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 Chapter 818 So are you

In fact, sleeping was a kind of a hell for him. Whenever he sleeps, his past haunts him to no end. And for the last hundreds of years, nothing had ever chased those nightmares away. Nothing could. But the presence of this woman miraculously did. She chased his nightmares away just by hugging him while sleeping. For the first time after so long, he had finally experienced what peace felt like again. What it was like to sleep without nightmares.

It was maddening to him at how all these things just happened to him now of all times. It was like everything was coming at him from all sides, trying to defeat him and drive him to his knees. Now he knew. Now he knew what it was like…

He dozed off while sitting there staring at her. The nightmares came but this time it was a little different from the usual repetitive nightmares he had been having for the last hundreds of years. He saw his father smiling at him, no, the b**tard was smirking at him. 'So? How was it my son?' he asked in taunting voice.

And Ezekiel could only look at him helplessly with rage and hatred coursing through his veins. 'Just give in. You can't fight it, Ezekiel. It is impossible. You will lose in the end. So why bother fighting it?'

'Shut your mouth up!' he growled out, and his father barked out in laughter.

'Save yourself from all the futile fighting and resisting, Ezekiel. It's time for you to breathe and give in to what you desire. Follow your heart for once. Choose what you truly want and throw your brother away. It can't be helped if he suffers and rot in that dungeon forever.'

'I said shut your f*cking mouth!!!' he attacked that man he once called his father, but he could not touch him at all. 'I won't be like you! I won't throw away anyone important like what you did! I will keep my promise no matter what!'

'Then what about her? The woman that you desire so terribly? Are you not throwing her away by not choosing her? Poor her, poor poor Alicia.' His father tsked and shook his head at Ezekiel.

'I'll kill you!!! Don't f*cking mention her name with that filthy mouth of yours! I'm gonna kill you many times over!!!' he roared out.

Then he woke up, gasping, sweating and…

"Al… Alicia? How… how come you're awake?" he asked, giving everything he had to gather his composure as he looked over at her, who was already kneeling before him and cupping his face.

"I… I don't know I just…" her lips began to tremble. Her fingers on his face were also trembling. "I just…"

"You saw it… my nightmare." He said flatly after seeing her wide eyes. And at the mention of that, her tears fell, and her trembling worsened.

"I'm… sorry. I…" Their connection had allowed Alicia once again to peek into his thoughts, and this time she had shared in his nightmare.

He leaned back against the headboard and laughed sardonically as he ran his fingers through
his dishevelled hair and tugged at them. Hard. As though he wished the pain to be able to negate all that had happened.

Alicia watched him abuse himself, not knowing how to respond for the moment. All she could hear was a crackling sound in her ears… that must be her heart that was breaking into pieces.

A curse rumbled from his mouth after his laughter died down. "I am sorry that you have to keep seeing how f***ed up I truly am, Alicia. I never… wanted you to see all these… I –" he was falling all over his words. Another rare thing for Alicia to witness.

She hugged him. Her arms wrapped around and pulled his head to bury it in her bosom, sniffling from her crying.

"You're not f***ed up…" she whispered between her sobs, "they were the ones to f*** you up, Ezekiel. Your father… he's the f***ed up one so don't you go listening to him."

She pulled away, cupping his face as she stared straight into his eyes. "Listen to me…" she added, hiccupping, "keeping your promise to free your brother doesn't mean that you're throwing me away, alright? Not choosing me never meant that you're throwing me away. You clearly know that right? You never made a promise to stay with me forever or choose me, Ezekiel. And I never wanted you to sacrifice anything… no I never wanted that… I would hate it if you broke your promise and let your brother suffer forever. I would hate it so much… so don't you dare listen to that man. Do you hear me? Ezekiel?" Alicia spoke with conviction as her eyes bored into his, willing him to understand that she was serious and telling the truth.

He just stared back at her for a long while before he lifted his hand and wiped away her tears. She had not noticed she was crying. "How many times have I made you cry already?" his wan smile caused her heart to squeeze painfully.

"Don't change the topic. Did you hear what I said?"

A pained but gentle smile curved over his handsome face before he started kissing away her tears. "You really… deserve someone much better than me, Alicia. I want to beat myself up for letting you encounter and get mixed up with someone like myself."

She pinched his cheeks again. But this time with a little more force than preciously. "Stop saying such nonsense, Ezekiel! And –"

"I know…" he cut her off then he buried his head into her chest again. "But I always know you're too good for someone like me to desire, Alicia –" his voice came out slightly muffled, but she heard it clearly.

"And so are you, Ezekiel." she pressed her forehead against his. "The more I know about you, the more I realize you are someone who deserve all the love one could ever offer. Do you know what I am thinking right now?" she pulled away and gazed at his eyes, "since it's impossible for me to have you here in this world, I want to follow you to hell. That way… I can love you there forever."


 Chapter 819 Switch

Her heartbeat thudded crazily within her the moment she processed what her mouth had just seemingly blurted out on its own. They held each other's gazes and noticed that both of them probably had the same look in their eyes.

But Alicia was the first to snap out from that trance they were caught in. She had already realised she had been falling deeper and deeper for Ezekiel every moment that she spent with this man. Even though she had already admitted to herself of her desire for him, she still had never used that word, until now.

She had never thought that it would actually slip from her tongue. But there it goes. It rolled out so naturally from her lips before she could even realize it. But it was not too much of a shock anymore – not for her at least. She had already felt that her feelings for him now had developed to a point that was much more than just simple lust, more than just plain desire. It was something which was stronger than that, something much more powerful.

There were no other words that could sum up and explain sufficiently what she was truly feeling for him now other than that word. She had fallen in love with him in such a short time that they had spent together. But did all this truly just begun since he touched her a few days ago? She could not help but wonder if what she felt towards him back then was nothing but admiration. She wondered if that was all she had truly felt ever since she first saw him with that fake face of his that day when she was assigned to spy on him way back before she was became the witch queen.

But she was not going to think of that right now, because her attention was all on him. Her heart was still thumping away loudly and as fast as she waited for his reaction. What was he thinking right now? What will he say back to her? What will he do? So many thoughts ran about in her mind, that it seemed as though she had set up a marketplace in her head. She told herself to remember to breathe and calm down as she waited for him to respond to her.

His lips finally moved but before he could form any sound, his attention was pulled away by something else and he whipped his head towards the door. Her immediate response to his actions was that her heart sped up even more – but this time it was not in a good way.

The way he had turned his head around and with that slight narrowing of his eyes tipped her off. That reaction was enough for Alicia to widen her eyes and subconsciously tighten her grip on him. Had their pursuers already reached them?! They were that quick?!!

Ezekiel calmly climbed off the bed, pulling her along with him as he stood up. His calmness made her sudden panic attack somehow die down. If that interruption truly was their pursuers, he would not be this calm, right?

She prayed and hoped with all her heart that it would be one of his men. An ally, perhaps? But then, she remembered that everyone was against him right now. So who could it be?

She could feel her head spin and hear her heart race when he opened the door.

As it swung open, there was a man standing by the door. As she took a peek from behind him, she saw that it was a… vampire.

"Good morning Your Highness," he greeted, smiling at Ezekiel. "I've brought all the things you had requested for yesterday."

Alicia continued peeking at him from Ezekiel's back. And it was then that Alicia finally realized it was already daylight on the outside. The sun was in fact already quite high up in the sky.

"Good. You made sure no one suspicious was trailing you?" Ezekiel double checked with the man as he accepted the bag from the vampire.

"Yes, Your Highness. Quite sure." He gave a sharp nod at Ezekiel's query.

"What about the new car?" Alicia tilted her head at this question. They had a new car sent over as well? She did not think that he was still so efficient even with so many others going against him. But then again, should she be that shocked? This was Ezekiel they were talking about right now.

"It's all ready, Your Highness." The man stretched out his arm with the keys dangling from his fingers. He then dropped the car keys into Ezekiel's open palm and Ezekiel threw him the keys to the other car they had taken to get here yesterday.

"You can go back now, Brandon. And don't come back to this place for the next seven days." Ezekiel reminded the vampire in a low tone.

The man nodded sharply and once he turned and stepped away, Ezekiel shut the door closed and immediately opened the bag. Alicia just stood there, watching him, wondering what he was up to now.

The Ezekiel she was looking at right now was so like the usual Ezekiel the instant he opened the door until the moment he closed it. There was not even a single sign of the quivering mess that he was just a moment ago when he was still lying in her arms. It was incredibly amazing how quick he could switch and mask his emotions in a seemingly effortless way.

With the blank expression he showed to others on the outside, and every inflection of his voice just now… no one would ever think that he had just went through something hellish literally just minutes ago. This man…

"You need to change into proper clothes now, Alicia. We need to leave this place instantly." He murmured to her in a low tone as he brought out clothes from the bag. She heard him clearly only because she was standing so close to him. Before she could reply to his instructions, he had already hastily but swiftly helped her to get dressed.

Once she was dressed, Ezekiel dropped and squatted before her. He took her hands and placed them on his shoulders before grabbing her ankle.
Chapter 820 That was all

Alicia had let him put a sock on her feet, knowing the urgency in his actions. When she pushed her feet inside the shoe, Ezekiel efficiently tightened and tied up the laces. Yesterday, she was barefooted during their entire trip, so she was glad that she had something more comfortable to wear this time. She just wanted to be ready for anything that might come at them from here on out. Because she did not have any plans to just stand around and watch Ezekiel fight, all for the sake of protecting her.

"Here," he handed her a gun that he had pulled out of the bag as he stood up. Well, that was a surprise as she blinked at him. Had he read her mind that no matter what, she was no longer going to be a docile and helpless lady standing to the side anymore?

She grabbed the gun so fast as if she was afraid that he would change his mind.

"Can this gun kill vampires?" Alicia asked as she peered at him through her lashes.

"I'm not giving this to you to kill vampires, Alicia. So don't go aiming at their hearts if in case you do need to defend yourself."

"You don't want me to kill them… understood." Alicia nodded as she returned her gaze down to study the gun. Witches never use guns because they never had the need to. Their spells were more useful than guns – more powerful, faster and more accurate. Not to mention that the witches do not like the loud ricocheting noise it makes every time the gun was fired.

"I can't let you use your spells because it will only drain more power from me. I've prepared this. So… use this instead." he said as he put his hand on the doorknob, entwined his fingers with hers before he pushed open the door.

Alicia could only glance at the small but now memorable place before the door closed behind her. She silently wished that they had a bit more time to spend in there. It was such a short but wonderful slice of heaven for her.

They left the forest and within a few minutes, they were turning into a highway. Alicia kept glancing over at him, noting that Ezekiel's expression had stayed stoic and unreadable since they stepped out of that cabin.

"Where are we going this time?" Alicia asked him in a low voice. She knew he had heard her even though there was no indication that he had.

"You'll know when we get there." Was all he replied.

In Zeres' apartment.

The sun was streaming through the window when Iryz finally woke up. She was feeling much better now. Her wounds were healing so much faster as well, and she could not help but wonder at how quick her healing is going.

Looking around, Iryz's gaze settled on the tall stack of books on the floor. She had imagined Zeres sitting on the floor again with his leg bent and sleeping. But this time, he was not there as he usually was. Which was rare thing in Zeres' case.

Iryz moved to climb off the bed and headed straight to the bathroom to freshen up. Lately, Zeres had been too protective. He insisted on having someone assist her even with her bath and everything. He worries about everything as if… as if she was someone dear to him. Honestly, Iryz was a bit overwhelmed by all the attention. It was because no one had ever treated her like this before. But then, she reminded herself not to think too much into it. She did not want to misunderstand and read too much into Zeres' actions towards her.

Zeres was treating her this way now because he believes that her situation right now was his fault. And that was because Zeres was actually a kind though broken being. That was all. So she would not dare raise her hopes up. Or she might just get hurt in the end.

She stared at herself in the mirror and saw how awful her body looked like now with the still healing wounds all over her skin. Her face was… it still looked... unsightly.

Closing her eyes to stop seeing that unpleasant sight, Iryz took a deep breath. The whips marks all over her had reminded her about that scene again. And then the bathroom suddenly seemed to turn into that room where she goy tortured. Dark, suffocating and… it was getting harder for her to breathe.

Before she knew it, she ran out of the bathroom. She did not want to see herself in the mirror. She did not want to remember that scene. She did not want to…

She froze in place as she stood outside the door. Completely naked and dripping wet from the shower.

Zeres was standing there, eyes wide as he looked at her in that state.

The next thing she knew, he was already before her, wrapping a blanket around her. Then he pulled her against him in a comforting hug, his hands rubbing up and down her back, trying to impart warmth to her.

"It's okay… I'm here." he whispered comfortingly and Iryz shut her eyes closed again, taking slow and deep breaths as she tried her best to calm down, telling herself that she was safe and no longer in that abandoned place where she had been tortured.

She did not know how long time had passed, but she found herself sitting at the edge of the bed. Zeres had made her drink some water and hugged her until her breathing was back to normal.

"I'm… alright now. Thank you." she said and Zeres's hand finally stopped caressing her.

She liked his warmth. Loved it, in fact. But she knew she could not be greedy and take advantage of his kindness in this situation. Reminding herself that this man … he was not hers. Impossible to be hers. No matter how much she wanted that fact to be true.

He pulled away and surveyed her face. He looked concerned and serious, but Iryz blushed hard because she just remembered that… oh gosh… he had seen her totally naked just now!

She buried her face into her palms, wishing that she could just disappear right now. Gosh!! Oh gosh! How could she let him see… and her body was full of ugly wounds and whip Marks too!!