✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married To the Devil's Son Volume 3 Chapter 174 - 176 ✍️✍️✍️✍️




Trigger Warning: Emotional pregnancy loss


Heaven's arms became numb. She had rubbed the necklace as much as she could, so she hoped it would work. Now she was worried about her grandmother. Hopefully Zamiel and Ilyas would arrive before she was hurt. 

Suddenly the door was knocked down, and Zamiel stood at the entrance.

"Heaven!" He was beside her at the next moment. 

"Zamiel," she almost cried in relief. "Grandma! Save grandma first." 

"Both your grandfather and Euphorion have gone to save her." He assured. 

She saw that his eyes teared up upon finding her. He had truly been scared. "What is all this blood? What did they do to you?" 

Heaven swallowed the hard lump in her throat. It became difficult to breathe again just thinking about it. How could she tell him? He had been so happy. She had been happy. 

Tears began to stream down her face. She couldn't prevent it. She opened her mouth and felt the words cut through her throat. "Our child…" was all she managed to say before bursting into tears. 

Zamiel understood what she meant, but she couldn't see his face to know what he felt of all the tears that blurred her vision. She just felt him wrap his arms around her. "I am sorry." He said, his voice thick with pain as he stroked her back. 

He let her cry in his arms, and she wished she could hold him back, but she couldn't move. She couldn't even wipe all the tears away from her face. 

Zamiel carried her up and took her to her room. Her mother was already waiting there, looking anxious. Even though she was only gone during the whole night and the morning, her mother seemed to have noticed her absence, or maybe Zamiel told her. 

"Heaven!" She hurried to her side as soon as Zamiel lay her down on her bed. 

Heaven couldn't move her body except for her head. "Mother." More tears flowed from her eyes. 

"Oh no, don't cry." She said, leaning over her and giving her a hug. She kissed her forehead and wiped her tears away. "Everything is alright now." 

She looked over at Zamiel, and her expression slowly turned into a pained one. Now she knew why Heaven was crying.     

"Heaven." Her mother stroked her hair back while trying to remain strong for her. "My strong girl. I am so sorry." She said, looking pained. 

Heaven shook her head. "I couldn't protect…" She couldn't even finish her sentence. 

"No. None of this is your fault." Her mother said, wiping the tears away from her face and then cupping her cheek. "Never blame yourself for this."

Heaven tried to stop crying and nodded. 

Her mother held her hand tightly and kissed her knuckles. She couldn't fight back the tears anymore and cried with her. 

Heaven tried to think positively. Her grandmother was safe, and so was she. It could have been worse for her family and Zamiel if they had to grieve more than the loss of one person, but the emotions just welled out of her. 

Even though she wasn't crying loudly this time, the tears just left her eyes and she couldn't stop them. 

"Grandma…" she then asked. 

"Your grandmother is here now." Zamiel told her. 

Somehow she got a bad feeling about her grandmother. It felt like Zamiel wasn't telling her everything. 

"Mother, you should go see Grandma instead." 

"I will." She looked over at Zamiel, probably asking him to take care of her meanwhile. He gave her a nod. 

From the way her mother easily agreed, Heaven knew her suspicion was right. Something bad had happened to her grandmother. 

Her mother kissed her forehead before leaving. 

Zamiel slowly came to sit beside her. He took her hand in his. "I am sorry, Heaven." He said. She could tell he didn't even know what to say. 

"No. I am sorry. You were so happy and now…."

"No." He cut her off. "You are my happiness. You don't know how relieved I am to find you alive. I was so afraid of losing you. When I couldn't sense you…" His voice broke and he shook his head, trying not to cry. "I lost my mind." 

"I am sorry." Heaven said, this time sorry for how stressed the whole situation must have left him feeling. 

He had lost his family before, so she could only imagine what he went through. "I am here now." She said, and she didn't want him to blame himself. She knew he was already feeling like he had failed to protect her again. 

"Our child is somewhere safe now. " She told him, consoling both him and herself.

Her child was away from the cruelty of some people in this world. She couldn't believe how some people could commit such acts while talking about cleansing sins. What could be worse than killing an innocent being? One with no sins, demon or not. 

He nodded, fighting back the tears. Heaven wished she could hug him. 

Zamiel stayed with her and took care of her for the rest of the day. He helped her bathe and clean herself from all the blood and dirt; he combed her hair and told her encouraging and loving words. 

Heaven could tell that he was attempting to make her feel better, but she was still in a bit of a shock. 

The numbness was slowly going away, starting from her upper body, and as soon as she could walk, she would go see her grandmother. She kept worrying about her in the back of her mind. 

Zamiel brought Gina to give her support once she was clean and rested. Gina was surprised because she had only been with her the previous day and already this much had happened while she was gone for the night. 

Her friend was angry at first, but then tried to remain calm. 

"I am sorry," she said, looking devastated.

They hugged and cried. 

Gina stayed with her, keeping her company while she couldn't walk. It took some time for the numbness to completely disappear. Once she could walk again, she hurried to see her grandmother. 

When she first walked in she was surprised to see her grandfather and another strange looking yet beautiful stranger, both guarding her grandmother. Heaven already guessed who he was. Zamiel's water demon friend. Then her heart almost sank to her stomach when she saw what had happened to her grandmother. 

Slowly she walked up to her, trying not to look horrified. She forced a smile on her face when her grandmother turned her head to look at her. 


"Grandma." Heaven went and sat on the bed next to her. "Are you…" No, that was a stupid question. Of course she wasn't alright. Heaven could see the pain she was enduring. "Is there anything I can do for you?" 

Her grandmother shook her head with a smile. "Seeing you is enough. I am healing well." 

Heaven had already been emotional, but seeing her grandmother in so much pain, she couldn't hold herself anymore. Excusing herself for a while, she went to cry alone in silence before going back to her grandmother. 

Her grandfather was so silent as he sat in the room, and the water demon quietly left them alone.

Heaven stayed with her grandmother as long as she could, and eventually everyone joined them. Her mother, Klara, Gina and Heaven all stayed with her grandmother, and her grandfather left them to be alone. 

Klara took Heaven aside for a moment to also speak to her. 

"Heaven," she put her hands on Heaven's shoulders. "I have always been proud of you and of who you have become. I want you to remember your strength as a woman. We go through many hardships and losing a child is the hardest. I don't want you to feel less woman or less deserving of becoming a mother now. We can only do our best to protect our children, but we can't prevent every harm that comes their way. It is part of life." 

"Thank you," Heaven said. 

She was happy to have so many people around her encouraging her. They helped make her feel better, but there was a spot in her heart that still ached.



Heaven was sleeping in Zamiel's arms after a long day of talk and cries. Despite being in pain, her grandmother had been happy to be surrounded by her family. She even managed to sit up for a while to talk and laugh with them. Heaven was glad that her grandmother was in a better place. At least she wasn't hurting emotionally together with the physical pain. 

Her grandfather seemed to go through his own struggles. Before he left, his eyes had been blank. Like he was still in shock. Even though Heaven felt a little bad for him, she hoped this would make him realize how quickly and easily you could lose the people you loved. She hoped this would open his eyes, but she didn't hope too much. 

Heaven was mostly grateful to the water demon for taking care of her grandmother. Her grandmother had told her about him and how they became good friends. Heaven would guess the demon saw her as more than a friend. 

Her friend Zarin had come to see her when he found out. All he did was hug, and that was all she needed sometimes. No words, nothing. Just acknowledging her pain. Ilyas came to give her his condolences. 

He told her that he had caught some of the witches and that they would find the rest. Heaven didn't like revenge, but these demon hunters needed to disappear if they were going to hunt and kill demons. 

She had no doubt that Zamiel, now even her grandfather and Euphorion, would punish them accordingly. 

Turning in bed, she looked at Zamiel. She was glad he could sleep after this stressful day. How she wished he hadn't gone through this pain. This was too much pain in a lifetime. She still had a hard time believing it. There must be something good that happens to him. He was always going through hell. 

Kissing him, she tried to sleep, but couldn't. Her heart felt too heavy. She tried to push the bad thoughts to the back of her mind, but didn't succeed. Just lying in bed and forced to deal with her emotions, she heard voices outside. 

Callum's voice sounded rushed as he spoke to her guards. They had spotted the enemy marching toward the castle from afar. Heaven had almost forgotten about the war. Of course, the enemy would attack at night. 

Quickly she got out of bed and if she thought Zamiel was asleep she was wrong. He was fully awake. And he knew what was going on. 

"Heaven. I can take care of them." He said, sitting up. 

She knew he could just destroy them all with a wave of his hand, but that wouldn't help her in becoming a general. She also felt like doing something and keeping herself occupied to not lose her mind. She wanted to fight. Lying in bed just made her thoughts go places that made her sad. 

"I will take care of it," she said, going to the door. 

She opened and peeked outside. "Callum." 

"My Lady. The enemy is here." He said. 

"Call for a meeting. I will be there soon." And then she closed the door. 

Using magic, she lit the candles and looked for her armor. It was to go back to duty. 


Zamiel watched Heaven as she put her armor on. He could tell that she was looking for distraction. He could feel her uneasiness as he held her in his arms while in bed. She couldn't sleep and she wasn't feeling well despite saying she was. He knew she was still grieving. Zamiel didn't want to grieve. He was happy he found Heaven alive, because he had been so scared of losing her, even so, as soon as he was alone, he had cried in silence. He couldn't help it. 

Now he just wanted to be happy that Heaven was alive, but she wasn't happy. She was hurting, and he was hurting with her. She had been through a lot, and he hated to see her suffer every time. Maybe he had been right from the beginning. She was better without him. There wasn't much he could do for her. 

Once she was fully dressed, she turned to him. "I have to go," she said. 

He nodded, but he wasn't letting her leave alone. He made himself invincible and followed her every step. The grieving gave her a different attitude. She looked more serious and very firm with her words. But it was mostly the look in her eyes. Zamiel hoped it would disappear, eventually. He didn't like it, but it worked to her advantage when giving orders to the men. 

Zamiel went to see how things were going outside and if he needed to interfere, but Heaven and her men seemed to have everything under control. Soldiers fell into traps, got burned, got shot by arrows, and no one managed to go through the walls and the gatehouse. 

While the defences were standing strong, Heaven prepared for an additional attack to eliminate the enemy once and for all. When most of the enemy were taken down by the defences, Heaven and her army left through a secret passage and out to fight the remaining forces. 

Zamiel watched up from the top of the castle, keeping his eyes on Heaven. It was fascinating to see her riding in full force with a sword in her hand. He could see the fury from the way she swung her sword at the enemy, not giving them a chance to attack. She rode through like a storm and struck like lightning. Zamiel didn't even realize that he was smiling proudly. 

It was only a matter of time before they defeated the enemy and the soldiers cheered loudly in victory as they marched back to the castle. The gates opened to welcome the soldiers, and everyone surrounded them to celebrate. 

Zamiel watched from the shadows and listened to the soldiers praising Heaven for her leading ability and her fighting skills. Hopefully, this victory would bring a little joy back into her eyes. 

Asking Ilyas to watch over her, he went to fulfill his plans with Lucifer. He never thought he would team up with him, but this time, they had a common goal. Wipe out demon hunters from the face of earth. 

By torturing the few that they got their hands on, they hold on the rest. Zamiel didn't care how long it took to chase them down. He never wanted another couple to suffer or another innocent child to be killed again. 

"So what do you want to do now?" Lucifer asked. 

"Do you know of the Impaler?" Zamiel asked. 

Lucifer nodded. "Impressive man, but I didn't think you were that kind." 

He was a demon as well. His demon was just resting mostly, but when awakened, then it is ready to cause trouble. Hopefully, he would be able to control it. His mission wasn't to only destroy. He wanted to send a warning. 

"We will hang their burned bodies for the witches to see." Zamiel said. 

"Sounds good. Adding horror stories to witches' history. Let's make it dramatic." Lucifer suggested. 

Zamiel had nothing against it.



Lothaire watched Irene while asleep. Today, her skin looked much better. She was healing well. He was happy to see her recover and even left her to have some time alone with her family. Meanwhile, he watched her from The Eye. 

Euphorion came to see her now and then, and those were the times Lothaire couldn't bear to look into The Eye. He didn't want to see her staying with that water demon, talking and laughing with him. She seemed happy in his company. Maybe she was also slowly feeling beginning to feel the connection between them. Maybe she was never meant to be with him. 

He reached for her face, letting his fingers slide down her cheek. Her beautiful face that now was covered with burns. She had been in so much pain but didn't complain once. 

He couldn't believe that he had been so close to losing her. They had missed the stab by an inch. 

"Irene." He whispered her name. 

She stirred in her sleep and opened her eyes. He looked into those beautiful emerald eyes. Eyes that had been filled with sadness and pain that he had caused. It was time for him to stop. It was time for him to let go. He wouldn't accept this punishment, and he wouldn't punish her anymore. It was time for him to go his own way and leave her to find her way and her happiness as well. 

He felt a lump in his throat and swallowed hard before he spoke. "I am leaving." He said. 

She looked at him, confused. 

"You seem alright now. I'll leave you alone to be happy with your family." He couldn't believe he was saying that. It had to be the possession. 

"It is your family too," she said. 

He shook his head. "My family is in my kingdom. That is where I belong and I will always belong there." 

She looked sad for him, but nodded. "It is a shame," she said. 

He sighed. She could never understand what his kingdom meant for him. Just like her family was everything to her, his mission was everything to him. Besides, he didn't know how to love properly. Heaven's words had been haunting him, about love not only being a feeling. He couldn't just have feelings of love for Irene, he had to love her. And to truly love someone meant to let go of his selfishness and think of the other person. Think of their happiness and wellbeing before his own. 

Lothaire knew he could do it once or twice, but he was too selfish to do it every day. So today, he would love her one last time. He would let her go to find happiness and be with someone who would always put her first, unlike him. Today he would put her wants and needs before his. Her happiness and wellbeing before his. Just today he would be selfless. 

He smiled. The possession did something for him, at least. It felt good to decide that this wasn't a punishment anymore. 

"I'll be going now," he said. 

Irene sat up, grimacing a little. "Thank you for staying with me until I recovered." 

He didn't know what was happening to him, but he became emotional over a thank you. 

"I didn't do it for you," he said. 

She shook her head at him with a smile. "Are we parting with no ill feelings this time?" 

"I have no ill feelings toward you. I hope you don't either." He said. 

"I don't." 

He nodded. "Good. I am saying goodbye then." He was just eager to get away from there before changing his mind or crying in front of her. 

"Goodbye Lothaire." She said with a smile. 

"Goodbye Irene." 

He took her hand and kissed her knuckles before leaving her alone in her room. He went to the garden. He looked around one last time at the place where they had created some good memories together. Memories he had never appreciated before. 

"You are leaving." Suddenly, a voice came from behind him. 

Lothaire turned back to see the water demon. 


His colorful eyes narrowed. "After everything she has been through you are still leaving her." 

"Why are you surprised?" Lothaire asked annoyed. "Besides you are leaving her too. We are no different from each other."

Euphorion looked at him questioningly. 

"I know you found your mate in her." Lothaire said, raising an eyebrow. "I guess she is destined to have bad mates." 

Euphorion seemed struck by his comment. "I am leaving because she doesn't want to be with me." 

Lothaire nodded. "And you are a good demon, so you will do what she wants. I guess we are different after all." 

"What are you implying?" Euphorion asked. This time he was the one annoyed. 

Lothaire shrugged. "I am not sure. Think what you want and do as you please." He said then without waiting for a reply, he left. 

He went back to his home, where he truly belonged. It was time to focus on his mission now. 


Irene's last few days had been filled with a physical pain she had never felt before, yet she was so happy. She was surrounded by everyone she loved. Even Lothaire and Euphorion were there with her very often. 

The only thing that saddened her was the loss of her great-grandchild, but knowing the strong person Heaven was and being surrounded by her family, Irene knew her granddaughter would overcome it soon. She had already proven herself as a good leader, and the soldiers were already praising her. 

Her son was also on his way back with victory, so despite the horrible experience, it was followed by many happy moments. 

Meanwhile, everyone was preparing for Heaven's wedding. Irene was so excited for her, but she hoped her skin would heal before the wedding so she could attend without scaring people. 

Standing up, she went to the mirror and looked at her face. She was healing fast and looked already much better in just a few days. A few more days and she would look alright. 

"You look beautiful."

Irene turned around and found Euphorion standing in her room. He had flowers in his hands that he gave to her. 

"Thank you." She smiled. 

Euphorion had been a good company during her recovering. He made her forget about her pain by entertaining her and making her laugh, but she knew he was eventually going back to his home. Just like Lothaire. 

It would be the second bittersweet goodbye. She still couldn't believe that Lothaire had decided to leave her and her family alone. She had seen so many emotions in his eyes, which was unusual for him before he left. 

"I hope I look better before the wedding." 

"You just need to wear your smile." He told her. 

A blush crept to her face. 

"You seem to be in a better condition." He said. 

"Yes. The pain is much less now." 

"Good." He nodded, and then they looked at each other in an awkward silence. 

"Well then, I should go back now." He spoke at last. 

"Will you attend Heaven's wedding?" She asked. 

"Yes. I'll be there." He smiled.