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Chapter 571 Unlucky*
Inside Kelly’s apartment...

"I can’t believe you’re doing this kind of nonsense, Kelly!" A raging voice thundered and echoed inside the luxurious apartment as Kelly looked at her father with an utter shock etched on her face. Her father had never yelled at her so furiously like this before. Her father was always that strict and unapproachable dad to her since she was young, but he was not the type to yell so loudly when angered. This was the first time Kelly had seen him this furious, so she couldn’t help but feel nervous.

"D-dad –"

"Shut up! Did you think I wouldn’t find out?" he was shaking in rage that Kelly forced herself to press her lips tightly. She didn’t want to infuriate him even more for fear that he might end up collapsing.

"How dare you do this. You agreed with the deal. I gave you everything you wanted and needed... everything... and this is how you repay me?!" He continued, still trembling in anger, grabbing onto his bodyguard’s arm for support.

Kelly’s lips parted, but no voice came out of her lips. ’Everything? Really? When did that happen?’ she asked inwardly. Then she fought the urge to flash a mocking and bitter smile. The lump in her throat was getting more and more unbearable, but all she could do was dug her nails on her palm and took a deep breath to find her voice again.

"Dad..." her voice was weak and pained. "May I ask?" she looked at him with all the courage she could muster. "Are love and attention included in the ’everything’ you are talking about?" her eyes became hot as those words leave her lips. But she didn’t let any tears fall. "Of course, the answer is no, right?" she answered her own question, "because I don’t remember you giving me any of those two. Since I was a child, all I ever receive from you were... money, money, and more money."

At that moment, some of her childhood memories flash in her head. Kelly remembered how she longed for her father’s attention when she was little until she grew up. But her father was rarely home, and most of the time, he couldn’t even attend his own daughter’s birthday. And when he did, he would immediately leave as soon as he handed her his expensive gifts. His attention was focused entirely on his company that he barely glanced at Kelly. He had always been a cold and distant figure to Kelly because no matter how much Kelly tried, he would never give her the attention she deserved as his daughter.

Silence reigned between the father and daughter as they stared at each other until Kelly spoke again. "Of course, I am very grateful. Your money gave me a comfortable life after all. But dad, money is not my everything. I never planned to break my promise. I came back home as I promised, but dad... I can’t accept Tristan. Not him, please –"

"Enough! Enough, Kelly..." the old man pinched the skin between his brows and took several deep breaths. He didn’t look good. "Your mother... she’s rushed in the hospital this afternoon after hearing the news from Tristan."

Kelly gasped in shock.

"Your mother was so hurt you actually planned to get married behind her back. You know how much she dreamt about watching you walk in the aisle. You know how much she’s working on this upcoming wedding of yours. But look at what you did..." he shook his head in utter disappointment.

"Dad, it’s all because you gave me no choice. I knew you would never let me marry Chris. That’s why I... that’s why I planned to marry him first before introducing him to the both of you."

Her father acted as though he didn’t hear her and just continued talking. "You actually went and searched for a man that will agree to have a contracted marriage with you. A fake husband that will agree to divorce you after a year? Do you think your mother will ever tolerate such a ridiculous thing?!"

Kelly’s face went very white. How? How did they found out about all these?

As though her father had read her mind, he scowled and continued talking. "Don’t you even try to deny it, Kelly. Tristan showed me a voice record of you talking to that man."

"T-tristan sent someone to spy on me? And then followed me all the way to Chris’ –" Kelly couldn’t even finish her statement anymore. Her knees weakened. There was no way Chris would reveal anything, much more record their conversation. Chris was a passionate actor, and he loved acting. He would never do anything that could potentially ruin his career. He would never do something like that. Kelly could only curse and curse inside her. She knew it was Tristan. She had underestimated him. She should’ve known since Tristan’s men snatched her phone in that bar. Tristan was a man who would never let anyone beat him in his own game. He was a bastard who would do anything and everything to get what he wanted. And he wouldn’t hold back at all until he gets the last laugh.

"Do not blame Tristan. He saved you from doing something idiotic, Kelly." Her father said, and Kelly almost laughed hysterically.

"Dad. You know how much I hate him. How could you force your own daughter to marry the person she hated the most
in this world? I did that to save myself!"

"You are young, Kelly. And yes, you hate him now, but your hatred is just temporary. It will thaw over time, I assure you. Your mother... she too hated me before. Yet look at us now."

Kelly was at a loss for words. She couldn’t believe what her father was telling her? Really? Her mother hated him? And he was using themselves as examples now? Kelly felt like her heart was going to burst.

"Believe me, Kelly. If you accept things, your viewpoint and feelings will eventually change. Give Tristan a chance. Learn to accept what’s for you and whatnot. Tristan..." he shook his head before staring at Kelly with that firm and almost absolute gaze that was telling her it was futile to reason and resist. "If you won’t marry Tristan, the company will collapse. While you were out there enjoying your life, when the company is struggling, Tristan came to aid me. I already gave him so much authority and power over the company. If you refuse to marry him and he will cut ties with us, the company will fall and will never recover again. So please... do this for your family, for your mother and me. Your mother is safe for now, but if you continue this nonsense, I doubt she can handle any more than this."

With that, her father turned and left, leaving Kelly staring at his back in utter helplessness. She sank to her knees as soon as the door was closed. Fury and hopelessness filler her eyes as her hands went to her head and tugged her hair.

Her lips trembled. Her heart felt like darkness was starting to corrupt it whole. Her apartment became so eerily silent as she remained on the floor, and then, she laughed – the bitterest laugh she had ever heard.

It seemed Tristan had already started his game years before. He had bewitched her parents and then drove them to the point of no return, without them even knowing.

"Oh god, Kelly. Just what did you do to become this unlucky in everything? You didn’t just fall in love with a man you couldn’t be with, you also have an enemy you couldn’t beat? Ha.ha.ha." She trembled as she spoke to herself and laughed at herself. It was too much. Everything was too much. She felt like she was going mad.

She didn’t know how long she had stayed on the floor, but she eventually rose and headed to the door. But as soon as she opened it, a huge bulky man blocked her doorway. She felt another miserable laugh knotting in her throat as she looked at the man because she knew she was now locked in her own house until her wedding day.

"I’m sorry, Miss, but you cannot leave. If you needed something, please tell me." He said, and Kelly just glanced behind him. When she saw that there were more men outside, she wordlessly retreated and shut the door closed. A bitter smirk curved on her lips, and she headed to her fridge. She didn’t shed even a single tear, but she looked utterly devastated. The light in her eyes was gone as she grabbed a beer and gulped them down. She sank on the floor again and leaned against the wall as she continued drinking a bottle of alcohol in her hand.

Her eyes fell towards the opened door leading to the veranda. She could see the endless lights that lit up the cityscape below, but Kelly’s eyes appreciated nothing. That moment, she looked as though she hated the world and all its inhabitants.

Time passed, but Kelly never moved from her spot. She had already emptied the bottle when her eyes caught her phone lighting up. She knew someone was calling, but she didn’t want to move. It seemed she was finally drunk. All she wanted was to forget everything, even for a moment. She wanted to drown herself into nothingness until everything in her world, her emotions included, disappear.

And somehow, her world turned completely dark and quiet for what seemed to be a long time, but when a cold breeze came and touched her skin, Kelly’s brows creased, and she opened her eyes. At first, she looked like she immediately regretted opening her eyes, but then, tears slowly pooled in her eyes upon seeing the figure standing by the veranda’s door.

Chapter 572 Colder*

Kai was frozen still as he gazed down at Kelly. He never planned to appear before her. After Abigail left, Kai had stormed out of his villa, and he didn’t know how he ended up landing at the top of the building where Kelly resides.

He felt like the world had turned dark, hellish. His life had always been ordinary, mundane, and quiet. He never felt so empty and fulfilled until this woman came into his life. He never disliked being alone, he was used to it, and he never found it boring before. But now, everything had changed. He felt like he could no longer bear being alone again. She had become everything to him. He never thought forcing himself to leave her and forget her would destroy him like this. Even though he knew it was the only choice he had, he couldn’t believe the extent of pain and torture he had felt. He knew that letting her go wouldn’t be easy, but he never knew it would be this hard.

And now, he was staring at her in this dim-lit room, and she was a mess. Looking at her thin frame as she sat on the floor barefooted and looking as miserable as he was made his heart convulsed in both pain and anger. He realized his pain was much more tolerable than watching her like this. No pain was greater than seeing her crying and hurting like this. He couldn’t help but blame the world and himself for hurting her.

Slowly, Kai walked towards her. All he wanted was to touch her, stroke her messy hair, and comfort her. He wanted to embrace her and ease her pain so she would return being that annoying hooligan again. When Kai came into his senses and found himself at the building’s rooftop, Kai had fought an intense battle against himself whether to appear before her or not. He had thought about the things Abigail said to him, and he clenched his fists into tight balls. He had thought about going to that bastard Tristan and kill him. But then what would’ve changed if he did that? Kelly was better of marrying a womanizer than marrying a man who would kill her. These thoughts steeled Kai’s heart again, and he decided to go back. He thought he would just threaten the bastard or probably beat him up until he’s half-dead once he catches him cheating on Kelly. That was all he could do for her because he knew that his love couldn’t do anything good to her but her inevitable death.

He had waited for the night to deepen, planning to sneak inside her room and watch her sleeping face one last time, but what he saw shattered his resolve to leave.

"Oh, god..." her voice was soft as she watched him approach her. She blinked her eyes to let the tears flow from her blurry eyes and to have a clearer view of the angel approaching her. "It seemed drinking is a very wise choice," she added, a pleased smile now flashing on her face.

When Kai squatted before her, she lifted her hand and touched his face. Kai’s body shook a little at her touch. Her palm was so warm. Her familiar scent made him hold his breath, and it took him an inconsiderable control to keep himself still.

"Not if it’s too much," he said, shaking his head as he glanced at the bottles on the floor.

She chuckled. Kai swallowed as his eyes remained glued on her. She was drunk, but her drunken laughter still sounded very sad and pained.

"I’ll have to disagree with you, babe." She narrowed her eyes at him. Her other hand touched the other side of his cheek. "Because look... you’re here." Her smile widened. "If I know you’d appear before me like this when I’m drunk enough, I should’ve got drunk in the past few days too."

Kai lifted his hands and held her wrists. Their eyes met, and Kelly’s smile slowly died down. Her fingers began to caress his cheek.

"Did you... did you come here to congratulate me on my wedding?" she asked without masking the pain in her voice. It appeared she wasn’t as drunk as he thought. The look in her eyes was serious and sober.

Kai could only shake his head. He began to feel the unbearable pain again.

"You’re not going to congratulate me?"

"No," he said raggedly.

"Why? Because you’re against it? Me, marrying another man?"

When Kai couldn’t respond, a sweet smile curved on Kelly’s face again. Watching his utterly miserable expression at that moment made Kelly’s heart swell. Even in her state, his emotions were clear as the day to her. He was devastated, and she was selfishly so glad.

"Kelly." He breathed before his gaze became serious. "Why? Why are you crying? Did something happen?"

"Kai," she uttered as she leaned in closer to him, acting as though she didn’t hear him at all. Her eyes were now surveying his face as though she was looking for something. "You looked like you’ve matured so much since the last time I saw you. Or is it because I’m a little drunk?"

Her remark made him stiffen for a moment.

"You looked so weary, and these shadows beneath your eyes aren’t very good," she continued as her thumb gently traced the skin below his eyes. "But... why do you look even more appealing and more delicious like this?" She cocked her head as she said those words.

Kai didn’t speak. He just stared at her face as though he was memorizing the way she looked at him with desire and admiration until she leaned in and brushed her lips against his. Sparks immediately flew between them with that little quick collision.

"I love how rugged and human you looked tonight, Kai," she whispered when Kai suddenly let go of her hands and stood.

Raking his lean hand roughly through the disordered layers of his chocolate-brown hair, Kai forced his gaze away from her and stared out the window, trying to concentrate on the city lights as he seemingly struggled to calm himself.

He looked down at her after a while just to be met with her huge eyes staring up at him. His eyes fell on her bare feet, and he took a sharp breath.

"The floor is cold, Kelly. You can’t stay there," he said, his voice gentle as he bent and attempted to touch her to lift her up when Kelly shoved his hand.

Kai pressed his lips tight together. That mere action was enough to make his heart burn with stinging pain. Kelly had never pushed him away before. He was always... always the one who’s pushing her away ever since. He didn’t know it would feel like this.

"Are you going to tuck me on my bed and then leave?" Kelly said as she rose. She wobbled, but Kai was quick to catch her. His strong hands were carefully gripping her shoulders. "Tell me, why did you come here?" she asked again, her eyes determined and sharp.

Kai stilled and remained silent.

"Did you come tonight to see me one last time and say your final goodbye?"


"Tell me!" She demanded. Her eyes narrowed.

"I don’t know. I don’t know why I ended up here!" he said with such a force, enough to make any girl jump in fright. But Kelly didn’t. She was surprised but never frightened. Kai never spoke like this to her before.

Moreover, Kelly couldn’t ignore what he just said, and her heart began to thump.

"You don’t know? What does –" Kelly couldn’t finish her statement because of a sudden surge of dangerous alertness that surged in Kai’s eyes. His head whipped towards the entrance door, and his eyes narrowed. Kelly knew he heard the men outside.

His eyes widened as he returned his gaze to Kelly. "You are being locked up?!"

His eyes glimmered with a ferocity that wasn’t like him at all. His negative emotions were closer to the surface than she had ever seen before. He was angry, so angry. She could see the fury in his eyes, and Kelly found herself in a trance as she watched the new expression he never showed her before. Kelly thought that he really did change tremendously in the past days. It was hard for her to believe that this man was the oh-so-well-mannered and controlled soft cutie pie she used to know. Because lately, he didn’t just become harder and colder, he also became a little untamed, and now, he was acting like a bad-tempered beast. Kelly couldn’t help but wonder if this was the result of their desperate love. Or did she do this to him?

The air in the living room became incredibly heavy. And then, Kai’s eyes began to turn red as he gritted his teeth. His aura darkened that Kelly couldn’t help but felt chills running down her spine.

"I’ll kill them," he hissed.
Chapter 573 You“re worth dying for*

"No!" Kelly yelled as she frantically wrapped her arms around him. She couldn’t believe how murderous he looked at that moment. He was no longer her soft pretty boy! She knew that if she let him leave, he’ll definitely do something severely wrong. She can never let that happen.

"Calm down, Kai!" her voice became louder as her grip on him tightened. No matter how much she hated the world right now, Kelly could never let Kai claim anyone’s life. "Please."

"They’re treating you like you’re a prisoner!"

The look in his eyes was becoming more and more dangerous. She could feel his stiffness, his uncontrollable anger. "Please, Kai. Don’t do anything stupid." Kelly struggled to stay calm because she was also starting to feel nervous. She didn’t know if she could stop him and if she had the power to calm his rage. "Those men are my father’s. They’re simply doing their job. My father is angry with me, so he had me locked up here."

Kai’s jaws clenched, then slowly, he forced himself to relax. But for some reason, he was having a hard time calming down. His eyes remained red despite his struggles.

"Are you okay?" Kelly asked as she pulled away from him. She reached out to touch his face, but Kai stepped back, leaving Kelly’s hand hanging midair.

There was a long silence before Kai spoke again.

"So this is why you’re drinking, crying, and miserable? Because your father locked you up here," he muttered, and then Kelly burst.

"No, you, idiot!" she glared at him. Anger and anguish suddenly rose from the depths of her soul. And before she knew it, the words she didn’t want to say came out. "I’m drinking and crying because I realized I don’t have any choice but marry that bastard! I am miserable because I am not going to be your wife but his!"

Kelly immediately clamped her lips as soon as those words left her mouth. Because she finally realized that he had said those words to convince himself so he could calm down. He could see it clearly in his eyes now, but her realization was too late.

Her words echoed in Kai’s head over and over again, making him feel a sickening weight in his stomach. He felt as though his heart ruptured, and the pain was unbearable. The thought of her being kissed and held by another man who’s calling her ’wife’ killed him. And he couldn’t help but feel his body burn. He wasn’t aware how his eyes became so vividly red and so terrifying.

Kelly couldn’t help but flinch subconsciously. He emitted a dark and dangerous aura that seemed to be beyond bloodlust. And then, as though something had shut him down, he turned away from her.

Despite the chill running down her spine, Kelly didn’t hesitate to seize him again. She was more than certain now that the moment he left her room, he was going to do something horrifying. When... when did her Kai become like this?

"Let go." He snarled, his hand already began peeling her off him.

"No! You can’t leave this place unless you calm down!"

He acted as though he couldn’t hear her.

"My god, Kai! Please! Listen to me!" she begged because he was determined to shake her off. This was the first time he was forcefully peeling her off him. He used never to do this because he was afraid to hurt her. But now, here he was... no! She can’t let him leave!

Just as Kai finally managed to peel her off him, Kelly did something unthinkable. Her tightly clenched fists suddenly landed on Kai’s jaw.

Silence followed. Even though Kelly’s hard punch wasn’t enough to move his body even for an inch, it seemed to be enough to move something inside him that had somehow awakened his senses.

Kelly swallowed, and then, taking advantage of his momentary stillness, she moved her hands around his neck, and then she jumped on him and clung on him like a koala.

He caught his breath and then gritted his teeth. "Damn it, Kelly." He groaned in a suppressed anger and utter exasperation. "Can’t you see I’m in a very dangerous state right now?"

"And that’s why I can’t let you leave!"

"You must! Are you not afraid about what I might end up doing to you?"

"I will never fear you, you little bad-tempered beast!"

Kai was silenced, causing Kelly to hesitantly pull away to look at his face. When she saw how surprised he looked, she couldn’t help but bit her lips to stop herself from smiling. She didn’t know why she could still manage to smile despite how scary Kai’s eyes as he looked at her.

"What. No one ever called you a bad-tempered beast before?" she raised a brow. "Well, right now, you are. I can’t deny I’m shocked too, but," she suddenly planted a kiss on his forehead, and her voice softened, "I am glad you’re finally showing me this side of you."

He stilled. So still that Kelly thought he stopped breathing. She was about to panic when she felt his bloodlust slowly disappearing. Kelly stared at him, and the hellfire in his eyes was also dying. She let out a deep breath before she buried her face at the nook of his neck and uttered wearily. "I didn’t know you’re hiding a dangerous little beast inside you. You’ve hidden it too well all this time, Kai."

Suddenly, Kai stumbled back until his back hit against the wall. Kelly felt him weakened, so she finally loosened her koala grip on him and climbed off him as he leaned against the wall. Kai buried his face in his palms. "I... I didn’t know too... I was never this angry before." His voice was hoarse as he spoke. "This is the first time I ever..." he trailed off as he threw his head back and ran his fingers through his hair before tugging them.

Kelly swallowed as she watched him. But then, a smile eventually crept through her face. She couldn’t help it.

When he saw her smiling, Kai groaned. He swiftly gripped her head and pressed his forehead to hers. "You’re enjoying this, Kelly? Me, like this? Did I finally turn you off –"

"You? Turning me off? Impossible," she shook her head, "you are savagely, ridiculously, deliciously handsome right now. Damn, I don’t even know how to describe you anymore. And, you’re angered because of me being locked up. You lost control of your emotions and revealed your inner beast because you realized I’d soon be someone else’s wife. Tell me, how could such thing a turn off?" she found herself clinging on him again, her warm breath caressing his lips as she spoke. "My god, Kai. I’m telling you, it’s the opposite. You’ve turned me so damn on, and now I can’t help but want to fight for you all over again."

His eyes widened, and Kelly could tell he stiffened again. A forced smile curved on her lips as she raised her hand and caressed his cheek.

"Don’t worry, that was..." she trailed off. Her eyes surveyed the wretched yet gorgeous look on his face, and her heart ached for him again, for them. At that moment, she could almost read the words ’I would rather see you living in the arms of a womanizing bastard than die in mine’ flashing in his tortured eyes. And all she could do was swallow the grief and hopelessness that surged within her. "Don’t worry. I’m not going to make you suffer anymore." She told him with a heavy heart. "I will let you go, but before that, can I ask for one last selfish request?"

She waited for a long moment until Kai managed to let out a sound. "Say it," his voice was a low whisper.

"Can you stay with me until my day wedding day? I will be locked up here for two more days... can you stay and be locked up here with me? Once my wedding day come... I’ll let you go for good." She felt tears rising, and she held them back with an effort. "I promise."

Kai felt his world crumbling down. But he nodded numbly, and before he knew it, Kelly seized his mouth and all he could do was bury an agonized groan as he helplessly, desperately kissed her back. One kiss and every anguish and anger evaporated. One kiss and god, he was suddenly in heaven again, even though he had just fallen in the deepest corner of hell only a heartbeat ago. How could a woman ruin him like this? He already lost his future because of his love for her. He had already lost his long life because of his desire for her, and yet here he was again, unable to pull away, unable to stop.

"Kelly... you will be the death of me." He murmured against her lips. ’But I don’t even mind right now because you’re worth dying for,’ he added inwardly as he pulled her and kissed her with savage hunger.

Chapter 574 Please Read

[This is not hellbound’s chapter. This is the first chapter of my new book. I will replace the content after three hours. Sorry but I decided to change something major in the chapter I just finished for today’s update so I will be taking some time to change the content. Don’t worry I will compensate you by giving you two chapters later. Just give me time to finish it. It’ll be out very soon. For now I posted the first chapter of my new book <Spellbound> for those who haven’t read it yet. Spellbound is not hellbound heart and it has nothing to do with hellbound.]

Title: Spellbound

Chapter 1. In the middle of the night

"Milady, they’re here... the prince is here."

Evie’s shoulders immediately tensed up when she heard the shaken voice of her maid. Cold sweat dripped on her back as she shot a nervous look at her mother who had just arrived to check in on her.

"Mother, I..." Evie subconsciously grabbed her mother’s skirt. She couldn’t help it. She thought she had prepared herself enough in the last few days but it seemed the fear and uncertainty still threatened to crash her resolve now that the moment had arrived.

"Hush, dear," her mother said as she gave her daughter a reassuring hug, but the concern in her eyes gave her away. "Don’t worry, you can do this my dear," she whispered as she gently rubbed Evie’s back. "Don’t forget the reason you have to do this, Evie..."

Her mother kissed her head and though she didn’t look shaken, Evie could sense the anxiousness and distress within her mother.

Evie took a deep breath. "Yes, mother," she replied, as she flashed a forced smile toward her mother. "I can do this."

"Good girl..." Her mother’s arms wrapped around her again for one last hug and after a second, her mother nodded at her maid.

"I am going to meet the guests now while you get ready," she told Evie and after giving her daughter one last encouraging smile, Evie’s mother finally left the room.

Evie closed her eyes and her maid immediately hovered around her. She tried her best to calm her pounding heart, talking to herself inwardly and telling herself it would be alright, that everything would be alright. She was so focused in hardening her resolve that she was a little startled when the maid finally spoke.

"You look stunning, milady." Evie’s eyes flew towards the mirror and she studied her reflection. Her hair was so beautifully arranged; her face painted just enough to emphasize her natural, innocent, maiden features.

Evie stared at herself quietly. It had finally arrived, the day of her wedding. She used to fantasize about this day when she was younger, daydreaming about how magical and wonderful it would be to marry the man of her dreams. She had seen herself smiling with so much happiness and excitement and delight as she marched down the aisle towards her dream groom.

But none of these fantasies of hers were going to happen. Instead of excitement and delight, her heart was filled with dread and unease. Well, nobody could blame her because like most of the ladies in the highest echelon of power, Evie couldn’t choose whom to marry. She had mistakenly, stupidly thought she was safe from all these things because she wasn’t a princess. However, she was the daughter of the most powerful noble family in the entire Empire. In the end, she couldn’t escape this fate. In fact, she couldn’t believe she actually had it worse than anyone else she knew, probably even more than the princesses of any Empire in existence. At least those princesses were married off to emperors and high ranking military generals from their neighboring human empires.

Yes, she too, was about to marry a prince but... unlike those princesses, her husband-to-be wasn’t human... he was a vampire. And vampires were their enemy, the human’s mortal enemies.

"It’s time, milady." The handmaid’s voice almost made her jump from her seat again. She let out another long and deep sigh - noble ladies like her did not express their dissatisfaction audibly - before she stood up with her head held high, and walked towards the door.

The door at the entrance was opened for her and she stepped gracefully over the sill before proceeding calmly along the corridor. She couldn’t count how many times she had taken a deep breath as she walked towards those doors, doors which looked more daunting with each step she took. With one last step, she finally stood just before the large double doors leading towards the wedding hall.

’Be strong, Evie. For the sake of your family and the entire empire,’ she whispered to herself again and again. She squared her shoulders and looked up once again as she waited for the doors to open. The moon and the stars were brightly shining down on her.

In her daydreams, her wedding day always took place on a fine sunny day where she would be surrounded by falling petals dancing in the wind. Who would’ve thought she was going to get married in the middle of the night and to a creature of the night?

The sky was clear and calm and peaceful. The stars blinked at her but even the calmness of the sky couldn’t ease the turmoil that was bubbling inside her. Her pulse was racing and all she could do was take deep breaths, again and again. Her hands were shaking and it took all her strength to keep them still again.

Her presence was then announced and at long last, the procession began.

The hall she walked into screamed of luxury and was a feast to the eyes, but contrary to all the beautiful grandeur that filled the room, the atmosphere was, as expected, tense and heavy. It was extremely rare for vampires and humans to be present under one roof. There were occasions, of course, where the two races stood under the same roof but the difference this time was that they weren’t intent on killing each other. Because of this wedding, the vampires and humans agreed to a ceasefire, the first one in history.

As she walked closer to the altar, her long, tapered fingers clutched her dress hard - an action that went unnoticed by the guests because her hands were swallowed by the voluminous folds of her gown - but Evie’s eyes remained fixated on the floor. Her face was still facing forward but her eyes were trained on that single spot, always 5 feet away in front of her on the floor. She couldn’t relax. She felt like she was walking on a small, thin stretch of road between vampire and human armies on the battlefield right before they collided and killed each other. Above all, she felt like a small, innocent little lamb voluntarily walking to the butcher’s house to be sacrificed, despite being promised that her soon-to-be husband and the vampires would never hurt her.

The tension was so thick in the air that all she wanted to do was turn around and run away, but she didn’t. She couldn’t.

Evie couldn’t hear anything but the loud pounding of her own heartbeat. She couldn’t even raise her eyes to take a peek at her husband-to-be because she was terrified! All her encounters with vampires terrified her to the core. Granted, she hadn’t seen that many of them, but five years ago, she had come across a captured vampire. The vampire had had his sharp teeth bared, snarling with disgust and rage at his captors, and his eyes had glowed blood red which was a stark contrast to his overly pale skin. This vampire’s appearance had horrified Evie. The same was true of the vampires who attacked her carriage a year ago.

She was scared of all vampires. All humans feared vampires. Vampires were the villainous monsters that mothers always used to scare their children. And yet, here she was, about to marry one of them.

Lost in her own fears, Evie didn’t realize that she had reached the altar and she was instantly pulled back to the present when a hand appeared in her view. She almost stumbled in shock. Staring at the hand, Evie swallowed. She just knew this was the hand of the vampire prince she was going to marry.

Slowly, she lifted her eyes, her gaze moving from his hand, up to his elbow, across to his abdomen before stopping on his chest. She breathed in silently before she continued upwards, finally stopping on his face.

And the moment their eyes met... Evie’s heart momentarily stopped.

Chapter 574 Ruined*

Inside the quiet room, smacking sounds of kissing echoed. Every rational thought was starting to dissolve.

Kai’s mouth slated deeper over hers and he sucked and teased Kelly’s luscious lips for a long while before his tongue pushed between her lips. She welcomed him and let him explore every corner of her mouth. She liked how wild and hot he was that moment. She liked that he was kissing her like a starved beast. The heat and intensity between them as their tongues mated were beyond reason. They were being swallowed whole again in the inescapable whirlwind of their desperate desire for each other.

When Kai eased back, both of them were breathless. Their breath mingling in steamy puffs as Kai pressed his forehead against hers. Both of them felt so unsatisfied. Their eyes were burning with an insatiable need for more.

Kelly was about to pull him when Kai started to plant light kisses across her cheek to the intricate hollow of her ear. Sensation streaked down to her breast and then down her intimate and aroused sex. She knew she was already damn so wet for him.

Her naughty free hand then traveled down his abdomen and farther, but the moment she touched Kai’s stiff and more than excited length, he grabbed her wrist and pressed her hand against the wall.

"Oh, Kai... let me –"

Another kiss silenced Kelly, and he ate at her mouth again. Kelly couldn’t help but submit to him. His savageness thrilled her beyond comprehension and she could only moan and quiver in pleasure under his mercy.

He had hauled her fully against his body, his feet pushing between her thighs as he continued ravaging her mouth and Kelly couldn’t help but move her hips and rub herself against him. It felt so good she felt her insides throbbed deliciously.

She wanted more. She wanted him inside again. She wanted to experience that inexplicable pleasure again, and this time, she didn’t want any interruption. This time, she wanted to really reach that still unreachable peak, both of them almost... almost reached that night back in Hidden Kingdom.

"Kai..." she uttered his name as both of their chests rising and falling unsteadily.

Without warning, Kai placed his free hand on her breast. He caressed her softness, and then, a gasp escaped Kelly’s lips the moment he tore her nightgown. But too soon, as soon as she realized what her savage beast had done, her lips curved into a wicked sensuous smile. All she could do was wait in agonizingly great anticipation on what he will do to her next.

He threw her torn piece of clothes on the floor, and his mouth captured her nipple. Gone was the gentle and in-control Kai. His tongue flicked out as he licked her peak and then stroked and sucked in an erotic rhythm. He that again and again, as Kelly moaned and gasped in pleasure.

When he palmed her between her thighs, Kelly cried out, and she began to move wildly against his hand.

"Oh, Kai. More, please. Give me more," she begged. Kai glanced at her aroused and lovely face before he slowly dropped down on his knees.

Kelly was about to protest when she felt his body moved away, but before any sound could leave her lips, Kelly felt Kai’s ruthless tongue licked her folds, and all she could do was grab his messy hair, pulling him closer.

He looked up, and there was a hint of mischief in his fiery eyes that Kelly found deliciously hot.

"More, please, Kai. Pleasure me... ah!" His fingers entered her as his mouth relentlessly kissed, sucked, and licked her sensitive folds. He stroked and ravaged her inner softness until Kelly’s face was contorted and flushed.

When he increased the delicious rhythm, the level of pleasure also dramatically soared. He continued the merciless onslaught that she liked. His fingers skillfully thrust inside her as his mouth danced across her swollen flesh until her head fell back and began to shudder violently. She squirmed over him, and fireworks shot out before her very eyes.

Shaking, Kelly’s knees finally lost their strength, and she slumped into him. Kai caught her and he put her in his lap as he sat on the floor where she had been and leaned on the wall.

He didn’t speak. He simply sat in silence, listening to Kelly’s heavy breaths as she came down from the high as if they were music in his ears. His arms wrapped around her and his head settled on her shoulder, hiding his face from her.

When Kelly was finally back in her senses, she lifted her hand and caressed his scalp gently. She could feel his throbbing hardness under her and she moved to return the favor. She wanted to please him too and send him to heaven like what he just did to her.

But Kai held her and didn’t let her escape his grasp.

"Kai, let me –"

"Kelly," he broke off. He didn’t raise his face to look at her. "You want me to stay with you for two days. What do you want me to do here if I stay?"

Kelly stilled and fell quiet for a long while. But eventually, a determined sigh left her lips before she spoke. "Look at me first," she demanded. Kai took a while to move and lift his face.

With a smile, she lifted her hands and cupped his face. "Just stay and hold me... and love me more." She said without any hesitation. But unexpectedly, Kai’s lips curved up into a smirk. Kelly’s eyes immediately widened. Her Kai does not smirk like this. He does not smirk like a bad boy!

She was speechless and couldn’t find her voice for a moment.

"My god, Kelly..." he muttered as he threw his head back, even lightly hitting against the wall. "I love you enough already. I love you more than anything, more than anyone, more than my life. My love for you is already too much it’s killing me. What else do you want me to do? Ruin me?"

Kelly took a while to respond. His words shocked her entire being. Her heart began to swell uncontrollably with so many emotions. But she had to respond to keep him from leaving. "Okay, fine. Yes, that’s what I want to do to you in two days, Kai, ruin you."

There was a momentary silence before another smirk curved on Kai’s face. He shook his head and ruffled his own hair before he stared at her. "That would be fun, but... I forgot that I’m already ruined. You’ve already ruined me, Kelly. So you better think of something else aside from that."

A chain filled with thorns seemed to squeezed Kelly’s heart as she heard his words. She knew he was right. Just one look at him now, and she could tell he was right. Because all semblance of the elegant Prince Kelly used to know had vanished. He was right, she had already ruined him.

"Then..." Kelly swallowed the ached and responded mischievously. "Since you’re already ruined. Maybe, I’ll try to kill you instead?"

Kai stilled, not averting his still fiery gaze off her. He didn’t smirk this time. "Good, I think that’s what I want you to do. You have two days to kill me." He said as he cradled her face with his hand.

"You’re crazy."

"I know."

"But I’m crazy too."

"I know that too."

Chapter 575 Eclipse*

Kelly let out a soft but humorous chuckle. She didn’t know if keeping him with her was a good idea but she just didn’t care anymore. ’Come what may,’ she thought because, in these two days, there would be no one in the universe but just the two of them.

Finally climbing off him, Kelly knelt between his long legs. She kept her eyes smoldering towards him as she moved. The heat immediately resumed when Kelly naughtily eyed the mighty bulge in his groin. She licked her lips in a very slow and sensuous way as her gaze traveled from his bulge to his eyes in an oh so seductive way.

Kai could do nothing but groan at the sight of her erotic face and her naked body because his already stiff length started to ache with need. He bit his lips and looked away, his body so damn tense, and Kelly could tell that at that moment, he was trying his hardest not to seize her. At the very least, his cautiousness was still there. However, Kelly was confident that a little push was all that’s needed and this little beast will definitely lose it.

She leaned in on him and waited for a moment for him to look at her. But when the man remained facing away, Kelly raised a brow, and then her lips landed on his nape. And then suddenly, she bit him hard. She heard him grit his teeth and shuddered a little. His reaction pleased Kelly, and she let go of his skin. She knew her teeth left a mark, so she started to lick it gently as if to soothe the pain she had inflicted. Low groans escaped from Kai’s throat, which Kelly thought was damn sexy.

Her fingers traveled down, and she cupped his bulge. As she continued kissing his neck, Kelly’s hand started to rub him through his trouser. She sucked his flesh hard as if she was trying to mark every exposed skin of his neck.

When she was finally satisfied, she pulled away and admired her work of art. Beads of sweat were scattered on his temples, some already flowing down his neck. His eyes so dreamy and were flooded with lust and desire.

Kelly then bent, and she unbuckled his belt without breaking eye contact. She returned the same gaze back to him and their lust and desire for each other collided. That moment, they felt the moon and the sun was about to become one. Would it finally happen? Could they finally get their very own eclipse they’ve been longing for so long?

Hastily, Kelly freed him, and Kai grunted. His manhood had risen so stiff it was touching his navel. The sight of the moist in his tip made Kelly swallow and licked her lips. She was damn pleased to see how aroused he was as she gently pulled his sex away from his stomach.

"Kelly..." was all he could say and without wasting a moment, Kelly lowered her lips and nuzzled the tip of it. Kai groaned and his breath snagged in his throat at the contact. She pressed tiny kisses along his sensitive length and lingered when she heard him groan with pleasure.

Kelly loved how he responds to her. She loved drowning him in pleasure. As her tongue progressed all the way back to the throbbing head of his hardness, she looked up into his face. His face flushed but his long dark lashes were lowered to his cheeks, concealing the look in his eyes.

Returning her full attention to his throbbing sex, Kelly opened her lips and slowly swallowed him. Kai clenched his fists so tight his knuckles turned white as the sensual pleasure raced inside his entire being. When she started to move, his brain completely turned into a mush, making it impossible for him to think clearly.

Her wicked and naughty mouth caused him an agony of pleasure he could never ever get tired of. She was so wild, like a lioness.

"Oh god, Kelly... right, like that..." he uttered between his gasps and Kelly made a little satisfied hum in her throat before she concentrated on taking him inside her deeper. She ravished him with her mouth and tongue until he swelled even harder.

And then, his head fell back as his gasps of pleasure resonated inside the quiet room, followed by an almost unbearable sensation that racked his entire body.

After he had calmed down from the extreme high, Kai pulled her in his embrace again. He held her tight and as his breath slowly stabilize.

"So, is this the killing you’re talking about?" he whispered after a long while of silence.

"Of course not."

Her response made him look her in the eyes, his brow raised.

"Oh c’mon, love. I simply returned the favor. I haven’t even started trying to kill you yet, babe." The mischievous and devilish look in her eyes as she said those words made Kai catch his lower lip between his teeth. He knew he was crazy to feel this surge of great anticipation and thrill inside him. He truly had gone mad.

"I am looking forward to it," he replied, and Kelly smiled.

"I will not disappoint you. I’ll make sure you will never get bored in your two days stay here with me. I promise. In fact, I wanted to start now."

"Now..." he echoed.

"Yes, now. I don’t want to waste even a single second, Kai."

When he fell silent and just stared at her, Kelly traced his strong jaw with the tip of her forefinger. "Scared?" she asked playfully, and he smirked. "I always love your smile. But I think I am loving your smirks too." She giggled before she became serious and commanded her prince. "Now, my prince, shall we go get a relaxing shower first?"

Without a word, Kai stood with her in his arms and they both entered inside the bathroom. As soon as Kai put her down, Kelly immediately filled the tub with warm water.

When she looked back, her handsome man was already fully naked before her. He was a sight to behold and she couldn’t help but lust over him again. ’Behave, Kelly.’ She managed to stop herself from pounding on him by focusing her attention on tying her hair. After that, she dipped herself in the tub.

The warm water relaxed her tensed muscle as she watched Kai wash himself under the shower. She couldn’t help but swallow and hold back her droll. How could he be so delicious? She wanted to eat him all night all day.

Noticing her intent gaze on him, Kai glanced at her through his wet, dark locks. Kelly gestured him to approach her and he didn’t even hesitate to obey. The little beast seemed to be behaving himself for now as well.

But once he joined her in the tub, the behaving lioness lost it. Kelly stretched out her long legs until she touched his mighty length. She relentlessly teased him and when she felt him getting close, she stopped and left the tub.

"Time to leave the bathroom and go to bed, babe." She said, and Kai groaned but didn’t protest.

She was already lying on the bed, tucked under the sheet, when Kai entered her bedroom. His lower half was wrapped with a towel as he approached her.

"I don’t have any clothes for you, so I’m sorry, but you’ll sleep naked with me tonight, my prince." She told him but her eyes were fixated on his groin. "Did you relieve yourself?" she asked with a naughty smile.

Kai wordlessly climbed on the bed and lay next to her before he answered. "I wanted to survive the first night at least."

A soft chuckle echoed, and Kelly moved closer to him. The next moment, she was on all four over him. Her eyes were brooding as she stared down at him.

Kai held his breath, waiting for what she was about to do next. However, Kelly did something unexpected. She lowered her lips but not to ravage his mouth again. Her lips landed softly on his forehead before she uttered a sweet and sleepy ’good night.’

That little action made Kai’s body stiffen. He was so surprised that he failed even to say a word. He was expecting her to attack him again and he knew he was anticipating it. Yet, here she was now, leaning her head on his shoulder and wrapping her arm around his waist in a possessive manner after kissing his forehead. He felt an indescribable feeling inside him as he kept imagining the look in her eyes after she landed that innocent kiss.

For a long time, he was silent. And Kelly didn’t move again. She fell asleep hugging him. He carefully turned to face her and watched her sleeping face. The lioness looked like a cute little cub when she was asleep that Kai couldn’t help but caress her face gently. Oh, how he loved this woman.

Kai never slept. He just watched her. He didn’t even notice that it was nearly dawn until a vibrating sound broke the silence inside the room.

Kelly’s brows creased, and she opened her eyes. Kai didn’t know why he closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. He felt her rolled away before he opened his eyes. But the moment he saw the screen of her phone and saw that Abi was calling her, Kai suddenly grabbed the phone away from Kelly’s hand before she could answer the call.


Chapter 576 Always*

Kai saw the shock on her face and he silently berated himself. But it was no use regretting now that the did was done. When he saw Abigail’s name on her phone’s screen, Kai immediately thought that Abigail must be calling Kelly to tell her about him. Kai was certain that by now, Alex already knew what had happened to his body, and knowing Alex, he would definitely tell his wife about it. And Abi would certainly tell everything to her best friend.

The thought that Kelly would hear about his self-destruction and his reduced lifespan made Kai’s heart jumped with unease. He didn’t want her to know. Not now. Because once this woman realized that she wasn’t the only one in danger, Kai could already foresee her sending him away. She wouldn’t ask him to stay with her anymore once she found out that he could harm himself and die in her arms. He knew she deserved to know, but Kai forced himself to believe that it was fine. It was fine for her not to know anything about it for now. He would give his everything within these two days. He would do everything to make her happy. No matter how momentary it was, Kai decided to make these two days a paradise for her, for them, before both of them finally jumped down to their very own kind of hells and live there for the rest of their lives.

"I’ve met Abigail before I came here," he said calmly.

"Oh," was all Kelly uttered after the shock of the moment passed through her. Her eyes were still questioning as she eyed her phone in his hand.

"I think she’s calling to tell you something unnecessary."

"Unnecessary?" Kelly raised a brow, now looking at him with curiosity.

Kai stopped himself from looking around and just stared at her eyes. He didn’t want her to suspect anything. He didn’t want to ruin this moment because he knew this could be their last. "She had barged in in my villa, and... she saw how messed up I am," he explained, carefully. "I’m certain she’s calling to tell you how miserable I was when she saw me."

"And you don’t want me to hear it?"

"Yes. And if you answer your phone now, there’s a possibility that Abigail might invite you out to speak with you personally."

"And you don’t want that to happen?"



"Because that would disturb us. We’re supposed to be locked up in here for two short days without any contact to the outside world." As he said those words, Kai pressed the phone’s shutdown button.

Kelly watched her phone die in his hand, and she could only gape, speechless. She never expected him to say such words! Eventually, a giggle escaped her throat as she shook her head in disbelief.

"I can’t believe what you just said." She told him, and she climbed on top of him to look into his eyes closer and deeper as she could. "I am feeling guilty because I think that I bloody forced you to stay, you know? Yet you said those..." Kelly bit her lips to stop herself from smiling widely like an idiot. "You’re actually dying to stay with me, are you?" she whispered as she lowered her lips and playfully kissed the corner of his lips.

The tips of her breasts dragged through his chest before she pulled up a little and looked into his eyes again. "You even dared deny my opportunity to speak with my best friend, Kai." Her finger trailed on his chest as she lowered her face down once more. But this time, her lips landed at the hollow beneath his ear before she caught his earlobe between her tender lips. "Do you know how daring you are to do that? Huh, my prince?"

Kai was already aroused. Now her lips and hot breaths on his ear seduced him even more.

"I am not sorry." He replied with a serious expression. "Because in these two days... you are mine alone... and I am yours, Kelly. You were the one who gave me that impression when you asked me to be locked up here with you."

’And yes, I am always... always dying to stay with you. There is nothing in this world that is bigger than my desire to be with you, except your death.’ He added inwardly.

Kelly could only blink, once again surprised by his words.

"What. Am I wrong, Kelly?"

Before Kelly could form a response, Kai suddenly moved, and in the next instant, Kelly was under him. His eyes were smoldering as he stared down at her, and then he did the exact same thing Kelly just did to him, kissing the hollow below her ear before gently biting her earlobe.

"Forget about Abigail and think of no one but me," he then whispered, his voice husky and hypnotic. And for the nth time that night, his words rendered her dumbstruck again.

"Oh god, are you jealous?!" she exclaimed in utter disbelief.

"If that’s how it sounds, then so be it." He replied thoughtfully, and Kelly couldn’t even form an immediate response that she laughed instead.

"My god, Kai." She looked genuinely happy as she continued chuckling, her eyes twinkling in delight. "Why am I so happy?"

But her chuckles were cut short because, without warning, Kai captured her lips. He seized the insides of her mouth, and he licked and sucked her tongue as though it had been so long since the last time he had kissed her. He didn’t stop until Kelly was breathless from his savage attack.

When he finally pulled away, Kelly was panting hard. "Y-you... are you trying to kill me? Who’s going to kill you if you kill me first? And... I am supposed to be the one to kill you!" she burst out with both fake anger and genuine thrill as she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck. She tried to push him, planning to be in control again, but Kai didn’t let her. Oh, my... what is he planning to do... don’t tell me he’s going to...

Chapter 577 Surrender*

Kai’s eyes blurred with need and unspeakable desire as he loomed over her. She could see the hunger that made the muscles in his face tightened, making her drew one finger on the side of his jaw. But abruptly, Kai seized her hands and pinned them above her head.

His eyes burned, and then his lips slammed against hers. The moment their lips collided, every suppressed emotion seemed to have exploded in one focused and intense attack.

He ravaged her mouth, kissing her so deep and hard as if his tongue was demanding an unconditional surrender from her. His free hand took the stiff peak of her breast in his fingers, and he squeezed and groped it in an almost wicked way that caused Kelly to writhe and moan in pleasure.

Kelly couldn’t help but reached up, tangled her fingers in his hair, and pulled him closer. She couldn’t help but match his intensity. She kissed him back, lewd and deep, until she was breathing in moans, and his hot breath was shivering against her.

The blast of desire between them at that moment was too much; it was enough to make her already incredibly wet and clenching. The once quiet room was once again filled with erotic sounds of licking and sucking.

When he finally broke the kiss, they were both gasping hard. He didn’t speak. She could see his senses ruled him.

He began to move his body over hers, lightly scraping his torso over her breast as he supported his weight on his forearms. The hot and delicious friction against her nipples and stomach drew a moan from her, and she began to lift herself eagerly against him, anticipating the very moment when he finally invades her deep again.

But then, to her dismay, Kai pulled away and knelt. Kelly was about to protest when Kai suddenly lifted her legs over his shoulders, and his ruthless mouth found her pulsing flesh. Kelly’s eyes widened, mouth agape as she arched, bending her back.

Her breathing came hard, but Kai didn’t give her the chance to do anything except dig her nails into his scalp, tugging his hair and hang on.

"Oh, Kai!" she moaned and trashed at his ruthless onslaught. She could feel her orgasm gathering low in her belly while his tongue tortured her, but despite the unbearable and maddening pleasure he was giving her, part of Kelly wanted to slow down.

But Kai was unstoppable. There was no more playfulness and teasing foreplay. His carnal desire utterly consumed him.

When he moved and settled himself into the taut slip of her thighs, Kelly’s heart began to thud even louder. She looked up at him, and their eyes met. His eyes dilated, but there were no signs of them going red. Kelly couldn’t help but feel both nervousness and excitement. But once she remembered the look in Kai’s eyes that night, Kelly’s excitement began to be overshadowed by her unease. So she was unsure whether she should let him keep going when he was in this uncontrollable state. Should she just let him? Should she stop him? What if this time, he won’t be able to control himself and... kill her?

The thought made her heart convulse with worry and panic. She couldn’t let that happen. Kai will never forgive himself if that happens.

"K-kai, wait." She finally said between her gasps. Her voice was breathy. She decided she had to stop him and calm him down. She wasn’t planning to stop, not when she was already dying for him, but Kelly must do something. She remembered what happened that night. She had let herself get lost with the pleasure of finally having him inside her that before she knew it, she let him took the reign. Maybe, that was the secret. Perhaps, if she didn’t let him took control that night, the result might be different. So this time, she was not going to let him take control again. She will do it.

"Kai." She called out again just as Kai pressed his hardness against hers. She cupped his face and forced him to look at her.

Within the blink of an eye, Kai went completely still as though someone had completely shut him down. However, one part of him was an exception because that one part remained long, hard, and eager.

She frantically tried to think of something to say. "I... I think you’re being too rough," she said, and then she nibbled the inside of her lips. She didn’t know if that was the right thing to say but seeing how his eyes widened and seemed to have regained his senses, Kelly sighed in relief because it worked. "So I..." She paused, trying to think of how to say this in a way he won’t misunderstand. "I want to be the one completely in control this time. Can you let me do the rest?"

In the silence that followed her words, Kelly could tell he already realized why she was saying this. She knew how hard it must have been to obey her, but Kelly didn’t want that experience happening again. Even though nothing happened to her in the end, she didn’t want to see that look in his eyes again, she didn’t want him to leave her hanging again, and most of all, she was afraid about the result if they fail this time as well.

Without waiting for Kai’s response, Kelly pushed him, and to her relief, Kai obediently rolled off her and laid on his back, letting her turn the table around.

Kelly breathed in relief, and at the same time, a new kind of excitement rose within her as she quickly climbed on top of him. She straddled him and her wet sex settled on top of her chiseled abs.

As their eyes met, Kelly flashed a confident, loving, and wicked smile as she looked down at him. She lowered her face and pressed her forehead against him. "I will do my best, love." She whispered, and Kai’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he looked at her and surrendered himself to her.

Chapter 578 Little demoness*
A glint of deviltry flashed across Kelly’s eyes the moment Kai relaxed beneath her. She could feel his complete surrender, and she licked her lips in delight, showing him how ready she was to take him fully.

An acute lust rolled through Kai at the sight of her. Her naked body, her exposed breasts, her every curve, those glimmering eyes which were filled with lust and desire for him, and the way she licked her lips took every particle of his will to keep his body still.

Kai knew what she was thinking. The intense determination behind her lustful gazes made him realize that she has never forgotten what had happened that night. He could tell she was nervous and uneasy, but it was apparent she wasn’t feeling that way because she was afraid to die in his hands. This girl never feared him, even during that very moment when he nearly killed her. He knew she must be uneasy because of the possibility that this time too would be like last time, and both of them were once again get slapped by the reality that they were simply impossible.

He used to feel quietly infuriated whenever she acts as though she didn’t care about her life, but now Kai finally understood what she had been feeling. Because right then, despite knowing the fact that he could die in her arms, there wasn’t even a tiny glint of fear that surged within him. It was as if he didn’t care at all if he dies as if it didn’t even matter anymore whether what they’re about to do was wrong or right.

Finally, he understood why Kelly had been so bold and fearless. He finally understood why she carelessly and relentlessly came after him despite the danger signs. Because now that she too had officially become his very own danger zone wrapped with all the vividly clear warning signs, he would still jump into her as if he was blind, as if he never saw any danger signs at all.

He loved her despite the danger signs. He loved her so much he would rather choose death than a future without her.

"What are you thinking?" his attention immediately returned to her when she spoke. Her face was hovering over him as she searched his eyes. "You’re not plotting about how to take over the moment I let my guard down, are you?"

"If my answer is yes, what will you do?"

"I will have to force you to swear. Promise me you won’t do that. Promise me you will let me take complete control over you until the end!" The intensity in her voice nearly made Kai smile, but he held it.

"But even if I were to promise that, you should know that sometimes even I cannot control myself."

"You can. For my sake." Her eyes blazed as she said those words while Kai admired how breathtaking she looked when she was on fire with both determination and desire.

She reached out and played with his dark locks as she whispered like a little demoness seducing him to his demise. "Promise me, Kai. I know you can do it. Please?"

And he couldn’t resist the temptation. No, there was actually no need for her to tempt him because he was already tempted and prepared to surrender before she even asked.

"I will try, I promise." He said, and despite purposely including the words ’I will try’ in his response, Kelly beamed in delight, and she kissed him.

"I love you," she whispered against his lips, and she delved inside his mouth as deep as could. All the while, she was rubbing her body against him. The feeling of her wet flower rubbing slowly against his hard abs was enough to threaten Kai’s self-control.

He was already so hard and aroused that Kelly had to gently pull his hardness away from his navel before she could place it between her thighs. When he felt her hot and wet sex against him, he held his breath and clenched his teeth together. It was finally happening again. Finally, he was going to be one with her again.

Kelly supported herself for a moment on her knees as she guided his hard shaft between the hot folds of her sex.

Kai never moved. But when she had pushed the head of his manhood into her entrance, Kai’s breaths hitched. He was only barely an inch inside her, and the pleasure was already taking his breath away.

A deep groan escaped from within his lungs as Kelly writhed a little. Her hand was still grasping the length of his manhood, slowly guiding him deeper. And then, she stilled and looked at him.

He struggled to hold himself still, waiting for her to resume. But the little demoness took her time, and when she finally lowered herself, it was only another inch deeper. My god! Would he live through this? She was really going to kill him for real!

Kai’s head could only fall back to the pillow. All he wanted that moment was to thrust forward and penetrate her as deep as he could.

Again, another inch and Kai could no longer hold his voice back, and he groaned in utter exasperation.

Looking at his face, the little demoness reached out and cupped his cheek without moving down on him. "Easy, babe. Be patient, okay? It’s not easy to accommodate your uhm... bi –"

"You’re going to kill me, Kelly."

"Hush, love. I’m just testing your self-control, and so far, you’re doing very well."

"My god..."

His reaction made Kelly let out a satisfied hum, and she finally started to move. She rocked slightly forward and then back in a very slow rhythm. She didn’t even take him inside her fully, and it was maddening how sweet the way she tortured him. He wanted to reach deeper. Deeper. He wanted to be buried deep inside her.

He looked at her, and the torture became even more unbearable. He could see her erotic breasts moving with her body and her mouth-watering throat exposed completely. Yet he could reach neither, and the agony only made his manhood swell even harder. She would really kill him this time. He knew she would!
Chapter 579 I promise*

Kelly continued with her torture, sliding forward then withdrawing just as he thought she would finally straddle him completely. The agony of keeping himself from grabbing her was consuming him he didn’t know how long he could hold on.

He tried to move his hips, but the little demoness seemed to have anticipated it, and she raised herself, causing him to slip out of her.

"Oh my god, Kelly," he could only utter as Kelly pushed him down. "Don’t... be so cruel."

Kelly bit her lips to stop herself from grinning. She was surprised to see his every expression, his every reaction, and how badly he wanted her. That night in his villa, Kelly hadn’t seen his expressions when they first had sex because Kai never gave her a chance, or she never had the opportunity to pay attention to his expressions. And she was too lost in pleasure to watch his face. But now that she was watching him, Kelly couldn’t help but want to see more because she found herself enjoying the feeling of him being crazy for her, begging her. She knew she was being bad, so bad, but she had told him she’d kill him, and he said that’s what he wanted her to do.

"But you told me this is what you wanted me to do," she retorted as she grasped his length again and guided it inside her. "You asked me to kill you, darling. And this is my very own way to fulfill your desire. So don’t move again, okay? Or else, I’ll pull away again."

His response was a loud groan, and he could only tug his hair. His body was now glistening with sweat as his hardness twitched when she slowly swallowed him again.

Kelly smiled then licked her lips, and finally, she lowered herself when he least expected it. She slid all the way, straddling him completely, causing Kai’s eyes to widen for a moment before they abruptly drifted shut as he felt her took him to the hilt.

The feeling of him filling her completely nearly drove Kelly to insanity. She struggled so hard not to throw her head back and shut her eyes. She must not take her eyes off him. She had to watch him close. She must not lose herself completely or else...

"Oh, Kelly, that’s it... like that... please move your hips..." he uttered shakily. Kelly was panting as she looked down at him. She was proud of herself for managing to regain her senses. Her eyes immediately searched his eyes, and she was relieved to see that there was still no sign of them going red. His eyes remained normal.

She began to rock against him, but still in an excruciatingly slow rhythm. She didn’t forget to stay wicked as she swallowed him, then retreated very slowly and making him wait, and wait until he clutched handfuls of the bedclothes. He had gripped the clothes so hard that it didn’t take long for the sound of ripping fabric to resonate inside the room. His body was slightly arched, and he felt as though he were being stretched on a torture rake.

This was seriously killing him. This was the worse torture he had ever gone through. And he was shocked himself because his body was still not betraying him despite how wicked this little demoness was treating him right then. It was hard to believe even for him that he managed to hold on this long.

When he closed his eyes, the voice of the demoness he loved resonated in his consciousness. "Don’t close your eyes, babe. Look at me," she urged. "I’ll go faster if you open your eyes."

Immediately, Kai looked at her. She smirked devilishly as she bent forward and kissed him lightly. "Okay, I’ll move now. But if you close your eyes or try to pull me, I’ll stop."

He couldn’t believe she was threatening him in bed while he was sheathed inside her, but he nodded anyway. His desire for her was greater than anything else.

"Yes, please. Move on me, yes... faster Kelly..." he uttered as her lush body lifted and settled, deepening his penetration. She gripped and stroked him by her wet depths until he was muttering endearments and sex words.

"Oh, Kai," she inhaled sharply as his hips began to ram against her. She was about to force herself to move away, but when she saw that the color of his eyes still didn’t change, Kelly couldn’t make herself stop the impossible ecstasy they were sharing at the moment. She thought it was okay because his eyes were still normal. She told herself that once his eyes start to turn red, she would immediately pull away and stop. But it didn’t, and so she let him nudged deeper with steady strokes until her sex clamped so tightly around him.

She could no longer stop herself from rocking harder and faster. She was starting to get lost completely. It took every fiber of her consciousness never to close her eyes. And she remained locking her eyes to his all the while, hoping and praying deep within her consciousness that his eyes wouldn’t turn red.

"Kelly..." Kai uttered her name, worshipping her. Every part of him moved along with her, his manhood, his heart, his body, and soul. He was lost, completely, drowning in her.

His mind filled with nothing but her and the beyond heavenly pleasure they were currently sharing. The pleasure had long taken over him ultimately, he could no longer think at all. He just thrust faster, harder, and deeper until, at last, he felt himself convulse and pulse inside of her as Kelly clenched him spasmodically.

"Ah," she moaned and shivered on top of him, unable to keep her eyes open anymore. The long-awaited eclipse had finally happened.

Kelly looked down and searched for his eyes, and when she saw they weren’t red, she finally collapsed over him. Kai drew his hands over her back and filled his hand with her damp hair as he pressed his lips against her head.

"We did it..." she uttered between her gasps, and Kai stilled as if he just realized something extremely crucial.

It took him a long while to respond. "Yes. You did well..." he said, but Kelly’s breathing had already lengthened and slept on top of him.

Kai silently swallowed as he carefully lay her on the bed. He looked at her sleeping face before he reached out and smoothed the strands of her hair away from her face. He could now see the weariness on her face. It was apparent she’d been through hell since the day he sent her away. The pain surged within his heart, but they disappeared almost immediately. An intense emotion kicked all the dark emotions, and his eyes burned with the kind of hellfire that wasn’t related to any destruction.

He bent and gave her an emotional and long forehead kiss before he pulled away and whispered, "I’ll be back, Kelly. And once I return, I will claim you all over again, this time, wholly and surely. I won’t be late, I promise."

Chapter 580 *Irresponsible

It was raining hard when Kai arrived at the Reign Castle. He had spotted Raven in the courtyard, so he was about to approach him and ask Zeke’s whereabouts when he noticed the man next to Raven. The man was leaning against the pillar and facing away, but Kai could recognize him just by seeing that fiery red hair of his even in the shadows. That man was definitely Lucas, Zeke’s personal guard. All crown princes in the past until now always had a personal guard assigned to stay by their side since they were little. These guards were the strongest of all non-royal vampires, so of course, this Lucas was strong. In fact, even Kai himself, a prince, never stood a chance against him. Lucas was entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the next king, so his skill was only second and even almost on par with Zeke himself.

Kai knew that Zeke had long ordered Lucas not to stay beside him anymore because Zeke didn’t need any protection now. So it had been so long since Kai saw Lucas. He didn’t know where did Lucas spent the last hundred years because he never appeared since Zeke dismissed him. And that was why it was such a surprise seeing him in the palace now. Why? Did Zeke call him back?

The lines on Kai’s forehead deepened as he leaped away and immediately headed to Zeke’s room.

Before he could even announce his presence, he heard Zeke’s voice.

"It’s open," he said, and Kai turned the knob and stepped into Zeke’s room.

Zeke was standing by the large window and staring out. But it seemed he was expecting Kai to arrive.

There was a long silence after Kai closed the door. He just stared hard at Zeke’s back before he finally spoke.

"Why’s Lucas here?" This wasn’t what Kai had thought he’d say first as soon as he met Zeke. The reason why he came had nothing to do with Lucas.

Zeke finally swung and faced him. He shot him a calm look before he moved and sat on his chair, crossing his legs.

"You came here to ask me that?" Zeke asked. His expression was as usual, calm and detached.

"No, I came here for a different reason," Kai replied. "But I spotted him on my way here. Why did you call him back?"

The only reason why Lucas was back must be because Zeke now needed his protection. That was the only reason Kai could come up with, even though he couldn’t believe that Zeke would ever need anyone’s protection. There were no more enemies alive that was stronger than him, so why?

Zeke didn’t respond instantly. His finger tapped on the arm of his chair in a slow, deliberate beat as he spoke. "I have a business to deal with."

"Business..." Kai echoed, narrowing his eyes, wanting Zeke to elaborate more of it.

But the man leaned back in his chair. His expression never showed anything but calm.

"You don’t need to know." He said. His tone telling Kai that he wouldn’t say anything more about it and whenever Zeke sounded like this, it would always be the final verdict. "You better get to your business with me now, Kai, while I’m still here."

Kai’s brows pulled together in a hard knot. "You’re leaving?"


Kai’s eyes widened. For some reason, Kai felt that Zeke wasn’t just talking about going somewhere else. He could tell Zeke was talking about leaving the kingdom and wouldn’t come back any time soon.

"You’re leaving the kingdom?"



"Somewhere far."

"And you won’t come back any time soon..."

"Correct. I might take more than ten years."

"T-ten years..." Kai was speechless. He couldn’t believe he would take that long. Well, he realized that ten years wasn’t really that long for Zeke but, just what kind of business was it that he needed more than ten years to deal with it?

"Now enough with the questions, and tell me why you’re here." Zeke’s tone became severe that Kai could only force himself to stop pressing his nose on this man’s business anymore. He knew he’d only waste his time if he kept asking. And he also knew his opinion wouldn’t even change Zeke’s decision. No one could stop him from doing anything he wanted. Not even Alex.

Finally focusing his thought on his very own business, Kai sighed and looked through the window. The sky was still grey, and the rain kept falling even heavier.

"I..." Kai hesitated for a moment. "I believe I have found the answer." He said finally, not looking at Zeke. Kai’s relationship with Zeke wasn’t that great but also wasn’t bad. Even though Zeke was his older brother, Kai had always felt closer with Alex than with Zeke. He had never talk with Zeke about personal matters before, so it was a little hard for him to come to him and talk about things that weren’t related to Alex, the kingdom, or the vampires.

"You finally had a successful sex with her without you self-destructive midway?" came Zeke’s voice. His words surprised Kai that he cleared his throat. It surprised him that Zeke didn’t seem to have any problem talking about this at all. Did he get used to this kind of talk now because of Alex?

"Yes." Kai finally faced him. "And... I didn’t crave for her blood..." he confessed.

Zeke stopped tapping his fingers. His face remained expressionless, but he seemed as though a thought had just hit him.

"So you’ve become almost the same as a half-blooded vampire." He muttered. "Well, you’re now a vampire with a life span of a human..." he trailed off and fell silent for a while. "So it seemed self-destruction is the key, huh." He then concluded.

"Maybe, but..." Kai looked at him intently, "I didn’t even know anything about self-destruction before. It just happened. I believe my love for her and my desire to never hurt her triggered my body to self-destruct."

"So are you saying that the human and vampire lovers before you and Kelly did not love each other’s enough? That’s why they failed to self-destruct and ended up killing their partner?"

His questions silenced Kai. Kai knew about the tragic end of those relationships. It wouldn’t be fair for him to even think that those lovers failed because they didn’t love each other’s enough. But Kai still believed that he was able to self-destruct because of how powerful his feelings for her. Kai had never known or felt anything stronger than his love for Kelly. He was his own witness. The feelings within him were so strong it could overpower anything, everything. And he couldn’t think of anything else that could have pushed him to that point but the power of this so-called ’love.’

Kai returned his gaze to Zeke again, and he was about to speak when Zeke suddenly mumbled.

"I see," he nodded, but at that moment, he looked as though he was talking to himself. After a while, he lifted his face and continued. "You might be right. The strong emotions could be the trigger since there was actually one or two records of vampires suddenly dying while mating with their human partners. We could never tell if the cause of death was self-destruction since no one really investigated, and most vampires now don’t even know about it. But it now made sense." Zeke said. "The only difference between you and them is that you’re still alive. The reason is that you’re a royal." He seemed satisfied with his conclusion but too soon, a new thought seemed to hit him again. "Did you ever craved blood since that night you self-destruct?"

The question made Kai stiffen. He had finally realized that he hadn’t drunk a single drop of blood since that night.

His silence was enough for Zeke to deduce Kai’s answer.

"It appeared self-destruction didn’t just reduce your lifespan; it also took away your craving for blood," Zeke commented, and Kai’s eyes glimmered. A sudden surge of great relief filled his entire being. He was so glad knowing that he would never have to crave for Kelly’s blood again.

However, Zeke seemed to be displeased. His expression never showed anything but his god-level calmness. Only the change in his aura hinted that he might be a little ticked.

"You’re going to die after a few decades, Kai." Zeke’s voice hardened.

Kai knew this wouldn’t be a piece of good news to everyone. In fact, he might be the only one feeling glad. He still didn’t know how would Kelly react to this once she heard the truth, once she heard what it took and what kind of sacrifice had been offered for their relationship to finally work. But for now, Kai wouldn’t think about that yet. He was the second in line on the throne, so this news wouldn’t be easy for his family and everyone to accept. Even though Zeke would surely be the next king, the loss of one royal would still be a huge blow. There were only five males in the family left. The king would soon take his rest, and now Kai would eventually go next. That will leave only four left. He knew the king would surely rage, but Kai was more worried about Zeke than the king. Even though Zeke was calm now, his calmness was always one of the most terrifying of all. Because Kai knew Zeke’s serenity was like the eye of the storm.

"I know this is me being irresponsible, Zeke." Kai’s voice echoed softly but firmly. "But... I love her—more than my life. And I don’t regret it. I will never regret it."