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 Chapter 816 I swear

A long silence passed by, but Ezekiel did not seem to want to respond. And since it was that way, Alicia waited for him to say 'next', but he did not either. So she assumed that there was a chance that he might answer it if she waited a little longer. But even after waiting, no answer was forthcoming and there was still no 'next' as well. Thus, she decided to ask another question to prompt him.

"Does this have something to do with your brother, Sebastian?" her question was slow and careful.

And his eyes slowly drifted closed. His hand on her tensed as well, indicating that Alicia had hit the nail on the head. She had always wondered about Sebastian ever since she had seen him in the dungeon.

Ezekiel nodded. The muscles in his face and neck were also tensing up.

Alicia swallowed before she opened her mouth again with difficulty. "If… if you give in and choose me… is he the one who will be –" she hazarded a wild guess. Somehow, with the way that he reacted whenever it came to Sebastian, she had a strong hunch that it might be it.

He yanked at her and buried her in his embrace. She could hear his heart racing violently as her ears were plastered to his strong chest. And this alone was enough to confirm that her question just now had landed on the jackpot.

"Sebastian had… suffered greatly in my place." he uttered in a broken voice. "If it was not for him… I wouldn't be who I am right now or even be here. I've been waiting for so long so I could finally free him from that cursed prison. So he can finally live the life that was taken from him long time ago. I've promised myself that I will do anything it takes to free him and now…" his voice died down, turning into a whisper as his grip on her tightened. "… eight more days and it's finally going to happen. I can finally free him then…"

Alicia embraced him back. Now it was all clearer to her. It hurt her so much that she was right but then a genuine smile was curving on her lips as she caressed his back, giving him as much comfort as she could.

"Mm… you will free him, Ezekiel. Just eight more days… just hang on there." she whispered to him.

And both of them just stayed there, half soaking in the now cold water, as the drizzle continued falling on them.

The scene of them embracing each other in the dark almost looked like one tragic but beautiful painting.

After an immeasurable amount of time, Alicia was the first to pull away and break the silence. "Is there any clothes we can use to change into back in the cabin?" she asked innocently as she blinked at him.

He stared at her for a moment before he finally lifted her together with him, and they emerged from the water. "Yes, there is."

"That's great then." And she gave a little laugh.

Once they were back inside the small house, the two of them silently dried off and put on their clothes. Alicia once again did not have any underwear, but Ezekiel made her wear his boxers.

"This house is yours?"


"Why do you have a house in such a place?"

"We royals all have a secret place around the world that no one knows about except our caretakers."

"That's pretty convenient." She nodded in agreement.

"Sit." Ezekiel pulled her to sit between his legs, causing Alicia to look up and blink at him. "I'll dry your hair." He added and she could only blink again before a flush coloured her face. She did not think that the great prince Ezekiel would lower himself to do a menial job of a maid servant and dry her hair. She did not even think he even knew how to do it!

She obeyed and turned her back towards him before sitting down. He took her hand and placed it on his bare knees. Both of them were currently wearing boxer shorts at the moment. Ezekiel did not even bother putting on a shirt.

Alicia could not help but sigh and close her eyes as he started patting her hair gently, drying it with a fluffy towel. Such a blissful thing… and she sighed out in satisfaction.

"Let me dry your hair too." She said after a long while and before he could say anything she turned and knelt before him. After placing his hand on her waist under her oversized shirt, Alicia took another fluffy towel from beside them and started drying his own damp hair.

He shut his eyes closed too as she took her time. It was amazing how doing simple things like this felt so good. She could not help but wish she could dry his hair like this forever…

"What are we going to do with our time in the next eight days, Ezekiel?" she asked, breaking the silence once again. She needed to, before the atmosphere turn thicker and dangerous again. "I don't think us staying here by ourselves is a good idea… don't you think so?" she rubbed her nose sheepishly as she said that.

She knew he understood what she was trying to say. His eyes glinted as it met hers.

"We will change to a different location tomorrow." He informed her.

"Why? Because of the pursuers?"

"Yes. And they might come after you more fiercely the closer we get to the d-day."

Alicia stilled. Then she looked at the now healing wound caused by poison on his chest. The violet shade was fading to a lighter colour of lavender now. And this man did not even wince the whole time. With him in this state right now, Alicia was afraid that something worse than this might happen in the next few days.

As if he sensed that fear in her, he looked up at her through his tussled hair. His grey eyes gleamed with ferocity. "I will do everything I can to protect you." he promised her, and he fiddled with the strands of her hair before pressing them to his lips. "I won't let anyone touch even a strand of your hair, Alicia. I swear that to you."

 Chapter 817 Maddeningly so

Alicia just stared at him as he said those words. She had never worried nor was she afraid of her own safety because she was already dead. Now she was only 'alive' and living on borrowed time – thanks to her draining on Ezekiel's powers. But this man… he had protected her to the point as though even a single scratch would kill her. The fight this morning was so intense and yet she had not suffered from even a small cut from all the broken glasses. That just went to show how well protected she was.

And now he was making such a promise that was effectively melting her heart into a puddle. In fact, many others had sworn those same words to her. Thus, she should have been used to it already, but with Ezekiel, it just somehow felt different. And the intensity was just off the charts!

She wanted to tell him that he should be worrying more about himself. He was incredibly weak right now compared to his usual self. If there was another fight that will break out, he might get hurt again from protecting her.

It was still hard for her to see him this weak. She was always used to seeing him as someone invincible and with an unlimited amount of powers. It was not just her, in fact, but everyone else too. No one has ever seen him this weak for hundreds of years until now.

Suddenly, Alicia's hands strayed down to his face and… she pinched his cheeks.

The action was so unwarranted and unexpected that his brows furrowed at what she was doing and Alicia pressed her lips together at the serious and questioning gaze he was throwing at her. She bit down on the insides of her cheeks, making sure that she would not laugh at the face that he was making at her.

She did not remove her hand and just kept pinching his cheeks lightly as she kneaded it a little as well.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Pinching you." came her reply, as though shocked that he would still ask the obvious.

"Obviously you are, Alicia. But why are you doing that?" he arched a brow at her.

Alicia tilted her head a little. "No particular reason…? I just wanted to?" then she shrugged lightly.

The line between his brows deepened and Alicia could no longer help but chuckle softly. This man was so fun to tease!

"Why do I feel like this is the first time you've gotten pinched like this?" She raised a brow, amusement gleaming in her eyes.

"Who would dare do such a thing to me but you?" he replied seriously, his question coming out as a light growl.

For a while, Alicia forgot to breathe. She still could not get used to his effortless attacks on her now. Well, that should not be much of a surprise, was it not? Because as Ezekiel said, who on earth would dare pinch the great Ezekiel like this? Before anyone's hand could even get within an arm's reach near him, it was almost sure that the person's limb would have been chopped off – other than those who work closely with him. If she did not find out all the things that this man was hiding perfectly beneath his stone-cold exterior, pinching him would even be something unimaginable for her. No, never in a million years would she even think of doing such a thing to him! That was just unthinkable previously.

However, now that she knew she was the first to do this to him… dear, oh dear… every minute now, she seemed to be falling deeper and deeper into this forbidden lair that was Ezekiel.

"It's time for you to sleep. My pain is already gone." His words pulled her out from her own thoughts and without waiting for her response, he grabbed her and fell backwards together onto the bed.

In seconds, she was lying on the bed, being spooned from the back by him. His hand was wrapped around her waist, under her shirt.

Alicia let out a slow deep breath before she moved her hand and put it over his.

She felt him exhale as well after feeling her hands slowly brush over his.

"I'm putting you to sleep, Alicia." He whispered, informing her beforehand. Alicia knew that she should let him. She had told herself that she did not want to make things harder on him after all. Although she had told herself that… everything inside her was protesting.

Shutting her eyes tight, Alicia took another deep breath and slowly turned to face him. Their eyes met and the fire was getting ignited again. "Goodnight, Ezekiel…" she said in a soft voice and planted a kiss at the corner of his lips before turning away from him again.

Ezekiel just shut his eyes and put her to sleep.

"Goodnight… Alicia…" he told her after hearing her stable breathing for a short while.

He kissed her neck before he pulled away and turn to lie on his back. "F*ck it all." he cursed as he clenched his fist hard.

He sat up after a long while, bent one of his knees as he shoved his free hand through his hair. It took him a few seconds to calm himself and once he did, he rested his head against his hand and stared again at her.

It was getting harder to hold back… maddeningly so. He felt like he was going to go mad very soon. And eight days was… he had always thought that time moved along fast. Yet these few days with Alicia somehow proved to be as though it was an eternity to him. And eight more days of the same bloody waiting and holding back… would he, no… could he even live through it? Eight days felt more like eight long torturous years to him right now.

Reaching out, he arranged her to lay on her back comfortably to see her face. He brushed the stray strands of hair off her face carefully, then he just fixed his eyes on her face. He had already done this so many times in the last few days that he had lost count of it. Because just staring at her face managed to give him an inexplicable sense of peace. The kind of peace that just sleeping could not even hope to give him.