✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married To the Devil's Son Volume 3 Chapter 130.......132✍️✍️✍️✍️




Heaven found herself standing in the heavenly garden in her grandfather's kingdom. It was late at night, the stars and the moon were shining brightly against the dark sky. She could only hear the soft breeze and the water rushing down the fountains. The aroma of flowers, grass, earth, and rain filled her senses. 

This scent was very familiar. The set of wet earth and rain. Heaven's eyes searched the garden until they met a pair of silver eyes. They were gleaming in the dark, just like the moon against the sky. His dark hair cast shadows on his sculpted face, giving him a menacing look.


He stepped out from the shadows, and Heaven's eyes widened when she saw him clearly. He was dressed like the people of this kingdom. The only thing he wore was a black fabric around his waist and silver bracelets around his arms and wrists. He looked breathtaking, and she found herself staring at his body. 

Zamiel stalked toward her slowly until he was standing close enough to touch her. 

"Zamiel, how did you get here?" She asked. 

"This is how we first met." He said. 

How... was this a dream? 

"This is a dream." She whispered for some unknown reason. 

He nodded. 

It felt so real, but it always felt real when he came to her in her dreams. 

"Why are you dressed like this?" She said. 

He looked down at his bare chest before looking at her again. His lips curved into a smile. "I think you wanted to see me this way." He said. "I appear in your dreams the way you like to see me." 

Heaven opened her mouth to say something, but she was speechless. How could that be possible? She had wondered what he would look like dressed like this when she had seen the demon who looked like him, but how could he know?

Her gaze went to his bare chest, and her cheeks burned. 

"You can touch." He said in a low tone. 

Heaven gently placed her hand on his chest. She could feel his heartbeat under her palm and as she ran her fingers down, she felt the scar from the wound she inflicted. 

It wasn't completely healed yet. What kind of poison had her grandfather used? 

"How is your stay here?" Zamiel asked. 

She looked up at him. "It is alright." 

He seemed to know something that he wasn't telling her. "Did you find a solution?" She asked. 

"Yes." Was all he said, and she understood that he couldn't tell her the whole plan. Her thoughts were not safe from the devil, but she was so glad to hear that he found a way. "It will take some time." 

"I'll be alright." She assured him. 

He cupped her cheek and leaned down, bringing his lips close to hers. Heaven closed her eyes as she felt his hot breath against her lips. She waited, but nothing happened. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself in bed. 

"No!" She sat up, frustrated. 

This was unfair!

"What is wrong?" Her grandmother spoke, sitting up on the bed as well. 

Oh, she woke her up. 

"Nothing." She blurted. 

Her grandmother shook her head and climbed out of bed. 

After getting dressed for the day, they were served a royal breakfast, as usual. Heaven ate in silence while thinking of Zamiel. Did he do that on purpose, or did her dream just end? He wouldn't be so cruel to tease her like that, would he? 

Oh no! She should have asked him about the paintings. The images kept coming back to her, and she knew she had to find out more. She had to find someone who would tell her more. Maybe she could lure Lilian to tell her. It wasn't a secret after all if it was painted on a wall. 

"Do you want to visit Zarin with me?" Her grandmother asked. 

Heaven didn't feel emotionally stable to talk to him yet. She was afraid of lashing out. Until she had something good to say, she decided to keep a distance. 

"I need more time." She admitted. 

Irene nodded. 

Once her grandmother left to find Zarin, Heaven got a visit from Tezznin. 

"Father told me you are starting your training today." She smiled. 

"Yes." Heaven replied. She had almost forgotten. 

"I will be teaching you today." She said, reaching her hand out. Heaven looked at her questioningly. "We are going a bit far away so walking would take too long." She explained. 

Heaven took her hand and Tezznin teleported them to what looked like a throne hall. The hall was dark like the rest of the castle, with the same shades of red, black and grey. The walls were covered with strange symbols and frightening illustrations. There were painting of hell, people getting punished in gruesome ways, blood, naked bodies and monsters. 

"I know. I still can't get used to these paintings, but that is what makes them special." Tezznin spoke. 

Special? Yes, she could agree that there was something special about the way they were painted. It was almost as if the people in the painting could come alive any time. 

"Come." She said, leading her to the throne. "This is yours." She said, motioning for her to sit down. 

Heaven sat down hesitantly. "I thought I would get some training first?" 

Tezznin smiled. "You will get it now. We will start with the easy step. Today, you will reward demons who have done a good job." 


Tezznin opened the large doors to the hall with a wave of her hand. "Come in." She then called. 

A male demon appeared in sight. He didn't bother to walk over. He teleported, so he stood beneath the throne where she was sitting. 

"Tell me, demon. What did you accomplish today?" Tezznin asked. 

Heaven guessed that he was young, since she couldn't feel any power emanating from him. 

"I sang a beautiful song." He replied. 

Heaven was surprised when she heard his voice. There was no doubt he sang beautifully. 

"Did it work?" She asked. 

"Yes. She liked it very much." He replied. 

Heaven couldn't understand what they were talking about. 

Tezznin chuckled. "Of course she did. I love it when we help women." She said turning to Heaven. "This young demon helped a woman achieve her dreams."

"What dreams?" Heaven asked.

"Tell us the details, young demon." Tezznin smirked.


Heaven was left shocked after she listened to the young demon's story. She wasn't surprised only because of the story but the way he told it. He seemed very proud of what he had done. 

The woman he claimed to help seemed to be greedy. She found a wealthy man to marry and then using his wealth; she went to find pleasure somewhere else. 

"That is not helping, and it is wrong." Heaven said. 

Tezznin chuckled. "Why is it wrong? Men can go find pleasure somewhere else when they are married and they face no consequences. So what stops women from doing the same? As for the wealth, men marry women for beauty, so why can't women marry for wealth?" 

"Men who marry women only for their beauty end up going to other women and women who marry men only for their wealth seem to end up doing the same. No one is happy in the relationship, that is not helping someone. As for women facing consequences and not men, you are right. That is why you shouldn't have helped her. If she gets caught, which she will eventually, then she will be in deep trouble. Her life will be at risk." Heaven said. 

"It will be worth it. Would you rather live a long life with no pleasure or a short one filled with adventure?" Tezznin asked. 

Heaven looked at her for a long moment. She remembered once saying that she would rather live a short life where she was happy than a long one that felt empty. 

Tezznin tilted her head to one side and smiled. "Many women don't get to choose their husbands and they get neglected after marriage. Don't they deserve pleasure? We are only helping them."

Even though Heaven felt bad for the women, she knew that these demons weren't helping them out of goodness.

"And why are you helping them?" Heaven asked. 

"That is what we do." She said. 

"You don't help humans." She emphasised the word humans because she knew her grandfather hated them. 

Tezznin's smile faded, and she gazed at her with a serious expression. "Your definition of help might mean letting humans live a miserable life so they can go to heaven, but we help humans live their lives to the fullest. We don't judge. We free them so they don't have to fight what's in their nature." 

Heaven had to admit that the way Tezznin explained it sounded good. She had an answer to every question and justified everything they did. According to them, they did all of this for good reasons, but why? Why would they care?

Taking a deep breath, Heaven turned to the young demon. "Can I choose not to reward him?" She said, changing the subject. There was no reason to argue with Tezznin. 

"Of course. You decide. But they all want to be rewarded so he will come back next time with a better story." She smirked. 

Oh, she was good. What a gentle way to threaten someone. 

"Don't you have anything else to do?" Heaven asked the young demon. 

"Like what, My Lady?" 

"Like a proper job and then go home to your family." 

"I don't have a family and this is my job. I get everything I need and more doing this." 

Tezznin gave him a smile. 

So this was how they made a living. Her grandfather offered them to stay in his kingdom for free exchange for their services. 

"Do you have another talent besides helping people find a short-lived happiness that could lead to death?" She asked. 

He smiled. "I can sing." 

"You have a beautiful voice." Tezznin said, eyeing him before she turned to Heaven. "Doesn't he?" 

Heaven kept a straight face. "Yes, he does. Your voice is soothing." She told him. "Do you know anything about human war strategies?" 

The demon blinked a few times, confused. His gaze turned to Tezznin and then back to her. 

"No, My Lady." 

"Do you know anything about trading and the market economy?" 

He shook his head. "No, My Lady." 

Heaven sighed and leaned back. "Do you have a good memory?" She asked. 

"I do, My Lady." 

"Good." She smiled. "I will be impressed if you come back next time with some knowledge about these subjects. With you voice I would listen to your lectures." She told. 

His eyes darted in confusion. Again he looked at Tezznin for some sign, but she just smiled. 

"Will I be rewarded for that?" He asked, turning to Heaven. 

"Of course." She smiled. 

The young demon bowed, then left. 

"It seems like you are preparing to rule somewhere else?" Tezznin pointed. 

"I am sure that is no surprise to you." Heaven said. 

Tezznin smiled, amused. "You are fun to watch." 

Heaven knew she wouldn't annoy Tezznin so easily. 

The next demon that came in was also a male. Again half dressed like everyone else. Heaven was starting to get used to it. 

"Oh…" Tezznin's eyes widened. "Another young one." She said. 

She seemed to like the younger ones, which was unusual for female demons. They liked older demons because of the power, but Tezznin liked to be the powerful one. 

She gave Heaven a nod to start her interrogation, but Heaven asked something else instead. "Do you have a talent?" She asked. 

"Yes, tell us. I would love to know that." Tezznin purred walking down the stairs to take a closer look at him. 

He had short brown hair that was a bit messy, beautiful green eyes, and a youthful face. He looked innocent. What horrible thing did he do?

The demon stared, surprised by the question. "I… I can do anything you like me too." He said. 

"Then would you undress for us?" Tezznin asked. 

Heaven's jaw dropped, but the demon smirked. "It will be my pleasure." He said, grabbing the fabric around his waist. 

"Don't!" Heaven called. 

Tezznin groaned. "He wants to."

"But I don't want to." Heaven said. 

Tezznin put one hand on the male's bare shoulder and gave him a sad expression. "Don't worry. You look fine. She is just not over her mate yet." 

Yet? Heaven wanted to slap her, but she told herself to calm down. 

The young demon nodded. 

"Yes, your talent. Tell us." Tezznin cheered as she went back and sat down on one of the stairs that led up to the throne. 

"I can paint." He said. 

"I would love to have a painting of myself. Naked." She smiled. 

"It would be my pleasure to make a painting of you." He said. 

Tezznin looked back at Heaven. "Would you like to have a painting of yourself?" 

"No, thank you." 

Heaven understood what was going on. Tezznin was playing her game, but she was better at it. 

"Can you do anything else?" Heaven asked him. 

"I can do anything you ask me to do." He said proudly. 

"Good. Then I want you to do nothing until next time. You will be rewarded then."

A frown settled between his brows, and Heaven motioned for him to leave. 

The next demon was a male again. "Are all of them males?" Heaven asked. 

"No. I just asked for the males. I like to reward them. My sister is taking care of the females." She explained. 

This one was tall and well built. He had two braids on each side of his head and the rest of his hair fell down his back in golden waves.

And he had no talent.

"Everyone has a talent. You just haven't discovered yours yet. Try to discover your talent until our next meeting." And just like that, she sent him away, confused, like every other demon. 

When she had met a dozen of them and sent them back with a new mission, she was done with her first lesson. 

"It wasn't bad. It was fun." Tezznin smiled. 

It wasn't at all. Heaven had tried to come up with excuses to not reward them and not make them do anything worse until next time. But they would probably still do something bad, whether she gave them a mission, rewarded them or not. Even though they addressed her respectfully, she knew that they would listen to Tezznin at the end. 

Every time she said something, they turned to Tezznin for confirmation. Heaven knew Tezznin was only letting her do things her way, because it wouldn't matter. It was a waste of time, but at least some of them would come back with information that would be helpful to her. While she was here, she would keep educating herself.

When she went back to her room, her grandmother was still missing. Heaven wondered where she was because it couldn't be taking so long to talk to Zarin. She went to the window and looked outside. Her grandfather was clever to give them a room with a great view. He knew how much they loved their gardens. 

Heaven stared outside, her eyes searching the garden, when she caught sight of her grandmother. She was sitting on a bench laughing at something a male demon seated close her said. While laughing, she put one hand on his shoulder. 

Who was he? And what was happening?


Heaven made her way to the garden to see what her grandmother was up to and who she was talking to. She seemed to be having a good time but Heaven wanted to make sure that everything was alright and nothing strange was going on. 

When she came to the garden, her grandmother was sitting very close to a half-dressed male demon, so close that their thighs and shoulders were touching. And he was telling her something in a low tone that made her chuckle. Clearly her grandmother wasn't as uncomfortable near those half-naked men as she was. 

When Heaven neared where they sat, she became hesitant. She didn't know whether or not to interrupt them, but then she decided to do it, anyway. 


Irene stopped chuckling and turned her head. "Heaven." 

She stood up, and the male demon followed her with his gaze. "Were you looking for me?" She asked. 

"Yes." Heaven replied. 

"I am sorry. I met Nyle here…" She motioned toward the male demon and he smiled at her. "And he was kind enough to show me around and keep me company. Nyle, this is my granddaughter Heaven." She introduced her. 

Nyle stood up from his seat and walked up to her. Taking her hand, he kissed her knuckles. "It is nice meeting you, Heaven." He said charmingly. 

Heaven gave him a meek smile, not knowing how to react. Nyle was good looking. He was tall, strong and had a sunkissed skin. His dark brown hair was lighter on the tips that reached his shoulders, and his amber eyes were framed by long lashes. His face was angular with masculine features and a light stubble. 

"Will you be back soon?" Heaven asked, since she couldn't ask what she truly wanted to ask in front of Nyle. 

"I would like if you stayed for a while." Nyle told her grandmother. 

Irene smiled at him and then turned to Heaven. "If there is nothing urgent, I would like to stay with Nyle for a while." She said. 

"I will escort her back personally." Nyle added. 

As if that would reassure her. "Alright." Heaven said. "Don't be out for too long." 

When did they change roles? Now it felt like she was the grandmother. 

As she turned and left them behind, Heaven wondered what had gotten into her grandmother. She was the one who said they would never belong here, so why was she spending time with that demon?

Did she get her message the wrong way? Heaven had encouraged her to meet people, but she hadn't meant the ones in this kingdom. They were supposed to go back home one day. She would just talk to her grandmother later and make sure there was no misunderstanding. 

As she went back to her room, she walked passed the paintings of the devil's story. She came to a halt and looked at the one where he ate the apple. From the stories she had heard, it was Eve who ate the apple. Why was the devil eating it? 

Who could she ask about these paintings? Would her grandfather tell her why he ate the apple? Was the story different from what she had heard? 

"Aren't these paintings fascinating?" 

Oh no. She knew this voice and as she turned to look at the man who looked so much like her mate; she grimaced in distaste. 

He stood next to her, facing the paintings. 

"What is fascinating?" She asked. 

"The story itself and that everyone can watch it." He replied.

"And what about this?" She said, pointing at the part where her grandfather was leading everyone to hell. 

 The stranger nodded. "We are going to hell." He said simply. 

"You can't know for sure." She told him. 

"I know." He said, looking serious. 

Heaven looked into his golden eyes. He did believe that he was going to hell. 

"Do you want to go there?" She asked. 

He chuckled. "Who wants to burn?" 

"Then it is not too late to turn around." She told him. 

He looked at her, amused. "Are you trying to convince me to be good?" 

"Why not? You are trying to lead me away from my mate."

He shook his head. "Wrong. You are already away from your mate." He said, walking closer to her. "So you can either be alone or be with me." 

"I choose to be alone." She said. 

Again, his lips curved into a mischievous smile. 

"Look." He said, walking toward the painting and pointing at the image where Eve was eating the apple. "Do you know what the apple represents in the painting?" 

Heaven shook her head. 

"Temptation." He said. "The first to fall for temptation and sin was a woman."

Heaven crossed her arms over her chest. "What are you implying?" 

He chuckled. "I am saying, women are not good at resisting." 

Now it was her turn to laugh. This man must have had no woman to tell him no. She would happily disappoint him. 

"You don't temp me so I have nothing to resist." She said. 

He ignored her and followed the painting back to when Eve was created. "Eve was created for Adam. Women were created for men. Women belong to men." He turned to her. "Does that not upset you? That you were only created for a man?" 

"If you put it that way is sounds upsetting, but I see it differently in my head.." She said, studying the painting. 

The stranger became curious. "How do you see it?" He asked her. 

Heaven went back to before Eve was created. 

"This is what I see." She began pointing at Adam spending his days alone in heaven. 

"God created man, and the man was in heaven. He had everything, but he was alone. Incomplete. So God created a woman to be his companion. To complete him." She turned to the stranger to see if he understood, but he waited for her to continue. 

"A man is alone without a woman. Men need women. You are incomplete without us. Now does that upset you?" She asked mockingly. 

A frown settles between his eyebrows, and she laughed. "Don't worry. It is the other way round too. Eve was Adam's mate, and he was hers. They completed each other. Some men might see it as a woman created for a man and therefore feel superior, but the order of creation doesn't matter. I have noticed that many demons feel superior to humans because they were created before them. It is a strange way of thinking. God's way of creating doesn't get worse with every creation."

She turned back to the painting. "Look. God didn't create Eve the way he created Adam. God didn't create her separately. Then we could say that they were different. Maybe one superior to the other. But God created Eve from Adam. She was a part of him. We all have the same origin." 

He nodded. "You seem educated." He said, impressed. 

Heaven was surprised. She hadn't even realized how deeply she had analyzed the painting. Now she found it fascinating. 

"It is only how I see it." She said. 

The stranger smiled. "The way you see it is accurate." He said. Then he went and pointed at something on the painting. It looked like symbols. "Do you know what is written here?" He asked. 

She shook her head. 

"God created everything in pairs." He said, reading the symbols. 

Heaven's brain slowly started to work. 

Everything was created in pairs. 

Adam and Eve completed each other. 

The devil ate the apple. 

The apple symbolized temptation. 

Devil was created from fire. 

Adam was created from earth. 

Fire. Earth. Apple. All of those were symbols. 


It could also mean something else. 

"I need to go." Heaven said. 

Lifting her dress up, she turned and hurried away. She didn't know where she was running, but with this information, she wasn't safe. 

She knew exactly what her grandfather's interpretation was. Irene wasn't only his mate. She was his other half. They were a pair created for each other. Or even worse, she was created for him. He wanted to possess her. 

He was fire; she was earth.

Heaven kept running, but she knew she couldn't run from the devil. He appeared right in front of her. Heaven halted, and her heart jumped to her throat. 

"Oh Heaven. Why do you have to make things so difficult?" He smirked.