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Chapter 591 Trivial*

Zeres’ long, silver hair glowed as it floated around him on a nonexistent breeze. His silver eyes widening at the same time as though he had seen or sensed something shocking. And then, without warning, he disappeared from the room.

He materialized in the forest where he and Lucas just fought this morning. It was already dark, but the intense sparks coming from clashing swords like series of small lightning strikes ahead of him had made the forest bright.

Without hesitation, Zeres jumped in the middle of the heated clash between Alicia and Lucas. The silver glow in his eyes began to be replaced by a vivid gold hue.

Lucas and Alicia were too focused on their opponent, knowing that one moment of distraction will cost them a major injury that it was too late when they realized that someone had dared jump in the midst of a serious fight. Alicia’s eyes widened, knowing that the foolish someone was no other than Zeres. She knew it was too late to stop her swing, so she dissolved her sword at the very last moment. Her blade barely missed Zeres, but she knew the red-head man’s sword got him.

The scent of blood filled the air as the three finally stood still. Lucas had his eyes circled at the sight of his sword buried deep in Zeres’ body. The cut started from the blade of Zeres’ shoulder down to his chest. If Lucas didn’t force himself to stop at the very last moment, his blade would’ve cut the man in half!

Shock registered in Lucas’s eyes, but before he could even take a breath, Zeres grabbed his collar and yelled at him.

"You ginger head! Are you an idiot? Why are you attacking a woman so fiercely like that?!" the words that came out of Zeres’ mouth seemed to have made even the crickets in the forest fall speechless. Lucas could only blink at the fuming man who still didn’t seem to know that he was cut.

The next moment, someone grabbed Zeres’ collar. It was the silver-haired woman.

"You are the idiot one, you stupid! How could you just mindlessly jump amid a fight like that?!!!" Another frustrated yell echoed in the dark.

It was Zeres’ turn to simply blink and couldn’t speak as he stared down at Alicia’s angry face. Though, he still didn’t let go of Lucas’ collar.

Alicia was so angry she was about to yell at him again when Zeres coughed. Blood came out from his lips. Alicia gritted her teeth while Zeres casually looked down and looked at the blade in his body.

"Oh, I got cut," he said simply before he shot a glare towards Lucas, ignoring Alicia. "Look what you did, you ginger-head!"

"Your fault for..." Lucas finally spoke, but Zeres quickly cut him off.

"It’s because you’re attacking a woman so fiercely. You aren’t that fierce when you attacked me this morning." Zeres’ said, his voice grave and his expression darker. "Were you trying to kill her?"

Lucas had quickly regained his composure, and he stared back at Zeres without faltering, despite seeing those golden eyes – the eyes of an immortal. "You didn’t take me seriously this morning, so how could you expect me to attack you seriously?" Lucas replied calmly. "And no, I am not trying to kill her. She’s not that easy to kill and more thing... she was the one who attacked me first."

Those words rendered Zeres speechless he could almost hear the sound of a crow cawing from above. He tilted his head and finally glanced at Alicia again. "Is he telling the truth? You attacked him first?" he asked once he found his voice.

"Yes. Because he’s blocking my way, and he refused to let me pass," Alicia replied. Her gaze was serious, and she still looked angry.

Zeres finally let go of Lucas’s collar. He took a step back, closed his eyes, and pinched the bridge of his nose. "You can’t do that, Queen, especially when you’re alone," he sighed. "There’s no way you didn’t feel that this man is more than dangerous. What if he –"

"Shut up." Alicia’s voice was cold and hard. The glare she threw at him made Zeres’s eyes slightly widened in surprise. But after the first shock passed, Zeres’s expression became unfathomable before he looked away from Alicia.

Without saying anything, Zeres grabbed the hilt of the sword in his body, and he winced in pain the moment he pulled it out. More blood gushed out, painting his white clothes scarlet.

No one spoke while Zeres underwent the painful process of immediate healing. He didn’t make any sound, though.

Once his wound healed, he threw the sword back to Lucas.

"So you two are the king and queen of witches," Lucas suddenly said.

The question made the two witches whipped their gazes towards Lucas. "Witches only have one ruler, and it’s the queen. You know witches don’t have kings." Zeres was the one who answered. There was no hint of uncertainty in his voice. He said those words as if he was stating a fact and reality that no one could question. The way Zeres said it wasn’t enough to stop the red-haired man from lingering on the topic.

"But I heard witches’ rulers all have silver eyes and hair, and you certainly have that quality."

Alicia bit the inside of her lower lip. She tried to avoid this topic because even she didn’t really know what to call Zeres. Lucas was right. Zeres was just like her, and he had the quality that was only bestowed to queens. Moreover, he was an immortal and now the most powerful witch. Yet the witches couldn’t call him one of their rulers, and even Zeres himself never consider himself as one. Alicia had already planned to address this matter, but when she mentioned this to Zeres just the other day, the man firmly refused to cooperate, saying that there was no need to discuss such a trivial matter. Alicia, of course, disagrees. This wasn’t a trivial matter at all, and Alicia knew that the witches were thinking the same. And as the queen, it was her job to deal with this.

Before any of the two witches could respond to Lucas, a familiar voice yanked their attention away from the topic. "Lucas..." Zeke called out, and immediately, Lucas faced the man who had appeared like a phantom or probably had been there for a while now, concealing his presence.

"Yes, Your Highness."

"I advise you not to stick your nose in the witches’ business."


Alicia finally turned around to look at Zeke, and the moment she saw the man leaning against a tree trunk, her brows creased in confusion and then, shock and terror flashed in her eyes. That face...


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Chapter 592 Haste*

With all her might, Alicia fought for calmness. She tried her best to hide the shock and horror that struck her as fast and efficient as she could, all the while hoping that Ezekiel noticed nothing yet.

"E-Ezekiel?" she managed to say, her eyes now narrowed, questioning.

Zeke said nothing and just stared at her. It seemed he had noticed despite Alicia’s effort. Of course, she should’ve known that nothing could escape this man’s eyes so easily like that. She sighed silently. She was not going to say anything about it even if he asks why she had that look in her eyes at the sight of his face.

"So that’s your real appearance," Alicia added, acting cool as if the flash of horror in her eyes just a moment ago was nothing but an illusion.

Ezekiel’s response was a flat "yes."

"Impressive." Alicia walked closer to him but maintained a wide distance between them. "I never thought you’ve been disguising all this time. I knew you are the one behind the vampire king and queen’s disguise but you... actually disguising as well is really unexpected."

Unlike the vampire princes, the vampire king and queen’s face were known to the world. The king and queen of the vampires were public figures, after all. So since the beginning of the computer era, the king and queen had been disguising themselves very well. They needed to look like they were getting older like normal humans. Thankfully, they didn’t seem to have any problem while wearing their disguise all the time. Well, they were vampires. Things that human finds uncomfortable and tedious would probably just felt like a thick make up for them or nothing.

Alicia knew that their disguise must be an advanced invention because of how realistic it looked. She was sure it wasn’t made out of anything magical also because if the guise were a work of magic, Alicia would’ve certainly seen through the disguise the moment she saw it.

After a while of silence, Ezekiel suddenly appeared just a few inches in front of Alicia. His head bent closer as his deep voice echoed near her ear. "What did you see?" he whispered.

His sudden action, his unexpected closeness, and that question nearly made Alicia step back. She even almost thought that the one who whispered in her ear wasn’t Ezekiel but the devil himself. Still, Alicia steeled herself and squared her shoulders before she tilted her face to look up and meet his eyes. His eyes weren’t a sharp and threatening blade, but they were probing and intense.

"Are you going to force me to tell you whatever it is that I saw?" she challenged, her silver eyes steely. Alicia refused to be overpowered by this vampire prince. But it wasn’t easy because looking at his face this close gave her another flash of memories she wished she wasn’t seeing. That face was like a dreamy painting that reminded her of nothing but a nightmarish, disturbing scene.

Ezekiel stilled, and Alicia began to feel the rise of tension in her nerves. There was something eerie with his stillness, and she knew she couldn’t keep her cool any longer than this. His sheer aura was affecting Alicia, and she could feel something dark and dangerous leaking from within him. Despite his lack of expression, Alicia could only think that he might be struggling to contain himself because his body and his aura were completely reacting opposite each other.

But then, he answered "no," and he pulled away without breaking eye contact. He blinked, and the usual calmness around him was back.

At that moment, Zeres grabbed Alicia’s arm and gently pulled her behind him, putting himself between Ezekiel and Alicia. "We are leaving, Kiel." He said simply, but his gaze on Zeke was alert and intense. And without waiting for the vampire prince’s response, Zeres immediately turned to face Alicia.

Zeres’s gaze was a little grave as he looked at her. "We’re leaving," he told her, his hand still not letting go of her arm. Alicia was immediately reminded about why she came to this place, and she forced herself to bring her attention back to Zeres. He was right. They had to leave now. She was afraid she could no longer keep a straight face if she sees more of those memories.

Alicia threw a glance at Ezekiel before she nodded at Zeres, and just like that, the two witches disappeared from the scene in apparent haste.

The glow of light coming from the bodies of the two witches had disappeared along with them, turning the forest pitch black. Silence crawled on the ground and lingered in the frigid air for a while before Ezekiel finally moved.

"Let’s go," he said, and Lucas nodded.

"Are we going to leave the kingdom tonight as planned?" Lucas asked as they leave the forest.

The prince didn’t answer immediately. When they landed on the castle’s watchtower, Zeke halted. He stood there looking over the city light. He let his midnight hair and his dark coat danced with the wind before he uttered an answer. "No. We’ll stay for a while."

"May I ask why?"


"Then how long is the ’while’ you’re talking about?"

Zeke glanced back at the red-haired man behind him. "A hundred years certainly changed you a lot, but it seemed it did nothing about your nosiness, Lucas."

"If that’s a compliment, then thank you, Your Highness."

In a heartbeat, Lucas caught a dagger that suddenly wooshed in the air like a stray bullet aimed at his heart. "If you want my compliment, then stop engaging with any form of fight against the witches... especially the silver-haired ones, even if you find them in the vampire castle’s premise."

The red-haired man tilted his head slightly as he stared at the prince’s dagger he caught. "Okay, I understand. But may I know why..."

Lucas couldn’t even finish his question because the prince he was talking to was already gone. Scratching his head, Lucas sighed and followed after Zeke’s trails.


Chapter 593 Petty*

As soon as the two witches arrived in the Black forest, Alicia hastily headed to the crystal cavern. She had planned to speak with Zeres the moment they were back, but at that moment, Alicia had to deal with the chaos in her head. She needed to calm down and settle her mind first and foremost, or else Zeres would also begin to question what was going on with her and what was it that she had seen.

However, before Alicia could start the chant to open the secret door towards the crystal cavern, Zeres caught her wrist.

"Let go, Zeres. We will talk once I step out. Just give me a moment, please," she said, and gladly, even though Zeres was hesitant, he let go of her hand.

When the door opened, Zeres just stood there, silently watching Alicia’s back as the secret door closed behind her. Zeres sunk on the ground and put his hands on his head as if he suddenly had a sudden throbbing headache.

Inside the cavern, Alicia sat on the majestic crystal throne. Her hands were on the armrests while she rested her head on the backrest. She had her eyes closed, and her silver hair was glowing around her. She looked like a moon goddess carved or preserved in the crystalized throne.

The memories that witch queens receive from their predecessor weren’t something that could flow like a river in the current host’s mind anytime. They were akin to water inside a pipe. If the host doesn’t turn on the faucet, the memories will not flow out. However, there were times when something triggers the memories to come out before the host could even do a thing. And when such a thing happens without warning, it would be dangerous for the host because it could overwhelm their mind and could even mess up the host’s mental process.

As time ticked by, the lines between Alicia’s brows slowly disappeared. Her face was starting to relax, and it seemed she had succeeded in controlling the chaos in her head. But she still didn’t open her eyes for another long while and remained sitting there, completely unmoving.

After an hour, her long silver lashes finally fluttered, and she opened her eyes. Her hands gripped the armrests, and the look on her face showed many contradicting emotions. She looked as though she had just watched an intense, confusing, heartbreaking, and horrifying movie she wished she never came across with.

But as the initial shock passed, Alicia looked as though she still couldn’t figure out how to feel about it. She was horrified, yes. But there were too many questions and confusing things that made her think something was missing, that something was wrong.

Alicia could tell that the flow of the memories she saw wasn’t normal. All the memories she had seen before were very clear, so why was Ezekiel’s was like confusing, tangled treads? Why did it seem like someone had deleted too many scenes? What was going on?

Pressing her temples, Alicia sighed and then finally stood. She knew she had already spent too much time inside the cavern, and she still needed to deal with Zeres. "What’s with all these bad timings?" she murmured before she took one more long deep breath and then walked towards the exit.

When she stepped out, Alicia was surprised to see Zeres still standing at the same spot where she left him. She thought he had left and gone to his favorite hiding spot again.

Looking at him, Alicia somehow managed to yank her attention away from the memories bugging her to the man before her. She stared at him, and once again, he looked away.

"We need to talk," Alicia calmly said as she approached him.

"About Ezekiel?"

His response made Alicia halt in her track. Her brows slightly knotted. "What do you mean? Why should we talk about Ezekiel?" Alicia asked these because she wasn’t sure what Zeres was trying to say. She thought that there was no way Zeres knew about the memories she saw!

"Because you’re thinking about him. Didn’t you enter the cavern because of him?"

Alicia’s lips slightly parted, and before she knew it, she moved close to Zeres with her eyes narrowing. "And how did you even know I am thinking about him and enter the cavern because of him?"

Silence followed Alicia’s words. Her eyes filled with questions as she looked up into Zeres’s eyes. Alicia had always felt Zeres was hiding something crucial to her, and now, her suspicions were growing. "Answer me, Zeres!" she demanded. She didn’t know why, but at that moment, she couldn’t help but think that maybe, this man could actually see the things only she was supposed to see and knows the things only she supposed to know.

For a moment, something strange flickered in his silver eyes before he abruptly blinked it away. "Well, you liked Ezekiel, right?"

Alicia: ". . ."

Speechless, Alicia’s shoulders dropped, and she pinched the skin between her brows. However, she found herself feeling very glad because it seemed her hunch was wrong. She wouldn’t know what to do if her thoughts were actually true.

"Okay, let’s be serious here, Zeres. This talk isn’t about anyone else but you," she said. She waited for him to say something, but the man had fallen silent. "What are you thinking? You didn’t go to Ezekiel for something petty as creating trouble for him to ease your boredom, are you?"

"Why would you think I didn’t go there because of such a petty thing?"

"Don’t even try to play words with me, Zeres. I knew you’re not the type of being to do something idiotic and unnecessarily dangerous just for fun. You’re not the type to cause trouble for others."

Zeres looked away. "You are thinking way too highly of me, Alicia."

Alicia closed her eyes and fell silent for a moment. "Listen." She paused and stared deep into his eyes. "I have no plan to control you or cage you here in the Black Forest. If you wanted to leave this forest, I would not stop you. But only if that’s really what you wanted to do and you are doing it for yourself. However, if you want to leave because of some unacceptable reasons, like you just don’t want your existence to cause any problem and disrupt the peacefulness between me and my subjects, then... I’m telling you now...

I will not let you leave if that’s the only reason you have."


Chapter 594 Fair and square*

Cautiously, Zeres just stared at Alicia for an immeasurable amount of time. As she waited for him to speak, Alicia could see the muscles in his jaw clenching and then relaxing.

"Okay," he sighed, nodding. "You don’t have to worry, Alicia. I am not leaving because of that petty reason you’re talking about." He told her. His tone was sure and firmer than usual.

Still, Alicia’s eyes narrowed, and she leaned closer onto him, causing Zeres to immediately take a step back. "Really? That’s not the reason?" she questioned, her silver eyes dissecting his expressions.

He nodded, and Alicia could tell he wasn’t lying. However, she didn’t back off. "Then, what’s the reason? Is this something you really wanted to do?"

"Yes." Again, his eyes were utterly sincere, giving her nothing that could arouse her doubt. Alicia could only nod. It seemed this man really want to leave, and she wasn’t forcing himself at all. But why did she still felt uneasy about letting him go? Wait...

As if a light bulb appeared in her head, Alicia suddenly looked suspicious. She took a step closer once again but then again, Zeres also took a step back. "And you’re doing this solely for yourself and not because of someone else, right?" She watched him carefully as she spoke.

Zeres’s face stiffened, but he still answered her almost immediately. "Yes," he said, but this time, Alicia had seen the lie in his eyes and heard it in his voice. This man wasn’t good at lying.

When Alicia didn’t say a thing and just glared at him, he looked away. "I must... I must leave now, Alicia –"

"Who allowed you to leave?" she cut him off. Zeres whipped his gaze towards her. His brows creased as he looked at her with questions in his eyes. "You think I will let you go if you lie to me like that?"

"I didn’t –"

"You did. Your answer to my last question is a lie." She stepped forward, and when Zeres took a step back again, she continued stepping forward, forcing Zeres to keep on stepping back as she spoke. "Now tell me. You’re doing this for whom? I know you’re not doing this for yourself, so don’t even try to insist on it."

Finally, a tree trunk stopped Zeres’s retreat. His back now against the tree. He was about to move sideways, but Alicia had slammed her palms against the tree trunk, even shaking the huge tree slightly because of the impact. Trapped between the queen’s hands, Zeres bit his lips and rested his head back against the tree. He let out a quiet sigh as his gaze settled in the darkness above.

"Queen... are you really going to corner a man this way?" he spoke slowly and unwillingly.

"Don’t try to change the topic. Look at me and answer me."

"I must admit, you’re acting a little scarier than Ezekiel right now."

"Don’t make me repeat myself, Zeres."

"You’re even reacting as serious as him now –"

Alicia grabbed his collar, forcing him to meet her gaze. "Tell me, is it me? Are you perhaps doing this for me?"

Something strange flickered in his eyes as his lips opened and then closed. It was apparent he was wavering, torn whether or not to answer her. His struggle and that look in his eyes were enough for Alicia. The answer was obvious, no matter how much he tried to hide it.

"Why? I need you to explain –"

Suddenly, Zeres’s hands were on Alicia’s shoulders. He pushed her back at arm’s length, and without letting go of her shoulders, Zeres dropped his head and looked on the ground. His silver hair was cascading down like a silver silk waterfall hiding his face from her.

"Please..." was all he said. His hands on her shoulders trembled a little.

Alicia pressed her lips tight. It seemed like whatever he was hiding was beyond simple. Could it be something even she couldn’t imagine? Why can’t he just say it? Why was this person like this?

"You’re not going to explain anything, are you?" Alicia’s voice softened. Looking at Zeres that moment made her feel a little guilty as if she was a naughty devil cornering a poor angel. She sighed and said "fine," as she turned, facing away from him. "But if you don’t tell me, I’ll assume it’s something much worse than I could even imagine. Don’t expect me to let you leave if you won’t tell me what you are hiding." Her voice was firm and decisive.

When the man behind her didn’t speak, she was about to leave when she felt him touched a strand of her hair.

Alicia was stunned, but Zeres didn’t give her a chance to turn and suddenly hugged her from behind her. The shock immobilized Alicia for a moment.

"Wha... what are you –"

"I’m sorry," he whispered as his arms around her tightened slightly. The words he said and his pained voice confused Alicia even more.

"W-what the hell’s wrong with you?!"

Zeres let go of her. When Alicia whipped around, he already had his back towards her. "I’m leaving, Queen. Please, don’t come after me again."

The moment he said those, he was gone, leaving Alicia utterly frustrated and confused.

"Wait, you little!!" she yelled, angered before she too immediately disappeared.

The Black Forest was always the most special place for the witches. It was the only place where some of the witches’ powers were restricted, like their teleportation power. No one, even the queen, could leave or enter the forest without passing through the entrance in their original forms.

Thus, Zeres had to materialize right before the exit for him to be able to leave. To his surprise, Alicia was already guarding the exit. She was glowing like a bright moon, and her twin blades were in her hands. One glance, and Zeres knew she was ready for a serious battle.

"I already told you I couldn’t let you go." Her voice echoed. "You’ll have to defeat me first if you want to leave. I must at least show the witches proof that I did my very best to stop you. And this is the only way for us to let them know I didn’t kick you out of here."

Zeres’s eyes slightly opened wide. "Alicia, there is no need for this, please. You can just tell them the truth, that I left on my own and that you really tried to stop me."

"Zeres... words without proof will only cause endless doubts and suspicions. Some of them will definitely think I see you as a threat to my reign, and so I coerced you to leave. So since it seemed you’re leaving for my sake, it won’t be a problem for you to fight me because this is also for my own benefit. If you leave by force, the witches won’t question me if they see you hanging out with the vampire prince."

"Alicia... Please - "

"If you refuse to fight me, I will keep coming after you. So don’t be stubborn. If you want to leave, fight me for real. I’m not letting you leave unless you defeat me fair and square."


Chapter 595 Settled*

Zeres shook his head. His long silver lashes half lowering over his eyes. "You know I can never –"

"Then, just spill out the truth. I’ll let you go regardless of the implication and deal with the witches’ questions and doubts."

When he shook his head again, Alicia lifted her swords and pointed them towards him. Her silver hair was lifting in the slight breeze around her. "It’s settled then. You can now leave, but get past me by force first." Alicia didn’t make it sound as if he had a choice, and Zeres knew how serious she was.

The look in her eyes showed him a steely decision that no word could change. But Zeres had to leave. He knew that Zeke was leaving that night, and he also thought that this was his only opportunity to leave. If he delays, Alicia would never stop trying to know the truth. Knowing how stubborn and willful this queen was, she would definitely do everything and anything to find what he was hiding from her. He would never let that happen. He must not stay in this forest any longer. He must leave as soon as possible.

With a pained look, Zeres uttered a silent apology as he finally advanced towards her. He didn’t unsheathe his sword. He didn’t even hold the hilt. He simply approached her bare-handed.

Alicia waited, faltering a little because she knew the man didn’t have any plan to fight her. When he reached her, he grabbed Alicia’s blade with his bare hands. His blood began to drip on the ground.

"Let me through, Alicia." He urged, and Alicia gritted her teeth. She kicked him in the stomach, hard enough for him to be thrown away a few steps from her.

She kept her face composed and steely as she looked down at him. "Don’t play with me, Zeres. Just so you know... I am not as soft-hearted as you. I could be cold as the devil, too, if someone is not taking me seriously."

Zeres rose from the ground. Unexpectedly, a genuine smile was playing on his face. "That was a hard kick, Queen." He innocently held his stomach like he was a hungry white puppy, causing Alicia’s stern gaze to almost crack. Damn. Was he really going to use such a dirty trick for her to let her guard down?! You’re a low-key little devil, Zeres... but I won’t fall for it.

"C’mon. Don’t waste our time and be serious because if you don’t, I’m telling you I can stand here and kick you all night."

He ignored her words and approached her once again, still not pulling out his sword. Alicia didn’t let him touch her blade this time and simply kicked him back before he could grab her sword. Still, he did the same thing the third time and then the seventh time.

The anger and frustration inside Alicia was starting to boil. She never thought she would do something like this. What the hell’s wrong with this man?! Why the hell’s he like this?!

She struggled to keep her calm. "How dare you do this to me," she swallowed hard as they stared at each other, and Zeres looked like something not physical kicked him hard again. Only this time, he didn’t fall, and the pain was ten times stronger.

"I’m sorry." Was all he said as he looked away and his grip on her blade tightened. He tried to reach for her hand, probably so he could push her to the side, but Alicia didn’t let him. She dropped the sword in her right hand and punched his jaw hard. He stumbled back. His lips were bleeding.

"You are a stubborn little devil, Zeres. But too bad, I am stubborn too. Don’t even think that this petty tactic would work for me. I told you, I’m not as soft-hearted as you."

Alicia wanted to read his expression, but she refrained. She had been trying not to look into his eyes because she didn’t want her resolve to be swayed. Alicia had never done anything like this before. She would never hurt anyone who wasn’t putting up any fight. So doing this to this man was honestly the most maddening thing she had ever done. Her blood was boiling, threatening to burst. She knew that if this continues, she will lose because she would rather fight to the death than do something like this.

When he came to her again, and Alicia brought him down with a hard punch on his chest, Alicia’s breathing became a little erratic. She felt as though she had fought a thousand enemies, and she couldn’t help but laugh a little hysterically. This man is driving her insane. She couldn’t help but wonder just what kind of secret was he hiding from her that he had to go to this extent.

Her laugh seemed to surprise Zeres. His expression changed as he stood there silently staring at the exit behind her and then at her. He clenched his fists tight. Zeres never want to hurt her, so he was trying to make her give up on her own by letting her best him, but it seemed doing this was crueler than fighting her. He didn’t like the sound of her laughter. He didn’t want her laughing like that. ’Why? Why does it need to come to this? Why is it always like this?’

Suddenly, Zeres’s eyes turned gold, and in a blink of an eye, a deafening sound of two swords clashing shook the peaceful forest. Alicia finally smiled at his attack despite the fact that she was pushed back even though she defended herself on time. One of her swords had already disappeared.

As though he was suddenly in haste, he attacked again, and their intense battle had brought many witches in the scene. They watched in shock and horror, not knowing what to do.

But it didn’t take long and the heart-stopping battle suddenly halted. Zeres was standing behind Alicia. His one arm wrapped around her shoulders and the other holding his blade against her throat. "I’m sorry," for the nth time; he apologized again. ’I cannot tell you because once you find out the truth, I know you’ll never let me go.’ He continued within him, and with one more ’sorry,’ he backed off and finally dissapeared.


Chapter 596 If it“s you*

As soon as Zeres arrived in Reigns Castle, he went straight inside Zeke’s study. When he saw Lucas standing in one of the watchtowers, he was relieved because he thought they already left the kingdom.

"Kiel!" his voice was a little loud as he strode towards Zeke, placing his palms on top of the prince’s massive desk.

Zeke, who was busy with his computer, simply glanced at Zeres and continued tapping on his laptop again. "You are not leaving yet?" Zeres asked, his voice mellowed out, seeing that the prince seemed still very busy.

"Not yet."

"Why? I thought you were in haste."

"Well, something came up. I need to deal with it first."

"Is it because of what Alicia saw in the memories stored within her?"

These words made Zeke’s fingers halt. He finally lifted his face and leaned his head against the back of his seat. His gaze on Zeres was calm, but something sharp and dangerous was playing in them.

Zeres’ hands clenched. "If that’s what you’re worried about right now, you don’t have to be worried about it. She didn’t see everything."

"And how did you know?"

Biting his lips hard, Zeres paced in front of Zeke’s desk. His hand tugging his hair while Zeke watched him, waiting for the explanation that better come soon.

When Zeres stopped, he took a deep breath and faced Zeke. He looked around and then closed his eyes as if to make sure no one was listening. He even put on a barrier to keep other witches from watching the conversation in their crystal balls.

"She didn’t see the worse part of it, Kiel. So, no matter how much Alicia tries to understand the memories she saw, she will fail to put all the puzzles together. All she could do is speculate based on the fragments she saw, but it would remain a confusing mystery to her." Zeres said. His words sparked interest in Zeke’s flat gaze. "I know because half of the memories are inside me."

Zeke was silenced, but his eyes were demanding Zeres to continue.

"Alicia is danger, Kiel." He struggled for words. "I am sucking the memories from her, her powers... everything... even her life..." Zeres choked, his eyes miserable. He looked as though a large old wound reopened, and he started bleeding heavily.

He turned his back towards Zeke before he continued. "This happened before... I was born like this, but I was a weakling when I was young, so the witches, even the queen back then, thought there was nothing special with me. However, when I reached a certain age, I felt power began to surge within me. I was slowly getting stronger while the queen was getting weaker. I realized that her power was being transferred to me even without me doing anything..." he paused and looked at the darkness outside the window. Misery and pain colored his silver eyes for a moment, but he quickly blinked it away. He sounded as though he didn’t want to tell more about the story more than what he had said. "I thought things would be different this time. But I was wrong. Nothing changed, Kiel..."

"So you wanted to die to save Alicia..." Zeke’s tone was severe but neutral.

Zeres turned and faced him. "Yes." He answered, without any hesitation. "She doesn’t deserve this. This is all my fault for being here... for being alive again. I am not supposed to be in this world anymore, Kiel. I can’t... I can’t let this happen!"

Zeke pinched the bridge of his nose as he closed his eyes. He had thought of the worst-case scenario when he first suspected Zeres’ reason for wanting to die, but this was far graver and complicated than he thought.

"How did you know that what happened in the past is going to happen again? Is it only because of the memories you received? What I’m trying to say is... Alicia is still powerful and strong. I didn’t notice any change in her." Zeke reasoned as his gaze on Zeres deepened.

"I know it’s going to happen again. I just confirmed it a while ago." Zeres’ jaws clenched tightly. "I saw some strands of her hair darkening. That’s the first sign."

The room went silent for a long while before Zeres spoke again.

"That’s why... please, Kiel. I need your help. You managed to find a way to kill Dinah... I believe there’s definitely a way for me to die too."

"It’s not that easy, Zeres. And I am not the one who found the way to kill her. The prophecy led the way. I simply made sure it would happen."

"Then let’s ask the prophetess."

Their eyes met as silence reigned between them again. Zeres knew that the prophetess might disagree with this. He knew about the vows of the vampire’s prophetess that they would never use their power for anything that wasn’t related to the vampires. Zeres also knew that the vampires had nothing to do with his problem and that the prophetess’ power might refuse to work even if she tries. Apart from the fact that Dinah was a threat to the vampires, Alexander was a half-vampire, so the vampire prophetess was obliged to help. But he wasn’t. He was a witch, and there was no guarantee that the prophetess could see anything. However, Zeres refused to give in. This was the easiest and fastest way. He needed the prophetess’ help before it’s too late.

"I hate to say this but," Zeres hesitated for a moment. "Don’t you think this is now your opportunity to pay your debt to the witches? I saw everything, Ezekiel..."

Zeke’s expression didn’t change, but the air around him darkened. His eyes grew intent but, too soon, faded back to their usual calmness.

"That is not the problem here, Zeres," Zeke said. "You know that it might not work. The possibility that the prophetess could see a thing about this is very... close to zero. The prophetess couldn’t even help in a lot of things related to the vampires no matter how huge the problem is."

"I know." Zeres straightened. There was no sign of surrender or doubt in his willful eyes. "But if it’s you... it’ll work. I know you’ll make it work, Kiel."


Chapter 597 Today*

At dawn, in Abi and Alex’s mansion.

The sound of a descending helicopter awakened everyone in the mansion. Alex’s face was dark with anger as he rose from their bed, looking as though he was more than ready to go and crumple the damn noisy helicopter like it was made of paper. He had gotten a little exercise hours ago by beating all those men to a pulp then sending them all away black and blue. And yet, it seemed Kelly’s father was such a stubborn old man. Did he send the military this time to retrieve his daughter?

Alex cracked his knuckles as he grabbed his robe and covered his perfect naked torso. His gun-metal grey eyes gleamed in the dark. How dare they disturb his wife’s beauty rest!

"Alex." Abi caught his wrist before he could walk away.

"Yes?" he turned. His hardened face immediately went soft.

"Don’t be too worked up, okay? Remember, they’re humans." She said, and Alex scratched his neck. "I think I should come with you."

"No way, my love. They might be some high caliber tugs or the military." He bent and kissed the tip of Abi’s nose. "Don’t worry. I will never let anyone fire a gun. I can’t let anything or anyone startle our little one’s precious rest." He added as he placed his hand on her belly. "Stay here."

"No. I’ll go check on Kelly, Alex."

Alex sighed, knowing he couldn’t make his wife stay still as he wished. "Okay."

The couple then walked out of their room. Because Alex was in haste, worried that the men outside would invade the house before he could step out to meet them, he carried Abi and leaped down the grand stairs. He put Abi down in the middle of the living room while Kelly ran towards them.

"Stay here, you two. I’ll deal with them," said Alex, and then, he was gone.

The instant Alex pushed the door open and stepped out; he raised a brow. It seemed he was wrong thinking that Kelly’s father had sent another group of men for him to beat up.

A man around his fifties was walking towards him with two men in black on his sides.

"I believe you are the man who singlehandedly beat up my elite men last night." The old man said. He was dressed in a fine business suit and wearing a stern face. "Who are you?" he asked when Alex remained quiet.

"I am the husband of your daughter’s best friend," Alex replied in a proud tone.

"My daughter’s best friend... oh, Abigail."

"Correct. What can I do for you?"

The old man’s gaze at Alex was cautious. He was already old, and he had met all kinds of powerful men throughout his lifetime. He wasn’t stupid not to feel and notice that this man was no ordinary. The old man could only think one thing at the sight of Alex. ’No wonder my men stood no chance against him. This man is dangerous. Just who is he?’

He wanted to ask. It was rare to find someone with such a presence. The old man immediately thought of that unfortunate god of the business world, Ezekiel Qinn. This man gives off the same aura that forces any human being to suddenly feel inferior in their presence. He noticed that this man also had the same eyes as that Ezekiel Qinn, though it seemed this man’s eyes were brighter compared to that dead man. Was this man related to that person? Or was this a coincidence?

"I came to fetch my daughter." The old man didn’t dare act foolishly. He didn’t know anything about this man, so he better be careful. "Tell her I’m here. Her mother’s looking for her."

When Alex looked as though he wouldn’t budge, the old man continued. "My wife is very sick right now. She wanted to see Kelly."

Alex sighed. It seemed he really need to tell this to Kelly first. "Fine. Wait here."

Hastily, Alex entered the house and approached the two ladies sitting in front of the fireplace.

"How’s it?" Abi asked as she stood.

Alex looked at Kelly. "Your father is here. He said your mother is very sick, and she wanted to see you."

The room went silent after Alex said those words. Kelly looked worried, but there was also doubt in her eyes.

"What do you want me to do? If you want me to send them away, just say it." Alex said, and after a long moment, Kelly shook her head.

"No. I will go with him."

Abi creased her brows as she worriedly held Kelly’s hand. "Kelly..."

"My father might be lying, but he could be saying the truth as well. I haven’t seen my mother since dad told me she was rushed to the hospital."

"Are you sure?" Alex was skeptical. "I can go and confirm things first if you want. It’s safer that way."

Kelly smiled at the couple. "It’s fine. Thank you for protecting me here. But I can’t hide here like this forever. I’m going to face this myself. Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to me. Even though my father loves money more than me, he never abused me physically. As long as he brings me to our home and not in Tristan’s place, I’ll be fine." Kelly assured them. "I think this is now my chance to speak up to them. I will try to tell them everything and convince them."

"Then, I’ll send someone to make sure he will bring you home," Alex said, and Kelly nodded before she hugged Abi.

"Thanks, Abi. Please tell Kai I’ll wait for him."

"Mm. Be careful. Call me once your home, okay?"


With that, Kelly left with her father. She didn’t say anything the whole trip until the helicopter landed in the Young residence’s spacious backyard.

"Who is that man?" Kelly’s father immediately asked. "Is that man really that girl’s husband?"

"Yes. He’s Abigail’s husband." Kelly answered coldly. Alexander must have piqued his interest, and Kelly was irked that that was the first thing he’ll ask her.

"Where’s mom?" she then asked as the entrance door closed behind them.

The old man casually took off his jacket. "She’s upstairs, busy calling the guests."

Kelly gritted her teeth. "You said she’s very sick!"

"She is. But your mother is stubborn! You know just how much she’s dreaming for this. She wanted nothing but the best for you, so despite being told by the doctors that she must rest, she just won’t stay still. She wanted to make sure that all special guest will arrive –"

"Wait. What special guest are you talking about?"

"Don’t play dumb." The old man glared at her. "No matter what you will say, you will marry Tristan today. And no one, not even you, can postpone it."

Chapter 598 Damsel in distress*

Kelly's eyes flared with shock. Then they narrowed in utter fury. But she didn't speak anymore. She had expected this, but deep within her, she had hoped that her father would not stoop this low. Kelly was angry and mad at herself for still hoping despite all the things her father showed and did to her. He would never care about her, ever.

Clenching her fists tight, Kelly swallowed all the words she had been planning to say. She had thought well-scripted words to convince her father, but she understood now that it does not matter anymore. This man would never listen to her or consider any consequences.

"Take her to her room." The man then ordered his guards. "Lock her inside with the stylists. Don't open the door unless I order it."

The man's stern and absolute words made the guards immediately moved. Kelly didn't fight anymore. She simply glared at the men and started walking towards the staircase before the men could touch her.

When she entered her room, an elegant designer wedding dress welcomed her. Stylists and make-up artists were already waiting for her inside. She just stood by the door, looking at the dress with a cold expression as the door behind her shut closed.

The people inside smiled at her as one of them approached her. Before she knew it, she was sitting in front of the mirror. Kelly was outwardly calm, but her insides were in turmoil. They didn't let her give Abi a call because the guards had seized her cellphone.

But despite the situation, there was no sign of surrender in Kelly's eyes. She knew she could not stop this. If she tries to run away, her mother will surely collapse again, and her father… Kelly was afraid of what her father will do next. She didn't want to be the cause of him doing more horrible things than what he had already done.

Weighing the pros and cons, Kelly decided to trust Kai. She knew that by now, Abi and Alexander had already told Kai that her father came took her home. She thought that maybe, fighting by herself and running away on her own was never the right move. Because she'd been doing that for so long, and yet nothing changed. She would always end up being caught and defeated no matter how much she tried to fight and run. Perhaps, it was better for her to act like the damsel and distress this time and wait for her knight in shining armor.

The thought made Kelly bit her lower lip. Being the damsel in distress was never cool to her. She liked being her own hero because since she was young, she had already learned that no one would come and save her. She had been her very own hero for so long that when Kai saved her from Tristan, Kelly couldn't explain the feeling she had felt that time. She realized she wanted to be treated by someone as his beloved heroine too. She realized that she also wanted her own hero, her very own knight in shining armor.

Time went by unnoticed, and someone finally opened the door. Kelly looked at herself in the mirror, but her expression remained flat. Her mother came to see her, and despite her apparent weakness, Kelly thought that this was the biggest smile her mother ever showed her for a very long. She was happy, probably the happiest mother on Earth that day.

Kelly could only clench her fists tight secretly. She was not sure what will happen today, but one thing she was sure of was that disappointment and tears might replace the happiness in her mother's eyes later. Kelly hoped and wished she could make her mother's happiness last a little longer. If only her mother would be happy regardless of who her choice was.

When her mother left, Kelly was surrounded by men in black. It was time for her to go to the wedding venue. She heard that her mother had dealt with everything. She had chosen a church wedding on a private island owned by the Young family. Her mother happily told Kelly that the old church on the island was where her great grandparents wedded.

A helicopter descended in the backyard, and Kelly was immediately escorted towards it. She didn't know the wedding will be held on an island, and she didn't know that she would be transported through a helicopter. Her parents deliberately hid that information from her until the very last minute.

Kelly took a sharp and deep breath. Her will started to waver a little. She had been expecting her knight in shining armor to suddenly appear in the middle of the road and kidnap her, the bride. But now that she would actually travel by air, how could Kai even reach her?

Shaking her head, Kelly breathed deeply again. 'No, my Kai is a vampire. He's unstoppable. She would definitely arrive in time. He's faster than a chopper.' She told herself with a haughty smile, and with just that, Kelly began to feel incredibly confident again. She just needed to trust in Kai now and wait for him. After all, that's his last word to her before he left her yesterday. He asked her to wait for him.

The small island looked luxuriously decorated. Luxurious yachts were everywhere around the island. It seemed the guests came in the island by water. Kelly looked around as the men in black escorted her towards the small church.

The guests seemed to be already waiting inside the church now.

Realizing that the wedding might begin as soon as she reached the church's door, Kelly couldn't help but look around. Her heart started to thud inside her ribcage. All she could see outside the church were men in black. They were the guards of the rich people inside!

'Kai,' she uttered to herself. 'Where are you? Are you still on your way here?'

As she was talking to herself, her escorts made her stand right in front of the church's double door.


Chapter 599 Wedding day

Dread began to grip Kelly's heart. There was only one thing reverberating in her mind at that moment and it was the thought that she must do something – anything – to delay this wedding. She had to buy time for her knight in shining armor to arrive. But how? What should she possibly do to cause a ruckus big enough to delay a wedding?

Kelly started panicking when she saw two of the men in black approach the door and stood on both sides and then simultaneously held the door handles. Her heart was pounding so loudly, it was rumbling so deafeningly in her ears and making her feel so overwhelmed. No! Wait! Wait a second! Kai isn't here yet!

Unable to exercise logic and sense properly perhaps due to all that panic and dread filling her heart and mind, the best option Kelly could think of doing at that moment was to scream at the men to stop. However, before a sound could escape from her lips, the men abruptly let go of the door handles. One of them seemed to be talking to someone who was speaking into his Bluetooth earphone while the other one was looking at his wristwatch.

Having this god sent interruption without her needing to embarrass herself, Kelly's hysterical panic dropped down just a notch and curiosity began to momentarily replace the desperate look in her eyes. "What's wrong? Is there a problem?" she asked.

The men turned towards her and then stared at each other, silently communicating amongst themselves if it was a wise thing for them to answer her queries or not. Kelly's expression hardened at their reluctance and she squared her shoulders. "Did you not hear me?! Is there a problem?!" Kelly's voice was fiery and sounded out her temper, causing the men to blink in surprise. How did the poor damsel in distress suddenly looked like a fierce villainess?

"Er… It's not a major problem, Miss Young. It's just that…" The man paused and looked at his comrade again.

"What?! Spit it out!" Kelly demanded and the man sighed.

"Mr. Young told us to have you stand by for a little while longer."

Kelly creased her brows in surprise. They were proceeding with so much haste just a while ago so why the sudden hold up? "Why? Is there a problem?"

"It seemed Mr. Flynn has not arrived yet, but don't worry Miss Young, I'm certain he's already on his way here. Something major must have delayed him."

The surprise was so shocking Kelly momentarily fell into a trance. However, the next moment, the corners of her lips curved up slightly.

"So… you're saying that the groom isn't here yet?" She mumbled to herself. Her voice had a tinge of amusement to it. "And you men want me – the star of the show – to continue standing and waiting, in front of the church's door to wait for him?"

"Uhm… yes, Miss. The procession was supposed to start by now, but Mr. Young said, we can delay for another five to ten minutes." The men's tone was hesitant. Their faces were filled with confusion and puzzlement upon seeing the smile suddenly blooming upon Kelly's face.

"Hahaha." Kelly's laughter echoed, surprising and disorientating the men in black even more. "Men…" she said as soon as her laughter stopped and she took small, measured steps towards them, taking advantage of their bewilderment. She stood between the two men in black and looked at them. "On a wedding day, grooms are supposed to be the ones who wait for their brides, not the other way around. A man who fails to arrive on time for his wedding day fails as a man. And a woman who willingly waits for her late groom will only be called as... stupid. And I refuse to be acknowledged as a stupid person."

Before the men could even process what Kelly had just said, Kelly lifted her gown and kicked the door open. She had given all her strength in that one strong kick that the door made a dramatic loud bang when it flew open. All heads turned as the bride entered with a wide smile.

The shocked men didn't know what to do as Kelly didn't give them a chance to react – much less to seize her. She started her own march without warning. She could see confusion and shock in everyone's faces. She saw her father and his eyes almost bulging out of their sockets.

And then, suddenly, the music started. Kelly couldn't stop the huge smile on her face. Because she knew that Tristan was not going to arrive. He must be with her Kai, right now. Her knight in shining armor must've held him captive to stop the wedding. Oh god… she felt so happy. Her knight saved her once again and she was so right. She was so glad she had trusted him. Kai would never let her marry that bastard!

Kelly didn't stop and continued walking down the aisle. The audience were so confused because they knew that the groom was not there and had yet to arrive. So why was the bride smiling like she was the happiest bride in the world?

Her parents were so frozen in their shock that they were extremely delayed in their reaction. When her father realized what his daughter had done, Kelly was already reaching the end of the aisle and about to step onto the stage.

The man strode towards her and just as she placed her foot on the first step leading to the stage, her father caught her arm. Rage made his eyes turn incredibly dangerous, as if he was prepared to drag Kelly out of the church. However, before the infuriated Mr. Young could speak or yank on Kelly, someone stood in front of them.

A tall and gorgeous man in tailored wedding suit made everyone catch their breaths. Even Kelly's father was forced to halt at the sight of this good-looking stranger while Kelly literally turned into a statue and had her lips parted as she stared at him.

The man faced Kelly's father and with a serious expression, he spoke. "Since the groom has decided to forfeit, I would like to be the groom instead and marry your daughter."

Kelly's father gritted his teeth in anger, face turning an interesting shade of deep red. "Who the fuc –"

"Please let me introduce myself." Kai cut him off as he announced firmly and confidently, "I am Skyler Qinn, CEO of Qinn Enterprise. The one and only heir of my late brother, Ezekiel Qinn."


Chapter 600 The most bizarre wedding of the year

Mr. Young was shocked to his core and his mind was in a buzz just hearing the man’s introduction that it took him quite a while to gather his wits again. This old but experienced business man didn’t want to believe this claim right at the drop of a hat or at least there first needed to be confirmation of identity if what this person before him had said was true. But one look into this young man’s eyes rendered Mr. Young speechless. The face of the man he met at dawn and Ezekiel Qinn’s cold eyes suddenly appeared in the old man’s mind at the sight of the younger man in front of him. This person didn’t have the unfathomable and staggering aura those other two had but he could feel this man was just like them, someone extraordinary and not one he could mess up.

He couldn’t even doubt even if he wanted to as he could tell that this person was definitely related to Ezekiel Qinn. How did his daughter get acquainted with these people? And how come Ezekiel Qinn managed to hide his relatives like these? He had tried to investigate Ezekiel Qinn’s origins for a long time and he couldn’t even find a single relative. So where did this man came from? And more importantly, how could this practical stranger request – if that way of speaking can be even said to be a request – to marry his daughter like this? Why was he even here in the first place?

Mr. Young then turned around to observe Kelly and when he saw the manner his daughter looked at the man and the gaze she had in her eyes, he realized she indeed knew the man. But in the very next second, a regrettable expression colored the old man’s face. He looked as though he had just watched his chance to win the ultimate lottery slip right down the drain.

The old man also knew for a fact that there was no way on God’s green earth that Tristan would back out from this wedding. Though late, he would surely arrive and marry Kelly. But wait...

"How did you know that Mr. Flynn has forfeited?" Mr. Young asked Kai with eyes filled with suspicion.

Calmly, Kai leaned a little closer to him. "Because I just met him a few hours ago. He told me he’s not going to marry Kelly."

"Impossible. Why would he suddenly back –"

"Sir," Kai cut him off and he moved an inch closer to whisper right into the ears of the old man. "I’m sorry to inform you this, but Mr. Flynn sold all his rights in your company to me. His shares are also mine now. So he’s not going to arrive anymore, Mr. Young. You can go confirm the things I have said with whoever you need to, if you are doubting my words."

Mr. Young’s eyes widened like saucers. He took a moment to think before seeming to have made a decision. He then slipped his hand into his pocket, pulled out a cellphone and made a call whilst walking towards the corner of the hall.

As soon as the old man left, Kai’s attention instantly returned to Kelly. His serious gaze immediately melted the moment their eyes met as Kelly’s glimmered with tears threatening to fall.

"K-kai..." she uttered and Kai gently caressed her cheek.

"You’re so beautiful, Kelly." He fought the urge to hug her and kiss her.

"I can’t believe you’re here."

The look in her eyes made Kai swallow hard and he almost kissed her right then and there. Thankfully, the murmurs of the guest’s confusion brought him back to his senses.

He pulled his eyes off Kelly and looked at all the guests congregating in the hall’s pews. His gaze also fell to the old man to the side of the hall, whose attention was now completely focused on his call.

When he turned his gentled gaze to Kelly again, a mischievous and sweet smile curved on his lips.

The next second, he knelt on one knee in front of Kelly and popped open a small box as he looked up at her. His eyes glimmering, fully focused on her as though she was magic.

"Kelly, will you marry me?" he asked and for a few too many heartbeats, Kelly didn’t breathe at all. When she finally did resume breathing, it was with hard gasp and tears of joy.

The audience also gasped in shocked surprise. Everyone’s confusion and murmurs were replaced with excitement as they watched a beautiful fairytale unfold right before their very eyes.

Kelly couldn’t speak. She felt like her heart was about to burst with overwhelming and extreme happiness. She never thought Kai would do this. He was truly unbelievable.

Fighting the urge to jump on him and kiss him like there was no tomorrow, Kelly frantically nodded. She didn’t speak as she was trying her very best not to cry – and most probably ruin her makeup in the process. She was also very much aware that they were in a not-so-favorable situation. She was afraid that her father might just walk back into the scene at any moment and ruin this most perfect moment in her entire life.

Looking at Kai’s wide and beautiful smile, Kelly’s heart swelled with myriads of emotions. She felt like she was dreaming as Kai slipped the diamond ring onto her finger.

"I love you, Kelly." He declared as he kissed the ring on her finger before he rose and hugged her tight. The crowd unexpectedly gave them a roar of approval and an approving applause, causing the couple to look at them. They laughed happily together and just as Kelly thought Kai would lift her up and take her out of the church, he took Kelly’s hand and led her towards the altar.

Gasps of shock filled the church hall.

"Now that we’re already engaged, it’s time to get married, Kelly." He told her and Kelly didn’t even need to think anymore as she immediately and happily said "Yes! Yes! Let’s get married now!", earning another round of surprised gasps from the guests. This event would probably be recorded as the ’most bizarre wedding of the year’.

The priest was blinking in disbelief when Kai’s voice jolted him to his senses. "As you can see, me and my fiancée are quite in need of some haste here." He said as he threw a glance towards Kelly’s father who was still completely oblivious about what was happening in the church as he was blazing in anger in the corner while speaking on his phone. "Please start now, sir, before the not-so-divine intervention appear to stop our wedding."


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