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✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married to the Devil's Son Volume 3 Chapter 124........126✍️✍️✍️✍️




"It is always the ones with dirty hands pointing the fingers."- Sonya Teclai.


Heaven was preparing herself to go to the dinner that she was invited to. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought of whether it would be a good idea to go there wearing her own clothes or if she should dress like everyone else. She didn't want to draw attention and walking around dressing like she did back home made everyone know that she was new to the kingdom. That is not what she wanted. She wanted to blend in. 

After staring at herself for a while, she decided that she needed to change her clothes. She went to the suitcase that the women brought to her room and opened it. There were several fabrics in beautiful colors, but she grabbed a green one that matched the color of her eyes. Quickly changing into the strange clothes, she went to the mirror and looked at herself again. 

Her first thought was, no! 

This was too revealing. Her entire stomach and back were bare, and she wasn't comfortable revealing that much, especially now that she had lost so much weight. The skirt was tight around her hips, accentuating her curves, and the splits on the sides revealed her lower legs when she moves. She felt naked. 

While staring at her figure, her grandmother walked into the room. Her eyes widened when she saw the way she had dressed. 

"What is happening?" She asked. 

Heaven's shoulders fell. "I was invited to dinner by Lothaire's daughters." She said then explained what happened. 

Irene nodded. "Will you wear this?" She didn't like it. 

Heaven didn't feel comfortable in it either, so she decided to change back into her own dress. "No." She said, going back to pick up her much less revealing gown. 

"I am coming with you." Her grandmother was resolute, leaving no room for argument. 

"Alright." Heaven said, feeling no need to argue when her grandmother had already set up her mind. 

She wasn't invited, but who cared. Once Hezznin was here to escort her, Heaven would introduce her grandmother. If Hezznin continued to act kind, then she would invite her grandmother as well. 

And she was right. When Hezznin arrived at her door, she asked her grandmother to have dinner with them as well. She led them to what she called the main quarter. It was where the devil's family stayed. 

The main quarter had a different feel to it. It was brighter and more luxurious, with golden and wooden interior. Hezznin was very talkative, telling them a little about the kingdom, the people and her family. She had a soothing voice and a gentle smile as she spoke. 

Heaven guessed that they neared the dinning hall when she heard the sound of instruments playing, chatter, and laughter. They came to a large wooden door with a guard standing on each side. The guards opened the door for them and they entered a great hall filled with people. This didn't look like a simple family dinner. 

Hezznin noticed her surprised expression and smiled. "We are a big family." She explained. 

Heaven nodded. 

There were several large tables placed around the room, leaving the middle empty for a few women who danced to the music. They seemed to like a lot of entertainment in this kingdom. 

The tables were covered with food, wine, candles, and decorations. A few servants were present near every table, serving the guests. 

Tezznin was talking to a few guests when they entered the room. She excused herself to come and greet them. Then both of her aunts introduced their mates and children. 

Hezznin had two daughters, and Tezznin a daughter and a son. Hezznin's youngest daughter was closest to Heaven's age. Her name was Lilian. 

Lilian took upon herself to show her around and introduce her to the rest of her cousins. The ones from her uncles side. All of them were very kind and welcomed her. But Heaven wanted to see her uncles. The rulers of the different kingdoms. She was curious to know what they were like and how they would react to her arrival. 

She didn't think that they would like her, even if they pretended to. Her grandfather chose her to be a ruler among them. They would probably not like that someone as young and inexperienced as her got the same role and status as them. 

Heaven watched her grandmother from a distance, sitting with her aunts and other female demons. She didn't seem to enjoy herself, and neither was Heaven. Her cousins were kind, and Lilian made a special effort to make her feel included in the conversations by asking her questions. They all listened carefully, wanting to know what her life as a princess was like. 

When Heaven spoke positively about her life, they wondered why she was here. "Grandfather is forcing me to stay here." She spoke the truth. 

"Why?" One of them asked. 

"Well, he thinks I am fit to become a ruler. I will rule one of the kingdoms here." She explained nonchalantly.

If her grandfather wanted her for that purpose, then why not tell everyone? She just wanted to annoy them all. Some of them already looked at her in disbelief. 

"Are you not too young for that?" One of them asked. 

He was one of her uncles son and she could see that he already thought that her becoming a ruler was an insult to his father. 

Great, Heaven thought. 

"Grandfather is wise. If he thinks I am capable of ruling then…" She shrugged. "I guess I am."

Something in Lilian's gaze changed, but she forced a smile on her face. "Grandfather is very good at discovering different talents. I am sure he sees something special in you." She spoke in the same positive tone she used all the time. 

Some of her cousins didn't agree with Lilian, who was smart enough to not show her dislike of her comments. Like mother, like daughter, Heaven thought. They were all smart. 

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the hall changed when two men walked in. They were tall, with toned bodies and glowing skin. Really glowing, as if their bodies had been oiled. 

One of them had golden hair and golden eyes and looked very much like her grandfather. He wore a white robe around his waist and was adorned with golden jewelries. The other one wore blue robes that match his blue eyes. He matched his jewelries to his silver hair. 

Heaven didn't have to guess who they were. They looked very much like her grandfather. They were her uncles, and just like her aunts, their beauty was mesmerizing. 




"Life is tough my darling, but so are you."- Stephanie Bennett-Henry 


Her uncles were powerful, probably very old demons. She could tell by their aura as they walked further into the room. Her power was nothing compared to theirs. 

Heaven watched them carefully as they made their way to the table where her grandmother was sitting with her aunts. They greeted her respectfully and then introduced themselves. The one with golden hair was Marcus and the other one Lorien. Heaven wondered how her grandmother felt about being surrounded by her mate's children. Whatever she felt, she didn't show it. 

After speaking to her grandmother for a while, they turned around and started walking toward her. Heaven felt a little nervous, but she put on a brave face. 

When they neared the table, all of her cousins stood up and greeted them with a slight bow. They showed respect to these two men. Heaven thought of whether or not to stand up at first, but she remained sitting. She had no reason to follow their rules. In fact, acting any way she liked might make her grandfather tire of her and his family tire of him. 

She could see that a few of her cousins already disliked her for the way she was behaving, but her uncles showed no sign of distaste. 

Lorien waved with his hand for them to sit down before he turned to her. Lilian played host again and introduced them to each other. 

"It is nice to finally meet you." Lorien smiled. 

Heaven couldn't tell whether it was a genuine smile or if they were very good at acting. 

"Thank you." Was all she said, and it seemed to amuse them both. 

"I hope you are enjoying your stay here." Marcus said. 

"I am." 

Was she being rude? She wasn't used to talking like this to elders. 

"I am glad to hear. We won't be staying here for too long. We only came to greet you and your grandmother but we will see each other again." 

"I am sure we will." Heaven said. 

"Have a nice evening." Both gave her a slight nod and then left the hall while talking to each other. 

All of them seemed to put extra effort to welcome her.

"They seem busy if they had to leave already." Heaven told Lilian.

"They are. Our kingdoms are safe from those who don't belong here because it is hidden." Lilian explained. 

"Where are we now exactly?" Heaven asked. 

She knew the kingdoms were hidden and no one could find them unless her grandfather wanted to.

"Nowhere you can find on a map." She said. 

Heaven nodded. "What happens if you want to go to the human world and then come back?" 

"It is hard to explain but once you join grandfather, you can come and go as you please but when you decide to leave, you can't find your way back. It is almost as if this place never existed for that person." 

Heaven wished that was the case for her. She wished this place never existed. 

"You don't like being here." Lilian pointed. 

"Would you like to be away from your family?" Heaven asked. 

"No. I don't know what happened between you and grandfather, but I hope you don't dislike us all." 

Oh. She was good, Heaven thought. She was so believable, and Heaven would have believed her if she hadn't changed. She wasn't the same old Heaven anymore. Now she couldn't trust anyone. It felt as if everyone was hiding in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike. If her own grandfather could do this to her, then how could she trust other people? She had lost the part of her that always saw good in people and always believed in good. 

Lilian smiled at her, and Heaven thought of something to say that wasn't rude when someone in the room caught her attention. 

Again, for a brief moment, Heaven believed that she saw Zamiel, but it was the man who looked like him. His presence demanded womens attention, especially the young ones, and her female cousins gave each other a slight push. Heaven knew he was famous among women from the first time she had seen him. He looked like Zamiel, after all. 

Had Zamiel not been ancient, she would think this was his brother. 

He wore black around his waist and nothing on his upper body, like every other male in the hall. Heaven had never seen so much skin in her life before. And they loved jewelry. His muscled arms were adorned with golden bracelets, and his skin was glowing. They definitely put something on their skin, Heaven thought. 

But who was he, and what was he doing here? She could tell he wasn't in disguise, which disturbed her even more than if he had been in disguise. He gracefully went to sit with a few males at a table and chatted with them. 

Heaven noticed that Lilian was staring at him as well. "Is he someone you know?" Heaven asked. 

Lilian blinked a few times, and her cheeks flushed, but she tried to hide it. "Yes. He is just a family friend." She tried to sound uninterested. 

Heaven nodded and didn't ask anything further. They were served some dessert, and Heaven listened halfheartedly to what her cousins were chatting about. After a while her thoughts drifter away. She wondered about her parents and Zamiel. She thought of Klara, Roshan, and Gina. 

Heaven hadn't said goodbye to them. Saying goodbye to her family had already been difficult enough. She wasn't sure if she would be able to say goodbye to everyone else as well.

A part of her didn't want to say goodbye because she was afraid of never coming back then. Having not said goodbye to a few people she deeply cared for would make her fight harder to come back to them. 

Someone clapping their hands twice made her come out of her haze. Startled, she looked around, confused by why all of her cousins were getting up and leaving the table. 

"Not you." Someone spoke when she was about to get up as well and ask why they were leaving her behind. 

Heaven looked up to meet a pair of golden eyes. 

It was him. 

He pulled the chair in front of her and sat down. "We meet again." He smiled. 

Heaven became uncomfortable by how close he was sitting, only half dressed. 

He chuckled. "You seem surprised." He said. 

"Did you ask everyone to leave?" She asked, baffled. 

"No. I told them too." He said simply. 

He wasn't ancient, but she could tell he was very old and from his aura, he seemed to be from a powerful line of demons. Perhaps a direct descended of ancients. Heaven knew how demon hierarchy worked. 

From the corner of her eyes, she could see Lilian looking at her with envious eyes. 

"I see you are still dressed to draw attention." He looked at her dress. 

"I dress the way I like." She said. 

"I like the way you dress." He smirked. 

Heaven frowned. "I have a mate." 

Now it was his turn to frown, and then he looked around as if searching for someone. "Where is he?" He then asked, turning back to her. 

Heaven clenched her fists under the table. Was he being serious now? Why did it matter? She was marked, and he could see the mark. 

"It is none of your concern." She said, getting up to get away from him. 

He stood up as well. "Will you at least tell me your name this time before you leave?" He asked. 


He blocked her way when she tried to walk away. The audacity of this man. 

"I think you would prefer to be called by your name then something like… green eyed beauty." He smirked. 

He sure looked like Zamiel but behaved nothing like him. 

"I would prefer that you don't call me at all, and I would advise you to move out of my way before I embarrass you."




"He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind." -Buddha


The stranger chuckled and moved out of her way. Heaven quickly rushed out of the hall and halfway through, she remembered her grandmother. She halted and turned around, just to bump into someone's bare chest. Stumbling back, she heard a chuckle. 

It was him again. 

"Are you following me?" She asked angrily. 



"You don't want to go around alone wearing this." He said, nodding toward her dress. 

"Don't worry. The devil wouldn't let anything happen to me after all the trouble he went through to bring me here. And now he is going through more trouble to make me stay." She was referring to him, and he understood. 

"It is true that your grandfather sent me to you. He doesn't want you to be alone since you will be staying here, but now, after I saw you, I am actually curious about you." He said. 

Did he not understand the mate thing, or was he so sure she would stay here forever that he would have a chance? If she stayed here, then she would never see Zamiel again because her grandfather would never allow him into his kingdom. 

"I know you are planning to leave, but whatever plan you have, don't you think your grandfather already knows?" He asked. 

How could her grandfather know her plan when she didn't know it herself? Just like during her mission, she was making a plan as she went. Using opportunities that presented themselves. Unless her grandfather could see the future, he wouldn't be able to know what she would do next. The only thing he knew was that she had no plan to stay here forever. 

"Heaven!" Her grandmother came rushing after her. 

"I will see you again." Said the stranger then vanished. 

"Who was that?" Her grandmother asked as she neared. 

"Someone grandfather is using to tempt me." Heaven said simply. 

Her grandmother shook her head. "Let's go back." 

That night Heaven went to bed with many thoughts in her head. She couldn't stop thinking about her grandfather. He could read thoughts, he could watch the world, he could manipulate, compel, and he couldn't die. He was given all that power, making him undefeatable. 

No! Why did she think he was undefeatable? He was immortal, but that didn't have to mean he was undefeatable. She grew up learning she could defeat the devil by having strong morals and not letting herself get manipulated. 

Heaven had tried her best, but... possession? That was unexpected, and how was she supposed to fight possession? She had heard of demon possession before, but it almost never happened.

What was the reason?

The devil wasn't supposed to possess. Following him had to be a choice and not something forced on someone. 

This could only mean one thing, which she already knew somehow. He didn't want her to follow him. He was using her for something else. 

Heaven got out of bed carefully and wrapped herself in a cloak. She looked at her grandmother, who was sleeping peacefully, before she tiptoed out of the room. While walking around the castle earlier, she had seen painted walls that seemed to tell a story. She didn't know why she thought of it now, but she wanted to go back there. 

She wandered around in the dimly lit halls until she came to where she wanted to be. The painted walls. The colors glowed in the dark so she could see everything clearly, even in the dim light. Heaven followed the story of the paintings from the beginning. 

In the beginning, God created the world and let djinn live in the beautiful lands, but the djinn were ungrateful and caused corruption, turning earth into a dark place. Heaven had already heard this story from Zamiel, so it was familiar, but now she saw something else. When angels were sent to fight the evil djinn, the good djinn, who were only few, joined the angels to fight the evil ones. And her grandfather was one of them. 

As a reward, those djinn were raised to the heavens. They lived among the angels and were given names by them. Her grandfather was named Azazel. 

Heaven loved the painting because they told more than a thousand words. In the paintings, Azazel was portrayed as the one who worshiped God the most. It was odd to see that. 

But things changed when God created the first human. Why? Did Azazel feel threatened, or was he jealous? Or both? She couldn't tell. But as she went on, she understood that pride was his downfall. 

After living all those years in heaven, he felt entitled. He was the best amongst all, and now God created a new creature that wasn't even as well created as him. 

In the painting Azazel stood tall over the human, showing his superiority. He was more beautiful, faster and stronger. He was prideful. 

Azazel was threatened and jealous. He became obsessed with the human, observing his soulless form made of clay. What could be so special about this creature? The human was made of dirt while he was made of smokeless fire. He was like energy. He could float in and out of the human's body.

Heaven halted, watching the painting closely. He entered the body of the human. 

Like possessing him, but once he was inside, he found it empty. The body was hollow. 

Heaven didn't understand at first, but when she looked at the next painting, she understood that the body he entered had been soulless. The human was given a soul later. But what did all of that mean?

She felt as though this part was crucial. She wanted to know more. Throughout the painting the devil appeared strong, but Heaven could see his insecurities. He hated humans. He blamed God and the humans for being cast out of heaven, and now he was going to have his revenge. 

When he could ask one thing of God, he didn't ask for forgiveness. He asked for respite until all were raised from the dead. Until then, he promised to mislead them all. 

Later in the painting some were following him, and others were going the opposite way. 

What a strange thing, she thought. The whole story was told here, and it didn't portray the devil positively. Why would he keep these paintings? 

"Not everyone interprets it the way you did." Suddenly her grandfather was standing next to her and watched the painting. "We all can look at the same painting and see different things." 

Heaven looked at him. Why would someone like him even feel jealous? He was right. He was beautiful, strong, fast and many other things, but he let those things define him. He let what he was define him instead of who he was. 

He turned his head and glared at her, knowing what she was thinking, but he remained silent. 

"What do you see?" She asked him. 

He was quiet for a while. "I see someone who spent all of his time worshiping God only to be replaced." 

"But you were not replaced." 

"I was." He said harshly, startling her. She had never heard him raise his voice before or seen him angry. She was in shock. 

Every time she saw him, he had been calm. Even when he acted evil, he kept a smile, but right now his eyes were burning with anger. 

"When you are asked to bow down for someone after everything you did, after all the years of worship, then you are replaced." He said with clenched jaw. 

"What was your place?" She asked him. 

Was he given a certain position? 

Her question made his eyes burn with fire. A blue fire. Another new thing she witnessed today. This topic was a sensitive topic to him, she noticed. 

"Go back to sleep. You will start your training tomorrow." And just like that, he vanished. 

Heaven turned to the painting again, and one particular image caught her attention. The devil eating an apple.