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Chapter 827 Past Life (Part IV)

"Oh Eris, sweetheart…" the old lady hugged her. "Did he say anything to you the last time you saw him?"

"He said he'd definitely return, and I promised him I'd show him my face once he comes back. But…" Eris began to tear up. "It's been a month since the queen has returned from the war in the vampire kingdom. He's supposed to have returned with her, but he has yet to appear. I heard that no one saw him returning with the queen too. And the queen says she didn't know where he is. Grandma… I feel like he'll never return to me again. I feel like I will never see him again." she wept pitifully in her Grandma's embrace and Iryz could only stand there watching as her own heart broke as she listened.

Until Eris and her grandmother slowly disappeared from her sight.

As a tear fell from Iryz's eyes, the room she was in also began to dissolve and fade from her vision. And she started to hear someone calling out her name. But she could barely make it out until the world spun around and the reddish haze swallowed her once again.

"Iryz! Iryz! Are you alright?" Zeres voice was getting louder as he gently shook Iryz. She could hear from the tone that he was concerned for her. She wondered how long she had disappeared and separated from him after she went adventuring on her own.

He did not know what had happened, but they were already sent out of the magic spell abruptly. They were now by the wall and the frame of the painting was back in Iryz's hand.

"Iryz?! Can you hear me?" he called out again, knowing that Iryz was still in daze. Her eyes were still not quite focussed even though her eyes were looking at him. He knew something must have happened to her while he was busy checking on the books at the other side of the shelf.

Thankfully, she finally snapped out of her daze and the confusion had left her eyes.

"Z-zeres?" she asked as she blinked.

"Yes, I'm here. What happened? You found the book, right? That must be why we're already out of the spell." Zeres got excited as he asked her about the book.

Iryz blinked and then she looked around. He was right, they were back in the library inside her house. Her mind and heart were still processing what she had just seen and heard from that past memory of her supposed past self.

"Iryz? Wait, come here." Zeres supported her and led her to a chair and made her sit. "Sit here, I'll go get you a glass of water."

He dashed off and Iryz took that opportunity to process everything that had just happened. Eris was her, right? And that was… her past life, right? It must be as everything seemed to line up so perfectly. Even Eris's face looked identical to hers.

Zeres did not even take long before he had returned with a glass of water. He squatted before her and handed her the glass.

Once Iryz drunk the water and calmed down, she finally looked up at Zeres. This man… he still looked exactly the same compared to the Zeres that she had seen in that memory.

"Is everything alright?" he asked. She could see his eyes brimming with questions, but he seemed to be controlling himself.

"Zeres… can I ask you one thing?" she was hesitant as she fiddled with her fingers nervously.

"Of course, Iryz. You can ask me anything."

She opened her mouth, but she closed it again. Hesitation and doubt and fear was obviously stopping her.

His features gentled. "What is it? Don't be afraid. You can ask me anything, Iryz. I promise I'll try to give you an answer."

Iryz took a deep breath and stared into his unusual silvery eyes.

"Uhm… when you find the book, would you still… come back here?" Iryz asked him.

Her question made him still for a moment. Then his brows knotted slightly before he gave her a reassuring smile.

"I'm not sure why you're asking this kind of question but… I will definitely come back. We have made a deal, right? I don't go back on my words. You still have to draw me naked, remember?" he even smirked a little as he said that last line.

But Iryz did not smile nor laugh at that line. The words 'I will definitely come back' were the only words that seemed to reach her ears and she felt like this was the exact same words he had said to Eris back then in the past. And her heart hurts so bad that she bit on her tongue a little. Because she had already felt that back then, Zeres never returned to Eris and this time, he would not be returning too. That was what her sixth sense was telling her.

Somehow, she thought that it was a given because with this, he would be able to bring his beloved back from the dead and he would of course be together with her from then on.

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She wanted to weep so badly right now. But she somehow held back and did not know how she even managed to do that. She did not know she could be such an accomplished actress until now because she smiled at him instead.

"I've finally found it, Zeres." She said, showing him the frame. The content of the frame had changed from the first time she took it off the wall. And it did not just contain a random page from an old dictionary anymore. The details of the spell were now written clearly on it.

She watched his expression as he looked at the paper inside the frame. He looked so relieved and elated at the same time, as if a knife had been finally pulled out from his heart.

Chapter 828 Goodbye

"I'll have my men stay here to guard you." Zeres said as they both stood outside the bookstore. Though he tried to contain his excitement, Iryz could clearly see his whole body shivering slightly in eagerness in wanting to sprint off and get moving with the spell.

"Oh, there is no need for that." Iryz waved her hands. "I don't think anyone will still come here to cause trouble. What they're looking for is already in your hands, isn't it? And I don't think there's still any other valuable things they need here. Now go. You're in a rush, aren't you?" she knew he was barely holding himself back from flying over to where that lady was. Her heart ached at the thought. Was it just her fate that even in two lifetimes, there was no chance of her and Zeres getting together as a couple?

Zeres stared down at her. Seemingly trying to gauge her every expression. Somehow, he had a feeling that something was a little off with her after they got out of that enchanted space. But he could not focus enough to figure it out yet. His mind was fully focussed on getting the spell going to help Alicia.

Afraid that he would be able to see through her façade, Iryz grabbed him and tried to turn him around and out of the door, so he would finally leave. She did not need his pity.

"Iryz, I –"

"Goodbye, Zeres." She cut him off and gave him a big smile as she let go of him. Then she abruptly turned around to return into her house.

But Zeres' words stopped her just before she could close the door. "I will come back once everything's settled in my end, Iryz. I mean what I said before. I don't go back on my words." He told her seriously. He wanted to reassure her that he would uphold his end of their bargain in getting him to stand as her model for her sketches. He thought that was what she was worrying about.

Iryz stood still at the door for a long while, but she took a deep breath and shook her head.

"No, there is no need to, Zeres. Please don't come back. I'm calling the bargain off because I don't want to draw you anymore." Iryz knew her words were quite harsh. So she softened the blow by flashing him a grin as though she was fine with it. Only she knew in her heart how bitter that grin was.

Zeres's eyes stretched wide, totally taken aback at her words. Then his throat worked. "You're saying I am not welcome here anymore?" he did not know why she had suddenly pulled out of their agreement. Was she not the one who had bugged him incessantly about wanting to draw him in multiple poses? There was an unknown discomfort deep down that he could not quite put into words. Was he feeling bad on not being able to hold his end of the bargain? He was not sure.

"Yes." Iryz replied without any hesitation and his fingers clenched a little into a fist.

"Right. I'm so sorry." His voice softened and the guilt in his expression had returned as he looked at the few visible whip marks that had yet to disappear on her skin. "I've caused you nothing but trouble and..."

"No. That's not it!" Iryz whipped around and looked at him, wide eyed. Her expression was not so composed anymore. "It's just that… just that… I keep falling for you every day even though I know full well that you love someone else!" she blurted out. She could no longer hold it in after seeing his guilty looking face and lowered head. She did not want to see the person she loves now and in her past life being hurt at all – even if it was due to a misunderstanding. She would rather reveal her love for him and embarrass herself than allow him to be hurt.

She gritted her teeth at the realization of what she had just said. But she was quick to gather her composure. The cat is already out of the bag. There was no use in her holding back anymore. She held his gaze courageously and seeing the surprise in them made her heart thud like crazy within her. Those silvery eyes still had so much power to affect her even just by looking at her without speaking. Still, she continued steadily. "I keep wanting you more and more the longer you stay here. So… so don't come back anymore because… I need to stop falling for you now, Zeres. You see…?" she forced out a pained smile. "It's really hard falling for someone who loves someone else… someone who will never return what you feel… I'm afraid I will just hurt myself even more if I continue seeing you. More so now that you are treating me so nicely, that you're no longer ignoring me as you did before. I keep mistaking your kindness for something else even though I know I should not. So…" then she shrugged helplessly, not knowing what else to say.

She wanted so badly to say that he should understand her feelings as he had once experienced how it was loving someone and not being loved back. But she knew she could not. He did not know about her past life and the memory that she had witnessed while in that enchanted space. She would take this secret to the grave with her.

Her smile widened even more as her eyes gleamed with unshed tears. "So this will be goodbye, Zeres. I wish you all the best with your beloved. Live a happy life with her." she wished him sincerely and with her whole heart. No matter how much she was hurting, she just wanted him to be happy and able to be together with the person that he loves.

She flashed her warmest smile before she finally turned around. Her tears silently falling as heavy drops as she shut the door closed behind her. She did not want him seeing her sad and teary face. Let him only remember her happy and smiling face.

Zerez just stood there, utterly stunned while staring at the closed door. He could not quite wrap his head around what he had just heard from Iryz – her confession to him that he had not expected the least.
Chapter 829 Ultimatum

The sun was already setting, but Zeke and Alicia were still on the road.

They had been travelling the entire day and Alicia could no longer help but ask him if everything was alright. No matter how Ezekiel tried to keep his calm, Alicia could feel that something was really wrong.

She had tried to talk to him a few times throughout the day. She had asked about that man who gave them the gun and clothes. Alicia asked if that man was one of his loyal men. But Ezekiel said that it was because that caretaker knew nothing about what he was planning to do, that was why he was still obedient to his orders. He told her that once that vampire caretaker found out about his secret, he too would go against him.

Alicia had thought of starting to ask more questions, not wanting to waste time but Ezekiel had put her to sleep for hours instead.

And now, the sun was already setting.

"Ezekiel… are we there yet? Or are you not stopping because we're being pursued right now?" Alicia finally asked. She had a feeling she had hit the nail on the head. Perhaps, he had changed course again because he knew they were being pursued.

"Yes." He replied and Alicia whipped her head to their rear. There was no car following them, but she realized that they were currently going along a road far from any human settlement.

Her head turned to her side and her heartbeat raced at the thought that their pursuers were running in the woods that ran on both their sides. No matter how fast their car was, if the vampires were already close, they would definitely catch up in no time. Cars could not compete with vampires who were supernatural beings – especially if they were the ones specially sent out to hunt for Ezekiel. Why? Why did he head to such a place where vampires could easily outrun them? If he had headed into the city instead…

Alicia's eyes widened a little at the realization that dawned on her. No. Ezekiel chose to head here because he would never want to risk the vampires being seen by the humans while they chased after them! That was why he could only head here! She could only marvel within herself. Even at this point when they were pursuing him so determinedly, he still kept their wellbeing in his mind and wanted to protect them from being discovered by the humans.

Alicia gripped her gun hard in her hand. She also realized that even if they did head into the populated areas with humans, they might get caught faster due to traffic. And with the way they were being pursued, she was quite sure that the vampires would not bother concealing themselves. They most likely would just reveal themselves just so they could capture both her and Ezekiel. So she realised that Ezekiel's decision was truly the best in the circumstances that they were in.

When she returned her gaze to Ezekiel, she noticed that sweat was beading along his temple. That was… a bad sign. He was not alright. He was definitely not feeling alright! No matter how he masks his exterior, and no matter how he tried to force himself to stay calm just to hide his inner turmoil from her, Alicia could still feel it. The link that existed between them somehow allowed her to sense that from him.

Something was immensely troubling him right now. And she believed it was not purely just the matter of their pursuers.

Suddenly, he slammed his feet on the brakes. The car screeched to a halt by the roadside. Alicia could smell the burned rubber of their tyres skidding on the asphalt. And in the blink of an eye, the vampires appeared, surrounding them on all sides.

Ezekiel pushed the car's door open and pulled Alicia along with him, covering her behind him.

He swept his eyes towards the masked vampires before him. She could feel his whole frame tighten as he stared at them, and they stared back at the both of them.

"Your Highness." One of them spoke. "We need you to let go of the witch. We don't want to take advantage of your current state right now and we don't want to fight against you. So please let go of her." though they were at their highest concentration in surrounding them, they still offered Ezekiel the respect he deserved as the crown prince of the vampires.

Ezekiel did not speak. Alicia could feel his body tensing up, as if he was trying to do something but could not.

"Your Highness… if you don't let go of her in three counts, we will come at you and force her out of your reach." The vampire who spoke earlier who seemed to be the leader gave him an ultimatum.

The atmosphere immediately became heavy and intense from that threat. Alicia could feel it. The vampires were determined to carry out their mission. Whatever it took, they were determined to succeed.

She could not help but tighten her grip on their intertwined hands. Because for some reason, Alicia felt that Ezekiel was acting even more strange right now. Something was terribly wrong, and she could not feel his usual, suffocating power lingering invisibly around him.

It was like Ezekiel's demonic power had left him. Why? What had happened? Had Ezekiel weakened even more throughout their trip?

Alicia held her gun tightly. Her heartbeat was racing even faster. Harder.

And the vampires came at them the next time she blinked.

Ezekiel pulled her tightly into his embrace, protecting her with his body. As if he was making sure that no one could snatch her from his hands.

Alicia felt his heartbeat thudding damned hard within his chest. And it was then that she realized Ezekiel was… he suddenly felt so weak… his breathing was already so shallow, and his body was… he felt as though all his strength had left him.

Shock and disbelief flooded her entire being for a moment. Was this a bad dream? How could Ezekiel be reduced to this state? What had happened? Could it be that his hunger had finally gotten the better of him? It had been a while since he had drunk blood.

The next thing she knew, a hit landed on him, and they both fell to the ground. Ezekiel was on his knees, but he still could remember to cover her with his body. His breathing was scarily uneven.

"Ezekiel… you…" Alicia could no longer stop herself from having an all-out panic attack about him.

"We need to separate them now!" A male voice thundered. "Pull her off him now!"
 Chapter 830 Roughly

The sound of a gunshot echod within the surroundings and the vampire who was approaching her fell to the ground. His leg had been shot.

"F*ck! I can't believe this witch has a gun on her!" the vampire groaned. "Everyone, be careful!"

"And I can't believe His Highness fell just like that! What happened to him?!" it was as though pandemonium had broken out.

"I never thought I'd ever see His Highness reduced to this state in my entire lifetime! Like ever. It's even hard to accept that this is him! What did this witch do to him?! She must have sucked up all his strength and power for him to be reduced into such state!" some of the vampires snarled and raged as they stared furiously at Alicia. Their eyes were clearly blaming her for the weakening of their crown prince to this state that he was in right now. Rage and hate were directed at her in abundance.

And Alicia never thought that such words would be enough to affect her. When she fired the gun, Alicia felt that she had to push Ezekiel's big body off her a little so she could get a proper aim at the approaching vampire.

Since he turned her into her physical form, Alicia had never once managed to push Ezekiel off her. Her body was so weak to even manage to do that. And yet, right now, she had managed to push his heavy body and fire the gun with precision. She realized that her strength seemed to have returned. Why? How could that even happen? Could it be that these vampires were saying the truth? That she had actually used up Ezekiel's power and reduced him to this state? Her heart started to wither as the thought crossed her mind. No! Let that not be the case! She would rather die than allow her beloved person to suffer through this.

"Right. She must have drained His Highness' powers dry to stay in her physical form! We need to get her off him! I'm afraid this damned witch will end up killing His Highness!" the vampires around them were shouting out in agitation.

"Grab her now while His Highness can't fight! This is the only chance we have!"

Alicia lifted her hand and fired the gun again. But the vampires did not budge this time and still approached, effectively dodging the bullets with their inhuman speed.

Gritting her teeth, Alicia tried her best to stay calm. This gun was not helping! She so badly wanted to utter a spell this instant, but she was afraid. She remembered what Ezekiel had said when he gave her the gun, that he forbade her to use her magic because she would only draw out more power from him.

And now, after what she heard from those vampires and feeling and seeing Ezekiel's situation, Alicia was terrified. The fear that she might have made his state even worse if she used magic gripped her entire being so hard. What was she to do now?!

She sent another shot at the vampire but right after that, the gun was kicked out of her hand. Her hand went numb at the impact of someone's shoes.

Then someone reached out to grab her shoulder, meaning to yank her away from Ezekiel's arms. Alicia could only shut her eyes tightly and increased her grip on Ezekiel. What should she do? Think Alicia! Please!

A sound of cracking bones right behind her echoed in her ears and her eyes flew wide open.

Zeke had grabbed the offending vampire's hand an inch before he could touch Alicia and twisted it, causing the vampire to scream out in pain as his hand was now bent at an impossible angle. For sure, his hand was broken through.

Zeke's eyes were bloodshot as he peered through his tussled dark hair that was damp with sweat. "Who allowed you to attempt to touch my woman?" Zeke growled. "Touch her and you'll die."

Alicia was paralyzed at what she had just heard.

The vampires were shocked and could not move for a long while even after Zeke let go of the vampire's hand.

But then, that male's voice thundered out once again.

"Don't falter! Seize her and get her off him!" they were adamant on wanting to remove her from their prince.

And the vampires came at them all at once.

"Dare to do that and I will kill every single one of you, I swear!!!" Ezekiel growled once again but the vampires were determined to carry out their mission successfully. Even as they shuddered at the prince's warning, they just gritted their teeth and did not dare back off.

They grabbed onto Ezekiel's arm to peel his hold off of her.

"Damn it! He's not budging!" one vampire groaned.

"Force him to let go! Now!" the leader barked out.

Someone hit Zeke from behind and he groaned. Still, his hold on her did not loosen one bit. They did not stop trying to wrench Alicia out of his hold. They came at Zeke on all sides until he started to bleed but Alicia never received any hit at all. She was perfectly protected by Ezekiel in the midst of this chaos.

Alicia was trembling. She was biting her lips so damned hard to stop herself from uttering a spell. She could not take this anymore. She planned to teleport, but what if she ended up taking too much strength form Ezekiel by doing that? She did not have any weapons on her. And the gun that Ezekiel had given her had been disarmed by the vampire earlier. She can try to fight, but once she was released from Ezekiel's grip now, all they had to do was pull on her and that was enough to sever their physical contact.

"Ezekiel…" she could only whisper out his name helplessly.

Until a strong blow hit him. Alicia knew how strong it was because she had felt the strong impact even though she was not the one they hit. Even though she was in the protective embrace of his arms.

They took that opportunity to grab her and the next thing she knew, she was being pulled out from Ezekiel's embrace.

The world seemed to move in slow motion as she watched her hand slowly being forcefully separated from Ezekiel's as the vampires pulled her roughly away from him.