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"Do not mock a pain that you haven't endured." -Unknown.


Heaven couldn't sleep for the whole night. The new bed, new space, new room felt odd to stay in. This wasn't her home, and she already missed her home. She slept holding onto Zamiel's shirt, which she took from his room. His scent made her stay strong. She had to stay strong for everyone. She couldn't keep running away or hiding. She had already tried that technique and it almost killed her mate. He didn't deserve to go through that again. None of her family deserved to go through such a thing just because she wanted to stay. 

Zamiel had fought death to come back to her. The least she could do was to fight back for him. Not hide or run away. Rule number one to defeat the enemy was to know your enemy. She had to stay with her grandfather to learn his weaknesses. There must be something or some way out. 

After what her grandfather did to Zamiel, even if it took her a thousand years, she wouldn't let him win. She would never give him that satisfaction. 

Her thoughts drifted back to Zamiel. He had given her a smile before she left and a slight nod. It was encouraging. That is what she loved the most about him. His trust and belief in her. He had been able to see through her lies. In fact, her lies had sounded so bad that it caused her to grimace just thinking about them. 

Zamiel. She would find a way to get back to him. Comforting herself with his scent and with the memory of the beautiful moments they've had together, she closed her eyes and fell asleep. 

When she woke up in the morning, she found her grandmother already awake. She sat near the large window in the room, staring outside. She seemed deeply lost in thoughts. Heaven knew this was going to be very difficult for her grandmother and that is why she wished her grandmother had stayed back home. 

But now was not the time to think of what should have happened or what she should have done. Now was the time to think ahead. 

"Good morning, grandma." Heaven greeted, bringing her grandmother back to this world. 

She was startled at first, but then smiled. "Heaven, come here." She said.

It seemed like she wanted to show her something. Heaven got out of bed and went to the window where her grandmother sat. She looked outside to see what her grandmother was trying to show her. 

Heaven gasped when she looked outside. What was this? 

A garden, but not a usual one. The colors were blinding, the brightest of greens, pinks, whites, oranges, and many more colors. The way they blended together was so unique. 

A few fountains and statues were scattered in the garden. There were benches and swings where people could sit, and the paths through the garden were made out of marble. Some bushes were shaped into the forms of different animals. 

Small lakes divided the garden, but the land was joined with small bridges. The place looked heavenly. It was so bright and so different from the feeling his home gave. 

"It is just an illusion." Heaven said. 

Her grandfather was wrong if he thought he could entice her with materialistic things. 

A knock on the door made them turn their heads away from the window. Who could it be? They looked at each other and then Heaven called for whoever it was to come in. 

The door opened and four men carrying a large table with food on came in. Other men followed behind them, holding more trays and some glasses and drinks. They were all dressed alike. 

The men put the table in the middle of the room, then bowed. "Your breakfast, My Lady." 

Heaven stared, wide eyed. What was happening? She never received this kind of service, even as a princess. 

They placed chairs around the table, poured them some drinks, and removed the locks so they could see and smell the food. This was too much. What was her grandfather trying to do? 

The service didn't end. Once they ate breakfast, a few women came to their room with a large suitcase. When they opened it, there were several jewelries made of gold and silver and many dresses of expensive fabrics. 

"We already have clothes." Her grandmother told them. 

"We dress differently here. I suggest you wear these if you don't want to draw attention." One of the women spoke. 

Heaven looked at how the women were dressed. Their style of dressing was the type to draw attention. They wore silken fabrics that covered their chests and sometimes their arms as well. But the stomach was bare. And a long, silken skirt, with splits on the sides. Some of them wore long velvet garments above, and others adorned themselves with jewelry. 

The women excused themselves without arguing any further. Heaven looked at the clothes and jewelry. She would not wear these revealing clothes. Her grandmother already went ahead to wear her own clothes, and Heaven did the same. She was going to leave the room and get acquainted with this place.

Her grandmother followed her and behaved like a guard. Both of them were shocked by what they found once they left the room. The place they were in was not only a castle. It seemed to be an indoor market place or just something else all together. There were all kinds of shops, different places for theatre, entertainment places, which made her jaw drop. Her grandmother rushed her through before she could see anything. People participating in provocative and disgraceful behavior, but they seemed to find it normal. 

The female demons were dressed just like the women who came to their room, and the males only wore a garment around their waist. Some of them wore jewelry around their upper arms, wrists, or necks. The women were right. They were drawing too much attention by being dressed differently. Everyone they passed stared at them. 

"Where are we going?" Her grandmother asked, overwhelmed by the new environment. 

Heaven didn't know where, but she knew why she was here. She would gain nothing from staying locked in her room. To find a solution, she needed information. 

"Everywhere and nowhere." Heaven replied. 

"I was thinking of finding Zarin." She said. 

Zarin. She had forgotten about him. How was he staying in this place? It was so odd and uncomfortable to be here. There was a part of her that wanted to talk to him, help him realize that he needed to go back. At least one of them wouldn't have parents who were separated from their child. 

The other part of her was exhausted. Just thinking of talking to him made her feel drained. What would she say? Her mind was too tired to think of anything clever. 

"You should find him. I don't think I should talk to him yet." 

Until she had something good to say, it would be better to stay away. 

"I can't leave you alone." She said. 

"No one will kill me here and I need to be alone." She couldn't figure things out with her grandmother trailing behind her all the time. 

Being guarded didn't help. It was time to be adventurous.



"Be careful who you trust. Salt and sugar look the same." -Unknown. 


Her grandmother went to find Lothaire and Zarin. Heaven had seen that her grandmother had been avoiding to look or speak to Lothaire and avoiding was not the solution. If she was angry, disappointed or feeling any other way, it would be easier for her if she addressed her feelings. Not that Heaven believed it would make a difference to Lothaire, but she wanted her grandmother to find closure and peace within herself. 

None of them could really avoid Lothaire anymore. He was everywhere, seeing and hearing everything. And this was his kingdom. A very strange place, but she was going to explore every corner of it. She didn't know what she was looking for, but once she found it, she would know. 

While walking around, she came to the garden that she saw outside the window earlier. It looked even more beautiful close up. Heaven wandered around, observing her surroundings. She saw a few demons here and there, but mostly she was alone. The demons didn't seem to like spending time in the garden. They preferred a different kind of environment and entertainment. 

While looking around, something far away caught her eye. Or someone. Her heart skipped a beat. It couldn't be. 

Zamiel couldn't be here. 

A man stood on the bridge, turned away from her. From behind, he looked exactly like Zamiel, but it was probably not him. Still, curiosity made her walk toward the man. Once she came to the bridge, she could see the side of his face. Not all of it, because his dark hair covered him. But the little she saw confused her even more. 

She walked closer, but the man stood still and didn't turn to her. When she stood a few feet away, she expected him to at least look her way. But he didn't. Closer he looked even more like Zamiel and she just wanted to see his face once. 

"Excuse me." She spoke. 

The man slowly turned to her, and Heaven froze. It wasn't Zamiel, but he looked so much like him. The dark hair, the eyebrows, the face shape was all so similar to Zamiel's except for the eyes. This man had light brown eyes, almost yellow or golden. But the rest of him reminded her of Zamiel. 

He looked at her questioningly and she realized he had said something. "I am sorry. I thought you were someone else." She gave him a weak, apologetic smile. 

He raised one brow. "I never thought I could be mistaken for someone else." 

Heaven gave him a halfhearted smile as a response. 

His gaze followed along her body and then back to her face. "You are new here?" He said. 

Of course. Her dress exposed her.

The man was half dressed and the golden jewelries around his arms and wrists matched his golden eyes. 

"Yes." Heaven replied, reminding herself that people who stayed in this place were those who followed her grandfather's path. 

"You are not a full-blood and you are part witch." His eyes gleamed with curiosity. "I think you will already get all the attention you need without dressing like this." He told her with a smirk.

It seemed like he was implying that she tried to get his attention. From his attitude she got a feeling that he was admired by many women and now he thought she became one of them. But he was wrong. 

Heaven flipped her hair back so he could see the mark on her neck. "I like attention." She said, simply. 

His smile widened. "Well, now you have mine." 

Heaven felt disturbed by his smile. She just turned her back to him and started to walk away. 

"What is your name?" He called after her, but she kept ignoring him. 

Why did he look so much like Zamiel? She didn't want anyone to look like him. Certainly not anyone here. 

Envisioning her room, she teleported back. Was this some kind of trick from her grandfather? But demons couldn't disguise themselves from other demons. That only worked with humans. 

She shook her head. It didn't matter. She wouldn't trust anyone here. 

Someone knocked on the door as if they had been waiting for her to get back. "Come in." Heaven called and watched the door open carefully. 

Two of the most stunning women she had ever seen walked inside. They looked identical, but one had shorter hair. 

Their hair was the richest brown she had ever seen, and it complimented their golden eyes and golden skin. Their skin had a radiant glow that made 

and their faces were shaped to look sharp, yet delicate. 

"Who are you?" Heaven asked, unable to tear her gaze away. 

"I am Hezznin and this is my sister Tezznin. We are your aunts." The one with shorter hair spoke. "We heard from father that you came here so we wanted to welcome you." She smiled. Her teeth were so white and her smile so beautiful.

"Eh… thank you." Heaven replied, still dazzled by their beauty. 

"We would love for you to meet the rest of our family. They are already asking about you. Especially my daughters, so we were wondering if you wanted to have dinner with us tonight?" Hezznin asked. 

Heaven hesitated for a moment. She wanted to decline but didn't know how to do it without being rude, but then she wondered why she wanted to decline. She came here to know more about her grandfather and what better way to know him than through his family. 

"I would love too." Heaven faked a smile. 

Hezznin looked at her dress with a genuine concern. "Were you provided with clothes?" She asked. 

Heaven realized that her clothes were probably not appropriate." Yes." She replied curtly. 

Hezznin nodded. "Good. If you need anything for tonight, then we are happy to help. I will come to personally escort you." 

"Thank you." 

They said goodbye, then left her alone. Heaven knew it was all an act, even though they seemed really nice. She would have to be on her guard. She wanted information, and they wanted something. There must be a reason to why they invited her and why they were being so kind.



"Don't be upset about the results you didn't get from the work you didn't do." -Unknown.


"Excuse me. Do you know where I can find Lucifer?" Irene stopped to ask a demon who passed by. 

She could just call him but wanted to know the way to where he stayed, but also to see if others knew. 

Suddenly, another demon appeared before the first one could even reply. The demon bowed. "I'll escort you, my Lady." He said. 

Irene got startled. Lothaire was really keeping an eye on her. 

The demon escorted her like he said he would. He led her through halls that were darker than the usual ones. Some walls were painted with strange frightening creatures and others told a story, she guessed. The story followed a hideous creature that seemed to represent the devil. He led people through dark paths and tunnels and brought them to hell. 

Right behind him was what seemed to be his family. He was also leading them to hell, and then they were all burning. Him, his family, and everyone else who followed him. 

The painting of the devil leading his family to hell reminded her of the conversation she had with Ilyas while they watched over Zamiel. He had asked her why the devil went so far to get Heaven. He didn't seem to understand, either. 

"Maybe he wants to be an enemy because I made him an enemy." She said, thinking that could be the reason to why he was more angry now and acted the way he did. 

"How did you make him an enemy?" Ilyas asked. 

"I warned Heaven of her grandfather. He thinks I separated them by creating fear and hatred in her heart." 

Ilyas had smiled while shaking his head. "Do you know what it means to be the devil? The devil doesn't need to be made into an enemy. He is the enemy. As soon as he went back to his mission, he became the enemy. He doesn't discriminate when it comes to manipulation and temptation. Just because you are his mate doesn't mean that he will spare you. His family will be the first ones he tricks into following his path. He wants everyone to burn with him in hell." 

"How do you know?" She had asked him. 

"All ancient demons know each other. My parents were ancient. We used to live in the kingdoms. The devil made his kingdoms very enticing. He is very honest about being the tempter and wanting everyone to burn with him in hell. It is no secret and he doesn't pretend to be a saint. That is how good he is. You know he is the enemy, but because sin becomes your friend, you begin to ignore the truth. He makes you feel like you are no better than him, so you accept him and keep sinning." He explained. 

Looking at the painting, Irene understood what Ilyas told her. Everyone knew what the devil did. He never hid who he was. He even had a whole story painted on his walls, yet people stayed in his kingdoms. His family stayed in his kingdoms. 

She could understand why. She was a sinner too. Once she had also been blinded by temptations. It wasn't easy to resist. She had a weaker willpower than her son and granddaughter so she prayed to God to give her the strength to fight the temptations that would come her way while staying here. 

The demon took her to a great hall that looked like a throne hall and right in front of her was the devil's throne. Of course he had to have a throne. At least he wasn't wearing a crown. Only a devious smile. 

He stood up from his seat and walked down the stairs to meet her halfway. "Where can I find Zarin?" She asked before he could speak. 

"I would escort you to his room but he is not here currently." He replied. 

"Then are we all free to come and go as we please?" 

He smiled. "Everyone except for you and Heaven." 

"Why?" She crossed her arms over her chest. 

"Because you didn't choose to be here unlike everyone else." 

Irene stared at him for a long while. There were so many things she wanted to say, but it would be a waste of her time. 

"I would like to know where he stays. I will visit once he comes back." She said. 

"I can show you the way." He offered. 

Lothaire led the way, and Irene followed him in silence. She remained one step behind him, feeling a little uncomfortable to be in his company. He didn't say anything, probably knowing very well that she had no desire to talk to him. 

Irene tried to pay attention to where she was going instead so she could find Zarin later when he came back. 

"He stays here." Lothaire came to a halt and motioned toward a locked door. 

Irene nodded, then the awkward silence followed. "I will go back to my room." She said.

She knew her silence would disturb him more than if she said something, so she stayed quiet. Turning around, she walked away. Again, he didn't try to talk to her. At least he knew he did something that no words could fix. 

Her heart used to skip a beat every time she saw him, but this time it stayed quiet the whole time. He had silenced her heart when he made her watch Heaven suffer. He killed her heartbeat. 

If she was this tired, then she wondered how tired Heaven must be. How tired he must have made his own granddaughter. She wasn't surprised when Zamiel let her go. He was the kind of person to understand and see others' pain. Heaven had to endure a lot at the same time, without getting breaks in between to recover or at least process what happened. 

She lost her friend, had to deal with nightmares and fears that her grandfather planted while learning to become a ruler and fighting to be accepted. And then she almost lost her mate and was forced to leave him after. 

"I am letting her go. She is strong, but I don't want to test her limits. This is enough." Zamiel had told her and he was right. 

It wouldn't be good if she was pushed beyond her limit, and that is probably what Lothaire wanted to happen. But Heaven was quick to get up. If she cried and complained one night, then she would wake up the next morning with a newfound strength. She would accept her fate and keep going. 

But what was her granddaughter planning right now? She seemed focused and detached at the same time. As if her mind and body were here, but not her heart and soul. Irene couldn't tell yet if it was a good or a bad thing, but she was worried. 

When she teleported back to the room, she found Heaven getting dressed, but what she wore shocked her. 

"What is happening?"