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Chapter 836 I don’t want it

It took Alicia a long while to even move. What he said was just so shocking that she could not even find any words to say.

"I believe that it's the same principle as what had happened to Kai and Kelly." Ezekiel continued a long stretch of silence. "If a royal blood vampire and a human managed to mate without the human dying, the vampire turns into a human. However, it's the other way around for vampires and witches. The witch will be the one to turn into a vampire."

Alicia could only keep her gaze on him in utter silence.

"I didn't have any access of information on everything about this matter even back then. So all that I am certain was about the spell itself and the outcome as I've used and seen it myself. Sebastian must've known more about the details and procedures behind the scenes on this matter because… because he was the only one that they had kept with them almost the entire time we were imprisoned there." He shook his head a little. "But I… can't possibly –"

"Shh…" Alicia finally made a sound. Her fingertips landed softly on his lips now. "That's enough, Ezekiel. You don't have to tell me more on this matter." An understanding smile was plastered on her face as she caressed his cheek gently as she reassured him. "All I wanted to know about right now is the spell itself. Nothing more. There is no need for you to go into the details of it."

His fine and thick brows creased and she knew why. But Alicia had already decided on going ahead with it. This too… she was going to take it. Come what may, she wanted to be with him. Consequences be damned.

It was incredible how she could not even make herself hesitate. Her, turning into a vampire? That was something she had never even imagined to be happening in her entire existence.

She thought that it all must be because she was already dead. And her desire for him had already gone above and beyond anything that existed in this world.

Right, she was already dead. She nodded to herself as she was reminded of the fact. She was only here physically because of Ezekiel's powers alone. Turning into a vampire for the last few days that she had left in this world was not really a big deal to her now that she thought about it. After all, she had already died as a witch. That part of her life had been over and done with long ago. If this was the only way for her to love him and have him fully, she would gladly take it.

"Please tell me about the spell, Ezekiel." She uttered, letting him see and feel her solid decision about this.

"Alicia…" his throat worked as he grabbed her wrists. He looked like he was still in disbelief at her easy acceptance in this. She seemed to be extremely willing to bear the consequences of fully being with him. "No. you can't be agreeing about this –"

"Why not, Ezekiel?" she cut him off, her eyes gleaming with determination. Her tone was slightly defiant as though daring him to say whatever excuse he had why she should not be accepting of this consequence. "If this is the one and only way for me to have you then I'm willing to be a vampire, Ezekiel. I'm already…" and she used both hands to gesture to herself from head to toe before giving him a meaningful glance. "…so I don't see any reason why I shouldn't want this. Why I shouldn't accept this."

"No, Alicia… damn… you're only saying this because you think you'd be gone soon, right? Then I'm telling you now, after I leave, you will stay here." he cupped her face and spoke with certainty. "You're not going to disappear for good, Alicia. You will stay here and live."

Another shocking revelation from Ezekiel that shook her world.

"What… what are you saying? How do you know that I'm going to…" Alicia could not help but stammer out in shock.

"There's a spell that could bring you back to life, Alicia." He explained gently, his eyes even sparked with a beautiful glint. As if he was so beyond glad that such a spell actually existed. "Right now, I believe that Zeres has finally found it -"

"I don't want it." Alicia broke off. Her eyes suddenly turned watery, and her shoulders started to shake slightly. "I don't want it, Ezekiel."

He stilled. Surprise filling his eyes. "Wait… You know about this…??" disbelief was evident in his voice.

"Yes." Alicia swallowed. Her throat hurts like hell but she fought hard to keep herself from breaking down. "I know there is such a spell in existence… but I didn't bother to look for it. Not because that I know I can never find it by myself. But because… I just don't want it. I know you know what that spell will do to me, Ezekiel. I will be brought back to life but... but I will lose everything else. My powers, my abilities, everything… I will turn into someone who is no different from the humans. I will be powerless my whole remaining lifetime and will eventually get sick, grow old, and die. What kind of life would that be, Ezekiel? So no, I don't want it… I don't want it…" Alicia kept repeating that as her grip on Zeke's shirt was getting tighter as her lips started to tremble.

"I know it's ridiculous of me not to want such a second chance in life. And many would even think that I should accept it with gratitude instead but… I'm sorry I just can't accept it. I don't want to live that kind of life… you might say I will be fine, and that I will not need any magic to live a good life. Because the humans are just doing fine. And many of them are happy people who are going about, enjoying their mundane lives. But I just can't."
Chapter 837 I will

"I'm sorry but I would not accept it. I don't want it, Ezekiel. I also know that the spell won't change the fact that I can no longer go to the afterlife when I finally die due to old age. I will still disappear into nothingness once I die for the second time. For me, that's the same outcome. That spell will only prolong the inevitable. So I don't want it. I don't want it…" she finally broke down and cried in his embrace. She kept shaking her head even while being held in his arm and gentle embrace.

Ezekiel just kept silent and held her tightly in his arms. He did not bother to say anything anymore and just let her cry out her frustrations. He was just holding her like he was unsure whether to do something or not for fear that he might end up making her sobbing even worse.

He was now sitting on top of the stone, with her cradled on his lap, head still buried on his shoulder as she sniffled away.

His hand was caressing the back of her head in steady and gentle rhythm when he suddenly stilled in his movements.

Then a dark swirl of smoke-like magic appeared in his palm over Alicia's head.

She fell asleep in an instant, but her breathing was still stuttering. He did not even give her the time to calm down from her crying.

Ezekiel lifted his gaze, but he did not make any other movement other than that one spell. He kept his hands where they were even as Zeres appeared from across them.

"Do you recognize me, Kiel?" Zeres asked as he stood there.

He had met Alexander a while ago. And the man had wanted to stop him from approaching Ezekiel. Now he knew why after taking a look at the man.

"Yes." Kiel replied in a low voice, and Zeres sighed out in relief. Then his gaze then onto Alicia who was cradled in the man's embrace. Though she was not moving, he knew that she only seemed to be in a deep sleep. Alexander was right, she was really alright.

"I've found the spell." Zeres lifted the frame in his hand.

"Did you hear what she had just said?" came Kiel's straight question. He did not try to avoid the matter.

Zeres' grip on the frame tightened at that question, then his throat worked before he replied. "Yes, I heard it." his voice was tight as he said that. He had never thought that Alicia actually knew about this spell's existence. And he had never thought that she had no wish for it. Now he understood why she had told him to stop looking for the spell that time.

He understood her. Knowing Alicia, Zeres somehow knew that the possibility of her declining having the spell used on her was very high. But he believed he and everyone could eventually make her accept it in the end.

But listening to her words earlier and the way she had broken down and cried, now he was not so sure about that anymore. His heart ached as he listened to her voice keep repeating that she did not want it. He felt that forcing her to accept the spell would only cause her more hurt instead of helping her.

"I don't know what to do anymore, Kiel." Zeres gave out a sardonic smile. His voice come out sounding so defeated. "All I want is to… bring her back… but if she doesn't want to –"

"You will bring her back using the spell, Zeres." Kiel's voice sounded so certain. His decision undisputable.

And that look in his eyes, Zeres knew that look. It seemed that Ezekiel already had a solution to this problem, another plan that must already be in the works.

Zeres eyes twitched as he took a step closer. "What are you planning to do?"

"I can't tell you for the time being. But I can assure you that everything will be alright in the end. Alicia will come back to life… that I can promise you Zeres." Ezekiel's voice was confident. He sounded as though he knew exactly what he was doing.

Silence reigned as Zeres processed what Kiel had said. He could feel it in his bones, that Kiel was beyond serious. He had never seen him like this before, never heard him spoke like that before. This man… he was currently so unrecognizable right now. He was somehow reminded of… Alexander. Like how he was, back in the past when he was trying to protect Abigail.

And again, just like that time, as he looked at them right now, it did not seem to be as painful as he thought it would be. Was it because he was somehow prepared for this already? He did not know, but he was just glad that the pain was somehow tolerable.

It also helped that Kiel right now was like this. All his doubts about him just crumbled at just the sight of him. The way he was holding Alicia, the way he said that promise, the way he… looked right now… he could not even make himself still doubt the man anymore. This was not the same old iron hearted Kiel that he knew in the past anymore.

Zeres nodded at him. He was not going to ask or pry about the details anymore. Because he already knew that deep within him, he was going to put his trust in him on this matter whether he liked it or not.

"Okay, I will be trusting you on this, Kiel." Zeres breathed out.

"I will need you exactly seven days from now. You will help out with that spell, Zeres." Kiel informed him and he could only nod.

"I will be there. It's at the Reigns castle, right?"

When Kiel nodded, Zeres moved to leave but he halted and took a final look back. "Take care of Alicia, Kiel." His voice floated over softly as Ezekiel kept his eyes trained on Zeres' leaving form.

"You don't need to tell me, but rest assured, I will."

Zeres smiled and then he finally disappeared from the area.