling towards Damian were delicately complex. His brother’s only mark left in this world and mass of burden.

It wasn’t love and hatred, he liked the boy just as much as he disliked him.

However, when he saw that smile on the boy, the smile that was exactly like his brother’s, he realized something.

Just as he’d intended, the cursed Taran blood would end with him. His twin brother was a mutation that could never be born of Taran blood.

He was supposed to be born with a blood full of cruelty and madness yet he was very unlike the Taran bloodline, he was gentle, pure and loved life.

And Damian inherited the blood of his brother.

The Taran Family, led by Damian would be reborn in a completely new way.

Damian noticed Hugo approaching and quickly stood up. The fox was still in his arms and he was flustered by the sudden appearance of Hugo.

Since he wasn’t studying at this time and was busy chattering, he was afraid he would be scolded.

Hugo indifferent glanced at the fox in the boy’s arms then spoke to Lucia.

“Wasn’t the fox hunt just for sightseeing?”

“I meant to do that but Lady Milton told me she’d help me obtain a fox. I hasn’t been long since I got it as a gift.”

Hugo was unhappy with the trivial creature rolling around in Damian’s arms.

‘So now, she’ll be going around with a beast in her arms too.’

First, frequent outings with Damian, now it’s a fox. The road to keeping her by his side was so difficult. In his heart, what he really wanted to do was keep her only to himself so only he could see her.


“Yes? Yes!” (Damian)

It was the first time Hugo had used Damian’s name directly in front of him. Before when he called Damian directly, he said


And when he was conversing with other people and talking to Damian, he said.


“Fox hunting is not a game for men. It’s a trifling game for women. Return the fox to its master.”

He commanded arrogantly.

Lucia was dumbfounded and glared at him. A trifling game for women???

Damian alternated glances between the two of them then quickly handed over the fox to Lucia.

As he handed it over, there was none of the emotions from a while ago. He didn’t even show the slightest dismay or lingering attachment.

Lucia gave a hollow smile.

“Follow me.” (Hugo)


The boy quickly replied like a soldier with military discipline.

“Where are you taking him?” (Lucia)

“We’re going to have a talk. Between men.” (Hugo)

Hugo began to walk ahead and again, Damian repeatedly alternated glances between the two of them then bowed his head in Lucia’s direction.

After which he quickly ran after Hugo. Unlike the usually calm Damian, this one was obviously excited.

“My goodness. What? Are they excluding me?”

Lucia was speechless. She felt a sense of betrayal from Damian who never looked back. The thought that all her efforts were less than one word from his father made her feel dispirited.

As she watched the departing backs of father-and-son, her dispirited heart didn’t take long to disappear. Their very alike behind view was very adorable. Damian’s figure as he took exceptionally light steps was also fun to look at.

“Please, get close enough that I’ll get jealous.”

While chuckling to herself, Lucia turned towards the workers in the garden. There was still a lot to do for the garden party tomorrow.

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*Damian obviously has favorites! Hah.