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Chapter 835 No more

Holding her breath, Alicia waited for his response with her heart in her mouth.

She remembered about her confession to him this morning. When she told him that she had wanted him to bring her along with him to hell so she could love him there forever. She had yet to receive any response from that because of the many interruptions they kept on getting.

However, while she was on the road, Alicia had realized that her, following him to hell was not possible. Because she had already sacrificed her only chance to leave this world. And that she could no longer go anywhere, not to the afterlife and definitely not to hell either.

That meant that these few days were all that she had left with him.

"Ezekiel…" she whispered his name, wanting him to speak and give her an answer.

He lifted his free hand and was about to put his thumb on her lips when he halted. His gaze drifted to his fingers that were still covered with blood before he changed direction and suddenly lifted her in a bridal carry.

With his fast and long strides, they had quickly reached the familiar small spring they had visited just the night before. However, it was not raining this time around and the moon was out. Its silvery beams seemed to gently shimmer around them, and it was bright enough that they did not need the light from lamp for her to see him clearly.

He dipped them both into the water immediately, not even bothering to remove their clothes.

After placing her hand on his neck, Ezekiel silently washed the blood that had been staining his hands. For a long while, Alicia just watched him rub the dark red stains off in silence. There was a companionable silence that stretched between the both of them. It was as though no words were needed to fill in that silence as it felt comfortable and natural.

The whole world seemed to turn quiet. Only the splash of water and the quiet flow of the spring could be heard.

She loved this kind of silence, but after some time, she could no longer bring herself to keep on waiting. She wanted…no, needed him to answer her and this time, she would not let him change or evade the topic.

So before he could stop washing his hands, Alicia moved her hands to his face, again, cupping both his cheeks. She turned and made him look at her, then pressed her forehead against his.

"Ezekiel…" she uttered his name again. "I –"

"Alicia," he spoke, interrupting her.

She pulled away a little and stared at him, hopeful that he would finally respond.

"You're not bothered about my eye?" his quiet question caused her to pause and blink.

His unexpected question made her furrow her brows a little. She was totally not expecting that question. And it had thrown her off the frame of mind where she had been waiting for his response to her earlier comment.

Shaking her head, Alicia placed her thumb right below that dark demonic eye. She began to caress him as she kept her gaze on that one eye. "This don't bother me the slightest bit, Ezekiel."

A ghost of a smile flashed across his face. As if he found it hard to believe that she really was not affected by it.

"You think just this little thing would be enough to scare me?" she questioned, tilting her head a little.

"I thought this would definitely bother you."

She kissed his eye so gently, so softly, causing him to let out a sigh. "Alicia…" he whispered her name, almost breathlessly.

"Answer me, Ezekiel." She said once she pulled away, her gaze now pleading, her thumb straying to his lips. "Please give me an answer. No more avoiding my question. Please…"

He stiffened a little as he caught her wrists. His gaze faltering. "That's dangerous, Alicia."

Alicia shook her head. She was insistent on wanting to get to the bottom of it. No way was she allowing him to distract her over and over again. She would be getting her answer and she would be getting it today!

"Dangerous… for me, right?" Alicia was frowning. She knew that he did not care if the danger was to himself. So she had correctly assumed that when he mentioned it was dangerous, it would most likely refer to her.

"Yes. I know you don't only mean sex, but I don't think I could keep my hands off you anymore the moment I accept your offer. If I do accept it, I mean… Last night was… that was already way beyond what my limit could bear. I wouldn't be able control myself again if –" As he spoke, Alicia could feel a slight tremble that originated from him as she held him.

Alicia shook her head again, unable to take it anymore. "The reason why… you don't want to have… sex with me is because my body might not be able to handle it, right? It is also because you fear that you might end up desiring me too much that you might give up your goal to stay back with me, isn't it? But I feel stronger now, Ezekiel. You feel it too, right? And I have already told you that I'm not going to let you sacrifice anything for me. No more sacrifices between the two of us. No more unfulfilled desires and sadness. All I want from you is… within this few days Ezekiel… I –"

He placed his thumb on her lips, parting them as he moved his own so close to hers. His breathing was ragged now. "I know… but that's not all there is to it, Alicia. There's still something I have not told you…"

"Then tell me. Please. Don't hide anything from me anymore, Ezekiel. Please…" Alicia pleaded with him.

She heard the rumble on his chest as he cursed within him. "That woman…" he finally started. She could hear and feel his struggle. "My father's mistress… she had actually turned into a vampire."