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Chapter 831 Not now [1/4]

Alicia was unable to do anything but just uselessly stare at what was happening around her. Her fear that she might have hurt Ezekiel even more if she used a spell had gotten the better of her. He was already beyond weak, if she siphons off any more power off him…

She did not want this man to get hurt or suffer anymore – especially on her account. She had rather hurt herself first than do anything that would harm him. So she just bit down on her lips again and restrain her natural impulse of uttering any spells as the vampires pulled on her. Even if their grip was rough and their claws had already caused long welts that were bleeding to appear on her fair skin, she still remained tight-lipped.

Everything was crashing down within her as she held on to his hand with everything that she could, never wanting to let go. Wishing that some miracle would happen to stop their separation.

She did not want to disappear. At least not yet. Not now. Please… she begged and prayed to any gods that were listening. All she was asking for was a few more days to stay with him. Just a few more days. Could the world at least afford her that after all that she had sacrificed?

The vampire violently yanked on her arm once again and this time, Alicia knew this was it. No matter how hard they both clung to each other's hand to keep themselves from being separated, their strengths just was not enough to overcome the forceful tugs of the vampire who wanted them apart.

In her mind, she felt like she had screamed out Ezekiel's name as she watched her hand was finally pulled away from his grip. But she could no longer hear anything.

Her whole world seemed to have gone into a suspended animation where everything just stopped and was even muted. She could not see nor hear anything as tears fell from her eyes.

She felt her body begin to feel so light. And she knew she did not need to look at herself to know that she was starting to dissipate from her physical form as well as from this world. So she kept her gaze trained solely on Ezekiel and opened her mouth. Wanting to at least say the words she so desperately wanted him to hear.

"I love you…" she finally uttered.

And just as her vision turned into a hazy white, she felt her body crashed into something familiar. W-what was that?!

Alicia could suddenly feel her body again after a couple of seconds and her vision had returned to normal too. Ezekiel?! He had somehow managed to grab onto her before she was completely gone, right?! Did his strength finally return?

"Warned you… I'll kill anyone who touches her!" came his broken yet terrifyingly cruel voice, followed by a sickening thud and the blooming scent of fresh blood.

She looked behind her and saw that the vampire who had been grabbing and pulling her away from Ezekiel had his neck snapped and bent at an impossible angle.

Then she realized the presence of a suffocating and viscous darkness that was swirling around them. His demonic powers… it was back again! Never had Alicia thought there would be the day where she would rejoice seeing this petrifying aura swirling and curling around her person.

"I'll kill every one of you…" he hissed under his breath. That tone and the bloodlust that spilled out from him sent strong shivers within Alicia. She could feel it, the danger… the darkness… However, though terrifying, she somehow did not have the fear of losing her life. Not to this man – no matter what he became.

Alicia was there when Ezekiel had used his demonic powers and those times were nothing compared to what he was displaying right now. Ezekiel had always been in full control of that powers all those other times. But this… this bloodlust was not something…

Suddenly, the image of the young Ezekiel in the past flashed across Alicia's mind. She saw that face he wore when he had vowed to slaughter every single witch. The shivers that overtook her frame when she saw that face was the same one as she was feeling right now.

"I'll slaughter every one of you…" he breathed out and Alicia saw wisps of dark smoke escaping his lips as he voiced his warning to the now trembling vampires who were frozen in fright. His darkness began to swirl faster around them. Stronger. Darker. Deadlier.

The vampires subconsciously took a few steps back. Their eyes wide in utter shock and fear.

"Ez… Ezekiel!" Alicia called out as she lifted her hands and cupped his face. It was then that she realized her hands were trembling. She could not help the instinctual reaction to his heavy and malevolent aura. She could not help that her weak human body would tremble as she stood within his embrace where the effects of his powers were the greatest. Ezekiel right now was just so terrifying that his mere presence was enough to make anyone just tremble in fear before they even realize it.

When he ignored Alicia's call as if he did not hear her at all nor see her and just moved his hand – the hand he used to kill the vampire – the fear in her intensified. However, this fear was not for herself. She could feel it, he was really going to… No! She must not let this happen!

"Ezekiel!!!" she yelled at him all the while pinching his cheeks hard. "No! Ezekiel… Look at me!!!"

She pinched him even harder this time and thank goodness he finally tore his gaze from the vampires he had been targeting and looked down at her.

His one eye that had turned completely black was mind numbingly close to her face. But Alicia continued pinching him. Harder. Then she whispered desperately at him, hoping against all odds that he could somehow recognise and listen to her. "Let's get out of here, Ezekiel. Please. Take me away. I want to leave this place. Teleport us away from here! Now, Ezekiel!" her tone was frantic as she grabbed at his cheeks, staring deeply into his eyes as she pleaded with him.

Chapter 832 Pawns [2/4]

The vampires could only stand there stupefied, as they helplessly watched on whilst the dark smoke swallowed Zeke and Alicia. Some of them even fell back on the ground at that terrifying display of power. They had no idea…

They already found out that their prince had a strange secondary power within him that was usually hidden, but they still could not quite believe what they had just witnessed with their own two eyes. They could not believe the extent of fear he had evoked within them with just that display, and he had not even attacked them yet! Just what… was that? What was he exactly?

The extreme fear was gradually being replaced by doubts as they recovered themselves from the shock. But they all ended up reasoning within themselves that what they saw must have been that witch's fault. They all thought that what they had seen must be the reason why the king and prophetess had given them this mission. To the point where they allowed them to harm the prince if that was what it was needed to separate him from that witch. That must be it! There was no way their proud and mighty prince could be so weird unless he was being corrupted by that accursed witch!

"Sh*t!!! Now we've lost them!!! We need to let the others know that they managed to escape!" one of them growled when a quiet thud sounded in their midst. Their instinct immediately kicked in once again at the feel of another powerful threat that had just arrived.

"Well, well, well… What d'ya have here?" the man drawled lazily, and everyone had their eyes widen the moment they recognized him.

"A- alexander!" one of them croaked, stepping back and then instinctively bowing their heads at him. This was one man you would not want to mess around with – no matter how friendly or amiable looking he seemed to be. Just being in his presence was enough to raise their goosebumps.

"Now you guys did it and saw something that you shouldn't have." Alex sighed, running his fingers through his dark hair. Then he lifted his hand and curled his forefinger, gesturing for them to approach him.

The vampires glanced at each other uncertainly, but they knew that there was no room for disobedience. Thus, with leaden steps, everyone moved closer to Alex until he raised his hand for them to stop where they were.

When they were all standing just a couple of steps away from Alex, a van arrived and rolled up to where they were.

"Listen here," Alex started with a serious look on his face. "I need you guys to enter the van."

The vampires looked at him in confusion and doubt, but none of them were brazen enough to question Alex. However, that did not stop their hearts from racing and there were even beads of sweat dotting their foreheads.

"Now, now, be good and listen boys. This is all for your own sake." Alex flicked his fingers and gestured for them to enter through the van door that Lucas had opened.

Once the vampires were all inside, Lucas shut the back door closed. The next moment, the van wiggled a little but after a few seconds, it eventually settled, as if the men inside had all fallen asleep.

No, Alex did not have them all killed. However, the men had been smoked to sleep so that Alex and Lucas could erase their memories about that particular scene that they had seen. The one where Ezekiel had used his demonic powers.

"Only one casualty. That's pretty impressive of you, Zeke." Alex commented seriously as he looked at the dead vampire that was on the ground. "You deal with this body too, Lucas." Alex gave the order as he nodded his head at that unfortunate vampire.

"Yes, sir. But may I know why you deliberately stalled for time and made yourself arrive here later than you would have?" Lucas asked, confusion was evident in his face. "If you didn't stall and arrived a little bit earlier, His Highness would not have needed to erupt like that. Is it because you really don't want to help His Highness?" Lucas furrowed his brows as he tried to understand where Alexander's actions were coming from.

"Nah…" Alex lazily waved his hand at Lucas. "I wanted Zeke to erupt." After which a playful smile spread across his face.

"Why??" Lucas could no longer stop his frown. "Aren't you one of us? Aren't you against His Highness' decision too?"

Alex nonchalantly leaned against the van. After staring at Lucas for a few seconds, he shrugged his broad shoulders.

"If I'm not against his decision, I wouldn't be here right now, ginger head. I'd be with my wife and babies, enjoying my life to the fullest and not giving a f*ck if Zeke would be gone forever a week from now." Alex sounded as though he was on the verge of rolling his eyes as he answered Lucas' accusation.

"Then why –"

"I want him to have his strength back. If we helped him earlier, that guy would still be as weak as f**k right now. Knowing Zeke, I believe that him, being weakened to this extent is all a part of his plan. You know how unbelievable it is for Zeke to be so weak till that stage. And I won't dare believe that Zeke had not seen this coming. I had a feeling that he was even expecting to us to come and help him. If I had not stopped you, you would have definitely helped him earlier on, right?"

Lucas dropped his head. Even though he was against Ezekiel's decision, he would never have been able to just stay back and watch as he suffered. If Alexander had not forcefully grabbed and stopped him from interfering, he would have long since interjected before those vampires could even start hitting him.

"I think we're a part of Zeke's pawns at this moment. As usual. We were supposed to help him according to his plan, but we didn't. And he was forced to activate his demonic powers again."
Chapter 833 Desperation [3/4]

For a while, Lucas was speechless. Not because Alexander's reasoning had made a lot of sense, but because he never would have thought Alexander could actually think through such complex scenarios like this. Lucas had forgotten that this man, according to what he found out, was once a prince who had burned kingdoms down even when he still did not have the power of the dragon. This man had been nothing but a troublemaker since he met him, doing whatever he wanted without thinking. That was why his thoughts right now shocked Lucas.

If what Alex said was true then, he actually managed to beat Prince Ezekiel at his own game! Which was such an unbelievable feat!

Alexander let out a big sigh again but there was a huge smirk flashing across his face. Now what was he smiling so wide about? Is it because of him beating Ezekiel at his own game?

"Zeke in love is cute, don't you think so, Lucas?" he asked playfully, causing Lucas to blink. "Ah… at long last… our Zeke is finally in love. I was waiting so long for this day to happen, haha! I didn't think it'd happen this soon though."

Lucas could only watch on speechlessly as Alex chuckled at his prince's predicament.

"You should've heard what he said just now, Lucas." he added, then his expression turned so serious as he re-enacted what the prince had supposedly said. "Who allowed you to attempt to touch my woman? Touch her and you'll die! Damn… I should've recorded that. I can't just let Zeke leave us forever. I still need to tease him about this for as many more years as possible." And he chuckled again.

Lucas was dumbfounded. Really? His Highness said that? He really called Alicia his woman?!! Wait… but why was it that Alex too, was focussing on this just so he could tease and poke fun at his lord? He sweat-dropped as he thought on how weird the friends and company Ezekiel kept.

However, thinking back to what Alex said, imagining it was so hard that Lucas wished he too could have seen it. He too had been hoping that Ezekiel would also find someone that could melt his ice-cold heart one day. He wanted the prince to live a happy life too and that he genuinely wished for such a woman to arrive soon.

He had been wondering about Alicia since the first day Ezekiel introduced her to him. Somehow, he had a feeling back then that Alicia was not just another woman to Ezekiel. Now it seems that his gut feeling was right? Wait… this was not the time for them to be thinking about the prince's romance! There were more important matters to deal with first!

"But… can we even stop him? I mean, His Highness from leaving?" Lucas' face became serious and so was Alexander's. "He seems to have decided and set his will in stone. He's hellbent on reaching his goal. I have a feeling that no matter what we do, we might still not be able to stop him." Lucas added in a sad tone.

"Well, stopping Zeke is in fact… impossible." Alexander said as though he had always known that it was a known fact. And somehow, this man saying that only made Lucas feel even more downhearted.

"But sometimes, the impossible does happen. That is what you call a miracle! And now that he's finally in love, I bet that anything can happen." Alexander continued, causing Lucas' face to lighten up. That was right. The impossible happened too when this troublemaker found the love of his life. Now he was already a father of a pair of twins and a civilized creature! Well… somewhat civilized.

"Right." Lucas nodded multiple times like an old man. Then he tilted his head as if something was bothering him. "But Alexander… you said, His Highness expected us to help him… does this mean that he'd come to us anytime for help or something if maybe he gets cornered again?"

"He might have actually been planning to have me take him and Alicia to hide out at my house. He knew that my wife would no doubt protect Alicia as they are close friends. And with Abi, she'd never let anyone harm her friend or let her disappear. But after his plan failed, he might not consider coming to me again… or you for that matter."

"But what if he did come to us?"

"Let's not help him." Alex's quick response stunned Lucas.

Lucas looked down. "I'm not sure if I can stand my ground and not offer my help if he suddenly appears before me."

"I want Zeke to be pushed to the very edge. Because I want him to do something to solve this. I want him to find a solution where he does not need to choose to leave us, nor should he abandon his woman. I know that he must be already trying hard but… only he can find a solution for this. Sometimes, a person can do the impossible when he's left without a choice and being pushed to the brink of desperation. And this is Zeke… so perhaps, he could find a way. We just need to push him harder into a desperate state. That guy had never been in a desperate enough situation for hundreds of years, never been that weak… I bet he might have long forgotten what desperation and weakness felt until now."

"I understand." Lucas said as he nodded, and Alex pushed himself off the van.

"Alright, I'm leaving all these to you, ginger head. See yah –"

"Wait, Alexander. One more question. What if something happens and Alicia disappears?"

"Ah, that… well, if that happens then prepare for chaos and doom."

"W-what?" Lucas tripped and almost fell to the ground before righting himself up suddenly.

Alex chuckled at Lucas' reaction and waved his hand at the man. "You don't need to worry about Alicia, Lucas. Zeke will never let anything happen to her. That's the one thing I'm more than certain about."
Chapter 834 Couple of days [4/4]

Alicia was surprised to see that they had materialized back in the wooden cabin they just left this morning. She had never thought he would bring them both to return to this place. Was it a conscious or unconscious decision? She wondered about it.

But that was the least of her concerns at this moment. Because even though Ezekiel's darkness had lessened, his one eye was still dark. So dark that you could not see any whites in his eyes at all.

"Are you… okay now Ezekiel?" Alicia asked him gently. Their position was still the same as right before they disappeared from that lonely forest road.

He did not speak for a long time. But she knew that he could hear her and see her. The fact that his hold on her tightened as she spoke to him told her so.

She was glad that the terrifying bloodlust coming from him was gone but she could not quite help but feel worried and uneasy because there were still no signs of his one fully black eye returning to normal.

"You are…" he finally spoke. That sinuous voice made her heart race, but it was not due to fear. It was never fear.

"Hmm?" she hummed, waiting patiently for what he was going to say.

"You are doing that again." he spoke slowly.

She blinked. Unsure on what he was talking about until he lifted his hands and held her wrists.

"Oops…" she finally realized that she was still pinching his cheeks, and a smile curved on her face as she quickly let go of her punishing grip on him. "Sorry…" she tiptoed and kissed his cheeks that were slightly reddened due to her squeezing them, ever so gently as if to soothe him.

When she pulled away and looked at him again, Ezekiel was very still. She waited for him to speak but he just stared back at her before he tore his gaze off her.

His gaze fell on her hand and his face darkened. It was then that Alicia noticed all the wounds and slightly dried up bloody streaks that the vampire's sharp nails had caused. It was also then that she realised that those raised welts were somewhat stinging. But she ignored the pain.

"I'm fine." She reassured and immediately smiled at him. "As you can see, they're just little scratche –"

Alicia could not even finish her sentence because Ezekiel had already bent his head and started to lick the blood. She involuntarily stiffened at the damp and slick feel of his incredibly hot tongue gliding against her skin. It was as if every single one of her nerves were at attention and were extremely sensitive to his touch.

Yet she could not bear to open her mouth and tell him to stop. She allowed him to lick up the blood, sighing as if his every lick helped release the coiled-up tension from her shoulders.

But all too soon, he stopped.

"Heal your wounds, Alicia." He said in a low voice.

"But –" Was she not supposed to use any spells? Why was he telling her to do it then?

"I am fine. Now, please…" the plea in his voice prompted Alicia to immediately listen to him. And she speedily recited a healing spell that would take care of all her wounds.

Once her wounds were healed, Alicia surveyed him. A few minutes had already passed and yet, his one eye still remained black. Why was it like that? Was there something wrong with him?

"Ezekiel…" Alicia uttered his name. "Are you really okay, now? You're not going to suddenly weaken again, right?" she was worried as she had cast the spell and must have drawn some of his powers from him.

"I'm fine now, Alicia. That won't happen again." he sounded so reassuring as he said that.

"Why did you choose this place? Didn't we just leave this place?"

"Because no one would think that we'll return here. They would not think that we would come back to a place we had already left."

"I see… but they're going to come at us again very soon, right?"

"Not now. They'll most probably come at us again in the next few days. They need to wait for me to weaken again first." He shook his head as he explained.

Alicia wanted to ask more about this. She had a lot she wanted to ask about. But right now, she did not want to talk about those serious and depressing things. At least not for now. Because she was just so happy to hear that the vampires will not be coming at them for the next few days. That means they would have some time to be together without worrying that their pursuers will suddenly come at them.

"Few days…" Alicia echoed. "After four to five days, they'll come at us again?" she hazarded as guess on the number of that 'few days'.

"Two to three days." He replied.

Alicia bit her lower lip. She was thinking that two to three days were just too little! But… she would take whatever she could get. Even if it was just one more day, she would take it. It was better than nothing at all!

"Ezekiel…" she uttered his name again, looking up at him with an expression of someone who was about to confess. Her hands reached out for his face again, but this time she caressed his cheeks so gently with her thumbs instead of pinching him.

Her heart was drumming up a beat so hard that she knew he could clearly hear it. But Alicia swallowed and her eyes glimmered as she held his eyes, not minding that unusual one eye that could scare anyone.

Then she tiptoed once again and planted a quick kiss on his soft lips before she parted her lips to speak.

"Can you give yourself to me fully during these two to three days of reprieve that we've got? I… I want to have you… I want to love you… even if it's just for a couple of days."