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Sisterhood- Part 2

Madeline knew how Beth was doing, and it was a simple question that could have different possible answers. She was surprised that Beth had not lashed out in front of everyone or at her again since their exchange of words in the room that had shown each other their positions and where they belonged. 

Beth didn't look at her sister again, but she could feel Madeline's gaze on her. How was she feeling? She was embarrassed to face people because everyone looked at her with a look of suspicion in their eyes. 

"You know how I have been since we were small, isn't it, Maddie?" Beth questioned her, "We have spent so much of time together since we were little girls, sisters who have known each other's flaws and positive aspects. How do you think I must be feeling, by not being just pushed in the corner but to be kept aside like I don't matter?"

"If it is about the wedding and Markus-"

"It isn't about Markus," Beth interrupted Madeline, "You know me better than anyone in here. Even more than what our parents have known about me. I have been an ambitious person, wanting a life better than anyone. A house nothing less to a mansion or a castle. A husband who would dot and love me, someone who would give me everything I would ever wish. You have known how I liked the attention. Why didn't you tell me before that there was something wrong about it? Now that you are putting your feet in the Queen's shoes, you're telling it now." Saying this, Beth turned to look at Madeline who was looking at her.

"I never told it is bad to be ambitious, Beth. You take it wrong, you always have," Madeline's words were gentle when she said those words. 

Beth turned so that she could face Madeline, "Enlighten me then. It seems like you have suddenly turned to a smart woman." Beth gritted her teeth in the end.

"You went to help a person who didn't care about you, and the same person swayed you to poison the King. Where is that Beth, whom I know who would never hurt or harm anyone? Who would think at least once before stamping on someone's foot?" asked Madeline, "You are right. We have known each other for so long. It is why I know you have a good heart. There's nothing wrong to be ambitious about things, but you need to draw a line so that you know what price you might need to pay for those ambition." 

Madeline had noticed how Beth, lowered her eyes at the dining table, not because she was angry, but she was ashamed of herself. It was enough as a stepping stone for Beth to start changing her view of how she saw things. 

"I know deep down in your heart, you know Markus was using you for his benefit," Madeline's words didn't sit well with Beth as to her, she felt like she was being told off by her younger sister. 

"Markus was framed," replied Beth, "You know that. Don't preach the King's cruel deed's to be right, when he is in an equally wrong footing. Can you tell that what he did was right?" her green eyes were nothing less to the blazing fire. 

"Everyone have their reasons. And as I said, there's a limit to draw which Markus didn't. Wrong footing would be me asking the King to not punish you for trying to commit treason against him." Hearing this, Beth's eyes hardened instantly.

"Are you trying to tell me that it is because of you I am alive? Are you going to keep doing it for the rest of your life?" 

Madeline sighed, "It wasn't my intention to make you feel that way." All these years, Beth was the one to speak, and others followed her words. Now that Madeline was standing against her words and actions, helping Beth to rectify her mistakes, Beth found it hard to digest. "I won't bring it up again, and it was only an example. I didn't speak anything in the past because I didn't know you would be swayed by people like Wilmot's. There are many other things that goes in the castle that you weren't told about. You saw what happened in the trial and don't turn a blind eye to it. You saw how Rosamund gave away her son just to save herself. It doesn't matter how much she cried later, because, in the end, that is what she did, making way to his execution. The Wilmot's were only using you."

Seeing Beth quiet, Madeline continued to say, "For a moment, just for this one time, I want you to go through all the things they have said and told. I know you are a smart woman, Beth. I have always looked up to you. I know you will see the signs."

Beth shook her head, turning herself away and sitting down on the edge of the corridor. 

Madeline didn't know if Beth was refusing her advice. Nonetheless, she didn't give up on her sister. There were already enough corrupt people in this world, and she didn't want to lose her sister. She took herself to join Beth by sitting down next to her. 

"Beth," said Madeline and Beth raised her hand so that Madeline would stop speaking right now. Seeing how her sister didn't' ask her to leave her alone, Madeline didn't make an effort to move, and she instead, continued to sit next to Beth. 

Madeline knew Beth wasn't a bad person, and she only got carried by her emotions. And Beth was right. Calhoun had not been poisoned, but it was Beth's thought that was something to be worried about. People like the Wilmot's could easily manipulate her sister, and it was because Beth was still innocent. 

Like many other young men and women, Beth aspired to have a better life, and Madeline never saw it to be wrong, "I am sorry that I am getting married before you."

"I don't care about it anymore," came the response from Beth, looking at the snow that surrounded the open ground.
Sisterhood- Part 3

In the morning, when she had woken up from her bed, the snow had stopped, but there was enough snow on the ground from the night before. Beth then said, "I have always tried my best, Maddie." 

"I am aware of it," agreed Madeline.

"But the way people took care and loved you, I don't think I ever was able to get it," there was a certain sadness in her voice as she said this, "You didn't see it, but I noticed the look in everyone's eyes, you were the child who was looked after with extra care. I am not jealous of it. I mean, it just made me push myself harder to make others notice me and stand out. Grandma and grandpa, Aunt Mary, Uncle Joaquin...I saw the difference. Sometimes even our parents."

At this, Madeline pressed her lips. The reason why they kept a closer watch on her was because she was someone who could kill people out of the blue. How was she supposed to tell Beth that it wasn't out of love and care but because she was different?

"There is a reason for it, Beth. And maybe I cannot tell it to you right now what it is, but please believe me and consider yourself to be fortunate," said Madeline with a small smile on her lips, "People have loved you more than they have loved me. You are Elizabeth Harris, the daughter of the Harris' family, while I have been Madeline, sister of beautiful Elizabeth." 

Beth slowly turned to face Madeline, "And you never felt jealous…" It wasn't a question but a statement that Beth acknowledged to herself. 

Beth knew it. After all, she was the person who had spent most time with Madeline as they grew up next to each other. Madeline had never asked for anything, nor did she ever question at her actions. Madeline had always been kind to her, and somewhere it angered her in the past. Even when the King had chosen Madeline, which she now was glad that he hadn't chosen her because she doubted she would be able to survive more than a day with him, Beth had been furious at Madeline for many reasons. The emotion of envy had shadowed all the other feelings she had felt. 

"Why didn't you ever feel like that?" questioned Beth. 

Madeline shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know. I think I didn't mind any of your actions."

Beth didn't comment on it and looked back straight again at the snow, "People have always looked at us differently. People have loved you for who you are, but when it came to me, it was always the outward appearance," there was a hint of sorrow in Beth's voice. "There have been times when I wanted people to look past my appearance. It doesn't make just them, but it also makes you feel hollow when they look at you like that. But part of me was also happy that I could make use of it to get things."

Madeline sat quietly listening to what and how her sister Beth felt, something that they had failed to address, "There are many people who care for you, Beth."

"No, it's not that. The thing is, in time, even I have turned shallow like the others," Beth let out a dry laugh through her lips. "It is me being a hypocrite."

"Maybe in time, you will come to learn, to love things like others who will come to love you for who you are and not by how you look. Little by little," added Madeline.

"Hm," responded Beth. Her eyes had a distant look in them. Madeline didn't notice it, but Beth had seen the way Markus gave looks at Madeline. 

The insecurity that she felt in the corner of her heart often tried to creep out, reminding her how insignificant she was in others eyes. And it was something laughable, but it was true, that Beth sought validation from others. Since the last few days, she had kept herself away from people while going through her past actions. 

The hardest thing to do was to accept one's own fault, and to a person like Beth, it was the most difficult thing to do. The fear in her heart continued to linger on what the King was capable of, and at the same time, she knew how true the words that Madeline had told her when it came to her neck being saved. And the hardest was to look back at the mistakes she had made. One fault appeared out after another, and Beth had to stop looking at herself else she knew she would break down. 

Even though she was one of the most beautiful girls in the village of East Carswell and in the nearby towns and the villages, it was still not enough. She had hoped for Markus to fall in love with her, but his eyes had shifted to Madeline. 

Madeline didn't question Beth further, and she concluded that her sister was looking to have some time for herself. Getting up from there, Madeline said, "People are right here with you, Beth. I am still here with you." 

Beth turned her head in the direction where Madeline was. Before her sister left, Beth called, "Maddie?" 

"Yes?" Madeline wondered what Beth wanted to say. 

"I need to buy shoes for the wedding. Will you come accompany me?" asked Beth. Madeline knew how prideful Beth was, and it took a lot of effort on Beth's side where she was trying to save her face. "It's okay if you're busy," added Beth.

Madeline gave her a nod, "I need to go get something from the house." She had meant to go visit, but she hadn't found the time before, "Let's grab the coats, and we'll leave." 

But before they left, Beth said, "I am sorry for what happened, and what I said." Madeline noticed how clear her sister's eyes were. 

She offered Beth a bright smile, "What's happened is in the past."

When Madeline and Beth made their way out of the castle, they first went to get Madeline's belongings from their house, placing it in the carriage before they made their way to another village where Beth had seen the shoes before.

A few days ago, Markus had promised Beth with the shoes, which was why she had not made an effort to get a pair for the wedding. If Madeline had not come to speak to Beth, there was a high possibility that Beth would have worn the dull worn-out shoes that she wore now. 

Madeline waited for Beth to buy her shoes, and once they were done, they stepped out of the shop. "Is there something else that you need?" 

Beth, who was ready to open her mouth to speak, closed it immediately. The guilt in her heart hadn't reduced, and it continued to weigh on her mind. She shook her head, "No, that is all. Is there something you need to buy?" 

"It's been a while since I last visited the church." 

Both the girls left the store and the carriage where it was, to make their way to the church of the village. On their way, Beth, who was walking next to Madeline, caught sight of a woman who was walking on the other side of the street, and she internally frowned. 

It felt like she had seen the woman before, but Beth was unable to point her finger on where. To make it more suspicious, when her eyes met the woman's, the woman quickly took another street and disappeared from her sight. 

"Do we know a woman who has brown wavy hair and hazel eyes?" questioned Beth.

"There are so many of them. Whom are you speaking about?" asked Madeline before she followed Beth's line of sight. "It felt like I saw someone whom I know," whispered Beth before shaking her head and they finally reached the old church, that was as old as the village itself. 

As they entered the church, Madeline heard the bells of the church ring loudly before it stopped. Because of the time of Winter were the sky was cloudy, light couldn't get in through the multicoloured windows. But the church continued to hold light without letting the atmosphere turn dark as there were also several candles that were lit in the front. 

Beth had moved forward while Madeline's footsteps slowed down on seeing the High House member who wore a black cassock, speaking to one of the couples of the village. Madeline remembered, apart from being part of the High House, he was also a High standing priest. 
Cathedral glass- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Thin place by Tony Anderson 


Madeline had not expected Mr. Frost to be here in this church. A coincidence, thought Madeline to herself and she saw Beth walk forward, making her way to the front so that she could offer her prayers. Seeing how the High House member was busy talking with the couple, listening to something the couple was saying, she joined Beth's side to sit down on her knees and she held her hands together in front of her. 

The reason why she had wanted to visit the church was not only because it had been a while since she last visited one, but also because the day after tomorrow was her wedding and she wanted blessings from God. She hoped nothing would come to spoil the day. Her life had already started to change since she was born, and it was only now did she come to realize, meeting Calhoun had opened the doors that had been closed in the past.

Madeline was still praying when Beth stood up, crossing her hand in front of her and she turned around, ready to go and sit on the bench when she caught sight of the woman whom she had seen earlier. When their eyes met, the woman continued to stand there. A deep frown came to settle on Beth's face, wondering who this woman was, who was appearing in front of her. When she took a step forward, she noticed the woman straightened her back. 

Why did her face appear familiar? Asked Beth in her mind. 

She decided to walk up to the woman and wanted to ask the angel?" It was because only angels could have white wings and not fallen angels. Lady Ruth did say that he had come down here willingly.

Reginald smiled, "Who knows, Lady Madeline. That is something that was never written. If you are interested to read about other things, you are always welcome to the library that we have here in the church. You might enjoy it." 

"That is very kind of you, Mr. Frost," she bowed offering her thanks to him. "Um, if you don't mind, may I ask you something?" 


"Why did the High House come into existence exactly? I know there is more than one kind in there, or two," said Madeline, her eyes looking at the man curiously. They continued to walk again, making their way through the coloured light that fell on the long passage. 

"There were some, who wanted balance like Helena. To do good. She is the niece of the late King Solomon. Late because she was the person who dethroned the King for his misdeeds. This was decades ago, and as you can tell, it took quite some time for the High House to form. They wanted to give a fair trial to everyone," explained Reginald. 

"But does it happen?" questioned Madeline. 

Reginald smiled, "Are you speaking about what happened recently? It would be like questioning why no one has sentenced Calhoun."

Madeline shook her head, "No, not like that. I know he had his reasons." 

"We all have our own reasons, milady. But with all wrongs in the world, we side with the person who is less guilty, because somewhere, all of us feel guilt, don't we?" The way Reginald asked her the question, Madeline couldn't help but take a glimpse at her own self, "I can tell that there is something that has been weighing on your mind. Would you like to have a confession?" he proposed. Madeline doubted confessing to one of the High House members was a good idea, even if it seemed that he was loyal to the crown.

"No. It did before, but now not that much." Speaking to Calhoun was enough of a confession.

They started to get down the stairs, making their way back from the other side when Madeline caught sight of the window that was breathtaking. The glass of the window was pale yellow in colour and in the centre of the glass was a woman painted who held blue flowers in her hands. 

"Beautiful, isn't it?" She heard Reginald praise the beauty of the window, "It is said that this window, it was built and placed in here in the remembrance of the angel. His love for the woman, to keep it alive even after the time had passed."

Madeline knew she had to get back to the front of the church to make sure Beth had returned and if she had, to make sure she didn't have to wait for her. But there were still some questions on her mind. As they made their way back, she asked, 

"Is there any information about the woman with whom the angel fell in love with?"

"She must have died. She was a human," he replied to her question and Madeline nodded her head. A human's life span was less compared to vampires and the other kind. 

Outside the church, in the village, Beth had tried to follow the woman who seemed to be someone she knew, but no matter how much she tried to recollect, she couldn't. Her feet were quick, and her curiosity had gotten the best out of her. She was now far away from the church and in one of the shadiest parts of the village.

Beth stopped walking, looking back and forth as she turned around wondering where the woman disappeared to. She touched her forehead when she felt a sharp pain as flashes of images appeared in front of her eyes. 

'Why did you scream?'

'I think I hurt myself.' She heard a distant voice that came from her head, a voice that belonged to her sister. When the voices in her head got louder, it felt like the memory was trying to push forward and Beth felt a searing pain in her head. 

A rush of overwhelming emotions were pushed into her mind which had her stagger, memories coming to fall one over the other in front of her eyes.

'Do you really have to, Beth?' said another voice that didn't belong to her or Madeline. 'How about you stay here, and Madeline can visit,' said the stranger's voice in her head. When realization finally hit Beth, her eyes widened and her eyes moved across the street to find the woman standing not too far away from her as if the woman was waiting for her to follow her. 

Beth's hands turned cold. She was dead...Jennine was dead, yet here she was. Did she have red hair back then? Beth wasn't sure but the woman definitely looked like the girl who she and Madeline were once friends with. 

A slow smile appeared on the woman's face. 

As they were far away from the church, the woman started to make her way towards Beth and Beth turned worried. With the snow around them, Beth froze in her place and the woman came to stand in front of her. 


"It has been really long, Beth," smiled the woman, her eyes turning from brown to black which was enough to have Beth worry. W-what was that?!
Cathedral glass- Part 3

Jennine's eyes had turned back to hazel eyes, and Beth wasn't sure if she was seeing a ghost. There was no way Jennine could be alive! The small girl had died when she and Madeline were small, and there was no way she could have grown this old! But at the same time, her memory brought in not only the dead girl but also her sister who had her hands covered in blood. 

"I was hoping you would come to meet me at my grave, but you forgot me, Beth. I was your dear friend, wasn't I?" asked the woman. Even though the weather was cold, Beth could feel sweat forming on her back out of nervousness. She could feel her head harshly squeezing itself because of the overwhelming memories.

"Y-you cannot be alive," Beth didn't believe in ghosts. Was she being haunted out of nowhere? And was she imagining things?

Jennine smiled at Beth as if she was stupid, "That is so rude of you, Beth. But don't worry, I will forgive you. You are my dear friend! Let's go have a cup of tea. We have so many things to catch up." 

Beth took a step back, "I need to go back. Madeline is waiting for me." She turned, ready to sprint away from there with her back facing the woman when she heard Jennine say, 

"Ah, yes. Your sweet sister. I cannot believe that bitch is still alive. She always liked to come between you and me, just like how she came between you and that man with whom you were supposed to get married to. I was there when he got executed. All that blood and his handsome face away from his body. She had always stolen things from you," commented Jennine, "I don't think she would mind me having a bite...from you."

When Beth turned, Jennine had disappeared. Her eyes frantically looked around, but Jennine was gone. 

"Who was that?" came a familiar voice behind her, and Beth twirled around to see it was Raphael.

"What are you doing here??" asked Beth. 

"You didn't think the King would have his future wife and her sister out in the village, unprotected now, did you?" asked Raphael, "I didn't want to disturb your little walk in the streets and decided to keep a distance while keeping an eye. So who was that girl?" 

Beth had a deep frown on her face. She didn't know what to believe and what to think, "S-she was someone Madeline and I knew, when we were small. We thought she was dead." Raphael's eyes slightly narrowed, and he looked around. 

"I think it would be best if you and Lady Madeline returned to the castle," he suggested, offering Beth a smile. In a different situation, Beth would have disagreed to his words, but she was in a state of shock, and she walked back to the church along with him. 

Madeline, who stood outside the church, noticed Beth walking next to Raphael. "Milady," Raphael offered his greetings. 

"Where did you go, Beth? Did you forget something?" questioned Madeline. Seeing how Beth shook her head without uttering any words, Madeline turned worried. "Are you alright?" she asked before looking at Raphael. 

"We should head back to the castle," said Raphael. With nothing else to do in the village, Madeline held Beth's arm and got inside the carriage. During the journey back to the castle, Madeline couldn't help but worry that something must have happened with Beth. Raphael had given no explanation, and when they reached the castle, Beth had quickly excused herself to go back to her room. 

Seeing Beth's retreating figure, Madeline waited for Raphael to speak, and he said, "The girl is back." And hearing his words, she wondered about whom the card reader was speaking about, "The girl whom you both thought was dead."

Madeline sucked in a deep breath. The one person who had died when they were small, it was Jennine. 

"Did you see her?" she questioned him.

"I did. When I started to walk where she and your sister was, the woman bolted from there."

Madeline closed her eyes in the realization, that Beth's memories were returning, memories of what happened that day, which meant she also saw her covered in blood. She didn't know what was running in Beth's head right now.

Not a moment later, Calhoun appeared at the top of the stairs. Raphael left her side, walking up the stairs and Madeline followed him. The card reader and the King shared a nod, before Raphael walked past him, leaving Madeline with Calhoun.

Looking at Calhoun, she said, "Beth knows." Worry marred Madeline's face as her sister had been sheltered away from the things that had taken place in the past until now. 

"Going outside the castle by yourself is not safe, Maddie," Calhoun lightly reprimanded her, "Not because I don't know that you can protect yourself, but there are a lot of people who want to harm you, and we don't know what kind of ability they have that can overpower you." 

Before leaving the castle, Madeline had walked past Theodore with Beth along with her. She believed that the vampire who wore the glasses had informed Calhoun. 

"I don't mean you to live in fear, but until we resolve some of the things, stay by my side where I and my eyes can reach you," said Calhoun. He stepped closer and placed his hand to hold her chin before capturing Madeline's lips with his. Pulling back, he whispered on her lips, "The time when you are not next to me, those are the times that are unbearable. And it seems like there is an addition to the people who want you." 

"But I don't want them," she whispered back, and this brought a smile on Calhoun's lips. 

"I won't let them take you away from me, my sweet rose," and he hugged her, his hand running on the back of her head.

The smile that was on his lips lowered and his eyes turned malicious.

It seemed like he was right, the demon who Madeline had killed was not an average demon, and it had its eyes on Madeline for the third time. Calhoun thought to himself, maybe the third time is a charm where the demon could be stuffed into a coffin that would lead to hell. 
Carving a new path- Part 1

After entering the room, Beth had locked the door. Her hands shook, and her head hurt as if it was going to burst because of the pain she felt. She didn't know what to think about the woman whom she saw in the village and the memories that were passing one after another in front of her eyes. She felt her breath being caught in her throat, and she wheezed for air before making her way towards the bed. 

The memories that her grandparents had hidden and locked away years ago from her were returning as if they were being thrown at her, and she didn't know how to digest it. Her lips trembled in fear. The sight of blood was clear, and it was not just the girl but also her very own sister whose hands were covered in blood. 


Beth whipped her head around to look at the door which she had closed. It was Madeline who had come to visit her. Should she behave like she was not in the room or had gone to sleep already? Instead of opening the door, Beth's feet moved back, and it hit the chair, causing a small creak of sound. 

Madeline knocked on the surface of the door, "I know you are inside, Beth. Please talk to me," she coaxed her sister, hoping her sister would not shut herself in here and would speak about how she was feeling right now. 

"Go away!" Beth replied from the other side of the door. 

"I cannot. Please talk to me," Madeline pressed her hand on the surface of the door in the hope that Beth would open it. Her sister was finally trying to see things in a different light. The last thing she needed was for Beth to relapse back to her behaviour after her grandparents had messed with her memories. "I can explain to you. Everything you ask, I will tell you."

"Is it true what happened? What I saw back in the market?" demanded Beth without opening the door. "That woman whom I saw in the village, and the b-blood on your hands. Y-you killed someone. Oh God," whispered Beth, raising her hand to her mouth to cover it. She couldn't believe Madeline had the ability to kill someone. Beth then said, "You killed the girl...Why?!" 

Madeline closed her eyes on hearing Beth raise her voice. She could tell that Beth was hysterical right now as her sister couldn't believe the truth that had suddenly pushed itself on her. Compared to her, Beth was slightly dramatic in taking information, and Madeline pursed her lips. 

"She wanted to hurt you," replied Madeline, her speech soft and low just for Beth to hear, "There are more things in this world than what we have known and learnt." 

"But you know...Was it just me who didn't know about it?" questioned Beth. 

"I know because I met them, her kind," Madeline let go of the door, where she had been placing her hand. She looked left and right side of the corridor and saw it was just her at the front of the door. "Apart from us, there are other creatures, Beth. And the friend we once had, whom you believed that I took her away from you. I never did. The truth is she tried to get between us. She didn't want me, Beth, she wanted you. She wanted to be your friend, but that wasn't all that she wanted from you." 

She heard the click sound of the door, and the door opened where Beth stood in front. Though Beth had not shown her reaction in the carriage, she was in complete shock remembering the blood and gore on the snow covered ground. She took a couple of steps backwards, maintaining a distance from Madeline when her sister stepped inside the room. 

"Keep the door unlocked," said Beth, her eyes fixed on Madeline. Somewhere, it broke Madeline's heart thinking that Beth was going to put up walls between them again, "She is that girl, isn't she? The woman whom I met?" 

"I didn't see her, but if her name is Jennine, yes," Madeline nodded her head, "She is that girl whom I killed in the past."

"How is it possible that she is still alive, and what does she want from me?" Beth had a deep frown on her face because she didn't understand what Jennine wanted from her. Especially one who had come back from the dead. 

"I don't know why she's after you," Madeline herself had not met Jennine again, and she didn't know why Jennine had tried to lure Beth, "It might be because of me. I killed her two times," and Beth's eyebrows raised high on her face, "Jennine is a demon, Beth."

"What?" Beth asked as if she hadn't heard it the first time. 

"This world doesn't contain just humans, vampires, and werewolves. It is a world that is run in the background by the demons and angels, fallen angels mostly. Our grandparents were fallen angels, Beth. I know it sounds odd, but that is how it is," said Madeline to Beth, "Maybe even Aunt Mary or you can say relatives of ours from father's side."

Beth stood there in her place without reacting, trying to understand what Madeline said. "I guess if vampires exist, demons and angels do too," Beth's words came as a whisper, "How is it that our grandparents are fallen angels? Is that why the demon is after you and me?" 

"I think the fallen angels have been taking birth again since the first ones who had fallen from heaven because of their misdeeds. We have been living with different kinds whom we didn't know, or weren't aware of," explained Madeline, "That chain you have around your neck, it isn't any heirloom from our family, but something that brings out the essence of the kind to let another person know who you are."

Beth furrowed her eyebrows, and her hand went up to touch the chain that she wore now, "I find it hard to believe," she shook her head. 

Madeline stretched her hand forward.

"Give me the chain. I will show you." 

Beth pursed her lips, and then unhooked the chain to hand it over to Madeline, "Why don't you have one?" All this while, Beth believed it was because she was special, which was why she had a chain around her neck and Madeline didn't. But with the memories tumbling in her head, she realized it wasn't because she was everyone's favourite. 

"I lost mine when I was young. Before you were born, I lost it," and Beth's hands turned cold. Her lips parted to speak, but no words came out through her lips. 

Beth laughed, "Y-you are telling me that you are older than me? That cannot be true," and the nervous smile didn't disappear from her lips, "We are only a year apart from each other."

Madeline stared at Beth. Even before she had found out about the truth, she had always treated Beth with care no matter how demanding Beth was. She had always been that elder sister to Beth. 

"I am two decades older than you, Beth," she stated and continued to speak, "Look at our parent's closely. You will see something that is amiss. I am going to wear this chain to prove my point, but I need you to remove it right away. Okay?" 

Beth didn't know why Madeline said that, nonetheless, she agreed. Cautiously, she moved towards Madeline and saw her sister wear the chain. For a few seconds, nothing happened. Beth then saw the air around them shift like they were standing at the edge of the cliff. But that wasn't all. Beth noticed her sister's eyes starting to change. She would have called it to be a prank, but Madeline's expression changed, and the vases in the room broke into pieces. When the mirror on the wall broke, Beth quickly put her hands around Madeline's neck to remove the chain that belonged to her. 

"I don't get it," said Beth and she saw Madeline cough out blood from her mouth. Beth took out her handkerchief from her pocket dress and gave it to Madeline, "Why does it affect you and not me?" She had been wearing the chain since she was a small girl, and it had never affected her. 

"You turned out to be a normal human being, Beth. At least that is what all of us believe while I...I turned to something different than what our grandparents were," came the whisper from Madeline. 

"Were? W-what do you mean were?" asked Beth alarmed. 

"They are dead," answered Madeline, wiping her lips with the handkerchief, and walking to the table to pour herself a glass of water. If Beth was getting to know the truth, Madeline believed it would be best to keep her sister informed beforehand so that she wouldn't get manipulated by anyone and would know whom to trust and whom to not when the guests would arrive at the castle.

"Did you kill them?" Beth didn't feel hurt as much as she was supposed to feel, and it might have been because somewhere, her heart had always been cold towards her paternal grandparents and at her aunt, "Wait...I didn't see Aunt Mary. Did she…?" 

Madeline nodded her head, "I didn't kill them, but they are dead."

Beth turned around, her hands holding the side of her head as if she was trying to grasp the situation, "I don't understand how you are older than me when you look younger than me," and she turned again to face Madeline. 

Madeline explained everything to Beth from the time of her visiting their grandparent's house until now on what happened. Beth unable to take in the amount of information, she went to the bed and took a seat at the edge. 

"This makes so much sense," murmured Beth to herself, "I always had these fragments of dreams. When I used to visit grandpa's house, grandma used to whisper something to me as I fell asleep. She would often start with a story before she would say something that never made sense to me. Because I didn't understand it."

"She was trying to hide your memory. So that you would never see what was on the other side," replied Madeline, "They wanted you to live a normal life. Like a human."

Beth shook her head, "All those things were nothing but covered in lies. I cannot believe they had done that to you," she muttered under her breath. Putting Madeline in the coffin for so many years? Did that mean her grandparents were waiting for her to turn like Madeline so that they could bury her too? Isn't that why they gave the chain for her to wear? "I guess I did turn normal," said Beth before looking at Madeline who hadn't moved away from the table, still holding the glass in her hand. 

"It isn't safe for you to go to the town or village alone, Beth. At least not until everything settles down. Especially with Jennine out there," reminded Madeline. It was possible that Jennine knew how much she cared for Beth, and it was the reason why Jennine was targeting her, "Beth?" she called seeing her sister staring at the floor. 

"Yes," Beth answered before pursing her lips, "What about you, though? Did you ever come to learn where this Paschar is? Wouldn't it be easy to get rid of these people who want you by using Paschar's help?"

"No one knows where he is. No one has seen him in many years. He must have completely disappeared or returned to heaven, after the woman whom he loved died," because that was a possibility, thought Madeline in her mind. 

Beth doubted she would even step outside the castle after knowing and meeting Jennine who looked like she was very keen on inviting her to the tea party. "Why isn't she dead?" asked Beth disturbed. 

"I think she's a higher level demon and I might have not been strong enough to kill her."

"Maybe you weren't before, but now it's different, isn't it?" asked Beth. 

All these years, Beth's memories had been hidden and kept away from her. The bond that she shared with Madeline had been cut-off by her grandparent's such that she forgot how much she cared for Madeline. It wasn't that Beth had stopped caring, but it had evaporated in time. During that same time, she had seen how people treated them differently, it was subtle, but Beth noticed it. There were a lot of things that she had found to be unfair, but she had never been pushed to death by being placed in the coffin. She wondered how Madeline had even kept a sane mind, without coming out to be a vengeful person. 

"I don't know," Madeline exhaled the air out of her lips, "I don't know how the wedding will go."

"I will see what I can do," Beth answered before getting up and walking near Madeline. "I am sure the King would not let anyone spoil the day." And even though Beth was still a little apprehensive after remembering the gore on the snow, she stepped forward before putting her hands around Madeline to hug her. "It will be fine."
Carving a new path- Part 2

Music Recommendation: Epilogue by Dario Marianelli


From the wake of the dawn, snowflakes had stopped falling from the sky. Snow covered the most of Devon, with the colour of white spreading across the village and nearby towns that were near the Hawthrone castle. And though the weather was dull and gloomy, the castle held a light chatter of noise from the guests who had arrived at the castle, greeting and getting to know each other, while the servants hustled in and out to make sure everything was perfect. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harris stood in one of the open corridors, talking to their relatives who had come to attend their daughter Madeline's wedding. 

"I would have never guessed that vampires get married in a chapel," came the whisper of one their relative who had come to talk to them, "I heard that Madeline had tried to…" the woman trailed looking at Mr. and Mrs. Harris. 

"It was a wrong information that was spread out by one of the maids who used to work here, Lydia," Mrs. Harris quickly tried to dismiss the woman's words. 

"Is that so?" Lydia responded, who is one of Mr. Harris' distant cousin, "We were worried about what might have happened. Not to forget how cruel vampires can be." 

"The King has been generous and thoughtful about Madeline and us," Frances didn't know how far the false rumour had spread in Devon about Madeline, "We can hardly wait to see them married."

Lydia smiled, "Of course, marriage is a beautiful thing when you get married to the right person. I hope it is the same with your elder daughter. I heard she is still waiting for a suitable man. Since you are the mother, you should tell her not to wait so long. Not everyone has the fortune of marrying the King. I mean, you don't want to have one daughter married and the other ending up as a spinster."

Another relative who stood next to the Harris couple was Mr. and Mrs. Halls, "I am surprised that Elizabeth was not the one to get married," commented Mr. Halls, "Where are uncle and aunt?" the man turned to ask Mr. Harris, "I don't think I have even seen Mary since I arrived at the castle. Has she not arrived yet?"

Mr. Harris felt his throat turn dry, "You know how mother and father are when it comes to their distaste towards vampires," he forced a smile on his lips, "I sent out the invitation, but I think they decided to sit this one out. Mary, I am not sure. We have been waiting for her since we arrived here. Isn't that right, Francis?" Mr. Harris turned to look at his wife. 

"Yes, he's right. Hopefully, she will be here on time," came the forced lie from Mrs. Harris, who was uncomfortable talking about it. She knew questions like these would come up during the conversation where she and her husband would have to behave as if they knew nothing. 

Mr. Harris then said, "Why don't you go inside and make yourself comfortable? We'll join you soon," his words were polite and he saw their relatives walk away from them. 

"I am worried if something will happen," Mrs. Harris whispered as she placed her hand on her husband's arm, "I heard the High House members will be attending the wedding too. Do you think they will find out something?" 

"Don't worry, dear," Mr. Harris rubbed his wife's back, "It will be fine. The King has taken care of everything. And we have more eyes than what we had in the past, on us and on others. All we need to do is behave like we know nothing. People don't know anything," he whispered back, "Where is Beth?" Mr. Harris had heard from Madeline that Beth had remembered on what happened in the past. 

"She must be with Madeline, helping her to get ready," answered Mrs. Harris, noticing carriages riding from a distance, making their way towards the castle. 

In a room, which was away from the main halls and corridors of the castle, Madeline stood in front of one of the bedpost, holding it with her hands as the maid tightened her corset before tying it. There were three maids in the room, helping her along with her sister Beth, who had got ready beforehand so that she could help Madeline.

"Have everyone arrived?" asked Madeline after wearing her dress. 

"Most of them," replied Beth, who stood next to the window, looking outside at the carriages arrive one after another. "I met Uncle Joaquin on my way up here. Uncle Braylon is here with our cousin brothers." Madeline couldn't help but worry on what Uncle Braylon would say regarding his wife Mary's sudden disappearance. With the maids in the room, neither did Beth nor her speak about it, and only shared glances at each other. "I must say, Mr. Heathcliff sure did a good job with the wedding gown. He knows his work."

Madeline moved towards the place where the oval mirror was nailed on the wall. She looked at her reflection. Her hair had already been combed. Partitioning her hair from the side and pinning them entirely behind. Some pieces of her hair had been pulled out near her temple and she looked at the wedding gown that she wore. There were small pearls embedded into the dress along with the thread work on the silk gown. She could tell that James had really outdone himself, and she could feel the admiration and his soul poured into this gown. And at that thought, she wondered where James was now. 

It had been a few days now since she had last seen James. Even though Mr. Barnes had been executed, and the marriage was no more going to take place because of the death of Catherine Barnes, James still had not returned. 

Beth noticed how Madeline had turned quiet and was thinking about something. "I think that is all the lady needed help with. You can leave," she dismissed the maids, who bowed their heads at both the sisters before closing the door. Beth asked, "Do you still love him?" 

Madeline looked startled, and she saw her sister through the mirror, "James? No," she shook her head. "I don't know if he's alright because if people find out about him...they won't think twice before pulling the arrow at him, to kill him."

Beth gave her sister a nod, "Let me help you in fixing the veil. I need to put the roses in here too. We don't want to miss it," she offered, walking towards the bed where the thin fabric and pale pink roses were placed. Picking them up, she came to stand behind Madeline, "Sit."

Even though there were parts in her mind that were empty because of what was going on, Madeline was happy to have her sister by her side, "Beth?"

"Hm?" responded Beth, who was concentrating on pushing the small pink roses into the back of Madeline's hair before pinning the veil. 

"I am happy that you are here." Madeline was happy that Beth's memories had returned and that they were in the process of reconciliation. It meant a lot to her, that things between them weren't awkward anymore and that they were alright. She could see how Beth thought twice or thrice before saying anything like she was considerate since yesterday. 

Beth lifted her gaze to look at Madeline's reflection on the mirror, and she smiled, "I am glad too," and she went back to finish her job of pinning the veil to Madeline's hair before spreading it. "There, the bride is ready. I will be going to check on mama and papa. Do you want me to stay here with you?" 

Madeline shook her head, "I will be fine."

The door shut close when Beth left, leaving Madeline alone in the room. 

Silence filled the room, and Madeline continued to stare at herself. Her hair had been set with pins, and her lips had a tint of red, something Beth had applied on her lips. In a short time, she would be walking to the chapel and down the aisle, and the nervousness slowly crept in her nerves. 

Even though the room she was in was away from the front side of the castle, Madeline heard every carriage that came to enter or leave the castle ground. She stood up from the dressing mirror when she heard rustles coming from outside the window. At first, she took it to be the birds that were chirping a few minutes ago, but when the sound continued, Madeline was about to make her way towards the window and at the same time, someone got inside the room through the same open window. 

"J-James?" Madeline was shocked and happy to see him here. 

The handsome man whom she once knew, he now looked exhausted with the dark circles under his eyes. His hair was unkempt, his shirt not tucked in and his sleeves unrolled. She could tell by looking at him now that he had lost weight. "Where were you all these days?" she questioned. She turned her head around to look at the door before looking back at him. 

"I ended up in the North, and it took time for me to come here," replied James taking in the wedding gown she wore, "You're getting married today. Happy?" he asked her. 

 Madeline nodded in response. She had not expected to see him in here, not at this castle or this time, but she was happy to know that he was still alive. "That's good. You look beautiful," complimented James. 

"Thank you. You are the person who made the gown," Madeline smiled, and James returned it, but the smile didn't reach his eyes. 

It was the gown that had caught the King's attention in the ballroom. Madeline had looked exceptionally beautiful that day who could captivate anyone's attention. When James had realized his talent when it came to the fabric and threads along with the needles, he never knew that the same skill would be a downfall when it came to his love life. Maybe not entirely, but the gown that he had rented to Madeline to wear, it had somehow contributed to the change of events in his and Madeline's lives.

"You are the one wearing it, milady," James bowed his head, accepting his final defeat, knowing he would have to let go of his feelings about Madeline from his heart, but he wondered if it was possible. Maybe it would take time, but until then, he would continue to love her. 

Madeline didn't know if James had heard about the last two cases, and she said, "Mr. Barnes was executed in the town for the murder of his daughter." 

And her words only made James realize that his life was not the same as before. "I heard about him." He was too ashamed to admit that he had killed Catherine, "I came here to bid you bye." 

"Where are you going?" asked Madeline with a frown, "We are trying to find an antidote that can help you to turn back. Stay here in the castle. It's not safe outside."

James smiled at Madeline's concerned words. "There is no antidote, and I might never return to the life that I once had, but I met a werewolf who offered to help me with my current condition. I had to settle a few things with the shop and thought to drop by in here, to see you before I left. I will be moving to the North, where there are many people like me." 

Madeline saw James walk towards her, stopping to stand in front of her. James seemed like he had already decided to leave Devon. She hoped that the person or people whom James trusted wouldn't put him in trouble. 

 "I don't want to bring up the past as you are going to start a new life soon, and if there are any regrets, it is only that I should have been brave enough to do or stop things," said James to her, "I am happy for you," he placed his hand on Madeline's arm for the briefest moment before dropping his hand to his side. 

James then leaned forward to the side of her face, moving closer for one last greet when he sensed her body turn rigid, and he smiled. Pulling himself back, he wished her, "I wish you a happy married life, Lady Madeline." Before Madeline could say anything, he quickly jumped out of the window and disappeared into the woods.

A moment later, the door opened and Lucy stepped in to see Madeline looking at the window, "Lady Madeline? It is time."
Carving a new path- Part 3

When Madeline made her way along with Lucy to where the chapel was located in the castle, she saw her father waiting for her a few steps away from the entrance of the chapel. He offered her a smile and then kissed her cheeks. 

"You look beautiful, Maddie. You turned to a beautiful bride," said her father, "It's so hard to believe that you grew up and we are here at your wedding." With Madeline who had been put in the coffin twice, Mr. Harris had not expected it in the past. On hearing the music that came from the chapel, he asked her, "Ready?" and the sound of piano started to fill up the place, escaping to the nearby surroundings. 

The maids who stood behind her made the hem of her gown proper from behind as well as the veil that she wore. A bouquet was given to her, and she put her hand around her father's arm. "I am ready," she said before they began to walk and stepped into the room. 

Entering the room, Madeline couldn't help but notice how bright the chapel looked right now with the candles lit in the long room. The guests had stood up on either side, watching her when she entered the room. She saw some of the familiar faces. Her mother seemed teary-eyed and next to her mother, she identified her relatives and she couldn't help but be cautious about them. As her eyes wandered, she also caught sight of vampires who were Calhoun's relatives, some who barely smiled, and some who stared at her. There were also the High House members who were present in the room. Theodore and Raphael stood at the front along with Lucy and her sister Beth where the girls offered her a smile. 

Before she could feel nervous with their gazes, her brown eyes met Calhoun's red eyes who stood at the front, waiting for her to join him. His hair was combed back, and he wore a black suit. A gardenia was pinned to the lapel of his dark coat. Now that her eyes had fallen on him, it was hard to look away, and she walked along with her father towards him like he was a lighthouse and she was the person who was lost, who was now finding her way to him.

With each step she took forward, she could feel her heart beating faster in her chest, and she gulped. There was a subtle smile on Calhoun's lips as if he was listening to her heartbeat very closely as he watched her. She held on to her father's arm tightly until they reached the front. Handing the bouquet to her sister, she stood in front of Calhoun, staring into his deep dark red eyes that looked right back at her. 

Madeline saw Calhoun's eyes slightly narrow at her before they returned to normal. She wondered if she imagined it. The priest who was standing there to perform the ceremony was an elderly man with grey hair and he announced, "Everyone can sit down."

The priest then opened his book and said, "We gather here to unite these two people in marriage. Their decision to marry now is to declare their allegiance to each other. The nature of this commitment is the acceptance of each other…" 

Madeline was sure by the gazes that she felt coming from the guests, that a lot of them looked at both her and Calhoun strangely. Not because it was the first time for a human to be getting married to a vampire, but because a vampire was performing the wedding ceremony in a chapel similar to what the humans did. Calhoun was doing this for her, to keep his promise of doing things the way she would want. 

She felt her heart slip and stutter in her chest with the way Calhoun looked at her. He was a handsome looking man, and with his hair combed back, it allowed one to look at his face more clearly. She had to remind herself not to feel weak in her knees. They were getting married, thought Madeline to herself as the thought sank in her mind. 

Calhoun looked at her as if she was the only person in the room, giving his full attention to her like any other time as if everything else around them disappeared. She looked beautiful, her innocent eyes quietly reaching out for him because of the possible nervousness she felt right now. And just by that mere look, she stole his heart again which he had lost count of it. 

Returning back to what the priest was saying, she heard him ask, "Do you promise to honour and tenderly care for each another, cherish each other for all the days of your lives until death do you apart?"

"We do," said both Calhoun and Madeline. 

The priest, who held the rings in his hands, said, "Let these rings be a symbol of your love, and commitment to each other. Please repeat after me, my lord," he said to Calhoun and Calhoun repeated the words before he was given the ring to place it on Madeline's finger. The priest then turned to Madeline, "Milady."

Madeline then said word to word, repeating after the elderly man, "I, Madeline promise to love and support you Calhoun and live each day with kindness, understanding, truth, and passion. With this ring I thee wed," and she brought the ring near Calhoun's hand to push it on his finger. 

"With everyone's blessings, and in the light of promises given to each other. I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride," announced the priest. Without wasting a second, Calhoun stepped forward, circling his hand around her waist and bent down to kiss Madeline. 

Madeline felt her heart leap out of her chest when Calhoun kissed her. Her eyes closed, and she kissed him back until he pulled away from her lips. She noticed a broad smile on his lips. Calhoun picked up her hand and turned to look at the guests and he announced, 

"I introduce you, my wife and the Queen of Devon, Madeline Hawthrone." 
Guests in the Castle- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Filotimo by Borghild Wenn


The words that Calhoun uttered, echoed not just in the room where they stood along with the guests, but it was also announced loud enough for the people who were in the castle. Madeline felt goosebumps rise on her arms and she looked at the people who were in front and around them bow down deep at her and the King. She was no more the simple village girl who walked in the shadow of her sister and her family. She was now the Queen of the very land where she had born and was living, wife of Calhoun Hawthrone. 

Noticing the crowd, she noticed some of the vampires who were not pleased with the news as she was a mere human in their eyes, a human who married the vampire who belonged to the royal family. But they could do nothing but oblige to the news by bowing their heads to welcome her as the Queen. 

Madeline felt her hand squeezed by Calhoun's hand and she turned to look at him, to see the pride in his eyes, that she was his wife and the smile spread out on his lips. 

With the ceremony that came to an end, everyone was asked to move to the ballroom to see the King and the Queen dance with each other, which was considered as a tradition. Madeline had quickly changed into another dress so that it would be easy for her to walk and dance in. Calhoun took hold of her hand, leading her to the centre of the room, which was not far away from the place where they had first danced with each other. 

"How do you feel, Madeline?" asked Calhoun, his words only for Madeline to hear. 

"Feels like everything is changing since the second the priest declared us as husband and wife," she answered, and Calhoun stopped walking to stand in front of her. 

One side of Calhoun's lips pulled up, and he took her hand and kneeled on one of his legs as he kissed the back of her hand, "You are no more just Madeline, my sweet rose," he said before raising to stand tall in front of her. "But then you were never just Madeline but more than that." He placed his other hand on her waist before they started to dance. 

Madeline had only placed one step backwards to follow Calhoun's lead when she heard the soft peaceful piano music from the corner of the room that started to play, slowly filling up the entire room. 

"I thought it would never happen," she confessed to him when Calhoun twirled her in his arms to bring her back to him. In dreaded anticipation until the vows, she had been worried that something would come to happen, and now as they were finally married, it took time for her to sink it in.

Looking at Calhoun's devil-like face that was handsomely charming as he continued to have a subtle smile on his lips, she heard him say, "I did promise that I wouldn't let any harm to befall on you," he whispered in her ears, "This is yours and my day. With no blood on our hands."

Madeline felt fortunate, and if there weren't people out there wanting to kill her, she would have told her life was perfect. Her sister Beth was slowly coming around. James...she and he had a proper closure with each other, "Thank you for keeping your promise," she thanked Calhoun. She had asked him not to kill before or on the day of the wedding, but she had let go of it when the demons had come into the picture. 

Every rule in this world had an exception, and in her life, Calhoun was that exception. Her feelings were now more profound for him in her heart than what she had been having in the past few days. And with the wedding and the atmosphere, she felt overwhelmed. 

"Anything for you," he answered, and when they finished their first dance as a couple, the people around clapped and cheered them before other people came to join the dance floor to celebrate their marriage. 

Despite everything that was going on, Madeline couldn't help but smile as Calhoun's smile was contagious just to her, while for most of the people in this room, it was intimidating. The music only elevated how she was feeling. She didn't forget the first time when she had met him here. Passing each other, for him to call her as she had dropped her handkerchief down. 

"Is there anything you want as your wedding gift, my wife?" inquired Calhoun and the term wife brought a faint blush on Madeline's cheek. Her eyes looked into his liquid red eyes that shone in contentment.

She shook her head, "I think I have everything that I need." It was hard to believe how much both of them had come around since the time of their first dance, at the time of Hallow. 

Calhoun was not less overbearing when it came to things around him, but he was willing to pause and consider her feelings which was something she appreciated now. Without him having to word it out, she could feel his happiness radiating from him, and this made her happy too. Madeline had always wanted to get married to someone whom she could see herself with, someone who could understand her and surprisingly he did. The pain and loneliness which she had felt in the past had been filled up by him. He gave her that sense of security that no one had ever offered to her, a promise that he would always be there for her. 

She noticed how small her hand looked in his hand, and it felt warm. Her other hand was on his chest, and she felt his heart beat. How strange that people believed that vampires had no heartbeat, yet here was Calhoun's heart, beating calmly beneath her touch. 

"There must be something that you want? A pet? Jewels? A mansion or someone's head?" Calhoun grinned at the end, and Madeline who was looking at him didn't know if it was a joke or if he was being serious, "Ask me anything and I will give it to you."

Madeline had never taken any interest in jewels in the past, not because her family was poor and couldn't afford it, but because things like those mattered less to her. And what would she do with a mansion? The thought of having a pet was intriguing, but Calhoun already had the wolves in the castle.

"Peace?" Now that they were married, she wanted a peaceful life, but she knew it was a far fetched thought. 

"Peace it is," chimed Calhoun, "That is one way of telling, you want people's head who will come to cross us." Hearing this, Madeline's eyes widened. Calhoun pulled her into his arms, keeping her close, and he said next to her ear, "Also, why is it that I smell the mutt on you." There was a slight edginess in his question, and Madeline pulled back to look at him. 

Madeline wondered how Calhoun had even found out about it. The more seconds she took to reply, the more Calhoun's eyes narrowed at her, which only she could see.

She felt Calhoun's grip on her waist tighten as he stared at her, and she wondered if jealousy ever looked as attractive as it did now. Quickly snapping out from her thoughts, she said, 

"He came to meet me."

"Clearly," commented Calhoun, who had smelt James' scent on Madeline when she stood in front of him back at the chapel. 

"James said he was going to the North, and he wanted to see me before leaving Devon," Madeline conveyed the information of what happened and Calhoun raised his eyebrows, "Something about meeting people like him and living with them."

"Did he kiss or hug you to say goodbye?" questioned Calhoun with a small frown, and at his question, Madeline quickly shook her head. There was no way James' scent could be this prominent on Madeline. Under his ever calm demeanour, the thought of James touching Madeline irked Calhoun because he didn't forget how things were in the beginning, but at the same time, he was glad to hear that James was leaving Devon for good. 

Calhoun would have continued to help James in finding the antidote as it would keep Madeline's heart at ease, but he would also make sure to keep James far away from her. Being a man, he knew how one felt when they were in love with a woman, and Calhoun was not willing to share even a bit of her time to the man with whom she once shared affection. 

"He didn't," Madeline's body had turned rigid when James had stepped into her breathing space as if her body knew he had leaned closer to kiss her cheek, and she had been too slow to react through her expression. "Is it safe in the North?" 

"It depends on with which werewolves he's going to run. Compared to Devon, it is much better for him to be there in the North," replied Calhoun, wondering if the High House would finally get tired of looking for James and pull down his pictures that were nailed on the trees or if another person's drawing would be placed on it. "The North land, it is where the werewolves came into existence before some of them escaped into other lands, biting humans to turn them to werewolves while killing vampires." 
Guests in the Castle- Part 2

As they continued to dance, Madeline caught sight of her mother and father who were dancing together, and she caught sight of Beth standing at the side, who for once didn't get on the dance floor to dance. Instead, her sister stood with one of their relatives watching people dance. 

"Looks like things are better between you two," commented Calhoun and Madeline's gaze returned to him.

"It feels like things are going back to the time before my grandparent's meddled with her memory. She also looks happier," said Madeline with a smile on her lips. Her eyes caught sight of Lucy who was dancing with a man whom she had never met before, "Who is that?" she asked Calhoun, and Calhoun twirled her around to switch positions to see who Madeline was speaking about. 

"That's Ethan Moryet. A distant cousin from Lucy's mother's side," said Calhoun before his eyes fell on Theodore who stood at the side, watching the couple dance. Amusement in his eyes, he looked back at his beautiful bride in his arms, "Now that Samuel is out of the picture, I am guessing he cannot wait to woo Lucy. Anyways, stop making me look at other people when I only want to look at you."

The guests who hadn't stepped forward to dance with the others stood at the sides, some looked happy, and some out of envy of how a mere human had stepped forward and acquired the position of the Queen of Devon, to stand beside Calhoun Hawthrone. 

Lilith, who stood at the side couldn't help but quietly stare at the girl. Being part of the High House members had its own benefits, and she didn't come here today to attend and watch the wedding take place. The reason why she had come here was to observe the girl, who was supposed to be the dark angel. 

"It looks like you drank a whole glass of wine named jealousy," commented Weasley who was standing next to her while watching the people dance. 

Lilith's lips twisted in displeasure, "I have no idea of what you are speaking about. Am I looking so beautiful that you cannot keep your eyes off of me?" she turned her head to meet Weasley's eyes with a fake smile plastered on her lips.

Weasley smiled, "I wasn't watching you, but I was surely distracted by the smoke coming from you. I thought I would let you know." Lilith glared at the man for the words he uttered, and if she could, she would tear his head off his body, but they were in a royal gathering, and the people of the High House members were supposed to act sensible and composed. 

"I have no reason to be jealous or fuming over something where I was the one to leave. I just enjoyed the time, and I left," replied Lilith while trying to keep a straight face. 

"Whatever floats your boat. You know what happened," Weasely took a sip from his glass before walking away from there to go and stand next to Reginald who was humouring an old woman. 

Lilith gritted her teeth, bringing her hand forward and ready to burn Weasley when she felt her sibling place his hand on hers, and Luther said, "Easy there, sister. You don't want to do something that you will regret later. You know people like him only like to rub salt, all you have to do is ignore and concentrate on why we are here."

"He has been playing with fire for far too long. It is time, I burn and send him to hell," muttered Lilith under her breath. 

Weasley enjoyed taunting her, and every time she had controlled herself. She hadn't expected Calhoun to actually marry Madeline, but that was alright, thought Lilith in her mind. They were going to kill the girl and Calhoun would again continue to live his life in misery, just like he had, when his mother had passed away. He would look for a place to forget the pain. But Lilith didn't want love. She wanted to see both the King and the new Queen suffer. 

With Helena and other High House members, who stood on the other side of the room, Lilith turned her head to Luther and asked, "Did you see Mary? It seems like she didn't come to attend the wedding." Since the time they had entered the chapel, Lilith had expected for the woman to be present as she was a close relative of the bride, but she wasn't here.

"Unless someone decided to kill her."

"You think someone caught a whiff of what she was up to? Or do you think it's someone who wants the girl too?" asked Lilith because a dark angel didn't appear every year. But they couldn't kill her today as they were told to wait until the full moon day appeared before they would come for Madeline. She raised the glass in her hand to bring it up to her lips. "So much for a happily ever after tale," and she drank the alcohol whilst staring at Madeline. 

The ballroom had windows that were left open for air to pass through. Many trees stood next and near to the windows that had grown tall and wide in stature. In one of the trees, and in one of the branches of it, two bats were hanging themselves upside down while watching the people in the ballroom. 

The smaller bat quietly looked at people, wondering what he was doing here outside than being inside the castle, "Master, what are we doing here hanging on the tree?" asked Odin. 

"Looking at people, you fool," scolded Vladimir as he concentrated his eyes on the newlywed couple who were dancing in the middle of the room. He and Odin had been sitting here for quite some time now, observing the King who was responsible for his daughter's misery. He was a handsome bastard, and he wondered if it was what caught his poor daughter's eye. "He seems young for a King. He probably didn't age much, which explains his debauchery."

Odin understood the part where his master was watching his prey, but what he didn't understand was, instead of going inside and avenging Lady Constance's death, they were hanging on the tree. 


"Hush, you chatterbox. I will burn you if you utter one more word," Vladimir continued to glare at the King. "I want the King to know what pain feels like when something is stolen right in front of his eyes. Let him enjoy the day now so that when the times comes, he remembers how painful it is when something precious is stolen and sullied. I will make sure his bride's fingers and limbs shall be delivered to him, so that he knows she's being tortured before being killed."

Odin quickly nodded his head enthusiastically. The servant cleared his throat, "But aren't we going inside?"

"And do what?" came the low voice from Vladimir, "I can tell, with what kinds you have been associating yourself with, Odin, to have your brain rust and rot. But if you so much insist, we can take a look." And Vladimir flew away from the tree. 

He? Odin asked himself. When did he insist? 

"Master, wait!" and the smaller bat quickly followed its master.