✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married to The Devil's Son Volume 3 Chapter 127.......129 ✍️✍️✍️✍️




"The most dangerous person is the one who listens, thinks and observes." -Bruce Lee. 


Zamiel stood in front of the ocean watching the gentle waves in silence. It reminded him of his first kiss with Heaven, but he wasn't here to enjoy the view or the memories. He was here on a mission. 

As soon as Heaven left, he began with his plan. Beside confusing the devil, there was one thing he thought would help him, and it was the thing that confused him. 

The possession. 

It was unlike Lucifer to possess someone. Zamiel knew there would be severe consequences of taking away someone's free will, but he didn't know what the consequences were. Since possession was unusual, only a few knew what really happened. The rest only speculated, and Zamiel didn't know whose information he could trust. 

He needed a reliable source, and he could only think of one person. The first created water djinn.

It was perfect because now he could find information without the devil knowing. The devil only had access to what happened on land since those he wanted to mislead were humans. Under the water he would be safe from the devil's eyes and ears. 

Zamiel removed his shirt before walking into the water. It was cold, but it didn't bother him. He walked further in, and then he dived into the ocean. He didn't have to swim all the way to the water djinn's land. He teleported until he came to their safety walls that no one from outside could enter. 

Zamiel stood at the gate. Using his powers, he reached inside Axia's mind and called to her. She was quick to respond and sounded happy to hear from him. Soon the gates opened and he could enter the enchanting lands of the water djinn. No place on earth looked this beautiful, and Zamiel had seen most places on earth.

Axia stood at the entry with her mate. Zamiel hadn't met him before, so she introduced them. His name was Stilos, and he was a young demon. Not older than two-hundred years. 

"You came sooner than I expected. Did something happen?" Axia asked him. She knew him too well. 

"I came here to meet Euphorion." Zamiel said. 

Her eyes widened. "You know he doesn't like land demons." She reminded. 

"I know. Tell him it is Zamiel." He said. 

"Do you know each other?" She asked, surprised. 

"A little." 

She nodded. "Alright then. Follow me." 

Euphorion had his own kingdom under the waters. He was not only a lord, but a king as well. The good thing about being a water djinn was that they could live without hiding themselves from the humans. Under the waters they were free. 

When they reached his castle, they were stopped at the gates. The guards became a bit defensive when they noted that he was a land demon. 

"Let Lord Euphorion know that Lord Zamiel is here to meet him." Axia told the guards. 

One guard disappeared and came back quickly. He gave the other guards a nod to let them in. 

"I'll be alright from here." Zamiel told Axia.

"Are you sure?" 


"I will come and meet you after." She said. 

Zamiel nodded. 

The guard showed him the way and soon he came face to face with a djinn he hadn't seen for a very long time. 

Euphorion. An ancient water djinn. The first of his kind. 

He was the epitome of unique beauty. People would describe him as strange, yet mesmerizing. He had icy blue hair that fell over his shoulders in gentle waves, and his bare skin was pearl white. His lower body was covered in iridescent fish scales and his eyes shifted color as they turned to look at him. 

He tilted his head to one side and gazed at him curiously. "What brings an ancient land demon here?" He asked. 

"I came to ask for your help." Zamiel said. 

Euphorion became even more curious. "You need my help?" He arched one brow.


"If you came to ask for forces than you should know that water demons don't get involved in the conflicts you have on land." Euphorion reminded. 

"I don't need your forces. Only your knowledge. Do you know anything about demon possession?" He asked. 

Euphorion was one of the longest living djinn. Zamiel suspected that he knew more than most djinn knew about anything. 

Euphorion narrowed his eyes. "You should know better than to possess someone." He said. 

"What are the consequences?" 

Euphorion walked over to the white couch in the room and sat down. He crossed one leg over the other. "In worst case, you could be trapped in the person's body forever." 

"And if not?" 

"If not, then you could end up with the person's dreams, memories, emotions, characteristics, or all of them. That will confuse you, change you, disturb you and maybe even haunt you if that person had a bad experience." 

"Are you sure about that?" Zamiel asked. 

"You came here because you know that I know for sure." 

So the devil would end up with Heaven's emotions, characteristics, or memories? He must have known that, so why did he do it? 

He probably thought that nothing could happen to him. That he was untouchable. 

"Who possessed who?" Euphorion understood that Zamiel wasn't asking because he planned to possess someone. 

"The devil possessed my mate." 

Euphorions eyes widened. "He wouldn't be so foolish?"

"He was." 

Euphorion was surprised, but then he threw his head back and laughed out loud. "Oh, he is in deep trouble. I would love to see Lucifer struggle." He said. 

Euphorion and Lucifer were enemies. Not the type to go to war with each other, just disliking each other from afar. A fight between ancients only ended badly for everyone else involved. 

"What caused him to possess your mate?" 

Zamiel told him the story in hopes to find out more information. "Your mate is his granddaughter, and he possessed her?" He asked with a frown. 

Zamiel nodded. 

Euphorion was thoughtful for a while. "Could it be that he wants her qualities?" 

Zamiel frowned. He never thought of that, but then he shook his head. "Are you saying he wants to be like a young, innocent, and kind woman?" 

Euphorion laughed again. "That would suit him. Can you imagine?" 

No! He couldn't. 

"Maybe he feels old and is bored. He wants to see the world from a young woman's eyes." Euphorion continued. He was enjoying it. 

Zamiel remained serious. 

"Alright." Euphorion stopped laughing when Zamiel didn't join him. He stood up from his seat and clapped his hands together. "I would advise you not to do anything. I know it is difficult when your mate is away, but when your enemy is destroying themselves, you don't interrupt. Especially if your enemy is the devil." 

"How long will it take before the consequences make an impact?" Zamiel asked. 

"If your mate has a strong spirit than I am sure he is already dealing with the consequences." 

"She has not only a strong spirit but a good one as well." 

Euphorion smirked. "That makes it more entertaining."



Lothaire rushed back to his room. Why was he so angry? He never showed his emotions, especially not to those who hated him. He knew they would rejoice in his misery.

Heaven. The annoying little girl. She thought she knew everything, but she knew nothing about him. She thought she was better than him. All these humans thought they were better than him, but they weren't, and he was here to prove that. 

The paintings on the wall were a reminder for him to never forget why he was here. It has been an eternity since he was thrown out of heaven. He shouldn't be angry now. He had already turned his anger into motivation, so he didn't understand why he suddenly became so upset. 

Lothaire tried to calm down and focus. Was he doing all of this because of Irene? She was one of them. She was originally a human that practiced magic, making her a witch. He fell for the enemy. It was a joke on him, maybe even a punishment. The enemy turned out to be his true mate. 

Well, it didn't matter. They would all burn in hell together. 

Irene hated him now. She didn't hate him like this, even when he left her for his mission. Back then they had decided to go separate ways, and he went back to focus on his mission. Until he realized that he still wanted her and began with his plan to get her back. 

Since none of them wanted to come with him, he planted seeds of fear along the way. Fear of losing the most precious one in the family. Heaven became his target. 

He didn't have to do it that way. He could have gone to his mission as if it was his job and then come back home and be a good mate, father, and grandfather. But his mission wasn't just a job. It was the sole purpose of his existence. It was a priority, and if he couldn't even mislead his family, then he wasn't the devil. By getting them to join him, he would do what he was meant to do and get his mate at the same time. 

Lothaire teleported back to the paintings. Heaven was gone, and he watched the images alone in the dark. He stared at the painting where he was eating the apple. The tempter ended up eating the forbidden fruit. How Ironic. He was indeed tempted. He even wanted to have a bite right now. His gums itched badly. 

Clenching his jaw hard, he decided to go back to his room, but ended up going to Irene instead. She was sleeping alone in the large bed, which meant that Heaven was still wandering around the castle. What was she up to?

Forgetting about her, he watched Irene sleeping peacefully. What was he doing? Before he could convince himself to leave, he took a step forward and suddenly he was looming over her. His fingers reached for her face. Slowly, he removed her soft hair from her face and then caressed the smooth skin on her cheek. She stirred slightly, but continued to sleep. 

If he was patient enough, one day she would be sleeping in his bed. But he was suddenly feeling impatient. Strong emotions of longing struck him hard. He wanted her in his arms right now. 

Irene stirred again. She was waking up and instead of leaving quickly; he stayed. She turned with a frown and then opened her eyes. When she first saw him, she just stared, but then her eyes widened and she pushed herself up. She held the sheets tightly against her chest. 

Her first instinct was to look beside her to see if Heaven was alright. 

"Where is Heaven?" She asked accusingly, when she couldn't find her in bed. 

"She is taking a walk around the castle." He replied, but Irene was already getting out of bed. She looked for something to wear while holding the sheets against her body. 

"Why would she in the middle of the night? And what are you doing here?" She had a hard time finding her clothes in the dark. 

Lothaire picked up her robe. "Here."

She turned to him, looking furious, before she snatched the robe out of his hand. 

"You don't have to go. I'll ask her to come back." He said. 

"I don't need your help." She snapped while sliding into her robe. 

"As long as you are here you will need my help." He told, feeling irked again. 

She stopped moving and stared at him. "You are right. You bring me to a place where I am helpless so you can help me. That is very much like you." She said, as if realizing something. "You put people in danger so you can save them. Chain them so you can release them. Confuse them so you can guide them down your path."

Yes, that was him. Those things were so natural to him that he did it without thinking. He was unapologetic about his actions. Who decided what was wrong or right, anyway? God? 

He didn't care. To him, everything he did was justified. He was going to burn anyway, so why not do as he pleased? 

"Well, now you know for sure." He said. 

He knew that he gave her the impression that he was better while staying with her. But if she had known the true him, the one who hadn't changed for eternity, then she would know that he would never change. He would always be the devil. 

But humans, they always held onto hope. They believed in a God that they had never seen. 

Hope and belief. He hated these two things in humans. Without them, he would easily send them all to hell. 

"Yes, now I know." She said. "But what are you doing here?"

I missed you; he wanted to say, almost ruining his plan. Why was he being so emotional? He just wanted to cross the distance between them and kiss her. She would slap him, but he would take it. 

Her eyes narrowed, and she stared at his mouth. Lothaire felt the tip of his fangs against his lips. 

Irene shook her head and took a step back. "Don't." She said. 

"I won't!" He was offended that she would think he would forcefully mark her. 

But what did he expect? After all he did, he made her think the worst of him. 

"Then why?" She asked. 

"Can't I desire a woman?" 

She looked at him confused, but then shook her head again. "Just leave!" She told him. 

He didn't. Instead, he stalked toward her slowly, and she stepped away from him. 

"What... are you doing?" She stuttered. 

"You have been alone for so long. Don't you miss being desired?" He asked, stepping closer until he trapped her between him and the wall behind her. 


"You yearn for a man's touch, don't you?" He spoke to her in his hypnotizing voice while he gazed into her eyes. 

"I don't." She said, this time not sounding as certain as the first time. 

"You hate sleeping alone, not feeling the warmth of a man's body near you." He leaned into her, bringing his face close to her hair and smelling her scent. She stiffened and flinched back, but he could hear the fierce pounding of her heart. 

"Don't you want to feel it again? The warmth, the tingling pleasure?" He whispered into her ear.

He inhaled her scent again. He was already intoxicated, and he wanted to have her right now. Lust was indeed a strong feeling, and he had wanted to use it against her, but ended up feeling lost in it. 

Suddenly, he was pushed out of his haze. "I want nothing. Why are you doing this to me?" Tears filled her eyes. 

Lothaire felt a sting in his heart upon seeing her tears. What was this feeling? Was he feeling bad this easily?



Tears ran down her cheeks, and Lothaire vanished without saying another word. Irene was left angry, confused, and sad. She really wasn't strong enough to stay here, and she felt embarrassed for being this weak. 

Why did he have to use her loneliness against her? 

When he had first left, she hadn't been feeling as lonely as was now. Back then she had many things to keep her occupied. So many things had been new to her, and she wanted to enjoy them. She was a mother again and even a grandmother. Heaven had still been a child, and Irene got the chance to raise her and feel the joy of raising a child that was her own flesh and blood. Nothing in the world compared to that feeling. 

The role of a mother and grandmother was so fulfilling, but children grow and become less dependent with time. Heaven grew so fast and even though Irene was still needed as a parent and grandparent, she wasn't needed as much as before. 

While her children were busy with their lives, she tried to find ways to keep herself occupied, but it didn't help. That was when the loneliness started to creep into her heart. Everyone was busy. Lucian was busy ruling and Heaven learning how to rule. And they both had their mates that they spend time with when they weren't busy with their duties. 

What was her duty, besides being a mother and grandmother? Maybe that is why she felt easily lonely when her children weren't around. 

She had been happy when she heard that Heaven wanted to become a ruler. To see her granddaughter having other dreams than just getting married made her feel relieved. That way her whole life wouldn't evolve around her mate only, and if anything happened between them, she wouldn't end up like her. She would still have something to hold on to. 

But Irene had no other purpose and, like Zamiel told her, she was still holding onto her past. How was she supposed to move on and heal if she wanted to get over Lothaire by hating him? That would mean that she still felt something for him, even if that feeling was hate. 

Irene knew that she had to let it all go, and in order to do that, she had to get away from this place. But before that she would have to face her feelings and fears because she knew she would be staying here for a while. 

Her heart skipped a beat. She was scared and would have to mentally prepare herself. 

Irene wiped her tears away and cursed. She was supposed to be the stronger one. She was the grandmother, and she came here to support her grandchild, not be a burden. She had gone through a lot and that shouldn't make her weak. She was stronger than this. 

Tying the robe around her waist, she decided to find her cloak and go look for Heaven, but just then her granddaughter walked through the door. 

"Grandma?" She looked surprised. 

"Heaven! Where have you been?" Irene scolded. 

"I am sorry. I didn't mean to worry you but I didn't want to wake you up." 

Irene used her magic to light some candles. She wanted to see Heaven's face clearly. "You shouldn't walk around alone this late." 

"I am sorry." She said, taking off her cloak. "I am here now. Let's get some sleep." 

She crawled up in bed and patted next to her. Irene sighed and went to sleep next to her granddaughter. She covered them with the blankets. 

"Have you been crying?" Heaven asked. 

"No." Irene lied and Heaven narrowed her eyes. 

"Was grandpa here?" 

She couldn't lie anymore. "Yes." 

"What did he do?" She asked. 

"Nothing. He just wanted to talk." 

Heaven nodded and was silent for a moment. "Do you still like him?" She asked, surprising her. 

Like? No. She couldn't say she liked him. She couldn't say she loved him, either. Right now her feelings weren't black and white. It was complicated, and it was probably like that because they were mates. Sometimes she wondered what it would be like if they weren't mates. 

In her case, having a mate felt like a curse rather than a blessing. Why would she be mated to the devil? For her, there had only been one logical explanation. The devil could change and be good. Why would God otherwise pair her with the devil? 

She still believed that everyone could change as long as they lived, but Lothaire had already broken her heart into a thousand pieces after what he did to Heaven. Her feelings for him would never be the same, even if he changed. 

"No, I don't like him." She said. 

"Grandma. I won't judge you. I know what it feels like to be mates. You can't control those feelings." 

"I know." Was all she could say. 

Heaven was quiet for a long moment, but then she smiled. 

"Grandma. You never go out and meet people. You are always calm and you think a lot before you act. I know you behave that way because you don't want to make the same mistakes again, but mistakes are part of life and sometimes great things come out of making bad choices and acting reckless. I know that." She smiled, referring to releasing Zamiel from the coffin. If they hadn't been mates, then they would all be dead right now. "Can you say that your mistakes only led to bad things?" 

Irene became thoughtful. She got blessed with Heaven and Lucian, so she couldn't say that her mistakes only led to bad things. 

"You should stop being afraid. You should go out, meet new people, make some new friends and maybe even fall in love again. You have the advantage of originally being a witch. Having a mate doesn't restrict you the way it does with full born demons. Only they are completely bound to their mates." Heaven explained. 

"Who told you that?" Irene asked. 

"Zamiel explained it to me. Mates are made for demons. You are a turned demon. Had you not given birth to father you would still be a witch and I am half demon. This means that we can still find someone we like beside our mate." She explained. 

"I have never heard it before." Irene said. 

"Ancients know more and grandpa would probably not tell you this." 

Irene nodded thoughtfully. She didn't know what to do with this new information. 

"You are not bound to grandpa the way he is bound to you. You can still find someone else and fall in love, but you can't do that if you don't meet people." 

Irene chuckled. "Who would want me? I am a demon and witch. Both demons and witches hate me and a human would grow old before me." 

"Hate only lasts until love takes its place. Who hated witches more than Zamiel and now he is with me." 

Irene smiled. Heaven had a reply to everything. 

"When we go back, go out and meet new people and see what happens. It won't hurt." She said. 

"Alright." Irene agreed. 

If it was only that easy.