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Chapter 561 Advances and retreats*

Kelly fought the emotions that were threatening to overwhelm her. She silently swallowed, struggling not to let the tears flood her eyes.

Her eyes locked on him as she continued stepping closer, very slowly and carefully as if she was walking on a ground with buried landmines.

The man standing before her took her breath away. He looked like an outlaw on the run, and oh god, his disheveled appearance looked sinuously sexier than his usual oh-so-neat and composed gentleman look. She couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but Kelly could tell that there was something that changed in him. And it seemed she couldn’t call him her little soft cutie pie right then because that moment, he was. . . wickedly beautiful and... dangerous.

Before Kelly could reach him, Kai gritted his teeth, as small muscle in his jaw clenched. She could see the war waging within him, and he turned towards the door.

A thrill of desperation shook Kelly’s body. She felt that if she let him get away right now, she might never see him again. If only she had the strength to seize him and chain him in her arms. But that wasn’t possible.

"Don’t go," she struggled to keep her voice calm. And her insides relaxed a bit when he halted.

That moment of hesitation was enough for Kelly to seize and she jumped on him and wrapped her arms around his waist. She buried her face on his broad and hard back as her grip on him tightened.

"Don’t you dare... escape from me..." she threatened, but her voice shook despite her struggles to keep her emotions from getting the better of her.

But seeing him made her heart swell and then squeezed at the same time. She thought she would never see this man again. And god, how she wanted him. His sheer presence was enough to paralyze her with need. She wanted him, kiss him, this time, harder, wilder, and deeper than any kisses they shared before. Oh, how she missed this feeling of his body against her. Even though it was only days since she last touched him, to Kelly, it felt like years.

"Let go, Kelly..." he said, so softly that she almost didn’t hear him.

"No! I won’t let go." Her firm and defiant words echoed as her grip on him tightened even more.

He didn’t move, but a dangerous ferocity glittered in his eyes and without warning, he grabbed Kelly’s wrists, peeled her hands off him and the next thing Kelly knew, she was pinned against the door.

Kai’s grip on her wrist was hard. It’s hurting her. This was the first time Kai acted like this. He was always gentle to her, always in-control every time he touches her. But now, he was different. The look in his eyes wasn’t all like him.

She winced in pain, not saying a word about how he was hurting her.

"Are you trying to scare me? Kai?" she asked. Her gaze on him remained defiant. And then, despair surged within her. She couldn’t stand seeing that unfamiliar cold and indifferent look in his eyes. "I love you," she told him, not holding back anymore.

"S-stop," Kai growled.

"Nothing can scare away my love for you... not even you, Kai."

Silent tears fell from her eyes, and she felt his grip on her loosened up. His eyes widened at the sight of her tears and the coldness in his eyes thawed.

"Don’t –"

"I’ve missed you." She tiptoed to move her face closer to his. He was still holding her hands, so even if she wanted to touch him, she couldn’t. "I missed you so much," she added. Before she could catch his lips, Kai backed away.

"Stop, Kelly. Please..." he begged, and Kelly hated the pain in his voice. She wondered when will these advances and retreats ever end. Why did she fell in love with this forbidden fruit? Why did she want him so much? Why was she so hellbent to have him? Why can’t she just let him go?

"I can’t stop because I love you!" she said wretchedly. "I never..." she choked. "I never fought for anyone to stay in my life, so desperately like this. No matter how much I tell myself it’s futile... I can’t stop fighting because I really, really love you –"

Without warning, Kai’s lips covered Kelly’s mouth. His hands sunk into her hair, her head between his palms. Kelly’s arms immediately moved around him, and then everything ignited.

He kissed her with unrestrained hunger. It was apparent that just like her, Kai too wanted her so bad, so desperately. He had never kissed her with this kind of intensity before. But even though she could feel the obvious need and longing, she also felt rage oozing from him. And she knew that that rage was directed towards no one but himself.

Kelly wanted to melt the anger and every negative emotion he was fighting within him. She knew he was waging a mighty battle against himself and he was struggling so damn hard. Kelly’s heart ached for him. She could tell he was scared to his bones, and she hated it. For the first time, Kelly hated that he was a vampire, and she was human. And she prayed silently that a miracle would happen.

Their kiss deepened. Both were kissing each other with savage hunger that their own fears couldn’t seem to extinguish. It was rough and luscious and ruthless. She didn’t know Kai could be this savage. But she liked it. She loved it. The unrestrained and raging Kai was so irresistibly seductive. And she wanted him even more. Every side of him, gentle or ferocious, she wanted it all.

"Oh, Kai," she moaned against his lips. Her hands were already on his scalp and the back of his neck—her body arching against him. Inviting him to touch her, and he did. Without breaking their wild and deep kiss, Kai’s hands moved downwards and then slid them beneath her shirt.

Kelly’s hand also went to his chest and then traveled downwards in a sensual slowness until she encountered his hardness. Kai groaned in her mouth as she touched him. The fire had long spread and they were once again swallowed in the middle of it. Escape was no longer a choice because they were already on fire. And at that moment, they were holding each other as if all they could do now was let the fire consume them and kill them both.
Chapter 562 Something wrong*

Kai’s hunger escalated. His pulse thudded harder, his breath faster and hotter. The savage way he kissed Kelly was sinuously maddening. And Kelly realized he was close to losing all control.

The memories from that night flashed in her mind but she couldn’t even feel any fear at all. All she wanted was for this fire to continue burning her. She didn’t want it to stop. She wanted Kai to burn her with his fiery touches, wreck her with his savage kisses and then send her to the realms of ecstasy once again. She wanted him inside her. So bad. So damn bad.

"Oh, Kai..." she moaned as she arched her back, pulling his head to kiss her now sensitive and aroused breast. He complied, shockingly easily. There was no hesitation in his every action at all.

Without removing Kelly’s shirt, Kai’s lips found her erect tips and he licked and sucked it. He did it like a hungry beast and his wicked, not-so-gentle attacks drove Kelly’s sanity floating above the clouds. She whimpered in ecstasy and subconsciously, she jerked her hips against him. Feeling his hardness thrusting against her was enough to make her shiver. The need and desire were just... too much.

Kai grabbed her hands and placed them against the door, above her head. He continued his erotic onslaught and all Kelly could do was surrender to the pleasure. Kai had never been this aggressive, this desperate for her. She used to always be the one doing the wild moves to push him to his limit, but now, the table was turned and she couldn’t get enough of him. She wanted this savage Kai to ravage her.

Wanting to touch him back, Kelly tried to pull her hand off his grip but he didn’t let her. "Kai... I want to touch you... let me –" she uttered between her gasps. But then, she was silenced when his lips captured her mouth again. His tongue slid inside her mouth and Kelly delightedly sucked him in. His wild and fiery tongue penetrated deeper while his hands finally let go of her wrists and they traveled down to her waist and her buttocks, pulling her against him.

Kelly immediately ran her now free hands on his hard chest, frantically searching for the buttons. His mouth moved downwards again and licked and kissed her throat like he wanted to consume her. And then, he cupped her squirming bottom and lifted her with ease, settling her right against his rock hard member. The exquisite tension rose to an unprecedented degree as they both reflexively trust against each other.

"Oh, Kai... take me... I love you..." she uttered in her ecstatic state when suddenly, the man holding her froze. And before she could realize what had just happened, she found herself standing wobbly next to the bed and Kai...

He was there, steps away from her, bracing his hands against the door as he flung his head, gasping, and shivering like a drenched dog in the middle of a cold winter night.

Kelly was dazed for a long while, her eyes locked on him. Her knees so weak she felt like collapsing on the floor. But the sight of Kai made her reflexively steeled herself and cautiously, she started to approach him.

"Don’t..." his hoarse and deep voice halted her.

"K-kai... I..."

"Enough, Kelly." She heard him grit his teeth and his head whipped towards her. The darkness in his eyes shocked her. "Let’s..." his voice softened it’s almost a whisper and he looked at her like he was saying goodbye and this time, it was real and beyond serious. "Let’s end this madness now... because the next time I’ll touch you again..." he paused and his eyes glimmered with both bitter rage and pain. "You will surely die in my hands."

Kelly shook her head and she took another step. "Don’t!" his voice thundered and his eyes went blood red.

The room then went silent; it was almost suffocating. Kelly’s heart was breaking. She didn’t know what to do. She was afraid to speak, knowing that she would break down in front of him once she opened her lips again. The red color in his eyes slowly disappeared but it was replaced with a look that bled Kelly’s insides with pain. "Forget me, Kelly," he said and he turned towards the door.

"Kai," she called out and he halted. "I’m getting married in 3 days."

She saw his back stiffened, accompanied by a sound of something crumbling, but then, he opened the door and left. Kelly stared at the door and her eyes fell at the crumpled doorknob as tears began to fall from her eyes and she sunk to her knees.


Abi cried as she hugged Alex.

"He left Alex," she said and Alex bent and kissed his wife’s tears. "Poor Kelly," she sobbed. Abi knew how much Kelly loved Kai. And she knew full well how it felt when the person you love leaves and might never come back again.

Rubbing Abi’s back, Alex spoke to her gently. "Kai is leaving her because he didn’t want to hurt her –"

"I know, but... still... he can’t give up just like that. If he loves her, he must fight."

"He’s fighting Abi. He nearly killed her not once but twice. He must’ve scared to death that this time, he’d really kill her. And I think something happened to him. There’s something wrong about Kai..." Alex trailed off. His brows creased as he stared through the window.

Abi lifted her face and looked at her husband with curiosity. "Something wrong with him?" she asked as she wiped her tears.

"Mm." Alex nodded. "I first sensed it during that battle in the Ziggurat. That was right after Kelly left the kingdom... I think I must speak with Zeke about this."

"Are we going to travel back to Country V?" Abi’s eyes circled.

"Yes. We’ll try to help them." He smiled and Abi hugged him.

"Thank you, love."

"Anything for you," he kissed her head. "So sleep now. Tomorrow-"

"No, Alex. I must go check on Kelly first, okay? Give me a moment."

Before Alex could say anything, Abi already escaped from his grasp and left the bed.

Upon reaching Kelly’s room, Abi lifted her hand to knock but hesitated.

She listened and when it seemed Kelly already stopped crying, she finally knocked.

After a short while, Kelly opened the door and let Abi in. Abi wanted to hug her but Kelly looked like she didn’t want Abi to notice her pain. She was hiding her emotion and she was doing it so well. Still, Abi silently hugged her.

Kelly eventually hugged her back but she didn’t say a word. Until finally, the two sat down. Abi told Kelly that Alex had something to deal with in Country V and she had to go with him. Kelly simply nodded. She remained silent until a beep from her phone pulled her attention.

Kelly grabbed her phone and when she read the message, an unhappy smile curved on her lips as she turned to Abi.

"It’s Chris," she said. "He finally agreed, Abi."
Chapter 563 Docile*

It was noontime when Alex and Abi arrived at Reign’s castle. The royal family welcomed them, but when Alex heard Kai and Zeke were not in the castle, the couple immediately left and headed to Alex’s old house.

The ancient house no longer looked desolate like before. It was renovated and it now looked like a beautiful and elegant ancient mini-hotel.

"You think we’ll be able to meet them tonight?" Abi asked Alex. They were sitting leisurely at an outside table as the calm and relaxing afternoon breeze blew gently on them.

"I’m certain Zeke already knew about our arrival. He’s just probably uninterested. That guy only appears if there’s trouble interesting enough to catch his attention." Alex said as he glanced heavenward.

Abi creased her brows. "Are you saying he is trying to avoid us?"

"He’s not trying to avoid us. He’s just probably too lazy or too unmotivated to come to us. That guy tends to disappear when everything’s peaceful."

"But there’s a problem, a serious one, Alex. This isn’t just about Kelly. This is about his younger brother too. And... you said there might be something wrong about Kai. Did he not care if Kai will..." Abi bit her lower lip, realizing that she was starting to feel upset.

Alex held her hand and pulled her towards him, making her sit on her lap. He wrapped his arms around Abi’s waist as he sniffed Abi’s scent, his favorite perfume. "Calm down, my love." He whispered lovingly before his voice became serious. "Zeke is... well, Zeke. He doesn’t like dealing with things that involve emotions. But don’t worry, I know where he is." He smirked mischievously. "I’ll hunt him once the night comes."

"Would he help?"

"I will make sure of it." He assured.

Abi stared at him. "You’re leaving me here?"

"Hunting Zeke is not easy, Abi. And..." his gaze traveled downwards and settled to Abi’s tummy. He gently rubbed her flat belly and smiled at her. "I’d prefer if you stay here, my love. And besides, you said you want to talk to Kai, right?"

"Yes, I wanted to talk to him. You won’t mind me going to look for him alone?"

"No. But not alone, my love."

Abi raised a brow. "I’m an immortal now, Alex. Just like you."

"Yes. But immortal or not, I never want you getting hurt. I’d be at ease if someone can accompany you."


"I can ask for Raven to come –"

"No, Alex. Not Raven. How about you bring me to the Black Forest? I can find Kai easily with the help of Alicia, and she could also accompany me to look for him afterward." Abi negotiated.

Alex considered her suggestion for a moment, and after a short while, he finally agreed, causing Abi to beam in delight. She had missed her friend and Zeres too. She wanted to see how Zeres was doing.

Thus, that afternoon, the couple traveled to the Black Forest and arrived at the forest’ entrance before sunset.

"Abi!" Alicia, who just emerged from the entrance, looked elated at the sight of Abigail.

As the two ladies began to chatter, Alex glanced at the dark entrance as if waiting for someone to come out.

"Zeres is –"

"I’m leaving my wife in your care, Alicia." Alex cut her off, and without waiting for Alicia’s response, he pulled Abi close to him and gently bumped his forehead on hers. "I’ll be back," he kissed her, and then, abruptly, he disappeared.

"It’s a relief that Alexander can now leave you to someone’s care this easily." Alicia flashed a playful smile.

Abi smiled back. "Well, he’s at ease now that I’m immortal," she shrugged, looking pleased. Abi was glad because Alex could finally roam around freely without worrying too much about her. He still worries, of course, but he was a lot more relaxed now. "Where’s Zeres?" she asked as they walked deeper in the forest when Alicia halted.

A hint of worry glimmered in Alicia’s eyes that made Abi looked puzzled.

Slightly creasing her brows, Abi faced Alicia. "Is there... is there something wrong? Is Zeres giving you a hard time?" Abi hesitantly asked, now looking a little worried as well. "Is he causing you trouble, Alicia?"

Alicia shook her head. "Actually, he’s... how should I put this," Alicia hesitated, but after a moment, she eventually continued. "It’s the opposite, Abi. He’s too docile—way too, docile. Since the day we came back, he never... he never even tried to cause any trouble at all. You know, he’s like... a super well-behaved pet! No, at least, a pet troubles its owner about some things like food and attention but Zeres... he’s just... I don’t know. He’s too well-behaved, too compliant. It’s getting eerie, Abigail."

Abi could only blink as she listened to Alicia’s unexpected complaints.

"Tell me, Abi. Is he always like that? I asked him if there’s something he wanted to do or somewhere he wanted to visit, but he asked the question back to me instead. I tried to speak with him multiple times, but it seemed he really doesn’t have anything he wanted to do at all. And..." she paused, and her face became a little grave. "I think he’s trying to avoid me or distance himself from me."

"What? He’s avoiding you?"

"He never approaches me on his own, Abi. I was always the one trying to reach out to him. And he only speaks when I ask. And whenever he answers, he always sounded like all he wanted was to end the conversation. I so wanted to read his mind to know what the hell he is thinking about. I’m worried he’s already bored, and..." Alicia paused and shook her head. She couldn’t help but think about the words Ezekiel had told her, about Zeres being a threat. "I was planning to visit you to talk to you about this, so I am really glad that you came Abi. I’d like you to speak to him. Maybe, he’ll open up if it’s you."

Abi could see that Alicia seemed to be in a real pinch. She didn’t expect this queen, who used to be so regal and calm even in dire situations, was actually quite troubled because of someone’s docile behavior. But she couldn’t blame her. Zeke spent many years to understand Alex after all.

Flashing Alicia an encouraging smile, Abi gently pressed Alicia’s hand and nodded at her. "Okay, I will speak to him. I’ll see what I can do," she told her, and Alicia sighed in relief.

Without delay, Alicia brought Abi to Zeres’ favorite spot. "I’ll wait for you two in the house, Abi. You go talk to him and bring him back for dinner later," she whispered before she left.

Zeres was lying on a flat stone in the middle of a small meadow. His one knee bent and his head on top of his folded arm. His eyes were gazing at the sky, but it didn’t seem like he was watching the stars. His white snow robe and his silver hair were scattered on top of the flat black stone, and they seemed glowing in the dark.

"Zeres," Abi called as she stepped closer to him, and abruptly, the man rose, and his head whipped towards Abi.
Chapter 564 Far Better*

Zeres rose in surprise. He had felt someone’s presence, but he thought Alicia just dropped by to check on him like she usually does. He never thought it was actually Abigail! Why was she here?

"Abigail..." he murmured as he watched her walked closer to him. She looked around the small meadow before she gave him a warm smile.

"This place is nice and quiet," she commented as she climbed on top of the fine flat rock, sat next to Zeres, and then faced him. "How are you?"

"I’m good," he answered calmly. "How about you? Is everything alright?" he added as he looked around, looking for someone.

"Alex’s not here," Abi told him. "He went to look for Ezekiel."

Zeres slowly turned to her, curious.

"Alex and I are doing great, Zeres." She continued, making Zeres relax. With a smile, he casually threw his head back and gazed up at the dark sky. His silver hair tumbled then settled behind him.

"I’m surprised he left you here." He said, seemingly amused.

Abi chuckled as she brushed away the hair that fell into her eyes. "Alicia said the same thing," Abi grinned at him, and for some reason, Zeres’ smile slowly faded.

Then his eyes suddenly became direct. "Did..." he hesitated. "Did Alicia called you to come here?"

"Nope. I came here for a different reason, Zeres. I need Alicia’s help to look for Kai’s whereabouts."

"Oh. I see," he nodded, and before Zeres could speak again, Abi changed the topic.

"I hope you’re not giving Alicia a hard time Zeres," she tried her best to speak to him like she had no hidden agenda. A glint of tease even flashed in her eyes as she looked at him.

"I am well-behaved."

"I know. But If you’re too well-behaved, Alicia might worry. Especially if she always sees you just staring at the sky like this."

He lifted a brow, but the next second, a humorous smile curved on his angel face. "Okay, I’ll try to misbehave sometimes."

Abi chuckled again, but too soon, her smile faded because Zeres suddenly stood and jumped on the ground.

"Time for dinner, Abigail. And I believe you have an important mission so we better go and get it done," he said as he offered his hand.

Abi could only place her hand in his, and she let him help her down. She felt Zeres’ reluctance. Now she understood what Alicia was talking about. He seemed alright, but Abi felt that there’s something he was trying to hide, and obviously, he didn’t want to talk about it to anyone. And that’s why he was cutting every conversation short.

They spoke very little on their way to Alicia’s house. But once the house was in their view, Abi halted and faced him.

She studied him for a moment before she hesitantly spoke. "Zeres... if... if you ever need someone to talk to, Alex and I are just here. Call us or visit us whenever you want. And Alicia’s here too. We’re all here for you," she said gently as she looked up at him.

Zeres’ expression was unreadable, but his lips curved into a half smile. She noticed him breathing out very slowly. It was apparent to Abi that something was bugging him. But Abi decided not to push him further. She thought about telling this to Alex first. She felt that it might be best if Alex would be the one to speak with him. Because despite Alex and Zeres’ bickering and their cat and dog relationship back then, they were friends.

"Yes, I know," was all he said, sending her an easy smile. And with that, they finally entered the house.

At dinner, Abi told Alicia about Kai, so as soon as dinner’s over, Alicia brought out her crystal ball and searched for Kai. It wasn’t hard to find him because it appeared that the man wasn’t trying to hide.

Abi and Alicia asked Zeres to go with them and the man willingly obliged.

"I told you. He’d never say ’no’." Alicia had said to Abi before they departed.

Alicia had spotted Kai inside his luxurious villa, so the three headed there. Once they arrived, Abi decided that she would go alone to speak with Kai first.

"No, we can’t let you go alone, Abi."

"No, we can’t let you go alone, Abigail."

The two silver-haired witches simultaneously said the exact same words, causing Abi to laugh, while the two simply glanced at each other.

"It’s fine. Kai’s a really nice man. And I doubt he’ll face me if he sees that the witch queen and an immortal which were watching behind me." Abi argued.

"But you said he’s brokenhearted, Abi. What if he’s not in his right mind right now? Even if you’re immortal, we definitely can’t let you get hurt." Alicia said while Zeres was nodding like an old man.

"Now you both sounded like Alex," Abi raised a brow. When the two fell silent, she turned towards the modern-looking villa. "You can see me through the glass walls, so both of you stay here. Just give me a few minutes."

And without waiting for the witches’ approval, Abi stepped forward and headed straight towards the door.


Meanwhile, Alex had just arrived in one of the kingdom’s oldest chateau, located near the famous and scenic Fallen Lake.

This place was known as the kingdom’s pleasure haven and Alex had been visiting this place for a long time before he met Abigail. Countless years ago, the chateau was the house of the king’s harem. Vampire kings kept their mistresses in this place and showered them with luxury. It had turned to a pleasure house now, and it was no longer just for the royals.

Vampires can enter the chateau except for the highest floor, which was only reserved for Alex and the royalties. Alex had forgotten about the existence of this place since she met his Abigail again. He never thought he’d ever set foot in this place again. But the most shocking thing was that, he never thought that Zeke was actually here.

The man was never fond of these things. He sometimes appeared in this place before whenever Alex create trouble but that was all. He never lingered in the place more than necessary.

Staring at the entrance, Alex rubbed his chin with his fingers, contemplating. "Hmm... this is unexpected, Zeke. When did he start coming here?" He asked Raven, who had quietly landed next to him.

"Just a couple of days ago." The man answered.

"Oh. And what can you say about this matter? Raven?"

"I... I think this is good. It’s high time for him to shift his interest in this matter."

"Hmm... I don’t think he’s interested, Raven. I believe he’s here simply because he’s bored. But then... you’re right. Finding him here is definitely far better than finding him simply sitting still inside some shady and desolate secret underground." Alex then smirked evilly to himself before he inclined his head slightly and murmured. "Now shall I go for a dramatic entrance and surprise him?"
Chapter 565 Forbidden practice*

With a devilish grin flashing proudly on his face, Alex leaped and landed at the roof of the chateau. His eyes filled with mischief as he imagined the shock on Zeke’s oh-so-stoic face the moment he appeared before him.

A short chuckle escaped from his throat, and then, his eyes turned into pale gold. "Here I come, Zeke!" he murmured, then he became a blur and disappeared from the spot where he was standing.

The next moment, a loud sound accompanied by a small quake shook the chateau. Alex had crashed himself on the window, creating his very own entrance so he could enter Zeke’s room in surprise. The window and the walls around it crumbled as if a man-sized meteor crashed into it.

Landing coolly on the floor, Alex lifted his smug face as some of the debris still falling behind him like a dramatic background effect.

"Yo, Ze –" Alex couldn’t even finish his greeting. His mischievous smirk abruptly faded the moment he looked at the man before him.

The man, Zeke, whom Alex thought he would finally catch in flagrante delicto, was right there, sitting in a fine antique chair with his legs folded and elegantly swirling a glass of blood. He was facing the window Alex just crashed, and it was damn obvious the man was expecting Alex’s dramatic and explosive entrance. The most annoying thing was that he didn’t even blink.

"Damn you, boring stone!" Alex grunted as he expelled a breath and ran a hand through his hair. However, Alex was actually not surprised. He was disappointed and pissed that this Zeke predicted his move yet again. "Tch! Now I regret not destroying the roof. I should’ve landed right on top of your stone face." Alex muttered as he walked towards Zeke, who was sipping elegantly on his glass, seemingly savoring the taste of the blood, and completely unbothered by anything Alex says or does.

"You didn’t do that because you thought I am with a girl. You have mellowed, Alex." Zeke said but his voice and face remained annoyingly flat, twirling his glass again.

"I heard you’ve been here for two days straight." Alex lifted a brow as he looked at him with playful directing gazes. Finding Zeke in this place was surprising because this man always settled on the vampires in his palace. "This is the first time you stayed this long inside a brothel, Zeke. I’m not curious about you finally coming here. I’m curious about what made you stay here this long..." he paused and narrowed his eyes slightly. "I wonder what kind of girl finally awakened your carnal desires and made you stay."

Alex waited with an expectant look on his face, but Zeke maintained his blank expression. There was no reaction at all. This only meant two things - the girl Alex was talking about was still nonexistent, and this dull stone just forced himself to stay just to past time.

"Did you come here to talk about carnal desires, Alex?" he spoke, and hearing the blatant lack of interest in his tone, Alex fought the urge to smack him. He could only pinch the skin between his brows and eventually answered him with a resigned shrug. Alex knew it was impossible to rile this guy up with words. Back then, he could only force Zeke to react if he attacks him physically, and it appeared that didn’t change until now.

"I know you know why I’m here." Alex finally became serious.

Zeke gazed through the broken window and stared in the dark space. "Alex, you know more than anyone else that there’s nothing we could do about that. It’s a forbidden relationship, to begin with."

"But there’s a possibility that It’ll work. I am a living example."

"You’re someone from thousands of years ago, Alex. And no one could go back to the past and ask your mother how it even worked, Alex. You already know the tragic ends of those who tried in the last thousands of years after you were born. And it only worked for your parents because the vampire is your mother. She must’ve ended up killing your father as they climaxed, and thus you were born. There are already cases like that, and the female vampires always killed the human."

"Well, you’re right. But then again, the mystery is, no one of those vampires ever conceived a child of the humans they mated with. And Zeke..." Alex’s eyes became direct and intense for a moment. "My mother’s the human."

Zeke’s brows lifted and then narrowed.

"You said –"

"That was because of the false memories planted in me. Though I have no idea about it because my mother died early," Alex explained. "So I believe there’s hope. There must be an answer somewhere, and my parents were the first and only ones who are able to find it until now."

Zeke remained quiet, but he couldn’t deny Alex’s words. What he said made sense, and it was actually the only logical explanation right now. He couldn’t deny no matter how impossible it seemed because Alex was here, the living example that this forbidden relationship once worked.

"I will try to look into it, but don’t give them hope. It’s been thousands of years, Alex. Even if we would find the answer, chances are your parents might be the only exception. We don’t want to give them false hope, so don’t mention this to them. We might find the answer, but it might still don’t work for them. Or worse, it might work, but... there must be some sort of a price. Forbidden things are forbidden for a reason, after all."

Alex rested his chin on his knuckles. He could somehow feel that Zeke was right. His parents must have paid a price, a huge price. The atmosphere became strangely quiet until Zeke spoke again.

"And Kai..." Zeke broke the silence. "He is actually in danger right now."

"What?" As Alex absorbed the information, his eyes narrowed.

"He self-destructed, Alex. To stop himself from killing Kelly, he chose to self-destruct and harmed himself instead. You know what’s the price of doing that forbidden practice."
Chapter 566 The most powerful thing*

Alex’s jaw dropped, and then he rubbed his forehead with his hand. He didn’t know Kai had done something that grave. He thought no one could do that practice anymore. Some vampire royal guards in the past were trained to do that to kill themselves in case an enemy captures them to spill secrets or confidential matters. But it was a practice that was supposed to be long forbidden and forgotten.

"I don’t know how he did it. Even you, the oldest vampire, doesn’t know the secret behind that practice." Zeke said as he sipped in his drink again.

Zeke was right. Alex knew about that practice, but he never once paid any attention to it before. It was already a secret and forbidden practice even before he became immortal. Hence, it only made sense that vampires nowadays only had very little to no knowledge about it. It was definitely a shock that Kai managed to execute it and also miraculously managed to survive it.

"Did you confront him about it?"

"I did. But he couldn’t answer. It seemed it wasn’t something that could be explained in words. And he was clearly shocked about it as well," Zeke’s eyes locked onto the blood in his glass as he spoke. "It was a surprise he managed to stay alive."

"That’s a so-called miracle, Zeke," Alex said, and Zeke’s eyes lifted from the glass to him. His face didn’t give anything away, but he didn’t seem convinced. At all.

"He loved her." Alex continued anyway as he shrugged. "It’s all for the sake of Kelly. If he had let himself die in front of her..." Alex shook his head as if he didn’t even want to imagine what could’ve happened had Kai died in front of Kelly that night. He sighed, leaning against the cushion behind him. "I think that practice might only work if someone’s will is strong enough. He would rather die than kill her. That alone is enough. His love for her made him do the impossible."

Zeke looked like he was about to gape at Alex’s words. But he abruptly shook his head and gulped the blood in his glass, emptying it. He was absolutely not used to these kinds of talks. He already knew Alex had changed to the point that he was sometimes wholly unrecognizable, but to think that he’s casually talking about those things to him of all creatures. Zeke wanted to end the conversation right there and then.

"He is foolish, Alex." Zeke’s voice hardened. "He shouldn’t have let it reach that point. As I said, he is still alive, but barely... he barely escaped death. And the price of that is his shortened lifespan. At this rate, his lifespan will now last for several years. He no longer has any difference from the short-lived humans."

"Well, I personally think that’s better for him."

"Alexander." Zeke shot him a sharp glance.

"Sigh, Zeke. You will never understand what I’m saying until you find someone who will breathe life in that dead heart of yours. I really want to explain to you, but I doubt you’ll understand. We’ll talk about that again once you’re really alive. You’re still a living dead to me right now," he smirked as Zeke just shook his head again. "For now, let’s help them, shall we?" Alex then rubbed his chin with his thumb as he continued contemplatively. "But I think they will go through this somehow. With or without our help."

The quiet sound of the glass landing on top of the table seemed loud because of the silence that reigned between them. "You think so?"

Alex looked at Zeke with a smug face, and then his eyes turned serious. "Don’t underestimate love, Zeke. It’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever known in this world."

Abruptly but in a graceful manner, Zeke rose from his seat and grabbed the wine glass.

"Go back to your wife, Alex. Don’t forget this place is a brothel."

Knowing that Zeke was trying to send him away obviously because he couldn’t stand this kind of talk, Alex chuckled in amusement.

"Haha. Tsk. Do I sound like I’m speaking an alien language you can’t understand, Zeke?"

The man pouring more blood on his glass halted, indicating that Alex had hit the jackpot.

"Sigh. I can’t wait for the day when you finally –"

"Shut up and –"

"You actually dared tell me to shut up, huh? Zeke?"

Alex was still smiling, but his eyes had started to turn gold. A playful and thrilled yet dangerous look danced in his eyes while Zeke faced him with his uninterested gaze.

"You’re itching for a fight. Zeke?" Alex challenged as he rose, folding the sleeves of his shirt. However...

"Shall I call Abigail and tell her you’re inside a brothel right now?" Zeke calmly said as he half sat on the table behind, raising his glass and leisurely sipping on it again, completely unbothered by the fact that Alex’s had turn gold.

Those words made Alex halt, but he inclined his head and then smiled at Zeke with confidence. "My wife knows the reason why I’m here, and she –"

"She’s pregnant, Alex." Zeke cut him off. "Pregnant women are sensitive. They easily get riled up and get worried. Even if you did nothing wrong, the fact that you stayed longer than necessary inside a brothel is enough to..." Zeke trailed off because Alex already started to panic.

"Is... is that true?"

"I’m humans’ doctor..." Zeke once again couldn’t finish his sentence because Alex already turned towards the hole in the wall he had created.

"Well then, Zeke. I must go. Make sure you’re back in the castle tomorrow, or else I will come here again, and I will make sure to burn this chateau into ashes. If you continue this hide and seek and refuse to help Kai, all brothels in this kingdom shall be burned by the almighty Alexander." Alex said with a serious and smug warning before he smirked at him and disappeared.

"Idiot. Who the hell’s playing hide and seek?" was all Zeke murmured as he threw his head back and gulped the blood in his glass.
Chapter 567 Desperately*

After leaving Kai’s villa, the trio headed to a place Alex called ’Human only zone.’ It was a place where humans, sober or drunk, could freely roam around the area the whole night because vampires were restricted from going there. In the past, there were cases about drunk humans who had thrown themselves to the vampires. Of course, the result of such action was a disaster, so the government had thought of this solution.

Alex was already waiting in their rendezvous when the trio arrived. Humans were familiar with witches, but they were not aware of the existence of silver-haired ones. The vampires did not see any reason to educate them about the witches, so the humans only knew that witches exist, and they often disguise themselves as humans to blend in.

As expected, Alicia and Zeres had caught all eyes and caused a little commotion as they entered the bar. Their eyes and hair just wouldn’t help them keep a low profile. The humans couldn’t help but gasp and gape at their unusual appearance. Thankfully, none of them dared to approach the two witches.

The bar was clean, spacious, and harmonious. A woman was singing a chill and mellow song on the stage.

As soon as the four sat around a table near the glass wall overlooking a cityscape, Abi and Alicia dominated the chat while the two men quietly drank their alcohol. Abi hadn’t had a fun chit-chat with her female friends for a while, so she didn’t want to waste a moment talking about all sorts of topics with Alicia. Abi knew they would soon leave the kingdom and go back to her country the next day once Alex’s business with Zeke was over.

"How about you two get your own table so you can have your manly talk?" Abi suggested after a long while, causing Alex to lift his brow at her. "We’d feel bad if you two just sit there and listen to us. Our girls’ talk will not end any time soon, you know?"

As if Abi and Alex had exchanged words through their eyes, Alex nodded and rose.

"Your wish is my command, my wife." Alex winked at her, causing Abi to blush before he faced Zeres slightly. "Let’s go, Zeres." He told him, and the silver-haired man glanced at Alicia before he too rose and followed Alex quietly.

Alex led him to a table where they could watch over the two girls who had already resumed their chat.

"So? How’s everything?" Alex asked as he brought the glass to his lips. His gaze intent as he surveyed Zeres.

"Not bad." That was all Zeres replied before he gulped the alcohol in his glass.

"You looked like you’re dying with boredom, though."

"I don’t think so. Did you forget watching over a witch queen had been my job since I was born?"

Alex rested his chin on his knuckles before his gaze flew towards Abigail. He drank from his glass before he spoke without averting his gaze from Abi. "Well, I really don’t know what you’ve been doing back then. All I know was that you’re leaving every time the day ends to protect your queen. You didn’t tell me anything about it. I’m not asking you to talk about it now, though. What I’m saying is," he paused and looked at Zeres, "that time and now is definitely not the same."

Zeres’ response was a soft sigh. He placed his glass on the table and stared at the moving liquid. "I know," he said simply. Alex narrowed his eyes, then leaned back as he regarded the other man with another expert assessment.

"I don’t remember you being this quiet. You’re a bloody annoying creature back then." Alex rubbed her chin with his fingers, looking as though he was considering how best to provoke him.

But there was no response from Zeres. Not even a glance.

"You, when did you even learn how to ignore people?"

When Zeres just calmly drunk his alcohol, Alex glanced heavenward.

"Say something," he told his old friend. Alex was on the verge of challenging him in a fight, but at the very last second, Zeke’s voice, telling him that pregnant women were sensitive, echoed in Alex’s head, and it miraculously killed all the thrill that just awakened inside him.

Gladly, Zeres finally reacted. He let out a sigh and looked at Alex. "I learned it from you, Alexander. Did you forget you used to ignore me back then?"

"Well, that’s because you were an annoying brat back then."

"You’re the one acting like a brat now, Alexander."

"I’m just concerned about my melancholic younger brother."

Zeres choked. He glared at the smirking Alex as he coughed.

"What. I am telling the truth. As I said, I am thousands of years older than you now, Zeres. Ah, don’t even argue that we’re the same age. The times of your slumber doesn’t count." Alex was flashing a smug smile, looking so proud of himself that Zeres could only shake his head.

"It seemed, living for so many years turned you into an annoying and arrogant creature, Alexander."

"Thanks. I don’t mind being annoying and arrogant. My wife loves me anyway."

Zeres shook his head again, speechless. And silence reigned between them again until Alex burst.

"What. Bloody hell Zeres, when did you catch Zeke’s boring virus? Sigh, listen to your old man Zeres, one day –"

"Enough, Alexander." Zeres pinched the skin between his brows. "I don’t want to listen to an arrogant old man right now." He threw his head back and finished his drink.

But Alex chuckled. His eyes glinted in amusement, looking very satisfied to have unsettled Zeres’ composure finally. He then nodded like an old man as he muttered. "You and Zeke are desperately in need of someone who will breathe sense in your hearts. This old man is worried about this world’s future if that won’t happen anytime soon."

Zeres gaped at him, entirely at a loss for words.
Chapter 568 Breathless*

At last, it was time for them to leave the bar. As the quartet stood outside, Alex draped his arm around Zeres’ shoulders as he leaned on him and whispered. "I will visit you in the Black Forest one of these days." He grinned. The gold in his eyes glimmered momentarily before turning black again. "So better sharpen your sword, Zeres. Don’t you dare disappoint me."

"I’d be happy to entertain you, Alexander." Zeres finally smiled. It was that challenging smile that used to always rile up Alex back then.

"I’ll be looking forward to it." Alex patted his shoulder, then, before letting go, he again whispered on Zeres. "And you better spill out what the hell’s bugging you the next time I see you. Or else... I’ll bring you down and then force Alicia to read your mind."

Zeres’s expression darkened at Alex’s words. He glared at him, but Alex just haughtily smirked.

"So for now," Alex ignored Zeres’ reaction and walked towards his wife as he continued talking. "Why don’t you go trouble Zeke while waiting for me? It’ll be a great exercise for you. You’ve been in a deep slumber for thousands of years after all."

When Zeres didn’t respond, Alex halted and inclined his head slightly, thinking. ’It seemed I need to order Zeke to provoke Zeres for the time being,’ he thought. But then, he remembered that Zeke might no longer listen to him. Zeke had only been obeying Alex because Zeke didn’t want him to cause any trouble in the present world. Before Abi came back to his life, Alex had managed to order the stoic prince like he was his underling by threatening him. Often, Alex threatens to start a war against humans for fun or wreak havoc in the middle of a famous city and reveal his existence in the whole world. But now, Alex could no longer do that. He wouldn’t, and Zeke knows that. And that was why Zeke doesn’t even bother to appear before him anymore.

Thinking deeper, Alex narrowed his eyes, but eventually, his mischievous smirk reappeared. It seemed he had thought of an interesting idea. ’Well, well... I think this one could work,’ he muttered as if having fun before he finally reached his wife.

Abi had just pulled away from Alicia’s embrace when Alex stood right behind her. "See you soon, Abigail," the witch queen said, and once Abi nodded, she walked towards Zeres and stood beside him.

Abi smiled at Zeres, and the man nodded at her before the two witches turned and slowly disappeared from their eyes.

A long sigh escaped Abi’s lips. "I wish you two happiness," she whispered as if she wished upon a shooting star that had just appeared in the dark sky. Alex, whose eyes were glued on her face, smiled, and he gently swooped Abi in his arms.

"I didn’t bring a car, so we’re going to fly." He said, and before Abi could speak, he leaped and in not time, he quietly landed on the roof of a building. Abi’s hands were wrapped around his neck as she enjoyed the magnificent view of the city.

"Ah, I love this, Alex." Abi closed her eyes for a moment, savoring the gentle and cool breeze of the night.

"Me too, Abigail. I love you."

His words immediately opened Abi’s eyes, and her reaction made Alex chuckle. Suddenly, Abi pulled herself up and captured his lips. She slid her tongue inside his mouth and kissed him passionately.

"God, you’re getting bolder by the day, little lamb. And I love it." He muttered when their lips parted before he slammed his lips on hers and kissed her in a hungry kiss that had weakened Abi’s knees. "Alexander..." Abi moaned against his lips, causing Alex to immediately pull away.

"Damn... I’m already hard," he cursed.

"Oh," Abi bit her lips as she stared at his gorgeous face that was now screaming with need and desire. "Hang in there, husband. We’re almost there."

Alex groaned. He gripped her harder and leaped again. He did his best not to increase his speed. "Abigail..." he called out as he continued leaping. "Next time, don’t seduce me like that when we’re outside, unless... you want me to make love with you outdoor."

Abi was speechless. "I just kissed you, Alex. Can’t I kiss you outdoor?"

"But my wife..." he looked at her with a gaze filled with both mischievousness and helplessness. "You already know that your kiss alone is enough to drive my sanity away, sometimes. And you purposely called my name that way."

Abi was about to retort, but the moment she looked at his face, she could only chuckle.

"Damn, why does our house suddenly seem so far?" he complained. His expression desperate, and Abi chuckled again. Alex glanced at her and upon seeing the sparkling playfulness in her eyes. His lips twitched. "You’re actually having fun, watching me like this, huh? My wife? Just you wait, Abigail. I will make you cry for me tonight." He smirked.

Abi: ". . .!" Oh no.


"Ah, Alex... please... ah," Abi looked at Alex’s muscular body that was glistening with erotic sweat with misty eyes. His eyes filled with overwhelming desire, like a starved beast, as he looked down at her. He had been torturing her with pleasure for a while now, and it was unbearable. Whenever Abi felt the wave of ecstasy that was about to blast inside her, Alex’s movement suddenly stopped and then stayed still for a while inside her.

"Oh, please... don’t stop..." she could only beg once again, pulling him, wrapping her legs around his waist. "Stop teasing me... Alex..."

Alex’s eyes glimmered in appreciation as he watched his wife begging for him. He always found her pleasured expression cute and, at the same time, so damn arousing. Damn, he almost gave in, but he held back. He wanted to tease her more and savor that lovely look on her face. A face that was screaming her intense need and desire for him.

"Not yet, Abigail." He whispered as he planted kisses on her sweaty skin. And then, his tongue entangled with hers. He drove deeper inside her mouth and sucked her hot, sensuous tongue as if he wanted to swallow her whole. He repeatedly sucked on her soft lips that when the long fiery kiss came to an end, they were both breathless.

Chapter 569 Master of disguise*

When Alex stubbornly continued his teasing, Abi began to lose it, and before she knew it, she had started to move her waist against him, making Alex’s eyes burst into flame. "Oh, Abi," he groaned. His rock-hard member inside her throbbed, and he lost his senses. He had wanted to tease her more a little, just a little longer, but it seemed she was not going to let him. God, this woman... this wife of his... his desire for her was insatiable.


"Ah, Alex... More... please..."

He trusted deeper and her inner walls squeezed him, aggressively reacting to him. Her insides throbbed and squeezed tighter, causing him to shot his eyes with a frown, and gasped for breath.

The feeling of her insides filled him with ecstasy and thrill. Alex entered all the way to the hilt, and the place deep inside of her body tingled and ached for him. He began to move faster. His hard member repeatedly penetrated her, ravaged her. The room was filled with erotic sounds as her stimulated insides tightened again. Alex swallowed a groan as her insides squeezed him tight and spasmed as it clamped down on him. A shuddering sense of pleasure struck her entire body, and with one last powerful thrust, they both flew to the land of ecstasy together.

After they both come down from the high, Alex propped himself up on his elbow and stared at his wife. He planted loving kisses on her face before he scooped her. Abi placed her hand on top of his, then entwining their fingers together.

"How’s Kai?" he asked after a long while of silence. Abi slowly opened her eyes, and she turned, facing her husband. The look on her face made Alex’s brows creased.

"He didn’t even say a word, Alex. I explained to him Kelly’s situation. I also told him about that jerk Tristan." Abi told him. "But he just sat there and listened to everything that I said... I am really worried about him, Alex."

"Did you tell him about Kelly’s offer to Chris?"

"I didn’t mention that. But I told him she’s going to get married a day earlier than scheduled."

"Good." Alex reached out and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Don’t worry, love. Kai is stronger than he looked. And it’s nowhere near over yet for them. There’s still time for him to make a move."

"Mm." Abi nodded, understanding that Kai and Kelly’s situation was very complicated. She wouldn’t know what to do either if she was in Kai’s shoes. "How about, Zeres? Do you think he’s fine?"

"Hmm. I think he’s fine for now. But I did feel like he’s hiding something."

"Do you think he’s already bored?"

"Nope. I don’t think it has something to do with boredom. But next time, I’ll try to make him speak. This is not the right time yet, and I assure you, he’s fine for now. So don’t worry about him."

"I see... I understand... And how about the talk with Zeke? Is there anything that we can do to help Kai and Kelly?"

"We’re going to meet him in the palace tomorrow, so sleep now, Abigail." He kissed her forehead, and Abi’s lips curved a little before she obediently closed her eyes and fell asleep in his arms.


The couple had arrived in the Reign Castle early the next morning. It was summer, and the weather was lovely. The castle was quiet, emitting a serene atmosphere. Lately, everything had been so peaceful that it almost felt too good to be true.

Raven had welcomed the couple and led them towards Zeke’s study.

Once they entered, Abi’s eyes immediately fell towards the man sitting on the grandest chair inside the luxurious and regal room. The man’s physique was entirely identical to Zeke’s that Abi thought it was him. But as she approached him and looked at the man’s face, she blinked in surprise. Abi couldn’t help but stare at his face. If heavenly gods crafted Alex’s beauty, Abi would describe this man as someone molded by Lucifer into perfection to possess the epitome of dangerous male beauty. Who was this man?

Abi was expecting to see Zeke, that she didn’t think about seeing anyone else inside the room. Where was Zeke?

Curious, Abi turned and looked at her husband. "Ah," Alex sounded like he just remembered something as soon as she saw Abi’s expression. "I forgot to tell you, Abi. That’s Zeke."

"Huh?" Abi’s eyes widened, and then her brows creased together in a hard knot.

"That’s his real appearance. His previous face belongs to Ezekiel Qin, and since that guy’s dead, he didn’t need that face anymore." As Alex explained, Abi’s lips parted in shock. Disbelief colored her face as she glanced at the man and then back to Alex, demanding more explanation. "He chose to become a famous man, so he had to do that. He can’t go out there revealing his real face." Alex held her hand as they sat across Zeke.

Abi was still shocked as her gaze surveyed Zeke. And now that she looked closer, the man indeed had the very same air around him that Zeke always possesses - cold, assessing, and always with that deadly calm. His eyes precisely the duplicate of Zeke’s intense and ice-cold grey ice. Those beautiful eyes that showed no emotion even when he smiled were definitely no other than Ezekiel’s.

Befuddled, Abi leaned in towards the man. "Oh god, it’s really you?!"

"Yes, it’s me." That was all he said.

"H-how?! I would never even imagine that Ezekiel Qin’s face is fake!" She shook her head when Alex butted in.

"Well, he’s a master of disguise. He’s been doing that for countless years, and he’s enjoying it, right?" Alex smirked at Zeke, but the man simply shrugged.

Abi assessed Zeke’s face again and compared it to his previous appearance. She noticed that most of his prominent features hadn’t been altered at all. But he changed a few minor details that made him looked older and looked very much like a human compared to his real face. His previous appearance was very handsome but in a savage, human way. Now, his face was different. She could now put him in the same category as Alex because, like Alex, Ezekiel now had that kind of unearthly beauty that was almost indescribable.

"I’ve spoken with the prophetess again," Zeke started. Abi still wanted to ask more questions about Ezekiel’s disguise, but upon hearing Zeke’s words, she immediately turned her attention to what he was about to say. The talk about Kai and Kelly was the most important now.

"And? Is there any good news this time?" Alex asked as Abi looked at Ezekiel, silently hoping and praying that the prophetess had seen any vision or whatsoever that could help solve Kai and Kelly’s problem.
Chapter 570 A sign*

The study was silent for a while. Abi waited with an expectant look on her face as she stared at Zeke. She was still a little distracted by Zeke’s new, or rather, real appearance that she didn’t notice Zeke’s quick glance towards her before returning his gaze to Alex. Abi also overlooked the seemingly wordless communication that briefly passed between the two men as they stared at each other.

"The prophetess didn’t see anything, unfortunately." Zeke then said, his gaze now on Abi, and immediately, disappointment and worry flashed in Abi’s eyes.

"Oh, dear," she uttered softly, biting her lips as she worriedly faced Alex. Abi couldn’t help but feel her heart ache for Kelly. If even the prophetess couldn’t help, then who could? Abi knew that the prophetess and Ezekiel were their last hope. So if these two couldn’t help as well, what would happen with Kelly and Kai? Was it really hopeless?

The solemn and sad look on Abi’s face made Alex worry. He grabbed Abi’s hands that were resting on her lap, and squeezed them gently, comforting her. Because Abi was looking down, she didn’t see how Alex was glaring at Zeke, silently urging the man to say something that could lift Abi’s spirit.

Zeke stared at Alex, maintaining his relaxed posture on his chair. Zeke could almost hear Alex’s pissed voice as he told him to remember that Abigail was pregnant and that she was sensitive - the very words he said to Alex to send him away. But Zeke remained unbothered despite Alex’s intensifying glare for a short while, until eventually, he spoke, just right before a sound could leave Alex’s mouth.

"But..." Zeke said. Abi’s head lifted almost immediately, and she looked at him with an expectant look again. "Because of what happened to Kai, I believe there must be some changes in his body now."

Confused, Abi eyes darted between Alex and Zeke. "What happened to Kai?" she asked Alex.

"He self-destructed. He did that so he could stop himself from killing Kelly," Alex told her, and Abi’s lips parted in shock again. "What he did was something that supposed to kill him, but miraculously, he survived. Though it appeared he still suffered a huge price."


"Yes. His lifespan has tremendously decreased. He now has a lifespan of a human."

For a moment, silence hung over the room. While Abi was still speechless and processing the shocking news, Zeke started to speak.

"He’ll grow old like humans and die of old age." Zeke’s voice was serious. Although his face still remained expressionless, Abi was sure that this was something that’s unacceptable to him. Kai was Zeke’s younger brother, after all. It was hard to believe and accept that Kai, who was supposed to still live for a few more hundreds of years, would soon die a few decades later.

Abi didn’t know what to say. She had never expected that Kai had paid such a huge price that night. She knew Kelly didn’t know about this. She thought Kelly would break down if she’d learn what had happened to Kai. And if she found out about the price that Kai had to pay, she might blame herself, and worse was, Kelly might refuse to touch him again. God, what should she do?

"My theory is that Kai managed to survive the self-destruction because of his royal blood." Zeke resumed the conversation.

"Must be. No royalty ever tried to do that before. As far as I can remember, he’s the first." Alex replied as he continued gently rubbing Abi’s hand with his thumb.

"I am still not certain if there are more changes in Kai’s body aside from his lifespan, but there’s a possibility that this could be the answer we are looking for. Perhaps, his sacrifice opened a way for them to be together."

Alex creased his brows. He was about to retort when his wife leaned in on him and looked at him with her huge eyes that were now filled with hope. He clamped his lips and swallowed his words because what he was about to say might extinguish the hope in her eyes again. Alex didn’t like seeing her being worried and troubled, so he decided not to speak anymore.

"Of course, that’s just a possibility. But if Kai’s sacrifice is indeed the answer, I guess, the two should reconcile to find it out themselves," Zeke added, causing Abi to nod in great approval.

"I think I need to speak with Kelly, Alex." Abi grabbed Alex’s hand. "She must know. She deserved to know what happened with Kai. If I were her, I would want to know. So I really need to speak with her about all this. I’m sure she’ll fight for Kai again!"

Alex threw a quick glance at Zeke before he smiled at Abi and caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers. "Sure, my love. You’re going to talk to her once we’re home." He said, and as soon as Alex said those words, Abi rose from her seat. Obviously, she wanted to go home now and speak with her best friend as quickly as possible.

And thus, after thanking Zeke and saying goodbye to him, Abi grabbed her husband’s hand, and they walked out of Zeke’s study and went straight to their car parked in the palace’s courtyard.

However, before Alex could start the car’s engine, Zeke called him. Alex wasn’t surprised. He knew that Zeke had something else he wanted to tell him, so he immediately asked his wife to stay in the car and wait for him.

"I won’t take long," Alex promised, and when Abi nodded at him, he leaped and disappeared from the courtyard. He reached Zeke’s study in no time, entering the room through the window.

"What is it?" Alex asked, not beating around the bush as he looked at Zeke, who was now half-sitting at the edge of his desk.

Zeke’s serious eyes stared back at him before he spoke. "The prophetess actually saw something."

"She did?"


"And what did she see?" Alex approached him. His expression was now curious and grave. He had noticed the hardness in Zeke’s voice, and he knew it was a sign of bad news.

Zeke gazed outside the opened window as he sipped blood from his glass and answered. "Kelly and Kai’s gravestones."