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Chapter 341 The Child of Prophecy 1 unedited

(Regaleon’s POV)

The baby that was wrapped carefully in fine cloth and was being cradled by the midwife, had a crown of silver hair and shining silver eyes. The babe’s expression was so peaceful, as if you would not want to make any noise to startle him.

"W-What kind of sorcery is this?!" The male attendant that was beside the emperor freaked out. "How can the concubine birth such an... an albino?!"

Everyone inside the courtyard heard the male attendant’s words. They gasp after hearing that an albino was birthed by the emperor’s concubine. The people from Xing’s neighbor country Rabanasi had olive brown skin and black curly hair, other hair colors were unheard of. With a country that never had seen other hair colors except for black, they will think ill thoughts about the baby.

"H-How dare you..." A weak voice was heard from inside the birthing quarter.

A beautiful woman who looked like in her early twenties came out with a maid helping her. She had silky black hair and porcelain white skin, but her face was pale. I concluded that this as the king’s concubine that just had given birth.

"My son... still has the blood of the king running in his veins." The concubine looked at the male attendant with sharp eyes of anger. "Your majesty, even if my son looks different from everyone, please spare him." The concubine knelt in front of the king.

"My lady!" Her maid was startled when the concubine knelt down. "Please get up, the floor is cold. You have just given birth, it may affect your health." The maid also knelt down to assist her lady.

"Your majesty, please do not find fault on your child. Please blame me instead." The concubine lowered her head to the floor. "This child... is still your son. He still has your royal blood running thru his little veins. Please spare him and punish me instead."

"Punish?" I was confused. "Is giving birth to a child that was different, a serious crime here?" I asked the Almighty One who was beside me.

"This country, as I said is very closed off and strict with their rules. Something that is different and they do not understand, are deemed unfit or dangerous in their eyes." The Almighty One replied. "Hence I, who was so different from them, was supposed to be sentenced to death at my birth because of my abnormal appearance."

I clenched my fists feeling anger with this unjust treatment. This country has such cruel ways, sentencing a baby to death just because it is different.

"Get up my concubine." The king helped his concubine to get up. "I have heard your words and understood them. This child is still my blood. He will be named Lang Fang."

The people around gasped in surprise. For the king to name his child on his own was a sign of affection. He walked towards the midwife and asked for the baby to be placed in his arms, and so the midwife had done so.

"This child is my son, born from my beloved concubine. And so, mother and child will be protected by me, the king of Xing." The king walked towards his concubine and placed a kiss on her forehead. "I am sorry for being late, my love. Now go back with little Fang, you both need rest."

The concubine had tears in her eyes and nodded. The king gave the baby to the maid that was helping the concubine and he assisted the concubine himself inside the room. After the doors were shut, the people around started to murmur.

"The king really loves his concubine."

"I know right. He loves her more than the queen."

"The concubine birthed a son. Do you not think that he can contended with the queen’s son for the throne?"

"That is absurd. Have you seen that the child is an albino. How can he become king of Xing?"

"It was lucky that the baby was able to keep his life. It is because of the king’s love for his concubine, I am sure."

With the people’s words, I have some rough thought about the Almighty One’s parents.

"I was lucky to keep my life because of the king’s love to my mother." The Almighty One said. "My mother, she was a very good person. She loved me very much, even though me her son looked different. If I was just normal, she would have lived a more prosperous and happy life." His voice sounded sad.

"I believe that you did not have such an easy early life." I said. "I understand, since I also have such experience in my childhood." I said.

"If it was just my appearance was different, then I could have lived with the uneasy stares and harsh words towards me." The Almighty One said. "But, it was not only that." I looked at him curiously.

Our scenery changed in a blur. We were now inside a massive room.


The door banged open, and a woman who wore a red dress and gold ornaments rushed inside with anger.

"That b*tch actually birthed a son!" The woman said. "I cannot believe that she would be blessed by the heavens like this!"

Behind her, three men followed. The one I recognized as the male attendant who was in attendance while the concubine was giving birth, while the two looked middle aged.

The queen stopped in front of a table and grabbed the vase that was on it and threw it away with such force, while pushing the other things off the table.


"Calm down my daughter. Even though she birthed a son, you are still the first to give his majesty an heir." One of the middle aged man said. "Her child cannot contend against my grandson who will surely inherit the throne."

"Prime minister is right, your majesty. Do not worry to much, my queen." The male attendant said. "The concubine had birthed an albino with silver hair and eyes. None of the ministers will think of making that child the heir."

"Is that true?" The queen asked.

"Yes your majesty, I saw the babe myself." The male attendant replied. "The babe should have been sentenced to death if not for that concubine’s interference. The king had shown pity after she knelt down and begged."

"That wench really infuriates me." The queen banged the table with her fist. "She had stole his majesty’s love away from me."

"Is it true that the babe has silver hair and eyes?" The other middle aged man asked.

"Yes, I can attest to it." The male attendant said.

"If so, then he must be the child of the prophecy." The middle aged man said.

"What prophecy are you talking about taoist." The prime minister asked.

"My master, who has been gifted with foresight, read the stars and has prophesied that, a baby boy of silver hair and eyes will be born on the lunar eclipse." The taoist said. "This boy will be a man of great magical power, able to tame the four great beasts. He will be the one to unite east and west, bringing long lasting peace to the world."

"What?!" The other three said in unison

"If I am correct, it is a lunar eclipse now." The male attendant mumbled.

"That is true." The taoist replied. "It was the same time as the concubine had given birth."

"That b*tch’s son has such a prophecy!" The queen gritted in anger.

"Who else knows about this so called ’prophecy’?" The prime minister asked.

"Only my master and I, who is his apprentice knows of this." The taoist said. "My master have secluded himself to the mountain, just waiting for his end due to old age."

"Hmm, that is good." The prime minister said.

"What are you thinking, father?" The queen asked.

"We can use this so called ’prophecy’ to our advantage." The prime minister had a sinister smile.

I looked at the Almighty One, horrified with what I just learned.

"I did not have a good childhood, with this kind of people aiming for my life." The Almighty One said with a sad smile.

Chapter 342 The Child of Prophecy 2 unedited

(Regaleon’s POV)

The scenery once again changed, and we were now in a different courtyard. What I saw now was a small Lang Fang, running around with a ball in hand. He looked at about five years of age. I also see his mother sitting under a tree’s shade with the king. They looked like they were having tea together.

The Almighty One led me near the king and his concubine, and I was able to hear their conversation.

"Your majesty, I have given you such a big burden." I hear the concubine say. "Because of Fang, you have been arguing with your ministers in court often. If only... Fang was born a normal child." She seemed sad.

"You do not need to worry, my love. I am doing this because Fang is our son." The king said. "Whatever the prime minister and the queen throw at our little Fang, I will block them with all my might."

"I know how you feel your majesty. Fang, he is our precious son. Who would have thought that such prophecy would be connected to him?" The concubine has said.

"I am not yet sure if what the prophecy the taoist said is true." The king said. "The taoist is one of the prime minister’s people, and so I cannot just believe what he says. I have ordered to search for his master that has long secluded himself in the mountains."

"But just now, in Fang’s tender years, he has been showing unbelievable magic." The concubine said. "To think he is foretold to bring a huge calamity to our country. Your majesty, I do not wish my son to be sentenced to death because of this."

I looked around and saw the little Fang using wind and water magic while playing with his ball. He looked very happy playing alone in the wide courtyard.

"Yes, I can see clearly how he can manipulate the elements to his will. And with that I am proud of him." The king said. "Do not worry my love. I will do everything in my power to block the ministers that wants the death of Fang. They will not harm our son."

"My parents have done everything in their power to shield me from danger. Day by day my power was growing, and I was said I would be able to tame the divine beasts that the country of Xing deemed as gods." The Almighty One said. "But, my parents cannot hold the tide for long."

The scenery once again changed. Now we were on a pier, overlooking the wide sea. The pier was busy with a lot of people doing their businesses. Then my eyes were caught by three figures wearing cloaks with hoods covering their heads and faces. They were walking pretty fast towards the ship docks. Once they walked pass me, the hood of one of them was blown by the wind. Then I saw the glimpse of silver long hair and eyes. It was the Almighty One in his early teens, maybe in his twelve or thirteen years of age. The one beside him was his mother that pulled back the hood over him.

"Mother, why are you going so fast?" The young Lang Fang asked. "Should we not be at father’s side. He is very sick. I am worried for him."

"We have no time for this Fang." The concubine said. "Your father, I am afraid it is not an ordinary sickness."

"What do you mean?" Lang Fang had a face of shock and stopped in his tracks. "Do you mean that father was poisoned? But... how?"

"Shh... Fang. We have no time for this." The concubine said. "It was your father and I that decided that you must go out of the country for your own good. It is not safe to be here, now that they even bared their fangs towards you father, the king of Xing."

"But should we not go back and tell the ministers of this?!" Lang Fang said with anger. "How dare they do this to their own king!"

"I am afraid it is too late son. They have the majority of the ministers on their side." The concubine said with grief. "But while you are alive, there is still hope. This ship will lead you to Rabansi with Chen. He is your father’s most trusted shadow guard, he will surely protect you. The roads are watched carefully by the queen’s side, and so the water ways are the most safe for you."

"But... what about you, mother?" Lang Fang asked with a confused face.

"I cannot leave the country Fang. There are still some ministers that side with your father and you." The concubine replied. "I need to be here and prepare for your return. Do not worry, I will be hiding from them."

"But mother..." Lang Fang said but then they heard the bells’ toll.


It was a sound of melancholy. The busy people in the pier stopped what their busy work once they heard the bells’ toll.

"The king is dead!" I heard someone shout. The slow toll of the bells meant the king passing away.

Lang Fang’s face became bitter and then agony was evident.

"No... no no... no. Father, we have to go back to father?" Lang Fang was about to walk back to where they came from but the concubine stopped him.

"No Fang, it is too late." The concubine was crying streams of tears. She was evidently hurting from the news of the king’s passing. "You have to go, now."

"No, I am not leaving here." Lang Fang said. "They need to pay for what they did to father."

"Hey you..." A patrolling soldier saw them. "They are here! The traitors are here!"

"Chen, please take him." The concubine said in haste.

Chen who was towering in height took Lang Fang across his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and ran towards a small ship docked on the pier. They ran thru the crowd that was blocking their way.

"You... stop!" A group of soldiers started to chase them on the throng of people. "Shoot them... shoot to kill."

The soldiers started to launched arrows towards them. Chaos ensued in the docks that helped the three to go to the ship.

"Now go. Get out of here." The concubine said.

"Depart now!" One of the sailors on board shouted.

"No mother, please come with us." Land Fang shouted.


A rain of arrows started to fall from the sky. The people on board started to run for cover. Chen was trying to deflect the arrows with his sword, but a stray arrow was flying right towards Lang Fang. The events was so fast that they were shocked from what happened next. The arrow that was about to hit Lang Fang was now sticking out the concubine’s chest.

"NOOOO!!!! MOTHER!!!" Lang Fang’s cries were heard loudly.

By then, thick clouds blanketed the sky, thunder rumbled and lighting flashed. Blue and red lights descended from the clouds, the azure dragon and fire phoenix flew down and hovered over the ship. From the sea, a huge wave was approaching. When it came near, they saw the back of a giant green turtle’s shell. And from out of nowhere, a white tiger leaped towards the ship’s deck. These were the four sacred beasts of the prophecy. These four beast protected Lang Fang from the soldiers.

"Mother.... Mother..." Lang Fang cradled his mother in his arms. Blood has stained her dress, also some blood dripped from her beautiful lips.

"Fang... my beautiful son." The concubine held her son’s cheek with bloodied hands. "I am sorry... to leave you behind... the same time as your father *cough*."

"Please do not say that." Lang Fang was crying. "Everything will be fine. Find a doctor!" He shouted.

"This is the end of the road for me, my son." The concubine shook her head. "Please... just promise me. Live your life full of happiness. Do not think of avenging me and your father, you do not need to do that. Just... live your life to the fullest... my son."

And then her hand that was holding her son’s face fell to the ground. The concubine has stopped breathing. By the, the ship was able to depart from the docks. The soldiers were not able to stop the ship from departing, thanks to the four divine beasts.

"And that was the first time I was able to call for the divine beasts." The Almighty One said. "They have been my companion ever since."
Chapter 343 The Role of the Chosen One (1)

(Regaleon’s POV)

I looked at the ship where the young Almighty One boarded as it departed until it vanished into the horizon. After that, the surroundings slowly changed. We were now back at the vast and wide space where we were standing at first.

'I guess that is the end of the flash back.' I thought and looked at the Almighty One.

"That was about my childhood before I cam into this continent." The Almighty One said. "Just to tell you, that ship never made it to Rabanasi. The queen sent her soldiers in every Rabanasi port. She has gained entry to Rabanasi with the reason that they were searching for a very dangerous criminal that is to be killed on sight. Fortunately, in the short period when I was at sea, I was able to learn face changing magic, and that helped me and Chen to get pass them without getting caught." He explained.

'So I inherited my face changing magic from the Almighty One.' I thought. "Then, how were you able to come here in this continent?" I asked in curiosity.

As I recall from the Almighty Ones flashback, he still had allies in Xing that can help him fight for the throne.

"The queen who has become the queen dowager when her son sat on the throne, cannot have a comfortable life knowing I am still alive. She did not stop sending her men around the continent looking for me." The Almighty One replied. "When I knew that the queen dowager of Xing would not stop until I was dead, I decided to leave the continent and head west. I remember my mother's last words, that I should live my life and be happy. And so I did not torment myself to get revenge against the queen dowager and her family that killed my parents. I am sure that my parents would have supported me on my decision.."

"So because of that, you came here in an unknown land." I said feeling some remorse with his sad early life.

"Do not look sad young one." The Almighty One smiled. "Coming here was the best decision in my life. In fact, I felt like I was being pulled here by faith."

It is true that the prophecy has foretold that he is a person that will unite east and west. Because the east was not safe for him, he came to the west as the prophecy foretold.

"When I arrived here, I changed my name to suit the names of the people around here. I have gone by the name Fernan, and in time I was known as Fernan Atalantia." The Almighty One said. "When I got here, the people living here were constantly plagued by the beasts that I have never seen before. With that, I knew my purpose of coming here and that is to help this people. And well… you know the rest I suppose." He smiled at me.

"You established the country of Atlantia, sharing your magic powers to a selected few that were called Atlantians." I replied.

"Well… I supposed you can put it at that." The Almighty One said. "But in truth, I realized that I cannot just bestow my gifts to others that I choose. I was only able to bestow my magic to someone that is close to me. The first ones were those that were kind enough to take me and Chen, that were strangers into there tribe. The tribe leader was my wife's father."

The Almighty One's story was fascinating. Hearing about how and why he came here and was able to bestow magic to the Atlantians was something that was never known, it was never written in any ancient books I was able to read.

"I helped them with their problems with the beasts. Some of the beast became friends and allies, some were hostile and did not want anyone to covet their territory." The Almighty One continued. "After the war with the beasts were over, we were able to claim this continent as our own. I have formed Atlantia, and my people there were bestowed with magic powers because of their ties with me as my subjects. The other tribes formed the other three countries, the one that you know as Jennovia, Alvannia, and Grandcrest. I was happy and content with my life with my wife and children, having a family of my own to love and cherish that I forgot the part that I should have played in the prophecy."

I was able to relate with the Almighty One. I can feel that after this war with Queen Patricia is over, I can spend my life in bliss with Alicia and my future children with her. I will choose to live in peace with my loving family.

"But it was too late when I was reminded of my role in the prophecy." The Almighty One said. "When my wife died first due to old age, I wanted to follow her into the after life. I was blessed with a longer life span, but I did not want to live if my wife was not by my side. I opted to enter eternal sleep to be with my wife, but also I am not given entry to the afterlife because of the unfulfilled prophecy. And so, my soul came back to the living world without a body to live into. I then, as a soul, made the prophecy of the 'Chosen One'. Certain conditions should be met so that my soul can have a host body once again. But while waiting, my soul and magic laid dormant with my decaying body, hence the forbidden magic was known to you Atlantians."

"Why are you telling me all of this?" I asked out of curiosity.

"It is because thanks to you and your wife, I can be born again to fulfill the prophecy that was foretold." The Almighty One said with a gentle smile. "The certain conditions were met by the both of you and a host body can contain my soul once again. I am also telling you this to prepare you for the future of what is to come."

"What future?" I asked.

Hearing the Almighty One's words made me concerned. I was planning on having a normal and peaceful life with Alicia and my child after the war ends, but it looks like it will not end that easily.

"As the parents of my future self, I would like to request that you give the thing that I was not able to have when I was young, a happy childhood with a complete and loving family in a safe environment." The Almighty One said.

"That goes without saying." I replied in a heartbeat. "I plan to raise my child with love and wisdom that I can bestow. I will keep him safe at all cost and I plan to grow old seeing him take my place on the throne." He does not need to request such things of me. Of course I plan to love and protect my children with Alicia, even if the are not the Chosen One.

"Hahaha, I am happy to hear such things from you." The Almighty One laughed heartily. "My future self will be very blessed then, to have a loving and caring mother and a father that would guide and protect him. Please live a long life and have a loving family."

"I plan to do so." I replied to him.

"And I have another thing I wish to tell you before I give you the key fragment. This is the most important part." The Almighty One said.

"What is it?" I asked.

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Knowing that the Almighty One's story about his childhood was about to end, I felt excited getting the key fragment. After I get it, I will rendezvous with Dimitri that William had picked up, and Chris who was tasked to get the other key fragment. With all the key fragments combined, I will be able to pass the azure dragon to get to Alicia.

"It is about the role that the Chosen One should play." The Almighty One replied to me. "As I said to you earlier, I was not able to fulfill the prophecy I was given, hence my soul needed to be reborn. If the Chosen One is not able to fulfill his role once again, then my soul would be reborn once more, again and again until the prophecy has been fulfilled, hence a never ending cycle. I wish that my next reincarnation would be the last, and you and your wife would have to help my future self in this."

"Do you mean the great prophecy that was foretold in Xing?" I asked and the Almighty One nodded.

"It will be a huge burden to bear, and I want you to prepare your child on whatever is to come." The Almighty One said. "The divine beasts chose you for a reason."

"Do you mean that our familiars choosing us were not coincidences?" I asked with utter curiosity.

Snow and Tempest's body's are hosts of the souls of the divine beasts, hence their transformation into big and powerful animals.

"They play important roles as the Chosen One's guardians. They have also been good and helpful companions to me, and they will also do the same you as their masters and will pave my future self's future. And so, you need to know what exactly is the prophecy that was foretold."

"If that is what needs to be done, then I will listen carefully." I replied.

As the parents, me and Alicia will play a crucial role in our child's future. Prophecy or not, I am willing to do everything in my power to ensure that my child will have a good upbringing and bright future.

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Chapter 344: The Role of the Chosen One (2)

(Regaleon's POV)

As the parents, me and Alicia will play a crucial role in our child's future. Prophecy or not, I am willing to do everything in my power to ensure that my child will have a good upbringing and bright future.

"The chosen one is meant to carry a huge burden to bear. You, his parents and the other guardians that the divine beasts will choose will become his pillars of support." The Almighty One said. "The original prophecy, is not something to be done easily. I myself, was side tracked after gaining happiness in my life."

"If I may ask, what is the original prophecy that has been foretold?" I asked with upmost curiosity. "We have known about the prophecy of the Chosen One, but it is not clear and quite vague. We only know that the Chosen One will have the same ability as you, the Almighty One, and he will be the one to inherit the forbidden magic."

Having to know the real prophecy can be helpful for Alicia and I in the future. The Chosen One is still our child after all, and we plan to protect him until he comes of age. Having something like this prophecy, like fate that cannot be denied, is something bothersome and quite irritating. We never wanted our child to have such hardships, but if it is inevitable then we have no choice but to help our child to be strong so that he can face them in the future.

"Yes, I was the one that has spread that prophecy in preparation for my future self." The Almighty One replied. "But I never thought that it will lead to the annihilation of the country that I built. That… broke my heart." I hear him sigh.

"It is rather unfortunate, that one of your descendants would be the one to erase the whole country." I said. "But humans have their own greed that can darken ones heart and soul."

"Hmm." The Almighty One nodded at my words. "Well then, before I tell you about the true prophecy that has been foretold, I will give you this first. I am sure you have been wanting to have this since the time you entered the door."

The Almighty One extended his closed fist towards me. I opened my palms under his hands, and then an object dropped down. I looked at the object, it looked like an old metal piece with an intricate carving of a huge wing.

"This is the head of the key." The Almighty One said. "The key's original purpose was to open a pathway underground leading to me and my wife's final resting place, but it lost its purpose after the Chosen One has appeared. But, it can still help you pass the azure dragon."

I look at the key head, slowly turning it around. I felt great joy having the thing I have been searching for now in the grasp of my hand. I can feel my lips curve into a smile.

"Thank you so much, Almighty One." I said, full of joy.

"It is the least I can do." The Almighty One smiled. "Then let us talk about the prophecy, shall we." He said, changing his smiling face into a serious one.

"Of course." I nodded, listening intently at him.

"The role of the Chosen One, is to unify this continent in the west." The Almighty One said. "I just included the sentence 'he can lead the continent to greatness or turn it into ruins' for dramatization, hahaha." He laughed out loud.

"So you mean that part was a lie?" I said with an eyebrow up.

"It is not entirely a lie." The Almighty One replied. "The future me holds great powers, and of course it depends on his upbringing on how he will use them in the future. If he uses his powers in the wrong path, then the word ruins might just come true. And of course, that is where you and your wife, his parents, come in. You have to see to it that he never grows up in the bad side."

The Almighty One's words weigh some truth. Our child would be born with immense magic that anyone of us can only fathom. Having to be responsible of such powers is really a huge burden to bear. But Alicia and I will not let our child carry this burden alone.

'The Almighty One is right, Alicia and I will be our child's pillar which will guide his future.' I thought to myself.

"After the unification of the west, then the he can focus on the other half of the prophecy, which is the unification of the east." The Almighty One said. "Like here in the west, the east has divided countries, which are either in neutral or hostile terms with one another. It will be huge task to do, like here in the west."

What the Almighty One said was true. Having to unify all three countries here in this continent was no walk in the park, what more of a continent that we have little knowledge of.

"Are there any consequences if he was not able to do the task the prophecy has foretold?" I asked out of curiosity.

The Almighty One himself was not able to complete the task he was given, and the only consequence is that he was not allowed in the afterlife and his soul was reborn here once again. Having to unify a continent can take a long time, maybe a life time. Maybe, if the unification of the east and west cannot be done in my child's lifetime, he can try again in the next.

"As I know, there is a reason why the east and west should be unified, but unfortunately I was not able to learn about it." The Almighty One said. "My future self should be the one to find that out, and the answer should be in the east, in the country of my birth, Xing."

"I understand." I was a little disappointed to get such an answer, but I guess you cannot have a cheat in life. My child would have to learn to be strong and independent when he travels to the east.

The blue sky over my head started to darken. It was starting to crumble piece by piece, as if it were broken glass.

"I am afraid our time is up." The Almighty One said. "I have imparted with you everything I can. It is up to you and your wife on how to bring up my future self. Good luck." The Almighty One said. As he was saying this, his body was starting to become transparent and started to fade.

"Thank you, Almighty One." I gave my appreciation and final farewell.

The Almighty One's projection faded entirely, and the space where we were become pitch black. I do not know how long I was inside that space or how I came back. The next thing I knew, I heard someone calling med.

"Your majesty… your majesty!" I can hear Alex's worried voice. I slowly opened my closed eyes and saw Alex looking down upon me. "Oh, thank the heavens your majesty. You are awake at last."

"How long was I away?" I asked, feeling still disoriented.

"It was just a few minutes ago when you entered the room your majesty." Alex replied.

"A few minutes ago?" I said with a confused expression.

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"What your subordinate said is true." Belgor replied. "It was just minutes ago when you entered the door. When I tried approaching it, the barrier that shields the door was gone and I was able to enter. Once we entered, we saw you lying on the floor, unconscious."

"You nearly gave me a heart attack your majesty." Alex said gripping his chest. "I was afraid of what might had happened to you. I do not know how to face Captain Dimitri and Vice-Captain Chris."

"What the hell happened to you?" Belgor asked. "And did you find what you were searching for."

I was lost in their words when Belgor reminded me of what I came here for. I looked at my closed right fist and opened it slowly. The key fragment was in the hand where I remembered I received it from the Almighty One.

"Yes." I said with a smile, looking at the key fragment. "Yes, I was able to get what I came here for."

The key fragment that was resting in my palm was the key head. As the Almighty One had said, this will help me pass the azure dragon that is preventing me from reaching my wife Alicia.

'After combining this with the other key fragments, I will be able to see you again soon my love.' I thought.

What is left is to rendezvous with Dimitri who was carrying the two key fragments. He was traveling as of now with William, on Tempest's beast form. Chris on the other hand was also in the process of retrieving the third key fragment.

"Just a little more my love." I whispered to myself while gripping the key head close to my heart.

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Chapter 345: A Lycan Celebration

(Regaleon's POV)

After successfully obtaining the key fragment hidden away in the old Atlantian palace that is now the lycans lair, I hastily wrote a note to Dimitri and Chris and let them be carried by carrier pigeons.

"Your majesty, I am sure they will receive the notes by tomorrow." Alex said. "The rendezvous point has been set to two days from now. I just hope that everything is well in Vice-Captain Chris' side." He said with a worried face.

"I believe that Chris and his men with him will do well in their mission, like how they have always been successful with the others." I replied.

Chris is one of the capable men Dimitri has chosen to lead his special unit. I have full confidence in Dimitri's keen eye for exceptional talent. He was able to chose a select few in his special unit that are all top notch in their capabilities.

"It looks like you have got what you came here for." Belgor walked towards us with a wide grin. "I was doubting that you could obtain the thing that was guarded carefully in that room. But alas, you have come out triumphant. As expected to the one that bested me in battle, hahaha." He laughed out loud.

"Father, do you really need to boast to everyone that you have been defeated by an Atlantian." Grey said with a sigh and slightly shook his head.

"Why won't I be proud? If he was not able to pass that rooms test, then I would have been rather disappointed." Belgo said with a huge and proud smile. "But seeing that he was able to pass without even getting even a scratch proves that he is someone worthy to be on top." He patted my shoulders heavily that was needed to use force to keep my body standing ip straight.

"Thank you once again, for letting us in your territory to retrieve the object we seek." I said, full of gratitude. "As promised, we will be out of your territory and be on our way."

I remember my promise that after we have obtained what we came here for, we will not intrude in their territory any longer. I am sure that some of the lycans here are feeling wary with our presence. In the past, they have seen Atlantians as enemies and a threat. I would not want to burden them any further.

"What nonsense are you saying?!" Belgor roared. "You are our humble guests this evening. And because you have achieved your goal here, we need to have a celebration. Saniyah darling…"

"Yes, Belgor?" Saniyah stepped closer to him.

"Tell the females to prepare a feast. We will have a celebration tonight!" Belgor roared with excitement. "We will eat and drink to our hearts content. Hahaha." He laughed out loud.

"As you wish, darling." Saniyah smiled and went on her way.

"Papa…papa." The little Polo tugged on Belgor. "Can I also attend? I do not want to sleep yet." He asked.

"If you are able to stay awake, then why not." Belgor carried his little son on his back once again. "Let as eat and drink and be merry." He said and laughed happily with his son.

Seeing the father and son pair made me wonder how will I be a father with my child with Alicia. I imagine that our child will be precious for both me and Alicia. I will sure dote on him but not spoil him, shower him with love and care while also teaching him strictly the right ways in life.

"Stay here for the night and see how we lycans hold a feast to celebrate." Belgor said to me.

"I am thankful for your invitation and hospitality." I said with a smile. "Then me and my men will take you on that offer. We would like to express our sincere gratitude. Let this be the beginning of a good alliance between lycan and humans." I offered my hand for a handshake.

"Yes. This will be the beginning of a good alliance and maybe a future friendship." Belgor took my hand and shook it with a wide grin.

The preparations for the feast was quite fast. Belgor ushered us outside the palace and into a clearing in the forest. Judging by the surroundings, they have been using this clearing as a gathering for their pack events. Logs have been neatly placed as make shift table and chairs. A huge rock was placed in the center of the clearing like a stage. Tables and chairs are also neatly placed on top.

"Please follow me." Grey said with a respectable manner. "You will be seating besides the alpha and his family as an honored guest."

Grey lead me up the huge rock and pulled a chair. I took the chair and sat on it carefully.

"We lycans usually hold our feast under the night sky. We like to bath under the moon's light." Belgor walked towards us. "This place is for those that are higher in rank to sit. Because I judge you as someone to have a high status in the future, you are given a privilege to sit and dine with us."

"It is a pleasure to dine with you." I replied with upmost sincerity.

"My lycan brethren, hear me!" Belgor said with a howling voice. The chatters and murmurs from the other lycans down at the clearing stopped. I also see my men all seated in a good location. "Tonight, I was beaten in a fair battle by the Atlantian's leader Regaleon. Rather than taking my life after defeating me, he has offered to have a truce with us lycans. I saw with my own two eyes his sincerity and humility. Because of that, I deemed him worthy of our allegiance. From this day forth, we lycans will see the next ruler of this continent, this man named Regaleon, as an ally. Let us rejoice and be merry for our new connection to the humans!"

"HOORAY!!!" The lycans cheered after hearing Belgor's speech.

Seeing all of them accepting us as their allies, made my heart burst with warmth. Having the sirens allegiance and now the lycans, gives me hope for the future. A future where my child will grow up to be a good person, with good allies by his side. This will be a good start for him in fulfilling his role in the prophecy that is foretold.

"Let us welcome our new allies that are here tonight. Let us dine and feast with them, to show our hospitality." Belgor said. "Food and drinks are served in your tables. Eat and drink at your hearts content!"

"Long live Belgor! Long live Regaleon!" The lycans below cheer merrily. I also see my men shouting happily and started to eat and drink.

"Cheers to you, fellow leader Regaleon." Belgor raised his glass for a toast.

I took the glass in front of me and raised it as well. "Cheers."

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Our glassed clicked. I looked inside the glass and saw red wine inside. The aroma was so fragrant, it was like I can taste the wine with just smelling it.

"I hope you enjoy our aged wine." Belgor took a sip from his glass. "This wine has been aged nicely. And as I say 'aged', I really mean it." He winked.

I took a sip and tasted the wine. My taste buds tasted such a delicacy. I have never tasted anything much better than this before.

"It really is a fine wine." I complimented. "I hope my wife is here to taste this as well." I smiled.

"Then I will let my mate give you a bottle for you and your wife to drink in your reunion." Belgor said. "I would also like to meet her in the near future."

"I will surely bring her to meet you in the future." I said with confidence.

Food are neatly placed in front of me. There are different variety of dishes, but majority of them are meat.

'Looks like the lycans' diet are focused largely on meat.' I thought. Thinking that wolves are carnivorous creatures, maybe lycans that are similar to them are the same.

I took a bit at some dishes and they were in fact delicious. Music was also present, some are playing musical instruments while others are singing with the instrument's tune. I see my men below, eating and drinking happily while conversing with some lycans. The animosity with each other from before dissipated. Seeing such peace with a different species made me think of the Almighty One's mission to unify the west. I believe that having peace with the ancient beasts is a more effective unification.

Knowing that some of the ancient beasts are still alive and walking in this continent, one of the missions my child will have was to establish peace with them. This allegiance with the lycans was a good start, and searching for others is something to be noted in the future.

'Maybe this will be a future task for my child to do.' I thought.

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