✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married To the Devil's Son Volume 3 Chapter 171 - 173




The Royal army packed, and her father said his goodbye and left. Heaven knew she didn't have to worry. Her father had never lost a war before, and he ended it quickly. They didn't even need her plan that much. It was only made to be strategic. 

Before leaving, her father ordered to spread the word that if they won the war, she would get married soon after. It would be interesting to see if this would stop the rumors. 

Her father had told her it was probably her grandfather who spread the rumors about her. Heaven knew he wouldn't give up easily, but she wouldn't feel defeated by his attempts. 

Callum and Oliver stayed behind to defend the castle with her in case of an attack. From what her father found out, the enemy was indeed thinking of attacking the castle. Heaven quickly set her plan in motion and told everyone how to prepare and what to do. When she prepared the castle's defences according to her plan, she could finally relax. She made sure to eat well and rest now that she was pregnant. It wasn't only about her health anymore but also her child's. 

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Her mother asked, feeling bad that Heaven was doing so much work. 

"Everything is as it should be." Heaven assured her mother. 

Their castle already had strong defences. It had the most well-built curtain wall and many deep moats around it. The castle towers were high and roundly shaped to give an unobstructed view of the countryside around the fortress in order to spot approaching attackers. The castle was symmetrically designed to give a broader view. 

They had the best gatehouse to protect the entrance, which was usually the weak point. Many obstacles lined the entrance: metal portcullis gateways; arrow slits to fire at intruders; different doors, gates, and drawbridges and notorious murder holes so that boiling water could pour out of. 

Her plan was to even add more obstacles. Hidden pits around the curtain wall where the enemy would fall inside and then archers would shoot their arrows from above. Some pits would have oil in them and the archers would shoot fire to burn the enemy. 

Heaven gave clear instructions to everyone, and now they just had to wait for the attack. She went back to her room to rest and, as soon as she walked in, she froze. This scent. She had missed this scent so much. 


Her grandmother stood in her room and a smile lit up her face. "Heaven!"

They ran to each other and hugged. Oh, how she had missed her grandmother. When she told her parents about her pregnancy, she felt like something was missing. She wanted to share the news with her grandmother as well. 

"Grandma, you are radiating." She said, looking at her from top to toe. Heaven wasn't sure if it was only her eyes, but her grandmother seemed younger and her skin and hair glowed like never before. 

"It must be the weather under the ocean. Now I understand why everyone there looks so good." She smiled. 

"I should spend a few days there as well, then." 

Her grandmother chuckled. "You look beautiful as you are and you seem so happy." She said. 

"Yes. I have some news for you." 

Her grandmother became curious. 

"I am pregnant." Heaven said. 

"You are? Oh, dear…" Her grandmother hugged her and started crying. 

"Why are you crying?" Heaven chuckled. She knew her grandmother loved having a big family. She always spoke of having grand- and great-grandchildren. 

She already began caring for her unborn great grandchild. "You have to eat and rest." And then she began speaking of what kind of food she should eat and what she should avoid. 

But Heaven didn't want to just talk about herself. She wanted to know how her grandmother had been doing. 

Her grandmother happily told her everything. She spoke of her adventures under the ocean and the people she met. There was a calmness and a feeling of gratitude as she spoke about her journey and the people she met. 

Heaven had been worried for nothing. It seemed like her grandmother not only had  a good time under the ocean but also found great things. She seemed happier, and they spent the rest of the evening chatting before falling asleep. 

Heaven woke up from her body, aching and feeling cold. She looked around. She wasn't in her room anymore. She woke up lying on the floor in a completely empty room. 

When she tried to sit up, she realized that she couldn't move her legs. It was like they were paralyzed. Panic settled in as she forced herself to sit up with the help of her arms. Then she realized the bloodstain on her dress and felt wetness between her legs. 

No! No! 

Please, it couldn't be! 

She lifted her dress with her heart pounding loudly. She looked down to see where the blood was coming from and she started crying in panic. 

"N0!" It couldn't be what she thought it was. 

Her child! She had to make sure it was safe, but she couldn't move. 

Where was she, and what had happened to her legs? 

She tried to teleport back home, but it wasn't working. Oh Lord! What was happening? Who had abducted her?

With tears streaming down her face, she tried to crawl toward the door when it opened. 

Heaven saw a pair of boots and then her grandmother's body fell right in front of her.


Heaven looked up to see the person, but they had already turned around and left, closing the door behind them. 

"Wait!" she yelled but got ignored. 

Heaven crawled to her grandmother's unmoving body. 

"Grandma!" She shook her. 

She couldn't see any blood that indicated that she got stabbed in the spine, so it was a good thing. 

"Grandma! Please, wake up!" Heaven shook her again, and her grandma slowly opened her eyes. 

Heaven let out a breath of relief. "Are you alright?"

Her grandma nodded as she sat up. Heaven realized she couldn't move her legs as well. 

"What is happening?" 

"Witches." Her grandma said.


Trigger WARNING!!! Pregnancy loss


As soon as Zamiel couldn't sense Heaven, he knew something was wrong. He quickly went to her room and couldn't find her. He sensed her grandmother's scent in the room. Irene was back, but where was she?

Dreading the worst, Zamiel looked for her everywhere, tried to sense her presence, but to no avail. 

Irene was back, and suddenly she and Heaven were gone. The only person he suspected was the devil. It would explain why he couldn't sense them. It seemed like the devil wanted to risk his kingdom after all. Raging, Zamiel went outside and yelled. 

"Lucifer! Show yourself!"

Unable to control his anger, the sky roared and rain poured down heavily. "Lucifer! Stop being a coward and show yourself!" 

Lucifer materialized under the rain. "You tell me to show myself when you cause this much rain." He said, getting drenched. 

"Where is Heaven?"

"I don't know." 

"Don't lie!" 

"Trust me. It would be no secret if I had taken her." 

"Then you didn't take Irene either." 

Lucifer frowned. "What do you mean? Isn't she under the ocean?"

"She came back and now she is gone with Heaven." 

"Maybe Irene took her down to the ocean." Lucifer said. 

Zamiel could breathe a little. Maybe he got worked up for nothing and they were only under the ocean. 

Ignoring Lucifer, he quickly went to look under the ocean. 

"Irene is gone?!" Euphorion asked, looking surprised. 

The slight relief Zamiel felt vanished in the blink of an eye. If they weren't taken by Lucifer and they weren't here, then where were they? 

Zamiel went back to land, and Euphorion insisted on following him. They were met by Lucifer, and he frowned when he didn't see them with Irene. 

"She is not under the ocean!" Zamiel said. 

Lucifer looked suspiciously at Euphorion. Both suspected each other. 

"Listen! Our priority is to find them now. Put your fight aside." The last thing he needed right now was two ancient demons fighting. 

"If they are not under the ocean..." Lucifer said, shooting arrows with his eyes as he looked at Euphorion. "then they were taken by witches. A powerful coven who can lock away their magic and conceal their whereabouts." 

"Are you sure it is witches?" Euphorion asked. 

"Yes. Only ancient demons can hide from being sensed. He can't sense her despite the mark." He said, speaking of Zamiel. 

It sounded right. Zamiel hadn't been able to sense when his family was in danger and got killed by witches. Powerful witches.

The same thing was being repeated. If he lost Heaven then he would…

It suddenly became hard to breathe, and fear made him want to vomit. 

"How can we find them?" He asked, trying to keep it together. 

"We need to find other witches who can lead us to them." Lucifer said. 


Witches had abducted them, but how and why? 

"I think there was a witch amongst us." her grandmother said thoughtfully. 

"You mean in the castle"

Her grandmother nodded. "Yes."

"We would have noticed."

Irene shook her head. "Some powerful witches have the ability to hide themselves. Somehow, your father did the same when he came back alive. We were unable to know he was alive because we couldn't find him."

This was bad news. So Zamiel wouldn't be able to find her. They had to escape on their own, but what did they give her to make her unable to move? 

Her grandmother looked sad and lost in thoughts. "I guess it is happening to me now." She said. 

The look in her eyes frightening Heaven. 

"What do you mean?" 

"Everything bad you do in life eventually catches up to you. We used to do this. Our coven was very powerful. We would catch demons, give them a mix of herbs with magic to take away their demon powers and paralyze them. We would tie them up and then burn them. The burning was to punish because they could heal and then they would burn again. The witches believed it washed away their sins, just like humans would burn in hell without dying. Then at the end we would kill them." She explained. 

So that was what awaited them. Heaven couldn't let that happen. She had to save her child. The bleeding was probably nothing serious. 

"We will heal, right?" 

Her grandmother looked down as if she had lost all hope. She knew how this worked, so she probably thought they were hopeless. 

"The herb will only paralyze us more before we start healing. Now it is only our lower body. We will become completely paralyzed." 

"Then we have to find a way quickly." She refused to give up. 

"Just hope that Zamiel finds you." She said. 

"Grandma! I am pregnant. Please!" 

Irene almost hit her head against the wall behind her and shut her eyes tightly. She seemed to go through some inner struggle. 

Just then, the door to the room opened and a man and a woman stepped inside. 

They both seemed to be in their late forties and were dressed in all white. 

"Let her go! I will pay for her sins." Her grandmother spoke to them. 

Heaven shook her as both witches turned to her. "You can't pay for anyone else's sins." 

The woman crouched, so she came face to face with Heaven. "I was hoping you would marry a human or a witch and slowly leave the demon blood behind, but you got pregnant with a demon child instead." The woman said, sounding disappointed. 

Heaven thought she recognized her. She was a maid in the castle. 

"You two are a disgrace to witches." The male spat in disgust. He crossed his arms over his chest, hovering over her. 

"You are risking your lives and your coven's lives and probably many other witches' lives. You don't know that you are dealing with ancient demons mates." 

"Don't worry about it. We will finish you and move forward before they find you." The woman said. 

"And you think they will stop searching after that?" Heaven asked. 

She was feeling the numbness slowly traveling up her body. Now it reached her stomach. Her grandma seemed more paralyzed than her. She couldn't move her arms now. 

The woman ignored her and stood up. "We will start with her." She said, nodding toward her grandmother.

"You will regret this." Heaven said. "My mate will find me and if he doesn't, he will find you some day." 

The man started dragging her grandmother out of the room. She was could barely move her body to defend herself. 

"You don't scare me, young lady. You put yourself in this position. After your grandmother it will be your turn and don't worry about your unborn. We don't punish innocents. We sent them away in peace." The woman said. 

Heaven froze. It took her a moment to realize what she had said. Her child... her child was dead. They killed her innocent child. The world around her stopped. She didn't know how long she had been frozen, but she was alone and locked in the room again. 

She didn't know whether to cry or scream, but tears already started streaming down her face. She held her stomach and screamed. She punched the ground and walls, crying, until her hands started to bleed. Then she leaned against the wall exhausted. 

She gently put her hand on her stomach. "I am sorry. Your mother is sorry for not protecting you." She cried. 

This world was too cruel. It wasn't a safe place to bring an innocent child. She shouldn't have been so excited. She just caused her child more pain. 

And Zamiel. Oh Zamiel. She couldn't imagine the pain he would go through when he found out that their child wasn't alive anymore. And maybe even she would be gone by then. He would lose his family all over again. 

The numbness slowly crawled even further up. Even though she knew there was no way out, she felt like she couldn't just sit around. She had to try something as long as her hands worked. She tried to use her magic again, and when it didn't work, she tried to use her demon powers. That didn't work either, of course. 

She had to act like a human. How would she as a human escape? She was only surrounded by thick walls. She tried to punch the wall next to the door to break it. A kick would have been better, but her legs were paralyzed. She punched and punched slowly, creating a hole until her hands were bleeding. Then she slid her hand through the hole and reached for the door handle outside the room. 

Heaven knew all this would be a waste. Even if she opened the door, she couldn't run away, and she was getting more and more paralyzed. The door was locked with some heavy metal she couldn't break, which meant to get out, she needed to make a big hole in the wall. 

She wouldn't have time to do that. Feeling out of breath, she placed one bleeding hand on her chest. It came in contact with her necklace, the one she made to communicate with Ilyas. 

Right! Her magic necklace! 

Hopeful that it would work, she grabbed it and rubbed it. She made the necklace so that Ilyas would be able to find her whenever she called him. Heaven rubbed and rubbed, hoping and praying for it to work. 

"Please Lord. Make it work."


Zamiel, Lucifer and Euphorion had been busy finding witches and trying to get information from them. Zamiel didn't have time to waste. As soon as he found a witch, he didn't care to interrogate them. He just read their minds and continued further. 

The things he found out were that this witch clan knew what they were dealing with. They didn't give information about themselves to anyone, and they moved places often. 

They were known as the demon hunters. Everyone had heard of them, but none knew anything about them. Zamiel was losing his patience. 

"My Lord." Ilyas came to him, looking concerned. 

"Not now Ilyas."

"It is about Lady Heaven. I know where she is." 

All of them turned to him, their eyes lighting up. 


Ilyas took them to where Heaven had been abducted. It was an old, abandoned house. Zamiel knew this wasn't where the witches lived. They probably only stayed here until they completed their mission. 

They watched from a hill far away. 

"Don't kill them yet." Zamiel said, fuming with anger. 

"No. We need them to lead us to the rest. We should bury all these demon hunters once and for all," Lucifer said with venom in his voice, and then vanished to go look for Irene. 


Lothaire looked for Irene everywhere. For some reason, he could sense Heaven. She was locked in a room and he didn't care to look for her, knowing Zamiel would save her, but he couldn't sense Irene. 

Not wasting time, he went straight to the witches. They were shocked that he had found them. Before they could escape, he grabbed one of them by the neck. "Where is Irene?" He yelled. 

The male witch shook in fear, still unable to believe that they had been found. This was probably the only time they didn't get away. 

"They… they are burning her." 

Lucifer froze. "Where?" He then yelled. 

Before the witch could reply, he saw where in his mind and within the blink of an eye; he was there. 

But... he was too late. 

What he witnessed left him paralyzed. Irene was lying on the ground, in a pool of blood and completely burned. Lucifer ignored the witches that ran away as soon as they saw him and hurried to Irene's side instead. He fell on his knees next to her. 

Her heart was still beating, but slowing down fast. Her face was burned, she could barely open her mouth. He didn't know where to touch her. Any kind of touch would be painful. 


She turned her head but couldn't open her eyes completely. Lucifer felt his stomach turn seeing her in this state. She tried to speak, but only a gasp left her lips. 

"Don't say anything," he said, tearing up. "You will be alright." 

He took off his shirt. He knew it was going to hurt, but he had to stop the bleeding. Irene groaned in pain when he moved her. 

"I know but bare with me." He said when she cried in pain. 

They knew how to kill demons, so they had stabbed her in the back. He tied his shirt around her waist and held her in his lap. 

"Heaven," she breathed. 

"She is alright." He told her. "And you will be fine too." 

She shook her head. "Pain. Ple… ase end it." 


He felt wetness under his eyes and on his cheeks. Was he crying? 

He sensed Euphorions' presence, but didn't care to turn to him. The demon was probably shocked as well. 

Lucifer just held Irene in his lap. He was too afraid to move and cause more pain. He didn't know what to do. But Irene looked like she wanted to tell him something. She tried her best to speak, but strange words came out of her mouth. 

Lucifer turned to Euphorion. "What does she want to say?"

Euphorion was frozen in shock. His face was completely pale. "She is in much pain. She wants you to end it." His voice broke. 

"No! I am not doing that." He told her. He refused to believe that she was going to die. 

She looked over at Euphorion. Lucifer guessed that she was now asking him because Euphorion's face twisted in pain. 

"Don't think of it!" Lucifer threatened. 

"Lucifer." Irene called. 

"Yes." He quickly turned back to her and was glad to hear that she could say his name now. "You will be fine." He promised.

If she was still alive, she had to be fine. Maybe they missed stabbing her right in the spine. Maybe they stabbed next to it. It had to be. He wanted to turn her over and take a good look, but that would cause her more pain. 

"I will take you home," he said. 

"No!" She shook her head violently. 

He turned to Euphorion because she kept looking at him. 

"She doesn't want to be seen like this," Euphorion said. 

"You have to let me do something." He said, frustrated. 

"It is my time to leave." She said calmly. 

"No, it is not. You always wanted to be with your family. You can't leave them. You have to fight to be with them."

She grimaced. "You always… separate me from them..." 

Lucifer stiffened, then clenched his jaw. The words hit him hard. 

"You couldn't let me go. Now you have no choice." 

He shook his head as more tears streamed down his face. He thought he was being punished before, but this felt like the real punishment. Was God trying to show him his power again? 

Alright, you win, he wanted to scream. 

Irene's breathing and heartbeat were slowing down even more. Lucifer started to panic. "Irene. Stay awake." 

He shook her and she groaned. 

"Don't cause her more pain!" Euphorion said angrily. 

"Stay out of it." Lucifer snapped. 

Euphorion, who stood frozen in the same place, finally came next to Irene. Lucifer would have punched him for coming near her if she weren't in this state. 

"Irene." He called her softly. 

Irene turned to Euphorion and, from the way he was quiet and just looked at her, she was telling him something that Lucifer couldn't hear. It made him fume with anger. 

"What is she saying?" 

Euphorion ignored his question and seemed to ignore whatever Irene told him as well. 

"She is till alive. We should take her home." He said. 

Clearly, he wasn't giving up on her as well. 

Lucifer carried her up despite her cries of pain, then teleported them back to the castle. He placed her on her bed. 

He took her hand. "Draw power from me to heal yourself." He told her. 

He hoped she would have the strength, but he was losing her. 

"Her magic is gone." Euphorion spoke from behind him. 

Lucifer cursed. 

"I'll go find a witch." He said, standing up, but Irene held onto him so he couldn't leave. 

"Lothaire. Just promise me to… leave our children alone. Let them be happy when I am gone." 

Tears fell down her tempels. 

No! He couldn't accept that. She wasn't leaving! 

"I'll go find a witch. Stay with her." Euphorion said, and vanished. 

Lothaire wasn't sure if Euphorion would be back before Irene was gone. Her heartbeat was becoming nonexistent. 

He had never felt this lost and powerless. The tears just kept falling down. He never cried. This must be the effects of the possession. 

When Euphorion came back with a witch, it was too late. 

She was gone. 

He didn't know whether it was forever or if there was still a chance, but he just lost it. Euphorion was the one taking care of the rest. He talked to the witch, they turned Irene around and looked at her wound. They spoke about things, but Lothaire couldn't hear what they were saying. 

He could only focus on the pain. He still had hope because otherwise he couldn't live with this. He just couldn't. 

From the way Euphorion kept making efforts to save her, it looked like there was still a chance. Or maybe the demon was in denial, just like him. 

How could Euphorion keep a straight face? How could he not cry and lose his mind? Lothaire knew that after all, the water demon had bonded with her emotionally. He could tell in his eyes. 

Right now, he couldn't even be angry about it. What was the point if she was gone? 

While Euphorion took care of her, Lothaire drowned in self pity. 

"She is alright." Euphorion finally spoke. 

Lothaire quickly stood up. "Are you sure?" 

"The stab didn't reach her spine so she should heal and come back soon." 

Lothaire felt weak in the knees and his head spun. So many emotions came over him. This was so unlike him to feel this way. The relief made him almost collapse. He slowly went to a chair in the room and sat down. 

He just sat there, letting everything that just happened sink in, and after a while he slowly heard her heartbeat. 

She was back!