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Chapter 821 Eat with me

Are you hungry?" she heard him ask in a gentle voice. She still couldn't quite get use to all that gentleness. Just hearing it made her think that she was hallucinating if not for the fact that she was hearing him say it with her own two ears.

Iryz shook her head immediately. "I'll eat later. Not feeling that hungry yet."

Another silence passed but Iryz still kept her face buried into her palms, not wanting to face him directly.

"Iryz…" he spoke. "I've brought the special ointment with me."


"Yes. The one I told you I'll get from Lilith."

Iryz slowly dropped her hands and looked up at him. There was a small smile on his face as he showed her a small jar in his hand. Was this the ointment that he had told her could remove the scars from her torture?

"Is this why you were gone when I woke up?" Iryz asked him, not fully believing that he would go to such lengths and take up so much of his precious time to be running around getting things for her. But seeing that little tub of ointment sitting on his outstretched palm, she could only believe the unbelievable for her.

He nodded. "I've met up with Lilith's trusted subordinate a while ago." He opened the jar and Iryz could smell the aromatic scent wafting over to where she was. Its smell was soothing.

Silently, Zeres used his forefinger to scoop the gel like ointment and held it out to her. "May I?" he asked a little hesitantly and Irys nodded, allowing her eyes to slowly drift close.

Soon, she felt his fingers touching the wound on her face as he slowly and carefully applied the ointment to it. And despite the heavy thuds of her heart, Iryz was not willing to stop him and take the ointment from him so she could do the task herself.

That was until his finger reached down to her collarbones. Iryz opened her eyes and stared at him. He was squatting before her, looking ever so focused as though he was carrying out an incredibly important job. Something that requires his undivided attention.

Iryz could not help but press her lips tight together. He was right here, just doing his task seriously, yet here she was, feeling all these kind of emotions as he touched her. She took in another quiet breath. She really needed to stop whatever she was thinking right now. She also really needed to stop him now, for her sake as much as for him.

But before she could say or do anything, she felt his finger stop. Looking down, she saw that it had stopped near her cleavage.

When he lifted his gaze, their eyes met. Iryz forgot to breathe once again because, gosh… his extremely good-looking face was just too close and… and…

"I'm sorry." He quickly said, his hand now lifting away, as if a policeman had just yelled at him the words 'hands up'.

He cleared his throat and stood up awkwardly. "I… I'll ask a female nurse to help you with this." he said, rubbing the back of his neck before he turned and left the room without waiting for her answer.

Iryz could only bury her face into her palms again, groaning out loud at how awkward the situation had become just now.

While the nurse that was called to come and assist her was spreading the ointment all over her back, Iryz was sketching on her sketchpad the entire time. She had done that to distract herself from thinking about Zeres but when the nurse told her that she was done, Iryz quickly shut her sketchpad at the realization that… she had drawn a picture of her and Zeres while he was putting on ointment for her at the wound on her collar bones. Oh, damn it, Iryz!

"Let's help you get dressed now, Miss." The nurse said and she could only nod helplessly.

Once they stepped out of the bedroom, Iryz was surprised to see that there were a lot of books stacked up all around in the luxurious living room. When she saw Zeres on the couch busily flipping the pages of an extremely thick book, Iryz stilled in her movements. Her eyes scanned over his serious face as he pored over the contents of the book only served to remind Iryz about Zeres' main and only goal all these while when he was with her.

He lifted his face and upon sensing her presence there, he put the book down and approached her.

"Your meal is ready," he said and offered her his hand to aid her in walking to the kitchen.

Iryz held onto him even though her mind kept telling her not to, and once he settled her in the kitchen, he removed the covers of the food on the table. "I couldn't find Lucas to come and cook for you, so this meal might not be as good as his dish." Zeres casually said.

"It's fine. I'm not really picky with my food." Iryz replied, smiling. She was already very thankful that someone was even willing to help prepare food for her to eat. Thus, there truly was no complaint on her part on whether the food was great or just ordinary. Zeres had already told her about Lucas quite a few times already when he had brought food over for her. "You should eat too, Zeres. I'll gain more appetite if you eat with me." She offered him to join her sincerely.

He stared at her. But then he nodded and started eating too.

A while later, Iryz peeked over at him.

"Zeres," she called out softly and he lifted his gaze to her. "Uhm… I think I know where that book is. You know… the one you've been searching for."

Her words were followed by a long silence until Zeres' fork made a soft sound against his plate.

"I'm fine now. So I think you can let me go back to my house now so we could go look for it. I'm certain, the book must be –" she was rambling on, not looking at his face nor realising there was something off with his expression.

"Iryz…" he cut her off. His expression was not looking anything like what she was expecting at all. Iryz thought that he was going to jump up and down in excitement and gladness. So what was with his expression right now? "You knew something about its whereabouts?"

Chapter 822 All good things

"I… I dreamt about it that night before I got kidnapped. I was so excited and wanted to tell you about it. But you left and…" her words slowed down after that. Zeres saw that her face contorted a little and he knew it was due to her remembering the suffering that she endured during her torture.

His expression grew darker. Then he rose, bracing his hands against the table.

"So this must be the reason why that vampire tortured you to the extreme like that. Because he knew you had already known something about it and he wanted you to spit it out…" he said, his voice filled with disbelief.

Iryz did not understand what was with him again right now. Why was he standing there throwing a fit? Should he not be rejoicing with this information?!

"Why?" his voice cracked a little as he dipped his head down, seemingly unable to look at her face. "Why didn't you just say it out, Iryz? If you've just revealed the information, he wouldn't have tortured you to the extreme. Why did you choose to be tortured like that instead of just telling –"

"Because I don't want to!" Iryz yelled out in frustration. She could no longer take it. Why? How could he ask her that? How could she like this man so much when he was such a frustrating little… little moron! "Because I don't want anyone else to find it but you, Zeres! You… you've been looking for it like crazy! You don't even sleep or eat because of it! How could I let a bad stranger have it when you were the one who had been so desperately looking for it?!" she released all her pent up frustration and confusion and it blew up. She was not sure why she was feeling such a mixture of jumbled and chaotic emotions too.

He looked incredibly shocked as he stared back at her. At the way she had just blew up with his one question. Iryz's emotion was so all over the place right now. No one could make Iryz this emotional other than this man!

She threw him a pained glare and stood up abruptly, but just as she spun around to storm out of the kitchen, she was yanked back and got buried in someone's embrace, Zeres' embrace. W-what? Why was he…

"You little screwball." He uttered as his grip on her tightened.

Iryz was still shocked at his action but she somehow managed to retort. "You're the screwball between us. I don't understand why you look mad at what I've done. I only did the right thing."

"But it cost you this, Iryz." His voice sounded incredibly sad again that Iryz's heart just melted and had no choice but to calm down. "You don't… you don't owe me anything… you shouldn't have suffered like that just because... just because… of me. Gods… what should I do with you? I don't know what to do with you. I never want you to get hurt like this. You do not deserve to get hurt like this… No. You should not even have gotten hurt at all." His words come out, tumbling one over another as Iryz heard him saying it. His tone apologetic and regretful.

She understood the pain in his voice. The regrets and there were also other emotions she could not possibly tell. This man just kept making her angry and then melting her into a puddle the very next second.

"I did that out of my own free will, Zeres. You didn't ask me to do so. So there is nothing for you to be sorry for." She finally replied, not knowing how else she could console the man.

"I know. But please… don't do that ever again." his voice turned into whispers. "Please, Iryz. No, something like that must never happen again. Never again…" as he spoke, he shook his head.

And Iryz's grip on him tightened. Her heart ached. Because she knew that what he mentioned would eventually come true. Never again would that happen. Because once they found the book, he would forever be gone from her life. And she would return to her mundane life. That peaceful, ordinary life of hers before this beautiful creature appeared and shook up her entire world.

She wondered how she would cope with all this once everything was over. She had imagined it would be hard because even now, she had no intention of wanting this hug to end. Unfortunately, as all good things, it all would come to an end.

Later that morning, the duo was finally back at Iryz's house.

Iryz found out then that her entire house was heavily guarded. Men in black were all over the library.

"I've made sure no one could come and ransack your place while we're not here." Zeres explained the situation to her.

It was understandable, because it was clear now that they were not the only ones who were looking for the book.

Iryz took a deep breath and they both headed to that particular spot she had seen in her dream. The old painting was hanging on the wall. Iryz had never paid attention to these paintings because they were just torn pages of some books. She had check on them before and there had not seem to be anything important in them. One painting that was hanging lower where one did not need to take it down to read was the one she had seen in her dream.

She had dusted this painting many times before but for some reason she had never took it off the wall. She wondered why. She had seen others touch and took it off the wall though, and nothing seemed to have happened. So how come it suddenly became different for her now?

Taking another breath, Iryz reached out and finally touched it. When she began to lift it off the wall, a reddish haze suddenly enveloped her.


Chapter 823 Illusion

The wall that had initially been like any other wall – solid and real – somehow seem to suddenly dissolve right before her eyes. And in the blink of an eye, Iryz was swallowed by it. Zeres had been holding her arm the whole time to support her as he still thought she was not fully recovered. Therefore, the both of them ended up getting swallowed by the wall.

The next thing they knew, they were already inside another room. It was so dark that Iryz could not see anything around her. Then that cursed room where she got tortured in flashed in her mind out of nowhere. That had caused her to start panting and trembling as she felt herself fall into the beginnings of a panic attack.

"Iryz," she suddenly heard someone's voice calling out to her. Zeres? She was not alone!

Suddenly, there was light. Beside her, she could see Zeres who was still holding onto her arm and looking at her with worry in his eyes. "I'm here. It's okay, it's okay…" he added in a soothing voice. "Look… this room safe and I'm right here with you."

The gentle look in his eyes seemed to work like magic, erasing all the haunting images in her mind and reducing the crazy beat of her heart. Iryz took a number of deep breaths until her breathing finally stabilized.

"Thank you. I'm… fine now. Where… are we?" she forced herself to quickly focus on something else because she was about to jump on him just now and bury herself in his embrace. He had no idea that his presence and touch on her had such a magnetic draw and almost caused her to embarrass them both.

She tore her gaze from Zeres and quickly looked around. There were old candelabras that were now lit up all around the room. As her eyes swept the space, she noticed that it was not that small. The long shelf in the middle that divided the room looked very old and everything inside was even older than everything in her old house. If she did not know better, she would have thought that they were visiting an antique museum.

"Did you just magic in the candle lights?" Iryz asked, blinking, as she still could not quite believe that there was a secret room like this in her house. But… was this place even a part of her house? She knew the exact size of her house and she knew that it was impossible for a secret room this large to exist inside no matter how hidden it was.

Zeres just gave her a nod. "Can you stand properly now?"

"Oh, yes. Thanks." Iryz pulled a step away from him, but Zeres still did not let go of her arm as she thought he would. It was as if he was expecting her to wobble. "I'm really fine now." she smiled reassuringly at him, and he finally let go.

"Is this the place in your dream?" he then asked as the two of them examined the room further. They both looked behind them and found out that the wall was made of bricks.

"I think yes." Iryz replied, sighing. She was not expecting another library to welcome them. Were they going to have to search through all these again? She was expecting to find the book immediately.

"I believe this place is created by magic. I can somehow sense that everything inside is just a magic façade… except perhaps for the real thing that we are looking for." Zeres said as they walked across the shelf slowly. Their eyes were looking around, looking for a hint of where the mysterious book might be.

"So we need to find the real thing among the masses of these illusions?" Iryz asked Zeres. Her eyes a little wide with incredulity.

Zeres nodded. "And we should make haste. Because we can't get out of here if we do not find the book."

"What?!!" Iryz exclaimed loudly before she swallowed. She quickly looked around and tried to estimate how many books were there that they needed to go through. Her anxiousness started to return as she realised that there were many!

"It's alright. We'll definitely find it." Zeres did his best to sound calm and reassuring. He was actually a bit troubled. This magic that had been cast was not a simple enchantment. It was actually a very high-level spell that could trap anyone to death. It was not something just anyone could escape from. Zeres could of course escape from this if it was just himself being trapped. But with Iryz, he did not want to risk her. Especially not when she had barely recovered from her earlier injuries.

So their only choice was to find the book as quickly as possible. Because Zeres also knew that time in this kind of spell was not an illusion. That means, they could not stay in this place here for long because Iryz would still need to eat and drink. Not to mention that she was in a bad condition and was still recovering right now. He must have her out of this magical space before she starts to even get thirsty or hungry. He could not allow her to starve here.

"I think we should split up and search, Zeres." Iryz suggested. "You check over here. And I'll go check the other side." Iryz thought that using a divide and conquer method, that would be the most efficient.

She was already walking away as she said that, so Zeres did not stop her anymore. And she was right. It was better for them to split their search areas if they wanted this to be over soon.

"Remember not to overexert yourself. Don't forget you're still recovering. Call me if you can't reach –"

"Yes, sir!" her playful voice echoed loudly before Zeres could even finish his sentence.

When she was out of his sight, a small smile curved on his face as he shook his head a little.