✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married To the Devil's Son Semi and Final Chapter....... ✍️✍️✍️✍️




There were a lot of good things happening around Heaven. She had defended the castle successfully, and she got along well with most soldiers who fought by her side. Her father was on his way back with victory, and her wedding was being planned. Her grandfather suddenly decided to leave them alone and not cause more problems, and her grandmother's recovery was going well. 

Everything was perfect, but Heaven felt an emptiness in her heart that she couldn't get rid of. She had a hard time sleeping at night and when she managed to finally sleep, she was haunted by nightmares. 

She would wake up in the middle of the night, soaked in sweat and panting, and tonight was just the same. She dreamed about opening a box and finding a dead body inside.

Screaming, she woke up, waking Zamiel in the process. Her heart was racing inside her chest. 

Zamiel wrapped his arms around her. "It was just a dream." He assured, stroking her back just like many previous nights. 

What was wrong with her? She could see that he was getting more and more worried about her. She didn't want to worry him and she didn't know why she was having these dreams. She wanted them to stop. 

Zamiel held her in his arms, whispering calming words until she fell asleep again. 

The next morning, her father and the royal army arrived at the castle. The first thing her father did was to come and see her and make sure that she was alright. He hugged her, and she cried in his arms again despite fighting it. 

The fury she saw in his eyes told her he would cause chaos. Truth was there was already chaos. Her grandfather and Zamiel had caused terror among the witches.

Heaven wanted see it with her own eyes. See the enemy destroyed. She thought she would be happy about it and feel better after destroying those who killed her child, but that only left her with more emptiness. They punished them. Now what? That wouldn't bring her dead child back. 

Her father wanted to make sure that there were no more witches in the castle, and he and Zamiel took care of that as well. They made sure to read all their thoughts and even compelled them. Either there were no more enemies or they knew how to hide from demons.

While her father was busy the celebration of their victory already began and they went to join. 

The large banquet hall was already filled with soldiers and there was music, food and drinks. Some of the soldiers came to her to congratulate her for her success. Others were bitter and ignored her. 

Heaven had no energy to care for them, anyway. 

"Can I have your attention?" General Kian said, standing up at the table. He held a glass of wine in his hand and was a little drunk. 

"I am proud of each one of you for fighting so fiercely on the battlefield. You have once again proved that our army is undefeatable." He began, and the soldiers cheered. 

"And His Majesty was the fiercest of all as always." He continued, and the men cheered again in agreement. 

General Kian's eyes then went to her. "Her Highness has proved herself to be a fierce warrior and a great leader, just like her father. I think she deserves to get an appropriate title now." He announced. 

Half the men cheered in agreement. 

"Thanks to Her Highness's brilliant plan, we could defeat the enemy in no time, save a lot of resources and many lives." 

The soldiers clapped for her, and General Kian continued. "My father and I have made the decision for Her Highness to join the Royal army and become the second in command." He said. "Does anyone have an objection?" 

He looked around the table and waited for someone to speak, but everyone remained silent. "Very well then. Let's drink for our future second in command, for our victory and for the future of Decresh." He said, raising his cup. 

Everyone raised their cup and toasted before gulping their drinks down. The night ended with more drink, dance and music. 

Heaven wasn't one to drink, so she excused herself to retire for the night. Her father came after her and stopped her in the hall. "Heaven. Are you alright?" 

"Yes," she said, but he looked at her with concern. 

"It's alright to not be alright." He told her. 

"I am alright father. I just became second in command." She smiled. 

"Congratulations. You deserve it." He said. 

"Thank you." 

He looked at her for a moment before pulling her into his arms and hugging her tightly. Heaven hugged him back without thinking too much. 

"What is happening here?" Suddenly, her mother stood in the hall with a smile. "Am I being excluded again?" she joked. 

Both opened one arm for her at the same time and then chuckled. Her mother joined in the hug. 

"Do you know that our daughter just became second in command?" Her father asked her mother proudly. 

"No, I didn't. But I know our daughter can become anything she wants." She said, turning to Heaven and cupping her cheek. 

"Of course. She has her father's wits." Her father said. 

"And her mother's looks." Heaven added. 

Her mother chuckled. 

"Oh." her father raised a brow. "Well, I couldn't win a beauty contest with the two of you." 

Both smiled at him, and he hugged them at the same time. "Well then, me and your mother will go to our room. I think someone is here to escort you." 

Heaven looked around and found Zamiel standing in the corner waiting for her. 

"Have a good night." Heaven said. 

"Good night, daughter." Her mother smiled. 

Her father gave her a tap on the arm before walking away, hand in hand with her mother. 

Heaven watched with a smile as they walked away. 

She wasn't surprised to see that Zamiel came to escort her. He had been by her side since the tragic event. He reached his hand out, and she took it before he led her back to her room. 

Right now she only found comfort in sleep if only the nightmares would leave. Tonight she dreamed of Zamiel. In her dream he left her because she wasn't able to give him a child. It was a strange dream and something she knew she didn't have to worry about, yet her heart felt heavy. 

Zamiel had been here with her every day, sleeping with her and waking up with her after every nightmare she had.

She knew she never had to worry about him leaving. They would get married soon and never be separated. 

Despite not wanting to be separated from him, she hadn't been so enthusiastic about her wedding plans. She felt guilty for faking to be happy in front of everyone. She felt guilty for not being truly happy about something she looked forward to. Her mother had noticed the change in her. 

"Heaven. If it is too much, we can postpone the wedding." She said. 

"No! I want to get married." 

"Maybe you need some time and …"

"Mother, I am alright. You have nothing to worry about." She cut her off. 

She didn't want to talk about it anymore. She was tired of it. She would be fine. Talking about it wouldn't make things better. She just avoided all talk about that event. She wanted to put it behind her.

Her mother came later during the day to spend time with her. Heaven thought she would try to talk to her about what she had been avoiding to talk about, but her mother was just there for her. She didn't try to make her talk. She was just there, letting her know through her presence that she was there to listen or just keep her company. 

Heaven was really thankful for that.

And this whole wedding thing, she could skip it. She just wanted to be with Zamiel. 

"Shall we escape?" Zamiel asked the night before the wedding day. He wrapped his arms around her from behind. 

"I thought you wanted to get married." She said. 

"You are already mine. If this is too much, I will take you away from here." 

Did he notice her lack of enthusiasm? 

"Would you do that?" she asked.

She knew how much he wanted to officially make her his. 

"If that is what you want, I wouldn't hesitate. It would be my pleasure to do so." He said. 

She turned around to face him. "Zamiel I…" She didn't know how to explain herself. She didn't know why she was feeling the way she was when most of her dreams were becoming true. 

He waited patiently for her to speak her mind. "I do want to officially become your wife." She said and she could almost hear the quiet 'but' that followed her sentence. 

That night going to sleep she felt bad. She was being unfair to Zamiel and not truthful. Pretending wasn't right. He was there by her side, giving her unwavering support without trying to push her, and here she was. She hadn't even tried to give him support and acknowledge that he was grieving as well. 

Tomorrow she would do better. She would make an effort. 

But tomorrow was her wedding. Her handmaidens started preparing her already in the early morning. Helping her shave, oiling her up, bathing her with different oils and perfumes, washing her hair, and giving her facial treatments. It was such a long process and Heaven thought she could skip it all, but today she was going to enjoy herself and not complain. This day would only come once. 

While getting treated and prepared, Gina came to see her. "Oh, I see you are being adorned." She smirked. 

"I am." Heaven motioned for the maids to leave them alone for a moment. 

Gina came to stand behind her as she sat in front of the mirror. She looked at her through the mirror with a smile. 

"You look beautiful," she said. 

"Thank you." 

Gina squeezed her shoulder in a comforting gesture. "You are marrying a wonderful man. One you love and who loves you. You always dreamed of the kind of love your parents have." 

Heaven nodded with a smile. 

"A beautiful thing. To share a life together. To share everything. Happiness, sadness, joy and pain. Have someone who will be there for you no matter what."

Share everything.

It was indeed beautiful. It brought tears to her eyes because she hadn't been sharing anything with Zamiel since the incident. She had been shutting him out, keeping her pain to herself and not talking to him about his pain. 

She wanted to make things right today. 

"You have found him. The one you had always been looking for and today you will officially belong together." Gina said with a smile.

The tears streamed down her cheeks. 

"Moving forward I hope you can find happiness together and in each other. I hope you can be each others strengths."

Heaven shook her head, holding back her cry. These words brought out some emotions in her that hit her hard. In a good way. It was almost painfully sweet. 

She stood up from her chair, wiping her tears. "I need to go find Zamiel." 

Gina shook her head. "You can't see him before the wedding." 

"I need to see him before the wedding." She needed to let him know how she truly felt, be honest this time, and let him express himself before starting a new life together. 

Gina sighed. "If you insist. Just come back quickly before they notice your absence." 

"I will." She said, then hurried to find her mate and her husband.



Heaven went to Zamiel's home but couldn't find him there. She asked his maid Helen where he was, but Helen hadn't seen him since yesterday. Heaven then called Ilyas to help her find Zamiel, but Ilyas couldn't find him either. 

It was strange. "Maybe he went under the ocean." She said. 

"I'll go find out." Ilyas said, but he came back with bad news. "No, he didn't." 

"Then where is he?" she asked, confused. 

"Maybe he doesn't want to be found for a while." Ilyas said thoughtfully. 

Heaven shook her head. That didn't seem like Zamiel. She had always been able to find him. 

"Did something happen to him?" she asked herself loudly. 

Ilyas frowned. "I don't think anyone can do anything to him." 

Heaven still had a bad feeling. She went back home to wait and see if he would show up. Maybe he did simply want to have some time alone. Was he angry with her? Was he sad? Did he change his mind about the wedding? 

He had suggested to escape. 

Fear and worry made her stomach turn. Her thoughts went to a place she didn't even want to think of. She shouldn't even think about this thought, but she did. 

Did Zamiel leave her? 

She had seen it in her nightmare, and it had felt so real. Zamiel would never leave her, but then again, she hadn't been the best mate in this last week. She had been distant and drowning in self pity, with no regard for how that made him feel. Still, Zamiel wouldn't leave her. He wasn't that kind of person. 

She was being dramatic. He was probably just gone for a while and would come back. 

"What is wrong?" Gina came back to her room. 

"I can't find Zamiel." Heaven said. 

"Well, I am sure he is just somewhere not far away." 

What if he was in danger? But he could communicate with Ilyas and her just like he did when he was locked in the coffin. He wasn't in danger which only meant…

She shook her head in denial. 

"He left." Heaven said. Now a little more convinced. 

"Where?" Gina asked. 

"Anywhere but here." 

Gina frowned. "Do you mean he left you?"

Heaven nodded. 

"No, no." Gina shook her head. 

"He asked me to escape, I said I wanted to officially get married but…" 


"I said it in a way that sounded wrong. Maybe he thinks I don't want him anymore. That I don't care." She was slowly starting to panic. 

"Knowing Zamiel, he seems like a wise person. I think he would talk if he had any doubts. He wouldn't just disappear believing something he wasn't sure of." Gina said trying to talk some sense into her. 

Heaven took a deep breath. Maybe she was overreacting. Gina was right. Zamiel wouldn't leave her over such matters. She didn't know what went over her. Why did she even believe this?

She would just wait and he would be there. It was their wedding day after all. 

Relaxing she went ahead to prepare for the wedding. Her maids dressed her up. 

She looked at herself in the mirror. Her red wedding dress flowed from top to bottom and had a jeweled neckline, which entrancingly revealed the white dress worn beneath. The flow of her dress was broken up by a golden belt worn low around her waist, and the back continued to flow a decent length behind her, ending up in a narrow tip.

The dress had long and narrow sleeves, where the flow is interrupted below the shoulder by thin, ornate bands. Nothing extraordinary was done with her hair. It flowed down her back and was topped with a golden crown. 

Now it was only an hour left to their wedding and Ilyas still hadn't come to tell her that he had found Zamiel. 

Heaven started to pace. "I don't understand what is happening?" She said. "He must have left if he wasn't here," Heaven said. 

"Why do you believe he left? He could be doing anything." 

Heaven stopped pacing. "I had a dream about it," she said. 

"It is just a dream. You will see. He will be here soon." 

"You don't understand. Ilyas couldn't sense him, which means he doesn't want to be found. Why would he do that?!"

Gina was quiet. Of course she didn't know. 

Heaven's heart told her Zamiel wouldn't leave her but her brain said something else.

She was about to cry when she felt Ilyas' presence in the garden. He must have found Zamiel. She hurried outside. 

"Did you find him?" she asked. 

"I have a letter for you." He said, holding out an envelope in his hand. 

"Oh no," Heaven burst into tears. 

She thought a letter could only mean one thing. Letting her know why he left.

"My Lady. You will ruin your face and hair for the wedding." 


"Is Zamiel coming?" She asked. 

"It will be difficult for a wedding to take place without the groom." He said. 

Heaven looked at him confused. "Then who did you get the letter from?" 

"Lord Zamiel." He said. 

Heaven stopped asking questions and took the letter from him. She opened it quickly and began to read. 

( Dear beloved wife. 

I am so blessed to officially become your husband on this special day. There is no one else I would want to share the rest of my life with. We have been through many struggles, and a lot of pain and sorrow but my heart is still full of love for you. I have hated, cried, raged but nothing has pulled me through and soothed my pain as much as the love I have for you. 

I wish to do something small for you just to put a smile on your face on this day. If you could come and meet me where we first met when I decided to start this journey with you, it would make me happy. I will wait with baited breath. 

Eternally yours, 

Zamiel )

Heaven wrapped the letter as tears ran like rivers down her cheeks. Zamiel's words were so heartbreakingly beautiful. She felt so stupid for even thinking that he would leave her. 

And where they met for the first time after he….? 

Yes, now she remembered. 

"I need to go." She said to Gina and Ilyas who waited for her to say something. Without waiting for a reply she hurried to Zamiel. 

As she walked through the halls of the castle the few guards and maids that saw her stared surprised. She wasn't supposed to show herself before the wedding but Heaven didn't care right now. 

When she arrived at where Zamiel met her for the first time after putting his hatred and pain behind, Heaven halted. She took a deep breath before entering the dance hall of the castle. This was where Zamiel gave himself a second chance to find happiness. A chance to love again and be loved. 

And there in the middle of the hall, he stood looking as beautiful as the first time he had walked into this room. A smile lit up his face upon seeing her. 

She slowly walked further into the room and closer to him. When he saw her soaked face he frowned.

She came to stand in front of him. "I couldn't find you. You scared me."

"I heard from Ilyas you were looking for me. I am sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I was just trying to hide so I could plan this surprise. It seems like I made you cry instead of smile." He was saddened. 

"These are good tears." She assured him. 

She had been holding back and this truly made her cry her pain out, discover her feelings and realize what she truly wanted in life and where to find her own happiness. Pain and happiness didn't have to be in her life at separate times. They could be there together.

"Why were you looking for me?" He asked. 

She shouldn't have been looking for him before the wedding. If she hadn't done it she would save herself all the cries but at the same time she was happy she did. 

"I wanted to let you know about my true feelings so we could really start anew after the wedding." She began. "I was not fine this whole time. I was hurting, angry and resentful. I was moving away from this world slowly and into an emptiness and I didn't even try to save myself. That is how I felt these days." 

Heaven felt so relieved to finally tell the truth. 

Zamiel smiled at her. "Thank you for telling me how you truly feel." 

"Thank you for always being there to listen and sharing your own feelings." She was still holding the letter in her hands. 

Zamiel drew her into his arms and they hugged for a while. She felt warm inside again., like finally finding her home after being lost. 

"I just want to make sure that you haven't changed your mind about escaping yet. We still have time." He said. 

Heaven chuckled. "No. Today I want everyone to know that we belong together." 

"Thank you. I wouldn't want any man to think that he had a chance." 

Heaven shook her head. "You are the one every female stares at. I want them to know that they don't have a chance." 

"I will let them know immediately." He promised with a smile. "You look beautiful." 

She shook her head. "I look awful now after crying. I ruined everything." 

"Wait." He said. He wiped away her tears, combed her with his fingers which made her smile and corrected the crown above her head. Then he took a step back to look at her and put a hand on his heart as if he was stabbed. 

Heaven shook her head at him with a smile. 

"So why did you bring us here?" she asked. 

"To dance." he said. "I was frightened that day to come here and start anew. To bare my heart again and let my guard down again." He smiled at the memory. "And then I started dancing with you and…"


He smiled. "I can't find the right word for the feeling." 

Heaven knew what that felt like. Some feelings were just meant to be felt. They were bigger than words. 

"I am glad you came that day despite being afraid." She said. 

"I am glad too." 

Heaven looked around for the first time. Zamiel had arranged for the hall to look beautiful. A thousand candlelight were lit, shimmering like the stars and flowers decorated the wall. 

Zamiel reached his hand out. "May I have a dance?"

Heaven placed her hand in his and she was taken back to that day, when they danced for the first time. She had been nervous and scared but also excited. 

Zamiel drew her closer, holding her one hand and placing the other on the small of her back. Music started playing and he began to sway them to the rhythm. 

Heaven was that girl again that night when Zamiel came for her. Naive, full of hope and positivity and completely smitten by this man. Her heart was beating with a new excitement and her lips curved into a smile. She would have wished for this dance to never end if they didn't have to get married after this. 

A short period of separation before they could be together again. This time in front of everyone. 

Heaven hurried back to her room with a lot of weight lifted off her shoulders and a smile on her face. 

Gina waited for her all that time. 

"Heaven, are you alright?" 

Heaven nodded and went to hug her friend. Gina was surprised by her sudden action but hugged her back. 

"Help me. My face is ruined." She said. 

Gina quickly helped her rearrange her makeup before and then she had to leave because she had to be there before her. 

After a shirt while it was for her to go. Her two handmaidens walked her to the hall and when her arrival was announced, she entered nervously. 

As she walked down the red carpet she looked around. She was surrounded by her people. To her left she saw Gina, Zarin and Ilyas standing among the crowd. They smiled at her, and Ilyas gave her a slight nod. Further ahead, she saw General Kian. He bowed slightly with a smile. 

To her right, Klara and Roshan were standing next to each other. Roshan winked at her and Klara gave her a nod. Then she saw her grandmother standing next to Euphorion. Her eyes were filled with tears and she looked at her in awe. 

Tears burned her own eyes. Oh no, she was not going to cry. 

And then she looked in front of her, where the King and the Queen sat. Her lovely parents. She walked up to them and they gave her their blessings. Then she went to sit down on her appointed seat. 

Everyone sat down and waited for the groom to arrive. When Zamiel walked in everyone stood up again. Heaven watched him with a smile as he walked up to her parents to show his respect. Then he came to sit next to her. 

They just looked at each other and smiled. 

Royal weddings were boring. All the bride and the groom could do was sit and watch while everyone enjoyed themselves. They would thank those who came up to them to congratulate them until it was time for the tea ceremony. 

Her mother had taught her to play the flute just for this day, but Heaven didn't look forward to playing in front of everyone. 

Thankfully, her father surprised them by not following the traditions. He made it a real celebration by inviting everyone to dance, including her and Zamiel. 

Everybody took their partner to dance with. Zamiel led her to the dance floor, and they danced a second time in a day. "You smell good." he told her. 

Well, she had spent many hours on her body and hair. "Only for you," she smiled. 

He leaned in and kissed her forehead. 

Heaven saw her parents dancing together, Klara and Roshan, Gina was dancing with Ilyas and her grandmother with Euphorion. Zarin was dancing with some unknown lady. It reminded her of the old days and she couldn't help but smile. 

Then they all changed partners. Roshan came to dance with her. "You look lovely, Heaven." He said, also sounding a little emotional. "Congratulations on your wedding and your promotion." 

"Thank you." She smiled. 

Then Zarin came to dance with her. "Can I say that you look absolutely beautiful or will your mate strike me with lightning?" 

Heaven chuckled. "It is a risk that you have to decide to take or not." 

"I will take it for you. You look beautiful," he said. "I wish you all the happiness in the world on this day and forward." 

"Thank you, Zarin." 

She also danced with General Kian. He was happy for her and congratulated her. "Are you giving up ruling after this?" He asked. 


"Good." He smiled. 

Then at last she danced with her father. "Oh, I have been dreading this day but I am very happy today." He said. 

"So am I. Thank you for making this wedding more memorable." 

"Anything for you." Her father smiled. 

Then took her in a real swirl across the dance floor. Heaven kept smiling until her cheeks hurt, but then suddenly she felt lightheaded. It was probably all the swirling and dancing.

"Are you alright?" Her father asked. 

The room started to spin. 

"Father, just lead me quietly outside." She said, embarrassed. 

She didn't want to look like this in front of everyone. Her father held her firmly and helped her out of the dance hall but Heaven didn't know if they managed to get out before everything became dark. 

When she woke up Zamiel was sitting beside her in her bed while he held her hand. Everyone surrounded them. What had happened? 

She looked at Zamiel questioningly, and he smiled at her. He looked happy, yet it seemed like he had cried. 

"What happened?" she asked. 

"Heaven…" Zamiel began, and her heart skipped. What was it now? "You are still pregnant." He said. 

Heaven's eyes widened. What?! She looked at everyone else and they nodded. How? She couldn't believe it. 

She sat up. "Is it really true?" she asked Zamiel. 


"Our child is alive?" She said, holding her stomach. 

Zamiel nodded with a smile.

Heaven didn't know what to say. She needed a moment to let that sink in. 

"We should tell her the other good news." Her grandmother said excitedly. 

Another good news? What could be better than this?

"Not our child Heaven, our children." Zamiel said. 


"Yes, there are two of them." Her mother smiled. 

Now she remembered something the witches had said. 'We sent them away in peace'. 

The woman had said 'them'. 

"How is that possible?" Heaven asked. 

"It seems like even in a very early stage, demons can heal." 

Oh, her children. They had been healing all this time. They must have endured so much pain. 

"Oh no," Heaven said, and burst into tears. She was happy they were safe and sad for what they went through. 

"Our children are alright." She told Zamiel who was also in tears.

"He already cried like a child." Roshan said, and a few chuckles followed. 

"I need to eat." Heaven said from nowhere. Her children had suffered enough. She had to feed them now and take well care of them. 

"We have that ready for you." Her grandmother smiled. 

She looked at the table served with food. Everyone were really thinking about everything.

"I think we should leave them alone then." Her father said wanting her and Zamiel to have some time alone. 

Everyone hugged and kissed her before leaving her alone with Zamiel. 

"Did you hear their heartbeat?" She asked Zamiel when everyone left. 

"I did. I thought it was one at first because the beat was so slow but it is even slower because it is two."

"Why is their heartbeat slow? Did something happen?" She became afraid. 

"No. That is because they have ancient blood, which also means they heal quickly." 

Heaven touched her stomach again.

"When they grow a bit more you will also be able to hear their heartbeat. It is a beautiful sound," Zamiel said. 

Heaven looked forward to it.

"I am so happy." She said. 

"Me too." Zameil smiled. 

They leaned in for a kiss. 

"I love you." He said. 

"I love you too." 


Irene sat in her garden, doing nothing in particular. She just watched the leaves swaying to the wind, listened to the birds sing and felt the warm sunrays on her skin. It had been a week since she found out she was becoming a great grandmother and since then she couldn't stop smiling. 

"Grandma!" Heaven joined her in the garden. "Are you alone, again?"

"What do you mean? I have good company." She said pointing at the birds. 

Heaven chuckled as she sat at the table. 

"The nausea is stopping me from doing anything. Is there no magic you can do to make it disappear?" She wiggled her eyebrows. 

Irene smiled. "Unfortunately not. It is a natural part of being pregnant."

"Is it also natural to want to punch everyone around you?" 

Irene laughed. "Don't tell me you want to punch your sweet husband?" 

"Sometimes." She admitted. "He can't leave me alone. He is feeding me, bathing me, putting me to sleep and emptying our room of all the things he believes is a danger which is almost everything."

"That sounds nice." Irene said. 

"It was. At the beginning." 

"You should enjoy it. Once you give birth you won't have as much time with each other. Especially since it is two now." 

Heaven nodded. "What about you?" she asked. 

"What about me?" 

"I know you are happy to be a mother, grandmother and great grandmother but you can be other things as well." 

"Like what?" 

"Like anything your heart desires." 

Irene sighed. She knew where Heaven was going with this. They had this conversation once before. 

"Heaven. I am happy this way."

"I know. I just don't want you to hold back from being the happiest that you can be. You don't have to restrict yourself to certain things. You are not obliged to choose between two or several things, as you might think."

Irene shook her head. "I am content this way." 

"I think you are afraid of giving yourself a second chance. Living in fear has prevented many of us from being truly happy." She smiled.

Irene said nothing. 

"Think about it, grandma." Heaven said standing up. "I should go back before my husband starts to panic." 

Irene nodded with a smile. 

The rest of the day she kept thinking of what Heaven said. Was she living in fear? What was preventing her from following her heart if not fear? 

She had nothing to be afraid of. Now she was confident in herself and she knew which people she wanted to allow to come into her life. She also knew how to look out for herself so she shouldn't be scared. 

At last she made up her mind and decided to follow her heart even if she was still scared. 

Before she could go to find him he came to find her. 

He stood waiting in her garden. 


He smiled upon seeing her. "Irene. I hope I am not disturbing you."

"No, not at all." 

He nodded. 

She waited for him to say something since he came to see her. He seemed a bit nervous. "I have been thinking a lot and I can't deny my feelings anymore. I also don't want to run away. You deserve better." He began. "I want you to know that I like you. A lot."

Irene wasn't surprised. She had known it. She just didn't want to think about it. "I like you too." She said. 

He looked at her surprised. It was like he had prepared himself for rejection but before he became too happy she had to let him know how she felt. 

"I just...we haven't known each other for long. I want to take it slow and get to know each other more if you still want to." 

"I understand. I am in no rush. We can walk at your pace until you are comfortable." He assured. 

Irene was glad to hear that. 

She invited him inside and after chatting the whole night without even realizing it, he took her to the ocean to see the sunrise. 

They were surprised when they found Heaven and Zamiel there. 

"What are you doing here?" Euphorion asked. 

Heaven gave her an approving smile when she saw them together. Zamiel put one arm around her. "We came to see the sunrise. What about you?" 

"Same for us." Euphorion said. 

"This place is the best place to see the sunrise." 

Euphorion agreed with Zamiel. 

Then all four of them sat on the beach with some distance between them. Heaven and Zamiel held each other and Euphorion and Irene just sat together. 

Irene saw the sky change color and then the sun peaked from the horizon. It was indeed the best place to watch the sunrise. The light reflected on the ocean which made the view breathtaking. 

Taking its time, the sun rose from where it hid, promising them a new day. A new day and a new adventure. 

The End
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