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 Chapter 824 Past Life (Part I)

Iryz and Zeres stayed focused on their task the entire time. Both of them were anxious and wanted so badly to find that elusive mysterious book. Neither of them spoke to the other even when more than an hour had already passed within the space.

Yet, the book was still nowhere to be found. How unfortunate, Iryz thought.

Shutting her eyes closed, Iryz tried to recall that dream again. She thought that if she could just remember more details of how her dream had gone, she could identify where it was in this space. But just as she was trying to concentrate, something seemed to be pulling at her attention and distracting her from recalling her dream.

And before she knew it, she found herself staring at something that looked like an ancient mirror. Wait… where did this mirror come from? However, as she focussed more, she realized it was not even a mirror in the first place because she was seeing not her own reflection on it but something else entirely.

It seemed to be a boy who was dressed completely in black. The lower part of his face was covered in black as well that the only part of him that was not covered was his eyes.

Iryz was immediately drawn to his eyes as she noticed that they were… just like hers. Forest green. There were not many humans who had pure forest green eyes like her. What is this then? A painting? Who could this boy be? She had been so drawn that she did not realise she had already walked over and was standing right in front of the painting.

Reaching out, Iryz absentmindedly touched the painting. But the moment her fingers touched it, a reddish haze from the painting – not unlike the one from earlier – suddenly appeared and surrounded her.

And she found herself being transported somewhere else again. Oh no, was she inside another magical illusion again?! An illusion within an illusion?! Just thinking about the possibility caused Iryz's head to spin.


Iryz was about to panic but the realization that it was not a dark room this time made her feel extremely relieved.

She calmed her breathing and looked around. It was then that she noticed she was in a forest this time. It was dark, but the moonlight above was shining and shimmering bright. What was all this about, this time?

She really hoped this could lead her to that mysterious book they had been looking for and not just another distraction.

A soft rustle of dried leaves pulled at her attention. When she turned to the direction of the soft noise that seemed to be made by a small animal, her eyes widened. She saw the boy in the mirror-like thing from a while ago. Was he real?!

He seemed to have just arrived. Looking at him while he was moving made Iryz think of one thing and that was the boy looked like an assassin from the ancient times. He definitely gave off that image and aura. If she would ever draw an assassin character in her story in the future, she would definitely use this boy's image as her inspiration! Wait! What the hell was she thinking of at this moment?! Ugh! And wait… why does it seem as though he could not see her? Was she just watching some recorded memories just like how witches watch over someone else's memories?

"It's rare for you to be late, Eris. Is everything alright?" A voice echoed out. It was not from the boy and somehow Iryz felt as though this voice… it sounded very familiar to her!

Iryz whipped towards the direction and her mouth dropped. Z-zerez?! That was a long-haired version of Zeres that she was looking at. What in the world was going on in here?! Why was she seeing Zeres in someone else's memories? And judging by the clothes he had on him, this must be from a long time ago!

"Yes." The boy named Eris said. She noticed his voice seemed familiar as well. "How about you? You're pretty early. Did you and the girl you like in the Black Dragon's Hills fought or something?"

The long-haired Zeres looked away and winced. "No, but… kind of. She's with that little vampire right now." his voice sounded so displeased and jealous.

"You can go back and check on her, I can hold this post by myself." Eris offered generously but Zeres shook his head.

"Vampires might come and attack us any time. There are elite vampires in the area this afternoon." Zeres sounded so distracted. It was obvious he badly wanted to go and take up on Eris' offer.

"Were they the vampires who are looking for a vampire prince named Alexander?" Eris asked and Zeres nodded. "You're wounded, aren't you?"

Zeres gave out a long and tired sigh. "I'm fine. Abigail had already treated my wounds… hey, Eris…" he leaned against the tree trunk as he looked at the younger man.


"Have you… ever fallen in love?" Zeres' question was very soft, but the other man heard it clearly.

There was a long silence and Iryz who was still confused about this random piece of memory found herself holding her breath as she tried to understand what was going on and what the hell was this conversation she somehow ended up witnessing.

"I do." The boy said.

Zeres craned his head. His eyes were opened wider than usual after hearing Eris' reply. "Really? That's a surprise. You've been with me for a few years now and you haven't said anything to me about this."

"The person I fell in love with loves someone else." He replied in a heavy and sad tone and Zeres became quiet before he threw his head back and stared up the dark skies that was littered with twinkling stars.

"I know I'm just a comrade to that person." Eris added wryly. "And yet my feelings still keep growing by the day. How silly of me…" then he sighed out heavily.
Chapter 825 Past Life (Part II)

Zeres shot him a kind gaze before he looked up. Then he smiled. A sad smile. "That must really sting. Abigail said I'm important to her but… I kind of feel like she'll forever see me only as a friend. And yet… I cannot seem to give up and keep hoping that one day, she'll see me as a man and not only as her friend." He glanced at Eris next. "Does the person you like already have a lover?"

Eris shook his head. "Not yet."

"I see… then don't give up. One day, that person might look at you. And return your feelings." Zeres encouraged Eris.

"I… hope so…" though Eris said that, Iryz thought that his tone somehow did not sound hopeful.

"By the way. When will you take that mask off and show your face to me? I can't believe we've been partners for three years and you've yet to show me your face." Zeres approached her and reached out for his mask. Zeres' movement was swift, but Eris's response was even swifter as he stepped back. Zeres missed the mask by centimetres.

Zeres halted. His hand was left hanging mid-air.

"I'm sorry." Eris said and he sighed.

"Are you really planning to hide your face from me forever?" Zeres arched his brow.


"Then when will show your face?"

"One day." Eris' reply was short and did not offer anything more.

"Fine." Zeres seemed to have finally given in. At least for now. "You're one hell of a secretive witch, you know that Eris?" He sighed again before he returned to his post.

Iryz did not even know what to think or say at this point. She could not understand what all this was about. Was she seeing just random memories of Zeres' in the past? But why? Why was she seeing this? Was there any meaning for her to view this?

And this boy. Iryz could not seem to take her attention off him. Was it because his eyes looked like hers?

A bit frustrated, Iryz finally moved from her spot and approached the boy. Maybe she could try to talk to him? Wait, should she not go for Zeres instead?

When she changed her course, the sun suddenly rose. It was as if time had been flash forwarded within a blink of an eye.

Then Iryz saw Zeres left. She stayed with the boy waiting for what he would do next.

After a long while, the boy named Eris began to move as well. He was following after Zeres in secret! Just who was this boy?

Before she knew it, they had arrived in another place. She could see ranges of rocky mountains ahead of them. The mountains were so black that they looked like they were made of pitch black crystals. She could also see a small wooden house situated near a stream at the foot of the mountain.

They watched from a distance as Zeres entered the wooden house. The boy was quiet as he looked absentmindedly towards that house.

Iryz did not know why but she felt her heart ache for this boy. Maybe because the look in his eyes right now looked really heart breaking. She saw his fists clenching hard. Was the person this boy was talking about – the person that he loves but loved someone else – Zeres? Iryz placed her mouth onto her palms as she gasped, and her eyes widened.

The next moment, they were in another place again.

They were inside a house this time. A house made of wood and stone. One glance and Iryz knew that this was another ancient house. Was this the boy's house? But wait. Why was she stuck with this boy instead of Zeres? If she was supposed to follow someone who she had an attachment to, was it not Zeres? How did she end up being stuck to this boy? It was like the memories she was seeing was not actually Zeres' but this boy's! But why? And the book! Gosh! She really did not have the time to watch all these memories if they could not give her a hint of the location of the bo –

Iryz was silenced because of the realization that just dawned to her. This house… this shelf… this was the place that Zeres and her were at just a moment ago, right?! Wait… so why was this place here now?

She was certain this was the same place! Apart from the fact that the shelf was not all packed with books and was not looking as elegant as the first time she saw it with Zeres, she could swear that it was the exact same place! Could this be the real picture of that illusion? Maybe the real books were the ones left in here!

Iryz was about to immediately begin looking for the book when she got distracted by the mirror that was hanging to the side. It was the same mirror she had seen in that room earlier. 'I knew it! I remembered seeing a mirror. I was not crazy! Phew!' Iryz thought to herself as she laughed inwardly.

But then, the boy approached it and stood before the mirror. And when he took his mask off, Iryz stood there, paralyzed. Because the reflection of the boy in the mirror looked exactly like her! What is the meaning of this?! What is going on?!

He stared at the face reflected in the mirror for a moment before he began taking his clothes off. And Iryz was dumbfounded once again as she saw him remove the bandages that was wound multiple times around his chest. He was not a boy! This Eris person is a girl! This person who looked exactly like her had been disguising as a boy. And it seemed she had been keeping up this disguise in front of Zeres for three whole years!

As Iryz was trying to take all this in, she had a feeling that things would not turn out as simple as it was. She had that sinking feeling that there was more to things that met the eyes. Her heartbeat raced and she felt her head spin as she tried to make sense of what was going on in here.
Chapter 826 Past Life (Part III) Pixels

"I can't show you my face because then, you would find out that I am a girl. And once that happens, I couldn't possibly be next to you anymore." Eris said as she talked to herself in the mirror. A lone tear fell from the corner of her eyes, but she quickly wiped it away as though she did not even want the mirror to be witness to her weakness. "Ah, why am I crying? Is it because I feel like that what you have been talking about – the day when the person I like will look at me too – will never happen?"

Eris looked at herself in the mirror and took a deep breath. "I know… I always feel like he will never be mine in this lifetime. But that's alright. Maybe I can have him in another lifetime, right?" a sad and wilted smile wavered over her small face.

Iryz could not believe what she was seeing and hearing. What was Eris? Was she actually her? Could she be Eris's reincarnation?

She had heard from her grandmother a lot about the topic of reincarnation. Diana always told her that even if one dies, they will have the chance to be reborn again. It seems that there was this wheel of reincarnation that all souls of the dead would be drawn into for that to happen. And aside from her grandmother's words, Iryz had also read about reincarnation in many books she had found in the library in her own home. Does this mean that she was seeing her past life?!

Her heartbeat kept drumming fast and hard within her ribcage. This was the only explanation she could think of. This was the only explanation that made sense! What else would explain why she was seeing this piece of memory? How would it have anything to do with her if she was not Eris's reincarnation?

For some reason, she could not bring herself to believe that this was nothing but a dream or a fake illusion. No matter how much she tried to tell herself, a part of her refuse to calm down and listen to her common sense that was trying to rationalise things out. Maybe because with all the things that she had been experiencing and seeing in the past few days since Zeres came, it does not feel that unbelievable anymore for all these things to actually be considered real. It was like for her, the lines between reality and fantasy had already been blurred.

But the more she began to accept that Eris was her past self, the more ache she began to feel for the girl. She knew that Zeres was an ancient being. This meant that she was in love with Zeres even in her past life as well? And just like how things were going on now, Zeres was… he was in love with someone else and all she could do was hope that he would turn around to look at her.

Iryz's throat stung so badly as she looked at Eris in the mirror. She looked so sad standing there alone. And to think that she had been disguising as a boy for years to… just so that she could be with him. That was just… so sad and unfair!

"You're crying again?" A voice echoed out suddenly. Iryz jumped in shock as there had been no one else there. As she scanned around, she saw a little to the left, there was a dark silhouette that was approaching Eris. That voice belonged to an elderly witch.

"I'm not crying, grandma." Eris replied.

"Yes, you are, sweetheart." The old lady sighed out tiredly. It seemed that the elderly witch was used to seeing Eris cry like this before. "I think it's time for you to stop disguising yourself like that. You're not making things any better for yourself."

"But if I stop, I won't be able to see him again, grandma! I will be stuck with the rest of my peers learning about spells and everything so basic when all I want is to get out there, learn how to fight and do more adventurous things."

"Are you sure you really want that? Or is this all because of that person you like?"

"Grandma I… he saved me. I would've long been dead in the hands of those vampires if he had not saved me. So I'm trying to stay by his side because he's a silver-haired witch and the Queen does not even care about him. Everyone is trying to protect the queen, but she doesn't even give her own son a guard despite knowing that vampires are after him too."

"So you are volunteering to act as his bodyguard instead, am I right?" Eris's grandma questioned.

Eris was silenced. "I am just returning a favour. And he's a good friend to me until now, grandmother. I've enjoyed all the nights I've spent together with him. Even if it was just only accompanying him as a friend."

The old lady sighed. "Alright, I won't nag you about this anymore. However, I am still hoping that you'd stop all these disguises before it's too late."

Once the old lady left the room, Iryz fixed her gaze on Eris. It was then that she realized that there were scars all over her slim body. There was also a huge scary scar on her abdomen, her shoulder and her left thigh. Iryz felt her heart squeeze tight just by looking at them. Those must have hurt so much when Eris was still wounded. She wondered how she got all those awful scars.

And time seemed to flash forward once again. Judging from the changes in Eris' appearance including the length of her hair that was really short during the first time she saw her, it seemed that a long time has already passed as her hair now was longer and gone way past her midback. She even seemed to have matured a little.

"What's wrong Eris? You didn't get to see him again tonight as well?" her grandma asked in a kind voice.

Eris nodded, her face looking down gloomily. "Grandma… I think I won't be able to see him again."