✍️✍️✍️✍️ Hellbound With You Chapter 581 - 590 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Chapter 581 That idiot*

Silence followed Kai’s statement. Zeke didn’t comment for a long while and just stared out the window while tapping out a rhythm on the arm of his chair again.

"It’s good that you acknowledge how irresponsible you’ve become, Kai." Zeke then said. His gaze sharpened, but as usual, nothing of what he could be feeling reached his eyes. "It appeared Alex is a bad influence to you."

"Alex has nothing to do –"

"You have forgotten that Alexander is nothing like us. It’s alright for him to choose anyone he wanted, human or witch... anyone he desired," Zeke paused, his grey eyes frightening in their intensity, "you know we can’t do that. Yet you’ve challenged the impossible, and somehow you managed to win it. But the sacrifice is too huge."

"You think it’s not worth it."

"Correct." Zeke didn’t even hesitate. "You have forgotten who you are, Kai."

Those words made Kai clenched his fists as tight as he could. Only one thought played in his head, that no matter what he’ll say Zeke would never understand. Because even at that moment, Kai only saw what he always saw in his calm eyes. Nothing.

"Don’t even think I am incapable of understanding your circumstances because that is not the point here," Zeke added, and Kai wearily closed his eyes. There it goes again, him, acting as though he could read his mind and know everything. "This situation could’ve been avoided. A sprout will never grow if you stop watering it. It’ll eventually die over time."

Kai pressed his lips tight before he could respond. "I fully understand where you’re coming from, Zeke." Kai said in a careful manner. "I tried to –"

"You only decided to stop when the sprout has already grown to a tree." Zeke once again cut him off. "You’ve let it reached that point and then made a move when it’s too late."

Another long silence passed.

"But there is no use telling you these now. And I must admit most of this is my fault." Zeke continued as he lazily rested his head back on his chair.

Kai, on the other hand, clenched his jaws tight. "You have nothing to do with this Zeke." Kai struggled to keep his calm. "This is all my..."

Without moving a muscle in his face, Zeke suddenly became frightening enough to force Kai to shut his mouth.

"You, the rest of the royal family, and every single vampire in this world is my responsibility. I was too focused on Alex that I became too lenient on you. Well, you’re the last person I ever thought who would ever break a forbidden rule no royalty ever dared to do. I thought Alex is the only one capable of making such an irresponsible and suicidal move." Zeke rose from his seat and walked towards the window. He stared outside, his back facing Kai as he began again. "Thanks to you, I now see the grave need to tighten my watch over the remaining brothers of ours. From today onwards, I will not allow them to interact with any human, witches included. It is such a ridiculous move, but it’s better than letting the royal family’s bloodline reach its end. Also, I need to banish you from this kingdom as soon as possible. You must serve as an example to them. You will live your remaining years as a human with the woman you chose and grow old with her. This is the path you’ve chosen for yourself after all."

Guilt flashed in Kai’s eyes. He knew Zeke was right. Everything he said had hit him hard to the core. But Kai had already prepared himself for this as soon as he left Kelly in her apartment. And again, Zeke was right; it’s already done. Kai was more than aware of the gravity of what he did. That’s why he had been a wreck since that night he self-destructed. He was overwhelmed with too many thoughts and emotions. The only thing that had kept him from falling apart was the fact that he never felt any regret. He never regretted loving her. He never regretted choosing to sacrifice himself over killing her.

Perhaps, Zeke was right too when he said that he had forgotten who he was. But he would disagree about him being influenced by Alex. Deep within Kai, he knew that Zeke was indeed one of the biggest reasons why Kai subconsciously let himself stray from the path that was created for him to follow. Because in Kai’s eyes, his position and presence weren’t really that needed nor important. He always thought that Zeke was all the royal family and the whole vampire race ever needed. And he strongly believed that that would remain an undeniable fact even until the far future.

"Also, I have already arranged some papers for you. All you have to do now is meet that human lawyer once you leave the kingdom." Zeke glanced at Kai, and when he saw Kai’s expression, he turned his gaze back outside the window and resumed talking. "Your woman’s family is rich, and you know you can never use your status as a prince to win her parent’s approval."

"I don’t need to win anyone’s approval. All I need is Kelly’s."

Kai heard Zeke let out a dry laugh. "You still have a lot to learn about how the human world revolves, Kai. If you think their upper society is simple, you better kick that thought away from your head now. Keep in mind that humans are complicated creatures. Don’t even try dealing with them your way. Deal with them in their own human way."

The words Kai was about to say never had the chance to leave his mouth because Kai felt the sudden change in Zeke’s aura. The entire room became incredibly heavy.

"That idiot." He murmured as if he was seeing someone across the dark space.

"What’s wrong?" Kai asked when Zeke moved, calmly grabbed his coat, and stepped out of the room. Kai followed him as they headed to the veranda. It was already morning, but the sky remained gloomy and it was drizzling.

"You and I still have some things to settle after this, so you’re not allowed to leave just yet," Zeke told him, and then he leaped away. Kai had no choice but to follow him, curious about who the idiot he was talking about.

As they went deeper inside the thick forest far behind the Reign Castle, Kai started to feel a dangerous situation ahead of them. It seemed a fight had broken out, and it wasn’t just a normal fight. It’s a fight between two powerful creatures. Was it Alex? No. It’s not him.

Sounds of clashing metals began to reach Kai’s ears, and the moment they arrive at the place, Kai fell speechless.

"What is he doing here?" he could only ask Zeke as they land on a tree branch.

Zeke was quiet, but he didn’t seem to approve of the scene they were watching. The immortal silver-haired witch was clashing against Lucas, and the two of them were fighting to the death. Zeres didn’t seem to be using his dragonic power, but his speed, strength, and senses would still be influenced by the dragon blood running in his veins. It was a huge surprise that Lucas was able to fight against him and didn’t seem to be losing.

"Why did those two even ended up fighting?"

"Lucas probably felt his presence and went after him." Zeke finally replied, still no sign of him intervening any time soon when Raven appeared before them.

"I tried to stop Lucas, but I don’t know if he even heard what I told him," Raven looked apologetic.

"No, Lucas still didn’t know about Zeres’ existence. His reaction is inevitable. The one at fault here is this white dragon who’s actually wandering around the vampire’s territory."

"Don’t you think he might be here to meet you? Abigail and Alex came here just the other day. I think Alex must have told Zeres to come here and trouble you."

Zeke fell silent. He knew that what Kai said must be the reason why Zeres was here.

"You’re not going to stop them?" Kai asked after a while, curious as his gaze darted back and forth between the fighting duo and Zeke.

"Not yet."

Kai wanted to question why but he refrained when he realized how focused Zeke was on the fight. He wasn’t watching Zeres. It was Lucas he was observing.

Curious, Kai locked his focus on Lucas as well, and the longer he watches the man, the more Kai felt something strange in his actions. This Lucas... did he became even stronger? And what was this peculiar thing about him? Kai tried to figure out what was this unusual change about him, but he just couldn’t point it out.

He returned his gaze towards Zeke, and his eyes were no longer intent. It seemed the man had already seen what he needed and wanted to see and he finally moved. Zeke disappeared just as Zeres and Lucas’s swords were about to collide. He appeared between the two, and immediately, as if the world screeched into a halt, Zeres and Lucas paused and became immobile.

"Enough, Lucas." Zeke’s voice echoed as he glanced at Lucas before facing Zeres.

"And why are you here?"

Zeres blinked, and slowly, he dropped his sword. The gold color in his eyes slowly disappeared and became silver again. He glanced a serious gaze towards the red-haired man behind Zeke before he finally respond to Zeke.

"A little birdy told me you’re leaving, so I came to stop you."

Zeke: ". . ."
Chapter 582 Marks*

"It seemed Alex does not approve of you are leaving the kingdom, Zeke," Kai said upon landing on the ground. But Zeke didn’t even react to Kai’s words. His gaze remained locked on Zeres for a while before he spoke.

"Did the little birdy asked you to stop me?" he asked.

"Yes, I guess." Answered Zeres, shrugging.

"And you think you are capable of stopping me? It seemed the little birdy didn’t mention that his attempt to stop me failed."

"How about we try?" a smirk curved on Zeres’ face. His silver hair started to glow and float behind him. "I believe the little birdy didn’t deal with you his usual way, and that’s why he failed. That little birdy has become docile and soft now, after all."

When Zeke just stood there, looking at him with his usual poker face, Zeres raised a brow. "What. Are you scared to go against me?" he tried his best to provoke him. Back then, this very same line was enough to rile up and infuriate Alexander.

"Go home, Zeres. I don’t have time to play with you." Zeke turned and faced Lucas after saying those words while Zeres pinched the bridge of his nose. He should’ve known that this vampire prince wasn’t like Alexander at all. Was there anything in this world that could provoke this man? And did he just called fighting with me a ’play’?

"You think I am not going to take the fight seriously? You know I don’t hold back when I fight, Kiel."

Zeke glanced back over his shoulder. "That’s exactly the reason why Zeres. A serious fight against you is a waste of time and unnecessarily. You know I don’t fight without reason."

"Sigh, Kiel." Zeres sheathed his sword. He could only sigh in surrender. "Stop being too uptight every single time. Have some fun once in a while, will you?"

"You think It’ll be fun for me to fight you?" Zeke flashed a quick smirk. "Well, indeed... I think It would really be fun. But such would only happen once you or I decide to become the evil villain."

Speechless, Zeres sighed again. "Seriously... ah, never mind." Zeres finally decided to drop the topic, knowing how useless it was to keep pressing on something that this bloody prince found uninteresting. "By the way, who is he?" he then asked, casually moving to Zeke’s side as he looked at the red-haired man. One look at him was enough for anyone to tell that he was powerful. And Zeres had just confirmed it. His skill was beyond terrific, and he was not even a vampire royalty.

"He’s Lucas, my personal guard," Zeke answered before introducing Zeres to the man.

Lucas looked surprised when he heard Zeres was like Alex. He just nodded and didn’t speak, but at least, he wasn’t like his expressionless master.

"He is powerful." Commented Zeres while silently assessing the man. For some reason, Zeres felt that there was something unknown and mysteriously intriguing about him.

"He is." Zeke simply agreed as they finally move to head back to the castle when Zeke glanced at Zeres. "So? Are you still not leaving?"

There was a short silence before Zeres finally burst. "How cold! How could you just kick me away like that?"

"I told you. I don’t have time to entertain you. And I believe your queen might be looking for you now."

"My queen is..." Zeres suddenly paused and then cleared his throat. "Actually, Alicia wanted me to misbehave and cause trouble sometimes."

Zeke: ". . ."

"What. Don’t you believe me? Alicia is not a heartless puppeteer like you, Zeke."

"Well, I agree with that. But I think she’s making a bad move if she wants you to cause trouble and letting you off her sight."

"As I said, she’s not a puppeteer. She knows I have a brain of my own."

"Still, a bad move."

"Geez. Alicia knows what she’s doing."

"She’s too laidback."

"She’s not. Alicia is..."

As the two continued talking, Lucas silently moved away from them and waited for Kai to catch up with him. He bowed and greeted Kai before casually leaning on him. "Your highness, can I ask a question?" Lucas whispered.

"O-of course." Kai didn’t expect this man to speak to him so casually. He had only spoken to this man when he was young.

"Who is the queen they’re talking about?"


Meanwhile, in Kelly’s apartment.

The sun was streaming through the curtains when Kelly finally opened her eyes. She shut her eyes tight and then blinked multiple times to adjust her eyes with the light. Slowly, her brain began to recall the things that happened the night before, and her nerves immediately got jolted away.

Kelly rolled to look at the side of her bed, and when she saw it was empty, her heart sunk. She looked around, hoping that Kai had just left the bed. When she couldn’t see him inside the room, she frantically climbed off the bed and headed to the living room. Still no sign of Kai. Her feet moved to the kitchen, hoping, praying that he might be there, making coffee.

Her heart was thudding hard as she entered the kitchen, and when she saw he wasn’t there, Kelly began to feel her knees weaken. "Kai? Where are you?" she whispered. Did he leave her?

She was about to sink on the floor when she remembered there was one more room she didn’t check. The bathroom. ’Maybe, he was taking a shower.’ She told herself. She dashed towards the bathroom, and the moment she held the door handle and felt no presence of anyone inside, her grip on the door tightened. She began to feel that painful lump in her throat, but she still pushed the door opened and entered the bathroom. Her eyes scanned every nook as she stood by the door.

It seemed he had left her. Why? He promised to stay with her for two days. And they did it. She was alive! So why? Why did he leave?

Kelly sunk on the floor. Her heart hurt. She didn’t understand why he left. He should be here with her, smiling with joy because they can finally be together. They have found the answer, and there was no more reason for them to feel scared and give up their love. So why? Why did he leave?

Drowning in her own questions and pain, Kelly could no longer hold back the tears in her eyes. And then, doubt came to her mind. She was drunk last night when he arrived. And everything that happened last night seemed too good to be true. Were they even real? Could it be that... everything was just a dream?

Her eyes widened, and she struggled to get up. No! It’s not a dream! She screamed to herself. She was about to rush out of the bathroom to find the evidence that everything that happened last night wasn’t a dream when she caught herself in the mirror. She swallowed as she approached the mirror slowly.

Once she was close enough, she raised her hand and touched the marks on her neck. They were kiss marks – Kai’s kiss marks. A short laugh filled with both relief and gladness echoed inside the bathroom. Knowing that last night was real and not a dream was enough to make Kelly’s heart swell with so many emotions. Even though she was still hurt and confuse that Kai was gone, the fact that last night’s event happened made her feel hopeful once again. Their love isn’t over yet. It’s not over yet.

With a newly awakened fighting spirit inside her, Kelly rushed out of the bathroom and looked for her phone. She remembered that Abi was calling her before Kai had killed the phone. She must tell Abi about this news, and then she could ask them to help her escape. She might be able to knock the guards outside, but she didn’t want to alarm her parents. It would be better for her to move silently and make them think she was still inside the apartment and behaving herself.

Once the call was connected, Kelly could not contain her enthusiasm.



"God, Kelly. I was so worried last night. I couldn’t contact you! Where are you? Are you alright?"

"I am fine, Abi. Kai turned off my phone last night when you were calling me."

"Oh, so Kai’s with you? Whew! I am glad my husband stopped me. I almost came barging on your door."

Kelly’s jaw dropped. She lamented a ’thank god she didn’t come’ inside her head before she quickly averted the topic.

"Abi, I have something important to tell you." Said Kelly after taking one deep breath.

"Do I need to come over there or you’ll tell me now?"

"I’ll tell you now, so listen. We –" Kelly suddenly paused, and her head whipped towards the door. Her eyes widened in horror when she saw someone was opening it. Oh god!

Before she could even react, the door opened, and a man stepped inside.


Chapter 583 Lunatic*

Kelly was so shocked her body instantly froze.

"Kelly? Kelly?! What’s wrong?" Abi’s voice had become faint background noise as she stared in horror at the man standing by the door. H-how could he...

The man’s gaze swept lustily over her, and Kelly finally realized her nakedness. She gasped in shock, but fear had immediately replaced every shame she felt at that very moment. Because Tristan’s eyes had settled on her neck and chest and the piercing, sharp glares told Kelly he was staring at her kiss marks. Warning bells frantically rang inside her head, and her survival instinct immediately kicked in.

She ran towards the bathroom as fast as she could and locked it behind her. She was breathless as her whole body slammed against the door with a loud sound. She couldn’t help but tremble. The look in Tristan’s eyes terrified her. He had the eyes of a maniac blazing with utter anger. Kelly even felt the kind of danger powerful enough to make her feel nauseated. She knew she was in grave danger. She must escape, or else Tristan will...

Frantically, Kelly grabbed the bathrobe. Her clothes were all in her closet, and there’s nothing inside the bathroom but robes. She tied the bathrobe tightly with trembling hands and then looked for something to use as a weapon.

She couldn’t see anything useful. Damn it!

As she cursed, she finally remembered the phone she’d been gripping so hard in her hand. Abi still didn’t end the call.

"Kelly! What’s wrong?!" Yelled Abi, and Kelly’s fear began to ease up a little.

"Abi, Tristan is –"

A loud bang echoed. It was as if the man outside had a large and powerful hammer. She knew the door would soon break. Kelly’s eyes widened, and she gritted her teeth.

"What’s going on? Where are you?! Tell me, Kelly!"

Kelly struggled to find her voice. "I’m inside my apartment, Abi." She said. Somehow, she managed to speak clearly.

Even though Alexander was a vampire, she didn’t think that the man would arrive before Tristan breaks the door. She could see Tristan’s about to break in. If she wanted to survive this without him touching her, she had to escape on her own. If she could escape from this room, even if they chase her, at least she could give Alexander time to arrive. But how? How could she escape?

Another bang and the door began to crack open forcefully. Kelly looked around, looking for something. And then another series of deafening loud bangs, and the door finally opened.

Kelly stood there frozen as the maniac entered. His eyes were the most terrifying thing Kelly had seen in her life. Why? Why was this person like this?

He searched the bathroom as if he was looking for someone.

"That’s strange," his stomach-churning voice echoed, "where did he go? Your marks are fresh. The men never let anyone inside your house."

He took a step closer, and Kelly struggled to keep breathing. She could feel both lust and bloodlust coming from him. He was a womanizer, so there was no way Kelly could fool him by saying that she didn’t get her marks last night.

"I think..." Kelly steeled herself. "didn’t you check every corner of my house?" she said cautiously. If she could make him check the veranda, she’ll have time to escape.

But he smirked, a sickening smirk. "How slow do you think I am. Your house isn’t big, so this is the last place I haven’t checked."

"Are you sure you checked properly?" Kelly didn’t know how but she found herself brave talking back, and her voice didn’t sound strange. "Are you saying that he’s not here inside my house?"

Tristan scoffed. Kelly was praying he would go and check again, but suddenly, Tristan attacked her. He was fast, elusive, and strong that Kelly’s hardened nerves failed to react fast.

His hands grabbed her shoulders, and he pushed her against the wall. The impact was so strong Kelly felt like fainting. The phone in her hand fell on the floor.

"Only a cat searches for a rat, Kelly. I’m a man, and how do men deal with rats? They lure them out. I’ll make you scream for him to come out and save you." He whispered as he cupped her jaw very tightly. "And if the rat’s a coward, it’s all good. He couldn’t leave the house anyway. He’s afraid of my men outside. In the end, I could search for the poor coward rat after I punish you to my heart contents. I’ll make him hear your screams."

"Bastard. Let go of me. Why do you care if I’ve slept with another man? You’re sleeping with countless women, Tristan. And we’re not married yet. I still have time bitch around myself just like what you’re doing!" she countered. Her voice became even more challenging. She didn’t know where she’s getting all this courage. Perhaps, her resolve to escape, to never let this man do what he was planning to do to her, made her harden up.

But the man was a maniac, and she knew words would never be enough to stop him. He laughed sardonically. His fingers dug on her cheeks. "Listen, Kelly. I am allowed to bitch around, but you’re not. Today, I will make sure that you will never ever dare to bed another man again. You are mine. I’m the only one allowed to f*ck you!" he roared, and then his other hand grabbed her hair, pulling towards him.

His thumb fell on her lips, and Kelly instinctively bit his finger hard. The man roared, and he hit her face.

"Bitch!" he said as Kelly smiled despite the pain he inflicted, blood dripping down her lips. He grabbed her hair again and pushed her against the wall. Then his hands moved to his belt and began frantically unbuckling them. He was like a beast - a mad monster. Kelly would rather die than let him touch her.

The moment Tristan freed his belt, he smiled at her sardonically. He was about to grab Kelly’s hand when Kelly suddenly lifted her hands together above her head. Her face now looked docile as if she had given up.

The monster laughed. And he seemed to be pleased. "So this is your face when you’re not such a domineering bitch. F*ck! I always dreamed about you becoming my obedient personal doll. That’s it, Kelly, don’t dare fight me. Submit to me and let me use your perfect body. I will turn you into my personal bitch." He said, and then he stepped forward. He licked Kelly’s cheek before he straightened and lifted his hands above her head to tied her hands together.

As Tristan began to tie her, Kelly’s knee flew upward between Tristan’s legs. The man immediately groaned in utter pain and fall to his knees. Kelly made sure the hit would be her strongest. She prayed his balls had burst!

Without wasting a second, Kelly left the bathroom. She was so glad she managed to make him move. That he fell on her trap to tie her hand in that unlikely position. She was glad he didn’t grab her hand and tied them in front of her, or she wouldn’t have gotten the chance to kneed him hard enough to immobilize him. Now, she needed to escape.

Grabbing the main door’s door handle, Kelly yelled. "Guards!! Please go help Tristan. In the bathroom!!" she had let out all the fear that had been accumulated inside her that the guards were all startled and panicked.

Three of the men immediately rushed inside, leaving just the two of them.

Just as the door behind her closed and the two guards approached her, Kelly’s fist flew to the first’s man’s jaw, and then she kicked the other approaching on in the stomach. She had completely caught them off guard while they’re worried about her.

Kelly ran like the wind towards the elevator. She could see the men now running after her as the elevator closed. Her heart was beating so loud. She wasn’t safe yet. If Tristan’s men catch her, she’s doomed. The man might kill her instantly. He was a lunatic monster, after all.

Upon arriving in the garage, Kelly ran towards the exit. She didn’t have her keys, so her only choice was to grab any leaving car. When Kelly saw a leaving car, she ran in the middle of the road to stop the car.

The car screeched to a halt. Kelly approached the car and repeatedly slapped on the car window. She didn’t care that she was wearing a robe and barefooted. She must escape at all cost.

The driver glanced at the door in front of him, his face cold and utterly annoyed as he opened the door to scold the damn girl he nearly hit. However, before the man could speak, his jaw dropped at the sight of the gorgeous disheveled lady in front of him. His eyes traveled from her face down to her toes, gaping, that he could no longer hear what Kelly was saying.

Kelly gritted her teeth. She didn’t have the luxury to be civil anymore at that moment. And so, she grabbed the man and pulled him out of his car. She was surprised how easily she pulled him out.

"I will pay you later and buy you a new car. I promise." She said and as she entered the car and sped up, leaving the man who was still in shock standing in the middle of the road.

Kelly’s heart was still thumping hard. Was she safe now? Please! She kept glancing at the rare view mirror, fearing that they’re already behind her when...

Out of the blue, a car blocked her way, causing her car to screech from the brake.
Chapter 584 I don“t think so*

Time seemed to momentarily stop when Kelly saw the men-in-black stepping out of the car that blocked her way. She cursed, gritting her teeth as she held the wheel to back up. But before the car could even move, she realized that another car was already right behind, blocking her way. She cursed again under her breath. How did they move so fast? There was only one explanation; Tristan’s men were already standing by as soon as she had escaped him!

The intense panic threatened to swallow her entire being once again and she froze in utter defeat. She was done for. All she could do was bit her trembling lips as she stared at the man pointing a gun at her. He was signaling her to step out. And while Kelly was still desperately trying to think whether she should step out or not, the windshield shattered. Kelly was shocked to her bones as she looked with wide eyes. The man had fired his gun without hesitation.

He signaled her to climb out of the car again. Realizing how serious her situation was, Kelly could only obey. She swallowed hard as her shaking hand pushed the door open. As she rose, two men were quick to seize her, not even giving her the chance to stand up fully. One covered her face with a wet towel, and one swiftly tied her up before dragging her into a car.

The men did their job so quickly and efficiently as if they were so used to doing something like this. Kelly could also tell they were no ordinary bodyguards just by their movements and presence. She knew there was no way she could fight back and escape again and a weak smile flashed on Kelly’s pale face.

As the car accelerated, one of the men on her sides wrapped Kelly’s eyes with a black cloth while the other one was speaking with someone. Kelly could tell he was speaking with that monster through a phone.

"Yes, Boss... we got her. We are on our way. Yes. Understood." She heard the man said before the anesthetics started to kick in. ’Kai...’ She uttered, and her world turned dark as she slipped further and further into unconsciousness.


When Kelly opened her eyes again, she found herself being tied up in a chair. The rope around her was so tight, and even her hands were still tied together. Her heart began to drum in her ears upon realizing her situation. Her eyes were also still blindfolded, so she couldn’t even see where she was. All she knew was that no one seemed to be with her. It was quiet, so quiet the silence made her heartbeats sounded so much louder in her ears. Where was she? How long had she been unconscious?

She panicked when she thought that those men might have done something to her but when she realized her robe was still wrapped around her, and nothing seemed to happen to her, she breathed a long sigh of relief.

Kelly moved her body, thinking that she might be able to loosen the ropes up. But the rope was tight, and no matter how much she tried, her struggles seemed to be hopeless. Her gasps started to echo inside the room, and her body was already drenched with sweat. But her mind still told her to keep moving. Even though Kelly knew it might be futile, she can’t just sit still and wait for her demise. She should at least try while she still had strength.

However, before she could start moving again, she heard something that made her entire being froze. The sound of a door opening and then closing silently reached her ears. She subconsciously flinched.

The person who entered didn’t speak, but Kelly could tell it might be no other than the bastard monster because goosebumps had started to crawl under her skin as she listened to the sound of shoes approaching her. No one could ever creep her out like this with his mere presence than Tristan.

When he finally stopped, Kelly could feel him in front of her. She felt him bent forward, and she flinched again.

"Look at you, Kelly." His sarcastic voice echoed, and Kelly’s heart sunk in despair. She had hoped that it wasn’t him, but she was once again disappointed.

Tristan pulled Kelly’s blindfold then watched her with a sickening gaze. His eyes were looking at Kelly with dark amusement, his gaze sweeping over every part of her body.

"W-where am I?" Kelly forced herself to speak. Her voice was hoarse. "Let me go!"

The man ignored her words. His eyes became more and more intense and dangerously lustful as he slowly extended his hand towards Kelly.

He tried to touch her lips but immediately pulled his fingers away before Kelly could bite him again. His expression changed as he roughly held Kelly’s jaw. With a cold and angry face, he spoke in a dangerous tone. "Dare bite me again, and I’ll hit you black and blue."

His demonic eyes locked onto her as he threatened her, causing Kelly to feel the fear starting to paralyze her.

"Why? Why are you doing this? Why did you bring me here? Where is this place?" Kelly asked again as she finally looked around, not only to find out where she was but also to stop herself from spitting on his damned face. She wanted to spit on him, but she was afraid of what this monster would do if she did that. To her shocked surprise, she realized she was in the middle of a spacious living room. Did he bring her to his house?!

"Why?" he narrowed his eyes before he cackled at the sight of her widened eyes. "Yes, Kelly. You’re inside my apartment. I told your parents I managed to coax you and that’s why you’re now here with me. I told them you were bored to death for being imprisoned that you begged me to take you home."

Tristan’s expression as he said those words made Kelly felt nauseated.

"Your father really trusted me a lot, Kelly. He trusted me more than himself, so don’t even expect anyone to rescue you from me." His calm voice crept Kelly so much she began to feel her body shiver.

The man raised his eyebrows, and his filthy fingers ran through her hair.

"Untie me, please." She begged, but the man simply smirked sardonically. His eyes even gleamed with lust at the sight of her begging. But still, he didn’t listen.

"No, Kelly." He shook his head. "I will f*ck you like this. I shall punish you and destroy you in the most shameful way possible until you learn your lesson. A woman like you deserved to be treated like a bitch." He laughed again, victoriously, as his fingers landed on her jaw, dragging them to her neck, then further down.

Kelly began to feel numb and sick. Her mouth was running dry because of raw fear and utter disgust. The moment he grabbed the neckline of her robe, Kelly yelped.

"Wait!" her trembling lips stilled. "Did you catch the rat inside my house?" she suddenly asked, perhaps, her survival instinct kicking in again.

Tristan halted. His eyes turned dark, and Kelly could feel anger and bloodlust in them. He grabbed her chin and pulled her face closer to him. "Of course I did, and street dogs are now actually eating the rat." He told her as he smiled at her with pure dark delight. If Kelly didn’t know that Kai was a vampire, she might’ve believed what this man had just said purely due to his expression. It was as if he had mastered the art of lying. No wonder he had managed to fool her father. This man was simply evil. A complete liar.

"I don’t think so. You didn’t catch him. You didn’t even see a portion of his shadow." Kelly replied. Her words had affected him tremendously. He could not stop the rage and bloodlust oozing from him.

"Bitch, do you think you can distract me?" his fingers dug on her cheeks so hard she felt like his short nails would pierce through her skin. The madman was starting to lose his sanity. "Didn’t I tell you he’s already dead?!" he growled, and Kelly knew the monster had gone mad.

He backed off and clenched his fist. She knew he was going to hit her hard. She would lose consciousness if his fist hit her. Who knows what this madman does to her once she fell unconscious? She would rather make him kill her in an instant than let him do what he was planning to do to her. Her inside began to convulse with despair and horror. What had gone wrong? Why was she in this kind of situation? Why the hell was this happening to her? What did she do wrong to deserve all this?

Kelly clenched her teeth so hard before frantically yelling. "I’m going to be your bride the day after tomorrow. If you hit me, my parents, everyone will see me...!"

"Oh, yes. That’s right." He straightened. "I shouldn’t harm your lovely face at least." He added, and he began to unbuckle her belt. Kelly’s eyes went wide again, realizing what he was going to do next. "I have whips in my room, but... I think my belt is more suitable this time. This is your punishment for kneading me, Kelly." His eyes blazed, and then he raised his hand, causing Kelly to shut her eyes instinctively.

She held her breath, expecting pain, when suddenly, a loud bang thundered.
Chapter 585 Slow torture*

Tristan’s head whipped behind him, and when he saw a man standing by the door, his body stiffened. He moved and faced the man in black, his eyes scanning the door he knew was opened forcefully. How? How did he open the door? Tristan never gave the password of this apartment to anyone, not even his most trusted guard. And judging from the loud bang, he knew something inhumanly powerful had hit the door for it to be opened in one bang. He would’ve noticed if the man messed up with the door’s lock first. No, there was no way he could mess up with a door like this! How? How did he...

When he looked at the man wearing pure black from head to toe, Tristan subconsciously swallowed. The man was wearing a black baseball cap covering his eyes. He reeked with unbelievable power and bloodthirst that Tristan’s nerves began to cower. No man ever intimidated him to his very core like this, aside from that devil Ezekiel Qinn.

At the thought of that devil, Tristan suddenly felt goosebumps ran under his skin. His eyes widened. The man before him almost gives off the same vibe he felt towards that devil. No one in this world could be like that man! Could it be that this man is... no! Ezekiel Qinn was dead! He’s dead! That devil’s dead!!!

The news about Ezekiel Qinn’s death was the best news Tristan had ever heard his entire life. He had been trying to kill Ezekiel for a long time, ever since he met him. He did everything to claim the devil’s head... everything. But he failed every single time, and the man never even look at him, not even a glance. And that was what infuriated him the most. The fact that Ezekiel had never even noticed him despite everything he had done. Tristan could never forget the humiliation when he approached the bastard Ezekiel, and the bastard didn’t even know his name.

He had vowed since then that he’d kill him, but in the end, the damn man actually died in a plane crash. He laughed for a very long time, his longest laugh ever when he heard the news. Tristan had shamelessly claimed that it was his victory. Ever since that day, nobody ever made him inferior in everything anymore, not even in power and demeanor.

So who was this man? How could he...

Gnashing his teeth, Tristan’s hand moved. A gun was in his hand. He had instinctively pulled it from his waist the moment he felt the intense bloodlust coming from the door, the same moment the loud noise thundered. He pointed it not towards the man but on Kelly’s head. Tristan had felt the extreme danger coming from him. He would never dare take risks with a man like this. Just like Ezekiel Qinn, this man’s also put the auras of all the underground criminal, even the most notorious killer he had ever met, to shame.

But realizing that he was here for this woman, Tristan felt like he had gained the upper hand. He noticed how Kelly reacted when she saw the man. He knew she obviously knew him, and she even looked as though she’d been expecting him. She didn’t even flinch by the brooding and suffocating air coming from the man.

"Who are you?" Tristan asked as he pressed the gun on Kelly’s head. He had moved behind her as if he was trying to use Kelly as a shield against him.

The man didn’t speak. Instead, he took a step closer, causing Tristan to panic.

"Stop, or I will blow this woman’s head!" he panicked. Was he wrong? Did this man come here for him?

The man didn’t stop, he sauntered, and the darkness and bloodthirst were getting thicker and thicker every time he took a step closer.

"F*ck! I will kill this woman!" Tristan’s hands and body began to tremble with panic and dread. He lifted his hand and mindlessly fired at the man approaching him.

He smirked the moment he heard the gunshot, but when he saw that the man had dodged his bullet, his sardonic smile died. Terror began to consume him. How? How did he... his gun was...

Series of gunshots echoed inside the room. Tristan fired at Kai like a madman. His fear had gotten the best of him, and before he realized it, the gun was no longer in his hand.

Because Kelly was tied on the chair, she could see Kai’s eyes under his black cap. Her heart was still beating so wild. She felt her eyes heat up the moment she saw him, and as he approached her, Kelly wanted nothing but to touch him, to hug him. She had never cared about the gun pointed at her head, knowing very well that her Kai would never let Tristan fire it on her. What Kelly cared about that moment were Kai’s suffocating bloodlust and his demonic aura. She saw the fire burning in his crimson red eyes, and she couldn’t deny that even she couldn’t help but shiver from his bloodlust that was practically splattering everywhere. She knew he would kill Tristan. She wanted the maniac dead but not in Kai’s hand.

As she looked up, Kai’s large and strong hand was already grabbing Tristan’s neck. Tristan was futilely scratching at Kai’s arm, like some pitiful ant in Kai’s solid arm.

Kelly struggled to find her voice. She couldn’t believe she would feel like this around Kai. The fear she always felt from that god of the darkness, Ezekiel, started to mute and immobilize her. But Kelly persevered. This was her Kai, and she was one who drove him to become like this. He was like this because of her. How could she fear him?

"K-kai!" she finally made a sound. "Please... don’t kill him," she begged. She didn’t know if he could hear her, but she continued anyway, hoping she could reach him before he snaps Tristan’s neck. "If you kill him, the police will get involved. Please don’t kill him, Kai. Please."

Kelly knew that if Tristan dies, things might get out of hand. And she knew Kai had come here knowing full well that he must not kill Tristan. If he really wanted him dead, Tristan’s neck would’ve been broken the moment he grabbed his neck. Kai wouldn’t have bothered to use the door to enter. And most of all, he wouldn’t have worn a cap to hid his face. No matter how Kelly sees it, Kai was trying so hard to deal with Tristan as a human and not as a vampire.

The next moment, Kelly watched Kai’s fist smashed into Tristan’s face. She heard bones crack and then followed by Tristan’s pitiful whimpers. Blood began to gush out of his nose and mouth before he fell on his knees.

Kai grabbed Tristan’s hair and pulled Tristan up before he kicked his stomach hard enough that he was slammed on the cold, hard wall. Blood dripped down to the floor.

Kelly could only watch as Kai destroyed Tristan over and over again. Kai had never said a word. He was like a demon torturing his prey in silence. He didn’t hit Tristan hard enough for him to lose consciousness. Kelly felt her heart squeeze. It was hard to watch Kai act like a cold and heartless man who enjoyed torturing his prey. But Tristan deserved this, and she could not blame Kai. However, she must stop him now. Tristan was probably numb already. His harrowing noise had stopped, and he was now bathed with his own blood. If this continues, he might die from Kai’s slow torture.

"K-kai!" Kelly forced a sound. Her throat was so dry that the sound of her voice came out weird.

Thankfully, the man stiffened, and when he finally turned and looked at her, Kelly’s lips began to tremble.

A deep silence, akin to that moment when a raging super typhoon finally passed by, reigned in the room.

Kai saw the look on her face, and he gritted his teeth. He glanced at the man on the floor, good as dead, before he let out a deep breath, and finally, he strode towards Kelly. No word came out of his lips as he untied Kelly. He didn’t even notice Kelly staring at his trembling hands.

"Kai..." she whispered, but he could not look at her in the eyes. He couldn’t stop his body from trembling the moment his hand touched her.

Once the tight ropes fell on the floor, Kelly’s eyes quickly misted over with tears as she looked at him. And then, as if the walls that were holding all the emotions within her broke, large drops of tears rolled down her face one after another, in a seemingly endless rainfall.

Kai was utterly flustered by Kelly’s outburst. He knelt before her. "W-what’s wrong?" At last, she finally heard his voice. "Are you hurt? Where? I’ll take you to the hospital." He said. His voice was cracking as his trembling hand hesitantly touched her.

Kelly forced herself to stop her tears but couldn’t, so she just leaned in on him, wrapped her hands around his neck, and she slumped in his embrace. She felt him stiffened for a moment before his hands went on her back and hair. He pulled her so close to him in a very tight hug and hugged her until the trembling of his body stopped.

"I’m sorry..." he uttered with a low voice filled with pain and self-loathing as he gently rubbed her hair and back. "I’m sorry, I’m late... I’m sorry..."
Chapter 586 Willing*

Burrowing her head in Kai’s shoulder, Kelly cried hard, her body shaking, and her tears flowed nonstop, quickly making his clothes wet. Kelly had never cried in front of any man before. She was always that girl who acted and looked tough and all cool, but once she’s inside her room alone, she would sometimes cry silently. No matter what the situation was, she was used to toughening herself and hold back every tear when someone was around.

But now, she couldn’t stop crying in this man’s arms. She knew that the extreme panic and fear had overwhelmed her entire being, but she also knew that she was unable to stop the tears because of this man holding her. The moment he held her, her walls and defenses crumbled. His embrace and touch were so gentle they seemed to be whispering to her it was okay for her to cry. She never even cried this long before. She would always, always force herself to stop, a voice inside her telling her the words, ’okay, that’s enough, it’s time to wipe the tears and rise again,’ even during the times when she felt like she hadn’t had cried enough. But this time, the voice didn’t come.

All she could feel was Kai’s wide palm patting her back so gently as if to him, she was some fragile vase.

After what seemed to be a very long time, Kelly’s tears finally stopped. She started to hiccup as she pulled her face away from his shoulder. She hadn’t heard him spoke again after saying he was sorry.

"You should’ve told me to stop crying," she uttered between her hiccups as she looked at him. His eyes still pained, but they were no longer mixed with those dark and dangerous emotions.

He lifted his hand to her face, and his fingers shook a little as he wiped the remnants of tears on her face. "You can... cry on me all you want. I won’t stop you even if you drown me with your tears." His voice was low and still filled with hurt.

His words made Kelly smile. She reached out and settled her hand below his ear. Her thumb was caressing his strong jaw. "Thank you for coming for me... for saving me... for being here, holding me..." she uttered, and she planted a kiss on his lips.

Kai’s grip on her tightened, and he was about to kiss her hard when a sound made him pull away. He had knocked the guards on his way inside the house. It seemed some of them finally regained consciousness.

"I need to take you away from here, now." He said, and after glancing at the bloodied man on the floor, Kai stood and dashed out of the place as he carried Kelly in his arms.

Kai headed to a red sports car and was about to put Kelly on the passenger seat when Kelly refused to let him go. He looked at her, and upon seeing Kelly’s playful smile, he sat on the driver’s seat, with her on his lap.

"You used this car to come here, right?"


"I’m relieved. I thought you came here flying, and some CCTVs caught you in action." Kelly let out a deep breath as Kai started to drive. They were silent for a long while.

"Where are we going?" Kelly broke the silence.

"To the hospital."

"But I’m alright."

"You’re not."

Kelly bit her lips. She wanted to insist but seeing the look on Kai’s face, she stopped herself. She could tell that he might be blaming himself for what happened to her. She wanted to coax him, soothe whatever it was that he was feeling, but she knew the first thing she must do was listen to him. If he heard from the doctor that she was alright, it would definitely make him feel better. And so, she fell quiet and let him drove quietly at a breakneck speed while she glued herself to him.

They had briefly stopped in a store where Kai had quickly gone to buy Kelly clothes before they went straight to the hospital. And once they get there, everything went on so smoothly.

"See? I told you I am fine. Did you forget you used to call me a ’hooligan’?" Kelly teased, a smirk curved on her lips as they returned to the car. Kai glanced at her, and he pressed his lips together as he looked away.

"What. What’s with that expression?"

"I’m not going to call you that again."

"Oh, really? Is it because you want to call me something else? Something a loottt better and sweeter? Maybe, like..."

Kai halted in his track. He looked at her as if he was waiting for what she’d say next. But Kelly simply chuckled. "I’m not going to say it."

For a while, he just stood there, watching her laugh. His face finally softened a little, seeing that Kelly was smiling again, laughing again. When he heard the news from Alex, Kai had almost lost his mind. And when she saw her tied on the chair in front of that bastard holding a belt, he almost went insane. Words were not enough to describe everything that he had felt at that moment. It was indeed a miracle how he managed to keep his sanity intact. If he had arrived seconds later and that bastard had managed to slash her with his belt, Kai was certain that man would be dead by now.

Once they reached the car, Kai didn’t try to put her on the passenger anymore. He just sat on the driver’s seat with her in his arms.

"Where are we going this time?" Kelly then asked as they leave the hospital’s garage.

"Do you have any place you want to go?"

His question made Kelly look up at him.

"If I tell you, will you bring me there?"

Kai swallowed. She watched how his Adam’s apple moved.

"Yes." He answered. But Kelly didn’t respond. She fell quiet and still in his arms that Kai looked down to look at her face.

"What’s wrong?" His voice was a whisper. It was obvious to Kelly that he was worried again. She could somehow tell it through the change in voice. She thought that he was being so cute again. She didn’t like him worrying like this, but she could not smile at the moment because she had something in her mind that she wanted to say.

"Kai..." she began, her tone hesitant. Her voice made Kai frown, and he pulled the car in the roadside.

"Look at me," he said, and Kelly pulled herself up. She knelt in front of him, his hands cupping his face. "Say it, Kelly." He urged when Kelly just stared deep into his eyes.

She breathed deep.

"I want you to..." she paused, "If I ask you to kidnap me, would you agree?"

Silence enveloped the car for a long while. Her words seemed to shock him, mainly because she was not kidding. She was more than serious. He knew that what she really wanted him to do. But...

"You want me to become a kidnapper?" he tried to lighten up the mood.

"Yes. But you’re not really a bad kidnapper because your victim is a willing participant." She replied, her smile alluring, and Kai threw back his head. "I want you to kidnap and bring me to your world. It’s okay if you won’t return me to this world again."

She leaned in and kissed him. The softness of her lips and her scent was making Kai’s head spin.

"I can’t do that, Kelly." He then said, causing Kelly to stiffen. She pulled back, her eyes slightly wide. There were a little pain and disbelief dancing in them.

Kai reached out, and his hand rested below her ear. And then, a slight smile curved on his face. "And, don’t you think something like that is a little cliché and boring?"

The look on Kelly’s face immediately changed again. She looked at him with utter confusion.

"What... what do you mean?"

"I mean... how about we make it a little different from the norm?" his smile became a little hesitant as if he was worried that she would find his suggestion something stupid. Kai knew this was probably a funny thing to say, but he didn’t want to reject her by refusing. He didn’t have the heart to hurt her again after what had just happened. He wanted to say ’no’ because he had already chosen to live in her world, but it wasn’t the time yet for him to tell her everything. He was prepared to tell her everything, not leaving any secrets from her anymore, but not today.

Kelly’s eyes narrowed as she waited for him to continue. "I mean... why don’t we do it the other way around? Why don’t you kidnap me instead and bring me to your world? If you agree... I would be a very willing participant."
Chapter 587 Not today*

Kelly’s gaze on him was intense. Surprise and disbelief dancing in her eyes. Was this real? Kai wanted to be kidnapped by her?! Was this a dream? Was he serious?!

"You’re kidding, right?" she asked as she searched his eyes. Kai didn’t answer and just kept his steady gaze towards her until Kelly gasped. "My god, you’re not kidding!!" she exclaimed, her eyes wide open. She hugged him tight and then immediately pulled back. "Are you really certain? Once I take you, I will never return you back, even if your king will come here to get you!"

A tender amusement glimmered in Kai’s eyes as he pulled her, resting her head on his shoulder. "I am certain." He answered without hesitation, and Kelly pushed herself away from him to look into his eyes.

It was hard for her to believe. He had been pulling away from her since the day she showed an interest towards him that Kelly couldn’t help but feel like she was dreaming now that he was willingly pushing himself into her. The feeling was incredibly good, so utterly pleasing she suddenly felt she was the happiest girl in the world at that moment.

"Oh, Kai... you don’t know how happy I am right now." When tears started to pool in her eyes, Kelly quickly rubbed her eyelids with the back of her fingers.

Kai gripped her hand and pulled it away from her eyes. His tender lips kissed her eyes. Then his hands moved to her hips as his lips slowly moved down her cheek. Before he could capture her lips, Kelly pulled away.

She grabbed the tie of the folded robe on the passenger seat and then changed position. She sat on Kai’s lap, facing the wheel before she pulled Kai’s hands together. A playful smile curved on her face as she tied Kai’s hands. "I’m not going to give you any chance to change your mind, so I’m going to abduct you now," she said as she excitedly grabbed the wheel.

When the car sped up, Kai found himself silently calling himself an idiot. It seemed he had done such a grave mistake because of his desperate attempt to please her. He didn’t want to reject her and make her sad, so he suggested that. He would love being abducted by her like this but not now. Because he still had a lot of things to deal with.

"Where are we going?" he asked after a long while.

"To my secret place." She hummed. He could feel how excited she was, making it harder for him to ask her to postpone her dramatic abduction.

"Is it far?"

She chuckled. "Patience, my prince. We’ll get there soon. It’s not that far, don’t worry."

Kai forced himself to think. What should he do?

After thirty minutes, Kai spoke. "Kelly..."


"I think you should be resting. You just... you just went through something horrible." The words finally came out. He had held his breath as he waited for her reaction.

The car slowed down, and Kai’s heart thudded nervously. "You can always abduct me whenever you wanted," he added, his tone hesitant and careful. "Just not today. I want you to rest."

She pulled the car on the roadside and faced him. Her expression was confused, and he could see questions in her eyes. She opened her mouth and was about to speak, but Kai spoke first. "I won’t run away from you again, I promise. Besides..." he grabbed her wrist with his already freed hands and placed her palm on his chest.

Whatever she wanted to say was lost when she felt his strong heartbeats under her palm. "You already succeeded in abducting this part of me. My heart is already your captive."

Kelly blinked, and her jaw fell as she gazed at him. Her heart even began to skip a beat. She was speechless and she couldn’t help but blush. She couldn’t believe this prince had a way with cheesy words too. It was a surprise!

However, she cleared her throat to gather her composure. "But I also want to abduct your body right now, Kai."

"This body is already yours, Kelly." His hand cupped her face, and taking advantage of the impact of his words to her, Kai’s lips seized hers. Her lips were gently pried open, and his tongue entered inside her mouth. His kiss was fiery, but it was slow and passionate. It wasn’t like his fierce kisses the night before. He was gentle, and it was as if he was giving her every chance to pull away and stop the kiss.

But Kelly didn’t pull away. He couldn’t. How could she when he was kissing her like this? She knew he wanted her to give in. She felt there was a reason why he didn’t want her to kidnap him today. She thought it was because of his worry, but she just knew there was more to it. Fine then, she would postpone the abduction but before that...

The seat was suddenly lowered, surprising Kai.

"Ke –" Kai couldn’t even finish saying her name because Kelly had already captured his lips as her burning hot body followed him down.

She returned his passionate kiss, and in no time, the car was filled with sounds coming from their mating mouth. When they pulled away, they were gasping hard, their eyes transfixed and helpless as they stared at each other. And then, Kelly kissed him again, this time, wilder, deeper, longer.

Their kiss was so heated that Kelly’s hips began to move on their own, rubbing herself against him. Kai buried a low moan inside her mouth. Her hot body rubbing against him, and the penetrating strokes of her tongue quickly flooded Kai with pleasure.

He felt her urgency. Her body was radiating with heat that seemed to burn his entire being. She didn’t stop kissing him as her naughty hand traveled down his body and settled on his erection. She eased her hand along the stiff length of him, her fingers boldly molding over the hardness, making Kai groan.

Chapter 588 Once i“m back*

When Kelly’s lips moved downwards, and she licked and sucked at his throat, Kai stiffened.

"Kelly... wait..." he uttered, his voice sounded like he was in pain - an utterly pleasurable pain. Kelly had started to slip her hand under his jeans, and the devil knows what would happen if she...

The memories of her wildness last night flooded Kai’s head, and he could no longer take it.

"Kelly –"

His jaws tightened. "Kelly, let’s st–"

"Make love." She broke off, and her hands quickly wrapped around his neck, pulling him. "I want you inside me again, Kai." Her voice was so seductive Kai could no longer take it. He could see her hunger for him—both of them dying for each other right there and then.

Kai glanced outside the car and realized the road was empty. He didn’t know where they were because he was too engrossed in his own thoughts while Kelly was driving.

"It’s okay. I don’t mind doing it here, Kai." She said, pulling herself up so she could seize his lips again.

"God, Kelly." He hissed, and in the next second, he opened the car door, and with her clinging on him like a koala, he stepped out and immediately opened the back seat door.

He laid her on the back seat, and Kelly smiled in delicious delight as she looked up at him. Her hair spread like black silk on the seat, and her flushed face and wet lips were just so seductive Kai was losing his mind. Their lovemaking last night was not enough to sate his hunger for her. If she didn’t pass out last night after one round...

"Kai," she stretched her hands, "take me, now..." she said, and with those words and that look in his eyes, all hell broke loose. Kai bent over and seized her throat as his hand caressed her breasts, causing Kelly’s body to shiver. Her entire body was aching for the pleasure of his touch, and she couldn’t stop herself from being so impatiently wild.

He unbuttoned her shirt and yanked her bra, earning a gasp and an aroused smile from Kelly. Kai’s mouth immediately closed over her nipple. His tongue licked her bud and then tugged it lightly until Kelly’s body quivered and moaned a little louder. Oh, how he loved to hear her lovely erotic moans.

Kelly reached for his jeans, her movements showing how impatient she was, how much she ached for him. She wanted to feel that divine feeling of fullness when he was inside her, filling her. She wanted to reach heaven once again together with him.

"Give it to me now, Kai. Please." She found herself begging. She didn’t care how horny and shameless she was. She just wanted him inside her, so the two of them become one again. She needed him to show her once again that their love had conquered the impossible. That they were now allowed to be together forever, and nothing could stop them anymore.

His hands traveled under her skirt and quickly gained access to her already damp panties. Kai was so glad he had decided to buy a skirt instead of jeans for her. He smiled when Kelly arched up to him, pressing herself closer, urging him to hasten and finally take her.

"Hurry, Kai..."

Her voice. The sight of her aroused face and body and knowing that she wanted him as much as he wanted her dissolved all Kai’s reservation. His every movement was no longer careful nor hesitant. There were no more signs of fear and doubts.

He positioned himself against her wet sex and then entered her in one thrust. Kelly almost came from the devastating pleasure. She felt so full and so hot, and the feeling seemed to be even better than she remembered.

Forgetting everything, Kai pushed deeper as her flesh welcomed him, gripped him. He stared down at her with dilated eyes and pressed even harder. Kelly was gasping as she lifted her body, eagerly accepting every thrust. She cried out as the intense pleasure overwhelmed her entire being.

Kai groaned and ground his teeth at the incredible sensations. He couldn’t contain his instinct to ravage her. He wanted to be gentle, but he was having a hard time controlling his body, and most importantly, Kelly...

"More, faster, Kai. I’m close... I’m..."

It was impossible to hold back. She was driving him insane, smashing every single strand of self-control he was trying so hard to keep. A deep groan came out of his mouth, and his ravenous thrusts continued, faster, deeper, harder.

He bent and seized her mouth in a frantic kiss, and then he growled low in his throat as he delivered one last, deep thrust and shuddered in her arms as she tightened and twisted around him.

He collapsed on top of her, but he immediately held her and changed their position so she would be the one resting on top of him. He lay there, completely spent as he held her. Their gasps filled the car as they waited to drift back down from heaven into their bodies.

Kelly felt like she was going to pass out. She never thought Kai could be that intense. Who would’ve thought that her softie Kai was hiding a wild beast inside? Or could it be that he was initially like this when nothing’s holding him back anymore? Oh my... He was unbelievable, and she felt like she still had a lot of him that she had yet to discover.


Kai was driving the car while Kelly slumped on the passenger seat. When the car stopped in front of Abi and Alex’s home, Kai looked at her. His ears were red when his gaze fell on his mark on her neck.

He cleared his throat and spoke. "I am going to leave you here with Abigail, Kelly. Please don’t ever go anywhere and wait for me."

"You’re not going to tell me where you’re heading?"

Kai opened the door and climbed off the car. He helped her out, and he entwined his hand on hers as they walked towards the mansion’s entrance.

"I will tell you once I’m back." He told her once they stopped by the door. And then he kissed her forehead. "I’ll be back soon."

Before Kelly could speak, Abi emerged from the door and hugged Kelly.

"I’m leaving her to you," Kai told Abi and when Abi nodded, the man finally turned and left.


Chapter 589 Sure*

Kelly was asleep the whole afternoon. The stress and fatigue from the previous days and then everything that happened this morning had finally made her succumb to her body’s need for rest. She had wanted to chat with Abi, but after taking a shower, Kelly dozed off in Kai’s bedroom and didn’t wake up in the next six hours.

It was already evening when she opened her eyes. She had joined the sweet couple for dinner, and after that, Abi and Kelly headed to the veranda overlooking the spacious backyard.

When Kelly told Abi about everything that happened, Abi hugged her and comforted her. At the same time, she was glad that Kelly had already regained her fighting spirit and was doing her best to move on from the traumatic event. She was really a strong woman. Abi had planned to tell her about Kai that night but hearing her story, Abi decided not to say anything to her anymore. She thought that it was best if she heard the news from Kai himself.

Abi was also pleased and glad for Kelly when she heard that they had finally done it. Their love had turned the impossible possible! Kai and Kelly’s love conquered something everyone thought was unconquerable.

The happiness Abi felt for the couple made her want to throw a little celebration, but before Abi could call the butler to bring the wine, a commotion broke their blissful night.

Black cars had arrived at the front of the mansion. When Kelly peaked through the window from the third floor, she could already tell the men were her father’s.

"They’re my father’s men," Kelly told Abi as Alex approached them. "I believe they’ve been looking for me for a while now. My father’s intelligence agency is topnotch, so it’s not a surprise they already know that I am here."

"So what do you wanted me to do? Shall I get rid of them?" Alex nonchalantly asked.


"Hmm..." Alex slightly tilted his head and looked at Abi. That one look was enough for Abi to tell what Alex’s answer was, and of course, it’s to get rid of them by force. Alex couldn’t stand coaxing or negotiating with anyone. He always said he’ll only do that for one person - his wife.

"You must not kill them, Alex. They’re men who’re only obeying someone’s word." Abi said when the butler came with a little anxious look. The butler wouldn’t look like that if those men were vampires because it would be easier for the master to deal with vampires than the humans. He knew that Alexander does not know how to deal with human trouble seekers. He’d definitely kill them, and prince Ezekiel was no longer here to clean up his mess.

"Alright," Alex’s expression remained chill, "I will go and send them away without killing them."

Kelly and Abi then watched the man walked away, looking like an annoyed dad heading downstairs to silence and beat up, if necessary, the noisy and scandalous gangs in the street and send them home black and blue.

"Is he going to be alright? What if he lost control?" Kelly looked at Abi with worried eyes. She remembered how Kai had beaten up Tristan in what he called a ’human way,’ and she couldn’t help but feel uneasy. What if Alexander beat up those men that way, and along the way, he would show them his inhuman strength and even his fangs? "I think I should go and aid him. I should be able to knock a few, and someone has to remind him to fight the human way just in case..."

"It’s alright, Kelly. You don’t need to go. Let’s stay here and wait. Alex knows what he’s doing." Abi smiled, and Kelly was amazed at how calm Abi was. It was as if nothing in this world could scare her anymore. This girl really had changed a lot. She was still the soft and kind Abi, but since she returned from Country V... there were times when she felt like a completely different being.


The men outside the mansion were bulky and massive. They were part of the underground organization working with the Young family for a long time now. These men were one of the most feared because of their capabilities and notorious skills.

"If the door still won’t open in five seconds, we’ll break inside and take the Miss." Said the one who looked the most imposing of all. He had a large scar on his face that made his look alone terrifying.

After everyone nodded at the man’s words, they all began to move closer towards the large double door.

But they halted on the steps when they heard it creaked opened.

Everyone looked as someone emerged from the large door. The man was tall but not bulky as them. He even looked so good-looking, and there was no trace of imperfection or scars on his face. At first, the men immediately thought he was one of those celebrities who were born with nothing but beauty. But the moment they looked into his smoky grey eyes, they immediately realized he was not just some beautiful man. Their instinct felt the danger around him, and they couldn’t believe that one man’s aura had easily overshadowed their supposedly extremely imposing presence. All of a sudden, the man felt like a giant as he stood before them. W-who was this man? Was he the ultimate boss of the most prominent underground organization in the world?

"First, I shall applaud you, men, for bravely coming here unannounced," Alex said, his voice calm but the sarcastic smirk on his face sent chills down everyone’s spine. "Now tell me, what do you want? I will give you five seconds to answer."

"We’re... we’re here to get Miss Young." The man with a scar spoke. "Her father sent us to bring her home."

Alex craned his head. "Hmm... Miss Young, huh. She’s not here."

"We know she is inside. We must take her now."

The men began to tense up, and Alex knew they were preparing to attack. ’Geez, stubborn humans,’ was all he could say inside him.

"And if I insist that she’s not here?"

"We will search the house."

Alex smirked again. "Oh, how bold." He commented before he raised a brow. "Sure... that’s if any of you can get past me."
Chapter 590 Greatest weakness*

Reign’s Castle, Country V.

Inside Zeke’s spacious study, Zeres was leisurely half lying on the gray couch as if he owned the castle. He had been watching the busy prince who’s sitting behind the big desk, doing things Zeres did not know about. The only time Zeke stood from his leather seat was when he received someone’s call.

Zeres’ gaze fell to the large window and saw that it was already dark. He threw his head back and sighed. His hair was spread out like silver silk on the gray couch.

A while later, Zeke, who had been standing by the window and talking to Kai on his phone, finally ended the long call. He moved and was about to go back to his desk when his gaze caught the silver thing lying on the couch.

"And why are you still here?" Zeke asked. "I told you, I don’t have time to play with you. Go home." His voice had a low, commanding aura despite the flatness.

"How rude. I’m your guest, you know?" Zeres didn’t rise and just raised his brow at Zeke. "And I’m not here to play with you, you stone prince."

Zeke stared down at him, and after a short silence, he finally sat across Zeres. "What is it that you have to say?"

"Are you finally done with your work?"


"Why don’t you finish –"

"Just get the hell down to business, Zeres."

Zeres rose and faced Zeke. "Fine, but first," Zeres raised his hand and pointed at Lucas, who was sitting in the window frame. Just like Zeres, the red-haired guy had been quiet the entire time. "Tell him to leave the room."

Lucas’s gaze quickly snapped towards Zeres. The look he threw was as sharp as his blade. And when he moved his gaze to Zeke, his eyes screamed with a strong protest.

"Your Highness, I cannot leave –"

"Leave the room, Lucas." As soon as these words left Zeke’s mouth, the room was suddenly filled with the raging aura coming from Lucas. The red-haired man glared at Zeres once again, but eventually, he left without much of a fight.

"How nice. I didn’t know you have such an overprotective guard, Kiel." Zeres lips curved up into a teasing smile. But behind his amusement, Zeres found it surprising that Lucas was blatantly showing his emotions in the presence of Ezekiel. He didn’t even try to suppress his rage and disapproval towards Ezekiel’s decision.

"Now get to the point, Zeres," Ezekiel said the moment the door was closed. His gaze toward Zeres was severe, looking at him with his ’I won’t tolerate any beating around the bush talk’ look that Zeres found both amusing and irritating.

"I think I know where you’re heading." Zeres finally started. The atmosphere inside the room had changed as Zeres’ expression abruptly became a little gray and dark. "I would like to go with you."

There was a moment of silence before Zeke uttered a word. "Why?"

"Well, I think I just want some adventure."

The room was silent again, and Zeres knew that the devil was busy dissecting him inside his monstrous brain. "I believe that’s the best choice for me," Zeres added, but Zeke still remained quiet for another short moment.

"And if I say no?"

"Then it can’t be. With or without your permission, I’ll follow you anyway." Zeres shrugged, and then he smiled. "Playing hide and seek with you will definitely entertain me for a few years."

"White dragon..." Zeke leaned back, closing his eyes in a very peaceful manner. But such a change in Zeke’s demeanor made Zeres scratch the back of his neck. "Didn’t I tell you to get straight to the point? Don’t test my patience."

A silent sigh escaped Zeres’ mouth. As expected, nothing could deceive this man even though what he said wasn’t a lie. "Tsk. I think I’d like to try testing that patience of yours. Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen you get mad at all, Kiel."

"Tell me, does this have something to do with Alicia?" Zeke suddenly asked as he opened his eyes, causing Zeres to blink at him.

"She has nothing to do with this."

His answer made Zeke’s eyes narrow a little. "Really? Then why do you want to leave? Explain yourself."

Zeres let out another sigh. As much as he wanted to try and see if he could piss Zeke off, he somehow knew that this man would just go back to his desk and ignore him if he continued his pursuit.

"It’s not because I wanted to leave the Black Forest," Zeres said as his gaze moved from Zeke to the dark night outside the window. "I just want to start seeking death as early as possible."

A heavy silence crept inside the room. Zeke was staring at Zeres steadily. He didn’t even blink and just stared at the silver-haired man harder and harder until his gaze became a sharp glare. "Why?"

"C’mon, Kiel. You know why."

"No, I don’t."

Zeres lazily leaned his back against the couch. "I am not supposed to be living in this world anymore. The witches really don’t need my existence at all. The world has changed so much, and everyone’s already living peacefully. No matter what you say, there is really no purpose for my existence. I know there is only one thing I should be doing right now, and that’s to search for a way how to end my immortal life." Zeres said these words calmly, almost as if he was merely talking about something mundane. "This is what I want to do, Kiel. I wanted to die as soon as possible, and I know that the fastest way to fulfill my wish is to seek your help. You were the one who told me you can always find a way to have me dead. And ah, I just want to clarify... I am doing it this way because I at least don’t want to die as a villain, and if possible, I don’t want another miserable death. I’d love to have a peaceful death if that’s not too much to ask."

Zeke closed his eyes again, his fingers itching to pinch the muscle between his brows because he could tell Zeres was serious. And the damn white dragon had already made up his mind. Why were these damn immortals so troublesome?

Since the day he met Zeres, Zeke already knew that this man, even though he wasn’t the type to plan complicated schemes, he wasn’t stupid. The only major flaw that Zeke had seen in Zeres was his selflessness. He was too selfless for his own good that it was hard for Zeke to believe that this creature had come up with this decision because of him thinking about himself. It just didn’t feel right. This creature’s greatest weakness was his selflessness, and Zeke knew he had never changed until now. There had to be a real reason behind all this. Zeke wasn’t certain, but at that moment, there was only one theory he could come up with. Someone was probably in grave danger because of Zeres’ existence.

"Zeres," Zeke’s gaze on him became intense. He didn’t know why but Zeke had a feeling this was not a simple matter at all. He had to make this man spill out the truth he’s hiding.

However, before Zeke could continue, Zeres suddenly rose. His eyes snapped towards the window as his silver eyes glowed like the moon.

Zeke stood as well, following Zeres’ gaze. "Oh, she’s here..."