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551 Bunos Chapter Part I*

"Ugh! Where the hell is he?!" Alicia cursed as she looked around. She couldn’t find Zeres. Abi and Alexander had sent them an invitation for their second wedding tomorrow, so Alicia and Zeres traveled to Abi’s country.

Alicia had found out that Zeres had never seen the real modern world yet. He was ignorant of many things about the modern world, so Alicia decided that the two would travel like ordinary humans. She planned to teach and show Zeres about the things he still didn’t know.

The villages close to the Black Forest were not even close to the cities with all those towering skyscrapers. Country V was also a country that wasn’t as modern as the other countries. Alicia was confident that Zeres would be shocked if he sees the world outside Country V, just like what happened when he first boarded a plane after that battle.

She wanted him to learn about the modern world he was living in and see everything for himself. And this was now the best opportunity to show the world to him because the country where Abi and Alexander lived was the most advanced and modern in the world.

Of course, their very first problem was how the two of them blend in the crowd with their unusual appearances. Unlike the normal witches, silver-haired witches cannot disguise their appearances. The disguise spell will never work on them anymore. Alicia wondered about this before, but since she became queen, she finally understood why. There was once a witch who would be the next queen. But she didn’t want to become queen because she was too young, and she always thought that she was the weakest, her peers bullied her because she couldn’t even do a simple spell. She didn’t understand why a weak and young witch like her was the one chosen. Because of fear that the other witches will never accept her to be their next queen, she disguised herself and hid her silver-hair. The dying queen had searched for her successor but couldn’t find her. Because the only sign for them to find the next queen was through their appearance. Thankfully, the young woman later revealed herself, but what the young woman did cause a lot of unease and fear. That was why the dying queen did everything to ban the next successors from using any disguise spells. Since then, all silver-haired witches can never disguise. They were forbidden to use the spell. That was also why Alicia hadn’t left the Black Forest and Country V since her appearance began to change.

They considered wearing a cloak, but that would only make it harder for them to blend in with the crowd. In the end, Alicia decided that they will simply change their clothes. She knew about the humans dyeing their hairs. And she also learned about the fake contacts that they used. Apart from that, she even knew about the humans who were born with a rare disease the humans called albinism. So she thought that they don’t need to disguise anymore.

Ezekiel already dealt with everything during their first flight, so Alicia didn’t need to deal with those things anymore.

Thus, without any trouble, Alicia and Zeres had landed in Abi and Alexander’s country. Of course, their hair and eyes wouldn’t help them keep a low profile. Heads kept turning towards them wherever they went.

The travel was smooth and Zeres was beyond thrilled about everything. Alicia answered all of his questions patiently as they went on.

However, once they were about to leave the airport, things suddenly went out of control. The airport was suddenly swarmed with so many people, yelling and pushing each other. Alicia and Zeres were shocked. Alicia even thought at first that there was an enemy and almost activated her power to locate the source of this chaos. To her confused surprise, Alicia saw a group of young men being surrounded and chased by countless humans, mostly girls.

"What’s going on?" Zeres asked, trying his very best to stay calm.

"Don’t ever use your magic Zeres, remember what I said. We’re in a place where humans could see our every move." Alicia warned as she grasped his hand, worried that the man will be forced to use his power to disappear and escape the crowd.

"But... they’re hitting us from everywhere. What is this? It’s like a horde is attacking us."

"Don’t worry. It’s not like they can harm us."

"Are you sure? Everyone is pushing us. They can’t push a queen so disrespectfully like this!"

Alicia heard the seriousness in Zeres voice and she sighed. "I said it’s fine. It’s not like I’m their queen. Remember, we’re just humans right now, Zeres."

But then, the crowd bumped at Zeres hard enough that his body crushed against Alicia. He gritted his teeth in anger. "T-these humans –" before Zeres could even complete her angry line, the situation seemed to worsen, and before Alicia knew it, the silver-haired man beside her was no longer there.

"Ugh," she groaned as she looked around, looking for him. But he was nowhere to be found.

She later managed to get out of the crazy crowd. The experience was unbelievable. But she didn’t have the time to get annoyed because Zeres was gone. She still couldn’t locate him. Alicia can’t use her power in this place. She didn’t have a crystal ball, and if she uses her vision, lights would definitely leak from her body.

Alicia looked up, and she immediately ran up the stairs to look for him from up there.

As soon as she reached the second floor, Alicia immediately scanned the crowd. She was looking for a silver-haired, but then, she remembered that they were both wearing black caps.

"Ugh!" Alicia was frustrated. She never thought that trouble this big would befall them upon arriving. It seemed she was wrong when she thought that the human world was the safest and calmest. It was not! They’re wild! And it was so overwhelming because she and Zeres were suddenly rendered helpless.

Alicia scanned the crowd again, hoping that Zeres listened to her and didn’t use his power to escape the crowd.

"Come on, Zeres, where are you? Show up!"

She moved from her spot, eyes focused on the crowd that was now slowly dispersing. Still, Zeres was nowhere to be seen.

Gritting her teeth, Alicia was about to run back downstairs to search for him when her eyes caught something silver. She halted, and her eyes widened in disbelief as her silver gaze focused on that silver thing that was now surrounded by a crowd.

"Zeres, didn’t I braid your hair?! Did you throw your hat?!" she could only face palmed herself.

Zeres was there, frozen still in confusion as the girls around him were taking photos of him like he was some superstar, ambushed by his diehard fans. His long silver hair and matching eyes gleamed in the light of the cameras.

Alicia dashed downstairs. As she made her way through the crowd, she heard every word the girls were saying. But no, not just girls; there were also men in the crowd that was surrounding him.

"Wow! Who’s he?! I don’t remember a celebrity with that kind of beauty! Oh my gosh!"

"Maybe, a cosplayer? But wow, oh, wow! He literally looked like a game character!!"

"He didn’t look human, my god! And what’s with his hair?! God, I swear it’s not a wig!"

"Where did he get that kind of color job? I wanted one!"

"Oh, look at his eyes! I’m dying!! Who the hell is he?!!"

"That’s definitely a contact idiot."

"I know, but... just look at him, oh my god!! Is he even human?!"


552 Bunos Chapter Part II*

The lights of the cameras obviously made Zeres utterly uncomfortable. Confusion and wonder filled his angel-like face as everyone continued flashing their cameras at him and kept asking who he was.

He didn’t even know what to do. His fists were curved into tight balls as he struggled to calm down. All he wanted at that moment was to escape these strange humans, but his mind kept on repeating what Alicia had told him. What should he do? He couldn’t bear it anymore! These strange lights were blinding him.

A deep sigh escaped his lips, and suddenly, someone stepped closer and touched him. Zeres’ eyes widened. The human girl who had clung to his arm was squealing and he didn’t know why.

"Oh, God!! I’m touching him!!!" she screamed as she jumped.

Zeres was so confused, and he didn’t like that this woman he didn’t even know was suddenly touching him. His angel face darkened and his jaw clenched.

"Please let go," he finally spoke as he tried to pull his arm from her grasp. But the girl tightened her grip and even wrapped her arms around Zeres’ waist.

It was then that a beautiful and ear-catching voice made everyone fall silent. "Let him go, woman," Alicia said. She finally stood inside the circle. Her voice also stopped the ladies who were about to mob Zeres and touch him too.

Their eyes fell on Alicia. "And who are you?" they asked.

Alicia eyed them and then she took her hat off. Her silver-hair cascaded over her shoulders like a silver waterfall and everyone gaped at her out of this world beauty.

Gracefully, Alicia walked towards Zeres like the queen that she was and stopped right before the woman who was still gaping at her.

The woman was smaller than her, so she had bent over. "Didn’t you hear what I just said?" she asked, and with just that, the woman immediately unclasped her hands off Zeres and stepped back.

"W-who are you? Are you his girlfriend?" one of the ladies asked.

Alicia glanced at the lady who spoke, and a small smile curved on her face - a smile that dazzled everyone looking at her.

She then grabbed Zeres arms and nodded at them. "Yes. We’re a couple, and we’re into cosplay," she said, and taking advantage of the crowd’s stillness, she pulled Zeres out of the group. As if someone just bewitched them, the crowd could only turn their heads as their line of sight followed the silver-haired couple making their way out.

When Alicia and Zeres were gone, the spell broke, and everyone gasped in disbelief. They looked at their cameras as if they wanted to find any evidence that what they saw was not an illusion. When they saw the pictures, they could only gasp. Some of them even continued taking videos despite being utterly mesmerized a while ago, so they were able to capture the entire scene since they noticed the silver-haired man.

All of them posted the photos and videos on social media platforms asking if anyone knew about the angel-faced couple that appeared in the airport. And in no time, the talk about the silver-haired couple would soon dominate the social media platforms.


In Alex and Abi’s mansion...

The ceremony had already started. Abigail was wearing a beautiful gown as she walked down the aisle. Their second wedding took place inside the large ballroom. There were only a few guests, mostly from Abi’s side.

Abi’s family was tearing up with joy as they watched their princess getting married. Nobody remembered that this was already the second time they were attending Abigail’s wedding.

When Abi brought Alex’s home, Andrew and Abi’s grandparents were shocked. They were utterly surprised and were also worried because the man their daughter had chosen was someone extraordinary. As expected, Abi’s family could sense that Alex wasn’t an ordinary man. But Alex already won their approval before, and he vowed to win them again.

However, before Alex could even start his plan on how to win Abi’s family’s approval, Abi broke the news to them that she was pregnant. Her family was overwhelmed and shocked, but then, Alex told them he’s going to marry Abi, and just like that, their happiness overshadowed their worry about Abigail.

Abi’s family was accepting, and it didn’t take them a long time to notice just how much Alexander loved their Abi. Of course, they also noticed that something had changed about their princess. But because of the news that Abi was pregnant, the family could only think that this might be the cause of the difference they were feeling. Their princess was about to become a mother after all.

And now, seeing their lovely Abigail brimming with nothing but happiness and love as she married the man she loved was all they could ask for. They were beyond happy for her, and at the same time, they were excited for the future little one who will soon join their small family.

"Congratulations," Alicia said as she hugged Abi while Zeres and Alex we’re shaking hands.

"Thank you, Alicia. Thank you for coming." Abi smiled, so happy and glad that her friends made it. Abi was actually a little worried because Alicia and Zeres’ arrival got delayed. They were supposed to arrive at the mansion before the wedding starts, but that didn’t happen.

"I’m sorry, Abigail. We’re a little late. He kept getting lost on our way here, and he took too long choosing a gift that I had to drag him here. Everything distracted him..." Alicia explained as she glanced at Zeres like she wanted to scold the guy but decided not to.

Abi chuckled. "It’s okay, Alicia. I really understand. I know Zeres still need to get used to the modern world."

As everyone enjoyed the reception, Abi and Alex then walked to the dancefloor. The sweet dance started, and the love birds danced in the center of the ballroom. They were the stars of the night, and they were shining damn so bright. Their love was overflowing, that their happiness had influenced everyone around them. That night, Alexander and Abigail were the loveliest and most beautiful couple everyone in the event had ever seen in their lives.

Andrew danced with Abi next after Abi and Alex’s song ended, and then Zeres also danced with her after Andrew. It was a delightful and wonderful evening that everyone had enjoyed to their heart’s content, most especially Abi and Alex.

The only thing missing on that occasion was that some of the important people who were present in Abi and Alex’s first wedding were absent this time. Kai, Kelly, and Ezekiel were unable to attend and only Abi and Alex knew why.


[At last, it’s Kai and Kelly’s moment!! Please go to the next chapters and let’s accompany Kai and Kelly in their very own journey.

Let’s us find out how they will fight for their love. What kind of story is waiting for them? Can they break the curse of forbidden love and be together forever?
Chapter 553 Jerk

Young’s Residence...

"Dad! You can’t be serious!" Kelly rose from her seat. Her expression darkened with shock and fury.

"I am very serious, Kelly. This talk was over more than a year ago and don’t ever forget that you agreed with this deal. We gave you the total freedom you asked! Now it’s time for you to obey without question." Said the oh-so-strict Mathew Young, Kelly’s father. His voice domineering and authoritative.

"But dad, why Tristan?!" Kelly gritted her teeth. "You know what that bastard did to me! Why him of all men in this world?!" Kelly was almost trembling. Both with fear and anger. She had never retorted back at her dad like this before. Her father was always a busy person as far as she could remember that she rarely saw him at home. And Kelly was always scared to displease him because she knew that her existence was already a disappointment to him. All because she wasn’t born male.

Mathew rose from his seat. His expression remained decisive and firm. "That will be enough from you, Kelly." He lifted his hand to stop her from talking as he sighed wearily. "Tristan is just a teenager back then. He’s an adult now, a fully grown man. He’s now a very responsible gentleman and no one is more suitable for you in this world but him. He is the man I wanted to take over our company. Once the Flynn and Young family’s wealth merge, we will finally take the throne Ezekiel Qin left. Tristan will be the next Ezekiel Qin and you will be his wife."

As soon as he said those words, Mathew strode off, leaving Kelly clenching her fists into tight balls. "The next Ezekiel Qin? Ha! Ezekiel Qin is a self-made billionaire. Tristan is nowhere near Ezekiel Qin. That lucky spoiled brat only inherited his parent’s wealth and now, he’s going to take my wealth too?" Kelly laughed softly, hysterically.

Tristan Flynn was Kelly’s first ever boyfriend. He was the son of her father’s best friend and since they were young, their parents were already pushing them to be together, telling them that she and Tristan were perfect for each other.

Kelly liked Tristan because apart from being the person her family approved for her, he was handsome, and nice to her. She grew up believing that Tristan was the right one for her. They eventually dated when Kelly was sixteen. That made her parents happy.

And then, on Kelly’s 18th birthday, Tristan did something she could never ever forget. He was still her boyfriend back then when Kelly caught her boyfriend cheating on her. The bastard was eloping with some bitches on the very night of Kelly’s debut. She didn’t cry. Without a word, she left. She finally believed the rumors about Tristan being a real jerk. Then she found out about the bitches her damned two-faced boyfriend was hiding behind her back all those times. Kelly felt betrayed and anger darkened her heart. Tristan didn’t like her at all. He only dated her because of her fortune, and she was the princess his family chose for him. She couldn’t believe that he had her completely fooled for two whole years. She thought Tristan was her first love but after meeting Kai, Kelly realized what she felt towards Tristan back then wasn’t love. It was infatuation or probably what they called puppy love.

Kelly broke up with him, but Tristan was persistent in seeking for her forgiveness. Too bad for him because Kelly knew it was only because his family most certainly had threatened him.

Her anger towards this person whom she had once trusted whole-heartedly for two years didn’t subside. She had wasted her precious two years on him while he was bitching around all those times. Utterly annoyed with Tristan’s persistence, Kelly told him that she will forgive him if he let her beat him. Tristan agreed and Kelly beat him into a pulp, not sparing his handsome face.

She had forgiven him after that, but she never trusted him again. Tristan then left the country and never appeared before her ever since then. Although she still heard from her friends that the bastard had never changed. He was a womanizer through and through. Kelly had dated many others after Tristan but unfortunately for her, all the good-looking men she dated cheated behind her back. Thus, they too, suffered a good beating as Kelly’s parting gift for them. Since then, whenever Kelly was angry, she always went after good looking men and beat them up. Because in her eyes, they were all cheating bastards.

And now, she’s going to marry that same bastard?! No way in hell was she allowing that to happen!!!

"Kelly dear," she heard her mother’s voice as she patted her back. "I know what you feel but –"

"Mom, you don’t. How could I marry that guy? He already cheated on me not once but countless times back then! He will definitely do that to me again!"

"Give him a chance darling. I’ve met him twice just the other day. He’s so different now. He’s not the old Tristan anymore. So, give him a chance okay?"

Kelly opened her mouth in annoyance, but closed it before any words could spill out. She didn’t want to argue with her mother. Her mother had just come from the hospital, so she didn’t want to stress her out. So, without a word, Kelly dashed towards the front door.

Riding her favorite black bike, Kelly left the Young’s Residence at full speed. She wanted to cool her head, or she will burst. She couldn’t believe that all these things were happening.

The engagement was something that Kelly was expecting. She knew she had to deal with this once she reached home. But she was still surprised to her bones because her father wasn’t talking about engagement. He was already talking about the wedding, claiming that she and Tristan were long engaged and it was high time for them to tie the knot.

Kelly thought that she could still do something to change her family’s mind. She had plans on how to postpone the engagement they were planning. And if her plan A fails, she planned to make her fiancé ran away from her instead. She had many plans on how to do that.

But things were going against her. She never thought that her father still chose Tristan of all people. She could already imagine what was waiting for her. Tristan will definitely do anything to get her, no, to get her wealth. He was such a jerk who only thinks about money after all. She knew he never changed because she heard about all his women after her and they were all rich kids. He never dated anyone who wasn’t some heiress of a huge fortune. Kelly knew because even if she doesn’t care, some of her friends still talk about Tristan in front of her. After all, the man was always second to Ezekiel Qin.

Gritting her teeth, Kelly accelerated until she halted in front of a bar.

Chapter 554 Damned Jerk

Wearing a black leather outfit which perfectly hugged her every curve, leaving nothing to the imagination, Kelly walked confidently inside. She clearly had an athletic body, and her breasts were perfectly sized for her body. Her wavy jet-black hair with hints of midnight blue looked like a silk waterfall at night.

Her expression was serious as she almost looked like a woman with a mission – a do or die mission. And she looked damned badass and just utterly sexy.

Multiple eyes were glued on her, but the men could tell that the gorgeous female tigress wasn’t in the mood. Few of them also knew her, not as the sole heiress of the Young family, but as the badass woman who beat-up good-looking men.

Sitting at the dimly lit corner, Kelly ran her fingers through her hair as she sipped on her drink. She had too many thoughts racing around in her head that she couldn’t even care about anything else. She had to think about how to get away from this. How could she deal with that damned jerk? What should she do?

Her mind was buzzing around like a bee, looking for solutions but nothing was popping up. As she drunk more, her mind wandered back to Country V, back to Kai, and she became a little emotional. Thinking about that night and the day when she last saw Kai made her felt like a needle was piercing her chest.

Days ago, she and Kai spent one more day and a night together. Those days were among the few precious moments in her life. In Kai’s world, Kelly felt fulfilled and content. To her, his world was the world she wanted. She knew it was not a world that would always be filled with sunshine and adventure, but it was the world and life that she thought would make her happy.

She didn’t want to be anyone’s trophy wife. She didn’t want to grow old thinking and doing nothing but how to grow or keep the family’s wealth and legacy. She didn’t want to marry without love. She didn’t want anything or anyone but her pretty prince.

A bitter smile curved on her lips as Kelly shook her head, reminding herself that she and Kai were hopeless. The two of them will never work and she had hurt Kai for being so stubborn, for wanting the impossible. Still, it was hard for her to accept. She never thought it would be this painful and she knew she could never get over him. Never.

"It’s unfair! Why can’t I get the only man I ever truly wanted?" she murmured as she lifted her glass and emptied it. Her eyes were fierce, but pain and longing were dancing beneath those eyes.

At that moment, Kelly’s eyes caught a familiar figure standing not far from her. His back was facing her but there was no way – either on earth or in hell – that Kelly would not recognize this asshole.

Tristan was there, bitching again, despite the fact that the two of them were set to meet tomorrow to talk about their marriage.

"Asshole! I will break your neck!" she mumbled as her eyes narrowed.

The man was holding two sexy girls in each arm. They seemed to just walk out of the private rooms above. Did this asshole just had a threesome?

Her lips twitched in disgust. All she wanted that moment was attack him and hit him black and blue until no woman will ever look at him anymore.

With a wicked smile, Kelly brought out her cellphone and snapped a photo of him. If she shows this photo to her parents, this marriage was doomed. She didn’t know what this damned man did to make her parents believe that he has changed. This jerk will never change, and she was right.

’You’re doomed bastard, I will make you regret that you still dared to come after me and my wealth,’ she whispered within her.

However, the triumphant smile on Kelly’s face faded when a man suddenly snatched her phone. Kelly was slow to react because of all the alcohol she had downed earlier and because she was too busy celebrating with the picture as "evidence".

She looked up; anger flashed in her eyes as she rose. The man who got her phone was bulky and he looked like... damn... he was a bodyguard! Was he Tristan’s bodyguard?

"I’m sorry miss, but we can’t allow anyone to take a photo of our boss. We will return your phone once the image is gone." The man said as he gave her phone to another man in black behind him. Damn. What a sly fox. No wonder there was no scandalous news about this jerk all these times.

"Give me back my phone." Kelly demanded, unfazed. "Now!"

The bodyguard looked at her with warning and threat. And that was it. Kelly landed a punch on the man’s nose. Elusive and fast as ever, Kelly attempted to snatch back her phone from the other man behind the man she just punched when, someone grabbed her wrist.

More men came and before she knew it, she was surrounded by four men in black. The other man gripped her other wrist very tight.

’Damn!’ Kelly cursed. She was a little drunk and these men were definitely elite bodyguards. There was no way she could go against them!

"What’s going on?" a voice echoed, and the men turned.

"We caught a paparazzi, boss." One of the guard said as Kelly struggled from their grip.

The moment they pulled Kelly and made her face their boss, Tristan’s eyes slightly widen.

Kelly always saw his damned face in magazines and on the television, so she wasn’t surprised with the changes in Tristan’s appearance anymore. He indeed changed from a boy to a man. His pretty face now looked hard and his body was muscular but not bulky. His overwhelming sensuality that everyone kept praising about him also dramatically levelled up. But his jerk factor and asshole vibes also increased to the highest level. She could see it in those lusty eyes of his as he assessed her from her head to toe.

"Long time no see, Jerk," she greeted with a mocking smile. "I see you’re still bitching around as always." She looked at him with utter disgust.

What she said immediately aggravated Tristan and he sent away the girls he was holding.

"What are you doing here?" he stepped closer to her as he signaled his men to let her go. And as soon as they let go of her wrist, a hard punch landed on Tristan’s jaw, causing the guards to immediately seize her again.

"You still dare want to marry me? What a damned jerk! I will break your damned nose at the altar before you could even say ’I do’!" Kelly said in anger.
Chapter 555 Little brother

Tristan simply licked the corner of his lips as he rubbed his jaw. It seemed like he wasn’t the same young boy whom Kelly easily beat up back then.

"What a surprising greeting Kelly," he said although he didn’t look like he was surprised at all. "Did you come here to spy on your future husband?"

"Future husband! Ha!" she snorted in disgust. "I will never marry you Tristan Flynn. Over my dead body!" she declared. Tristan’s eyes flared with something dangerous at what she said but too soon, his expression softened.

He stretched out his hand and his guard gave him her phone. He stared at it before looking at her. "So you’re planning to show this to your parents to stop the wedding." He nodded as if he was amazed. "You’re as smart as always, Kelly."

And then he stepped closer, his eyes were hard and dangerous as he cupped her chin. "But too bad my girl, because your parents will never dislike me. Did you know? They already considered me as their son. So stop being a brat Kelly. Grow up. What I’m doing is normal. There is no such thing as a one-woman man in this world anymore, you understand? I will marry you." He stressed. "Even if I will have thousands of mistresses, you’ll be the ONLY wife! So be satisfied with that and use your brain. Don’t even think about making this harder and accept reality, this is how the world works now. And you already know this long ago, Kelly. In our world, an arrange marriage is normal and inevitable. You are born rich so accept your fate. Understand?"

"Bastard –"

"Hush now Kelly. Or could it be that you’re like this because you’re jealous?" he smiled. "You can have me tonight my dear fiancée. Or any nights you wanted." He added as his lecherous gaze zoomed in on her chests.

"F*ck you –"

"You’ve grown to become such a gorgeous woman Kelly." He ignored her curses and he signaled his men to let her go again.

"Give me my phone." Kelly immediately demanded, ignoring the faint ache on her wrists.

"Come with me, to my house, and I’ll return it to you."

Her fist flew towards his face again but this time, Tristan dodged it. "What’s wrong with it? We’re engaged, Kelly and will get married in five days. Our parents will be delighted if we arrived together –"

"Go f*ck yourself, asshole!" Kelly cut him off and leaving her phone, she turned her back on him and left.

Tristan’s eyes were focused on Kelly’s cute little bottom and lust flared in his eyes. He hadn’t seen Kelly for a very long time. He never thought she’s become this gorgeous, this deadly sexy. Kelly was already good looking back then but she was very different now. She had grown up into the type of woman in his fantasies. He never thought she would easily outshine all his other women.

And the most interesting thing was that her disgust and hate towards him was real. The fact that she didn’t swoon at his feet ignited something within him. She used to be a little shy around him back then and he knew she truly liked him. But now, she didn’t even seem affected by anything about him. And unexpectedly, he was extremely attracted to her.

"She’s my future wife so if she wanted to beat you guys, let her." He said to his guards with a thrilled smile and his guards nodded after looking at each other in confusion.

"And if she tries to attack you?"

"Let her. She’s just a girl. I can handle her now. She’s the reason why I learned to fight after all," he smirked as if he was looking forward for something interesting.

"Let’s go. I have something more interesting thing to do now." Tristan added and they left the bar.

Kelly’s bike screeched to a halt as soon as she was far enough from that bar. She was so angry; she was literally burning up. Hastily, Kelly climbed off her bike and kicked a tree on the road side.

"Damn you!! Just you wait you jerk!!" she snarled at the tree as if the tree was Tristan. "Ouch!" she crouched down and rubbed her feet.

That was when a worried male voice rang from behind her.

"Miss, are you okay?" he said. Kelly snapped at him.

"No! Do I look okay?" she answered as she winced in pain.

"What can I help you with?" he asked, and Kelly looked at him again. She finally realized how good looking the young man was. He had the same chocolate brown hair like her Kai and his features were unearthly. Despite wearing a simple jeans and t-shirt, clothes just won’t downgrade his breathtaking good looks.

With a narrowed gaze, Kelly rose and suddenly grabbed his collar. The boy looked eighteen but he was still taller than her. "You want to help me?" Kelly asked and the young man creased her brows, lost for a while before he nodded.

Kelly smiled. "Then, will you let me beat you? I will pay you and... I won’t harm your gorgeous face."

Unexpectedly, the young man didn’t look surprised. After a short while of silence, he tilted his head slightly and then nodded.

Without a moment of hesitation, Kelly’s fist landed on the young man’s abdomen. And then to his chest. She kicked him and then punched him again, venting her anger on him, until she was satisfied. The young man groaned as he crouched down. Kelly grabbed the young man’s collar and whispered in his ear. "You’re a vampire, right?" she asked.

The young man stilled. So still that she couldn’t tell if he was still breathing. That was enough for Kelly. She knew the young man was acting like he’s in pain a while ago when she was hitting him. "Don’t tell me, you’re a royal vampire. That hair of yours is exactly the same as my beloved, you know?" she raised a brow. "Prince Kai’s little brother?"

The young man choked. "I... I don’t know what you’re talking about Miss." He said, averting his gaze away.

Kelly sighed. This little cutie pie was obviously flustered. Why did the royal family let this little cutie go out in the world without training him how to lie?

"Did Kai sent you to spy on me or something?" she asked again and the young shook his head like a rattle.

"No. I just saw you while you’re riding your bike and thought you look like –"

"Your brother’s woman?" Kelly smiled confidently and the young man nodded. He suddenly froze as his eyes widened and he sheepishly cleared his throat. Regret flashed on his face as if he wanted to take back his reaction. But it was too late now. It’s already confirmed.

Another deep sigh escaped Kelly’s lips. "What’s your name?"


Kelly suddenly rubbed her forehead. She almost heard that as ’Kai’.

"You already know my name?" she asked and he nodded. "So? Why are you here?"
Chapter 556 What happened

Kyle looked around. "Just... doing some sight-seeing. It’s my first time here. This place is cool. I want to go up there," he pointed at the tallest building. "But I think I can’t enter."

"Why don’t you just climb? That’s way too easy for you to do."

Kyle shook his head. "No. I am supposed to be a human right now. I can’t do something crazy and risk exposing my true identity."

Kelly gave a wry smile. Ah, so obedient. A civilized vampire prince, exactly like the man she knew.

"That building is owned by your brother though." Kelly said and as expected, the innocent cutie pie didn’t even know.

"My brother... Kai?"

"No. Ezekiel."

"Oh," was all the young man said.

"But I don’t know what is happening now with the empire he left. He had killed himself without announcing an heir." Kelly said. She knew that Ezekiel was alive and kicking in Country V.

"Do you want to go? I can take you there." She offered but the young man politely declined.

"I want to, but I have to leave in ten minutes. I have others with me and we’re going back to our kingdom."

"I see..." Kelly nodded and after a long awkward silence, Kelly looked at him. "Kai... how is he?"

The young man met her gaze. "I’m sorry but I do not know. I haven’t seen him for days now."

Kelly’s brows knotted. But looking at the boy’s eyes, she knew he was telling the truth. "I see..." was all Kelly uttered. "Well then, be safe on your way home. Although I am still speechless that you are roaming around alone like this. I am worried some naughty bitches might catch you."

Kyle smiled. He had such a beautiful smile like his brother. "Don’t worry Miss, I won’t let bitches catch me."

A short laugh echoed. "Good boy," Kelly said. "If you visit here again, just come to me. I’ll be your tour guide."

The boy nodded with a pleased and warm smile, making him look even cuter.

He waved at her and then turned when Kelly called out to him a few seconds later.


The boy looked over his shoulder.

"Tell Kai... I’m getting married in five days." She said, smiling. But Kyle saw how her lips trembled as she said those words.

Kyle looked shocked but before he could say a word, Kelly climbed on her bike and left.


Kelly arrived at Alex and Abi’s house later that night.

Charles had let her in and led her to the sofa by the fireplace. The ancient looking mansion was quiet, but the atmosphere was pleasant. And she knew why this large place didn’t look cold and cavernous anymore. Because the couple living here was happy and in love. Their love was the sunshine warming up this ancient and quiet place.

"Kelly!" Abi’s voice echoed and Kelly rose from her seat. The first thing she did was dashed towards Abi and hugged her.

Abi silently rubbed her back softly, knowing that her friend was in a dire situation. Once Kelly calmed down, she took a deep breath and saw Alexander descending the grand staircase. He was wearing a sky blue printed pyjamas that matched Abi’s.

This Alexander wearing something like that was shocking but cute at the same time. And the most frustrating thing was that the man still managed to come across as wickedly good looking. Something that made Kelly wanted to roll her eyes. This couple was making her damned jealous. She imagined Kai in those pyjamas, and she bit her bottom lip. Her Kai would still look delicious in those clothes.

Pulling away from Abi, Kelly took another deep sigh.

"Kelly, what happened?" Abi asked her as she led her back to the couch. Kelly sat next to her, but her eyes looked for Alexander. The man was gone. "Do you want us to speak upstairs?"

"No, it’s fine," Kelly relaxed and leaned back on the couch. "You looked and feel different now, Abi." She muttered as she looked up at the ceiling before she turned to her.

Abi was creasing her brows slightly and Kelly smiled. "You looked even prettier now," she added. "Okay, you’re always beautiful but there’s definitely something different now." She moved and leaned closer to Abi. "Did you turn into a vampire?"

Abi blinked. She didn’t tell Kelly about the fact that she was now an immortal. Kelly didn’t know that she was the reincarnated dragon keeper. Her family also don’t know anything about this. Abi talked about this to Alex and they both knew that this was something that must be kept a secret to from everyone. They knew they could keep it a secret but as time went by, everyone will start to question why are they not getting older. This issue was something they must think about seriously, but Alex told Abi that there was still plenty of time for them to deal with this issue. For now, Abi decided not to tell Kelly or her family about these things.

"I think... it’s because I’m pregnant." Abi shrugged. Kelly inclined her head and Abi could tell that she was considering it. After all, Kelly knew that Alex was a half vampire. "Okay, enough about me Kelly." Abi quickly changed the topic. "What happened? I know you’re here for a reason. Is it... is it about Kai?"

Kelly looked away. And then, she told Abi about everything that had happened since she came back home.

Abi was shocked and angry.

"Ugh! I don’t know what to do Abi." Kelly uttered helplessly. "I want to run away."

Speechless, Abi held her friend’s hand. "D-does Kai knew about this?" she asked, hesitantly.

A small smile curved on Kelly’s face and her eyes looked hurt. "Nope."

"Why don’t you tell him, Kelly? He might –"

"Abi, Kai and I..." Kelly trailed off, biting the inside of her bottom lip. "It didn’t work out."

Abi’s eyes widened in disbelief.

"Huh? What do you mean? D-did Kai reject you?"

"No... but..."

"Kelly. Can you tell me what actually happened between you two? I might... I might be able to help."

Chapter 557 Call*

Kelly looked down and stared at her hands on her lap. It took her a while before she lifted her face again and looked at Abi.

The concern in Abi’s eyes soothed Kelly’s heart, and she finally began to speak and told Abi what happened between them.

Days ago, after spending a night with Kai in his villa, Kelly didn’t go home. She stayed with Kai for another day. Kai had brought Kelly around the city, and to Kelly, that was one special day she could never forget. Kai had made her happy, and she knew that her feelings for him grew even stronger. The love she felt for him was so overwhelming that she actually thought about breaking her promise to her parents. She didn’t want to go home. She didn’t want to wake up from this dream-like world she had found. She wanted to stay in this fantasy land where she could fly freely with the man she fell in love with.

But when the night came, Kelly was forcefully awakened from her sweet, sweet dream, and reality slapped her. Hard.

Kelly had continued her erotic exploration that night. Doing even naughtier and wilder moves on Kai. They let themselves drown in pleasure. Their unquenchable cravings for each other was too much reason, and worries had left them. Everything else washed away that they both couldn’t stop themselves from committing the forbidden act.

And they did it... and the price was heavy. They climb up the ladder of maddening pleasure, but before they could even reach the heavens, Kai’s instinct consumed him, and warning bells deafened Kelly. Kelly had called out for his name over and over again, but the man couldn’t hear anything. His eyes were vivid blood moons. The warmth and love in his eyes were gone. They turned into the eyes of a starved predator.

Kelly tried to pull away, but Kai was too strong; any wrong movement and he could crush her bones. It was too late. Kelly felt it. And she could only utter ’I’m sorry’ and ’I love you,’ knowing that after this, Kai could never forgive himself. Never. And it was all her fault.

However, as Kelly braced herself for what would happen next, Kai suddenly stopped and let go of her. Kelly opened her eyes and saw that Kai’s eyes were no longer bloody red. But they didn’t return to normal. A pitch-black smoke seemed to have covered his eyes, and he silently climbed off her.

The still shocked Kelly rose and watched him grabbed his robe at the foot of the bed and wore it. Kelly called out, but the man didn’t speak. He walked away from the bed but he fell on his knees before he could even reach the glass window. He looked as though he just vomited.

Kelly scrambled out of bed towards him, but before she could reach him, Kai stood again and broke the window with his fist. And then he was gone.

When Kelly looked down where Kai had fallen, she saw blood on the floor. She knew the blood came from Kai, and he most probably vomited them.

That night, Kelly waited for Kai, but when the man didn’t return, she drove out of the villa back to the castle. She couldn’t reach Abi, so her only choice was to go back. She knew something happened with Kai and that he’s in grave danger. Luckily, Kelly found a beautiful bike in the garage and she had the key she took from Kai’s room.

Ezekiel Qin was the one who welcomed her. The terrifying man made Kelly flinch almost every time he spoke, but Kelly held her ground and asked him where Kai was.

Despite feeling like she was in front of Lucifer, the devil, Kelly still spoke to him, telling him what happened to Kai before he disappeared. To her surprise, the man already knew everything, and he told her she could not see Kai.

Ezekiel told Kelly that Kai was injured but was already recovering and that Kai wished Kelly to go back home. Kelly was suspicious. She pleaded to Ezekiel that she wanted to see Kai, but the oh-so-cold Ezekiel didn’t budge.

And then, she was escorted to the airport. The sun was already out when Kelly reached the airport. She dialed Kai’s number multiple times until finally, he answered it.

Kelly cried hearing his voice as she asked him if he was fine. When Kai said he’s doing good, Kelly asked him to show up before she go, but Kai said he couldn’t fulfill her wish. Kelly was hurt, but she didn’t say anything. She said sorry , but Kai said she didn’t have anything to apologize for. And then, she said ’I love you,’ but Kai’s response was, ’I love you, goodbye.’’

The call was cut after that because Kelly’s phone died. She tried to find somewhere to charge, but two royal guards escorted her until she was inside the plane. She tried to call Kai again, but she could no longer reach him.

And just like that, Kelly was back to the real world. To the world she so wanted to escape from.


Abi could only hug Kelly. She didn’t know that all these happened to Kelly while she was in White Falls Village.

"I am worried about Kai. I don’t know why but when I last spoke to him... I feel like something is wrong with him." Kelly said as she fiddled with her fingers.

"I think Kai is fine. He is very healthy the last time I saw him. He even helped us. I didn’t see anything wrong with him during the battle."


Abi caught her lower lips between her teeth. "It’s just a fight between Alex and the rogue vampires. Kai helped us, and he was as strong as before. So I think he might be already cured." Abi managed to bring Kelly’s attention to Kai.

What Abi said made Kelly sighed in relief, and she relaxed a little.

"Do you want me to help you tell Kai about the wedding your parents arranged for you?"

Kelly shook her head. "I already told his brother, Abi."

"Brother? Ezekiel?"

"No. I just met a teenager named Kyle before I came here, so I told him."

At that moment, Alex was approaching them, holding the tray of tea Charles had prepared for Abi and Kelly. His brows creased upon hearing the name Kelly mentioned.

"Kyle? Who’s with him?" Alex asked as he put down the tray.

"He’s alone." As soon as those words left Kelly’s lips, Alex’s eyes widened. "He said he had a companion, and he’s going to meet them soon. But when I found him, he’s wandering alone in the street."

Alex rubbed his forehead.

"That brat!" he hissed as he straightened and Kelly realized that that young prince didn’t seem to be allowed wandering alone.

"Well... I do think it’s dangerous for that boy wondering like that. He didn’t even know how to lie, and that’s why I quickly realized he’s a vampire –"

"Where is he?"

As soon as Kelly told him the place, Alex hastily leaned down towards his wife, kissed her forehead, and told her he needed to check on the troublesome kid.

Once Alex was gone, Abi faced Kelly again. She looked at her best friend’s eyes intently.

"Kelly... What are you planning to do now? Do you have a plan?"

Chapter 558 Plan B*

My plan?" Kelly looked at her best friend. Her eyes lit by a glint of mischief, not the playfulness of an innocent child, but something crazy and... dangerously alarming.

Abi waited patiently. Knowing that Kelly wasn’t the type who just sit there and accept everything, Abi was intrigued at what she was planning to do next.

"Running away." Kelly grinned, but Abi couldn’t see the determination she was expecting in Kelly’s eyes. The stubbornness and wildness Kelly usually possessed were gone.

"But I can’t run away," she added. "My family... all they have is me. I understand why my father is doing this. Since I was young, I was raised to accept my fate. That one day, I will get married, not for the sake of love but the sake of my family and the company. And I knew I couldn’t escape this... and that’s why I asked for a year of complete independence. They gave it to me. I promised them I would abide by whatever they want after that. If I ran away... I will betray them, and without me, their one and only heir, my family... the company will eventually...." Kelly leaned back and rubbed her face with her hands. "My mother is ill and my father... I could already foresee what would happen if I run away... he’ll go mad and might have a heart attack. The company is everything to him. He’ll do everything to find me, and even if he would fail to find me, I don’t want to be the cause of the family’s fall."

"How about plan B?" Abi asked softly after a long while of silence. She knew how serious and complicated Kelly’s situation. Before Kelly met Kai, Abi knew that Kelly was never really serious about finding the love of her life. It was because of this. Had she not meet Kai, Kelly might be sitting there now, with her legs folded as she drinks her wine elegantly, like a savage queen, completely unfazed. She might even willingly marry Tristan, but of course, with meticulous plans and conditions that would never make her emerged victorious in the end. Kelly had been a little too callous to men back then. But now, meeting Kai changed her.

There was a long pause before Kelly responded. "The plan B is..." she forced a grin again. "I need to find a man in the next four days to wed."

"Oh," Abi’s lips formed a small ’o’. "Alex and I can help Kelly. Alex can call Kai –"

"No, Abi." Kelly cut her off. "Not Kai." She shook her head as she flashed a bitter smile.

"But Kelly –"

"Any man can do as long as it’s not Kai and not Tristan."

Abi creased her brows with worry. Kelly’s voice had gone cold and unfeeling.

"All I have to do is find a man who does not like me and will abide by my conditions. Of course, he needs to be a big fish, so my family approves of him."

"W-what conditions?"

"That we’re going to get married just in papers and get a divorce later... that we shall not live together..." Kelly paused while Abi’s lips hang open.

Seeing Abi’s dumbfounded reaction made Kelly smile. This time not forced. "Don’t worry, Abi. A marriage of convenience like that is no longer uncommon." She explained as she shrugged. But then, her eyes sharpened, and she gritted her teeth. "Tristan, that bastard will never agree with my condition. He would want me to become his baby-making machine. Over my dead body," she hissed.

Abi was speechless. She didn’t know what to say. Kelly had been such a strong-willed woman that she never once seek for Abi’s advice. Since they became friends, Kelly rarely vented out her frustrations and problems but never sought advice. Kelly always decided for herself. And the look of her now, Abi knew that whatever she would say would be useless because it seemed Kelly had already made up her mind, and she’s going for her plan B.

"I already have a list of prospects. And I’m going to start hunting them tomorrow. One of the men on my list is Chris, haha." She laughed, shaking her head a little in disbelief. "He’s quite a wealthy superstar, and the company he just started is very promising. My parents wouldn’t mind as long the man is wealthy enough. Though I can already imagine the look on that guy’s face upon hearing my proposal. But there’s a possibility that he’ll agree."

"Why would you think that he’ll agree?"

"Because he’s heartbroken, like me." Kelly grinned and then waved her hand. "Kidding. I heard a piece of interesting news about him. Unfortunately, the poor guy is like me, Abi. He also has an inheritance he couldn’t claim unless he gets married. Hopefully, he’s not too scared of me, haha. My next prospect is..."

As Kelly continued talking about the men on her list, Abi could only listen to her. But after a long while, Abi finally opened her mouth to speak.

"Kelly..." Abi reached out and held her dear friend’s hand, pressing it gently, as if to convey her support to her. Abi still didn’t want to give up. The thought that Kelly will marry a man she didn’t love was breaking her heart. Kelly deserved to be happy. "Are you..." Abi was careful and her voice filled with concern and hesitation, "are you really sure... I mean... Kai –"

"Kai will refuse even if I fall to my knees and propose to him, Abi." Kelly bit her lower lip. "He thinks he will be the death of me... He had given up on us, Abi." Abi could hear the ache and struggle in Kelly’s voice. She was trying so hard to bury the emotions within her. "And I understand why... if I were the one in his shoes..." she paused and smiled bitterly. "I’d rather send my love away than stay with him and constantly being on guard... and afraid that I’ll kill him with my own hands."

The room fell silent again. Abi fought the tears that threatening to cloud her eyes. This was too much. She could see the overwhelming emotions in Kelly’s eyes. She was breaking within, but there were no tears in her eyes.

"Don’t worry about me, Abi. I will be alright." Kelly still managed to smile. "I can handle this. I’ve been preparing myself for this for many years, you know. And Kai... he’s way too beautiful, way too otherworldly to suffer for the likes of worldly woman like me. He deserves a woman that will not make him tremble in fear and horror every time he makes love with her." She looked up, and a wishful glimmer covered the pain in her eyes, "I am letting him go..."
Chapter 559 Gangster

When Alex entered their bedroom, he found Abigail standing by the window.

She turned with a sheepish smile, and her heart tripped a little at the sight of him. His hair was disheveled and a little damp. His fingers were already busy unbuttoning his shirt, revealing the delicious and lithe muscularity of his godly body. His eyes, his lips, his face riveting in their sensuous perfection. This god of seduction was doing it again, and Abigail knew she could never ever get tired of watching him do this. Much more get used to it.

His gaze swept over her. Despite wearing a pajama pair, Alex’s looked at her as if she was wearing a seductive nightgown.

"Did you see the boy?" Abi asked as Alex put his shirt on the chair and approached her.

"Yes, the brat is alone. The companions he was talking about are nonexistent." He answered.


"He insisted that two elite vampires had escorted him, but the names he gave are unheard of. I called Zeke and confirmed there’s no vampire with those names and features." He explained as he unbuckled his belt. "And Kyle didn’t seem to be lying. I think an imposter had lured him out."

Abi’s brows creased. "But for what purpose?"

"Perhaps, someone wanted to expose the presence of vampires to the world. I’m not certain yet but don’t worry, Zeke’s already dealing with this, my love." He held her from behind and kissed the side of her throat.

"Alex..." She drew in a breath at the hot touch of his breath. "I am worried about Kelly." She added, causing Alex’s lips on her skin to pause. "Is there really no hope for them? I want to help them, Alex. I don’t want Kelly to marry a man she didn’t love."

Gently, Alex turned her to face him. He stared into her eyes and saw the troubled and worried look in her lovely eyes. He drew her in his embrace and kissed her head.

"Okay, we will help them. I shall see what we can do for them," he said, and he felt Abi sighed in relief.

"Thank you," she whispered.

Alex swooped her into his arms. He gently put her down on the bed and then kissed her lips. "Anything for you, my love," he uttered.


The next morning.

Kelly arrived at the Young residence, wearing a pure black outfit.

She deliberately came home late despite the endless calls coming from her parents, telling her that Tristan and his parents had arrived long ago. Kelly didn’t care, and she didn’t want to go but knowing her parents, Kelly decided to appear still. She was afraid that her father might do something stupid because of rage and probably end up locking her home. She can’t afford to be restrained or locked in the next few days. She still had to go and hunt for the men on her list.

As soon as she entered the mansion, she was welcomed with a seemingly happy and pleasant conversation. Her eyes immediately narrowed at the sight of the man she despised to her very core. He was shamelessly speaking so politely to her parents, like how a doting son-in-law should act before his in-laws. He was dazzling, and she damned hated it. It was obvious this man had already won the hearts of her parents. The worst thing was that Kelly already felt that Tristan had won and had already even stolen her parents from her, especially her father, who had been dreaming of having a son.

Silently, Kelly approached them. Her father glared at her at the sight of her outfit. She wished he would send her away and get change, but he didn’t. He was too eager to get over the talk.

Kelly was mute the entire conversation. Her father spoke for her as if she was someone not capable of talking for herself. Rage quietly crashed and swirled inside her, but Kelly had managed to keep an unfeeling, expressionless face.

Once everything was over, Kelly was the first to rise. Her eyes cold as she took a step to leave without a word. But Tristan’s voice halted her.

"You forgot this in my car, Kelly."

Kelly’s head whipped around, and she stared at Tristan with narrowed eyes. Her cellphone in his hand. The look on her parents’ face was beyond pleased, and Kelly cursed within her.

She grabbed the phone from him and stormed out of the mansion.

It didn’t take long until a gorgeous black bike left the mansion’s gate at a bullet speed. Kelly was so angry she felt like exploding.

It was already sunset when Kelly finally found Chris. The man had just finished his taping when Kelly appeared, dressed in that badass and sexy leather outfit of hers.

Everyone in the set, both male and female, looked at her with awe. They couldn’t help but gape at how perfect her body was. She dressed and looked like a perfect antagonist of a badass action movie. While everyone was curious about her identity, the first thing Chris did was call for the security.

Kelly immediately frowned and glared at him as she approached him.

"Wait, wait, wait." Chris stepped back. "Don’t blame me for impulsively calling the guards Kelly. Don’t you know how you look right now? You look like an assassin! And god, why you’re looking at me as if you’re after my head? At least let the security check if you’re hiding weapons!"

Realizing the rage that was still oozing in her eyes, Kelly halted and took a deep breath. She fought to calm herself, and once she did, she flashed a smile towards Chris.

But the tall, lean, and swoon-worthy superstar obviously didn’t buy her smile. "Don’t smile, damn it. You look even scarier!"

Kelly closed her eyes, pressing her lips tight as she sighed again. "I don’t have any weapon, and I am certainly not here to take your head Mr. Superstar. In fact, I don’t even care about your head or any part of your body."

"You... don’t tell me you ran out of good-looking men to beat, and I’m the only one left."

"No, no, Chris. Just for you to know, you’re not good-looking enough to deserve the power of my fists."

Chris strode towards her and grabbed Kelly’s forearm. "Come here, you, gangster." He dragged her towards the make-up room, and as soon as he closed the door, he faced her with an exasperated look. "Then, what do you want from me?"

Kelly nonchalantly sat on the chair and crossed her impossibly long legs. She stared at him, and without any preamble, Kelly spoke.

"I came to propose to you. Let’s get married."

Chapter 560 Maddening

A deafening silence enveloped the makeup room. Chris was gaping at Kelly, blinking and utterly speechless. He looked like he was preparing to laugh the moment he sees even a little sign of mischief on Kelly’s face. But the woman was damn serious. She had the look of a heroine in a movie proposing a do or die mission. She was so intense that Chris couldn’t help but feel goosebumps.

"Haha..." He shook his head with a forced disbelieving laugh. "A-are you out of your mind?!" he asked. He couldn’t help but tense up because he knew this woman. She was the type of a girl who would do everything and anything to achieve her goal, and she does it in a way that made her look like there was no task beneath her and no amount of adversity could deter her.

When Kelly just gave him a steady stare that was evidence of her seriousness, Chris raked his lean hand roughly through his blond hair. The rings in his lean fingers and the black stud in his one ear, which suited him, glimmered.

"I know your situation Chris," Kelly said calmly. Chris bit his lower lip as he looked away, but he didn’t look offended that Kelly knew about his dilemma. He knew that the Youngs would know about his secret because of their connection to his grandmother.

"This will be beneficial for both of us," Kelly added, her voice and expression remained pure business-like.

"W-why would I marry an amazon like you? I am a successful superstar! I know I am depressed sometimes and heartbroken but definitely not suicidal, Kelly!" he argued as he sighed and faced her.

"Oh, c’mon, dude. As I said, this will be a marriage of convenience. No one will ever know that we got married aside from the two of us, my parents, and your grandmother. After months or a year, we’ll file a divorce and settle it as quietly as possible."

"God, no, Kelly. Don’t tempt me." Chris groaned. He knew there was no better choice for him than this. If it’s this woman, he would no longer need to worry about many things that could go wrong. He knew that the Youngs would never let anything to damn their oh-so-clean reputation. If it’s Kelly, he was confident that there wouldn’t be any scandal that would ruin his career. But still... Kelly? Is he going to marry this woman of all people in this world?

Chris shook his head again and ran his fingers through his hair. "I think I better go hunt for a girl too. Anyone can do except you, Miss Kelly."

"Ha!" Kelly gave him a mocking snort.

"There’re countless girls who’re dying to marry me even if it’s only a fake union!" he retorted.

Finally, Kelly rose from her seat. "You, idiot," she glared at him. "None of those girls is powerful enough to control the media. Only I can do that."

Chris was immediately silenced.

"Use your brain." Kelly sighed. "Whether you believe it or not, I am your best choice. I’m telling you, any other girl other than me will cause you unimaginable trouble that could eventually end your stardom."

"Ugh! Fine!" Chris’s shoulders dropped. He hated to admit it, but Kelly was right. In fact, he knew this was an opportunity he knew he would regret if he let slip away from his grasp. "But wait. At least give me a day or two to think about this, will you?"

"I’ll give you a day, Christian. Remember, you’ll be damned if you refuse my offer. And just for you to know, unlike you, I have other choices."

"Then, why did you come to me first?"

"Well, because you’re probably the only one who doesn’t see me as a woman out of all the men on my list..." Kelly smirked at him. "If it’s you, it’ll be less troublesome," she concluded and walked towards the door. "I’ll wait until tomorrow."

Once Kelly was gone, Chris let out a deep sigh.


That night, Kelly arrived at Abi and Alex’s house. Kelly told Abi about Chris, and the two spoke for a long time before they went to bed.

At midnight, Alex silently climbed off the bed. He donned his robe and bent to kiss his wife’s forehead before he walked out of the room. Alex headed to the spacious terrace and leaned his elbows on the intricately designed railing.

A cold breeze blew his messy hair as he peered towards his side without moving. The man he’s waiting for had just arrived.

"Did your brother reach home?" he asked.

"Yes. He’s now in Zeke’s custody," answered Kai. His voice was flat.

Kai looked disheveled, looking like a gorgeous outlaw on the run. Well, he had sped up all the way from the kingdom because of Alex’s urgent call.

"You don’t look good, Kai," Alex said as he faced him. "Is it because of the news you received from Kyle?"

Kai didn’t respond. He simply stared at the dark space.

"Why did you summon me? What’s the urgent matter?" Kai asked instead.

"Well, my wife wanted to help her best friend, and I promised her I’d help."

Kai tensed up. Muscles in his jaws clenched in a quiet rage. But there was no way Kai would even say a word of complaint to Alex.

"I don’t know how, though." Alex continued. Ignoring Kai’s reactions. "Even I who’s a half-blooded have no idea how would it even work for a pure-blooded vampire and a human. And I am certain you already tried looking for answers. I presumed you even asked the prophetess."

Kai remained silent.

"So this is all I can do. Call you here and talk to you." Alex sighed when the man didn’t even bother letting out any sound.

The silence reigned between them for a long time until Alex decided to leave the guy alone. It seemed he should speak with Zeke about this instead. Perhaps, that man can do something about this too. Alex was aware that it was hopeless, but he had already promised Abigail that he’d see what he could do, so he must try, no matter how futile it was.

"Stay here for the night, Kai."

"No. I’m going back, Alex."

"You will stay for the night, Kai." Alex’s voice was an order. "My wife is troubled about her friend, and you know I can never let my pregnant wife worry. So at least have some words with her. My wife must see you first before you go."

Alex didn’t even give Kai a moment to protest. He left Kai standing on the terrace with his fists clenched into tight balls.

Once Alex was gone, Kai looked up and closed his eyes. But eventually, his feet moved, and he entered the house.

His mind was a chaotic hell as he walked. He didn’t even know how he got to his room until his heart suddenly hammered inside his chest, causing him to lift his face.

The bedside lamp was on, and... a figure was sitting on his bed.

The world seemed to stop. His eyes widened, darkened, and a strong emotion rose in his face.

Kelly, the woman who made her taste both heaven and hell, was right before him. He had missed her so much that looking at her long damp hair, her plump seductive lips, her expressive large beautiful eyes, her nose, and her cheeks made his heart ache mercilessly. It’s driving him mad.

He watched her stood slowly, her face colored with shock and disbelief. And then, he realized... she was wearing his shirt.

The sight of her was maddening.

When she left, Kai was utterly devastated. He almost couldn’t recognize himself. Her absence and knowing he had lost her for good gave him pain and grief so intense that at times he thought his heart would stop from beating.

He didn’t know how it all started, but this wild, seductive, and dazzling woman had rooted herself in the deepest chamber of his heart, body, and soul that when she was gone, every nook of his being searched and longed for nothing but her, so desperately, as if losing her was the same as losing the only source of his life.

Now that she was here, right within his reach, all he wanted was to pounce on her. Hold her, kiss that ever so seductive lips, and touch her, leaving no part of her voluptuous body untouched.

But before he could even move, the memories from that night flashed in his mind, and he became completely immobile.

"K-kai?!" she called out, and Kai caught his breath. How many times did he hear that sound in both his nightmares and sweet dreams?

Kelly took a step closer, slow, and utterly careful. As if Kai was a stray wild animal that she was afraid to startle for fear that he might run away and disappear from her reach.