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Chapter 346: Rendezvous Point (1)

(Regaleon's POV)

We spent the night having a merry time with the lycans. I admit that we had a rough start, but in the end we all got together and become allies.

When morning came, my men were still groggy from the celebration last night. I knew they had more to drink, and I had given them permission because having to unwind has been hard for them recently. From the war with Queen Patricia, to retrieving the key fragments and with my wife's sudden disappearance. They might be trying to conceal it, but I am sure that they are feeling tired as well.

'I am thankful to have such capable men with me.' I thought with a smile.

I was currently out in the woods, preparing my horse Midnight for another journey ahead.

"Your majesty, I would like to apologize on the men's behalf." Alex bowed down, expressing his sincere apologies.

"Why are you apologizing, Alex?" I asked in confusion.

"It is because we were late in waking up, your majesty. It is nearing noon now." Alex said with remorse. "We knew that we have an early morning to depart, but because me and the men have drunk more than usual we were not able to get up on time. We are extremely sorry." I cannot but help chuckle seeing Alex so sincere.

"Raise your head Alex." I said with a solemn voice. "You and the men do not need to apologize to me. Have you forgotten that I have given you permission to eat and drink at your hearts content last night. I knew something like this would happen." I smiled at him.

"But still…" Alex said reluctantly. "I know that time is of the essence for you, your majesty. We know that you want to get to her majesty with no time to waste." I sighed, knowing how my men are worrying about me.

'It should be the other way around.' I thought to myself. 'I should be the one working hard for the prosperity of my people and worry for them.'

"I understand what you are telling me Alex, and I am grateful." I said. "But all of you are my men under my reign and command. I am not selfish that I would forget my men's needs as well. All of you needed the unwinding last night."

"T-Thank you so much for understanding, your majesty." Alex was in the verge of tears and bowed down again.

"Thank you, your majesty!" All of my men said in unison.

"You are all welcome." I smiled in content. "Now let us be done with the preparations to depart, so that we can be on our way."

"YES!" My men resumed their preparations before departing.

From a distance I see Belgor with his son Grey by his side.

"I see that you are all preparing to depart." Belgor said once he reached me.

"Yes, we have overstayed our welcome." I said jokingly.

"What nonsense are you saying? Hahaha!" Belgor laughed out. "Starting yesterday, you and your men have been honored guests to us. And because my brethren have also seen you and your men's sincere gestures towards us, I would like to ask from one leader to another, for us to be blood brothers."

"Blood brothers?" I asked in curiosity.

"Yes. I, the lycan alpha can have a deeper bond with another race thru a blood pact." Belgor explained. "It is a more strong form of a contract, if compared with those written once. Once we do a blood pact, we will be sworn blood brothers. If one needs help in the future, the other is bound to help."

Hearing Belgor's explanation, I was astounded with their ways. Having such a relationship with the lycans could be beneficial for us in the future.

"It is such an offer and an honor that I cannot refuse, Belgor." I said. "I am willing to take a blood pact with you and be a sworn blood brother to you and the lycans. Tell me, what must I do?"

"Great!" Belgor beamed with happiness. "The process is very easy and does not need any preparation. We only need to draw blood from our palms and shake hands. Are you up for it, leader of the humans?"

I smirked hearing the challenge in his words.

"I am not afraid of drawing up some blood." I grinned. I pulled out my dagger and brandished its sharp blade. "I am ready if you are." I gave back the challenge.

"Of course I am." Belgor also took out his knife that glistened under the sunlight.

Both of us drew out some blood from our right palms using our blades. We took each others hands and made a handshake.

"And with this, we are blood brothers." Belgor smirked.

"Blood brothers." I repeated.

"I as a witness attest to this blood pact." Grey who was by Belgor's side said.

After our blood pact, our preparations are done and we departed. Before departing, Safiyah gave us some food and rations for our journey that we were grateful for, and also thanked the female lycans that prepared them.

There was a light drizzle when we started on our way. Fortunately, we were prepared with having our rain coats with hoods. The rendezvous point was some distance inland, more inward away from the sea. It should be near the location of the other key fragment, the one where Chris and his group had gone to retrieve.

"It looks like the weather will not be good, your majesty." Alex said while looking up at the sky.

I also look up seeing dark clouds are starting to brew up.

"It is a little weird." I said while thinking. "The weather was clear this morning. It did not have any indications that it will rain this afternoon."

"Sometimes the weather is unpredictable, your majesty." Alex replied. "By the way, the blood pact with the leader of the lycans is good news. You have another good ally by your side, your majesty."

"It is a good alliance." I replied. "It is just surprising that Belgor's son Grey, who is also his beta, approved of this alliance. I am sure that he had a grudge with us Atlantians." I wondered.

"It is not something personal, I assure you your majesty." Alex smiled. "I was able to talk to him last night, and his negative emotions for us rooted from his grandfather's own feelings. He said that his grandfather was the one that actually raised him, as he is the heir to the lycans. His grandfather's feelings were passed down to him. But after having to eat together last night and have some conversations, he started to have a change of mind and gave us Atlantians a benefit of a doubt. His suspicions might not have been erased completely, but at least having to know us more is a good start."

"Well, that is good to hear." I said.

We continued on our way and the rain started to pour. I felt something ominous was brewing from the sky above. It was a feeling I could not shake off and was itching inside of me. I was not sure what it is, but it would be best to be prepared, just in case.

"Alex, tell the men to be on their guard at all times from here on." I said.

"Yes, your majesty." Alex heeded my commands but with a curious look as to why I gave such an order.

'I just hope that it is only my nerves acting up.' I thought to myself.

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Chapter 347: Rendezvous Point (2)

(Regaleon's POV)

We continued traveling to the rendezvous point, even with the rain. I realized that whenever we were getting nearer, the rain is becoming heavier. The clouds above where so dark, that even if it was still afternoon it looked like early in the evening.

We were now passing carefully at the edge of a mountain pass. On both our sides were steep mountain sides. When we entered the pass the rain was just a drizzle, but when we were traveling on the pass itself, the rain poured heavily.

'If I have known that this rain will fall like this, I would have opted not to take the mountain pass.' I thought to myself.

We chose to use this mountain pass because it had cut off our travel time by far, rather than using the road that goes around the mountain. The weather was clear when we started on our journey, and when we entered the mountain pass the rain was but a drizzle that is not something to be alarmed of. Who would have thought that the weather would change drastically just after an hour or so have passed.

"Let us be cautious but swift." I told my men. "The rain is getting stronger. It is not safe to be here any longer."

I have a strong feeling that this weather was something other than natural. This weather can be something conjured by strong magic, and thinking of someone who could have such strong magic that can control the weather, I can only think of two people. One was my wife Alicia, and the other was the one that had made Jennovia into an ice land, no other than their queen herself Patricia.

"Watch out!" I heard one of my men shout from the back of our line.

I was startled hearing rumbling from above us. I saw huge boulders of rocks and mud swiftly coming down on us.

"Get back!" I shouted towards my men.

Some of my men were caught by surprise and were unable to do anything. They were swept down the mountain pass with the landslide and fell on the steep mountain side. We were not able to see them any longer, with so much debris of trees and rocks being carried by the flowing mud.

The horses were also in a panic. Some of my men fell from their horses while some tried to navigate them to evade the landslide.

I felt helplessness when I saw my men fall on the steep mountain side. I gritted my teeth, thinking about how I was not able to save the, but I steeled myself and focused on the raging boulders and mud that are still falling from above us. I used my earth magic to conjure a wall from the ground above us, and some of the men with earth attribute have done the same. It served as a catch basin to stop the falling boulders and mud.

"This will not last long!" I shouted. "Hurry up and get out of the way!" I said.

My men scrambled themselves up from their shock and tried their hardest to get past the mountain pass, and I also do the same.

"Scrap being cautious. We need to get out of here fast!" I shouted.

We pushed our horses to go faster. Along the way, we still see landslides coming down and some tree debris blocking our way. We used our earth magic while on the way, helping us get the debris out of the way and stopping the mud from above us just in time for us to go through.

I can see the road descending, meaning we were almost at the end of the mountain pass. But from afar, I saw huge boulders of rocks and uprooted trees blocking the road.

"Your majesty, our road is blocked!" Alex shouted.

We pulled our reigns to slow down, but we heard a rumble from above.


We all looked up to see giant boulders heading our way.

"What the f*ck!" I cursed my rage out. Now I am sure that someone was really trying to get us all killed out here in the mountain pass. "Patricia, you b*tch!"

I can feel the rage burning up from inside me. I do not want to lose any of my men even further.

"Those who have fire and earth attributes, try buying me some time." I ordered. "Even a few seconds will be fine. After I get the blockage out, push your horses to run as fast as they can!"

Judging from the distance, the giant boulders will be upon us in seconds. They only need to buy me three seconds, that is all I need to blow up the blockage in front of us.

"Fire armor!" I jumped up from Midnight and activated my fire armor.

I bolted towards the blockage with full force and rammed thru the boulders and trees blocking our way. I made it sure to blow it to smithereens, without anything to block the way. My men was able to buy me those few seconds, and when the blockage was gone they ran thru without looking back.

We can hear the huge boulders and mud going down the mountain but we did not look back. We did not slow down until we were sure that we were on a safe place.

Once we were at the safe distance at the mountain base, we stopped to catch our breaths. We all got down our horses to let them rest. I saw my men covered in mud, their faces were still in quite a shock.

"Alex, be sure to give the injured medical help. Send me the once with major injuries. I will heal them with my white magic." I said.

"Yes sir!" Alex bowed and swiftly gone to do as I ordered.

Fortunately, no one was badly injured to need my help. Some have scratches and bumps here and there, but mostly were unscathed.

"Your majesty, I am done with the head count." Alex said once he was back. "We lost a few of our men." He said with a sad face.

"It was really unfortunate." I said feeling the anger boiling up inside me. I look up and the rain was still pouring heavily, and it did not look like it will stop anytime soon. "We will surely come back to retrieve them. I will not let them be left here. But first, we need to stop this rain. And to do that, we need to stop its caster."

"Like I thought your majesty, this rain is not natural." Alex said.

"You are correct. I am sure this is done by Patricia." I said. "She is near. We need to get to where Chris and his group are and fast. Tell the men that we will depart soon."

"Yes your majesty." Alex said.

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I look at my men that were resting from the aftermath of the landslide. I am sure they are feeling sad with the loss of their comrades, but we cannot stop here knowing that Chris' group might be in danger.

"I am sorry to have to push you all, but we need to make haste." I said while mounting Midnight. "I am sure you all are feeling sad and anger with the loss of our comrades. I know because I do feel the same way too. But our other comrades are in danger because of the same person that made us lose our comrades in that landslide. Let us go in haste to help them out."

"Yes, your majesty!" My men said in unison. Their melancholy turned into anger that was directed with the one that put us all in danger.

"You will pay for this, Patricia." I swore to myself that I will put her madness to an end once and for all.

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Chapter 348: A Sudden Farewell (1)

(Regaleon's POV)

We moved in haste towards the rendezvous area. The sun had just set when we arrived, and what greeted us was utter devastation.

We have selected our rendezvous area to be in an inconspicuous location, therefore we selected a location away from public eye. We chose an area by the borders of Grandcrest and Alvannia where there will be no civilians with prying eyes. But I never imagined that even with our careful planning, Patricia's group was still able to find us.

The location fortunately was desolate, in the heart of the forest. But the battle that was ensuing before my eyes have left the trees in the vicinity to be devastated. The battle before my eyes was not of that normal humans would have, it was a magical one. Atlantian versus Atlantian are engaging in battle, using their magic against each other.

"Men, our comrades are in danger!" I yelled.

Without any second thought I jumped down from Midnight and joined the battle that was ensuing. Patricia's men were as equal in fighting abilities as my men have. I can see that both parties have taken damage in the ensuing battle.

I quickly draw out my sword from its sheath, intending to join the fight as quickly as possible. I did not show any mercy towards Patricia's men, knowing that they also not show any mercy towards me.

I swing my sword to an enemy and slashed his throat and blood sprayed out, instantly killing him in the process. Another one was coming right for me, but I was able to quickly counter his attack and plunge my sword through his body.

My men with me were also engaging in battle as soon as they stepped into the battle field. I can see them fighting with all their might against Patricia's men, even if they knew that they were fellow Atlantians.

"Your majesty, watch out!" I heard Alex yell.

I look around and saw projectiles heading towards me, just inches away in hitting me. But before that happened, a strong gust of wind blew around me sending the flying projectiles away.

"Are you alright, your majesty?" Alex asked in worriment.

"I am fine." I replied instantly. "Thank you for watching my back, Alex."

"It is my duty, your majesty." Alex smiled at me and then got back to the battle.

I was fortunate to have such a capable young man such as Alex. Dimitri really has a keen eye to see talent. Alex had wind magic attribute and was able to control the wind. By now, I can see him conjuring a small tornado that was able to plow over our enemies.

"Hooray!" I can hear my men cheer for Alex, and seeing him made me smile.

"I should reward him when all of this is done." I said.

When the battle was ongoing, some of the men that was included in Chris' party approached me in haste.

"Your majesty!" He called out. "Vice-Captain Chris…. you need to go to him fast."

"What is the matter?" I asked.

"Vice-Captain has the key fragment with him, but he is surrounded by enemies at the other side." He said.

"Then we must hurry." I said without a doubt. "Alex, follow me. Select some capable men with you. We need to get to Chris' rescue quick!" I ordered.

"Yes, your majesty." Alex replied in haste.

Without a second thought, I ran towards the direction my subordinate pointed where Chris' should be. Alex was just right behind me with at least five capable men.

I was running in haste, hoping that nothing have happened to Chris and the men he was with.

'Chris, be safe.' I thought. 'I am coming to help.'

My mind was focused on getting to Chris in time, that I was surprised with the lightning that came down from the dark sky and into the direction of where Chris should be.

"Dammit!" I cursed and ran as fast as I could.

Not long, we arrived where the lightning hit. I saw Chris' body lying on the ground with a man stepping on his chest from the top. The man was someone I have never seen for the past two years. His silver hair was longer than I last saw him and was tied in a pony tail. His silver eyes glowed when lightning illuminated the dark sky.

"You…" I called with wide eyes. "Gladiolus."

Gladiolus' eyes were now focused to me after hearing his name.

"Well look who came." Gladiolus said with a smirk. "Please, feel free to join us. Your subordinate here looks like he cannot play any longer." He gestured towards Chris' body.

I can feel anger boiling up inside me. "FIRE ARROWS!"

I conjure dozen of fire arrows and let them fly towards Gladiolus. He was able to jump out of the way effortlessly and landed to the opposite direction. I controlled the fire arrows to fly back to where he landed the next second. He was caught off guard but then a water shield enveloped him and my fire arrows dissolved once it hit.

"Your highness, are you alright?" I young woman stood by Gladiolus' side, guarding him. If I am not mistaken this young woman was Clara, one of the Atlantian siblings under Queen Patricia.

"Clara, thank you for having my back." Gladiolus said.

"O-Of course, anytime your highness crown prince." Clara blushed bashfully after Gladiolus' words.

As I recall, we were able to take Clara and her brother Jeremy into custody at the battle in Deuss Canal. But I have gotten a report that the sister was able to escape, leaving her brother behind

'Looks like she came back to Patricia's side.' I thought.

I did not waste any time in them and ran towards where Chris was lying on the ground. I knelt over him and quickly took his pulse. Fortunately, he was alive and still breathing. Alex and my men made a defensive circle around us.

"Y-Your majesty." Chris groaned in pain and opened his eyes.

"It is okay Chris. We will get you out of here." I assured him.

"No, your majesty." Chris shook his head. "The k-key fragment. We need to get the key fragment back *cough cough*."

I quickly understood Chris' words. I looked around and saw Gladiolus smirking towards me.

"Is this what you are looking for, Regaleon?" Gladiolus smiled cockily, brandishing the key fragment in between his fingers. "I came here just for this, you know. I heard that my dear Alicia is now under the sea, near the forbidden magic. And with this key, I can go to her and retrieve my wife to be."

I gritted my teeth and clenched my fist feeling anger rising up. I was really not surprised that Gladiolus has obtained this information. Queen Patricia, even though she has lost majority of her power as the queen of Jennovia, still has powerful connections at her disposal. I knew that the high priest of Jennovia, Hector, was a man with many connections. I heard that when Patricia flee Jennovia after her defeat in the civil war, the high priest came with her.

"I am sorry…y-your majesty. It is my fault that the key fragment was stolen from me." Chris coughed up some blood. "I am ready to accept any punishment."

"Do not think of anything other than getting to safety Chris." I said to him. "You are not at fault. There are just some people that would steal something that are not theirs." I looked at Gladiolus sharply, my anger was flashed in my gaze.

"If there is a thief here, that is no other than you Regaleon." Gladiolus looked at me with an equal sharp gaze. "Alicia was tied to me since birth. And this key was the property of the Atlantian royal family, which I am included in. All of these are mine!" His arrogant behavior ticked me off.

"Well I hate to break it to you, but Alicia has never been yours. Do not delude in such fantasies that your mother has poisoned you with. The old ways of the Atlantian royal family was buried with the country when it sunk under the sea. And even if the old ways still exists, then I am still a candidate for Alicia's husband, being that I also have Atlantian royal blood running in my veins." I said. "And it is also late for you, because Alicia is now bound to me as my wife. We are now legally bonded in marriage. And she is currently carrying my child in her womb." I smirked seeing his face slowly crumple.

My words clearly blew a fuse inside Gladiolus. His face contorted in anger, and it gave me such satisfaction that my grin became wider.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Gladiolus roared in fury.

The sky rumbled with him. Lightning flashed and thunder roared.

'It looks likes he was the one controlling the weather since earlier.' I thought to myself. 'Like mother, like son.' I readied myself for his attack.

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Chapter 349: A Sudden Farewell (2)

(Regaleon's POV)

"HOW DARE YOU!" Gladiolus roared in fury.

The sky rumbled with him. Lightning flashed and thunder roared.

'It looks likes he was the one controlling the weather since earlier.' I thought to myself. 'Like mother, like son.' I readied myself for his attack.

I heard a pretty loud roar of the thunder and looked up at the dark sky, many flashes of light and roars of thunder can be seen and heard. Then light flashed all around, indicating that lightning was clearly about to strike. I can feel the hair all over my body stand up in attention. My body was telling me that I was in the line of danger.

"FIRE ARMOR!" I quickly don on my fire armor and used my fire to fly away from where I was standing. And like my instinct has told me, the lightning had struck the ground from where I was standing.

"I too can play in that game." I heard Gladiolus said with fury in his eyes.

In just a second, I can see his whole body was enveloped in electric current, his long hair was now standing up from his head. And with just a blink of an eye, he was gone from where he was standing.

'Where is he?' My eyes darted from left to right, feeling that an attack was coming. It was at the last second when I looked up and saw Gladiolus charging downwards towards me.

"Ahhhh!!!" I can hear Gladiolus' scream. He was holding a long spear made out of electricity, aimed right towards me.

With no time to waste, I coated my steel sword with my own fire magic to guard against Gladiolus' upcoming attack. His thunder spear and my fire sword had made contact and the wave it made in impact flew everything away from around us.

The force was so powerful that it made a huge hole from where I was standing. I can feel the pressure that Gladiolus was emitting while still holding his thunder spear at bay. I looked up and saw his eyes filled with pure rage.

I concentrated my magic power on my sword to blast away Gladiolus who was still above me.

"Ahhhh!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, forcing my magic out to push Gladiolus away, and it did the job perfectly.

I directed my fire magic upwards and it made Gladiolus jump out of the way before it hit him.

"Hah…hah…" I was panting hard just after the first contact with Gladiolus' attack. 'To think I would use full force to turn my defense into an offense.' I thought.

It just proved the fact the Gladiolus was not someone to take lightly. He was from the direct line of Atlantian royal blood, a direct descendant of the Almighty One himself, purely conceived out of familial incest.

"I hate to admit it, but his magic abilities is not something to be looked down on." I said. "To think he had powered up since the last time I fought him. Tsk…" I can feel the irritation, knowing that I cannot beat Gladiolus easily.

I saw Gladiolus from a distance. He was also panting hard due to my attack from last time. I saw his left arm was burned from my attack. Judging from the color, it was burned beyond the skin. He buried his thunder spear on the ground and hovered his right arm toward his burned one. Water started to form around his left arm, slowly enveloping it.

'Come to think of it, I heard from my sources that Gladiolus' magical aptitude was leaning more on the water attribute. To think he can control the weather as well. It is definitely a feat that only members of the royal blood line of Atlantia can do.' I thought. Our magic attributes are polar opposites, as if telling us that we really are each others rivals. Water can put out fire but raging fire can evaporate water. 'I would never lose to him.' I promised.

After Gladiolus made first aid to his wounds, he picked up his thunder spear once again. I also made my stance, watching his every move.

"You have stolen what was rightfully mine." Gladiolus said with raging eyes. "Alicia who was my betrothed by birth right and the dominion over the Atlantians."

I scuffed, thinking that he was spouting his delusions once again. I was sure that these were ideas that his mother, Queen Patricia, had instilled inside his head.

"Do you really believe everything that your mother tells you? Are you a mother's boy that will blindly follow everything that she tells you?" I asked. "Your mother tried to kill Alicia, back in the Jennovian palace. You saw it with your own eyes."

"N-No… she said that was just a mistake." Gladiolus' voice wavered.

I could tell that Gladiolus' trust towards his mother was dented after he saw his mother trying to kill Alicia. I might resent him for it, but I knew he also hold feelings for my wife. Someone who had genuine feelings cannot overlook the danger the befalls his or her loved one, and I know I can use this to my advantage on Gladiolus.

"I know you do not truly trust your mother's words. I can see it in your eyes." I said. "Queen Patricia wants to kill Alicia, and that is for a fact."

"No… you are lying." Gladiolus replied to my provocation. I am sure that I have successfully planted suspicion on his mind, seeing that he was wavering. "You are just doing this to confuse me. Well, I am not buying it."

Gladiolus charged up his thunder armor, preparing for a more powerful attack.

"I will take you down with this next attack. Prepare yourself!" Gladiolus yelled.

'It was kind of him to warn me.' I thought to myself.

I also focused all my magic to my fire armor for defense and to my sword for offense. What ever will come will surely be more powerful than the first attack.

After charging his armor, Gladiolus charged towards me in full speed. His surroundings blew away from the force. I opted to meet him head on, and so launched myself with all my strength as well.

Both of us are blowing everything in our way. And the next second, we made contact. The impact from the first attack was nothing in comparison with what we are having now.


Both of our magic was fighting each other, fire against electricity. I was surprised that he was not using his water magic and only using his thunder armor more. He maybe thinking that it was the best offensive magic rather than using water. This was a great help for me, knowing that having to deal with water would be more troublesome.

Our magic were clashing against one another, fighting for dominion. My fire sword was against Gladiolus' thunder spear, fighting for supremacy.


The sound of something cracking made me break eye contact from Gladiolus and look at our weapons. Both of our weapons are starting to have a crack and it was running little by little, and in both our surprises they broke.

This made our point of contact break, and our magic that was fighting one another had blown out of proportions. Gladiolus and I flew in opposite directions and fell on the ground.

"Ugh…" I groan with the pain of impact. My fire armor died out after the impact.

I can feel bruises and scratches all over my body from the fall, it tore my clothes in places that hit the ground. I tried to stand up slowly, feeling the pain all over my body. I looked at my right hand that was holding my sword a while ago. I was still holding the hilt of my sword, but the blade was already broken.

'To think that our magic was equal in strength.' I thought.

I looked at where Gladiolus fell. He was a few meters away from me, also standing up. He was also evidently in pain, his thunder armor also nullified and clothes were also torn in places. We are currently in a draw, our magic was equal in ways of strength.

"F*ck!" Gladiolus cursed. "How could you, a mixed blood, have the same magic strength as I, who was with pure blood."

"Heh." I scoffed at him. "You are still believing your mother's words. Like I said, not everything your mother tells you are true."

I can see doubt forming in Gladiolus' eyes. The suspicion I have planted in him is starting to work. We were both at a stalemate so far in our fight, and having him doubt his reasons for fighting can give me advantage.

"Your majesty!" I heard Alex's voice calling out to me. I looked around and saw him not too far away. He was waving his hand, holding something. "Look, your majesty. The key fragments." He said with a huge triumphant smile.

I saw him waving the two key fragments in his hand. I was surprised because I have the other key fragment. I looked at my pocket and saw that it was torn.

'It must have fallen when I fell.' I thought. I looked at Gladiolus and thought that the fragment he had stolen had fallen too, like mine.

I looked again and was about to tell Alex to run away with the key fragments while I distract Gladiolus, but my eyes widen when I saw Clara standing behind Alex with an evil smirk.

"Alex, behind you!" I yelled, but it was too late. A sword was now piercing on his chest.

"Y-Your majesty... *cough*" Alex had a grave look towards me and coughed up blood.

"NO!" I shouted in the top of my lungs.

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Chapter 350 The Loss of a Comrade

(Regaleon's POV)

I saw blood trickle down on the side of Alex's mouth. Shock and despair was all that I can feel right now.

"Thank you for this." Clara had a sinister grin on her face. She pushed Alex and he fell unto the ground with a thud.

I can feel blood rush towards my head, feeling the anger building up. I grip my broken sword firmly and hurled it right towards Clara's head. Before it hit her, a wall of water blocked the way.

"Your highness…" Clara looked at Gladiolus with dreamy eyes that made me want to hurl.

"Clara, come here." Gladiolus ordered.

With his order, Clara moved swiftly to Gladiolus' side. She instantly gave him the two key fragments.

"You have done well, Clara." Gladiolus said while looking at the key fragments. "I am afraid that I cannot play with you any longer king of Grandcrest. I will bid you farewell."

Clara made a hand gesture and strong wind started to envelope their bodies. They started to float on air and towards the sky. Both of them flew away, with fast speed. If I used my flight abilities, I have no doubts that I can chase after them. But my mind right now was focused on Alex, who was lying on the ground motionless.

"Alex!" I quickly ran towards him.

When I arrived to where he was, I quickly knelt down and carefully moved him. I can still hear his faint breath.

"Y-Your majesty…" Alex said and coughed up blood. "I-I am sorry…"

"Hush Alex. You will just further worsen your wound." I quickly said.

I looked at the stab wound on his chest. Much blood has oozed out, staining his shirt blood red. I can feel the pain just by seeing it. I quickly used my white magic to heal him.

"I-I am sorry, your majesty." Alex said with a groan. "I have let the enemy get the key fragments. Her majesty… she will be in danger because of me." Tears are starting to fall from his eyes.

"It is not your fault, Alex." I said. "You were caught by surprise by that sneaky Clara." I gritted my teeth in anger recalling Clara's sinister grin.

"If…If I was just more alert, she could not have…" Alex coughed up blood once more. "could not have… taken the key fragments."

"Do not worry about that now, Alex." I was feeling anxious. "Let us get you better first, and you can get revenge on her once you are better."

I have told Alex that, but the wound that I was trying to heal was not getting any better.

'Dammit! Why is my magic not working?!' I cursed inwardly.

I knew the answer to my own question pretty well. My white magic can heal any injury there is, but it cannot heal ones that are past the point of healing. Alex's wound was close to the heart, which I suspect has damaged his major arteries, hence the excess blood loss. I was too late in getting to Alex, and I know that very well that I felt angry towards myself.

"DAMMIT!" I shouted out of frustration.

"Y-Your majesty…" Alex lifted his hand. I quickly took it and I can feel him squeeze mine. "It has been an honor, to serve you. I… I would have wanted to be there and see you rise to power as the emperor of this continent."

"Alex… do not say that." I can feel my heart squeeze in pain from his words. "I am so useless! I was not able to save you in time." I was so angry at myself.

"You do not have any fault your majesty." Alex said with a smile. "In battle, there are always casualties that cannot be avoided. I was caught of guard and this was the price I have to pay. Do not blame yourself your majesty…*cough cough*. You have been a just and wise leader to us. My only regret was… that I could not stand by your side any longer."

"Alex…" I squeezed his hand tightly.

"It is getting darker…" Alex said. His eyes were losing its brightness. "I am feeling tired your majesty. I want to rest."

"Yes Alex. You can rest." I said with utmost pain, my voice trembly. I squeezed his hand tightly.

"Save her majesty. I am sure that she is waiting for you, sure." Alex said and breathed his last breath.

"I promise, I will get my wife back." I can feel the pain of loss envelope my body. Tears started to build in the rim of my eyes. Tear drops started to fall on Alex's chest. "I will avenge your death, Alex. You will never be forgotten, I swear upon my name."

My grief for Alex's loss turned into hatred. I have experienced lose of many subordinates since I was young, but Alex's loss was something that etched deep within my heart. Alex was a promising young man. He had a great future ahead, and it was cut short because of this war.

"I will end this war once and for all." I promised to myself.

"Your majesty!" My men was running towards me. "The enemy retreated. We came here to help you."

"Oh no… Alex." My men gathered around with sad faces.

"Does Alex have surviving family members?" I asked.

"Yes, your majesty. He has a younger brother by the age of eight." One replied.

"His parents were one of the few that were able to survive the Atlantian purge. They had Alex and his brother after the purge." Another replied.

"But I heard the their parents were scorned for being Atlantians and was not able to live peacefully, like us. His father was killed by bandits while protecting his family when Captain Dimitri came. He saved the young Alex and the pregnant mother. Unfortunately, their mother died in childbirth." Another explained.

"Captain Dimitri took them in and saw talent in Alex. He recruited him in the special unit with the promise to feed them and given a place to live." Another one said.

"All of us under Captain Dimitri was someone like that at first, someone who has no where to go to, nowhere to call home." One said.

"But working under you, your majesty, it gave us a place to belong to." One said.

"You gave us a place to call home and we thank you for that. We will be loyal to you until the day we die." Another one said.

My men all kneeled before me. Loyalty was etched on their faces. This gave me a sense of accomplishment, having to help fellow Atlantians to have a home to call.

"Alex is a proud member of the special unit under you your majesty, and he gave his life for a cause. We here are the same. We will gladly give our lives to you." I was touched by their words.

"I am happy to hear your loyalty, everyone of you." I placed Alex's body gently back on the ground. My hands and clothes are stained with his blood. I clenched my fist, vowing that I will seek vengeance. "I will do everything in my power to end this war, so please lend me your strength."

"YES, YOUR MAJESTY!" all of them shouted in unison.

"Take Alex's body. Be sure to take it back safely to Grandcrest. He will be buried as a hero." I ordered.

"Yes, sire." One replied.

"Make sure that his brother will be given living support. I will personally take charge of him until he is of age." I ordered. 'It is the least I could give to Alex who gave his life. I will make sure to give his brother a good life he deserves.'

I looked up at the sky and saw a huge bird flying towards us. I knew at once that it was Tempest, carrying Dimitri and William.

"They have come at last." I said. "We will need to mobilize once I talk to Dimitri. We need to make haste and catch Gladiolus and his men." I ordered.

"I will crush Clara with my own two hands." I said with fury.

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